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designed to inform why is the only solution for a child as young as 10 months of age and inspiring to see the world from a different perspective announces iraq. comes big ben rings in the u.k.'s former departure from the european union single market. alone down jordan this is up 0 live from doha also coming up donald trump cuts his vacation short to garner more republican support to oppose the official approval of joe biden's election which.
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australia advances into the new year with a new one thumb we'll look at what's behind the change also. just about an hour from now the iconic times square ball drops in new york city as the world says goodbye to 2020 and hello to 2021. as millions around the world welcome in the new year britain has marked the end of an era officially breaking its decades long relationship with the european union the u.k. is now no longer a member of the single market or customs union and the brags that transition period has formally expired prime minister bars johnson has hailed it as a new beginning. this is an amazing moment for this country we have our freedom in our hands and he's up to us to make the most of it. and i think it will be the overwhelming instinct of the people of this country to come together as one united
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kingdom england scotland wales and northern ireland working together to express our values around the world leading both the g 7 and the cop 26 climate change summit in glasgow. simmons reports now from london on how the changes will affect people and businesses and. finally the bells of big ben bring bricks it in with the trade deal taking the u.k. out of the european union the end of a relationship that dates back nearly half a century brussels had set the time midnight in belgium 11 o'clock here in the u.k. e.u. had already made its other adjustments with only a day to spare the trade treaty had been signed and sealed within the shores of this island nation british politicians say sovereignty has been fully restored the political slogan we must take back control had gone down well with the majority of
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voters now it's going to be put to the test it's good to be better we need to govern ourselves and be our own bosses but it's going to be a lot of stress between everyone anyway because it's a very unknown people don't do a change. in legal terms it was 11 months ago that the u.k. left the e.u. nearly a year of transition followed with the trade deal now in place brics it is set to show its true colors. the u.k. may have its bricks it done but there's still a lot of haggling ahead the fisheries agreement seen by many in the industry as a sell out come to proper fruition for 5 years and that will be subject to negotiations. decisions still have to be made in the services sector which makes up 80 percent of the economy living clude spine and shal services and data sharing that will be any new taxes to pay on exports at the border but there'll be plenty
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of bureaucracy in delays are likely everyday freedoms will also end new rules on travel immigration mobile phone use bank accounts to name a few and there are big implications for the future of the united kingdom the scottish national party promise to restore e.u. membership to largely pro e.u. startle and if it becomes independent northern ireland is the only part of the u.k. that will continue to follow many of the e.u.'s rules that's to avoid the return of a contentious hard border with e.u. member the republic of ireland but that means new checks on goods entering northern ireland from the rest of the u.k. unionists fear isolation i think the dealers made northern ireland apart we wanted to come out of the european union the same terms arrestee dedekind of sadly the. before and a half years bracks it split the country even dividing families those tensions may well have subsided but now the clock is ticking on the new year and what boris
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johnson describes as a new beginning with a global britain more power a more influence but could the opposite turn out to be the case a diminishing level of power and a diminishing influence by the end of 2021 we may have an idea andrew symonds london. britain's coastal towns were at the forefront of political demands during trade talks with the e.u. fishermen had been promised they'd take control of the seas around the u.k. but the deal struck wasn't what they were expecting and some say they feel betrayed john holl reports now from bricks in the south west of england. and all british catch landed at bricks in devon these waters have been fished by british and european boats for centuries making fish issue in the brink battle for sovereignty but while british fishes were at the forefront of the march to break the promise of
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winning back control of their waters has been broken a small increase in quota for a 5 year transition period some e.u. access retained many here field day with a price to be paid for a u.k. e.u. trade deal. we get. fishing accounts for a tiny fraction of the u.k. economy yet its importance in the trade talks has been far greater than that one of the last major issues to be resolved remember the breaks in vision was about taking back control of britain's laws of its borders and of its waters it's turned out that at least part of that vision was an illusion of probably one of the only
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remaining voting fisherman you'll find there is another couple but now i'm. not happily walking around the case saying i told you so but i am walking manically saying i told you so there we were so to post always a proxy. and it was all about plate we clean our waters and get our territory back it's just nonsense all things not just the lawsuits against you and you are saying you were. a temp now actually eventually this but other spend probably. 30 or 40 percent of my year in french wars. i'll spend kind of we land in holland we sent our boat to holland for refit never got the infrastructure to refit this boat here. so we are very closely geographically and politically tied with us this whole thing was just a point that's spread to the fishermen we met earlier as a sideline in you tube videos demonstrating how to cook britain's abundance of fish
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species may be more fish on the menu now but the smell in the air is of betrayal jonah how al-jazeera bricks of. well as the u.k. faces the reality of briggs it's also dealing with an escalating coronavirus pandemic surging infections in england forcing all thora has to reactivate emergency hospitals that were set up by the pandemic began most nightingale hospitals have been largely unused but officials say they are now being prepared to admit patients if other medical centers reach capacity or a challenge has more the situation in the u.k. from outside the royal london hospital. wednesday had some good news didn't it with the announcement the oxford astra zeneca vaccine is being cleared for use in the u.k. and it will be rolled out from january the 4th thursday there was a case of do you want the bad news or the worst news 20000000 more people in
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england started the day here for they join 24000000 people already living under the toughest level of coronavirus restrictions now that is 3 quarters of the english population hospitals in london and the southeast the saying the i.c. use intensive care units are operating at more than 100 percent capacity this one is the royal london hospital in recent days it's been in the eye of the storm with ambulances of patients queuing up outside the emergency wards it begs the question why aren't the nightingale hospitals being used properly now. the emergency field hospital set up all around the country at the peak of the 1st wave by and large they have stood empty now the government says they're being ready ready for use as backups but i've just been down to the london one and had a look inside and was told that it's been temporarily closed and that most or some
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of the equipment at least. moved out the government's position is that it would prefer code patients to be treated in proper hospitals like this one and not in the emergency field hospitals as well equipped as they may be but the sounds of the calls that are coming out from frontline n.h.s. staff is that things are getting dire and something soon has got to give. more than 25000 coronavirus related deaths have been recorded in the us state of california in los angeles one person's dying every 10 minutes medical workers are struggling to cope and are housing patients in the hallways conference rooms and even gift shops fewer than 3000000 people across the u.s. have been vaccinated against cope with 19 that's far short of the government's target of inoculating 20000000 by now well the u.s. is top infectious diseases expert dr anthony found she has told our desire that
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prevention measures are not a political issue nor a matter of individual rights he says it's simply about public health. the issue is that science has been very successful in doing something that was unheard of or unimaginable years ago is to go from the identification of a new pathogen in this case this mysterious virus that just broke the harness and then we identified the anywhere e of this here in less than 11 months it actually now is going into someone's on into a lot of people's arms and it has been proven to be highly efficacious and say that is a very successful coup de force of science my concern is that there is a lingering anti science feeling in this country that is sort of mixed in with an anti vaccine feeling that we've got to overcome by being transparent about what
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we've done and what we want to do with science and you can see the full interview with dr anthony thout she on the bottom line on friday at 0530 g.m.t. right here on al-jazeera. at least $140.00 republicans are reportedly set to vote against counting electoral votes next week when president elect joe biden's victory is expected to be certified although it could trigger a lengthy debate president trump supporters have no chance of overturning the results congress meets to count the votes and confirm the 2020 election result on january 6th republican senator josh wholly has said he'll object to biden's victory and now some of his colleagues are engaging in similar tactics a white house correspondent kimberly hellcats in washington and explained why republicans are killing up to a post by. well we can expect that there's going to be a lot of ground standing and ultimately joe biden will be the next president of the united states but between then and this of certification this taking place that
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typically was kind of a rubber stamping process there's going to be a lot of play for the cameras now the question becomes why are they doing this because it ultimately is not going to change the vote well the reason they say they're doing this is because they want to object to the certification process something that they say has precedent they say that the democrats in fact did this in 2016 objecting to donald trump's electoral win and they're simply exercising their right as members of congress to do this now what this is going to do is trigger a 2 hour debate it needs members of both the house and there are $140.00 members or more and also at least one senator in the senate and we know that the republican from missouri just holly is that senator so this is what is going to trigger this mechanism but again this is not going to overturn the results still many of these republicans are allies of donald trump who firmly believe that there was voter
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fraud that there were election a regularity but as we've been reporting for weeks in fact that's not the case according to not only election officials but also the supreme court so this is going to certainly be a challenge in fact it's going to be unsuccessful even before it gets started. time for a short break here and al-jazeera when we come back it's the end of the road for an international peacekeeping mission in sudan's darfur region. and the year that wasn't in world sport looking back on how the pandemic responded major events in 2020 more of us stay with us. it's time for the perfect gentleman the weather sponsored point qatar airways fairly quiet weather at the moment from turkey down to amman now there's a mass in the middle which is cloudy in generating some light showers but the not
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moving very fast now they're not like do very much in a flash flooding here just occasionally light showers and small chance they're all from doha from friday through to saturday as temp is slowly rising to 22 or $23.00 degrees but average for this time of the year there is no great change throughout this whole area during saturday but we have seen change for the south there will be more and more active in southern africa. which you remember and across just north of bear in mozambique has spent most just a day going through zimbabwe to spend most of friday going through botswana on its way to namibia leaving behind again the like that are generated showers in northern mozambique and this quite sharp trough of active sundry stuff right through the middle of south africa and the city of the forecast continues in the same vein by the time we get to saturday but quite a good line of rain it goes from malawi all way to answer northern zimbabwean and curls back through south africa and significantly sits over newbie namibia not
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a place you think of as being particularly wet but the wind took forecasters got showers for the next 3 days. sponsored by qatar airways. and a territory that's been under constant sea trip 12 years. and in a state of perpetual conflict with its neighbor. women a swimming against the tides and challenging stereotypes in the isolated society. ringback al-jazeera wild follows 5 palestinians making a difference. the new women of gaza on al-jazeera. ringback.
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welcome back a quick recap the top stories here this hour the u.k. has formally completed its split from the e.u. after leaving its single market and customs union prime minister boris johnson hailed it as an amazing moment saying the country would make the most of what he called its new freedom. the royal london hospital says it's operating in disaster medicine mode as the u.k. reports in mind $164.00 deaths and nearly $56000.00 cases in a single day surging infections in england are forcing off or it is to reactivate emergency hospitals. the standard for to republicans are reported to be ready to oppose counting electoral college votes next week when u.s. president elect joe biden his victory is expected to be certified although it could trigger a long debate president trump supporters have no chance of overturning the results . now a peacekeeping operation run by the african union and united nations in darfur is
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closing after 13 years the mission in sudan will gradually wind down until it fully closes in june next year it was launched to end the conflict that killed more than 300000 people since 2003 around 2 and a half 1000000 others were forced from their homes the mission will be a place by a political office next year. an african union and u.n. peacekeeping force missions in sudan's darfur region is ending after operating for 13 years that helped bring an end to a conflict which saw 300000 people killed and more than $2000000.00 people displaced in a moment or poured some niala in south down for that many say they're worried about their safety once the mission ends. it's the last patrol for these peacekeepers and for the african union united nations mission in sudan's western region of darfur after more than 13 years the mission and its mandate to protect civilians and stabilize the region is ending it follows a decision by the un security council in late december to halt operations by the
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end of 2020 because it set security in the region had improved but here in. many are worried. not the right time for the human made to withdraw if they leave. just because with the terror. attacks and eye protection. you name it was established and conflict in the region and has been in darfur since 2007 the fighting between mainly non arab rebel groups and the government started in 2003 and left 300000 people dead and more than 2000000 displaced it was deployed under a chapter of the un charter that gave it the right to use force when needed it was also the un's biggest operational peacekeeping mission before it began downsizing in mid 2017 you know what has about 4000 peacekeepers less incident and over the next 6 months to hand over its business to either the government or having an organization i want to call myself has been authorized by the u.n.
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security council set to start in january with no military force or demanded to protect civilians and that responsibility will pass on to the transitional government and members of the campaign that is the biggest chunk of sudan's government says a combined force from the police and military as well as the paramilitary rapid support for says it will be responsible for securing displaced people until they return home but those displaced say they are the same forces responsible for forcing them out of their homes to begin with. you know. we understand the fears of displaced people and we are working on ways to protect them. more than 230 peacekeepers have been killed throughout the mission's existence it's also been criticized for sometimes failing to protect civilians from attacks the mission has done its level best to serve the people of darfur and provide physical and. other forms of protection to them whether in terms of humanitarian facilitation of delivery of humanitarian assistance physical protection of id we have done
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thousands and thousands of these activities over the 15 years we have been here the end of the you know is seen as a test for what is to dance transitional government can protect its civilians those displaced in camps see they remain wary of any government forest and just put in place to keep them and their properties thief until they return home even more going on is there room in the south tower for. now 143 years after it was 1st composed and performed australia has updated its dash lanthanum to reflect what the prime minister says is a spirit of unity. well that was the old line the words have been changed to for we are one and free no longer are we young and free it's an attempt to better recognise the country's
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indigenous history in december national let me players and version of the anthem for the very 1st time well professor langton holds the foundation chair in indigenous studies at the university of melbourne she says simply changing the words to the anthem won't make australia fair a country for its indigenous population. there is. no idea the moms. that are relevant there are many numbers like this. one is that the national die trying to die trying from the night of january 26th which is one day of celebration of the landing of the 1st point on this in command of the british night. and why that didn't sound rises. in the stable really a celebration of genocide and sorrows. yada rotation. is.
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right and to them a constitutional reform because we were probably saluted from the constitution since not number one and students to minor amendments to non non we exist as an absence from the constitution some would never bring pleated. one would giants in the national anthem is not language like a difference too. so russian genocide on. our apps. the cuban pesos $1.00 to $1.00 exchange rate with the us dollars to be devalued for the 1st time in more than 50 years and that the already struggling island country where the economy is mostly state own families they also face tough sanctions and force donald donald trump to raise about reports on how some people are getting creative in order to survive. a food delivery service cuban style
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this family owned business is giving cubans living abroad and tonette avoid to help their relatives on the island economic sanctions imposed by u.s. president donald trump have complicated remittances to cuba and that's why sending food instead has become popular back at us and we have a weekly package that is what cubans need the most a few years ago we started to work with companies that promote our services relatives abroad can send a gift to their families here they can send sweets and basic items while the services offered in u.s. dollars and paid for through the united states the food is served in cuba are you know m.n.a. or rice beans and pork or a traditional meal for the holidays that daniel doris wants to share with his family and have an on his birthday he paid for the service on line the only member here lots of problems with food scarcity in the limitations of moving cash
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a new service allows us to send food and i pay for it from abroad i'm very happy with this economic restrictions imposed by the u.s. have banned wiring money to cuba more than 400 western union offices have closed in recent months down the road so this is this is a good service for us because in the middle of the pandemic lounsbury if you live abroad to send food in other items which is what people mean by u.s. sanctions and cuba's economic troubles have worsened people's lives on the island shortages of food. basic items have again become a common problem people have to line for hours in order to get them cuban president . and he will eliminate a complicated system that has prevailed for decades it will result in a steep devaluation people on the island are fearing the consequences because of authority says the months ahead will be difficult to meet. the 1st.
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price. for state police force research. exports in the meantime people like that continue to help their relatives in cuba and as long as remittances are banned finding alternative ways to help them survive. south africa has announced a record daily increase of nearly $18000.00 cases of cope with 19 a variant strain of corona virus is thought to be behind the surge that started at the end of november an average of 500 people a day are dying so africa is part of the world health organization scheme to help poor and middle income countries receive vaccines and a canadian politician criticized for ignoring the government's own travel advice by
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taking a holiday abroad has resigned ontario's finance minister rudd phillips posted videos on social media appearing to show him at home while he was actually spending christmas in the caribbean his trip coincided with a record daily high in coburg $1000.00 places across canada which prompted a strict lockdown. in new york the final hour of 2020 is ticking down and this time new year's eve celebrations are on a much smaller scale because of covert 19 in times square only a handful of invited guests including health care workers are gathering to watch the crystal ball drop at midnight just over 30 minutes or so from now police won't stop the site of an others from getting into the area. well a sporting hero has been defined disrupted by coronavirus major events like the olympics faced costly delays or top level athletes had to get used to performing in empty stadiums and the riches and reports on how sport is coping with a pandemic. in march basketball
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star really go bare attempted to make lots of concerns about catching coronavirus by police hands over the assembled media equipment. mildred had gone back to the seeded teams heading back to the water 2 days later a game involving his utah jazz team was called off for the last minute it later emerged go bear had become the 1st n.b.a. player to test positive for cope with 19 the team's departed the scene it will be more than 4 months before they returned. the olympic flame continue to flicker on even after most other sports have been snuffed out but at the end of march the decision was taken to perspire only 2020 tokyo games by a year. they really have a cost on determination to deliver a great games and yes they may be slightly altered they may be in
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a different format. and who knows i mean we're still you know we're still dealing with the pandemic even with a vaccine on the horizon but i am pretty sure we will have a games. africa's biggest sporting event the cup of nations was pushed back a year and the european football championship will also start 12 months later than intended but the ambitious plan to host it across 12 different countries is still in place for 2021 it's a big challenge and in pandemic and with this strange situation even a comic situation next year will be a bit tough maybe for some parts of the world or the world it will be a special challenge but you know u.f.a. is a serious organization we like challenges. world cup host katsav became home to an entire continent the asian champions league took place in the sort of by secure environments all athletes are getting used to. i in england liverpool lifted the
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league championship for the 1st time in 30 years the supporters left to celebrate a triumph they weren't allowed to witness inside the stadium. where. innovation and commercial imperatives have ensured short term survival for the financial and physical fallout from the pandemic is still tumbling through every level of every sports. and the richardson al-jazeera. to have a quick check of the headlines here on al-jazeera the u.k. has completed its split from the e.u. after formally leaving the bloc single market and customs union the prime minister bars johnson hailed it as a new beginning after 4 years of political drama. this isn't him.


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