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tv   Lords Of Water  Al Jazeera  January 7, 2021 9:00am-9:56am +03

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but we are not doing that instead we have witnessed a stunning assault on our democracy itself this challenge is not an act of patriotism the position of the objectors is completely and compatible with p. treated them our country is defined by her great people and our democracy is defined above all else by our constitution a constitution that has just gone no 600 g.m.t. that's 1 o'clock in the morning in washington d.c. where after hours of chaos politicians are in the process of certifying joe biden's electoral victory the objection was lodged against the electoral college vote count of pennsylvania the senate has voted down this objection but the house is still debating it biden has $244.00 votes so far the magic number of course is $270.00 for the presidency that vote comes after politicians had to be evacuated when donald trump's followers stormed the building at least $52.00 people were arrested
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and 4 people are reported to have died the police say that that was as a result of medical emergencies. the house of representatives continues to debate the objections to the pennsylvania vote let's get more on this market respond hijo castro's been following events through the day and the night desperate scenes outside capitol hill and certainly combative scenes between the politicians certainly as the vote count continued with the vice president and the objections heard. that's right so there was a moment a very brief moment of unity when we saw these chambers come back from their recess from their orders to shelter in place in the capitol complex when those rioters breached the building and in
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a sense took over the chambers there was some. some drastic photos of these. these rioters sitting behind the left turns in those sacred chambers while the senators and representatives were barring themselves behind locked doors in secure positions under armed guards while it was only a few hours later and it was at the insistence from leaders of both chambers of both parties that they reconvene on this very day so only a few hours passed before the capital was deemed secure and much was made in those early moments by vice president mike pence who was presiding over the joint session and over the senate and also the senate leaders of both parties. unified in denouncing the violence that had unfolded hell ever of that quickly did dissolve devolve once again into the partisan fighting as we are witnessing now on the house
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floor much of this coming from those house republicans who are very much still in president trump's corner earlier we heard one representative matt gates from florida defending the president's actions much of the blame has been laid at president trump's feet for having incited violence in an earlier rally outside of the white house in which he told his tens of thousands of supporters gathered there to march to the capitol and to demand that the results of the election be overturned saying that he and this is a false claim saying that he actually won. the election well his defenders though in the house including representative gates said that trump had actually asked for peaceful demonstrations he even compared those calls for peaceful demonstrations to what he said were the more insightful ones from the black lives matter organizers in the earlier demonstrations of the summer time that certainly elicited blue is
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coming from democrats but applause from fellow republicans so we thought that that moment of desperation and the danger in which these members very physical safety was at stake if that brought them together maybe briefly but it does not appear to have stuck that unity in further so. the division of what how this will unfold going further is for the rest of the night we expect these debates to continue for a while then we expect the rest of the states to be certified and perhaps before dawn likely before dawn. the joint session of congress will officially certify joe biden as the president elect to be inaugurated on january 20th heidi we're seeing scenes of that sort of approach of taking control of capitol
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hill which is something silly that the black lives matters group certainly did not get anyway near and yet the conversation amongst republican senators certainly you might say was muted in those that might have objected to some of those electoral votes rescinded their objections i think for those of us who are joining us there has been a change in florida with some senators if not all. yes particularly on the senate side and one case in point is kelly law for the senator from georgia who just lost her runoff election she said on that on the senate floor today that she arrived in the morning fully intending to object to certifying the votes for vida but because of what unfolded in the violence that she saw today incited by the president's claims that are unfounded of voter fraud she said that in her good conscience she could not move forward and she withdrew her objections she was
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joined by at least one other republican senator the way that this thing works is that a member of the senate and a member of the house have to sign on to any objections and we've seen republican senators really pull back on that pennsylvania be the one state that they've signaled that they were still holding out on to voice their objection on the house side not as much changing of minds there we saw it actually it was 80 house republican members who supported objecting to pennsylvania but in the grand scheme of things that still is far outnumbered by those democrats who control the house and from fellow republicans who see it as their duty not to change the votes of of american voters of electoral college but rather to simply certify them which is all they have to do every 4 years all they're expected to do what we're seeing
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unfold today in so many ways is a departure from tradition from expectations but also so keeping in trump's legacy of the certainly not following the norm date of course will be continue to monitor what's going on in the house for us heidi will join you in a little while but i was hard to explain the procedure to certify joe biden's victory because of it scales politicians have to be. waited out to donald trump support a stalled competent hill as we mentioned at least 52 people were arrested 4 people have died ata one was shells and 3 others as a result of medical emergencies particle hayne looks back at a very turbulent day in america's capital. the u.s. capitol building under siege. thousands of president donald trump's followers surrounded the building and burst in the result a remarkable scene of lawmakers clean and the police seemingly overwhelmed social
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media filled with pictures of trump's followers and offices in the chambers running free in what is supposed to be one of the most protected buildings in the country it started as u.s. president donald trump called his supporters to protest what he falsely claimed was a stolen election riling them up with inflammatory words and misinformation are we going to walk down to the capitol was and we're going to cheer on our brave senators and congressmen and women as a joint session of congress met to certify the election the president's followers heated his words and descended on the capitol chaos followed. tear gas and flash bangs to try and push them back from the front of the capitol others moved to the back quickly pushing through a line of police many entering the building congress was dismissed and its members blood at one point reports of an armed standoff at least one protester was shot and
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killed several officers injured the incoming president responded this is not to sent it's just shorter it's chaos it borders on sedition and it must and now i call on this mob to pull back and allow the work of democracy to go forward. he demanded the president tell his supporters to go home and trump dead but continued to repeat his lies i know your pain i know you're hurt we had an election that was stolen from us it was a landslide election and everyone knows it as night fell on the u.s. capitol the national guard the police they try to regain control of the building in the morning it will bring fresh questions about exactly how this happened and whether they'll be any repercussions for the people whose words led to this unbelievable action. al-jazeera at the u.s.
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capitol hill cable is although this report earlier from give the u.s. capitol where barricades have been put up around the building. outside the capitol order has been restored the security perimeter has been put back up and we basically have a lot of metropolitan police as well as capitol police outside the capitol right now and they have been for the last couple hours or so basically just keeping the area secure it's very quiet outside the u.s. capitol at this hour. we do hear sirens occasionally off in the distance we've heard of a few instances of some skirmishes in other parts of washington d.c. city proper between some protesters slash rioters with police but that's been fairly sporadic. about 6 pm here local time about 2 and
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a half hours ago is when the curfew went into effect and that is when for the most part the security personnel here outside the capital started to push everyone away from here and outside the capitol grounds and order has been restored after what was an absolutely to mulch to his day here as we all know now just absolutely remarkable and there's going to be a lot of questions asked in the coming hours and days in america about how this was allowed to happen a massive security breach here at the capitol. well after congress resumed work sunday to lindsey graham an ally of president trump addressed the sun answer them to accept that joe biden had won the election joe biden i've traveled the world i hope the last operating he will lose he what he's the legitimate president of the united states i cannot convince people certain groups by
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my words but i will tell you by my actions that maybe i among any above all others in this body need to say this. joe biden and camila harris are lawfully elected and will become the president and the baes president the united states on january the 20th. he was the only republican to speak because senator mitt romney unleashed a scathing attack on trump when he spoke to the body. now we gather due to a selfish man's injured pride and the outrage of supporters who he has deliberately misinform for the past 2 months and stirred to action this very morning what happened here today was an insurrection incited by the president of the united states those who choose to continue to support a dangerous gambit by objecting to the results of
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a legitimate democratic election will forever be seen as being complicit in an unprecedented attack against our democracy fairly or not they'll be remembered for their role in this shameful episode in american history that will be their legacy. ever come as a political analyst joins me now via skype from washington d.c. always good to have you on the program as to how who just to gain weight said it's a roll me. comments about what he's just said this was an insurrection those that were involved illegally will be complicit in the legacy of what donald trump leaves behind to mean how serious all these comments in the republican party that is some commentators would suggest fractured right now. you know i think this goes beyond parties what we saw today what played out in real time for the world
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to see was the fragility of the american ideal in addition to that what we saw was the 1st branch of government as deemed by the constitution as being by the founding fathers was under attack it was attacked and it was attacked from within these this was a terror organization that basically played out in real time or for the nation and this was something that was still enflamed by the president of the united states the question now is how is the president donald trump to be treated and and you know it's not unusual or i think out of got to going out on the limb to suggest that the president now is seen as an enemy of the state and we see that by companies such as facebook and twitter that have locked his account because they recognize the danger that he poses not only to the surrounding community
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but to the very heart of the existence of this nation for more than 4 hours the government the 1st branch of government simply could not conduct its business and that was something that was supported and instigated by the president can i just jump in there so what do you make of this proposal apparently from house members to request of the vice president for him to enact the 25th amendment which is the removal of the president. even in that tsunami. that's of a very long winded issue because it has to go what to cabinet to then and then go back to the congress but to actually go that far and to instigate that if it has is also quite dangerous is it not politically. well you know it's not because actually there is a response that is required from the congress because again you know we're talking
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about 8th saying you're one branch of government and in washington d.c. you have a government is buttressed on both sides of pennsylvania avenue on one hand you have the white house on the other you have the congress which represents 2 of the 3 branches of government one of those branches was attacked today and it's u.s. capitol police force overwhelmed and the congress itself needs to respond and i think while there are many who are calling on my pant to do something about the president himself and that certainly needs to be done i think also there needs to be a response from the leadership of the calm of the congress meeting them by camera leadership speaker pelosi senate majority leader mitch mcconnell about how they are going to respond to this attack on the 1st branch of government and i think that's what needs to be saying and that what that's what needs to be heard because right now the united states is looking increasingly loanable in addition to increasingly
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fragile so while we wait to see what the response will be at the moment we have the house debating the pennsylvania vote and it's objections from some republicans and we're expecting a again that sort of be a say leo and move on to then allow the vice president finally to confirm who has won this election as we already know is a foregone conclusion what do you expect to happen between now and the 20th of january i mean does nearly 2 weeks of us to have you might say wait with bated breath. you're right because what we are seeing and we saw this today president donald trump threw his own bias president might under the bus he made clear to that audience that it is my parents it's for that this process is playing out not the fact that he simply lost an election and not the fact that the american people rejected him and overwhelmingly spoke and repudiated president trump and trump is
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i'm not only at the top of the ballot but also in that special election runoff that took place yesterday and so what we are seeing now is a president who is at war with this own administration with his own party and with the country of course you know while this plays out we know the senate have rejected pennsylvania's. objections as such but from an international perspective eric you know if we just list new zealand's prime minister conveying what's gone wrong with the u.s. the u.n. security the u.n. secretary general and to a new guitar are saddened by the vents in the u.s. capitol australia china the united kingdom germany these are all india all of these countries look up to or are strong allies of the u.s. they will already concerned about their allegiances with the u.s. especially under this particular government they've got to be very cautious regardless surely of the next administration and the promises made by president elect joe biden how can they ever trust to the u.s.
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again. that's why we talk and that's why i speak in terms of the state for gelati that we are seeing at play with the united states because now the united states is no longer seen as a responsible global stewart on the world state and that is deeply problematic when you're talking about a country with nuclear weapons a country with the largest economy in the world but yet it has it is it is it is crumbling from the inside out it's in its insurrectionist like this that are that are keeping the united states from reaching its potential and causing it and in a lot and leveling its ability to continue to operate in the world and the idea this idea of american exceptionalism that right now is also under assault erica thanks for joining us cause will be joining you through the early morning by the looks of it as this scenario plays out thank you for your time. eric just
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mentioned facebook and twitter who have taken the unprecedented steps of suspending the u.s. president's social media accounts following the violence in washington you tube has also removed the video which trump protesters to go home while repeating unfounded allegations about election fraud trump's twitter account has been blocked for at least 12 hours while his facebook account is frozen for an entire day then call is a former deputy national intelligence officer for the trans national threats at the cia he says the republican leadership has failed to recognize the level of threat from homegrown extremism. it is astounding that what was clear to everyone anywhere. was a clear and present danger was not prepared for today so so that is there are any series of gaffes made there however i think the larger point needs to
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be made also and it's an important one that you touched upon and that is that for 20 years the literally for for 25 years and more i would say 28 years of as i think of work the federal government law enforcement and intelligence. organizations office yes cia what's now the department of homeland security have all assessed every year that the primary threats to american institutions and citizens are right wing native american militia and organizations when the government agencies said this however the republican leadership at the time and i'm speaking factually are not making assertions refused to let the intelligence community say that we can only say that there were islamic terrorists in there were who were the primary threat so if you refuse to acknowledge reality
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and you a bet their behavior this is what you get while the u.s. will that any happening in washington d.c. smaller demonstrations were reported outside state capitol buildings in georgia oregon and colorado if georgia's governor ryan comes as people have the right to protest but not to destroy property all summer long allowing people to let their voices be heard on an array of issues that we have going on in our state and in our country that time but we certainly did not allow an arche and we will not allow that now here in the state of georgia. it is unimaginable. and we have people in our state in our country that have been threatening police officers breaking in to government buildings while the situation was unfolding in washington d.c. the results of georgia's senate runoff will also announced democrats now really won the 2 senate races giving the party control of the u.s.
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senate house of representatives and the presidency the topic of them house wolf from atlanta. the seismic shift for the democrats in georgia reverberated and was celebrated across the united states but the historic victory of reverend raphael warnock was perhaps best saver in the neighborhood where he preaches at the famed ebeneezer baptist church a well being and the welcome that. had no shortage of representation in washington for the 1st time in 20 years georgians are sending not one but 2 democrats to the senate warnock made history by becoming georgia's 1st african-american senator and only the 11th black senator in u.s. history. after taking voters for putting their faith in him warnock wasted no time addressing the nation's codein health and economic crises we are dealing with folks
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who are facing eviction. people who have been waiting for months for relief and they saw politicians play the same old game last week we should have already passed its $2000.00 stimulus check and i can't wait to get to work. so on and represent the people's concerns in the united states senate 33 year old democrat john aasif is the youngest member of the senate since 1973 he is the jewish son of an immigrant and the c.e.o. of a documentary production company let's emulate the spirit of courage and heroism of those who have given so much to the health response to this crisis as we unite as a people to overcome this challenge of covert 19 and to build a republic that lives up to our highest ideals of equality in god's eyes and equal justice under the law the democratic upset in georgia is also
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a victory for the army of grassroots organizations workers and volunteers who spent years registering black and minority voters an effort that never seems to while republicans who are a bit busy attacking the governor and my boss the democrats rather knocking on doors getting people to turn out to vote. republicans kelly lefler and david perdue have yet to concede saying they would exhaust every resource to ensure quote all legal. the votes were counted between the november election and the senate runoff more than 76000 new voters registered the new georgia project says more than 112000 people who didn't vote in the presidential election voted in this runoff that kind of organizing prowess will certainly be studied by both parties and immolated if possible in other states natasha going to aim al-jazeera atlanta let's
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take you back to washington d.c. and capitol hill where the house of representatives lawmakers i continue to debate the objections to the pennsylvania of a tweak spent that to take some time they pennsylvania votes and also the arizona votes. objected to debates continues and will continue we think into the early hours of thursday morning let's listen in was unconstitutionally silence to you the silence to say this i will continue to fight for you you have been heard for more than 240 years tyranny has sought to extinguish the light of freedom as ronald reagan said before freedom is a fragile thing it is never more than one generation away from extinction the constitution and the bible on which it stands is stronger than the cheap tyrannical tactics of those who seek to destroy it and i yield back to the gentleman mr bud from north carolina i thank my friend from texas as you know mob violence is not
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representative of our country or of this building the american people at least the the ones that are still up watching right now they have seen this body return to a peaceful debate it and that's the american way so let's get back to that debate and let's talk for a moment about and sylvania. for decades absentee voting was reserved for members of the military and citizens who were medically or physically unable to get to the polls but in 2019 pennsylvania dramatically increased the amount of ballots that would be cast in the presidential election through expanded no excuse mail in voting on september 17th pennsylvania's democrat controlled supreme court violated the constitution by extending the deadline to receive mail and ballots article 2 states that legislatures not the courts determine the time manner and place of
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their state's elections but pennsylvania's high court directed the state officials to assume that 9 postmarked ballots were received on time without any evidence that they were sent before election day on october 23rd while early voting was already underway the state supreme court ruled that election officials did not have to authenticate signatures for mail and ballots to sum it up pennsylvania officials illegally did 3 critical things one they radically expanded vote by mail for virtually any reason to they removed restrictions when a ballot could be sent in and 3 they removed signature verification on those very ballots and just this week the pennsylvania senate pleaded with members of this body to delay certification until the supreme court resolves these disputes.
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the commonwealth of pennsylvania violated their own constitution they violated the u.s. constitution they open the door for thousands unverifiable ballots because they failed to guarantee the integrity of their votes i cannot consent to accepting pennsylvania's electoral votes. and there you have the house of representatives and nancy pelosi allowing those to speak with regards to the objections to the pencil veiny vote let's bring in heidi castro has been following the early morning of events really it's been going through the night heidi let's just bring our viewers up to speed with a quote coming from twitter apparently the president's account was suspended for a while and violating tweets have been removed. that's right a 12 hour suspension which is really a dramatic move from twitter as as we all know trump uses twitter as his
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number one form of communications especially in times when when he feels particularly isolated and there can be no greater time than now this is a president who normally would even be watching these proceedings unfold in congress and then tweeting support praise for his supporters and criticism to his detractors and the fact that he's been silenced until 7 am local time which is another the world another 6 hours of i guess trump free twitter. that may be one of the contributing reasons that we saw some republicans in the senate in particular. drawback take a step back in their intentions like kelly lawfare for example the senator from georgia who just lost her runoff election she said that this morning prior to all of the violence and the the mob that broke into the capitol she had wanted
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to object to other states being certified for joe biden but she said because of what unfolded she couldn't in her good conscience carry out those objections and she withdrew them but it makes you wonder perhaps of trouble had been active on twitter in the way that he can so effectively attack particularly members of the republican party canceling their hopes of sending more in their political career perhaps the fact that he was on twitter made them a little bit braver and. just just briefly let's just talk about the procedure as we see it right now and how long this could go on in full until the official announcement by the vote by the vice president. the the house is signaling that this debate could wrap up in the next few minutes and then there would be voting take place because of the pandemic voting is going to be slower than normal because it's happening group so it could drag on for another hour or an hour and
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a half but we know the outcome of the vote is going to be that this objection is struck down that the ultimate conclusion of all these proceedings will be that joe biden is certified as the next president to be inaugurated on january 20th hardy's thanks very much for the update you are watching scenes from the house of representatives as they debate the objections to the pennsylvania vote we will continue to monitor this on al jazeera on a day that has seen. violence outside capitol hill capitol hill of course where congress convenes was of course invaded by trumped supporters and of course with the president still claiming that he has won the election this story is certainly not over we will continue to follow events from washington d.c. on al-jazeera to stay with us. the latest news as it breaks the explosion near an 80 transmission site knocked out mobile phone and internet service for miles with
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details coverage many of the event that they have voted in their voting piece by the way they are worried about the security situation in iraq for the country from around the world congress leaders are dependent on the success of attack seems to prove. that it is something since the beginning right. and i'm a clock this is kind of the cost of al-jazeera your week you look at the world of business and economics this week. 2 nations taking different approaches to carbon emissions despite unprecedented bushfires australia pushes ahead with a controversial coal project we're on the ground with the community that stands to benefit from the country's biggest mine. germany plans to eliminate coal powered
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stations but the government's accused of breaking its promises to replace coal with more environmentally friendly sources of electricity. and shipping the unseen polluter industry crucial to the global economy moving goods worth trillions of dollars across our seas what's the industry doing to reduce its emissions. so then global carbon dioxide emissions harmful gases behind global warming and climate change held steady for the 1st time in 3 years in 2019 the international energy agency says that was thanks to a switch from coal power to renewables in advanced economies united nations estimates that the world needs to reduce coal fired electricity by 2 thirds in the next decade to meet the goals of the parents' climate change agreement right now our pursuit of coal is just unrelenting the data from any coal dot org shows that
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more than $50000000000.00 worth is being plowed into coal power projects right around the world china alone is contributing almost $40000000000.00 in financing projects from the united states to australia and rather than scaling back on coal powered electricity over the last 2 years china has added 43 gigawatts of the. pasti that's as much power produced by germany's coal generators also noteworthy from the financial data although germany has said it would eliminate its coal power stations it's spending more than a $1000000000.00 on projects from greece to india so this week we have correspondents in germany and australia to file films on burleson's ambitions to do away with coal power and australia's 4 throttle approach to exporting coal to other nations and that's where we're going to start bear in mind if you were to include all of its exports of coal gas and oil australia which is a nation of $20000000.00 people would be responsible for 5 percent of the world's
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carbon emissions al-jazeera is alexia prime went to see a controversial mine which is being financed by the indian conglomerate a dunny. claremont population 3001 of australia's mining heartlands most of the work here is a cult following and they keep all wilkes motel business going as well possibly 70 percent of their of a business would be call related in one way or another whether it be the shoe salesman all of the shampoo cycles men feel salzman we've got companies that do a lot of engineering work that are independent of the mines like common stock. dozens of mines surround remote towns like claremont's which lies a 1000 kilometers north of brisbane and maramba just up the road keeps the community alive definitely helps with all the business like a business specially have with someone young like my daughter as well it's got them a real future for claremont's the closest town to the controversial comical mine
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and it's still 160 kilometers away the mines are owned by the indian company adani and got the go ahead from the government last year after more than a decade they've been holed up so the environmental approvals and funding problems for the mines be scaled back from its initial plans however it will still be among a strain his biggest exposing at least $10000000.00 tonnes of coal a year this is the workers camp for the mine which is under construction just a few kilometers away we weren't allowed to film inside and donny wouldn't talk to us on camera for this story the mine lies here in the galilee basin which is home to one of the biggest coal deposits in the world there are fears the mind could push an endangered bird species towards extinction while the land also holds spiritual significance to some indigenous groups adani will be the 1st mine in the basin and that's made it a flashpoint for protests it's madness to actually lead it to that it's got this far in the starry nights with what we know about climate change and i bring up. one
9:38 am
of the world's biggest new deposits because it had this shouldn't happen in the mining industry and the role of fossil. fields in the climate crisis have been in the spotlight in australia after months of devastating bushfires and he has a drought and there are concerns the adani mind could hurt the great barrier reef where the coral is already being killed by rising ocean temperatures there is some great. want to give the impression that if you come to me there's nothing but the reality is there has been huge tracts would have helped and so i think what they are asking us to do. business as usual which it certainly isn't and we do have to find that. is the worst possible outcome because we could bleach tomorrow straightly is the world's biggest exporters call and when the mine opens millions more tonnes will be shipped to
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india from a port near the raif the government is accused of not doing enough to protect the planet or reduce emissions the un says a stray isn't on target to meet its commitments under the paris climbers agreement and last year that's delegation was blamed for holding up negotiations at the climate summit in madrid. their generation call mana and local union chief steve smyth says his members to change but it's got to be realistic. mourners in a family and community come along on this journey and i've got to provide something more than what they were born here which is rhetoric. and the fact that people are not convinced that renew the renewable sector. so i'm going job security and a future for them and making the adani mine could be exporting its 1st call as soon as next year in the meantime mr ali remains deeply divided over where the mines of purely sources of money and opportunity all scholars on the landscape that take
9:40 am
more than i provide. al-jazeera queensland australia. the guard's violent mind has been here for decades producing lignite or brown coal to fuel the nearby power station which produces more energy than any other in germany a symbol of the country's continuing dependence on fossil fuels in 2019 brown coal and hard coal or anthracite provided more than 29 percent of the electricity used nuclear provided 14 percent renewables accounted for 46 percent but ministers are committed to combating climate change by reducing emissions and spent much of the last year deep in discussions about how to meet those commitments eventually they found a compromise we have both forms of coal will be phased out within the next 18 years that's hard these are tough negotiations they took a long time in my view too long but you can see the result where the 1st country
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with a binding agreement to exit coal and nuclear power and that's an important signal internationally. felix martis was a member of the commission which advised the government to prioritize a steady phasing out of coal he says they've not taken that advice and broken their promises in doing so their viral loads are to dis recommendation of the study phase out the pathway at the moment is to wait until the year 2013 and to wait until the year 2038 and shut down the major share of the listener plants shortly before abuse that lights one of the consequences of that will perhaps be felt most here bare for heart just down the road from guts with the mines immediate future guaranteed its owners want to expand it by buying the properties in bear the heart relocating the residents and then destroying the houses to mine the coal underneath
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already some people here have taken the money and moved out but not litter cox whose family has lived here for 6 generations she is fighting to stay we need to go back onto the streets we must show people above all we must show politicians that what they're planning to do is absolutely mad we must show them that we won't put up with it ministers are clear that mines will one day disappear and that renewable sources of energy are. the trouble for the people living around here and there will have to go 1st of all this white the government stated commitment to a green future dominic came al-jazeera. well joining us now from berlin is kind night bertie's president of the german league for nature animal and environment protection now mr not welcome to the program 1st of all what do you make of this leveling off of emissions in 2019 is it
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just a blip we could be back this year to more burgeoning emissions you know and i think at the moment where in a very critical phase from a climate perspective we can see that there is something happening in the international economy going more deeply into the changing transport sector going more deeply into changes in electricity sector and perhaps this is one of the reasons why the carbon dioxid as that emissions are not rising as much anymore as they have been done in the last years and although there are certain changes with more coal in the maze leading towards renewables yet we have $50000000000.00 being pushed towards new coal fired production yeah and we still have 500000000000 dollars each year that are subsidizing the fossil fuel industry that's the big problem at the moment we are entering a new era where renewables should be on the rise but we are still subsidizing and financing the old fossil sector so that's the big disruptions we have at the moment
9:44 am
right and let's talk about specific countries where you are 1st of all in germany it's all talk isn't it saying the right thing at home while pumping what is it a $1000000000.00 in coal projects in greece and in dia yeah that's true germany had to have has had a big social to debate about the coal face out and we had a big commission last year that decided at the road map for the coal face out from a political point a few of the road is clear now but if you look at it in to the investments of different different industries in germany they are still investing in the fossil fuel sector and that's a big issue it's not a coherent strategy that can be seen there it's. it's still the old system of fighting against the new system the thing is the coal phase out it trips off the tongue nicely this is easy to say but it's difficult to implement especially in a country like germany where the unions are so strong and that causes problems for
9:45 am
politicians to try to get reelected but also for people who just want jobs and that's completely right especially in in countries like china or germany that are highly dependent on the coal industry it's hot for the politics to it to find the way out that's why we had this this become mission because the parliament obviously wasn't able to set this well but in this commission i've been part of the commission we found the roadmap together with the energy industry the unions and the environmental organisations and the other thing is clear if you look at the numbers in germany we have 300000 jobs in the renewables and only $20000.00 left in the coal industry so the new sector is the new jobs are already there we just need to bring the people from left to right from the fossil to the renewable sector you've talked about china what is the situation there because it's a little unclear you hear on the one hand that they're investing heavily in renewables and yet on the other they too are investing massively in you coal
9:46 am
projects that's absolutely right that's one of the big contradictions in china in china they are building as much wind millet's at the moment every day like germany is building in a year so it's a huge just rice and net rise in china that we have in the renewable sector but they are still building new coal power plants there again they have big problems with heating their their economy so and so they i think there are still dependent on the coal industry but also in china in china like in germany it's not a question of environmentalism anymore if you look at germany the price for wind from electricity from wind is it's the cheapest one compared to. coal or nuclear and that's the same in china so in the end it will become an economic question to go to renewables or not right where there's a lot of smart economists around so why is it already happening yet in germany interestingly it's still it's already happening we have some politicians that. try
9:47 am
to bring up the debate about nuclear energy again and you know who is stopping this debate it's the it's the energy sector it's the c.e.o.'s of the energy business to say that why should i invest in an industry where one kilowatt hour of electricity costs $20.00 cent nuclear energy when i have a different industry where it's 3.5 percent the wind industry and you measure the nuclear industry what about that because it's cleanest of them all is neat and despite what many people think relatively safe that's one of the most common misconceptions that nuclear energy is a clean energy despite the whole thing off out west to put the all to nuclear material and to say store it safely look at it from an economic perspective if you have to pay the whole insurance for one kilowatt hour off of nuclear power then the
9:48 am
club price would explode and you have 35 to $0.40 per kilowatt hour and wind is 10 so we're just not only more carbon neutral because it takes much less carbon dioxide to produce one hour one kilowatt hour of electricity than one kilowatt hour of nuclear and but it's much cheaper as well so there is no reason no reason at all to stay in the nuclear sector ought to stay in the fossil sector we are in a big transition at the moment and this will be decided by economy ok finally let's move to australia a country facing its own particular climate question with the recent bushfires that raged wildfires that raged there they too investing heavily in coal but there's a growing movement against 'd it yet that's absolutely. right i've been to s. trailer in 2011 where they had a big debate about financing the renewables and taxing the carbon sector a bit more but they haven't gone so far but in australia it's really ridiculous
9:49 am
they have few people in the country and a whole continent with a lot of sun above it for them it's clear that they should invest massively in the solar sector but there again the money still is in the all sectors so the old sector is the political powerful sector and the question is how to bring push this money to the renewable sector in germany we have done so far just last time we had to related from a from a colleague in sweden who who asked me to hand over the wishes from sweden to the german taxpayers who made the renewables competitive and australia ever faced the same situation in the next years as well interesting all right we'll leave it there but great to get your perspective thanks very much thank you. let's keep this thing about climate change going by looking at the shipping industry 90 percent of world trade is undertaken by shipping with an estimated 4 trillion
9:50 am
dollars worth of goods being moved every year so hugely important and something we really can't do without well the european union believes unchecked the industry could contribute to a 5th of emissions by the year 2050 presently shipping accounts for about 3 percent of global emissions and it may surprise you that like the aviation industry shipping is not part of the paris agreement doesn't mean the sector isn't taking its responsibilities seriously it has to because it's facing protests like these ones against pollution by vessels in the arctic interestingly shipping fuel is produced from a heavier grade of oil that's more polluting and is banned from use in until to cuba. there are initiatives underway like the one i reported on in norway where batteries are being used to help power ships and there are others who have considered wind power but turning around an industry that invests hundreds of millions of dollars in ships is quite literally like turning around a supertanker and just to give you a sense of the problem the scale of it this is
9:51 am
a live man produced by marine traffic dot com of all the vessels on all the oceans right now tens of thousands of them pretty much every single one of them powered by fossil fuels and belting out c o 2 into the atmosphere the scale is just staggering well joining me now from london is gavin all right and gavin is the secretary of the international winship association gavin welcome to the program it is the unseen source the great unseen source of emissions around the world shipping isn't it just how much of a problem is it i will thank you for having me on the program yet it is an unseen polluter shipping the if we look at the greenhouse gas emissions from shipping it's around about 2 to 3 percent of the world total now that might not sound a lot but that's pretty much the equivalent of say germany or you know even more than the u.k. . on the other pollutants sulfur dioxide and nitric oxide particulate matter black
9:52 am
carbon is significantly higher than and of course you know this this this pollution is happening pretty much pretty much of the time out in the deep sea away from away from prying eyes of the public that's right and then also present but also it presents a problem in ports as an especially those more not just toxic gases you're talking about. yet now it does it doesn't and you know we're looking at probably tens of thousands of premature deaths caused by this type of pollution hundreds of thousands of respiratory events but also you know shipping does does move about 90 percent of world trade and actually is probably the most efficient of all the modes of transport right and that's the thing is that we need ships at sea to bring all the goods that we want in our homes tell us about the efforts that the shipping industry is making bringing in low sulfur fuels for example and there is actually
9:53 am
a carriage ban on the heavy fuel oil which is quite toxic if you don't have an exhaust gas cleaning system on its installed on the vessel you have to use very very low sulfur fuel or diesel and other efforts actually you know the shipping industry was excluded from the paris agreement along with aviation on greenhouse gas but actually i'm april 2018 passed an initial strategy that looked at least 50 percent reduction in greenhouse gases. by 2050 and that's a pretty dramatic change is it deep enough is it quick enough probably not but with the at least there we can ratchet up the ambition all right well there is a definite requirement for alternatives which is what you're here primarily to talk about specifically wind but only really going to go back to the days of sail. well yes and no no in the sense of we're going backwards no i don't think we are going
9:54 am
backwards i mean we're going forward we're talking about 21st century solutions here highly automated using up to date materials. and yes in the sense that we're going to be using window again on large commercial vessels we already have 10 vessels out there in the in the world fleet demonstrating. various different types of technology there's over 7 categories of wind propulsion technology $35.00 plus providers of those missions as well and you know the industry is waking up to this because of the savings in in fuel and therefore emissions that we can actually deliver between 5 to 20 percent already for a retrofitted when disses system potentially up to 30 percent and then if you go to primary wind where you're using wind as your main proposed a significantly higher and tell me how that might work and what does it mean it is
9:55 am
you just took a step sat on a container ship out as it were. it's a really good question and we generally talk about when propulsion rather than sales because there are categories there that. you wouldn't normally identify as a sale but yes you can't you can place. retrofitting systems onto virtually all segments of the of the industry from tankers bolkus as you mentioned container ships which are a little bit challenging because of the lack of deck space on those but we have off off deck systems like kites that can be used there. and of course if you want to get your maximum. bang for your buck if you like then with new builds where you can optimize the vessel to get the best out of wind then you're going to get those significantly higher savings again with respect it all sounds like it's a long way down the road.


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