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the scary thing we simply don't know if we can teach you to bring you the world when documentaries and life. and online. i am. president has committed an unspeakable assault on our nation and our people the u.s. house speaker nancy pelosi joins growing calls for president donald trump to be removed from office a day after his supporters stormed the capitol building. the air. i'm fully back to boyer watching al-jazeera at my from doha the u.s. president elect joe biden has called the people responsible for the unrest domestic terrorists the white house says it condemns the storming of capitol hill by trump's
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supporters as the washington d.c. madam and send investigation. and in other news a growing coronavirus case no it forces a new state of emergency in japan. to . thank you for joining us it's 2300 hours g.m.t. 6 pm in washington d.c. way u.s. president donald trump is finding himself increasingly isolated after hundreds of his supporters told capitol hill the unprecedented attack on the very heart of american democracy has emboldened the president's critics who are now calling for his removal u.s. house speaker nancy pelosi has called on vice president mike pence to invoke the 25th amendment and remove president trump from office in carlingford this should act. president has committed an unspeakable assault on our nation and our people
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i join the senate democratic leader and calling on the vice president to remove this president by immediately invoking the 25th amendment if the vice president or cabinet do not act the congress may be prepared to move forward with impeachment and one of the president's closest allies republican senator lindsey graham says wednesday's on race has tarnished record in office become close to the president personally i think his president has been consequential from a conservative point of view there's been an amazing 4 years in terms of judges securing the border a vaccine in record deregulating the con me cutting taxes historic mideast peace agreements the destruction of the caliphate all on and on and on was tarnished by yesterday when it comes to accountability the president needs to understand that
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his actions or the problem not the solution well as a result of the chaos 4 people died in 15 police officers were injured president-elect joe biden branded those responsible for the. domestic terrorists well we'll have more on president elect joe biden's reaction with christian tsunami in delaware in just a moment but 1st we go to patty cohan on capitol hill in washington patty we've had the 1st reaction from the white house since yesterday's incidents let's listen 1st to what the press secretary had to say a short while ago. i am here to deliver this message on behalf of the entire white house let me be clear the violence we saw yesterday at our nation's capital was appalling reprehensible and i said that it will to be american the way. we condemn it the president and this administration in the strongest possible terms it is unacceptable and those that broke the law should be prosecuted to the fullest
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extent of the law. condemnation there from. the white house press secretary what are we to make of what she said a very short statement about 2 minutes she didn't take any questions from some reporters who went bad what does this old signal leniency. it signals that the white house realizes the political winds are shifting if someone is loyal to the core is lindsey graham can come out and say well this is unhelpful and criticize the president and try to defend his legacy by saying he spoke out when he saw the need which of course he didn't really it shows that they realize that the tide is turning in this president people are outraged in washington and across the country and for them for her to come out and say the president doesn't you know he wanted peaceful protests and try to absolve him of their responsibility is simply just not going to fly let's think about it since the election the president has been giving this false narrative that it was stolen he called these people to come to
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washington in his words to stop the steel again wasn't stolen he lost but he asked them to come to washington and thousands upon thousands of them did that he went to their rally and he again repeated these false hoods that the election was being stolen from them and that he wanted to be president and they should force and really lobby their senators and their congressmen to stand up and defy the constitution he even said i'll walk to the capitol with you so when we saw this violence the incoming president joe biden came in and said he needs to go on t.v. and tell people to stop the president tweeted out a video but again he repeated the false lie that the election was stolen from him he said i understand the hurt in the pain but we're a law and order so really this is a sign that the white house realizes that the political winds are shifting but i can't see that it's going to fly because of all the president's actions. and all of
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the statements you're on capitol hill today patty and certainly it looks very different from what it was 24 hours ago when you were speaking when you are you outside that building calm has now returned but i get the sense that the the u.s. is a country on edge after yesterday's events that perhaps people are nervous between what 13 days until january 20th what's the feeling what's the mood like among people on capitol hill and americans in general. i think that the shock is starting to wear off and the anger is taking its place i spoke to one person who works on the hill they said they always thought this was the safest building in the country or one of them and that faith has been broken just how quickly the capitol police were overwhelmed and how long it took them to try and get any sort of semblance of order and get reinforcements and you know we've heard from officials there say they
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had no idea it was going to be that bad pretty much everyone in the country who's on social media knew that it could get this bad we've seen donald trump supporters get really fired up they saw this is their last stand so there's going to be and lots of investigations into not only how the higher ups planned for this by how some of the officers responded as we've seen on social media media we've seen some very suspicious looking images of the police taking selfies potentially with the protesters in one case moving the gates to let them in but the other side you're seeing there were a lot of cops that were really hurt over 50 police officers that were injured as they fought outnumbered against these protests against these rioters or as the vice as joe biden calls them domestic terrorists so there's going to be an investigation on that but what is it like now well there's no tear gas which i'm actually really thankful for no it's totally a much different situation right now to get in they've got dump trucks and police
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cars about 2 blocks away from the entire complex the dump trucks or so anyone who thought they'd ram their car into a building perhaps with explosives they can't get in there is a huge presence of national guard they've already installed a fence around the capitol that they say as unscalable there are a lot more police officers not just capitol police but from a road in the region and they say that there's going to be almost 7000 national guard troops here for the inauguration so they're worried that this isn't over and they have reason to be worried as we're in the crowd yesterday among the term supporters. there are more than a few the tried to try to get in our face but one in particular had to be pushed back by the our security detail and this person looked earth looked or straight guy and said we'll be back and under his breath you mumbled what sounded like with our guns the president still despite what the statement was he still say even though they'll be a peaceful transfer of power the election was stolen from him the election again to
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reiterate was not stolen he lost by a lot patty kahane on capitol hill thank you patty. go over to wilmington delaware now the way the home state of the president elect joe biden of course we've had more reaction today from president elect biden christensen to me and. i'm wondering if he said anything about whether president trump should be removed from office as the democrats nancy pelosi are asking for right now has he said anything about it he very specifically did not say anything about whether or not the 25th amendment should be invoked which would put mike pence in charge of the government he in fact told reporters before delivering prepared remarks that he would avoid that topic what he did say is that the attack on the capitol was one of the darkest days in u.s.
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history he called the capital the citadel of justice he said it was an assault on democracy he didn't however spare president criticism or blame for what happened he said it was the result of the culmination of 4 years of disregard for the constitution and the rule of law and he called those who took part in it domestic terrorists what we witnessed yesterday was not the scent it was not disorder it was not protest it was chaos there were protesters. don't dare call them protest they were a riotous mob ensure rections domestic terrors that basic it's that simple and i wish we could say we couldn't see it coming.
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now this was an event to name top officials in the justice department his nominees for that department and by not addressing the issue of the 25th amendment and whether or not any specific charges should be brought against any of the demonstrators i think what we're seeing is a signal from joe biden of a more traditional hands off approach to law and order and law enforcement in the united states president for his part broke norms and raised many eyebrows and caused many complaints because he was very open and calling on the justice department to do certain things to start or stop investigations that benefited him politically the president elect saying that he was going to restore integrity and independence to the justice department with his remarks thank you for that
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christensen no mean i for a say in wilmington delaware. well as you heard from kristen there has been a lot of discussion about invoking the 25th amendment to the constitution to remove president trump from office so what does it exactly entailed well the clause was added to the u.s. constitution in 1967 it clarifies a presidential line of succession and sets out a process fulfilling the vice presidency if that office becomes fake and but it also created a way to remove a sitting president if the vice president and a majority of the cabinet believe coat that the president is unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office the vice president shall immediately assume the powers in duties of the office as acting president that a president can get his authority back by objecting in writing if the vice president and cabinet disagree then congress 3 weeks to discuss and decide the issue speak to a baron about this he's
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a former special impeachment counsel to the u.s. house of representatives is live from washington d.c. via skype thank you very much mr bowden for being with us do you think today. 13 days before the inauguration of joe biden do you think that donald trump is still functioning as the country's commander in chief can the 25th amendment invoked. this may not be a popular view and please understand i hold no brief for president trump i think it's been an unmitigated disaster culminating in what recently happened in the capital but the 25th amendment is very specific it says it raises the question is the president on able to discharge the powers and duties of his office you know it's been invoked before for example when george w. bush had a colonoscopy and would be under sedation for a couple of hours the 25th amendment was invoked the vice president took over the
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position pursuant to the 25th amendment when he came out of. being under. the power of the presidency came back to him. what we're dealing with here. we may hate everything that mr trump has been doing we may object to all of his his policies and he is practices what does that mean he's quote by many will to discharge the powers and duties of his office in my view i don't think that that his misbehavior rises to the level of what the 25th amendment is designed to deal with but what about the fact that that yesterday during yesterday's events it was the vice president mike pence who ordered the national guard to coming to restore order at the capitol building and not president donald trump himself he wasn't. for
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failing his duties and lessee. trump could have ordered the men he wasn't incapacitated if he decided for whatever reason it wasn't appropriate to call them in we can see him and we disagree with that but the question is is it enough to basically remove him from office said it's a very big step i don't think that's what the 25th that the minister posed to do the alternative route is impeachment let's talk about impeachment because because nancy pelosi is threatening impeachment if. vice president mike pence doesn't invoke the 25th amendment but we're only what 13 days to go until. joe biden it's a very tight timeline i would say is it feasible that the democrats are going to but he couldn't think it does not have to be if. we're not trying to use impeachment to remove him from office he's going to be out of there in about 2
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weeks there is a 2nd part to the impeachment provisions in the constitution the 1st part is to remove him from office with 2 weeks to go that's not really the critical issue the 2nd part is to bar him in the future from holding any office under the federal government so all this talk about him running again in the. 24 that would be obliterated if he were to be impeached and he were were to be convicted in the language of the constitution and the penalty penalty would be that he cannot hold any federal office that is more important than removing him for the next 2 weeks if you think that is what the democrats are aiding for. that maybe well they should they certainly should and if the trial of finding it is made after he's left office in a couple of weeks that's fine it's still apply and he went to the bar for example
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running for the presidency. thanks to the other general of thank you so much for clarifying all this for us thank you allan baron former special impeachment counsel to the house of representatives joining us there from washington d.c. we appreciate your time and insight thank you are still ahead on al jazeera rolling up their sleeves so protects their community but is feared coronavirus could soon overwhelm british hospitals and stealing sound why illegal mining is helping to fuel bangladesh's rapid urbanisation but making life impossible for its own. it is raining in texas it's raining in louisiana this low is responsible for
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dragging up the more from the south but of course it's winter so that rains in southern states you tuck in the cold behind and snow will start to fall in tennessee in virginia west virginia and that will just edge out into the water the next day or so on the california inside the next storm is one to get the last one is just dying done so you have snow or sleet falling in raleigh before temps has come up to near normal by the time he get to sunday in the sunshine returns it's generally quiet weather during the weekend with temps on the low side and he said he knew used to subzero in minneapolis but not excessively so still snow falling in the cascades and in the rockies but not much in the sun replacing it quite happily but you tend to kick up the showers in the bahamas in cuba and or down to hold jurists and guatemala when these frontal systems come out of the u.s. so that will happen almost friday and on saturday the whole process moving slowly eastwards in honduras and the quite a few showers running through the wind without bob as i've been focusing on but it's not so large that is when you also see some big shots and we might just get
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the flash flooding again in parts of bolivia opara why was some pretty big showers on friday. for. the hillbilly harmless caricature or a malicious label denying the people the culture to justify the exploitation of the natural resources that the batting haka thing as successful that even people in the region believe that your type then becomes dangerous it's only a region of trash so. why not trash it what's in a name hillbilly to witness documentary on al-jazeera. the in the. the.
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you're watching al-jazeera live from doha a reminder of our top stories the u.s. house speaker nancy pelosi has joined growing calls for donald trump's removal from office a day after the president's supporters stormed capitol hill close allies such as republican senator lindsey graham have also criticize his handling of the crisis meanwhile the u.s. president elect has described trump supporters used on capitol hill as domestic terrorists joe biden has accused the outgoing president of unleashing an all out attack on the country's democratic institutions and the white house press secretary haiti mcinerney has condemned the violence at the u.s. capitol building speaking on behalf of the entire white house and president trump she called the violence appalling and reprehensible.
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the corona virus pandemic now and then more people in u.s. hospitals with covert 1000 than at any other time during the pandemic over 132000 people are being treated the country recorded its worse ever daily death toll on wednesday with more than 3800 fatalities critics say people aren't being vaccinated fast enough because of a lack of direction from the government the state of california remains the epi center where officials say on average there's a new death every 15 minutes in the u.k. meanwhile for the 2nd day in a row the number of covered 1000 deaths has passed 1000 health service leaders are now warning that london's hospitals could become overwhelmed within days john a whole reports. britain's vaccine rollout isn't going entirely to plan at one local doctor's practice in central london supplies of the newly approved oxford
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astra zeneca jab hadn't arrived as expected or quickly the health secretary was there to oversee distribution now we can make sure that it gets to all those g.p. surgeries like this one can do all the vaccinations that need it now the rate limiting step is the supply of vaccine and we're working with the companies both pfizer and of course astra zeneca to increase supply and supply is proving a problem since december 1 and a half 1000000 people have received either the pfizer or astra zeneca jab most with only a single dose so far the 2nd delayed in the hope that more can receive a 1st dose more quickly it's a life saving strategy said mr hancock if not one supported by the drug manufacturers or the world health organization it'll make me feel most comfortable going out to the shops or shopping things which i had you know. because.
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it shows i can say i'm. mixing with people. the government is a long way from injecting 2000000 people a week required to meet its target of 13900000 of the elderly and most vulnerable by mid february this is a national challenge on the scale like nothing we've seen before and it really work quietly and i'm precedented national effort and of course there will be difficulties. appointments will be changed but those begin to process shortly explain the army is working hand in glove with the n.h.s. and local councils to set up our vaccine network and using battle preparation techniques to help us keep up the pace all the while covert 19 and its more infectious variant are running rampant and h.s. leaders have warned that london hospitals in particular could be overwhelmed within days short of thousands of critical care beds by mid january there is
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a national lockdown in place but this is a clear race now fire us versus vaccine jonah how al-jazeera. a 2nd state of emergency will come into effect until kill on friday the monthlong restrictions are the latest attempt by the government to get corona virus under control ahead of july's and then big games at ascot hide the reports some experts say the measures don't go far enough. a 2nd state of emergency since april japan's announced at the tokyo metropolitan area some 35000000 people will face tougher restrictions to stem a surge in covert 1000 cases numbers are 10 times higher than in the spring starting friday in tokyo and 3 neighboring prefectures restaurants and bars will close at 8 pm and people will be asked to stay home other businesses will have to trim their hours companies are encouraged to have employees work from home schools will remain open for now on like the last state of emergency over all these new
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restrictions are more relaxed than april this noodle restaurant has been in june nunca ney's family for 26 years now she has to close at her usual peak time of the after work crowd. and mind that we do as many if we open it costs money even to such the lights on i will have to see what happens and think about continuing to operate at night there were strict since will run through february 7th but some medical experts say they are not severe enough to substantially reduce the numbers and there's growing concern that the health care system could be overwhelmed tokyo has borne the brunt of a 3rd wave of coronavirus that hit japan accounting for about half of all the cases over the last several weeks of the new cases most are people in their twenty's with the reschedule lympics just months away prime minister your she he day suga had hopes to ride the balance of curbing the outbreak while still keeping an ailing japanese economy the 3rd largest in the world but his approval rating has been bettered by his government's covert 1000 response in order to enhance the economy
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economy particularly service sector particularly in areas like you know travelling . and hotels and restaurants. i think the government had been pushing a little bit too early a little bit too much and i think people realized they were guessing back into a bit of the dark title used to get the 1st wave of pandemic. so it might take a bit more than cheerleaders at a tokyo train station to lift the spirits at the start of what would be a long month for many schuyler al-jazeera aircraft manufacturer boeing is to pay 2 point $5000000000.00 to settle a criminal charge that it conceals design flaws in his 737 max plane from u.s. regulators the settlement includes money for the families of victims of $2.00 crashes in indonesia and ethiopia that killed $346.00 people and grounded feats worldwide the u.s. justice department says affirming gage in a cover up and chose profit over
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a candidate about to bangladesh where a growing demand for concrete has created an illicit trade in sand illegal miners are digging up river beds and in the process stealing land and redirecting entire rivers stand their charter reports from seattle gaunt it's making life impossible for fondness. right michael klim say is the german army very used to flow through where she is now standing and she and her family could farm here before but now it's full of illegally extracted sent her husband drives a rickshaw car to make a living and the struggle to support their family of 6 they illegally took away all the sand from the riverbed using trucks after dredging and creating a sinkhole which makes the river and stable all this is now destroying our homes and farms in the area. they extract and sand is also used to fill in wetlands that
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people then lead plane to uncontrolled and mostly illegals and extraction from river beds for construction and land fillings are killing rivers and farmlands across bangladesh rock gold as the sand lifters call it does not cost them much to extract but such as good money. villagers have held protests in recent days against dredging in the. sometimes illegal sand mining is carried out with support from elected officials of the roman comfort in the war of independence against pakistan in 1971 he says he's losing ancestral land because of the german river been grabbed by local authorities. the aman not go away i've got the order that they are illegally dredging our land to make a new way for the ignoring a high court decision they're grabbing our answers from land by force we don't bring any compensation to the villages. bangladesh department of environment did not reply to algiers address request for an interview and vironment lawyer say wake
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regulation and lack of law enforcement is partly to blame so my needs largely. what we legal framework we have that is not followed either in leasing notice and my already in mourning today in that. as a result we are losing many streams of reverse sand mining and the heavy machinery used in extraction are changing the course of rivers and eroding them over they are destroying our rice field by dumping the sand in our farmland we are requesting compensation from the prime minister for the damage it's our ancestral land we have all the documents to prove it one percent of agricultural land in bangladesh is disappearing every year because of this fast growing economy and rapid i've been a zation according to the are going development foundation see you d.
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and the un's environment agency say is the global demand for sand and gravel up between 40000000000 and 50000000000 tons a year is an emerging crisis for the world with the constant depletion of farmland and the rising river russians many here say bangladesh will face a major challenge in the future in growing the food it will meet 200 children i'll just jump on our riverbank should ajah grunge. play again i'm fully back to go with the headlines on al-jazeera u.s. house speaker nancy pelosi has joined growing calls for. remove all from office a day after his supporters stormed capitol hill such as republican senator lindsey graham have also criticized the president.


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