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tv   The Politics Of Population Control  Al Jazeera  January 11, 2021 9:00am-10:01am +03

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routines of cultures across the world around us and no matter when you cool hand luke least in the news and current affairs that matter to you. the united states is moving to designate yemen's who the rebels as a foreign terror group. blown down jordan this is our 0 live from doha are also coming up remove donald trump all we will house speaker nancy pelosi plans a resolution urging his dismissal failing which democrats would push to impeach the u.s. president. one year since china reported its 1st coronavirus death a growing outbreak near the capital prompts new restrictions. and no signs of survivors and no word yet on what caused down in the nation passenger plane with 62
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people on board to crash into the sea. we begin with breaking news the united states is moving to designate yemen's who the rebels as a foreign terror group the secretary of state might compare also says the state department will designate 3 who the leaders as quote terrorists officially called ansar al are the iranian backed force controls large parts of yemen and its capital a u.s. backed saudi led coalition has been fighting it since 2015 who the rebels are accused of launching attacks against civilian targets in saudi arabia and targeting major oil facilities. well my pompei also says these designations will provide additional tools to confront terrorist activity and terrorism by. a deadly iran bat's militia group in the gulf region the designations are intended to hold. accountable for its
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terrorist acts including cross border attacks threatening civilian populations infrastructure and commercial shipping well earlier we spoke with hussein alba a pro who the journalist from the yemeni capital sana'a he says the designation will have a major effect on the ongoing peace talks. i was expecting this to have been there like a many many months ago because. they have u.s. policy in the region and they the united states would like that and they will build them in a terrorist organization this action will actually undermine the dispose us but to be honest this is actually will be in favor of the military wing of. the holy see because for the last 6 years the peace process actually hasn't done anything it is even here and somehow they are blaming mr griffith. to be biased
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towards saudi arabia that he's not actually trying to bring peace into yemen and this is all this latest decision will have actually at that effect on saudi arabia because if you are not told can we see if there is no peace process this mean military. action will be the only answer to to lift the blockade in yemen. to stop the world so i think this decision actually it could stop the war faster than the peace process because then the military when getting from will be the one who has the upper hand to stop the blockade against them and by striking the inside i think the major effect and all the effect it will be in the humanitarian situation because the designation. one important group in yemen or in the conflict in yemen as a terrorist organization this will undermine the peace process and that this wasn't
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just one house on the humanitarian situation on yemen but on the other hand. this will actually increase the choice of military action to stop all that. one cabal and is the director of policy analysis of the arab center for research and policy studies he explained why the outgoing come from an expression is making this decision now. i think it's very significant but we have been expecting to also for some time now because this is part of the maximum pressure they were says trying to put on iran and its allies before it leaves office i think this is probably the last chance that some but mr sharon has in order to do that because we all know that will be out of the white house by the 20th of this of this month is significant because. 'd it might lead to undermining
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any future peace talks because if you does it need someone as a terrorist organization you won't be able to negotiate any more with them so this is something that the united nations has been very consistent on. taking into account the peace process that is going on right now between him and the auspices of the united nations although i mean sometimes we are seeing that this peace process is not actually making any progress nevertheless. this might be a very important role to any peace officer led by the united nations in that how things are holding them and right now although i mean nobody actually recognize them as a government of yemen but they are very important party to the conflict so if you don't talk to the hotels how are you going to make peace in yemen it's not actually that there will be no peace. as long as you dismiss them as a terrorist organization we all know actually that iran is arming the whities and supporting counties we've been actually we know this for for many years like now and because of the iranian support to what is have been able actually to to take
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over power in in sana'a but on the other hand as i said earlier this is not this this is this is going to be a very major blow to any peace officer in yemen you can't actually as you said earlier talk to a halt these anymore now if you look nice them as an organization so it's very much like you are killing any attempt was bs in yemen. the push to make donald trump accountable for the riots of the u.s. capitol is gathering pace u.s. house speaker nancy pelosi says she will go ahead with impeachment proceedings against trump unless the vice president mike pence takes measures to remove him from office the 25th amendment allows pence and the cabinet to declare the president unfit to carry out his duties and new video emerging from wednesday's attack makes those calls for accountability even more urgent but to go home reports now from washington d.c. . this video obtained by the washington post shows just how few police officers
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there were to keep rioters some armed with restraints and weapons from getting to members of congress or the. members say when they were trying to get out the last available exit there were only 3 officers holding the line trying to give them enough time to escape when they stepped aside as a window was broken a writer was shot by the representatives and their staff escaped this video was captured by a reporter for the huffington post rioters looking for the senate he says if they had turned right they would have entered the chambers with senators inside this lone capitol police officer directed them away from it and up the stairs instead but not everyone was this confused one congressman says there is evidence some had planned their attack there is a ma. this is an awesome guy but never going to do it but this is by the office. to the office. easily and well usually i must say.
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it was in my office they were had all the furniture and stuff at the door and there were people trying to get we're going to the capitol and the president directed these followers to march on the capitol he told them the election was stolen and now democrats say he should pay for inciting an insurrection they're moving to impeach him within days our main priority is to ensure the removal of dollars of president of the united full every minute and every hour of that office represent clear and present danger not just to. congress but frankly to country but not all republicans are onboard some using the same reason in that they did after the president was impeached the 1st time i my personal view is that the president touched the hot stove on wednesday and as unlikely to touch it again many say an impeachment will only divide the. further but some argue it's necessary for the long term health of the country until the united states starts. to hold those who
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both participated physically in the actions but also incited the actions and. until we see accountability for all of that and a renewed commitment among republicans. i'm afraid we should expect that this is only the beginning of the rise of prism and perhaps even. it's unclear if legally the senate can hold an impeachment trial for a president who has already left office the courts will likely have to decide that but it does seem likely that in the coming days the house of representatives will make sure that donald trump is the only u.s. president to have been impeached twice to call him el jazeera at the capitol hill house speaker nancy pelosi says all options are on the table as long as trump is punished well i like the 5 5th amendment because it gets rid of him he's out of office but there is strong support in the congress for impeaching the president
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a 2nd time this president is guilty of inciting insurrection insurrection and he has to pay a price for that. but at least 25 domestic terrorism cases have been opened following those riots that's according to the army secretary brian mccarthy 5 people died when trump supporters stormed the building attempting to overturn the results of november's election the most senior democratic senator chuck schumer has warned there could be further violence particularly around joe biden's inauguration but he's my counter now wrapping up all those developments from washington d.c. . the speaker of the house nancy pelosi has sent a letter to lawmakers outlining what will be happening over the next few days or what she wants to happen firstly she wants a motion passed in the house monday by unanimous consent that means there is no vote and that it means that the entire house agrees now this motion would call on
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the vice president mike pence to invoke the 25th amendment and remove president trump from office in order to do those pence has to convene his cabinet and get a vote of 2 thirds of cabinet members saying that president trump is incapable of carrying out the duties of office pelosi says that if this does not happen by unanimous consent on tuesday she will convene a formal vote calling on pens to invoke the 25th amendment and then if he does not within 24 hours she says the process of impeachment will begin immediately so she in visions in preachment process taking place sometime during the week now an important note as well is that if the house does vote to impeach president trump the house speaker can hold on to the articles of impeachment for an indefinite period of time before sending it to the senate for trial so if trump is impeached
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by the house it could be a long period of time before the articles go to the senate for a formal trial process now they are only going fears about the possibility of further. island's warning coming from the mayor of d.c. . who sent a letter to the department of homeland security asking for them to ensure that the proper preparations put in place she's ossie acting secretary to immediately rescind open mission for any demonstrations over the next 10 days so certainly there are many feel is still about the possibility of the violence now the department of defense has confirmed that it is investigating at least $25.00 cases of domestic terrorism the defense department involved because it controls the deployment of the national guard who were involved on occasion during wednesday's
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events and justice department says it has a rested a further 2 individuals in connection with what happened at the capital dozens have now been arrested in the events of wednesday. search and rescue teams in trying to locate the black boxes of the passenger plane that crashed with 62 on board on saturday the devices are expected to shed light on reasons behind the sudden plunge of the plane into the java sea just minutes after takeoff. time for a short break here how does the or when we come back the u.k. races to expand its vaccination program as cases soul will be in one of the new centers. respectable and victory for local favorites in gaza we'll hear how the bombed out airport runway turned racetrack brings a response from the streets residents more on that status.
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the weather's looking pretty quiet across the middle east over the next couple of pieces of cloud just around the caucuses i mean you know georgia has a shiny might just catch a special 2 of light right but nothing much has become just catch a shower or 2 just around the southern end of the red say otherwise it's 6 generate set that temperatures about where they should be $21.00 celsius here in doha a fresh breeze blowing for the gulf over the next day or so while the cool overnight temperatures falling back to around 15 or 16 celsius but it will stay dry and fine try and fight it just around the somalia absolute shower over the ethiopian highlands more lightly the showers just around lake victoria some wetter weather coming into uganda tanzania seeing some big downpours over the next day or 2 in that wet weather stretching rod across the democratic republic of congo still seeing some heavy rains the eastern side of angola eastern parts of namibia still unusually wet in the west
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a weather now diving its way down is the central and eastern parts of south africa will see some showers too into mozambique over the next day or so a chance of some western weather into that eastern side of zimbabwe malawi also looking particular wet over the next couple of days with a possibility of localized flooding. but the last episode in the new series exposed the imperial origins of the drug trade commerce was a good fire compartment was good for commerce of use thanks very much want to go and took its passage from the far east to europe and the united states. the money money money in these mountains is open. drug trafficking politics and power the air and empires and just.
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welcome back if you come out of our top stories here at this hour u.s. house speaker nancy pelosi says she will go ahead with impeachment proceedings against donald trump unless he's removed from office 1st the 25th amendment allows the vice president mike pence to declare donald trump unfit to carry out his duties and oust him from office. the united states is moving to designate yemen's who the rebels as a foreign terror group the sect of state might pompei also says the state department will designate 3 who the leaders as quote terrorists iranian backed force controls large parts of yemen and its capital. of china says world health organization experts will arrive on thursday to investigate the origins of the corona virus
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demick mainland china has reported its highest any count of new infections since july authorities have placed 2 cities and had a province in lockdown to curb the spread before the upcoming chinese new year holiday. and in the u.k. england's chief medical officer has issued a dire warning about the capacity of hospitals to treat the rising number of seriously ill with 900 patients nearly 55000 new infections were reported on sunday the government is opening mass vaccination centers across the country to boost capacity john a whole reports from london. one to 3 shot scratch. every good for done nothing totally painless a little injection of hope is how one doctor described vaccines being administered to the over eighty's at a north london medical practice. a rare outing for many after months of housebound uncertainty some even now anxious about what lies ahead was the
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scene in the morning but now i think i'm ok. when i'm doing the right thing or the wrong thing i don't know but i just want to have myself protected from the deadly virus sorry it was a deep breath in. that so i was going to take a. very well down. thank you. amazing grace. thank you all. for me. these are the beginnings of targeted vaccine rollout at a local level 1st with plans this week to scale up to mass public venues where vaccinating those high risk groups as quickly as possible are basically giving a vaccine about one every minute if not more so we're getting through about 600 up to 600 patients a day with the vaccine supply that we've got n.h.s.
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england has been very reassuring that we're going to continue to get supply and that supply level ramp up we've had you know challenges early on with the confidence that it will come that's now there so if in the supply is ramping up and i've got a good level of confidence it's going to continue to do that sorry have astra zeneca we have pfizer. so these are frozen and we were citizens thought here and we have to ensure that there is then a few days pharmacist steve givens is volunteering his time to help out taking immense care to reconstitute the vaccine concentrate into doses ready for use so it just rests on expiring labor which is 6 hours from when i did the time limits and that was our secrets course we have to make sure that we administer the vaccine within that time if we just want to talk about it's quick it's painless and at this
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local g.p. surgery it's fall asleep efficient and the result well people seem to leave a lot less anxious than when they arrived god bless them all and we spent christmas alone. you know just super careful you see. and i want to keep them alive for a long long time. i'm sorry i'm an emotional person. they've lived in a fog of anxious uncertainty for many months now slowly it's lifting jono whole al-jazeera harringay north london. in europe germany has surpassed 40000 coronavirus dest the chancellor angela merkel says the coming weeks will be the hardest phase of the pandemic germany has recorded the only 2000000 infections so far spain has deployed helicopters to deliver 1000 vaccines after its heaviest snowfall in decades at least 4 people died after a storm filomena blanketed the country with snow the government says it will push
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ahead with plans to deliver 350000 doses of covert $1000.00 vaccines on monday and the seychelles has started vaccinating its people against corona virus is the 1st african country to do so the president wavell one was the 1st to receive china's sign of job all right let's return to our breaking news story now washington moving to designate yemen's who the rebels as a foreign terror group now the country was already one of the poorest countries in the middle east before the war broke out and now it's the largest humanitarian crisis of our time the conflict has killed 233000 people over the last 6 years united nations says nearly 10000000 yemenis are at risk of famine 80 percent of its population needs humanitarian aid and then there's the coronavirus pandemic which is adding strain to an already crippled health care system let's bring in our senior political correspondent analyst marwan bashar he joins us live now from doha
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marwan said the u.s. says it now plans to designate the who these as a foreign terror group does this come as a surprise to you and why now do you think it does come or surprising as far as this group have happened every time over the past 40 years the fact that it's happening some less than 2 weeks before the trumpet mission leaves office that's a bit of a puzzle. but secret that up until you had been baking bombastic misstatements were that it was on their mind or on taiwan china and religion the middle east for some no specific reason because as we all know he's and his president even office within days and whatever get on t.v. says he's giving about the humanitarian situation in yemen and saw support he could not carry out the big question for me is whether this is coordinated with the by the night mr asian or not or the by the team or not and my doubt is that it is not
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because i'm not sure that the by going to name is in any mood for trump who himself . is being accused of inciting terrorism inside iraq sion and cool in washington itself is being. given the green light to designate other groups around the world terrorists so my sense is this is more of a scoring point ok than making a point on foreign policy more or less explain something to our viewers if we can what does it actually mean when the us designates persons organizations as a foreign terror group what does it mean it means unleashing its wrath on that organization and justify basically almost any means possible that gives up on going to him including war and that's what we've seen over the past 5 years when so gary so you have a.b.s. that coalition has initiated
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a war against the how these the took over somehow in what the saudis and their partners specific to be a coup in yemen and so in a sense since then. everyone thought that in fact yemen has been i mean the whole thing is happening this is going to terrorists supported by you know on again at that are supporting states according to the. 'd decision makers in washington so this means that according to some this will complicate the war efforts in yemen this will complicate the peace efforts in yemen i absolutely don't see it that way i see it this is a continuation of more of the same because the house sees are not going to be iraq built this way or the other way of life this is ignition for all practical matter the whole these have been the most severe pressure by washington and it's our lives ok war effort the arming of so allies over the past 5 years marwan what does this
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mean then because many people are asking what this means for the war on the ground if there are no peace talks other hoofy is now free to continue fighting taking territory which none exacerbate what the u.n. has described as the world's worst humanitarian crisis it certainly would and that's why secret that it was guaranteed that you know that the united states has plans in order to any of it whatever humanitarian problems there might be is really is nonsensical because as i said the top is leaving within within 10 days and that will all depend on up biden misfortune by the way i'm not even sure the congress is going to be listening to talk but whether it's this ignat this or that terrorist organization so this will. haps complicate the situation i meant but i don't see it getting more complicated that it's ok would it complicate the diplomatic process. we seeing washington now negotiate with the taliban that
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has long been the same that it's terrorists and terrorist supporting organization but washington is negotiating with it so i'm not sure this is going to reach much in yemen meaghan a final quick thought to before you go what will this mean then for joe biden the new administration in washington you touched on that earlier will they support the designation or could they throw it out today vacate it because of perhaps the wider humanitarian concerns in the country but biden has taken a much more critical position on the war in yemen and critical position on washington for for that war effort in yemen from saudi up by the administration were you supportive of relaxing that tension with iran and ending the war in yemen so i think all in all by they would be taking a different path than trump on the question of yemen or item our mission are al jazeera senior political analyst marwan thank you for your thoughts that's about
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rain says it will reopen its airspace with qatar on monday it comes after gulf arab leaders signed a declaration to end a 3 and a half year dispute between qatar and saudi arabia the u.a.e. butterine and egypt the 4 countries imposed a blockade on qatar back in 2017. north korea's leader has a new title a symbolic vote elected kim jong un as the general secretary of the ruling workers' party although he was already its top leader one person missing from the ceremony was his sister kim you know john we've previously been in charge of relations with the south. one of gaza's biggest sporting events has taken place the annual horse races stage at the airports bombed out runway so many spectators as a chance to escape the realities of israeli occupation sorry force that now explains. the horse racing fans this is garza's premier annual occasion the runway of the territories airport bombed by israel in 20013 years after it opened has
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become literally a wasteland at this event in southern russia still draws a crowd from across the gaza strip. we come here for some fun because of the siege covered 19 and all the other difficulties of life this is an escape from all the bad things and i look forward to it every year. with guys in the grip of a coded 900 crisis putting a further strain on its overburdened health system and resulting in weakened shutdowns and likely curfews the organizers have found themselves defending the decision to press ahead of the open for the race last less than a minute and a half and the airport is a big open area we tried our best to avoid crowding and this event should have taken place at the end of 20202021 so we had to do it after preliminary round 6 entrants had qualified for the final but it at least a nod towards health and safety concerns only 3 were able to run 4 year old local favorite not a wacko born in russia side by race was imported from israel easily outrun the
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competition narrowly evaded the crowds for a clear victory for the winning jockey his moment of triumph but with a keen sense of awareness of everything that's missing now and then. the race track isn't up to standard sometimes the horses as you see there are no responsible organizers lots of people lots of disorder no prizes for the winner we want to be able to travel abroad and take part in international races but because of the siege we can't garza has a long tradition of a question is i'm riders here compare themselves fate. gridley to their counterparts in the occupied west bank it's not uncommon for wealthy enthusiastic to import european horses with tens of thousands of dollars to contrast with gaza's ruined economy where more than a 1000000 live below the poverty line is stark and it's reflected every year the images of the sport's biggest day are a force that al-jazeera. over news of course on our web site there it is on your
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screen the address al-jazeera dot com that's al-jazeera dot com. time for a quick check of the headlines here on al-jazeera the united states is moving to designate yemen's who the rebels as a foreign terror group secular state might pompei also says the state department will designate 3 who the leaders as terrorists officially call the iranian backed force controls large parts of yemen and its capital a u.s. backed saudi led coalition has been fighting it since 2015 who the rebels are accused of launching attacks against civilian targets in saudi arabia and targeting major oil facilities earlier we spoke with hussein our approach to the journalist based in the yemeni capital sana'a he says the designation comes as no surprise that will have a major impact on peace talks. this action will actually undermine the
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peace process but to be honest actually will be in favor of the military wing of. the o.t. because for the last 6 years if these photos actually houses anything it is easy to. blame the list that gave it to you employed g.m. and to be biased towards oh yeah baby at that he's not actually trying to bring peace to yemen. us house speaker nancy pelosi says she will go ahead with impeachment proceedings against president trump unless he's removed from office 1st the 25th amendment allows the vice president mike pence to declare donald trump unfit to carry out his duties and ousted from office at least 25 domestic terrorism cases have been opened following those riots that's according to the army secretary ryan mccarthy 5 people died when trump supporters stormed the
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building attempting to overturn the results of november's election the most senior democratic senator chuck schumer has warned there could be further violence. search and rescue teams in indonesia are trying to locate the black boxes of the passenger plane that crashed with 62 on board on saturday the devices are expected to shed some light on the reasons behind the sudden plunge of the plane into the java sea minutes after takeoff china says world health organization experts will arrive on thursday to investigate the origins of the corona virus pandemic mainland china has reported its highest any count of new infections since july authorities a place 2 cities in her bay province in lockdown to curb the spread for the upcoming chinese new year holiday those were the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after the bottom line statement thanks for watching but for now. to notice there are we heard scott realistically how can you do with institutionalized corruption into this country if we listen if this breaks up until conflict between
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buggiest on and india this has implications for the rest of the world we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matter 0 hi i'm steve clements and i have a couple of questions after a day of really unprecedented violence and chaos at the u.s. capitol is american democracy critically fractured or can it survive a white house encouraged assault on the people's house the united states congress let's get to the bottom line. it was supposed to be a day of historic ceremony a stylised traditional reading aloud of the electoral college votes of each of america's states and their acceptance in a joint session of congress instead it was a day where violence and chaos was sparked by a frustrated president drama at least half of americans see what he did as inciting an insurrection an attempted coup against the election of joe biden by a mob of his supporters after
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a night of tension between the president and his own vice president and cabinet who discussed amongst themselves the possibility of finding trump unfit for office and with lawmakers refusing to be intimidated and finishing their work overnight to certify the election results trump finally threw in a recognize the end of his presidency and committed to a peaceful transition of power today we're going to get a republican and a democrat take on what just happened and we'll start with congressman joaquin castro democrat of texas concha castro thank you so much for joining us listen i read your tweets last night and you told your public that you're safe you're sheltering in place that the president night states had incited a coup attempt do you feel that way the day after. yeah i do think that the president has been for weeks now really months. telling his supporters that the election was stolen from him that there was widespread election
9:35 am
fraud without providing any evidence of that right weight media just followed him down that rabbit hole and so when they got millions of people to believe that then those people started putting pressure on republican and conservative politicians like ted cruz and josh allie and then those guys because of their own political ambitions have also seen the flames in the last few weeks and the result is what we saw yesterday and i just it was an insurrection had a takeover literally both chambers of the legislative branch of the united states government the most powerful and prosperous and most stable democracy otherwise stable democracy in the world you know last night when the process of listening and hearing and reading the votes from each of the states went on there were objections there were more than 100 objections in the house of representatives a number of the senators who had planned to object actually withdrew those what is
9:36 am
that what is the sense of what's the mood of the room if you will with those 100 plus legislators last night that objected to the vote count in the house i think it's just people who are denying reality but there's a reason that they're denying reality there's they're denying reality because they're scared of turning on the order of. donald trump going after them they're scared of their primary base going after them but steve i think what's really important is that a lot of that in the house at least the culprit is gerrymandering and that these distractions been drawn in such a way they look like chicken fingers and butterflies and spaceships that a lot of these republican members and you know and some democrats also are in a place where all they have to do is satisfy a very hardcore base of people and they know that their nose there's no repercussion for them denying reality that joe biden won the election and so that's
9:37 am
why we saw i think so many of them and some of them are true believers some of them i think like moviegoer and others are just true believers but i think that's what we saw last night my sense is mike pence stood up he did what was expected of him constitutionally as but this is that something we should be applauding well i mean 1st of all i'm glad that the vice president did what he did that he followed constitutional duties but i'm left thinking that that's such a that's that's the very minimum that you can expect in a democracy that's what somebody is supposed to do so i'm glad that he did it i'm encouraged that that the person who's in the office of the vice president vice presidency is following the constitution but it's also a very low bar for our democracy. and i think what was striking also about yesterday you talk about. who's in charge of government the decision to send up the national guard apparently at least based on reporting was not done in consultation
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with the president of the united states it was done at the direction of the vice president even though you had a sitting fully active president of the united states the united states government basically went around donald trump was around the press united states and got the permission from the vice president that to me that's remarkable. if v protesters had been black and brown and white and had penetrated the doors of the united states capitol i've been in them so many times you go through you know magnetometers you you go through you know to the screen you know i we saw this unfolding we worried that there might be people with guns there might be that they were not here i guess my question is you know we saw a crowd of supporters largely mostly white americans what is your comment to that. well 1st of all it was tragic it way it was not only
9:39 am
chaotic and outrageous but it was also a tragic day a woman lost her life who got shot was shot and killed. by security at the u.s. capitol because she was trying to penetrate i believe where the senators were perhaps it was the representatives and that as i understand 3 other people died from for health reasons medical complications but you know i can't help but all of us as americans we saw how protesters were treated out in the streets of our country and cities throughout our country and the force that was used against them in the tear gassing right away. you know as. compared that's what we saw yesterday yeah i don't think i don't think a reasonable fair person could conclude that the treatment of those 2 groups groups of people the blacklegs matter protesters and the protesters really yesterday
9:40 am
people that were engaged in insurrection that they've been treated the same. you know washington post has come out its editorial board and said that the president should be removed from office immediately are there any credible efforts right now underway that could have bipartisan support in both chambers to remove the president the united states immediately. well you know the challenge there is that you either impeach the president which involves a legislative action which i would support even though he's only got 13 days to go or you're relying on the vice president and the cabinet to remove the president by the 25th amendment which i would also support and i saw today adam kinzinger republican from new jersey has come out in support of that as well and so there is a growing sentiment. that the president has essentially lost his faculties. that he should be removed to be honest with you steve i don't know
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whether within 13 days that's actually going to develop into an action where he is removed. you know if this was the perhaps if this was 2 months ago 3 months ago i would be more confident that the answer is yes but we've got 13 days and i'm sure there are some people who just want to wait it out. yesterday we saw josh holloway the home leave the senator from missouri walk near the protesters his farm raised like this and go go go should there be consequences for senator hawley for senator cruz for egging on elements of this insurrection yes i think both of them should resign from the united states senate i don't believe that they deserve to represent texas in missouri and we should also consider censoring them for their actions so this censorship require doesn't create any consequence other than
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a slap on the wrist i mean i hear you know you're you're encouraging of them to resign but that requires an act by themselves what would be a consequence that does not require them to stand up at this moment. yeah i mean this both of them in the united states senate the u.s. senators within that body would have to take action against them you know for there to be a consequence against them i said yesterday that on the senate floor they should be asked to resign by somebody else in the united states senate. and you know we'll see if any action is taken at that look you know the international scene well you're well traveled you're concerned about america's place in the world what do you think we do at this moment when america has been one of the places in the world the kind of guy didn't tell other countries how to manage their democracies jeanne shaheen last night was talking about trying to encourage the former president of georgia to step down at the end of his term along with senator jim risch it was
9:43 am
a bipartisan effort to say you know the peaceful transfer of power is part of democracies what story does america have to tell now that's a great question to be honest with you i think it's going to take us some time to repair this i think the country that the world. looked at america yesterday and saw what they usually see when we look over at faraway places and see people storming government buildings and wonder why these people can't get their act together and why there's such social disorder and wonder how the rule of law has broken down and you're right america does lead by example in many ways and so the 1st thing is we've got to make sure that we have a smooth inauguration on january 20th that joe biden problem here is are inaugurated and we have a president who can lead us out of this darkness and make us a leader among nations again. i need to ask you an unfair question you are very close to someone who might have led the democratic ticket your own brother twin
9:44 am
brother who leon castro i've been thinking about if i were in that role if i were advising someone how do you push reset for a nation as deeply fractured fragmented as it seems to be right now if your brother was out there in a joe biden is there now and come laris you know them both well what do you would behind them to do in terms of bringing the country together and pushing you know the proverbial reset button that is a great question and it's a it's a mountainous question at this point. i think that 1st we need everybody to advocate for peace whatever their politics are for call we need to get back to respecting the rule of law and then joe biden has indicated that he's willing to work with republicans on different issues where democrats or republicans can find common ground you know and you're going to see him pursue that he has a point he has started also by appointing
9:45 am
a very experienced and reasonable people to the cabinet and so he's appointing a professional government. who is going to work across the aisle where they can now you know we're going to have as democrats that the presidency the senate and the house so we intend to pursue very important issues to the american people that we've been working on for a long time but you will see the president reach across the aisle and at least consult with republicans on these issues and i think that will be a good start in terms of how we convince the world we can be a north star again i think it's going to take time and i think we've got to go out into the world not just the president he's against ration but also the legislators and convince our allies that we're back and that we intend to build back better as joe biden has said and be a leader on democracy freedom human rights rooting out corruption all of the same. ok castro it was a tense day a tense night appreciate your tweets as i was reading them last night i can't
9:46 am
imagine the stress that you felt you know and i know many other members actually felt their lives were threatened yesterday evening so it was impressive that you all went back to work again so thank you so much for your thoughtful conversation your candid comments today thank you thank you for joining me now is republican strategist john feehery a partner in the republican lobbying group e.f.t. advocacy here in washington d.c. john thanks so much for joining us i was watching and reading your tweets yesterday evening and i want to read one of them you said a somebody who worked in the people's house for 15 years i'm disgusted it what the president had inspired he has lied to these people and is embarrassed america i have supported him in the past but he lost in a fair election he needs to leave john you're one of the most hardcore serious republicans i know who takes all of this seriously you do not i wouldn't put you in
9:47 am
the pragmatic middle you're a hard core conservative you supported president trump what is going on in your mind after what happened and we saw last night. well listen i have some of that work in washington for 30 years 15 years at the top levels of the house republican leadership i worked for 15 years in the nation's capital so you know i appreciate the desire for people to come in and take a look around and watch the capitol see how it operates but this is the people's house and it's for it to operate that people have to respect. what's going on in there respect the process and respect respect of the politicians who are doing their jobs and when i saw yesterday was a complete lack of regard for the people's house by the people and i find that extremely troubling i think that was inspired by the president who i have supported you know i have my fair share of disagreements with him and i have in the past but
9:48 am
i think he was doing a lot of right things for america i think he what he did best for america was listen to the nx at the center of the country where people have not had jobs where things have been hollowed out where he had the opiate crisis you had the financial crisis where he had all these things and he spoke directly to them but you know he's lying to them now and he's like them he lost fair and square in this election just as he won fair and square 4 years ago i was against a conspiracy theories by the democrats 4 years ago i'm against these conspiracy theories now there are a lot of questions about this it was a very odd election it was very odd election on many many levels you know you you don't typically have a president you know gaining 10000000 more votes and having republicans game you know so many more seats and almost win the majority in the house and have the present also lose i was at was not a lesson for a variety of reasons but it's been an odd year it's been
9:49 am
a not year because it was coated crisis better not here because i'm george floored it's been a hard year because people are really really angry and frustrated and and cooped up in their homes and they don't leak anything anymore and when they come to the people's house and disrespect the traditions of disrespect the politicians and disrespect the process they're disrespecting america and i think of that's why the president deserves combination for leading that this respect and that's why i spoke out what should the consequences being john. for. a white house. promoted assault on the people's house what i mean i think where the where we are right now in the aftermath of that and i can't tell whether we're in an in a minute less toxic moment or whether the toxicity is remaining very strong but what should be the consequences for an assault well 1st of all i think that the
9:50 am
people who came into the house and destroyed property and it should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law i think that's the number one thing i think that there's a lot of questions as to why the security apparatus fell apart as quickly isn't then i'd have still stunned by it you know i remember those those riots that happened in front of the white house and those those folks were going to get in the white house i don't know why those folks were able to get into the people's house and i think i'm very frustrated by that i think that you know the president has really disqualified himself from running for president. now i am not someone that necessarily things you you need to take legal action right now because i think that that will actually make the situation worse meantime so has a lot of supporters out there and what you want to do is you want to move forward. and so i think you the prosecute the people who who broke the law you know trump. i
9:51 am
there's been some talk about removing him or her marcus my sense is what's going to happen is that the vice president is already pretty much take over the day they have ration is de facto of not is your a i don't think it is less than the present right anymore and i think a lot of people in the white house i press are trying to find ways to get out there or express their disgust and i think that's altogether a program that i would be very careful though in having kind of any legal repercussions because that that actually will make the cleavage is in the country even worse we need to move on. and find ways to heal the country we need to prosecute those people who directly. broke the law i'm very has an idea for the president in the jail and i think that to me what he did was reprehensible and incredibly stupid no i don't you know it's like you give a 3 year old you know a lighter and put it right next to
9:52 am
a flannel material this is what happened right he i don't know if he knows what he was doing right you know he said he was that we these people down the march and he goes into is more can go is that the white house so much is on t.v. you want him nonsense is that i mean this is this is a thing you know i think it's frustrating for me is i've been supportive of this president because i think he won the election fair and square and he was representing a group of people i care very very very much about which is the of the for got americans who feel like they are not getting what they want out of the represented democracy and i think he spoke to them but now he's betrayed them and in a way that is just now when america is all about when i could not what he said and has done no uncertain terms but i'd be very careful about making the situation worse when you look at josh holley walking along senator josh ali walking on and giving you know a big a go go go get him to the protesters around the senate versus other republican
9:53 am
senators last night being applauded on the floor by democrats and republicans for saying we have to stop this divide how where is the republican party go does it expelled q. and on types does it keep them in the tent what's the if you are part of the architecture of republicanism are you worried about the health of the party can can the good parts of the party we claim it. well as i think the party exists not necessarily because the leaders but because of the followers and so say you know you have to be very careful not to sue kind of lead a party in a place where the followers are not going to go i do think that there needs to be. better communication a little more straight talk with with our voters i think we need to do a better job of bedding down conspiracy theories which in fact both sides you know i've. been to seriously there is running around america for generations young
9:54 am
j.f.k. being a perfect example of that but you know of we are kind of in this point now where conspiracy theories are completely paralyzing our ability to govern and work in a democracy and i think of that is something that republicans need to confront head on. i think that you know one of the trip has been very very good at establishing a sense of outsiderness and the idea that the political status and needs to be blown up he's leaving the stays out and he's not going to be coming back so i think this gives the republicans an opportunity to go back to what their core principles are but understanding that they have to speak to those those populous out there who are not necessarily favor globalization are not necessarily in favor of giving all their money to see the c. suite and you know not really all that happy with corporate america has is doing so much better than the small businesses of this country so i think that there's a there's a big discussion that has to happen there discussion happens every time the
9:55 am
republicans lose an election and i think it's important to have that that that election that discussion now that being said i don't think that this is going to cause irreparable damage to the party i think the party has changed i think from has changed but that doesn't necessarily mean that trump is going to continue to lead the party and right now i think he's completely disqualified himself. let me just ask just real quickly as we as we wrap up john you talk about the american who's been left behind who's been demeaned i remember interviewing joe biden who had sent his party become a party of snobs and you know he said that 2016 do you think there's an opportunity where joe biden can talk to those americans that you're worried about that there can be a reset in this country may not be combined but at least get to really realize you're on the same boat well i think that's one of joe biden's you know greatest strengths is he he speaks directly to those people he has throughout
9:56 am
his political career that's why president obama put him on the ticket for 8 years and you know i think that the question is can he do more than speak to those people can actually do something for them and i you know i think that remains missing i think he's right to pollute the democratic party has turned into an elite party the republican party's becoming a working class party and the challenge of the republicans is do expand the base from white working class to all working class and you saw some examples of that not only with president trump doing better but also with different folks from a wide variety of backgrounds who won as a republican so let's i think spike can speak to it but will he be able do i think this is a party has become very elitist very corporate i think that the problem the public and challenge is that establish itself as the working class are. well john feehery
9:57 am
republican political strategist an advisor really grateful to you for your candid thoughts today at this important time thanks for joining us. so what's the bottom line this week's events in washington should have been expected there the result of years of president trump accusing his rivals of cheating of labeling the entire voting system is fraudulent and demeaning people who don't align with him a bullying name calling and making everything about himself his claims of voting fraud have been baseless thrown out by court after court by judges appointed by president trump now he's become america's main purveyor of conspiracy theories and many of his followers believe they're true he told them to go out and stop the steal of his election and that is why they went to the united states capitol to do that whether he admits it or not trump crafted this physical in violent assault on american democracy but despite all of trump's efforts america is still a country of institutions the chambers of congress were damaged and a lot of congressional members had their offices ransacked but they went back and
9:58 am
they did their job vice president mike pence did his constitutional duty infuriating his boss and americans watched as democrats and republicans applauded each other as they stood together against those who tried to stop the count january 6th will go down in history possibly as the day that americans began to realize how fragile their democracy can be and that's the bottom line. the health of humanity is at stake a global pandemic requires a global response. w.h.o. is the guardian of global health delivering lifesaving to lose supplies and training to help the world's most vulnerable people uniting across borders to speed up the development of test treatments and of that seed keeping you up to date with
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