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if this breaks up a little conflict between august and india this has implications for the rest of the world we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matter. china approves its 1st corona virus vaccine one year after the 1st cases were detected. i'm. on one year on from the beginning of the new questions are being raised around so many people really want infected by the here in china. about this and this is all you see a live from doha also coming up to us states report cases of a more contagious variant of covert 19 amid criticism the vaccine rollout is too
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slow. hong kong media tycoon jimmy lie appears in court as prosecutors appeal a decision to grant him bail. customs officers in france's business port say they're ready for the u.k.'s exit from the single market at midnight on thursday. china's health regulator has given its 1st conditional approval for a vaccine against covered 1912 months after the virus was 1st detected developed by the state's own pharmaceutical company the cinephile vaccine is the 1st to get the green light for general public use in china the vaccine said to be more than 79 percent effective china is aiming to inoculate 50000000 people by mid february or cassini use life for us in will hunt katrina just give us more details about the background to this 1st vaccine approval.
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well china had 5 different vaccines in the final stage 3 trials this year inside a fund is the 1st to receive approval from china's regulation on home says it's about 79 percent effective which is lower than the the flies and mcdonough vaccine which has about 95 percent efficacy the higher than yesterday's anika vaccine it has 17 percent now sign of has been testing this vaccine in about 10 countries around the world including egypt. jordan and but nearly 1000000 people here in china have already received this land on the scene under the government's emergency program which was initiated in july now no details yet as to how this vaccine will be rolled up to the public but we do know that essential workers will be privatized and the government wants to vaccinate millions of people before chinese new year which is the big travel whole day at the beginning of february and we also know that this vaccine has been promised to many countries around the world in beijing has been to improve its global image which is taking quite a beating since the beginning of the outbreak as i mentioned at the top of the show
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you of course it's been a year since the 1st cases appeared on the city. well as you can see behind me what a busy street here it looks like normal life has resumed people are working people are shopping and this is definitely the image that the chinese government wants to portray to the world of china success in controlling the outbreak that has been a new case here in the han recorded for the past 7 months now according to official figures china says about 90000 people in total were affected nationwide infected nationwide by the current virus and $5000.00 people died most of those people are here to be gone but we've had a recent study by china's center for disease control which really does sort of contradict those official figures according to this study 4 percent of the feed. rouhani who found have antibodies in their system that is to say that up to one up
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the halls a 1000000 people who would have been exposed to corporate 19 know china's foreign ministry were also about this on wednesday and they said that this report is not conclusive and it is based on a limited sample size so it doesn't necessarily reflect that a tough 1000000 people were infected but it does add doubt to these official figures in terms of how accurate they would know we've spoken to people here on of the past few days many are quite happy with how the government has handled it quite proud of the way that rouhani has been able to beat this but they're also doing many people who are very angry about what took place they blame the government for a lack of transparency especially in those early days of the pandemic and many of them are demanding an apology and are demanding justice. 12 months ago done high spot checked into hospital to receive treatment for a broken leg. while he was there the 76 year old caught
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a fever and died he was one of the 1st victims of a mysterious disease which would later be named curve at 19. before my father died he said songs are i don't want to die can you ask the doctors to say for me those were his last words junk high is now suing the chinese government he says local officials withheld information about the current virus outbreak allowing it to spread. of course war war isn't merely a mistake it was a crime murder none of their relatives died only the ordinary people died was because they knew how bad the virus was they protected themselves but they were supposed to care for older citizens as the new morny alike disease too cold across one in january a mass banquet celebrating chinese new year went ahead regardless just over
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a year ago one on one with the place the locals are by pressing for and needs today it's shut down completely then stop and believed by many to be the starting point of the endemic we've lost the world and in that millions of. china has not suffered as badly as other countries since the outbreak according to official figures about 90000 people have been infected and 5000 have died for almost 3 months millions of people that put a district locked out and able to leave their apartments. joe was one of them but the business owner says life has now returned to normal vision with a silver dollar the freedom that the chinese government did the right thing they saved us there was no other way look at what's happening in western countries now it's scary it's safe here. world health organization team will arrive in behind next month to investigate the origin of the outbreak beijing was reportedly
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initially reluctant to provide access when it comes to the crowd of ours china's leaders appear to be doing all they can to control the narrative this week system journalist junk john was sentenced to 4 years in jail for. locked up charged with picking quarrels and provoking trouble. junk high is still mourning the death of his father he says he's been intimidated by local authorities and called a traitor for his complaints against the government. or somewhere you go. i will never shut up even if i'm the only one left shouting chinese people say truth is always in the hands of the few if i don't speak up and hold those responsible accountable how can this one iran he would be silenced and will never forget. al-jazeera one. and in a special program on thursday al-jazeera is going to be looking at the devastation
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caused by covert 19 in the years since the virus emerged and as vaccines offer hope of protection will be asking how long it could take for the world to recover that's at 800 g.m.t. here on al-jazeera. u.s. president donald trump is blaming state officials for the slow rollout of covert 19 vaccines criticism is mounting over his administration's response to the pandemic around 2000000 shots have been administered so far and that's well behind the 20000000 promised by the end of the year it comes as a new more infectious strain of the virus has now been identified in 2 u.s. states and the gallacher begins our coverage from miami. patiently waiting for the code 19 vaccine many of florida's over 60 five's and health care workers camped overnight for their chance to receive a potentially life saving shot in the arm as the state's positivity rate hits record highs delays conflicting information and crushing websites left facts
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a nation sites overwhelmed i wanted i want to see the good in people and i want to hope that people are doing their bath but at this point i don't know their best this is really going on right now meanwhile in the same state the president continues to go off in his mar-a lago estate telling governors to get moving his administration promised to have 20000000 people vaccinated by the end of this week doctors say without a national strategy it could take years in fourchon way without a master plan after distribution national is going to be a lot of. and a lot of this is going to fall on state health departments and hospitals. that were already in or. more than 11000000 doses of madonna and pfizer's 2 dose vaccines have been distributed across the u.s. but according to the c.d.c. just over 2000000 of those most at risk have received it the government's health and human services department say things will get better it's only 15 days since the 1st vaccine were given so things will evolve they were optimized over over the
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next week or so and you'll see you know millions and millions more vaccines the initial plan was to have 80 percent of the u.s. population vaccinated by june to reach that figure millions would have to be vaccinated every day so far that doesn't appear to be the case here in florida the positivity rate of new code 19 infection stands at more than 22 percent state health officials say that's because fewer people are being tested but with an apparent slow roll out across the nation the next few months could be worse than predicted or those most at risk can do is hope things get better and fast. gallacher al-jazeera miami florida united states' top infectious diseases expert says the country could gain some control over the coronavirus pandemic by late next year dr anthony fauci told an online discussion panel that some semblance of normality would return if enough americans are vaccinated meanwhile dr howard
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hughes told al jazeera what he things are the biggest challenges facing u.s. efforts to get on top of the virus in an interview with the bottom line host steve clemons he says public health measures need to be set aside from politics. you know about a year before cove it broke out you and i had a conversation and i ask you to tell me what your worst nightmare was as you look forward and you know you described the respiratory kind of virus that cold it was and it was just one of the chilling moments when i look back at interviews i've done and i guess now i ask you as you sit here today what is your next worse nightmare as you look forward you have well you know my next worst nightmare is not getting out of this nightmare without having a lot more suffering and death and i think that we need to really really put put every effort possible into getting the entire country to it here it's
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a public health measures and put aside this this very difficult situation of of politicizing it and not wanting to adhere to public health measures also to get the vaccine out and distributed in an efficient way so that very quickly we get as many people vaccinated as possible and he said that we will end this outbreak there's no doubt it will end we've been through a terrible experience but it will end when it does and we have to look forward because outbreaks continue to happen they've happened long before people have even recorded history we've seen it in our lifetime with multiple outbreaks hiv ebola zeke and now covered 19 pin demick flu there will be other outbreaks that we've got to make sure that we prepare and use the lessons learned that we have actually learned from this experience and make sure we do better next time and you can see
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the full interview with dr anthony fauci on the bottom line that 630 g.m.t. right here on his ear. the u.k. has placed another 20000000 people into the toughest tier of restrictions 3 quarters of england is now under the strictest measures the british government says the mutated more infectious strain of corona virus has reached most of the country in major cities that man just i'm bumming i'm a part of the extended lockdown all spittle is asians in england have surpassed level seen in june the peak of the outbreak in april still ahead an al-jazeera u.s. senator mitch mcconnell blocks a bill to give americans more money rejecting trump's demands we look at the motive behind this decision. on strong response against the coronavirus has been applauded by its success came at a great cost. the
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winter seeds extended rather down through europe down in that a train this is all cold air was in which there are circulations about cattle from drops of the snow which looks beautiful or not depending on import your point of view entirely now the picture for thursday still sees a strong northerly wind coming down to northern spain as rain in the coast snow inland snow readily falling elsewhere your news is still quite warm around the g. in athens 18 and book rest 50 everywhere else properly cold and bilbao reflects that sort of weather it's a rather poor field i think the next 3 days temperature dropping study the wind increasing and the rain all the golf all the time now that will eventually get into the western med nothing worse this developing as well that could be stormy yet more snow maybe for maryland about we're on the borders want to 3 degrees either wet
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snow or it's rain and wind that was fog by sunday that's probably going to be an improvement and here it is this circulation moving slowly eastwards which means once again domination coast will be quite wet and windy to be snow falling in croatia for example which is not going to be particularly good for the continued search and rescue efforts going on in our country. in the conclusion of the teapot series people and palin vesta gates allegations that irish catholic nuns facilitated the traffic babies the church realized that babies in iowa could be sold to america as county why they use and reveals shocking new evidence of how and where when you just saw it was disposed of those who died thank you torn in the system like this one church and state are committed to keep the church from coming helps islands mother and baby scandal on al-jazeera.
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they're watching our visitor or more of our top stories this hour like over 1000 vaccine by the chinese pharmaceutical companies sign a farm has been given conditional approval 12 months after the virus was detected in the vaccine is said to be more than 79 percent effective. u.s. president donald trump has blamed individual states for the slower than promised wall out of covert 19 vaccines around 2000000 shots a bit of ministers so far that's well behind the 20000000 promised by the end of the year. you can place another 20000000 people in england into the toughest here of restrictions including manchester and birmingham health secretary says the
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mutated and more infectious strain of corona virus has spread to most of england. u.s. senate leader mitch mcconnell has blocked a bill that would more than triple the amount given out in pandemic relief checks that he had this week the house of representatives voted to increase the aid payments from 600 to $2000.00 that followed a demand from president don't trump the bill needs a 2 thirds majority to pass in the senate should have a chance he's in washington and explains what's behind mcconnell's decision. it's all rather nuanced mitch mcconnell right now has 3 main priorities in the final days of this session of congress which runs on sunday the 1st is to override president trauma's veto of the national defense authorization act the 2nd is not to jeopardize the chances of 2 incumbent republican senators who are facing a very tight runoff race next week in georgia and the 3rd priority is not to pass any bills that will give 2000 dollars checks to low and middle income americans so
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we're seeing the 1st part of that go into. into action right now as we speak votes are beginning to take place on overriding the veto of the n.d.a. however it's a much more cumbersome process than mitch mcconnell and hope for because the independent senator bernie sanders stood in the way of a very easy override the veto and said look unless you bring that bill which was passed in the house on $2000.00 checks you know i'm not going to i'm going to stand in the way of the override of the vote of the n.d.a. now he can do that forever mcconnell has a way around that and that means that he has to do with a have a vote today and then eventually a vote perhaps on saturday which will finally override the vote in the meantime though this idea of a $2000.00 stimulus check is very popular particularly in georgia where those 2 republican senators facing a very close race so it seems that mitch mcconnell has not come up with a plan and that is not to bring up the vote directly on that house bill giving
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$2000.00 stimulus checks to people but combining the 2000 dollars stimulus checks with 2 other issues. or very close to president trump's heart forming a commission to look in to alleged electoral fraud in the presidential election and ending legal protections for social media companies he's going to combine those into one bill and have a vote that seems to be the plan that's what he was talking about earlier today thailand was looking like one of the success stories of 2020 despite being the 1st country outside china to detect covert $1000.00 infections it had remarkably low infection rates and fewer than $100.00 fatalities a large new year's celebration of the berlin plant in bangkok but a recent surge in infections threatens to raise all the gains only chang reports from bangkok to many times when they imagine hell this is what they see gruesome torture carried out by monstrous devils and demons this mccard theme
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parks a representation of a buddhist hell a reminder to those that visit the wages of sin it's a popular destination for visitors to the seaside town of. a few 100 meters away paradise long sandy beaches swaying palms and a gentle sea but this year the beach is almost empty as it has been for much of the past 9 months thailand closed its borders when the coronavirus struck and impose strict quarantine conditions that are still in place that's kept transmission rates low and fatalities in double figures a huge success but it's come at a great cost the tourism authority says 2020 arrivals were down 80 percent and if the choice is letting people in of the cost of rising impaction rates 2021 won't get any better if we are talking about the way how to post to receive and the other
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way we have to maintain. 19 situation of course we choose a 2nd choice as a 1st we have to make people to pay people stay safe and it's not just tourism that suffered a strong coronavirus response that closed off thailand also limited export markets the economy contract it sharply with government aid slow and inconsistent many people had to rely on food handouts just to make ends meet uncle nick host one of thailand's most popular on line phone in shows. all year he's been counseling callers with financial problems health scares and isolation anxiety. i feel that people are losing hope depression despair they really don't know what to do with themselves so will the new year bring any rest by a few weeks ago thousands of people are expected here in downtown bangkok to mark
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the arrival of 2021 but a sudden rise in covert infections has meant those celebrations are being canceled and the government is now advising people to stay at home. and if those transmission rates continue to rise all the hard work and sacrifice of this year could be lost tony ching al jazeera bangkok hong kong's top court is set to decide whether bail will be revoked for media mogul jimmy lai a high profile pro-democracy activist is facing charges under new security laws imposed by beijing it was released on bail last week but prosecutors say he should be put back in prison adrian brown's in hong kong with more. all the cases before hong kong's courts of the moment this is perhaps the most sensitive one involving jimmy lai the maestro most high profile dissident here in hong kong this is no ordinary bail hearing of course jimmy lie was arrested under the new national
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security law and the prosecution have been arguing that because he was arrested under that law he should not be given bail because he remains a flight risk well the defense have been arguing that he paid over bail of $10000000.00 local hong kong dollars that's more than a 1000000 u.s. dollars he surrendered his passport he's a fake he's effectively under house arrest he can't be foreign officials or use social media so they're question is how on earth could he be a flight risk given those conditions now the case is being watched carefully by a lot of legal scholars who see this as an important test of whether hong kong's judiciary remains in the pendant because in the last few days we have seen some real mouth frothing editorials in state media in china especially the people's daily newspaper which is the mouthpiece of the ruling communist party suggesting that this trial should be taking place on the mainland saying that jimmy lie is
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evil and also dangerous so there is a a worry a growing concern that the communist party is seeking to assert greater control over hong kong's judicial system there are reports of airstrikes by the saudi led military coalition on the yemeni capital sanaa they're said to have targeted who 3 positions in the city as follows an attack on an airport in aid in which killed 26 people the government's blaming the who the rebels barbara government ports. waving at supporters as they climbed off their flight attendant apple members of yemen's new unity government returned days after being sworn into office at a ceremony in saudi arabia. but the hopes of rebuilding the country after more than 6 years of civil war turned into chaos a devastating attack on agency international airport and the work of more than
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a year of saudi prick talks and a deal signed in 2019 now infestation the government members were led to safety but analysts say the authority of the new administration has been undermined this is of additional residence that the challenges are very serious the challenges are enormous. unity government will have to deal with serious challenges on the ground . and no matter what no matter who stands behind this explosion i think there is a huge security breach has happened yemen's new prime minister moved quickly to try and restore confidence you're both with the people of this attack gives the government the responsibility to put an end to the quick the and to restore the country and the state again the government an addon it will go on continue its job supported by the people of yemen we will never let our people down the terrorists never defeat our people we will be victorious we will accept nothing but victory.
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side's government was formed as a compromise between you separatists in the southern transitional council of aden and saudi backed loyalists of president abu reprimand so hearty in riyadh the 2 camps for to each other after separatist declared a state of emergency and self government in aden and surrounding southern provinces but together they aim to launch a knighthood front against iran backed rebels in yemen's capital sana'a who deny there will be behind the attack but the bloodshed at the airport is likely to put any hopes of peace in yemen back a long way. out to syria their parliament has overwhelmingly approved a trade deal with the european union as it prepares for an old one split from brussels the british prime minister signed the agreement soon after hailing it as the start of a wonderful relationship with the e.u. but as politicians held a special session to make sure the deal was in place before the december 31st deadline agreement sets out new trade and security regulations as britain leaves
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the e.u. block when the e.u. and the u.k. announced that it brags that trade deal had been signed there was will leave for french businesses the country is a central pillar of the european union and many there would prefer the u.k. to remain but industry and government say they're now ready to manage the new relationship with the u.k. that hash about are reports from cali. france's biggest fishing ports billowing silk mare 50 kilometers from the u.k. across the english channel fishermen here we're worried that be banned from u.k. waters off to brakes it but a trade deal reached by the e.u. and u.k. has an 8 death is e.u. boats can continue to fish in british seas although they'll have to give up part of their catch to britain it's a better result than expected during the next 5 and a half years there will be some ongoing negotiations and the outcome we don't know it's we know that the target is a victim litter of 25 percent of
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a quarter going back to u.k. . but listen 25 percent it's better than 60 percent as free trade between the e.u. and u.k. continues or thorough in the port of cali say they hope for minimal disruption customs officers in france's busiest ports say they're ready for persons departure from the e.u. single market and customs union $50000000.00 has been spent on creating a so-called smart border customs officials say they have introduced information technology and smartphone apps to help things run more smoothly but with some $5000000.00 trucks passing through the port of palo each year it will be a huge challenge to prevent allies to produce all cars. for 2 years we have worked to create an intelligent digital border we recruit to staff until infrastructure so we believe we are ready for john request continued free trade is good news for
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french businesses on 20 k. kept a close saw eye on the negotiations his family has produced champagne for more than a century britain is one of his main export markets and suffered for nearly 300 years our friends in britain have enjoyed french champagne so it's hard to imagine that will change a new deal would have made things complicated with tariffs but in. now that there's a trade deal i feel optimistic it's a huge relief for our 2 countries he mused to simple xbox russia often nearly 5 decades together it will undoubtedly take time for the e.u. and u.k. to fully adjust to being apart and there are bound to be setbacks but after more than 4 years of breaks it uncertainty it's clear that many businesses and people on the face side of the channel all grateful for some visibility on the horizon natascha al-jazeera cali but the new u.k. e.u. trade deal doesn't include gibraltar spain's foreign minister has warned of
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a possible heart of bragg's it for the british territory if there's no agreement by later on thursday gibraltar lies next to spain and it could face border delays as tiresome travel restrictions kick in in the 1st of january both sides have refused to comment on the progress of bilateral negotiations. this is our desire but these are the top stories a covered 1000 vaccine by the chinese pharmaceutical companies signed off on has been given conditional approval 12 months after the virus was detected in will han the vaccine is said to be more than 79 percent effective katrina you has more from one time had 5 different vaccines in a final stage of stage 3 trials this year and signed off on is the 1st to receive approval from china's regulator now sleight of hand says it's about 70.


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