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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 11, 2021 10:00pm-10:31pm +03

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it's just. plain important role. for. ringback the the. democrats begin moves to impeach president trump accusing him of inciting violence against the u.s. government. hello i'm barbara starr you're watching al-jazeera live from london also coming up defying humanitarian warnings the u.s. prepares to brand the yemens who the rebels as terrorists. indonesian recovery crews pieced together the wreckage and their hunt for clues as to what caused
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a passenger jet to plummet into the sea. extremely busy with communities especially now you called it. with so many people dying of coronavirus in south africa funeral homes are running out of coffins. thank you for joining us the u.s. house of representatives as introduced an article of impeachment against president donald trump it charges him with inciting supporters to stage an attack on capitol hill last week there were crowds also submitted a resolution calling for trump's cabinet to declare him unfit for office and remove him but the session was adjourned within minutes following an objection to that motion from the house republican well to bring us up to date on all the developments we have alan fischer standing by outside the white house 1st though
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let's go to heidi show castro who joins us now from capitol hill is so how do you where do we stand now with these proceedings and crucially what happens next. barbara the most immediate pending item is this resolution calling on vice president mike pence to invoke the 25th amendment which would immediately remove trump from office citing him unfit to serve now that resolution as you said was delayed it today by a house republican it will return to the floor of the house tomorrow for a full vote but even if it passes it will still be up to pence to decide whether or not to act on it this is a non-binding resolution and pence has already signaled that he with be opposed to taking action to prematurely remove trump from office given that his time in this term is only 9 days before the inauguration of joe biden but nancy pelosi the house
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speaker is giving pence this opportunity 24 hours she says to make good on this resolution if and once it passes tomorrow and if he does not then there's still the article of impeachment that is also pending this morning that was submitted in brightening to the house clerk and it reads that president would be charged with one article for inciting insurrection violence against the u.s. government now there are a growing number of supporters for this impeachment charge the vast majority of democrats a growing handful of republicans in the house as well if it does move forward then president trump would be the only president in u.s. history to be impeached twice while in office asperse crucial to all of this is how most republicans feel about it do we get the sense that there is enough support from republicans to actually impeach the president. well reportedly there is enough
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there's numbers wise that democrats still control the house and they would have the numbers alone to impeach the president which is a key was in him formally charging him with that article but then the process would move over to. to the senate and the interesting thing is with the timing as it is there is no way a senate trial could even begin before trial leaves office on january 20th and so we're looking at the possibility of the former president returning to capitol hill for his impeachment trial sometime in the near future if that happens but we do know that there are 17 senate republicans that would need to vote to convict the president at least to have said that he should immediately resign barbara what is your caster with the latest from capitol hill heidi for the moment thank you let's go to alan fischer now who joins us from the white house so allan as we were hearing efforts are definitely ramping up to remove president trump from the white
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house we actually had any response or reaction from the man himself. you know it's a completely different world isn't it 4 days ago where we dilute honest twitter feed to find out exactly what he'd been saying we know he'd be angry about any move to try and attack him politically which he would see the impeachment but nothing from the white house he's due to hold a medal of freedom ceremony he's awarding not to jim jordan that's a controversial choice he's a republican congressman who actually led the defense of donald trump in the house at the last impeachment hearing and we were told there is a possibility that the president might make some remarks but the last 2 events he's had for medal of freedom ceremonies have been held essentially and private some would suggest in shame behind closed doors with nor private media there it's just been the white house there are cameras there are video cameras and in at least one case there were no pictures released after the event so nothing at all from donald
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trump nothing at all from the white house and then an interesting way to start your last fool week in the white house with the house of representatives talking about possible impeachment and quite an interesting i guess last week of joe biden being president elect because of course his inauguration is coming up what has he been saying about the whole situation and the possible impeachment of trump. will he receive this 2nd in vaccination for. he made some very brief remarks said that donald trump is not fit to be in office he was asked if he was looking forward to his inauguration and worried about whether or not it was a sight he was looking forward to as you would expect expect and not what he'd about it being outside the toll but there is some can say on the f.b.i. and monitoring actions online suggest that there could be some sort of violent protest 1st of all this coming weekend and then on inauguration day itself january
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the 20th separately muriel bowser. here is the d.c. mirror she has expressed deep concern that there could be problems here she's looking at expanding some of the covert restrictions in washington d.c. such as the closure of restaurants through to january 24th because she's worried about what might happen she's also calling for the president to sign a pretty authorize ation essentially a pre-authorization of the extent of american see in washington before the inauguration tello them to expand planning here as well and as for the national guard well it's been confirmed by the head of the national guard that with 10000 troops on duty in washington from this weekend with another 5000 from other states on standby and just in the last hour or so we've heard from the national park service they're closing the washington monument i can see it from where i'm standing is just the other side of the white house they are concerned about some of the threats that have been made against people who may well use the washington
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monument huge symbol of democracy here in the center of washington d.c. and very rarely is it closed but at the same we're living in a different world no. elfish up with the latest from outside the white house thank you. aid agencies say that a u.s. decision to designate he emmons who the rebels as a foreign terrorist organization could have dire impacts it's feared the move by the state department under the parsing trump administration could make it harder to end the world's worst humanitarian crisis the iran aligned who these aimed numerous attacks at saudi arabia and say that they have reserve the right to respond and reports. 27 people were killed in
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this attack on audience airport last month as a newly formed yemeni government arrived. united states said those responsible must be held accountable and although the who these said they weren't to blame secretary of state might pump aoe has announced he will designate the who these as a foreign terrorist organization and abdul malik of hootie and 2 other leaders as terrorists. nearly 6 years into the war the who does remain in control of a 3rd of the country home to 80 percent of the population that's despite an air and ground campaign led by saudi arabia and the united arab emirates and the local forces they control the who these frequently staged cross border attacks on saudi infrastructure and commercial shipping the civilians sometimes caught in the middle . the situation on the ground is perilous more than 230000 people have been killed in the war the u.n. says 10000000 others are at risk of famine. and aid agencies fear the u.s.
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decision will push even more of the population toward starvation. $45.00 yemenis now depend on aid much of which comes through the hoop the controlled airport in sana'a and the port of her data pump aoe says waivers will be available for the delivery of food and medicines but there's real concern about the impact on both the humanitarian crisis and the economy some of the impacts that we're seeing at prices which are already extremely high could go up. in court and he starts getting hit in the face of the sanctions already at the world's worst humanitarian crisis and has already a situation where millions of people are struggling to work and. millions are famine warnings have just resurfaced so this is really. what we're talking efforts by the world food programme have held off famine for now the un's food agency won the nobel peace prize for its work keeping millions alive in yemen and many other areas where there are wars and conflicts executive director david beasley told al
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jazeera last month that u.s. officials know exactly how difficult they're making their work we'll do whatever we need to do we always have whether those citations are designations or not we'll do what we can to reach the people our job is to let the leaders understand clearly what will be the ramifications and what the difficulties that will be for us to reach the people yemen is already in a. remotely volatile fragile state with i can't begin to tell you we are on the brink of famine right now in yemen but there may be hope the washington post reports that president elect biden's foreign policy team is against the move to designate the who these as terrorists there may be a change once he's in office in the chapell al jazeera mohammad hard days in yemen's capital sanaa with a reaction from a leading who the official he says that the. latest move
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by the the outgoing administration of the as a denounced act he says that it's turning cation and also. a fact that the united states is part of the devastating war against yemen according to his speech and also that the that has per participated in the killing and the and also the pushing more people to the brink of famine he says that the outgoing administration proves that its policies are so the source of terrorism in the world according to his remarks according to observers this would fall the worse in the direct humanitarian situation in the war ravaged country especially that percent of the population has been pushed to the brink of famine and the united. nations and also other non-governmental organizations are trying to to help yemenis to overcome the devastating impacts of the the ongoing war many hope this the upcoming
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administration will facilitate and also bring that warring sides back to the negotiating table to resolve their differences peacefully rather than for the blockading the situation. and indonesia and search team has uncovered more human remains in the java sea days after a passenger plane crashed minutes after takeoff divers are searching waters to the north of jakarta looking for the boeing $770.00 seven's black boxes jessica washington has more. of the coast of the indonesian capital the search for answers continues by air and sea. divers come to the seabed looking for anything that could be from the plane and its passengers move resources are being poured into the effort with additional navy vessels joining the operation on. the data we try to retrieve anything we can debris victims anything to quickly form the victims the
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better this is some of what remains of the boeing 737500 which was on a domestic flight from jakarta to pontianak on borneo islands. the aircraft was at least 26 years old scraps of metal were brought to this port in jakarta is north most a mangled beyond recognition. divers brought back a number of items including children's clothing there were 10 children on board divers are continuing their search of the java sea and of don't back some of what they found here to tundra forge in north jakarta that includes some personal belongings of some of the $62.00 individuals on board and also tragically human remains police are sorting that evidence now here at the port and it will be sent for further investigation at this hospital in jakarta the relatives of the 50 passengers and 12 crew on board surely jaya air flight 102
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a working with authorities to identify the remains of some victims dozens have already given their d.n.a. samples to help with the process. indonesia's aviation record is one of the worst in asia with many families in recent years left devastated off a plane crashes none except cause he's family now joins that list her daughter her 2 granddaughters and their many were on board the flight and they get that like you know. i try to call her at 3 o'clock but i couldn't get through an hour later i tried to call her husband he was already waiting for them at the airport he cried on the phone when i asked him what happened he told me the plane lost contact she says she's still praying for her family and everyone else on board jessica washington al-jazeera jakarta. still to come here on al-jazeera. i brought him down a city famed for its speed secular sites but medical professionals costing dog days
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a hit as code 900 fatality rates keep record highs. also coming up israel approves plans to build more settlements in the occupied west bank decision sure to displease the next u.s. president. hello there it's a title of 2 seasons across europe at the moment we still have that wintry weather across spain and portugal but it's been rather most some alike on the other side of the mediterranean this is where we still have some warm and winds coming in from a southerly direction across at least the side of the mediterranean athens getting up to around $22.00 celsius some parts of grace running around to $10.00 to $15.00 degrees above the seasonal average war when off for people to hit the beach which
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you believe for a little dip in the mediterranean some lovely weather going on here we go through the next couple of days yes it will cool down a touch and we will see some a cool and wet a weather coming through maybe it's a little bit little bit of snow and to know the past you can see how balmy the conditions were some as we went through the last a day or $219.00 celsius the top temperature here on cheesed a cloud of rain making its way across parts of grace through the news say pushing frosty jian running towards sats western side of the turkey very heavy downpours coming from further north there's more wintry weather coming in fair bit of snow from the baltic states right the way down across see out sinking further south was as we go on through the middle part of the way turning moderate towards the northwest but cool for glasgow. from fossil fuels to modern day renewable as societies develop the energy demands
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increase requiring innovative solutions to meet such demand as a global power developing to the investment company nebraska power is uniquely positioned to deliver against the state we provide business growth promote social economic benefits and provide innovative safe and in farming to energy solutions for future generations the brush pioneering future. the. back is a reminder of our top stories on al-jazeera democrats in the u.s. congress have stepped up their efforts to remove donald trump from the presidency
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ahead of the end of his term an article of impeachment accusing him of incitement of insurrection was introduced after his role in last week's under arrest aid agencies a voiced concern over the u.s. state department's decision to designate yemen's who the rebels are a terrorist organization it's feared the move could make it harder to end the world's worst humanitarian crisis and search teams have brought in remote controlled submarines to search for the black box from an indonesian jet which crashed into the sea 62 people were on board the boeing 737 when it came down minutes after takeoff from jakarta on saturday. the number of recorded coven 1000 cases in africa has passed 3000000 south africa has recorded by far the highest number of cases and in cape town a shortage of coffins is forcing many families to delay funerals but adams reports
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done is known the world over for it taking sides but for all its beauty the city is battling to cope with the 2nd wave of the good old vida spent demick covert fatalities have skyrocketed in recent weeks overworked and exhausted undertakers say they cannot keep up at the moment. extremely busy with. the carpet. even running out of space. coffins manufactured as of coffins are working overtime to make up the shortages and meet demand is a big rally but it's not really the shortage of the conference or the shortage of of what is really the problems more but influx all of that is happening many believe the situation here is only going to get worse for the city of cape town. overall for the problems we had 5000 this in the 1st in the 1st way we projecting
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to have between 500-7000 this for the 2nd way the steep increase in coburg related deaths is also putting additional strain on burial sites this is michael in cemetery it is cutdowns oldest and largest burial site that's we met on $135.00 u.s. casualties of world war one and world war 2 a baby is also the final resting place of those who succumb to the smallpox epidemic in the $8100.00 it's actually that epidemic that led to its construction now nearly a year from south africa's 1st reported cut out of this case they are growing fears that this place would see that not a space for victims of code 19 government officials have confirmed they are down to their last dedicated area for those killed by covert at 2 of the biggest grave sites but they say they are prepared for any eventuality. if it's in the 1st way
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a number of last images were identified if needs be. to be accommodated it's important for me to add that. is not that we would like to make use of it's a tough situation and while some are able to give their loved ones a dignified sendoff others are left to wait and wonder if they'll be able to do the same items al-jazeera that done. indonesia has approved the chinese developed sin of f.x. in for emergency use it's the 1st country outside of china to give it the green light the head of indonesia's food and drug agency said the human trials there showed that it's 65 percent effective the country plans to launch its mass vaccination program on wednesday. malaysia meanwhile is going back under a 2 week lockdown as infections hits 3000 a day restrictions will apply to kuala lumpur and 5 of the country's 16 regions
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travel between all states will be banned but the prime minister said that essential sectors including construction and manufacturing can continue to operate under strict regulations the country is planning to begin vaccinations next month. facebook has shut down a counseling to ugandan government officials just days before the country's presidential election that that giant says fake accounts are being used to make it appear that posts are more popular than they really are thursday's vote sees president 70 attempt to extend this 35 year rule against a challenge from pop star turned politician bobby wine tensions have been high for months with opposition campaigners killed and their candidate held by police catherine so has more now from kampala. it's been a lot of misinformation and propaganda going around from full size of the for the simple device when i message days on want to stop that are spreading very spooky
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images and. misinformation on twitter and facebook and so on and now facebook says that among that towns that have been suspended are old individuals and that said to the information ministry we have spoken with a government spokesman who says that it's true that about the after hours of government employees employees working for the i.c.c. ministry have been suspended he says that this has been down with no explanation and no warning they did 10 that's was a coincidence deborah told us the inventor of the. devil not to return it to say. they have not done so i said to the double standard then that's very good as it were with what i would tell it insisted again that some of the opposition is working with. i love government officials including those on the president also lobbying on just saying that this giant step all prisons are understanding how to
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get the support of the ruling party of president yoweri with 70 governmental officials and so ringback on with ralph moves on they say and this is a rebellion that is now raising here in uganda he has a copy so come on problem everything else that is happening we've been seeing a lot of violence on the streets in the last few months. as time goes and a higher law from come paining human rights organizations saying that means that using. a lot of wealth to once a process doesn't go once so all this showing how contentious this election is and how high the stakes are. the populist candidate has claimed a victory in kyrgyzstan's presidential elections preliminary results a show that sad part of with close to 80 percent of the vote has what won he's pledged to weed out corruption and revive an economy that has been battered by the
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pandemic jump out of a serving jail time on hostage taking charges until mass protests in october saw him freed by supporters israel's prime minister is moving ahead with the construction of nearly 800 jewish settler homes in the occupied west bank the announcement was expected and comes just days before u.s. president elect joe biden is sworn into office by that has been critical of israeli settlement policies in the past while donald trump has largely supported them harry foresaid has more now from west jerusalem. we had expected there to be a new settlement announcement to take place before the inauguration of joe biden on the 20th of january and there was a report locally here in israel that it was going to take place next week at a planning committee meeting $850.00 new units either approved or in other ways sanctioned at various stages of the approval process and so benjamin
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netanyahu simply preempted that meeting next week and come out and confirm that report saying that yes there will be such. a large number of new units either approved or confirmed at that meeting it makes sense for him domestically in terms of politics in the run up to an election where he is facing a substantial challenge from his right to try and satisfy some of those pro such voices the numbers are about 100 new units approved at a northern settlement of tal menasha that's where. a woman was killed by a palestinian in an attack in december and her husband has been calling for more construction in it so again that is something of a of a move designed to play well with voters here 500 units approved elsewhere in the occupied west bank and 250 retrospective lee this is very much in accordance with
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israeli plans it seems the current administration ahead of the biden administration taking office in the united states biden has long been against settlements has spoken out against them as obstructions towards a 2 state solution he may not go back on various trunk moves such as recognizing jerusalem as israel's capital moving the u.s. embassy here but people are expecting him to try to clamp down on settlements and so this is very much a warning shot against him the leader of the opposition here in israel period has called this irresponsible and he says that israel is being dragged into an unnecessary confrontation with the incoming administration. the 1st commercial flight between katherine saudi arabia and more than 3 years has landed in riyadh last week saudi arabia the u.a.e. and egypt all agree to bring an end to the blockade of catherine that began in 2017 . was a international airport for the parcher that is the 1st
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qatar airways aircraft to travel now to saudi arabia direct from go up the airways flight heading to the saudi capital riyadh on board family members who were previously separated from their loved ones because of the blockade over the past 3 years not only is this seen as a positive move following the reconciliation declaration that was signed into law last week between qatar and the former blockading countries because of what it means for the people of the region because of what it means for the political stability of the region but particularly here in the airports where the airline industry has been hit so hard because of the pandemic not just in qatar but around the world this resumption of flights between destinations is something that is extremely welcome so it's very historic moments in what would have seemed to be normally a monday in flights between. countries but historic because of all the implications
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it has following 3 years of a bitter dispute which now seems to be somewhat in the process of being or of being in the distance. when we can get much more on everything that we have been covering on our website they were it is al jazeera dot com. hello i'm barbara starr in london these are the top stories on our democrats in the u.s. congress have stepped up their efforts to remove donald trump from the presidency ahead of the end of his term an article of impeachment accusing him of incitement of insurrection was introduced after his role in last week's on rest republicans in the house of representatives blocked the nation and initial attempt to request the
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vice president to invoke the 25th amendment of the constitution that would start the process to.


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