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to guarantee the occupation of the land is journalist in the last book in the fight steep the amazon this is not only land conflict but a construct of narrative brazil the ija consonantal whose truth is that any we on al-jazeera. democrats start to move to impeach president trump accusing him of inciting violence against the us government. hello i'm barbara starr you're watching al-jazeera live from london also coming up defying humanitarian warnings the u.s. prepares to brand yemen's who the rebels as terrorists in danny's in recovery crews pieced together the wreckage in their hunt for what clues for clues to what caused that passenger jet to plummet into the sea. the extremely busy with the.
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no even coverage and with so many people dying of coronavirus in south africa funeral homes are running out of conflicts. the u.s. house of representatives has introduced an article of impeachment against president donald trump it charges him with inciting supporters to stage an attack on capitol hill last week them across also submitted a resolution calling for trump's cabinet to the clear him unfit for office and remove him but the session was adjourned within minutes following an objection to that motion from the house republican mike hanna joins me now from washington d.c. so mike has to be any response from the president or the white house to everything that's going on. well there has been no response at all from
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a formal response that is a former spokesman for the president hogan gidley did give an interview to the media which in which he said that he had been speaking to the president but claims that there was no discussion about the impeachment proceedings other sources describe the president as a very angry but it would appear that much of his anger is directed at the fact that the p.g.a. decided to remove the golf tournament from his new york state govt course but certainly there's been no formal response from the president or from the white house at this particular stage and break also what have we heard from biden about the future steps that might take place do we get a sense that he is in support of what many of his fellow democrats democrats want to see and that is an impeachment. well we know that the president elect has been discussing this whole matter with members of congress democrat members of congress incidentally received
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a 2nd coronavirus shot in the course of the day but he is largely it would appear leaving it up to congress he stated that specifically that is a matter for congress to decide however you did a certain. statement in the course of the day as well saying that if president trump is impeached and should he go on a trial in the senate then there is a possibility that the senate could split its time and spend half the day conducting the trial and the other half pushing through joe biden's agenda which is going to be a very busy agenda for the 1st 100 days in particular so joe biden obviously well aware of what the process is making very clear to both bet he does not want anything to interfere with his inauguration or indeed what he wants to focus on which primarily is a battle in the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and pushing through for the changes within the country that he is intent on and has pledged to do i can there with the
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latest from washington mike thank you. well the u.s. state department has designated cuba a state sponsor of terrorism a statement from secretary of state might prepare said cuba has repeatedly provided support for acts of international terrorism by granting safe harbor to terrorists it also accuses cuba of harboring american fugitives wanted for political violence there's ignatius objects cuba to new sanctions on exports and limits u.s. foreign assistance was more ed augustine joins us now via skype from heaven am in those of the aki accusations there from the secretary of state but any reason do you think why all of this could be happening now. the accusations are true cuba dads have military military intelligence presence in venezuela cuba does harbor. the north americans are engaged in political violence. and it does harbor
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former members of terrorist groups like in spain. and then the fark in colombia what's strange is that these accusations that are true have been true for decades these people who have been here have been here since the sixty's and the seventy's so nothing in the trumpet ministration the thing that's happened in political reality during the trial commiseration has changed the reason they're doing it now is to make it more difficult for the biden administration to pursue a normalization agenda with cuba by the mr ation has been fairly clear that they want to go back to an a bomb or 2 point note with cuba obama famously normalized relations back in 2014 it was announced and so this is a trump timebomb an evidence free from time bomb to make things a little bit harder. for things to get back on track in terms of not normalization but what actual difference will it will make to cuba now that the u.s. has designated a state sponsor of terrorism especially considering that they may all be reversed
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when the new administration comes into office. i think too hard liners. in the cuban government people who are always 'd suspicious of having normalized relations with the us it will. peak them it will annoy them and it might. slightly increase their arguments that normalization is a threat to keep and should go so far but not too far with it after all this is a country that has suffered at the hands of the united states and the cia and even americans over the last 60 years literally hundreds of terrorist attacks this is a country with the most famous of which $976.00 cia agents blew up a civilian aircraft carrying cuban the cuban fencing to and over 70 people were murdered so the notion of being accused of supporting terrorism when you've been on the receiving end of literally hundreds attacks is found to be annoying in terms of
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actual practical effects i think very little at this point and the reason is because the trumpet ministration has done so much over the last 2 years leading up to the election to have a keyboard sanctions that at this point extra sanctions really don't do much if you look at what is banned now it talks about defense contracts about there's no to try ministration doesn't sell guns obama's to cuba foreign assistance programs abound well there's no foreign assistance program between the trump ministration and cuba so this is symbolic and analysts are expecting that fairly early on in the biden administration even though he's got far greater priorities when it comes to cuba this will be dealt with and abrogated fairly quickly and augustine the latest there from heaven there ed thank you. well it's not just cuba that's been in the firing line aid agencies say u.s.
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decision to besuch made yemen's who the rebels as a foreign terrorist organization could have dire impacts it's feared the move by the state department under that the parting trump administration could make it harder to end the world's worst humanitarian crisis the iran aligned to these of and numerous attacks at saudi arabia and say that they reserve the right to respond and reports. 27 people were killed in this attack on audience airport last month as a newly formed yemeni government arrived. united states said those responsible must be held accountable and although the who these said they weren't to blame secretary of state might pump aoe has announced he will designate the who these as a foreign terrorist organization and abdul malik and who theon 2 of their leaders as terrorists. nearly 6 years into the war the who does remain in control of a 3rd of the country home to 80 percent of the population that's despite an air and
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ground campaign led by saudi arabia and the united arab emirates and the local forces they control the who these frequently staged cross border attacks on saudi infrastructure and commercial shipping the civilians sometimes caught in the middle . the situation on the ground is perilous more than 230000 people have been killed in the war the u.n. says 10000000 others are at risk of famine. and aid agencies fear the u.s. decision will push even more of the population toward starvation. 45 yemenis now depend on aid much of which comes through the hoop the controlled airport in sanaa and the port of the data pump you know says waivers will be available for the delivery of food and medicines but there's real concern about. the impact on both the humanitarian crisis and the economy some of the impacts that we are afraid of seeing that prices which are already extremely high could go up. in court and he starts if you're dealing here in the face of the sanctions it's already at the
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world's worst humanitarian crisis and there's already a situation where millions of people are struggling to work and. millions are famine warnings have just resurfaced so this is really what we're talking efforts by the world food programme have held off famine for now the un's food agency won the nobel peace prize for its work keeping millions alive in yemen and many other areas where there are wars and conflicts executive director david beasley told al jazeera last month that u.s. officials know exactly how difficult they're making their work we'll do whatever we need to do we always have whether the sages are designations or not we'll do what we can to reach the people our job is to let the leaders understand clearly what will be the ramifications and what the difficulties that will be for us to reach the people yemen is already in a remotely volatile fragile state with i can't begin to tell you we are on the
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brink of famine right now in yemen but there may be hope the washington post reports that president elect biden's foreign policy team is against the move to designate the who these as terrorists and there may be a change once he's in office. al jazeera. mohammed is in yemen's capital sana'a with a reaction from a leading who's the officials. he says that the. latest move by the the outgoing administration of the tramp as a denounced act he says that it's turning the case in and also. a fact that the united states is part of the devastating war against yemen according to his speech and also that that has per participated in the killing and the un also pushing more people to the brink of famine he says that the outgoing administration proves that its policies are so the source of terrorism in the world according to his remarks
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according to observers this would fall the worse in the direct humanitarian situation in the war ravaged country especially that percent of the population has been pushed to the brink of famine and the united. nations and also other governmental organizations are trying to to help yemenis to overcome the devastating impacts of the the ongoing war many hope this the upcoming administration would facilitate and also bring warring sides back to the negotiating table to resolve their differences peacefully rather than for the blockading the situation in indonesia and search team has uncovered more human remains in the java sea days after a passenger plane crashed minutes after takeoff divers are searching the waters to the north of jakarta looking for the boeing 737 is black boxes jessica washington has more. off the coast of the indonesian capital the search for answers continues
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by air and sea. divers come to the seabed looking for anything that could be from the plane and its passengers move resources are being poured into the effort with additional navy vessels joining the operation. but at the end we try to retrieve anything we can debris victims anything the quickly found the victims the better. this is some of what remains of the boeing 737500 which was on a domestic flight from jakarta to pontianak on borneo islands. the aircraft was at least 26 years old scraps of metal were brought to this port in jakarta as north most a mangled beyond recognition. divers brought back a number of items including children's clothing there were 10 children on board divers are continuing their search of the java sea and have brought back some of what they found here to conjure the real horse in north dakota that includes some
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personal belongings of some of the $62.00 individuals on board and also tragically human remains police are sorting that evidence now here at the port and it will be sent for further investigation at this hospital in jakarta the relatives of the 50 passengers and 12 crew on board sri would jaya air flight one and 2 a working with authorities to identify the remains of some victims dozens have already given their d.n.a. samples to help with the process. indonesia's aviation record is one of the worst in asia with many families in recent years left devastated off the plane crashes none except cause he's family now joins that list her daughter her 2 granddaughters and the nanny were on board the flights and began like you know. i try to call her at 3 o'clock but i couldn't get through an hour later i tried to call her husband
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he was already waiting for them at the airport he cried on the phone when i asked him what happened he told me the plane lost contact she says she's still praying for her family and everyone else on board jessica washington al-jazeera to counter . still to come here on al-jazeera. i'm not items that can turn a city famed for its speed secular sites but medical professionals costing dog days a hit its covert 1000 fatalities rights record highs. and israel approves plans to build more settlements in the occupied west bank and the short of this next u.s. president.
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we got something of a change in the weather across the southeastern parts of australia now we've gone from the cool the wet weather to somewhat hot and dry fire risk weather coming through that set us we go through the next couple of days this cold front will make its way through temperatures in melbourne full back to around 23 degrees celsius got close to 40 degrees celsius on monday afternoon still getting up to 32 there in adelaide warm sunshine look at the temperatures do start to pick back up for melbourne as we go on through wednesday said that far west bushfire risk back on the cards as we go on through the remainder of this week southern parts of australia generally dry then $34.00 celsius there in perth up towards the north we do still have some showers around the top and still some lively shall is just around northern parts of queensland up towards kansas we go through the next couple of days meanwhile for new zealand generally find a dry pleasantly warm temperatures getting up into the mid twenty's and nothing too pleasant about the weather across japan at the moment we have seen a fair bit of snow recently in this most snow in the forecast to choose day
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temperatures in tokyo will struggle to reach 5 degrees celsius with more snow coming into one shoe and hokkaido signs of malta weather coming in as we go on into wednesday with temperatures creeping up into double figures. an invitation to bear witness to all that life office. the highs the lows the trials and tribulations. and soon movements and everyday miracles the injustices the defiance the test of character and the person in the trees the witness documentaries with a delicate touch on al-jazeera.
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welcome back here's a reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera democrats in the u.s. congress have stepped up their efforts to remove donald trump from the presidency ahead of the end of his term an article of impeachment accusing him of incitement of insurrection was introduced to after his role in last week's under arrest. aid agencies have voiced concern over the u.s. state department's decision to designate yemen's who the rebels a terrorist organization it's feared the move could make it harder to end the world's worst humanitarian crisis and search teams have brought in remote controlled submarines to search for the black box from an indonesian jet which crashed into the sea 62 people world board the boeing 737 when it came down minutes
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after takeoff from jakarta on saturday. the populist candidate has claimed victory in kyrgyzstan's presidential elections preliminary results show that said the a chaperone has won close to 80 percent of the vote he has pledged to weed out corruption and revive an economy that's been battered by the pandemic shephard of was serving jail time on hostage taking charges until mass protests in october saw him freed by his supporters. facebook has shut down a counseling to ugandan government officials just days before the country's presidential election the tech giant says fake accounts are being used to make it appear that posts are more popular than they really are thursday's vote sees president you know what it was 70 attempt to extend this 35 year rule against a challenge from pop star turned politician bobby why tensions have been high for
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months with opposition campaigners killed and their candidate held by police catherine sawyer has more from kampala. there's been a lot of misinformation and propaganda going around from little sides of the political divide when i message days on want to stop reading very strictly our images and. misinformation on twitter and facebook and so on and now facebook says that among that towns that have been suspended are old individuals connected said to the information ministry we have spoken to the government spokesman who says that it's true that about the after hours of douglas employees employees working for the i.c.c. ministry have been suspended he says that this has been down with no explanation and no warning be deeded paradise was going to be devoted to. be able to return. if we are going to. answer to the double standard
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and that would agree with what i would tell you. that some of the opposition is working with. other government officials including those on the president also saying that this guy and step operations are a good thing. i would ensure you have any government official and so on without move on they say and this is the one that is now raging here in uganda. on top of everything else that is happening in seeing a lot of violence on the street in a lot more money. than a power after law from campaigning human rights and i went and thing that thing. will do what the the one so all been showing how contentious the election eve and how high the stakes are. lebanon is tightening its lockdown restrictions
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hospitals warn that the reaching critical capacity among the stricter measures is a 24 hour curfew that will come into effect on thursday the country's seen a dramatic rise with daily infections above 3000 after reaching an all time high of more than 5000 last week lebanon is already grappling with a major economic crisis and is struggling with the aftermath of the beirut quarter explosion last fall this meanwhile in mexico cove at 19 a schools one of the world's highest death rates among health care workers with record virus numbers and hospitals near capacity in several cities health professionals are pleading with the population to stay indoors. reports now from mexico city. health workers in mexico say they're at a breaking point the still worsening health crisis has taken in especially high toll on medical professionals according to the government's own data almost 2500
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people employed in the nation's health sector have died since the start of the outbreak. doctors and nurses from the national public health service recently published in emotional plea on social media saying that many of them have reached the point of physical and emotional exhaustion. by begging you do not expose yourself to come tell you don't become a transmitter of the disease. mexico remains one of the country's hardest hit by the pandemic the nation's economy is hurting as well. on monday restaurant workers protested against containment measures which have led many businesses to close their doors the more that i voted out of going out if. we are workers that are being condemned to unemployment or small business owners that are being driven to bankruptcy and we're not the only ones behind every plate of food is along production line. since the start of the outbreak in mexico much of the debate over
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how to strike a balance between curbing transmission of coronavirus and preserving the health of the economy has taken the form of protests like this one outside mexico's national palace. in an effort to curb contagion government officials have reinstated partial lockdown measures in mexico city. at the same time however daily deaths and new coronavirus cases have both soared to record highs pushing many medical facilities to the limit and as bad as patients have to wait for 4 or 5 hours there are no bits there are no ventilators there's no oxygen queues are very long sometimes and we have to wait and fight over beds the situation is out of control. but. the national back sedation program is slowly being rolled out health experts have stepped up efforts to warn the population of the ongoing risks of the virus when players can add another layer of worry has been the announcement that the 1st case
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of a mutated strain of co but 9 team responded last year in the united kingdom that was recently detected in the mexican state of tamaulipas. al-jazeera mexico city. as a situation in mexico meanwhile the number of recorded covered langton cases in africa has passed 3000000 south africa has recorded by far the highest number of cases and in cape town a shortage of coffins is forcing many families to delay funerals he is robin at. that time is known the world over for its brits taking sides but for all its beauty the city is battling to cope with the 2nd wave of the good old vida spend demick covert fatalities have skyrocketed in recent weeks overworked and exhausted undertakers say they cannot keep up at the moment because cope extremely busy with funerals of spatially you know the cupboards. even running out of space.
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and manufacturers of coffins are working overtime to make up the shortages and meet demand is a big rally but it's not really the shortage of the conference or the shortage of what is really the problems more but influx all of that is happening many believe the situation here is only going to get worse for the city of cape town. overall for the problems we had 5000 this in the 1st in the 1st way we projecting to have between 500-7000 this for the 2nd way the steep increase in coburg related deaths is also putting additional strain on burial sites this is my plan cemetery it is cutdowns oldest and largest burial site that's we met on 135 years casualties of world war one and world war 2 a baby is also the final resting place of those who succumb to the smallpox epidemic in the $8100.00 it's actually that epidemic that led to its construction
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now nearly a year from so africa's 1st reported cut out of this case they are growing fears that this place would seem that not a space for victims of code 19 government officials have confirmed to have down to their last dedicated area for those killed by covert at 2 of the biggest grave sites but they say they are prepared for any eventuality. if it's in the 1st way a number of last images were identified if needs be mysterious would be to be accommodated it's important for me to add that mysterious is not that we would like to make use of it's a tough situation and while some are able to give their loved ones a dignified sendoff others are left to wait and wonder if they'll be able to do the same items al-jazeera. israel's prime minister is moving ahead with the construction of new. 800 jewish settler homes in the occupied west bank the
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announcement was expected and comes just days before u.s. president elect joe biden is sworn into office he's been critical of israeli settlement policies in the past while donald trump has largely supported them harry force that has more now from west jerusalem. we had expected there to be a new settlement announcement to take place before the inauguration of joe biden on the 20th of january and there was a report locally here in israel that it was going to take place next week at a planning committee meeting $850.00 new units either approved or in other ways sanctioned at various stages of the approval process and so benjamin netanyahu simply preempted that meeting next week and come out and confirm that report saying that yes there will be such. a large number of new units either approved or confirmed at that meeting it makes sense for him domestically in terms
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of politics in the run up to an election where he is facing a substantial challenge from his right to try and satisfy some of those process voices the numbers are about 100 new units approved at a northern settlement of tal menasha that's where. a woman was killed by a palestinian in an attack in december and her husband has been calling for more construction in it so again that is something of a of a move designed to play well with voters here 500 units approved elsewhere in the occupied west bank and 250 retrospective lee this is very much in accordance with israeli plans it seems the current administration ahead of the biden administration taking office in the united states biden has long been against settlements has spoken out against them as obstructions towards a 2 state solution he may not go back on various strong moves such as recognizing
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jerusalem as israel's capital moving the u.s. embassy here but people are expecting him to try to clamp down on settlements and so this is very much a warning shot against him the leader of the opposition here in israel period has called this irresponsible and he says that israel should be. being dragged into an unnecessary confrontation with the incoming administration. hello i'm barbara starr in london these are the top stories on al-jazeera democrats in the u.s. congress have stepped up their efforts to remove donald trump from the presidency ahead of the end of his term and article of impeachment accusing him of incitement of insurrection was introduced after his role in last week's on rest republicans in the house of representatives blocked that initial attempt to request the vice president invoke the 25th amendment of the constitution castro is on capitol hill.


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