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city on al-jazeera. if you want to help save the world. dozens are killed in an attack at aden airport which happened shortly after members of yemen's new government arrived from saudi arabia. on taters is al-jazeera live from london also coming up authorized for emergency use in the u.k. a much anticipated oxford astra zeneca coronavirus vaccine will be rolled out next week. a centuries old town flattened in seconds the urgent search for temporary shelter for creation earthquake victims. and celebrations on the streets
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says argentina legalizes abortion but it's not the predominantly catholic country bitterly divided. hello begin our coverage in yemen where at least 26 people have been killed and more than 140 injured in an attack on aid an airport it appeared to target a plane carrying members of the newly formed saudi backed government all of whom were evacuated safely international committee of the red cross says one of its employees was killed yemen is the world's worst humanitarian crisis and has been plagued by 6 years of violence triggered by a bitter civil war barber and go para ports. waving at supporters as they climbed off their flight aetate an airport. members of yemen's new unity government returned days after being sworn into office at
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a ceremony in saudi arabia. but the hopes of rebuilding the country after more than 6 years of civil war turned into chaos a devastating attack on agency international airport and the work of more than a year of saudi pricker talks and a deal signed in 2019 now in question the government members were led to safety but analysts say the authority of the new administration has been undermined this is a beautiful residence that the challenges are very serious the challenges are enormous. unity government will have to deal with serious challenges on the ground . no matter what no matter who stands behind this explosion i think there is a huge security breach has happened yemen's new prime minister moved quickly to try and restore confidence you're both with the people this attack gives the government the responsibility to put an end to the quick to and to restore the country and the
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state again the government an addon will go on continue its job supported by the people of yemen we will never let our people down the terrorists never defeat our people we will be victorious we will accept nothing but victory. side's government was formed as a compromise between you separatists in the southern transitional council of aden and saudi backed loyalists of president abu reprimand so hardy in riyadh the 2 camps for to each other after separatists declared a state of emergency and self government in aden and surrounding southern provinces but together they aim to launch a united front against iran backed coup 3 rebels in yemen's capital sana'a who deny they were behind the attack but the bloodshed at the airport is likely to put any hopes of peace in yemen back a long way barbara and per hour to syria yemen's government was sworn in just days ago by president rebel monsoor hardy as part of
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a power sharing deal brokered by saudi arabia in 2019 headed by prime minister mine do not exceed the new government represents yemen's northern and southern areas with equal numbers of members for each region its formation is the result of a compromise between the u.s. backed separatists in the southern transitional council and saudi backed loyalists of president hadi it's meant to end military clashes between those parties so they can fight as allies against the hooty rebel movement and troops where he is director of the study center at cutting university he says there are several parties that disagree with the saudi backed government. was not the really and in the scene in the last few years since since there were drugs i thought of him at all the announcement that would drop him yeah from yemen. i would though he was you know presenting yemen in directly we know that they have a stronger presence in aden and. the so called south yemen we know that they they
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don't want to have you know united yemen a lot of observers the you know scientist to somebody that is it's obvious that they were not happy of riyadh the because this is this is basically drawing young men to that action that they want out of him but it is not it is not happy of and also there are you know internal forces you know hold these one of them some forces in south of yemen they don't want to see the such thing because they are not you know participating on all of this there were marginalized so there is an issue within him in the political map and also those are regional players who are actually not happy or that you don't know what the position or what. u.k. health regulations have approved a coronavirus vaccine developed by oxygen vestey scientists and pharmaceutical
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company astra zeneca they prevail is a big can of hope for the u.k. which is battling a major surgeon infections on wednesday the government announced more than 50000 new cases for the 2nd day in a row as well as the highest daily death toll since april is trying downing street to face another 20000000 people under britain's toughest tariff restrictions for a chance report from a vaccination center nandan. if ever good news was needed in the u.k. it's now the numbers of new infections and hospitalizations are breaking records daily deaths are almost as numerous as the peak in april and medics are sounding alarms that the health service is struggling to cope with covert 2nd wave q a much anticipated announcement from the u.k.'s medicines regulator this vaccine kovac 19 vaccine astra zeneca has been approved for use in people and age to 18 years and older with 2 standard doses 4 to 12 weeks apart.
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rollout begins on january the 4th with the oxford astra zeneca vaccine joining that of pfizer biotech and use in the u.k. since early december both are effective but the new vaccine has numerous advantages . here with this london vaccination center you can see some of the infrastructure that is needed to administer pfizer by on take vaccine you can hear the generators running people need to be kept warm and the vaccine needs to be kept super chilled the oxford astra zeneca one day you can be given out by any doctor or nurse with a fridge it's much easier and that means many more people can be vaccinated faster the government is prioritizing getting the 1st dose to as many people as possible it's 70 percent effective the 2nd dose one to 3 months later makes that immunity last longer 100000000 doses on order add that to the 30000000 doses of pfizer and that's enough for 2 doses for the entire population if the government can achieve
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this it believes the country can return to normal life in the spring but before that announcement that millions more britons are moving into higher regional tears of coronavirus restrictions and there's a delay to the new school term for many people's or pupils in exams to return during the week beginning the 11th of january with secondary school and college students returning full time on the 18th of january. during the 1st week of term on or after the 4th of january secondary schools and colleges were prepared to test as many staff and students as possible. the oxford astra zeneca vaccine is welcome news to the u.k. but things are almost certain to get worse before they get better returns 00 london germany's coronavirus daily deaths of past 1000 for the 1st time the health minister yet strand says the spike in deaths shows things are far from returning to
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normal germany has started vaccinating the elderly and health care workers the country is in lockdown until january the 10th but it's thought that's likely to be extended to. the current 19 variant that was recently noticed in the u.k. is now spreading faster across ireland than even the country's most pessimistic forecasts in response are to shock me how martin announced a one month full lockdown a republican republic has also reported a record daily increase in cases with more than 1700 recorded on wednesday arlen began its vaccination program just days ago. u.s. president donald trump is blaming individual states for the slower than expected pace of vaccinations across the country the white house had set a goal of 20000000 americans to have had their 1st dose by thursday but so far only $2100000.00 have received it trump says the federal government has distributed the vaccine and it's up to the states to meet the goal. state of california has
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extended its strict stay at home ordering areas when tested. from brunell's is live in los angeles and grab a serious situation there in california. yes and some breaking news to report more in the governor of california gavin newsom as just announced within the hour that the 1st case of the. variants strain of covert 19 that has been circulated in the in europe and in the u.k. has been identified here in california the governor knew some gave no further details about the patient or their condition this news comes after the identification of one person in the state of colorado confirmed to have the mutant strain and another person suspected of having been the mutant strain and as as has
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been widely reported this strain is believed to be more easily transmissible between people so this is certainly some very bad news from cal for california it indicates that the new variant is circulating in the united states exactly to what extent is not known at the present time but overnight is raging here in california about 600 new positive cases are reported on average every hour in california according to the los angeles county public health department on tuesday 442 people in california passed away as a result of covert 19 complications that comes out to one death every 3 minutes this is of course putting a critical strain on the health care system and on hospitals and on medical
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personnel hospitals are being forced to. patients eat every available space they can find including conference rooms and gift shops oxygen supplies are running low in some areas and some cities report there are almost completely out or are in fact completely out of intensive care unit beds hospital staff are stretched to the limit and of course the new year holidays coming up people are traditionally . gathering and celebrating at this time of year public health officials and doctors are begging them just to stay home runs thank you very much indeed. in other news there's an urgent search for temporary accommodation for those in croatia left homeless by tuesday's powerful earthquake and the 7 people were killed and scores of homes and other buildings were destroyed tell you about reports from clean up. buildings collapsed lives destroyed the
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extent of the damage in pennsylvania and surrounding villages is becoming more clear as emergency workers search for anyone who may still be buried under the rubble the 6.4 magnitude earthquake struck on tuesday and was felt as far away as brianna and munich. a serious of strong aftershocks and the potential collapse of more buildings have forced many to seek shelter outdoors in august. the president reports at the district we live in a flood and katrina in a building is heavily damaged and it's not safe anymore to be we have a camper an individual who spent the night in a little bit better now because we have electricity so we can stay room you know well you must say are. very frightened it's chaos in the house it's not destroyed that everything is parked on the only house stuff fell out of the cupboards and was broken we spent the night in the car but we couldn't sleep at all we have 2
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children and i don't know what. the towns of pay $3.39 c. sec were the hardest hit some have returned to their homes to find little more than debris forced now to create makeshift shelters from the bitter winter weather the damage to infrastructure has made it difficult to get help to those who need it the center has been set up to collect and distribute food water and other aid to those affected by the earthquake. as the government urgently organizes temporary shelter for those left homeless the army clears rubble and helps look for survivors this was the 2nd earthquake in tracery in 2 days people here are fearful and i'm sure a monumental task. ahead. al-jazeera. still to come on al-jazeera the art salvage yards of it. with barely a day to go until the u.k. leaves europe's single market the breakfast agreement forward in parliament. jailed
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for seeking freedom hong kong pro-democracy activists face years in a chinese prison. it's been raining heavily recently in queensland the land doesn't accept that amount of rain this is still the drive draft and hard ground so rescues were necessary this is one successful rescue that the rains receding to the coast of b. tropical queens in particular top and where it's particularly wet i think that circulation near townsville will be telling of the flooding here and make sure breeze for new south wales victoria means it's increasingly cloudy sherry not really an ideal view of some of the heat even in perth is going away you have 39 you know down to 32 or thereabouts in western australia particularly we'll see
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a few showers this is not a particularly brilliant view of summer whereas this is a particularly brilliant view of winter this is south korea yes it did snow in south korea and there is more to come the extreme cold you see in siberia north and char has been coming out over the open waters and that's yet more snow for holland sure how hard it could be up to 2 metres certainly half to one metre bit more study for the western side of south korea but it eventually dies away on friday is the wind turns around and becomes lighter it's still cold in lamb was cold it was in beijing it's slowly warming up in hong kong. in the conclusion of the teapot series people in power in vesta gates allegations that irish catholic nuns facilitated the traffic babies it's hard to realise that babies in ireland could be sold to america accountant white babies and reveals
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shocking new evidence of how and when haven't you just noticed disposed of those who died thank you torn in a system like this one church and state are polluting keep the child from coming helps islands mother in baby scandal on al-jazeera. the all. the way. from one of the top stories here on our syria at least 26 people have been killed and dozens injured in attack in yemen members of yemen's new unity government had just arrived at agents airport when it was attacked the information minister is blaming who see rebels who have denied involvement. the u.k. health regulator has approved the oxford astra zeneca coronavirus vaccine for
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emergency use millions more people in the u.k. will join the toughest here of covert 19 restrictions from thursday after more than 50000 infections were recorded for a 2nd day. there's an urgent search for temporary accommodation for those in croatia left homeless by tuesday's powerful earthquake at least 7 people were killed and scores of homes and other buildings were destroyed. 28 people have been killed in an attack on a bus in eastern syria according to state media with witnesses saying it was an ambush on an army vehicle the incident happened on a main highway in the province some reports suggest the bus was carrying soldiers that had finished their leave and were on their way back to base nobody has claimed responsibility but are still in them to be still active in the remote desert region . argentina has made history by becoming latin america's largest country to legalize abortion a surge passed the bill by
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a margin of 9 votes which was larger than expected thousands of pro-abortion activists celebrating the victory in a region that has some of the world's most restrictive terminations laws there is a ball reports from the capitol where as ours was historic decision ending the criminalization of abortion in this mostly catholic country. after a long debate women outside congress waited anxiously for the vote to happen was. and when it did there was pure joy among those campaigning for that result was that we are friends affected because there are no legal and safe abortion and it's a dead that we have as a society the state needs to deal with this issue we couldn't just continue ignoring it i'm so happy and i want us to know is the debate lasted for about 12 hours and the bill was turned into law with 38 votes for and 29 against. the bill legalizing abortion in argentina after 14 weeks into pregnancy it allows
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women to get a free abortion in a public hospital and will end the fears of women have of being reported to the police if they try to terminate a pregnancy. women in argentina have been campaigning for years to legalize abortion in this country for this women it's a matter of public health because already around half a 1000000 abortions are carried out every year and many of them end up with complications thousands of women end up in hospital because of those complications so for this women legalizing abortion is crucial to save lives. but not everyone celebrated on wednesday and couldn't help crying when asked about the possibility of legalizing abortion i know what i'm watching we're going to cry a lot there are a lot of lies that want to sell something that is not true that abortions happen everywhere we poor women do not want to have abortions we love our children. the
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catholic church is a powerful body here pope francis is argentinean and has been lobbying against the law. he says the church needs to lead up to current times he said let there be others to say what's the right to. make the case to be detected they are. not bought because they need to say they are totally cool then they have to let in america that will keep the lyric of our son when they're not running around the next day than that but he doesn't tolerate abortion in latin america so i think you need to do some reflection about. the vote in argentina sets a precedent in a region that has some of the toughest laws against abortion in the world but this movement of women's groups has spread throughout the region and has become a force for change. and deceit when a situs. the post breaks
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a trade deal confirming the united kingdom's future trading relationship with the european union has been officially signed in brussels and london the agreement was hammered out during 9 months of intensive negotiations and it comes into force on generally the 1st the u.k. parliament was called back from its christmas recess to ratify the deal for britain reports. it was nearly 50 years ago that the u.k. joined the european economic community but a new relationship has now been signed into reality european commission president live on the land smiled broadly european council president sharma shelf appeared a little more rueful signed sealed and delivered from brussels via a british air force jet to london for prime minister boris johnson to put pen to paper ink was julie applied in downing street the prime minister flanked by his chief bracks it negotiated and the u.k.'s e.u. ambassador and parliament was recalled from christmas recess to ratify the deal in
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a rapid one day session boris johnson extolling the virtues of the new agreement. in less than 48 hours we will leave the e.u. single market and the customs union as we've promised and yet british exporters will not face a sudden thicket of trade barriers but rather for the 1st time in the history of e.u. agreements 0 tariffs and 0 quotas. britain officially left the european union back in january but the terms of a trade deal needed to be agreed before the transition period ends at midnight on december 31st fishing rights were a crucial element of the final agreement but in the port of newlyn in cornwall the final signing was greeted with open hostility british troll operators wanted the u.k.'s 12 mile territorial limit to be brought back it wasn't when you read the small print we will never get it back on the foreigner we're worse off than before
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bricks it because it's all written in that we won't be able to get it back. it's just a travesty boris the betrayer completely sold us down the river nonetheless the bracks it battle is now over time has run out and faced with the alternative of triggering a no deal bracks its parliament voted in favor. of the right $520.00 wall the nose the lips $73.00 the eyes have it the eyes of it a look it's all been done at breakneck speed to the agreement when it came on christmas eve left just enough time for british m.p.'s to be recalled to parliament behind me to ratify the deal in a one day sitting but for the europeans there is not that luxury of time the european parliament will not be able to examine the terms of the new trade deal and sign it off before midnight on december 31st that said the $27.00 e.u.
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ambassadors have already indicated that they unanimously approve it there will be a new relationship from january the 1st critics point to more paperwork. bureaucracy customs declarations rules of origin checks and product safety inspections others seek greater opportunity sovereignty and freedom the reality will only become apparent in the coming weeks and months paul brennan al-jazeera westminster uganda's musician turned presidential candidate bobby wine has been arrested for the 3rd time in 2 months one of his team were taken into custody while campaigning in the central region of calendar they're accused of holding large rally is in violation of coronavirus rules police used tear gas against protesters in cairo gala who were demonstrating against his arrest the presidential election is due to be held next month one is the strongest challenger to incumbent you were 70 who is held power since 96. a big part of our team has been
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arrested we don't know why they are resisting being we don't know why they've locked us. all these soldiers as you can see what they fear is their camera. morley's been asking you to keep become rock on them because our lives are in danger at the hands of men and women in national uniform italy says egypt's decision to terminate a criminal investigation into the murder of an italian doctoral student is unacceptable italian prosecutors this month officially charged for egyptian security officials in connection with kidnapping and murdering junior journey in 2016 egyptian officials say there's no point in launching a criminal court a criminal case because they don't know who's responsible. all the officials are searching for somewhere to house more than a 1000 people after their migrant camp was destroyed in a fire a week ago police in the u.n. say camp in western bosnia was probably set ablaze by some of the 1200 people who
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were unhappy about its shed jeweled temporary closure or tuesday hundreds boarded buses despite officials not having found a new shelter many have been living in squalid conditions during heavy snow fall 10000 migrants are in bosnia with hopes of reaching wealthier e.u. nations. but we can rescue are searching for 15 people still missing after a village was buried in a landslide 10 people are being treated in hospital after a hillside collapsed over the village of uske 25 kilometers northeast of the capital oslo rescues can only take place by helicopter because the ground is still unstable. and at least 15 people including 3 children have been buried in a landslide in a remote region of papua new guinea 2 bodies have been recovered the others are feared dead. 10 hong kong activists who tried to escape by speedboat to taiwan
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in august have been jailed by a chinese court 2 more have been sent back to hong kong where they are now face further charges andrew brown reports. a day of drama both inside and outside court the 2 youngest defendants age 16 and 17 when they absconded were driven across the border to hong kong shortly after being freed by mainland police both were hooded they've swapped one detention for another as they now face serious charges in hong kong related to last year's protests as well as leaving hong kong illegally you know why need i mean nancy and because these 2 males are also subjected to a 14 day compulsory quarantine we will file a request to the courts for a 14 day delay in handling their cases we will bring them to the courts for their hearing after they have finished according to. the 2 free teenagers leave behind 10 other activists now beginning jail terms that between 7 months to 3 years the
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campaign for their release continues the group fled hong kong by speedboat 4 months ago hoping to seek asylum in democratic taiwan before their vessel was intercepted by the chinese coast guard their detention drew international attention but diplomats as well as foreign journalists would deny permission to attend the trial it's rare for a trial to be wrapped up so quickly in china especially as the 12 had initially been branded as separatists by china's government and then there's the timing of it all coming on the very day that china is due to conclude a major trade deal with the european union that's been calling on china to free all the activists to both the hong kong and central governments though this case will serve as a warning to others facing charges over last year's unrest who may also try to obscure on adrian brown al-jazeera hong kong. russian scientists are examining the
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remains of an animal preserved in ice for more than 10000 years this woolly runoff serous was discovered in august in the vast siberian region of records here but pictures of only just been released all of its limbs are intact as well as some of the wall and the task similar finds have been taking place as climate change speeds the melting of the siberian permafrost. the top stories on our 0 at least 26 people have been killed and dozens injured in an attack in yemen it appeared to target a plane carrying members of the newly formed saudi backed government all of whom were evacuated safely the international committee of the red cross says one of its employees was killed the u.k. health regulator has approved the oxford astra zeneca corona.


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