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for d.d. states health experts and mention the same thing wanting for mom for the easing of the lockdown would lead to an increase in pollution and the impact that would have on dogs because of the 19. defying humanitarian warnings the u.s. prepares to brand yemen 23 rebels as terrorists. i'm sam is a dan this is just 0 live from doha also coming up remove the president all we will democrats are pressure on republicans to accelerate the process of forcing out donald trump. indonesian recovery crews pieced together the wreckage and their hunt for clues as to what brought down the passenger jet. and large scale vaccination
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centers open in the u.k. people are being warned of the darkest weeks of the pandemic ahead. how the u.s. is preparing to designate yemen's who 3 rebels as a terrorist group secretary of state says the blacklisting is intended to hold the group accountable for its terrorist acts who thiis in response to claim it's the united states that's the source of terrorism especially the trumpet ministrations policies diplomats and humanitarian groups are warning the designation could threaten peace talks and further complicate the delivery of the desperately needed aid the u.s. banks coalition led by saudi arabia and the united arab emirates has been helping yemen's gulf. fight the rebels 2015 well in
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a moment out to serious thoughts of jabari will tell us what's being said in iran backs of course who things but 1st 100 in yemen's capital sanaa has reaction from leading rebel officials he says that the. latest move by the the outgoing administration of the as a denounced act he says that it's an indication and also. a fact that the united states is part of the devastating war against yemen according to his speech and also that the that has per participated in the killing and the and also pushing more people to the brink of famine he says that the outgoing administration proves that its policies are so the source of terrorism in the world according to a spear remarks according to observers this would fall the worse in the direct humanitarian situation in the war ravaged country especially that percent of the
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population has been pushed to the brink of famine and the united. nations and also other non-governmental organizations are trying to to help yemenis to overcome the devastating impacts of the the ongoing war many hope this the upcoming administration will facilitate and also bring warring sides back to the negotiating table to resolve their differences peacefully rather than for the situation. the reaction here has been quite muted we've only heard from the spokesperson from the foreign ministry site. who during his weekly program briefing earlier this morning said that this is just the latest attempt by a lame duck president to further tarnish the reputation of the united states in the middle east and that these acts are meaningless this is of course being seen as the
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latest attempt by president donald trump is a demonstration in what they call the maximum pressure campaign to put pressure on iran and since they left the 2002 nuclear deal internally teen they also designated the iranian revolutionary guard as a terrorist organization in april of 2019 and since then they've really expanded this kind of behavior to iran's allies in the region from syria to iraq and now yemen being the latest one to be added to this list of punishments from the u.s. government they were union see this is something that will not actually affect the who things themselves they see this as something that will affect the population that are under very very dire conditions at the moment living in that country in desperate need of humanitarian aid this will only hender those efforts the rain is have put forth a 4 point peace plan since 2015 to the u.n. which has yet to come to fruition but they see yemen as
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a very important ally in this region yemen was already the poorest country in the middle east before the war started since descended into the largest humanitarian crisis of all time the conflict has killed nearly a quarter of a 1000000 people over the past 6 years united nations says almost 10000000 the emmys are at risk of famine 80 percent of its population needs humanitarian aid and then there's the corona virus pandemic which is adding strain to a devastated health system. the world food program's executive director is among those who've been warning against designating the who thinks a terrorist organization david beasley spoke to al-jazeera in december the w.f. he was awarded the nobel peace prize that was in washington d.c. just last week speaking with the leadership explaining the consequences of the designation and the hurdles and the problems that we will face we'll do whatever we need to do we always have whether the sages are designations or not we'll do what
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we can to reach the people our job is to let the leaders understand clearly what will be the ramifications and what the difficulties that will be for us to reach people yemen is oriented a remotely volatile fragile state with i can't begin to tell you we are on the brink of famine right now in yemen people are not getting enough food we don't have the access we need and we're going to i don't know how we don't face famine in a major way in the next 45 months in the coming hours moves will gather pace to take action against us president of trump over the siege on capitol hill u.s. house speaker nancy pelosi says 2 motions will be presented from monday one calls on vice president mike pence to invoke the 25th amendment that would declare trump unfit to carry out his duties and force him out of office well i like they'd fight
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it amend it because it gets rid of him he's out of office but there is strong support in the congress for impeaching the president a 2nd time this president is guilty of inciting insurrection insurrection and he has to pay a price for that. well if pence doesn't agree then pelosi says the democrat led house would move forward with impeachment or 5 people died during the violence on capitol hill the pentagon has confirmed 25 cases of domestic terrorism are being investigated and the hunt continues for others involved in the attack as for dan trump himself well he's staying quiet let's go live to allan fisher's joining us from the white house allan where do we stand now with this ultimatum congress is planning to send or least the house of representatives failing to send mike pence. well this of course is the last film week of the trump presidency will donald trump
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see it all the way to the end until the 20th of january the odds of that are looking great or by every day certainly over the weekend at the end of last week donald trump thought he might be in trouble but he's been heartened by the words of support received from a number of republicans over the weekend that's for mike pence will he invoke the 25th it's highly unlikely he hasn't said anything public about it but he believes it would just simply take too long to put the process in motion and by the end of it donald trump would still be president not only that there could be legal challenges and mike pence wants to run for the republican nomination in 2024 and he doesn't want to alienate trump voters by taking that dramatic step that means all the focus goes back onto congress will there be an impeachment hearing in the house we're hearing almost certainly by wednesday those articles of impeachment and they'll be very narrowly focused will be had by the house almost certain going to pass the house what happens next is the big question will they send them direct to
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the senate we know that at least 2 republican senators have said it's time for donald trump to go but what they don't want to do is get in the way of george biden's inauguration and also as harsh 100 days in office so there's every possibility that nancy pelosi mean well sit on the articles of. preachment until that deadline has passed remember she didn't immediately pass the articles of impeachment on the ukraine incident to the senate she sat on it for a number of days and so every day more and more likely the dog trump is going to see his presidency he will serve his full 4 year term but he will stop being president at $1159.00 on the 20th of january. and we haven't heard a lot from donald trump lately i know is off twitter but we haven't even had a press conference or a statement from him in these rather busy 48 hours. and unlikely to hear anything from him no normally we would know what he thought about
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the house moving towards impeachment because of course he would be tweeting at his followers would be retreating would have no difficulty understanding what he's thinking as he's not had a great weekend 1st of all kicked off of twitter on friday and then on sunday night he phoned that is golf course in new jersey would no longer horse the p.g.a. championship after the u.s. p.g.a. pulled its major tournament out of his course to 2022 saying staying there would damage the brand but the top white house is determined to finish by highlighting what they say are promises kept by the trumpet ministration on monday later today he's going to hold a presidential medal ceremony with jim jordan who is a congressman a republican who's been a huge supporter of dollar trump in fact one of the few republicans who appeared on the talk shows on sunday across the united states expressing his support for donald trump and talking about why impeachment would be
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a bad idea and then he is going to the border to alamo not the alamo but to alamo in texas close to the mexican border there he's going to hell the fact that they have built 640 kilometers of wall this of course a great deal shorter than the 3000 miles 3000 kilometers that he promised from coast to coast and of course he promised that makes a cool would pay for it which simply hasn't happened but we can also expect to see perhaps a number of executive orders they have been drafted many of them addressing tech companies like twitter the company that kicked him off its platform on friday he of course has been very angry about the way he believes he's been treated in the way he says conservatives have been treated by the tech giants and we could also expect another round of pardons we know that he's been controversial with his use of pardons but still issued a lot fewer than many of his predecessors so expect something on that front before the end of the week and then of course we have one more weekend to get through
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before we enter the final days of trump in the white house all right thanks so much allan fisher. german chancellor angela merkel says twitter's decision to band of trump is problematic merkel's spokesman said she believes social media platforms have a responsibility to combat misinformation but they also need to protect freedom of expression as we heard was a permanent visa spend in the us president's account last week the conservative social network policy has been forced offline after amazon warned the company would lose access to its servers for failing to moderate violent content it had become popular among far right groups and trump supporters it was flooded with calls for new protests after the storming of congress or that led google and apple to remove the app from their platforms. coming up shortly and routes reopen as catherine saudi arabia see the put the dispute behind them. as of professional
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rugby is about to resume in new zealand and legal cases set that major impact on the game. but. we've got more very cold air across a station at present and that will lead to further spells of snow i'm hopeful that things will gradually improve as we go through the next couple of days we have already seen some incredible scenes across japan over the past few weeks in this latest round of very heavy snowfall cause widespread disruption around 100 cars stranded on the motorway as a result of the heavy snow and you can see power lines down more big falls of snow coming as we go through the course of chews day the snow really quite expansive
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pushing across a good part of honshu only 5 celsius the top temperature in tokyo and then the thought will set in winds go around some of a westerly direction 10 degrees so the warm enough a some of that snow to melt that could lead to some localized flooding avalanche risk of course always a problem for much of china against hip hop is warming up beijing around 7 celsius 17 celsius there for home call it should be largely dry and a lot of dry weather too across much of central and northern india but down to the south we have got some very heavy rainfall coming through will see the rainfall bringing some big downpours there across southern parts of the country with particularly wet weather for tom and kara. we heard scott realistically how can you deal with institutionalized corruption in this country if we listen if this breaks up into a conflict between pakistan and india this has implications for the rest of the
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world we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matter. revealing eco friendly solutions to come back threats to our planet on which is iraq. all the. welcome back you're watching al-jazeera it's time to recap our headlines now the u.s. is preparing to designate yemen's who theme movement as a terror group a group sworn the blacklisting war heard a deliveries. reacted to the u.s. move saying it is america that is the source of terrorism and the healthy said the
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policies presented by it express a crisis and thinking. the u.s. house speaker nancy pelosi says she will go ahead with impeachment proceedings against donald trump unless he's removed from office 1st 25th amendment allows vice president mike pence to declare trump unfit to carry out his duties and oust him. now search and rescue teams in indonesia are working to recover the black boxes of the passenger plane that crashed with 62 people on board on saturday the devices are expected to shed light on reasons behind the sudden plunge of the plane into the java sea minutes after takeoff jessica washington has the latest from jakarta. here at 240 injured hard in north jakarta this is where the search effort is being coordinated we've been here all morning and we've seen search teams going out to
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the java sea north of jakarta to the area near the 1000 islands and coming back to this court and just a few moments ago a search team returned with the debris from the sri with jet we were able to see debris in the form of metal scraps about a metre large and you could actually see the blue and red colors of sri which also just a few moments ago we saw an ambulance depart from the port heading to the police hospital most likely with human remains now at the police hospital that is where they are conducting an investigation and relying on support from relatives of those on board the plane to help identify some of the passengers but of course everyone is waiting for their teams here to to locate the black box divers here all still searching the seabed we do know that authorities say they are confident that the signals they have picked up on all coming from the planes but black box so it is likely that we should hear some good news soon however if the black box is not
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found today those efforts will of course continue tomorrow. and the enormous waste of a capsized ship in the democratic republic of congo is making it difficult to recover bodies wooden vessel was overloaded with passengers and the cargo of concrete when it sank in the congo river. reports. the sinking boat is part of a potential criminal investigation with dozens of bodies believed to be trapped underneath house injures were heading to the regional capital on this wooden boat when it capsized. surface against the boat 3 separate levels all of them were full of people and their belongings there were hundreds of passengers including kids older men and women who were swallowed by the boat or. off lost 5 members of my family. these people had relatives on board and now they're using fishing nets to recover bodies. survivors say the boat was carrying too many people
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and too much cargo including bags of cement. crossing lakes and rivers after nightfall is illegal in the d.r. sea at least reporting agents are under arrest for allowing the boat to leave and the owner and members of the crew are under investigation so. horrified and heartbroken this tragedy is the result of fraudulent behavior on friday evening a boat owner in his crew undertook to travel at night despite a ban on nighttime crossings unfortunately they defied it and that resulted in the events we all deplore. on lookers do what they can to help but finding out how many people were on board those difficult one of them are so much to do their bit that the business people here are always hiding the data and authorities don't share honest information because they're the ones in charge of registering all the passengers before each trip and river. travel by boat is commonly used in the d.r.
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sea waterways link areas that are unconnected by rose and with limited regulation that makes disasters like these more likely katia lopez of the young al jazeera. 7 new large scale vaccination centers of opened in england the government is speeding up vaccine delivery as the chief medical officer warns the worst weeks of the pandemic call ahead it's aiming to offer vaccinations to 15000000 people by mid february the elderly and frontline medical workers will be 1st paul brennan is outside one of those vaccination centers in london. well it looks rather slow to be perfectly honest that may be deliberate we're going to get some statistics we hope from the n.h.s. closer to the end of the day but there hasn't been a big flood people that we've spoken to who've been arriving here were sent letters on friday giving them appointments and those appointments were timed so that they
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were staggered throughout the day so there hasn't been a big crowd of people or queues not at this. vaccination center anyway i know that there were there was a queue that formed outside the newcastle vaccination center but not here nevertheless these mass vaccinations centers are one of the main pillars of the government's attempt to try to get that 15000000 that you spoke of vaccinated by mid february and that 15000000 to be the bedrock from which to bounce on and get vaccinations even more widely into this u.k. of 65000000 people there will be up to $1200.00 vaccination sites up and running we hope by the end of this week or the government hopes by the end of this week when you include the 7 plus family doctor vaccination sites pharmacies will start to give vaccinations on a pilot basis and certain pilot schemes and the hope is that it will be that that the take up will be high as well people that we've spoken to here as they've been
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arriving for their vaccinations have been entirely enthusiastic that they would be because they're the ones who have received the appointment and agreed to attend it there may be others who receive their report and said no actually i'm going to wait i'm not ready for it to have my vaccination yet so there's a couple of different factors which are dependent upon this making it a success indonesia has approved the chinese develops in a van vaccine for emergency use it's the 1st country outside china to give it the green light ahead of indonesia's food and drug agency says the human trial there showed it's 65 percent effective the country plans to launch its mass vaccination program on wednesday. but amber of recorded cases in africa has passed 3000000 south africa is hardest hit and i'm in cape town there's a shortage of coffins forcing families to delay funerals from their robyn adams reports. that dan is known the world over for its brisk thinking sites but for all
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its beauty the city's battling to cope with the 2nd wave of the good old divide is spent demick covert fatalities have skyrocketed in recent weeks overworked and exhausted undertakers say they cannot keep up at the moment because hardly cope extremely busy with funerals especially you know the culvert. and. even running out of space and more trees out of coffins manufacturers of coffins are working overtime to make up the shortages and meet demand is a big roadie but it's not really the shortage of the coffins or the shortage of the wood it's really the problems more the influx of that is happening many believe the situation here is only going to get worse for the city of cape town. overall for the problems we had 5000 this in the 1st in the 1st wave we projecting to have between 500-7000 this for the 2nd wave the steep increase in coburg related deaths
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is also putting additional strain on burial sites this is made in cemetery it is cutdowns oldest and largest burial site that's we met on 135 years casualties of world war one and world war 2 are buried here it is also the final resting place of those who succumb to the smallpox epidemic in the $8100.00 it's actually that epidemic that led to its construction now nearly a year from so africa's 1st reported kuroda by this case they are growing fears that this place would soon run out of space for victims of code 90 government officials have confirmed they are down to their last dedicated. for those killed by covert at 2 of the biggest grave sites but they say they are prepared for any eventuality is part of our if it's in the 1st wave a number of last images were identified we if needs be mysterious would be able to be accommodated it's important to me to read that mysterious is not an option that
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we would like to make use of it's a tough situation and while some are able to give their loved ones a dignified sendoff others are left to wait and wonder if they'll be able to do the same robin adams al-jazeera get done nepali riot police or for to us some of the thousands of protesters who demanded the monarchy be restored i was it's the latest in a series of demonstrations against prime minister dollars government a range of groups oppose him including a faction of his communist party ali failed to honor an agreement to split his term with a fellow party leader the 1st commercial flight between qatar and saudi arabia or more than 3 years is landed in riyadh last week saudi arabia the u.a.e. behind and egypt agreed to restore ties with carter after a blockade that began in 2017. i was there for the inaugural flight from their
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homes hamad international airport. that is the far qatar airways aircraft to travel now to saudi arabia direct from go up the airways flight heading to the saudi capital riyadh on board family members who were previously separated from their loved ones because of the blockade over the past 3 years not only is this seen as a positive move following the reconciliation declaration that was signed into law last week between qatar and the former blockading countries because of what it means for the people of the region because of what it means for the political stability of the movie region but particularly here in the airports where the airline industry has been so hit so hard because of the pandemic not just in qatar but around the world this resumption and flights between destinations is something that is extremely welcome so it very historic moments in what would have seen
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seemed to be normally a monday in flights between 2 g.c.c. countries but historic because of all the implications that has following 3 years of a bitter dispute which now seems to be somewhat in the process of being or of being in the distance. now a legal case against rugby's governing body is said to have a major impact on the game so far 9 former players have accused world rugby of being negligent in managing head injuries when he reports from oakland. in new zealand rugby is a sport and culture here many boys and girls grow up dreaming of playing the game for as long as possible and ultimately representing their country but having a long career could also mean long term health problems the more injuries you get in the more severe and significant. the more the higher the likelihood some
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individuals will go on to develop pair earlier cognitive problems and on mood problems later in life and that's what a group of former players say direct experience seeing and the taking world rugby to court some including former england player steve thomson have been diagnosed with early onset dementia which they say was caused by repeated blows to the head playing rugby they want compensation and 15 demands mitt including a limit on the amount of contact training and for world rugby to accept that playing professionally can lead to brain disease in response to governing body issued a statement saying player welfare is its number one priority john mayhew was a doctor to new zealand's all blacks and a medical advisor to world rugby and says proving that rugby caused the players' health problems will be difficult but he concedes the sport continues to learn how to manage head injuries and i think we have to be careful we look back to 20 or 30 years ago with a 2020 perspective that you know some of those players marion managed by the best
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possible medical practice at the time which i mean i would looking back was obviously not good enough more players are being asked to join the legal case but some are saying no even after being forced out of the game early because of repeated concussions personal fell for words. professional sport has seen this before like in 2013 when the national football league in the united states agreed to pay damages totaling up to $1000000000.00 to former players but the n.f.l. did not admit that the injuries were caused by football it's taken a long time but there's no doubt that in countries like new zealand the issue of concussion and rugby is taken a lot more seriously than it used to be but it's a high impact game and head injuries will continue to happen the question is scientifically and legally can those head injuries be linked to long term health problems at the very least the legal action is creating more discussion about head
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injuries in rugby which is too often been treated as a sensitive topic among the game's administrators bring it further into the open can only help the game survive for future generations when hey al jazeera or clones . most take you through some of the headlines here now in this era now the united states is moving to designate yemen's who theme movement as a foreign terrorist group it controls the capital and the country's main port a u.s. backed saudi led coalition has been fighting the group in yemen since 2015 they accuse who the rebels of launching attacks against civilian targets in saudi arabia and targeting major oil facilities they reacted to the u.s. action saying it's the americans who are terrorists.


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