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define. the text the character and the. documentaries with a delicate touch on al-jazeera. the the in. the in. al-jazeera. hello i'm barbara starr and this is the al-jazeera news hour live from london thank you for joining us coming up in the next 60 minutes democrats start moves to impeach president trump accusing him of inciting violence against the u.s. government define a humanitarian warnings the u.s. prepares to brand yemen's who the rebels as terrorists in the knees in recovery crews pieced together the wreckage and their hunt for clues as to what caused a passenger jet to plummet into the sea. in schoolgirls governing bodies are
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closing ranks against the u.s. presidents the organizers of the u.s. p.g.a. championship taking the event away from a course on bond donald trump. the u.s. house of representatives as introduced an article of impeachment against president donald trump it charges him with inciting supporters to stage an attack on capitol hill last week there were crowds also submitted a resolution calling for trump's cabinet to declare him unfit for office and remove him but the session that was adjourned within minutes following an objection to that motion from the house republican well to bring us up to date on all the developments we're going to speak to my can in washington d.c. 1st though let's start with castro who joins us from capitol hill is so how do you
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what do we stand now with these proceedings what's likely to happen next. well barbara there are 2 facets to the way that democrats in the house are handling this 1st that article of impeachment that was introduced today that has not officially impeach the president that would require a vote that might happen as early as this wednesday but what the article says is that charges the president with inciting insurrection and violence against the u.s. government it mentions not only the words he used in the rally that directly preceded the violence telling his supporters to march on the u.s. capitol to overturn the election results it also talks about his previous the havior in calling georgia's secretary of state for instance to try to have him find you know a photo to overturn the election now with the steps moving forward is the likely vote on wednesday it likely does have enough votes in the house to pass which would
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officially impeach the president making him the only president in u.s. history to have been infused twice while in office but that is the key here he's only in office for a few days longer and it is nearly impossible for the senate to then host a trial prior to january 20th when joe biden's is inaugurated so some have wondered what is the point of doing this of that if he's going to be out of office anyway will democrats say that it's important to have this be the final chapter in the history of president trump's presidency to hold him accountable and namely if he is tried after leaving office and convicted it would take 17 republican senators to do so at least 2 has said that he should resign from the post well if he is convicted even later on it would bar him from holding office in the future barbara ok how does this just pick up on that point that you were making about the republican support for an actual impeachment he said it takes 17 to have come out and said
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that he should resign so what does it look like when it comes to. republican support for the actual impeachment of president trump. right in the house itself they couldn't peach president trump without any republicans because the democrats hold the majority there and democrats are also trying another tool to remove trump from office even earlier there they presented a resolution pushing the vice president mike pence to use the 25th amendment to deem trump unfit for office and to remove him immediately that is unlikely to take place as tense has said that he is hesitant to take that action given his own presidential ambitions and given his concerns that removing the president from office in just a few days' time would further inflame his his supporters who have already signaled that more violence might be in store at least in their plans how does your council
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with the latest there from capitol hill heidi thank you well as good of my cabinet who joins us now from washington d.c.'s so whether mike has there been any response to any of this from the president to or the white house. now there's been no response or formal response as the president's former press secretary hogan gidley was speaking media in the course of the morning he claimed that there'd be no discussion about the 25th amendment with president trump in his conversation that he had with him so there has been no formal response whatsoever however didn't describe the president as angry and certainly he made clear that the president is insistent on now taking some steps to burnish his legacy as he were he's planning a trip to the border in the course of tuesday to once again
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exaggerate or emphasize his border wall which was such a part of his administration he'll be going to alamo texas right on the border with mexico so certainly president trump has no formal response as yet we were expecting to hear from him sometime during the course of the day remember he did present a medal of honor to congressman jim jordan earlier on the softer noon. and michael were about to touch on a story about how the trumpet ministration is there's a need to who these in yemen is a terrorist organization because you know he remains for the next 9 days the most powerful man in the world and he can do a lot of things both within the united states and outside do you get the sense that he might have lost the confidence of his own administration so they may not say so publicly but that ultimately forgave an order now they wouldn't necessarily obey it . well he's lost 2 cabinet secretaries who resigned in recent days
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and let's just take the question of his vice president mike pence a loyal servant to trump throughout his administration it's understood he has not spoken to parents since the events on wednesday in fact the last phone call he had with friends was coaching him to refuse to certify the election even as demonstrators had the capital and the siege so certainly he's not speaking to his vice president he's lost members of his cabinet but as you say the point remains he is president of the united states he's declared in the course of the day or his administration has declared for example cuba is on the list of terrorist organizations so certainly he is continuing to take steps which could cause problems for the incoming administration for joe biden and as i said the store got 9 days to go and that is precisely why democrats want him out sooner rather than later ok so let's focus on the future administration then enjoy biden what have we heard out of him especially considering it possible security concerns that he may
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perhaps rightly have about his inauguration. or joe biden is insistent that an organization is going to go ahead do it regardless of any threat that may be offered to it biden incidentally received his 2nd dose of the coronavirus vaccine in the course of the day as to the impeachment of donald trump yes basically staying out of it saying that it's up to congress but he did float the possibility that if there is a senate trial if president is impeached by congress that the senate could possibly work half the day of the trial the other half the day pushing through his agenda so certainly joe biden insistent that the inauguration will go ahead regardless i can i would the latest here from washington d.c. mike thank you. was mike was mentioning there the u.s. state department has there's a gated cuba a state sponsor of terrorism a statement from secretary of state mike pompei all said cuba has repeatedly
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provided support for acts of international terrorism by granting safe harbor to terrorists but also accuses kubo of harboring american fugitives wanted it for political violence now the designation subjects cuba to new sanctions on exports and limits u.s. foreign assistance well with more let's go to ed augustine who joins us now via skype from heaven that may be an obvious question who is it all that's happening in the u.s. but why do you think this is happening now just days before trump actually leaves all office. i think it's transparently obvious why it's happening now there's no factual basis for adding cuba to the list of state sponsors of terrorism because right now cuba is not sponsoring terrorism broad no us has made to terrorist groups being sponsored by cuba and if you look at the statement from my home page from the
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state department it's all historical so american fugitives that in the past in the 1960 s. and seventy's fled the united states and took up political exile in here many of whom are still alive. people from left wing groups that in the past joined and were members of. terrorist organizations such as the fark such as the illinois in colombia and etter in spain but all of this happened back in the 1960 s. and seventy's almost half a century is as transpired since this happened. in in the current day none of this is going on so the question is why they're doing it now and it is that the answer is in 2 pieces 1st of all it's to say thank you to the right wing cuban american voting bloc in florida who trump tried very very hard to court and managed to succeed in winning florida. and it's also to create stickle tease for the by administration that's been very very clear that it wants to reset policy and
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go back to something like an obama 2 point nought on on cuba as a former cia analyst told me not long ago this is a trump time bomb and very trying this. so i don't know what impact is this likely to have on cuba cuban how seriously is being taken considering that there is a new administration coming in in one day stein. it will be taken very seriously by the cuban government which is under huge amount of pressure right now things here economically very very bad but i think it made things all worse keep being hit by the most potent u.s. sanctions in the last half century by this administration and if you look at the new sanctions they limit u.s. development assistance to cuba where there is none of that and also it limits defense exports of course the trunk mr asian was not selling arms to kiba so in terms of material impact there's nothing the only thing i can think of that might be affected is banking transactions which of which is already difficult for
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non-u.s. banks for example european banks to make access to cuba and the fact that he was now associated with terrorism by the u.s. might reduce that risk site even making transactions to import things like food medicine and other things that cubans companies institutions want might become more difficult but i think that it's highly likely that come by administration in the 1st part of that ministration this designation will be switched back. in and joining us live from havana cuba ed thank you. and still to come on the news hour. i brought it adams it cut down a city for its speed secular sites but medical professionals of course think dog days a hit as code 900 foot tell it to record highs. and coming up in sports the reigning america's cup champions have a day to forget that he is here with that story and.
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aid agencies say a u.s. decision to designate yemen's who the rebels as a foreign terrorist organization could have dire impacts it's feared the move by the state department on the parting trumpet ministration could make it harder to end the world's worst humanitarian crisis the iran aligned who aimed numerous attacks at saudi arabia and say that they reserve the right to respond and reports . 27 people were killed in this attack on audience airport last month as the newly formed yemeni government arrived. united states said those responsible must be held accountable and although the who said they weren't to blame secretary of state might pump aoe has announced he will
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designate the who these as a foreign terrorist organization and abdul malik up with the and 2 other leaders as terrorists. nearly 6 years into the war the who does remain in control of a 3rd of the country home to 80 percent of the population that's despite an air and ground campaign led by saudi arabia and the united arab emirates and the local forces they control the who these frequently staged cross border attacks on saudi infrastructure and commercial shipping the civilians sometimes caught in the middle . the situation on the ground is perilous more than 230000 people have been killed in the war the u.n. says 10000000 others are at risk of famine. and aid agencies fear the u.s. decision will push even more of the population toward starvation. $45.00 yemenis now depend on aid much of which comes through the hoop the controlled airport in sana'a and the port of data pump aoe says waivers will be available for the delivery of food and medicines but there's real concern about the impact on both
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the humanitarian crisis and the economy some of the impacts that we're seeing at prices which are already extremely high could go up and import and he starts getting hit in the face of the sanctions it's already at the world's worst humanitarian crisis and has already a situation where millions of people are struggling to work and. millions are found the warnings have just resurfaced so this is really why we're talking efforts by the world food programme have held off famine for now the un's food agency won the nobel peace prize for its work keeping millions alive in yemen and many other areas where there are wars and conflicts executive director david beasley told al jazeera last month that u.s. officials know exactly how difficult they're making their work we'll do whatever we need to do we always have whether those citations are designations or not we'll do what we can to reach the people our job is to let the leaders understand clearly what will be the ramifications and what the difficulties that will be for us to
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reach the people yemen is already in a. remotely volatile fragile state with i can't begin to tell you we are on the brink of famine right now in yemen but there may be hope the washington post reports that president elect biden's foreign policy team is against the move to designate the who these as terrorists there may be a change once he's in office in a chapell al jazeera. mohammad. yemen's capital sanaa with a reaction from a leading who is the official he says that the. latest move by the the outgoing administration of the as a denounced act he says that it's cation and also. a fact that the united states is part of the devastating war against yemen according to his preacher and also that the that has per participated in the killing and the and also the pushing
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more people to the brink of famine he says that the outgoing administration proves that its policies are so the source of terrorism in the world according to his remarks according to observers this would fall the worse in the direct humanitarian situation in the war ravaged country especially that percent of the population has been pushed to the brink of famine and the united. nations and also other non-governmental organizations are trying to to help yemenis to overcome the devastating impact of the ongoing war many hope this the upcoming administration will facilitate and also bring that warring sides back to the negotiating table to resolve their differences peacefully there rather than for the blockading the situation. peter sauls bre is the senior yemen analyst at the international crisis group he joins us now from new york sir thank you for joining
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us here on al-jazeera so what do you think the impact is going to be on the humanitarian the already disastrous humanitarian situation in yemen of the trumpet ministration designating the who these as a terrorist organization. it's really difficult to say exactly what the impact will be but we know several things 1st this is going to make working in yemen extremely difficult for international nongovernmental organizations who are going to have to go through a lengthy process of legal review to work out whether or not they could be prosecuted for triggering what's known as the material support provision in the foreign terrorist organization designation basically will their work in yemen constitute material support to the who sees but the bigger impact arguably is for traders is for businesses who bring food and other basic goods that are vital to say yemen into the country yemen relies on imports for about 90 percent of
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its foodstuffs of this isn't a small thing and what we're being told today is that many traders have been talking to their banks to their suppliers abroad to insurers and they're basically saying that until they have clarity on what this this means and most major international firms will stop sending anything to yemen or working with yemeni companies importing goods into to yemen so what's likely to happen is we'll see a real slowdown in the flow of goods into yemen and that's going to lead to a rise in the cost of living in yemen and the poverty crisis the hunger crisis in yemen isn't there because there is no food it's there because the economy is so bad people are making money and because prices are so high things are out of people's reach so the u.n. already predicts that about 50000 people will be driven into the famine in 2021 but
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that was before accounting for the impacts of this this designation and the impact that is likely to have if not it is definitely going to have on trade flows and t.m. and so it's a pretty pretty dire situation absolutely in a place that obviously is suffering a terrible him. in a terrible crisis so let me just i'm at the put appointee i mean we don't know how the nie that and a stray shot would handle this but it's not beyond the pale that they would just reinforce that the session but that them would take time but do you think that once the supply chain it is broken as effectively would be now that even if joe biden you know as let's say has priority 1st week in office reverses this decision the supply chain is broken anyway and that will have a domino effect well i think the we're likely to see the supply chain breaking down in the coming days. potentially the by administration could just enter office and say ok we're going to reverse this just as
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a nation that is on the table it's going to have a lot on its plate and this will be politically quite difficult to to do that it's not going to be an easy sell for the administration so there may be a temptation to kind of kick the can down the road of this and wait until they see what impacts there are i have to say the bigger issue right no is the secretary pompei out as the notes the designation but these exemptions of waivers the treasury department is meant to put together that allows the u.s. and usa id the u.s. aid organization and international n.g.o.s to work in yemen still not in place so when this comes into force in southern days there is the possibility that no one will be able to work in the country and even a short term shock of $1.00 to $3.00 weeks of nothing coming in again could drive prices up and could have a pretty devastating effect at least in the short. this is there's been
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a lot of outcry over several of the president's actions in the past few days obviously do you feel that perhaps this isn't getting a lot of attention because yemen is in many ways one of the forgotten crises of the world that doesn't get a lot of attention and because of that i guess no one really cares enough to try to resolve it not that it would be easy but do you think that's part of it i think that definitely plays into that this is been left so the very last moments it's part of a ranch didn't we see that. as a shooter is to be named a state sponsor of terrorism of course we had the events in washington d.c. last week the storming of the capital calls for a truck to impeachment so definitely in the chaos of the final days this is an illustration this is likely to slip under the radar of many outside of the small
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number of experts and observers who keep tabs on yellin these issues in the middle east. peace or souls very senior yemen analysts that the international crisis group sir thank you for sharing your views with us thank you thanks for your time an indonesian search team has uncovered more human remains in the java sea days after a passenger plane crashed minutes after takeoff divers are searching waters to the north of jakarta looking for the boeing 737 is black boxes jessica washington has one. of the coasts of the indonesian capital the search for answers continues. divers combed the seabed looking for anything that could be from the plane and its passengers who resources are being poured into method with additional naval vessels during the operation. to try to retrieve anything we can debris victims anything the quicker we found the victims the better. this is some of what remains
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of the boeing 737500 which was on a domestic flight from jakarta to pontianak on borneo islands. the aircraft was at least 26 years old scraps of metal were brought to this port in chicago's north most a mangled beyond recognition. divers brought back a number of items including children's clothing there were 10 children on board divers are continuing their search of the java sea and have brought back some of what they found here to tundra the pre-op horse in north dakota that includes some personal belongings of some of the $62.00 individuals on board and also tragically human remains police are sorting that evidence now here at the port and it will be sent for further investigation at this hospital in jakarta the relatives of the 50 passengers and 12 crew on board surely jiah air flight one and 2
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a working with authorities to identify the remains of some victims dozens have already given their d.n.a. samples to help with the process. indonesia's aviation record is one of the worse in asia with many families in recent years left devastated off the plane crashes none except causes family now joins that list her daughter her 2 granddaughters and their many were on board the flights just to get a look at the time i try to call her at 3 o'clock but i couldn't get through an hour later i tried to call her husband he was already waiting for them at the airport he cried on the phone when i asked him what happened he told me the plane lost contact. she says she still crave to have. to see washington to come to. the populist candidate has claimed victory in kurdistan presidential elections preliminary results show that south asia but of has one
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close to 80 percent of the vote he's pledged to weed out corruption and revive an economy that has been battered by the pandemic serving jail time on hostage taking charges until mass protests in october saw him freed by his supporters facebook has shut down a counseling to ugandan government officials just days before the country's presidential election the take giant says fake accounts are being used to make it appear that posts are more popular than they really are thursday's vote sees president you know what he was 70 attempt to extend his 35 year rule against a challenge from pop star turned politician bobby wine tensions have been high for months with opposition campaigners killed and their candidate held by police catherine soy has more now from kampala. it's been a lot of misinformation and propaganda going around on both sides of the political divide well i think days. that are spreading very picky are.
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information on twitter and facebook and so on and now facebook say that among that pounds that have been suspended are of individuals connected to the information ministry we have spoken to the government spokesman who says that it's true that their own government employees employees while i think the ministry have been suspended and we say that they have been down with no explanation and no warning. if we are going to have no time to answer to the double standard then that would have been aware with what i would tell it insisted that some of the opposition is working with. other government officials including those on the president who are all flopping on saying that this giant step corporations are good thing for the
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ruling party a presidential way with any government official and so on without move on they say and this is the good thing that is now raging here in uganda him the poppy top. on top of everything else that is happening been seeing a lot of violence on the people a lot more money a position need a promise and a power after the law from campaigning human rights when i read something that moves that moving. will you would prefer that the one thought all this showing how one pensions group election eve and how high the stakes are. this is the news hour from london still ahead. we speak to the international federation of the red cross and red crescent societies about its warning against covert complacency and vaccine reliance plus in sports rugby's world governing body
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is facing claims that the sports may be bad for your health. it's a tie you live to seasons across europe at the moment we still have that wintry weather across spain and portugal but it's been rather like on the other side of the mediterranean this is where we still have some warm winds coming in from a southerly direction across at least the side of the mediterranean athens getting up to around 22 celsius some parts. of grace running around to $10.00 to $15.00 degrees above the seasonal average war with off the people to hit the bait which you believe for a little dip in the mediterranean some lovely weather going on it was a go through the next couple of days yes it will cool down a touch and we will see somewhat cooler and west the weather coming through maybe
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it's a little bit little bit of snow and to know the past you can see how balmy the conditions were some as you went through the last day or 219 celsius the top temperature here on cheese day cloud right making its way across parts of grace through the news say pushing christie g. and running towards sats western side of the turkey very heavy downpours coming from further north as well when she weather coming in fabulous snow for the baltic states right the way down across see out sinking further south was as we go on through the middle part of the way turning moderate towards the northwest but cool snow for glasgow. in affluent astraddle some neighborhoods are backed by social and economic despair when a fakes a band of local heroes in one of us have a responsibility to change our place in place fighting for this a bit of a drain on al-jazeera.
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al-jazeera. and. we started as a modest man. carry a soldier who never imagined he might one day become president of egypt. he had an ambitious wife and son he became an autocrat and was imprisoned for the wrong lawful killing of protesters. the story of the rise and fall of hosni mubarak the family episode one just. to.
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welcome back here's a reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera democrats in the u.s. congress have spent up their efforts to remove donald trump from the presidency ahead of the end of his term an article of impeachment the cues in him of incitement of insurrection was introduced after his role in last week's on breast aid agencies a voiced concern over the u.s. state department's decision to designate yemen's who the rebels are a terrorist organization it's feared the move could make it harder to ended the world's worst humanitarian crisis. and search teams have brought in remote controlled submarines to search for the black box from an indonesian jet which crashed into the sea 62 people were aboard the boeing 77 when it came down minutes after takeoff from jakarta today.
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lebanon is tightening its lockdown restrictions as hospitals warned that they're reaching critical capacity among the stricter measures is a 24 hour curfew that will come into effect on thursday the country seen a dramatic rise with daily infections above 3000 after reaching an all time high with more than 5000 last week lebanon is already grappling with a major economic crisis and is struggling with the aftermath of the beirut airport explosion back in august. when well the number of recorded kovan 1000 cases in africa has passed 3000000 south africa has recorded by far the highest number of cases and in cape town a shortage of coffins is forcing many families to delay funerals as robyn adams that reports done is no. brits taking sides but for all its beauty the city is battling to cope with the 2nd wave of the good old vida
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spent demick covert fatalities have skyrocketed in recent weeks overworked i'm exhausted undertakers say they cannot keep up at the moment. extremely. cold. even running out of space. coffins manufacturers of coffins are working overtime to make up the shortages and meet demand is a big rally but it's not really the shortage of the coffins or the shortage of the wood it's really the problems more but influx all of that is happening many believe the situation here is only going to get worse for the city of cape town. overall for the problems we had 5000 this in the 1st in the 1st wave we projecting to have between 500-7000 this for the 2nd wave the steep increase in coburg related deaths is also putting additional strain on burial sites this is my plan cemetery it is
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cutdowns oldest and largest burial site that's we met on $135.00 u.s. casualties of world war one and world war 2 a baby is also the final resting place of those who succumb to the smallpox epidemic in the $8100.00 it's actually that epidemic that led to its construction now nearly a year from south africa's 1st reported by this case they are growing fears that this place would see the amount of space for victims of code 19 government officials have confirmed they are down to their last dedicated area for those killed by covert at 2 of the biggest grave sites but they say they are prepared for any eventuality. if it's in the 1st wave a number of last images were identified if needs be. to be committed it is important to me to add that. is not. we would like to make use of
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it's a tough situation and while some are able to give their loved ones a dignified sendoff others are left to wait and wonder if they'll be able to do the same items al-jazeera that done. england's top health official says the country is at its worst point in the pandemic a number of deaths recorded across the entire u.k. was down on monday compared to a record peaks last week but hospitals are under severe pressure the warning came as the u.k. government open the series of mass vaccination hubs as paul brennan now explains a race against time is how the u.k. government is describing this mass vaccination program the building behind me the xcel conference center one of 7 new mass vaccination senses that of opened on monday and apparently by the end of the month there will be 50 mass vaccination centers according to the prime minister boris johnson the aim is to get the jabs
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into as many arms as possible the government's published its vaccination program its plan its 47 page plan 2700 vaccine sides planned residents and staff in 10000 care homes to be offered vaccine by the end of january around 1960000 people have already had their 1st job the intention is that 15000000 people that's the over seventy's health care workers and also vulnerable medically vulnerable people will be vaccinated by mid february now the prime minister he toured the bristol mass vaccination center and he admitted it was a tall order to achieve those ambitions. it's a race against time because we can all see the threat that our n.h.s. faces the pressure it's under the the demand in instant intensive care units the pressure on on ventilated beds even the shortage of oxygen in some places of those
12:38 am
people who had their vaccination here in london on monday emerged from the building behind me rather enthusiastic about the fact that they had had the jab that said the path to success overall remains strewn with obstacles the government minister responsible for vaccination in the u.k. admitting that supply of vaccine might actually create some issues as far as being whether they'll be enough vaccination to go around another issue is the take up of vaccinations as well on monday morning here at xcel it was quite quiet the wasn't a huge amounts of people arriving to have their vaccinations in the time slots although what the national health service is saying is that take up will be ramped up as the days pass and another issue that's providing a headache for hospital bosses is oxygen the supply of oxygen needed for
12:39 am
coronavirus patients is putting strain on the oxygen systems the actual pipe systems within hospitals southend hospital on the stand having problems and other hospitals reporting issues as well so a lot of problems a lot of headaches to try to resolve in order to achieve the ambitions that have been stated. indonesia has approved the chinese developed scent of a vaccine for emergency it's the 1st country outside china to give it the green light ahead of indonesia's food and drug agency said a human trial there showed that 65 percent effective the country plans to launch its mass vaccination program on wednesday. as corona virus cases and fatalities surge across the globe partly driven by new highly transmissible variants of the virus the world's largest humanitarian network is warning that vaccines will not end the pandemic alone and people must remain vigilant that's because the variant
12:40 am
1st detected in the u.k. is not only spread rapidly throughout britain but has been found in at least 40 countries scientists believe it to be 70 percent more infective than the original strain another variant discovered in south africa has been detected in the least 6 of the countries and over the past months african nations have seen a continuous increase in cases and fatalities and the international federation of the red cross and red crescent says these surges are likely to grow after millions of people around the world to travel to gather with family and friends over at the end of the year holiday period well emmanuela couple bianco is the rector of the health care department at the international federation of the red cross and red crescent any joins us now from geneva so thank you so much for joining us here on al-jazeera. what is it that pushed you to make you know to issue this warning because i have to say that you know a lot of the experts that i've interviewed or people that have talked about the
12:41 am
coronavirus keep on sending this message you would only really end with the vaccine so why did you feel strongly enough to sort of qualify that message. but 1st we need to realize that the. registering the highest number of cases and highest number of that since the very beginning last year of 800000 people that are being infected every day you have 50000 dying and what we wanted to stress is that this is a very dramatic situations and while vaccines are coming into some countries there are numbers very low and so and it will remain little for for a lot of for all of of time unfortunately so the reality is we need to face this increased risk of transmission by adopting safe behaviors by avoiding crowded places but staying a tool i'm keeping the distance wearing masks and making sure that if anybody gets sick gets isolated and other people in contact gets quarantined these are simple
12:42 am
measures that are individually. that can really save many many lives until we'll have a vaccine spread all over the countries in the world i mean i'm talking to you from the u.k. which is an interesting case because it was the 1st country to give the ok i mean now it's 3 vaccines but gave the ok to the pfizer one it was the 1st country but it's also the place that is seeing contagion rates skyrocket right now and has imposed a lockdown once again so what do you think the main fear is do you think that because the vaccine is there people will see it as the light at the end of the tunnel and effectively relax their guard. well the vaccines are certainly a light at the end of the tunnel but we need to realize the vaccines are not there for the great majority of people in the u.k. they're arriving at the many countries the in the low income countries vaccines are not going to be there for a long time and you just showed a few minutes ago the images from from south africa africa seeing
12:43 am
a very steep rise even in cases and we need to make sure that while we wait for vaccines to arrive people protect themselves and government authorities take those measures that can protect the 2 to maximum extent we shouldn't be relaxing with the idea of a vaccine it's really up to everyone or valve's to defend ourselves and to do stranded the our families and our communities for the next weeks and months until vaccines will be widely available i mean it does seem unfortunately almost inevitable that certain countries will have more access to vaccines than others at least in the sort of immediate future what would you have to see in place to declare the pandemic is over in a way i mean if you're saying that now you know the vaccine isn't the end of the pandemic what would you have to see in place to say ok well now i think most of the danger is over. well let me just say that it's inevitable that some countries may
12:44 am
not have the vaccines while others may it's inevitable but it's unjust it's unfair and we should be fighting all of us to make sure that those mechanisms that i will be bringing vaccines also to deploy our countries will actually be mobilized and supported financially to bring vaccines over there once vaccines will be there we'll probably see a decrease in the mortality and so particularly if it should the most well little people will be protected 1st and then progress to be oprah we will see a reduction of the transmission particularly if you are able to reach high corporate level of vaccinations as we are reaching a very rapidly even countries like israel where you know more than 80 percent of all of the people above 60 years of age i've now been vaccinated these is something that we should be replicating possible you know as many countries as we can and then we will see probably the end of the line to the end of the. i mean i
12:45 am
totally agree with you when you talk about the injustice between rich and poor countries as to who's going to get access to the vaccines and something that we've discussed often here on al-jazeera as a topic but do you think that the reality will be that covert will almost effectively be over in some parts of the world say europe which is really surging ahead with the vaccination program in most countries and not in others so do you think that that's a situation we may be in in like a year or 18 months where some parts of the world can almost go back to normal life but not the whole world it's possible and we will have countries where you will see dropsy mortality because the most vulnerable groups will be protected in countries where the most vulnerable groups of not being protected will see a higher mortality of so yes in the medium term the risk of having huge iniquities and huge differences in mortality between the reacher world and the poor world. sad reality a thoughtless ability and i know
12:46 am
a couple bianco director of the health care department at the international federation of red cross and red crescent sir thank you. israel's prime minister is moving ahead with the construction of nearly 800 jewish settler homes in the occupied west bank the announcement was expected and it comes just days before u.s. president elect joe biden is sworn into office by then has been critical of israeli settlement policies in the past while donald trump has largely supported them herefore side has more now from west jerusalem. we had expected there to be a new settlement announcement to take place before the inauguration of joe biden on the 20th of january and there was a report locally here in israel that it was going to take place next week at a planning committee meeting $850.00 new units approved or in other ways sanctioned at various stages of the approval process and so benjamin
12:47 am
netanyahu simply preempted that meeting next week and come out and confirm that report saying that yes there will be such. a large number of new units either approved or confirmed at that meeting it makes sense for him domestically in terms of politics in the run up to an election where he is facing a substantial challenge from his right to try and satisfy some of those process voices the numbers are about 100 new units approved at a northern settlement of tal menasha that's where. a woman was killed by a palestinian in an attack in december and her husband has been calling for more construction in it so again that is something of a of a move designed to play well with voters here 500 units approved elsewhere in the occupied west bank and 250 retrospective lee this is very much in accordance with
12:48 am
israeli plans it seems the current administration ahead of the biden administration taking office in the united states biden has long been against settlements has spoken out against them as obstructions towards a 2 state solution he may not go back on various trunk moves such as recognizing jerusalem as israel's capital moving the u.s. embassy here but people are expecting him to try to clamp down on settlements and so this is very much a warning shot against him be leader of the opposition here in israel period has called this irresponsible and he says that israel is being dragged into an unnecessary confrontation with the incoming administration. still to come on al-jazeera air routes have reopened as cop out in saudi arabia seek to put their dispute behind them and then sport a landmark win for a 3 time former champion at the dakar rally and he is here with that story and more .
12:49 am
12:50 am
the 1st commercial flight between cathead and saudi arabia in more than 3 years has landed in riyadh last week saudi arabia the u.a.e. behind in the gypped all agree to bring an end to the blockade of cut out of that began in 2017. was a deal has hammered international airport for the flights departure. that is the 1st qatar airways aircraft to travel now to saudi arabia direct from go up the airways flight heading to the saudi capital riyadh on board family
12:51 am
members who were previously separated from their loved ones because of the blockade over the past 3 years not only is this seen as a positive move following the reconciliation declaration that was signed into law last week between qatar and the former blockading countries because of what it means for the people of the region because of what it means for the political stability of the movie region but particularly here in the airports where the airline industry has been hit so hard because of the pandemic not just in qatar but around the world this resumption and flights between destinations is something that is extremely welcome so it's very historic moments in what would have seen seemed to be normally a monday in flights between 2 g.c.c. countries but historic because of all the implications it has following 3 years of a bitter dispute which now seems to be somewhat in the process of being or of
12:52 am
being in the distance. ok it's time to get all the sports news now here's andy. thank you so much for all goals governing bodies are closing ranks against us president donald trump the organizers the u.s. p.g.a. championship taking the event away from of course the trump owns the trump national in new jersey was due to host the major championship in may 2022 that sort of it's is one of the game's biggest for annual events the u.s. professional golf association saying it was time to cut ties with trump. it's become clear that conducting the p.g.a. championship trumpet minister would be detrimental to the p.g.a. of america brand it would put at risk the piccies ability to deliver on many programs and sustain a long generally more mission. and organizers of another major the open championship in the u.k. of issued a statement saying finale turnberry course won't be hosting their event because it is owned by trump so embry has hosted the open on 4 occasions but not since trump
12:53 am
or the scottish venue in 2014 we had no plans to stage any of our championships and will not do so in the forseeable future will not return and so we're convinced that the focus will be on the championship the players and the course itself and we do not believe that is achievable in the current circumstances. well europe's leading club rugby competitions have been suspended due to coronavirus the champion's cup and challenge cup have been postponed for at least the next couple of weeks it comes after the french government ordered its teams not supply in the competitions this month. now a legal case against these world governing body is said to have a major impact on the game so far 9 x. players have alleged that world rugby was negligence when it came to managing head injuries white hair reports from or clint in new zealand. in new zealand rugby is a sport and culture here many boys and girls grow up dreaming of playing the game
12:54 am
for as long as possible and ultimately representing their country but having a long career could also mean long term health problems the more injuries you get in the more severe and significant. the more the higher the likelihood some individuals will go on to develop pair earlier cognitive problems and on mood problems later in life and that's what a group of former players say direct experience ing and the taking the world rugby to court some including former england player steve thomson have been diagnosed with early onset dementia which they say was caused by repeated blows to the head playing rugby they want compensation and 15 demands minutes including a limit on the amount of contact training and for world rugby to accept that playing professionally can lead to brain disease in response the governing body issued a statement saying player welfare is its number one priority john mayhew was a doctor to new zealand's all blacks and
12:55 am
a medical advisor to world rugby and says proving that rugby caused the players' health problems will be difficult but he concedes the sport continues to learn how to manage head injuries and i think we have to be careful we look back to 20 or 30 years ago with a pretty trivial perspective that you know some of those players are moving managed by the best possible. does the time which i mean i was looking back was not good enough more players are being asked to join the legal case but some are saying no even after being forced out of the game early because of repeated concussions personal foul was. incredibly well of. course. professional sport has seen this before like in 2013 when the national football league in the united states agreed to pay damages totaling up to $1000000000.00 to former players but the n.f.l. did not admit that the injuries were caused by football it's taken a long time but there's no doubt that in countries like new zealand the issue of
12:56 am
concussion and rugby is taken a lot more seriously than it used to be but it's a high impact game and head injuries will continue to happen the question is scientifically and legally can those head injuries be linked to long term health problems at the very least the legal action is creating more discussion about head injuries in rugby which is too often been treated as a sensitive topic among the game's administrators bring it further into the open can only help the game survive for future generations when hey al jazeera or clones has been an early season the setback for australian open champion sophia cannon she's been knocked out of the abu dhabi open in the build up to her grand slam title defense the american did win the 1st set of parents greek number 9 seed marius a curry but it was a curry and lost both of her previous matches against kenyan who came through in the 3 sets to advance into the semifinals now a landmark win for cats sirrah at the dakar rally in saudi arabia these 3 time
12:57 am
champion recorded the 40th staged picture of his career in 5th in this year's race here is 2nd overall but he's now less than 5 minutes behind the leader that's francis stephens as a hansel defending champion car science is in 3rd place the race finishing on friday in the jetta. on the reigning america's cup champions of had a day to forget the new zealand head capsizing during a practice race this against say many else you came waters near or clint the crew did manage to get the rights and there were no injuries see new zealand getting ready to defend its americas cup title in march. ok that is how you sports is looking for now let's get back so barbara inland andy thank you for that and that is it for this news hour do stay with us though we're going to be back in just a few minutes away with more of the day's news and the latest reaction from the united states saluting.
12:58 am
she's 7 years old she's a hard wakka she's cool and a dad is a best friend. together they what codd to make their dreams come true. you find. china's little rock star. on al-jazeera. ok calm and make sure you're not hyping the situation be
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part of the debate my main characters are women when no topic is off the table the laws in the last allow child marriage to happen legally easer basically archaic walls dads often legitimize and legalize pedophilia. online jump into the court section and each into the discussion this stream own out is there. just on the differences and similarities of cultures across the bom so no matter how you take it we'll bring you the news and current affairs that matter to you the brazilian journalist investigating a politically starch and land grab all the farmers helped yet another elected and he's repay them that's empowering everyday people to profit from the destruction of the rain forest people are almost willing to give their life away to guarantee the occupation all of dylan's is journalism the last hope in the fight so steep that on
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the song the system not only lead to conflict but a culture of the narrative brazil the age of both in our role whose truth is it anyway on al-jazeera. democrats start to move to impeach president trump accusing him of inciting violence against the u.s. government. alone barbara starr you're watching al-jazeera live from london also coming up defying humanitarian warnings the u.s. prepares to brand yemen's who the rebels as terrorists indonesian recovery crews pieced together the wreckage in their hunt for what clues for clues to what caused that passenger jet to plummet into the sea.


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