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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  January 8, 2021 9:00pm-10:01pm +03

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missions for the rest of the world we meet with global newsmakers and talk about the stories that matter on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. they're watching the news hour live from a headquarters in doha in derry you know bill gates are coming up in the next 60 minutes calling donald trump an unhinged president's house speaker nancy pelosi os the top general how to prevent them from initiating military actions or any nuclear strike. my focus now turns to ensuring a smooth orderly and seamless transition of power donald trump finally acknowledges the imminent end of his presidency as pressure grows for him to be impeached.
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president elect joe biden says he'll release most available cover 1000 vaccine doses to speed delivery amid criticism distribution as well behind targets. what stops ultimatum to users agree to share personal data with its owner facebook or lose your accounts. and it's full of a polls english f.a. cup tie against aston villa is set to go ahead to friday's much is on despite a significant coverage 19 outbreak. welcome to the news hour the top democratic leader in the u.s. congress nancy pelosi says she's spoken to the senior most military leader about how to stop donald trump from ordering any military action in his final days in office and demo. that say their efforts to impeach the president over his
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supporters storming of the capitol are now gathering momentum well the took trump over 24 hours to condemn the mob action but soon he was back on twitter valuing to continue to give what he called a giant voice to his supporters also announcing this take a look that he would not be attending president elect joe biden's inauguration on january 20th we have 2 correspondents standing by alan fisher is at the white house but 1st let's bring in john hendren joining us from capitol hill to just update us on the house speaker nancy pelosi because she seems to be taking steps to restrain trump. that's right she called the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff mark milley and asked him what could be done to stop an unstable president of the waning days of administration from waging a military conflict including nuclear war that's perhaps the 1st time that's ever
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happened here in the united states and the answer is probably very little that's why they have the 25th amendment which allows members of the president's cabinet to remove him if they find he's on stable for some reason there's also an unpassed bill that would allow doctors to assess the president's mental and physical fitness to determine whether he should be removed from office meanwhile the democrats are talking about going ahead with impeachment. he spoke to members of her caucus in a phone meeting earlier and she said whether it is through impeachment or through forcing the president to resign with the threat of impeachment said it would be good if he were removed she went on to say that the commander in chief would incite insurrection that would call upon people to desecrate this temple of democracy in doing so he has made it clear that he has unfit to be president suppose he is definitely pursuing impeachment it looks like a lot of democrats are in agreement with her on that there are
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a few republicans who have said that they would consider doing that this would be the 1st time anyone has been impeached twice as the president of the united states now to actually remove him that would require 2 thirds vote in both houses of congress and that would be a higher bar but meanwhile here on capitol hill you have the continuing devastation of the capitol people are cleaning it up and they're still broken glass and broken windows and doors and it's really caused people to look into what happened here why there was. such a weak police response and what happened this is the story we put together take a look. washington's mayor calls it an invasion of the citadel of american democracy by hostile forces what happened yesterday is textbook terrorism. but that's not how the thousands of protesters who attacked the u.s.
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capitol were treated. when black lives matter came to town last summer this is how peaceful protesters in front of the white house were greeted. with tear gas. flash bang grenades and rubber bullets police in riot gear on the steps of the lincoln memorial when president donald trump on wednesday urged a crowd of thousands to march to the capitol to demand that congress overturn his election laws we're going to the capitol. trespassers some carrying weapons broke into the capitol along it was in session smashing doors and windows invading the office of house speaker nancy pelosi and stealing left ups. capitol hill police retreated as the intruders took over unchallenged. kristen thomas used to work in the senate and she participated in washington's black lives
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matter protests this isn't a black lives matter protests are the best to be that they would be in jail the worst be that they would be dead and that is the reality of the situation certainly would not have been able to go to their hotels certainly would not have been able to go back to their home states security forces did shoot one woman to death as an armed group broke in 3 others died of medical emergencies while the rest of the invaders continued on their rampage they broke in any where they could leaving rubble on the ground some walked around freely for hours and then when it was all over simply walked out. some protesters were escorted out furious at police. but. there was tear gas and flash bangs but relatively few arrests $68.00 in all 7 for carrying illegal firearms and other weapons the rest for curfew an unlawful entry violations there were $427.00 over 3 days of
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black lives matter protests in washington that directly again between whites from his organization. that's a one in the same breaks the reason why you the reason why you don't see the police in sas what they did yesterday was because that was their family storming the capitol when it was all over after his successor pleaded with him to speak up i call on president trump to go on national television the current president praised those who attacked the capitol go home we love you he said they should go home not jail home and after a 4 hour siege in the united states symbol of democracy that is what most of them were allowed to do. and john now we know that a police officer has died from his injuries in the aftermath of the capital riots. that's right the stakes have really increased in this case on the day of the
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takeover of congress there was the shooting of one woman who was among the rioters there were 3 other people who also died that day of medical emergencies one of them fell off the scaffolding another had a heart attack and it is those deaths that is really driving the call for removing trump from office the impeachment inquiry is one in which nancy pelosi has brought up the subject of the deaths of not just these office this officer but other people as well as all this unfolds that there will be investigations into the capitol hill police force why support was not brought in time why the national guard wasn't deployed earlier as you saw in that story there were a lot more police who were visibly around the capital than elsewhere during the black lives matter protests over the past summer so there will be definitely be investigations of that and one of the concerns is that on social media
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a number of supporters of the president are starting to call january 20th the inauguration day of joe biden insurrection day police want to prevent an event like this from happening again yeah right john 100 thank you for reporting from the capitol hill and speaking of social media let's bring in alan fischer he's joining us from the white house because we have heard from the president's on twitter alan . that's right he said he's not going to go to the inauguration many people expected this there are reports at the beginning of the week that in fact there was going to be a flight on a military 737 that's normally court for air force one to press work in scotland so we thought that donald trump was going to head to his golf course there on the west coast to play some golf on the 19th of january the day before inauguration remember he remains president of the united states till 11 59 am on the 20th of january there's been some criticism of his decision not to go saying that this is not this
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the handover of democracy they promised in his video on thursday the trump campaign team the trump war room tweeted out that 70 democrats boycotted the inauguration of donald trump and 2017 that is true but none of them were the president you remember that hillary clinton was there she was the defeated candidate in 2016 and the former 1st lady a bill clinton they were there along with president george w. bush but it seems that donald trump doesn't want to go this time around this only happened 3 times before in history as much as donald trump likes to be the 1st president to do something he won't be the 1st to not attend the inauguration of his successor as i say it's happened 3 times in the past but the last time 111869 that's when andrew johnson lost the election to ulysses s. grant what is interesting is that johnson had been impeached by congress the same as donald trump so decided not to go because of the and now and there are reports
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that the president is looking to pardon himself can he actually do not. well that's a very good legal question that me well high actually go all the way to the supreme court to be decided donald trump has been talking about self pardoning since this summer pardoning not just himself but others around him there are a few problems of that 1st of all he have course has used to fight the department of justice in the 1970 s. issued a memo around the time of richard nixon saying that no president can be charged with any offense while a set of being in office and he said only use that and we know that william barr his attorney general used that when the miller report came out remember there were allegations there of obstruction of justice but bill barr invoked that memo said we can't use you can't be charged because we have this standing principle at the department of justice what is interesting is the other part of that memo which
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isn't quoted a great deal says that no president can be a judge on their own case essentially the president can give himself a pardon donald trump likes to ignore that part of it doesn't quote that terribly often there are legal issues if you want to pardon yourself you have to define what the crime you've committed is is donald trump ready to do that not entirely sure he's keen on that idea and not only that if you pardon yourself you are admitting guilt. so can he do it he probably can will he do it people suspect that that is more than likely to happen will he get away with it there's a big question over the legality of it and that will probably lead to legal challenges of donald trump does that on the way the door on the 19th or 20th of january a new job will end up in the supreme court it will be then to decide but speaking to a number of legal scholars over the last 2448 hours they think it's highly unlikely
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that the president can pardon them self otherwise what's to stop future presidents committing crimes knowing they can simply walk away. we at the end of their time ok thank you so much alan fischer reporting from the white house let's bring in matt on the side of his al-jazeera senior political analyst joining us from doha so much i want to you wrote this in your opinion piece on the al-jazeera website you argue that the u.s. president has just killed his chance for a political comeback that's right you know this is one of the rare times in the history of democracies where where the most essential rule is the separation of powers and there are 3 powers in the united states and congress and the white houses are 2 of them and the fact that the president basically incite to. violence and asked his mob supporters to march on congress was certainly
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a violation of the constitution of the separation of powers and that's why now when days we're talking about the beach front and so on and so forth so in so many ways while over the last 4 years he dumped and they attacked and he humiliated even members of congress and even criticize members of the supreme court but this is the 1st time he really overplayed his hand this is the 1st time he really screwed up big lee he just went on incited violence against another branch of government and that is undemocratic unconstitutional and in some ways impeachable and obviously as nancy pelosi is very worried about what he may do over the next 12 days she's trying to do something to restrain him by speaking to military generals but there are some people who are saying look he just has 12 days left in his presidency let's not go down the impeachment route let's not go down the 25th amendment rights what do you say to that. well yeah i mean you know i think the time is is
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short and i think what we're hearing in our days and we have the advantage of being outside the united states of really looking at what is politics and what this policy and i tell you a lot of what we hear nowadays is. a little bit this policy and clearly the democrats and many in the liberal media and others you know have lots to be vengeful about when it comes down trump or even 8 to them repeatedly so you know as we've heard almost like almost in a joke type you know if you can't trust the guy with his twitter account how can you trust him with the nuclear codes and you know when you think about it it's actually unfortunately so but english true you know when he is blocked from twitter to it and he's the president of united states good you really be just a guy with the nuclear codes but look as i said this is really more politics than it is policy he does have better little time and yes and this is amazing there you
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know they say for every situation there is a trump tweet and back then and i think it was in 2012 when obama wasn't doing that great in the polls. trump tweeted look obama now is going to go on i don't want to attack iran in order to ramp up his popularity and sit himself so if he thinks that way about other presidents you know what we think he might think of the same thing for themselves and that's why a lot of people would expect him to do something like that over the couple of months but now i think he's crippled politically he's humiliated as i said he beat his hand and now he's probably going to be pursued in so many different ways. in the next 10 days as well as in the next i would say 10 years you know an interesting we might want to bring up iran i mean we did hear from the president of iran husain her honey speaking out against the capitol hill riots when they took
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place not only iran in fact we heard from the u.k. prime minister we heard from countries like russia how does this actually impact the events of the past few days impact the u.s. reputation around the world and its ability to go into countries and push for a democracy. that was a very important question and it's funny important question for they might consume sounds in fact i ask because they are the ones who've you know nominated themselves preachers of democracy around the world human rights you know the pursuit of democracy the expansion of democracy as it was called during the clinton administration and now would people from around the world look and see what's happening they ask the question is america an exemplary powered democracy or should it really be more modest the next time it talks about these things i would say the following one. and this is you know perhaps maybe more of my personal
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analysis is that you know general analysis i think it's been exaggerated but have the united states i think the united states democracy is not under threat it is not on the stage and we're not seeing the end of american democracy i think there's a lot of humbug yes we there was a major problem this week yes the american president has big his hand perhaps more than he did over the past 4 years but american democracy is safe and sound yes we are seeing more images of more people that we don't like that they are perhaps even dangerous they are racists but look democracy doesn't make people better people democracy makes makes us better citizens not but there are people you know the american people and the english and the french are not but that people because they have democracies and in fact many moral codes are better than many french that's beside the point democracies make for but they're citizens and we expect. just as
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we saw some 160000000 americans vote rather peacefully we saw 16000 maybe at best demonstrate that no washington but american democracy is safe and sound i think it will continue to be so and that's why the likes of boris johnson the likes of present mccrone and merkel and others are worried because america does set an example even for them and it empowers their own democracies and when when trump wins it's its is the right the core right it's the racists in europe and other democracies that when and when you lose is they lose so this is all important to connect together for america to continue to be a strong democracy by the way that doesn't mean it has a sound foreign policy again right democrats don't mean good foreign policy these are not necessarily what in the same thing but for the last you know a bit of it is we are now seeing how democracy can defend itself we're seeing congress act we're seeing the judiciary act then we're seeing
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a new president come in and clean up parts are right some are on his side i thank you so much for joining us from doha plenty more head on the officer in his hour including an intern is encourage cling to the bali bombings that killed more than $200.00 people is freed from prison. in sport australia's former cricket captain is back at the top of his game and he is here with that story a little later. but 1st the u.s. now has more people hospitalized with corona virus than at any other time during the pandemic and thursday marked the 1st time the country recorded more than 4000 daily deaths california remains the epicenter besides the surge in cases and deaths the government is also facing criticism for the pace of vaccine delivery which is well behind targets let's bring in andy gallagher he's joining us from miami florida because that the president elect and he we understand is promising
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a new approach to the vaccine delivery what's biden been saying. oh well 1st you don't say what the top administration this plan is they sent about 20000000 vaccines out for those people high risk and they kept 20000000 vaccines back for those 2nd doses because remember but pfizer both required 2 doses 21 days apart now what the president elect is saying is let's drop that and get everything out there so in other words about 40000000 vaccines out into the country but that does carry some risks firstly it goes against the food and drug administration's guidelines because they say if you send everything out all at once and there isn't production to back that up you may well a different situation where people only get one vaccine and then a waiting too long for the next one to be effective but. the president elect says he will come out with more details next week there are some reports that will put
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a defense act into place to up that production but i think it is a signal that both approaches both from the top administration and the biden ministration in the future both need to speed up because at the moment about 5000000 people are being vaccinated and of course the chump administration promised that. was going to be 20000000 by the end of 2020 and here we are on thursday with the a desk count shattering all records with more than 4000 people succumbing to this deadly virus all right andy gallagher reporting from miami thank you. let's discuss this with dr bob arnot he's a former chief medical correspondent at n.b.c. news he's joining us from stowe in vermont thanks very much for your time with us on al jazeera let's look at by the strategy for a moment so what he's doing is he's promising a new approach and aiming to release every available vaccine dose and that is a break from the trumpet ministration strategy of holding back half of vaccines is this a good idea or is it a gamble going forward if the companies that make these mega vaccines say it's not
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a good idea there's no prove that if you allow that window between the 1st in 2nd vaccine to grow too long that it's actually effective so it's an interesting approach but but flawed in that there's just no proof from the clinical trials of this of we're at how do you explain the trouble vaccine rollout that we're witnessing in the u.s. . i think part of the dream is a strategy in other words when you look at those who've been most affected that is you know minorities black to stand his example those with chronic medical conditions you would think that they would get vaccinated 1st and said it's a flawed strategy and they're also not going to those places like california that have the worst outbreaks you know the c.d.c. i've been very critical of since the onset here from their use of course of the tests getting the tests and late failing to stem the epidemic early on failure to reach their master had
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a gene it's just another poor strategy in terms of how the vaccines will be ruled out i think it's summer at the earliest before you have enough americans are vaccinated here do able to have anything close to her immunity it will be lots and lots of resistance even by health care providers to get the vaccine and now us. at a critical point 4000 deaths which is another daily record do you think the numbers could be even higher as a result of the holiday period and people moving around. well sure you know it's roughly a 28 day window between a holiday period like christmas and then we do expect younger people to effect over people and for them and then end up in hospital so i think it's the end of january before you see the repercussions of christmas and you know the whole thing is just it's been tragic since the outset i spent years actually reporting for you what different parts of africa as example sleeping sickness leiria any fever and it's just a textbook example of the how not to handle the damage but let's look at what they've
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done wrong 1st of all you know you have the perfect conditions in winter for this part of the virus why we now understand that this virus is not like the 1930 s. where droplet goes out just drops on the floor you're fine with a mask. we now believe that the droplets sit out there for hours and travel through space so no $100000.00 americans day it's as if they're walking into a burning building with no smoke detector because there's virus sitting there it's so the masking and the distancing simply isn't enough next mask a mask he has been beyond terrible the advice of the c.d.c. mass is awful i know they're done by the most you just surgical masks and these clot mass the single air cloth mask may only be 3 percent effective these clots and 95 mass like this one right here you may see around the gulf is caught in 95 substantial quote 97 percent protection we have the president telling people not to
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wear a mask you have governors like the governor of florida discouraging people from using masks you know terrible political interplay here and with the political division and then the number one thing you say is that it is this super spreader phenomenon if you don't get these outbreaks immediately you're gone and that's because one individual in fact may in fact 8 more we had an individual come from france in february by the end of december that one single individual it led 224-5000 infections so it's been a miscalculation always across the board and it isn't clear that biden's going to do much better what about the situation over where you are in vermont because i understand you have the least number of cases there so what's happening over there . well phil scott the governor here showed tremendous political leadership for instance he said he wouldn't get the vaccine to chose his term it is a great individual but every series of cases we've had there's been contact case
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tracy immediately coming in who you been with i actually anybody who's encountered test test test our local schools we actually have a model which is safer at school than home and the new data shows astrue versus them around in napa california those kids doing distance learning have more defections than kids in school why is this huge ring around them they have the mastery the distance see we've improved the air quality and what you see in these c o 2 monitors green yet but they are critically important because they show you how safe are unsafe that we are errors that may be hard to see that reading here but here mark i mean i know the my office here 800 the top number 3 were coming to my op and either us were affected we'd be at risk so i just think it's been a terrible miscalculation with terrible clinical right rhetoric and we you know it's sort of a toxic mix of you know a racism in the right wing vitriolic politics that is just you know created
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a situation we have over $4000.00 deaths a day you know hundreds of thousands of actions and not getting back very sad of our now we wish you well and to stay safe and thank you so much for speaking to us from her moderate when it was the again and. still ahead on the news hour hong kong's residents are left wondering if the opposition can survive amid questions of what is and isn't legal. sports news and then it's had a season takes an unfortunate twist of the house without being open. for. turkey will see the weather change of the next 2 days as this rain gradually moves in from the west with a southerly breeze istanbul 1st for every else in the levant. plants your answer
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iran apart from wondering chance of western societies quiet now those shows have been folks in your own mecca and they'll be there for saturday and sunday though gone by monday otherwise it's dry the bit of a breeze picking up than the gulf there hombre who will get that it's a rather weak shall temp is down about $22.00 not a huge change just a bit of a change. sense of all this what the active weather has been there's been an awful lot of rain recently in the movie and then when talkback january and march are the wet season so much for the movie but we've always had the entire month of rain so far when talked to see yet more build up every day is very surprising the similar stories true botswana citizen bar where malawi are a good part of south africa so when talks showers were taken above the average was ok good too far of further east active weather is to be saved i think it done the look not so hard forecast this one it's heading towards more issues it's not strengthening and it may be
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a very weak storm but it could be overhead on sunday and on monday. a policy imposed decades ago pregnant woman part that she could selectively goods and the boards changing demographics across asia with far reaching consequences are creating a pool of socially disadvantaged young men so you have the system where people at every level will be get being given money money to agree destro zation our money to get other people to be this rotation al-jazeera examines the politics of population control and we're going to have his own talents working in asia and africa there'd be days where i'd be choosing editing my own stories in a refugee camp with no electricity and right now we're confronting some of the greatest challenges that humanity has ever faced and i really believe that the only way we can do that is with compassion and generosity and compromise because of the
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only way we can try to solve any of these problems is together that's why al-jazeera is so important we make those connections. the. hello again to top stories on the al-jazeera news u.s. house speaker nancy pelosi says the nation's top military officer has assured her there are steps in place to prevent donald trump from ordering military or nuclear action democratic leaders say they're prepared to impeach president donald trump over his supporters storming of capitol trump took over 24 hours to condemn the mob but on friday vowed to continue to give a voice to his supporters he's also confirmed he will be
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a lot attend joe biden's inauguration in the u.s. now has more people in hospital with coronavirus than at any other time during the pandemic thursday marked the 1st time the daily death toll crossed 4000 president elect joe biden says he will release more available doses of current are as fact seen when he takes office. the mayor of london is the clearing a major incident over the coronavirus saying the city is a crisis point so the concept is one in 30 londoners is infected and that hospital beds could soon run out the surge is being driven by the more infectious strain of covert 19 the u.k. has reported more than 68000 cases in the past 24 hours and more than 1300 deaths john hall has this update from london. the mayor of london said the car in declaring a major incident essentially a major medical emergency across london's hospitals echoing dire warnings from london's n.h.s. leaders that it's hospitals the hospitals in the capital are simply struggling to
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cope with the infection rate and with record high admissions according to the office for national statistics on friday some one in 30 londoners is currently suffering from the corona virus infection with admission rates taking place at over 800 people per day that is the equivalent of the entire capacity of some thomas' hospital over there one of the major hospitals here in london every single day with a worst case scenario picture being painted that if things continue as they are by the middle of the month within the next week or so there could be a shortage of critical care beds in the several thousands now also on friday the government has introduced brand new entry requirements at the borders into england soon to be expanded across the u.k. in due course a negative coronavirus test required now taken within 72 hours for all people trying to enter the country you may be surprised to hear that that is only
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happening now other countries have been doing this for a long time the government here has long argued that the quarantine system is a much better way of monitoring entry through the borders but such is the desperation to ensure that the south african variant of the virus more virulent perhaps even than the u.k. variant of the virus that is causing so much devastation here to keep that period out that no one is arguing the point anymore. sweden's parliament has passed a law that enables the government to impose stricter measures to fight the current virus legislators can now order the closer a shopping malls and other public facilities people who violate the no rules can face fines sweden has been criticized for measure seen as more lax than its neighbors it has so far avoided a nationwide hard lockdown. in south africa there are concerns the government won't meet its target to vaccinate 2 thirds of the population by the end of the year although the government has secured some vaccines it's though well short of the
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millions of doses needed from his mother has more from johannesburg in this mobile footage hospital workers in the cause aluna told province mourn the death of another colleague to covert 1900 south africa's battling a 2nd wave of the disease so far tens of thousands of healthcare workers have contracted the virus and more than $430.00 have died the need for a vaccine is now more urgent than ever so far the government says it will get 1500000 doses of the astra zeneca vaccine by february this forum were to agree doing that mean. that provision to achieve it immunity and approach would be seen as drawn out of the box in the beginning we think it was for you know a communities and therefore we sort of broadly expressed through this is to do with the issues we're going to south africa expects to get millions more doses of a vaccine by the 2nd quarter of the year to immunize 10 percent of the population
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but that still tens of 1000000 short of what's needed to immunize the majority of all 59000000 south africans. this is despite running trials full for vaccines for months and planning to manufacture millions of doses for pharmaceutical companies professorship there marty has been leading one of the trials at the barack one of the hospital in some way to the notion to talk if you could get this made 67 percent of its population better and of $23.00 to $1.00 unfortunately terrorists with all due respect very naive for the 1st month we need to fix an $850000.00 people per day 7 days a week from a 2nd one to $1.00 with 4 it seems that required 2 doses of vaccine we would need to vaccinate $300000.00 people per day every day of the week and political year for us to get to 67 percent of the population the health care system is already overwhelmed and simply doesn't have the resources to cope with an extensive
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immunization program. coming up with an effective vaccine rollout strategy is not the only challenge for the government according to a survey for the world economic forum conducted in december almost harder for also africans say they won't take over 1000 vaccine a new more in fictious variant of the virus in south africa has raised questions about how effective existing vaccines may be as south africa faces a resurgence of covert 19 that is already exceeding the 1st wave experts a worried about a 3rd and 4th wave especially as vaccines for most of the country appear to be a long way off from al-jazeera johannesburg south africa. international travelers to australia a lobby required to show a negative covert 1000 test before boarding a plane to the country this is part of an effort to stop the spread of a more infectious strain of the virus this is the city of brisbane enters
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a 3 day lockdown 2000000 people have been told not to leave their homes except for essential businesses. the messaging service whatsapp is updating its privacy policies sparking widespread criticism among users the new rules allow the platform to share more user data with its parent company facebook users are being forced to accept the new privacy policy by february 8th to keep access to the app some say they're considering switching to other instant messaging services let's speak to michael veal who's a lecturer and digital rights and regulation at the faculty of law and university a college london he's joining us from london itself thanks for your time with us on al-jazeera so what's behind this move by whatsapp based book at long been seeking to commercialise whatsapp is very successful in terms of international user base particularly in the developing world. they haven't managed to get much money out of it so compared to other face of products it hasn't had
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a lot of data to sell because it's being encrypted and more private than other facebook services and they're looking to commercialize it with linking to the businesses and finding new ways to. let people pay through it and buy buy services and so on and that's really at the core 'd of today's. blurring of business model in the facebook business model even further it doesn't appear to be a grab for advertising data but it does appear to be the death knell for what's up as being a free standing or independent entity so should you be concerned about their data being shared in this way. yes they should because it's really the start of the part of what's app to integrate very closely with facebook services what's up already has many trackers embedded in it and other other data sharing tools. that are in the app not as many as states but messenger but still quite
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a lot and so if users that one's security for their messages they should choose a different app such as signal which whatsapp is actually initially based on which is typically used by by journalists and with of those around the world is actually the same protocol underlying both of them yeah that's what i wanted to like i mean do we expect to see like an exodus from from whatsapp to services other so other platforms are really not such a huge exodus for a few reasons why i said what's up his is really popular in the global south and indeed facebook has been making great inroads in trying to get mobile operators to what's called 0 great whatsapp to allow people to use whatsapp without using their dates or allowance so many people rely on whatsapp for free communication between each other around the world so the company has really locked users in their major user places but we will see i think an exodus in particularly the global north regions where the writing is not so prevalent but maybe not
9:41 pm
a huge one as of yet but what's up is definitely going down an unfortunate path of privacy and users would be wise to abandon it now i would say if they don't want to take that right michael feel we thank you very much president of us from london. thank you the united arab emirates will reopen its air c.n.n. land borders with catherine saturday that's where as has already recruited some flights through saudi airspace with the 1st flight from doha to johannesburg on thursday saudi arabia the u.a.e. behind in egypt agreed this week to restore ties with cats are after a 3 and a half year blockade. benson is an cleric linked to the 2002 bali bombings has been freed from prison abubakar bashir had served 10 years of a 15 year jail term more than 200 people were killed in the attack at the time australia's prime minister said bashir is released as distressing to the families
9:42 pm
of those who died most victims were foreign tourists including $88.00 australians just to washington reports from the president and bogor one of indonesia's most high profile inmates is now a free man abu bakar bashir left the prison after more than a decade behind bars he was serving a 15 year sentence for his role in funding a militant training camp in indonesia's northwest and was given sentence productions for good behavior but for many the name abu bakar bashir is a reminder of the worst bomb attack in indonesia in history more than 200 people died when bombs ripped through bali's tourist district at the hands of the group jemaah islamiya bashir was one of the co-founders of the group and its organizational head at the time of the attacks in 2002 to me was working as a cashier at a popular club in bali it was that i could hardly stand the pain from the buttons i had to hold on to my intestines i was afraid the inside of my stomach would fall
9:43 pm
out her burns have healed but her hearing never recovered and she still feels traumatised to have anybody say he has done his sentence and that's the law but as a victim i feel so angry in australia memorial sites have been built to one of the . killed in the blast 6 of them were eric to hearts friends he was burnt trying to rescue others from the wreckage of a nightclub he says bashir has released is a disappointment he's never regretted it never owned up to it but i thought i could still remains australian prime minister scott morrison says the release is difficult to accept this is very distressing. to the friends and families of of the of the astronomers the idea of a strike into acute in the bali bombings of 2002 i still remember that very vividly like i'm sure many of stratagems do but she has supporters have long
9:44 pm
called for him to be freed because of his age and poor help but the question of his release has always been controversial now with his sentence authorities in indonesia had no choice but to let him go but he will be monitored by police for the rest of his life. security experts say his influence has diminished during his time behind bars this doesn't change the equation. in indonesia and it doesn't suddenly sure there are going to more terrorist acts or that he will do any inciting to terrorists. he often describes himself as just a preacher but for those who survived the bali bombings. will forever be remembered as a symbol of violence jessica washington al-jazeera. a south korean court has ordered japan to pay compensation to $12.00 women use the sex slaves during world war 2 seoul says their treatment amounted to
9:45 pm
a crime against humanity japan's described the ruling as regrettable hands on acceptable robert bribe reports from seoul. the culmination of a case that has gone on for 8 years this was a significant ruling by seoul's district court tomorrow. i feel deeply moved it is the very 1st court ruling in favor of these victims of the japanese. the case was brought on behalf of 12 surviving so-called comfort women or their families young women or girls who were forced to work in wartime brothels by the japanese imperial army during world war 2 the court ruled all had enjoyed unimaginable mental and physical pain and had not been compensated they were each awarded the equivalent of more than $90000.00 u.s. dollars to give woman who can put anything into mortal this could have wider consequences japan prides itself on being
9:46 pm
a civilized country yet it has not addressed this humanitarian issue since this defeat in 1945. japan has refused to recognize this case maintaining it goes against the internationally held norm of sovereign immunity that no nation can prosecute another through its courts. we demand that south korea takes the appropriate response to correct this breach of international law as far as japan is concerned this issue is over it says all matters relating to south korea's wartime suffering were settled by an agreement in 1965 when the 2 countries normalized relations and that a further compensation agreement specifically for the comfort women was signed in 2015 that was meant to settle the matter finally and irreversibly tokyo has been angered by other court rulings in favor of south korean victims of wartime
9:47 pm
forced labor that led to deteriorating diplomatic relations and the trade dispute and this latest ruling looks certain to 1st. this sour relations but for south korea's comfort women in this case represents a form of justice after more than 75 years robert bright al-jazeera so pakistan's prime minister imran khan has accused a group of. demonstrators of blackmail as they continue their refusal to burry coal miners killed by eisel fighters the protesters are blocked a highway with coffins containing the bodies of 11 miners who were abducted from a remote mine in baluchistan province on sunday they're refusing to bury the dead until the prime minister agrees to meet with them to guarantee their safety khan has condemned the attack but urged the victims' families to burry the men. pro-democracy activists in hong kong have accused of trying to silence the people most of the 53 government critics arrested on wednesday have been released on bail
9:48 pm
but their detention has raised fears about whether the territory's opposition can survive and brown reports from hong kong. 2020 was not a good year for hong kong and the start of this one hasn't been much better adding to the gloom the mass arrest of opposition figures many people we approached didn't want to talk about that i'm sorry i'm just i'm sure although this man did. this hong kong is no longer the old hong kong hong kong has changed completely this has never happened before he doesn't care remember why should i be afraid they all deserve to be arrested they wrecked hong kong and even before the arrests the pro-democracy clock in hong kong's parliament had been all but eliminated through disqualification and resignation the question now is whether the opposition can survive. lukin hay is both chairman of the democratic party and
9:49 pm
a district councillor the pro-democracy camp won a landslide in local elections in 2019 he worries that beijing's next move could be against hong kong's lowest tier of government in hong kong where the opposition can survive really depends on the people depend on the hong kong people and i have faith in people as long as we are still here as long as we didn't give up tom you chose me as hong kong sole representative to china's highest political body it passed the new security law which those arrested are accused of violating it is a huge legal. illegal the really believe they wanted to overthrow the government yes by not i think the society was able and peaceful. in the coming. because everybody you know that you have to nestle security if the arrest of so
9:50 pm
many opposition figures what happened this time a year ago that almost certainly there would have been protests but for now demonstrations are effectively outlawed with the authorities now intent on stamping out even the faintest signs of dissent human rights lawyer mark daly is a friend of the american solicitor who was among those rounded up. since being freed without charge his arrest left daily shocked former priest when the most peaceful reasonable guys that you're going to going to meet i sit on a committee with him in the last society. and you know it isn't a violent bone in his body. china's influence is also spreading in other ways civil servants must take oaths the tree in full song is a part of china an official priority is now the promotion and protection of national sovereignty as well as security adrian brown al jazeera hong kong still
9:51 pm
had. sports news coming up in the car rally heads the halfway stage in saudi arabia and he will be here in just a moment. oh
9:52 pm
. hello again time for this question is with andy thank you so much during a little falls f.a. cup tie against aston villa will go ahead due to kickoff in about an hour's time that's despite an outbreak of coronavirus within the village same villa have been forced to close their training ground or will select attain largely made up of players from there in the 23 squad southampton's town saturday that's off after
9:53 pm
opponents shrewsbury recorded a high number of positive tests matches the city they're getting ready for their 3rd round game against birmingham man city's manages coronavirus has completely changed the way the club is preparing for matches now we just do think in the day of the game so because every day can change and maybe 4 can change unfortunately in would you have to do is ok do they have an india or 2 or go to a training session and we'll see how many bridges we have. former faith president sepp blatter is in a serious but stable condition after being admitted to hospital in switzerland blotters family said the illness isn't life threatening now 84 but it was removed from football's world governing body in 2015 he was banned by thief is ethics committee after a investigations for $2000000.00 payments the former head of european football shelf but cena of the l.a. lakers a lottery to become the 1st n.b.a. champions to visit the white house is 2016 but only after joe biden has taken
9:54 pm
office le bron james is again it's out of the outgoing u.s. president donald trump you know it seems has visited the white house during trump's speaking after this defeat against the sun and certainly spurs le bron blame trump for wednesday's riots at the capitol building. was a prime example of that yesterday and you know if you know or understand there and also you know after seeing what you saw yesterday you. you really need to take a step back could you want to wonder. if those were my car in storming the capitol or what will be an outcome and i think we are not well in portland they mean a lot score $39.00 points including $73.00 points is to lead the trailblazers to win over the minnesota timberwolves poll and setting
9:55 pm
a franchise record with 47 points in the 2nd quarter as they say 135-2117 when the temple's falling to their 6th straight loss. what our 2nd group came in 2nd quarter and really. look at that are you know on the difference of being. rebranded were what was moving around and i thought that was when we really created in. you know pretty much sustained. you know for the rest of the world south african long jump start when younger has been hit with a ban on younger has been provisionally suspended for failing to provide accurate and up to date details of his whereabouts thus to ensure he complies with anti doping rules he is one of the favorites to win gold at the tokyo olympics could now face a 2 year ban well steve smith starts for australia with a century on day 2 of the 3rd test against india in sydney the former captain adding 130 wants and the run of 8 tests without reaching 3 figures the home side
9:56 pm
dismissed for 338 after a bit of a late sort of collapse in response india $96.00 foot save at the close. i read a lot of things as i think i've said numerous times and many people said i was out of form so as not. i guess come back in the form if that's what you want to call it . now it was only about 3 or 4 weeks ago i think us go to hundreds of the us a.j. so yeah it kind of just makes me laugh sometimes when people say that kind of things missed out in 1st 2 test matches obviously and come back today. and scored some runs and help i guess put as you know a day simple solution defending australian open champion sphere can and is through to the 3rd round of the abu dhabi open the american advancing after her opponent's christian flipkens engendering called during this match the belgian was one set up but was trying 54 in the 2nd when she went down injured 10 and will next by 13 see
9:57 pm
you know peace and savor. on sugar also through surround 3 the fighting back from a set down suite katherina on the raincoat 57662 she will be hoping to see even better than her performance last year in australia when she became the 1st arab woman to reach the quarter finals of a grand slam. as of about a hands that's a one size retained his dakar rallied at the hof waypoints of the race in saudi arabia petter hansell as one 3rd seen back out cycles on bikes and in cars the frenchman finishing 4th thin friday 6th age that was won by defending champ car science of spain at once was closest rival of the moment says nasser alex here of cat so he was 3rd and cut the leaders overall advantage to less than 6 minutes going in syria saturday's well deserved rest day. i came all sport from a little lighter up that is it an outdoor thank you so much andy and thanks for watching the news our knowledge is there will hand you over to our times of london and merriam ozzy's with you in
9:58 pm
a moment with much more news right here on al-jazeera thanks for watching. discovered kazakstan that as a new strategic location at the crossroads of europe and asia. develop and grow your business. in the leading logistics trade and business hub. in 1st in a country with a great business climate robust legal system tax regime and advantageous investment incentives employ
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a well educated highly skilled and multi-lingual workforce. by investing in kazakstan you invest in the largest economy of the region where the growth and prosperity of your business will always be our key priority. invest in kazakstan seize the best opportunities in the heart of eurasia. they join one of the world's most notorious groups. but found a way out rebuild their lives and now it's. a tale of course recruitment child soldiers and they have brief exploitation of women daughters of. part of the radicalized. on al-jazeera. on gather the costs can the world bounce back from the worst economic contraction
10:00 pm
since world war 2 and the rich nation the scorn of the vaccine market what kind of recovery can we expect without the world's poorest driver sets the stage for economic don't count. on al jazeera. pressure builds for donald trump to be removed from office he's promised a smooth transition of power but says he won't attend joe biden's inauguration well house speaker nancy pelosi says the president is on the hinged and moves to block him from any major military decisions of. a low i maryam namazie and london you're watching al-jazeera also coming up on the program coronavirus cases overwhelm london's hospital beds the mayor declares.


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