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tv   101 East Mongolia From the Steppe to the Slum  Al Jazeera  January 13, 2021 2:30am-3:01am +03

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they're not part of the fall it's. the protests began after the government passed 3 agriculture laws in september which encouraged and dia's farmers to sell directly to large corporations. they intensified in the van when farmers from the states of punjab and. marched hundreds of kilometers to delhi and occupied highways. there saying has been at the protest signs for 6 weeks. our demands have to be fulfilled by the government and then if all the farmers leave. the door the family members back home. says no one knows. we left our family behind for this. fama say they were afraid that once the was implemented they lose a minimum prices for their projects which have been guaranteed by the government for decades dozens of farmers have died camping out in the cold over the past 6 weeks including want here. today the supreme court took note of the deaths the
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number of elderly people women and children of the demonstrations and said it's extremely disappointed with the government's handling of the protests. the government maintains that the laws are in the interest of farmers by giving them access to new and bigger markets with pharma suspicious not just of the government but also the makeup of the supreme court's committee india's biggest protests since promised in the day the more he was 1st elected 6 years ago a set to continue elizabeth. we're going to weather up to. questions about the timing of a sweeping coronavirus state of emergency declaration. and an arrest warrant is issued in connection with the explosion and killed 200 people.
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hello the weather's lousy fodder dry across much of north america now we've had a little bit of wet weather pulling away from the eastern seaboard clear skies coming back in behind this area of low pressure that will drift away from the carolinas if you go through the next day or so subtle weather into central pa sad that includes central areas of canada different story i was towards the west another system just pulling in from the pacific right and sleet and snow and a fair bit over this well set across the canadian rockies but even south of the border a fair bit of snow coming through here and some lively winds to that so wintry mix will move across the mountain states too bad into central and eastern parts still be getting up close to double figures there ever around that eastern side of the u.s. stacie gets up to 11 celsius on thursday that snow will push across central canada through scott she won maddux hoba see that sink south of the border to across the northern plains of the u.s.
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it makes way for the next system which will gradually push its way into the western side of canada and the pacific northwest but too much to speak of to the south there of course the caribbean a slushy fought and dry some gorgeous sunshine in play here we have got some heavy showers around mexico southern parts of mexico into the yucatan peninsula and a rough to shower as the hunt years. the 1st episode of the new series exposed the imperial origins of the drug trade commerce was good for fire and our it was good for commerce if you search very much want to go and opens passage from the far east to europe and the united states. guns you need money all the money in these mountains is open. drug trafficking politics some power the era of empires on al-jazeera.
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when the news breaks the impact of the storms in honduras has been particularly devastating when people need to be hurt no group has claimed responsibility for the shooting on the outskirts of srinagar in indian administered kashmir people here say they're living in fear al-jazeera has teams on the ground they never ate the sky for food that we simply don't know if we contiki to bring you more award winning documentaries and life on air and online. and again in a secular life to washington d.c. the house representatives are currently debating the rules for
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a democratic resolution calling on vice president mike pence to invoke the 25th amendment to dismiss donald trump let's listen in for a minute this isn't actually the votes on the on the 25th amendment let me remind you it's just a debate on the rules of that's debate circumstances despite witnessing the vice president sound judgment and ability to fulfill his oath and person majority is now seeking to push him into performing an additional action under the 25th amendment the vice president has not done what the majority wishes him to do and so they're bringing up this resolution now as an effort to pressure him into doing so this act attempting to substitute the house's judgment for the vice president is not contemplated anywhere in the constitution and as we all saw last wednesday by spence's vice president says judgment is sound there's no need for the house to attempt to substitute its judgment for is our own i personally
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have strong faith in him and i believe he will consider his constitutional duty in the same manner that he carries out all the other constitutional duties assigned in a forthright manner that fulfills his oath of office and attest to his personal integrity should the vice president ever believe that the 25th amendment needs to be invoked i have no doubt that vice president pence both as a leader as a former house colleague and as a friend but exercise. good judgment with respect to performing that duty and he's not taking that action thus far is an indication that the house needs to is no indication that the house needs to push him to do show his record of sound judgment should speak to us on this issue as such i urge my colleagues to reject the resolution i urge a no vote on the rule a no vote on the underlying measure and i reserve the balance of my time german reserves gentle woman from pennsylvania is recognized mr speaker i hear 2 minutes
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to the china woman from texas ms jackson bill gentleman from texas is recognized for 2 minutes let me thank the general lady from can survey you for her leadership and my good friend from oklahoma as well my friend from oklahoma may be in fact accurate to the extent. that the 25th amendment stands on its own as actions that the vice president will take but we are a co-equal branch of government and mr raskin resolution is an appropriate resolution because we have a responsibility to govern and to protect the american people and so this resolution is not in violation of the constitution because it is the congress calling upon the vice president to reflect on january 6th
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a day in infamy to reflect the fact that there were 6 people that died that we lost 2 precious. law enforcement capitol hill police their injuries in many ways attributable to this some in different ways than others and we lost americans and clearly it is a long chain of events that goes back to the president of the united states. the president when a duly announced election came about another member 62020 proceed to declare that it had been stolen and continuing to stoke the fires of his believers to begin to plan some kind of attack because he kept saying come to washington i'll see you there and then of course as time went on i valued the
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president's right to the courts which he went but he did not find that to be a solution for him so age as 21 is the congress speaking and we have every right as a co-equal branch to speak why. i have that right gentleman from pennsylvania 15 from. ok 32nd from gentlewoman's organize for additional 30 seconds we have that right because of the f.b.i. has indicated that they have seen 100000 digital media and they'll be looking for more to see those who endangered all of those that were here my appreciation to police and the floor staff and law enforcement custodial staff staff media and others who were put in harm's way along with members so i rise to support this resolution because it does not violate the constitution or the intent of the 25th
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amendment it provides for the congress to speak to ask the vice president to recognize that this gentleman in iran that it's ever still gentlemen i consider reserves gentleman from oklahoma is recognized thank you misspeak or misspeak or are you 3 minutes to my very good friend and fellow member of the rules to very distinguished panel lady from arizona ms lesko the gentleman from arizona is recognized for 3 minutes thank you mr speaker i rise in opposition to the rule over the last week we've heard calls from both parties leaders past and present about the need for unity in our nation we've heard president elect biden and other members of the democratic party call for unity a path forward for our nation full of mutual consideration and respect yet here we are today with democrats charging in the opposite direction further
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dividing our nation by calling for the invocation of the 25th amendment by the vice president let's consider this for a moment. my democratic colleagues are demanding vice president pence invoke the 25th amendment and take over as president with these calls it is clear they have full faith in the vice president and his ability to act in a manner that is consistent with his constitutional responsibility simply put they trust him to do the job the at the very demand they are making insinuates that the vice president pence cannot be trusted to make the decision to invoke the 25th amendment on his own it calls into question the core of his judgment if you trust someone to lead the nation and be the acting
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president should you also trust that same person to take the steps necessary to safeguard if it is needed. with that i urge opposition to the rule and i yield back the balance of my time gentleman yield to the gentleman rock on the reserves gentleman from pennsylvania is recognized mr speaker i yield to minute fitted gentleman from california mr garamendi chemical california is recognized for 2 minutes mr speaker i rise today with great sadness and anger over the events that transpired on january 6th and i rise was steadfast determination to take every possible action to ensure that those who incited and committed the unconscionable acts on that day are brought to justice last week's violent insurrection on the u.s. capitol left at least 6 people dead and dozens injured it was a stain on our nation and our democracy they beat police officers they murdered
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a police officer they planted pipe bombs they brandish weapons and they left our nation shocked and morning just as this congress returned marrows after this insurrection to certify the lawful research results of the 2020 presidential election we stand here today prepared to take firm the size safe and necessary action to restart our country no president who invites thousands of his most devoted supporters to washington and urges them to fight his political enemies by committing a seditious act on our democracy should be allowed to remain in office if vice president does not act then to hold the president accountable then we leave this nation vulnerable to future demagogues and that brings us here today on this somber day to carry out our sacred oath to defend and protect the
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constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic. i will vote to impeach those responsible and i urge my colleagues to do the same i yield back general yield gentleman from pennsylvania reserves is recognized thank you much speaker mr speaker i yield myself such time as i may consume gentleman is recognized thank you mr speaker and speaker if we defeat the previous question i'll offer an amendment to the rule to immediately bring up a resolution and stablish in a bipartisan national commission on the domestic terrorist attack on the united states capitol this commission modeled on the $911.00 commission will be charged with examining and reporting upon the facts and causes relating to the attack that occurred on january 6th of 2021 and with the providing appropriate findings conclusions and recommendations for corrective measures i can think of no more appropriate path for congress mr speaker to follow than to by ensuring
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a bipartisan commission reviews all evidence and reports back to us on this horrific event mr speaker i ask unanimous consent to insert the text of my amendment and the record along with extraneous material immediately prior to the vote on of reviews question without objection thank you mr speaker with that i urge a no vote on the previous question i yield 3 minutes to my good friend from the great state of kentucky mr guthrie for further explanation of the admins the gentleman from kentucky is recognized for 3 minutes thank you mr speaker thank the gentleman for my part from oklahoma for yielding all of us just still are speechless about what happened last wednesday and it's just amazing that it happened here and condemn it and its utmost words as a violent acts against the capitol building and we must find those who did it and
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we must prosecute him to the fullest extent of the law. every time i travel to washington the 1st thing i look for as i did today was if i could see it from my airplane window if i could see it driving across the potomac is the dome and i always feel great pride that the people the secretary of kentucky mr speaker allowed me to serve under the dome and when i got there today it's still here and still standing is still the beacon throughout the world and it it's bruised but it's there and it's something that we all hold dear and so the protection of this building that dome this building the office buildings but more most importantly the people who work here not those of us who were just elected to be here but those who work here and service i have faces up talked to tonight on the floor that i was not on the floor when it happened but i knew the faces of people who were not just muffed colleagues but those standing at the doors here tonight mr speaker who've been through so much and we can't let this happen again and what if
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we defeat the b.q. the amendment my friend from oklahoma has a bipartisan commission to examine the circumstances around the attack as well as its aftermath it will be modeled after $9911.00 commission to reduce duplication and increase communication and info sharing between relevant government entities and law enforcement the goal is to investigate find the facts and deliver reports sold 'd this can never happen again. and we can better protect the capitol complex the most importantly the employees that work here serving our great country and we'll protect them moving forward we all want answers and this is the most prudent step at this we will follow wherever the facts lead us and take appropriate actions in response. to the defeat of the b.q. adoption of the amendment and i yield back to my friend from oklahoma the gentleman
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yields gentleman from oklahoma reserves gentleman from pennsylvania is recognized thank you we of course share the concern of our colleagues from the other side of the aisle that an incident like this never happen again and that's why we are urging the vice president to invoke the 25th amendment because of the clear and day present danger of continued violence under this administration on so while i believe there will be a time to talk about bipartisan that efforts to have an investigation through this house this is not the moment for it and with that i would yield 2 minutes to the gentlewoman from california and a distinguished former member of the rules committee who is gentleman from california recognized for tube minutes mr speaker i rise today in support of the roar providing for consideration of the resolution before us today calling on the vice president to invoke the 25th amendment to remove president trump from office immediately last week members of both parties came to the fore this chamber to take
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the oath of office and that oath each of us plays to defend the constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic i believe that oath compels me and my colleagues to act day. that's wednesday's arm insurrection at the united states capitol was a courtenay to tap to overthrow our democratic process with file and make no mistake these writers view the president's repeated claims of fraud as a mandate to act lies misinformation and demagoguery have consequences unfortunately america witness those consequences last week some on television some 100 tables and barricaded offices some of these house chambers and some and the last moments of life is now joy that i immediately called the vice president has to invoke the 25th amendment i am co-sponsor of both this resolution
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and the articles of impeachment because i believe i have an obligation to honor my oath and defend the constitution against a grave domestic threat and so and i personally know i am taking this stand for the future of my grandchildren our obligation to them and the future generations is that just this democracy stands and so is with sadness but firm resolve that i rise to support this role and inform my colleagues on the other side of the aisle to join me thank you and with that i you know the thousands of my time joe meals gentlewoman from the president reserves gentlemen focus is recognized thank you much misspeak 2 minutes to one of our new members mr clay the michigan who will be giving our 1st address on the floor of the house for one of you and over how much time does the gentleman yield to mr speaker the gentleman from michigan is recognized for 2 minutes. thank you mr speaker i rise today to echo
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many of my colleagues in the call for unity and a peaceful transition of power i say this as a believer in the constitution and the fact that the election has been certified 1st the incitement of politically motivated violence that we saw last week is intolerable words have consequences and yes the president could have done more but i ask you this doesn't everybody need to play by the same rules so let me highlight some other questionable statements and i quote let's make sure we show up wherever we have to show up and if you see anybody from that cabinet in a restaurant in a department store in a gas station you get out and you create a crowd and you push back on them and you tell them they're not welcome anymore anywhere that was not president trump let me give you another one i just don't even
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know don't even know why there aren't more uprisings all over the country again not president trump can we all agree that at times our emotions get in the way because we love this country so much but i ask you this whatever is good for one side isn't it good for the other we all have the name the same name on the front of our jersey and that's the united states of america and we need to start acting like it and let our actions follow our words in pietschmann only in fights more division it does not provide unity. i offer a solution i am ready to come together and get to the work for this great country in which we live are you. reserved gentleman
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from pennsylvania is recognized or just suggested sedition is in her defenses and it's difficult to unify before there's accountability mr speaker i would hear 2 and a half minutes since the gentleman from new york mr swanson jemma from new york is recognized for 2 and a half minutes mr speaker i supported cooking the 25th amendment to remove remove president trunk from office former congressman tom lantos a holocaust survivor would often say the veneer of civilization is paper thin we are its guardians and we cannot rest i was sitting right there on wednesday when they told us to take out our gas masks because the rioters had breached the capitol and i was standing right over there as the capitol police locked in barricaded the chamber doors and i heard what i thought were gunshots as the
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rioters broke the windows on the main chamber door with a metal pipe and i was standing right over there when the woman was shot outside the speaker's lobby and the police radios rang out shots fired in the capitol shots fired in the capitol everyone down the veneer of civilization is paper thin thousands of people criminals desecrated our capitol breaking windows and doors attacking our brave officers and vandalizing offices rioters wearing army fatigues we have confederate and trump flags don did not see swat stick is and i saw one man who wore a shirt saying camp auschwitz staff are president instigated this. the president's duty is to protect our republic and its people he built the mob
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filled with lies and encourage its fight to stop the steel now we hear intelligence reports that thousands of armed militias and white supremacists are planning to come again on or before january 20th my colleagues my friends on the other side of the aisle we must together call upon the president to denounce this violence to tell his supporters to stay home mr president you must please put america 1st you must call off this attack and if not you must be removed and i yield back down from new york we'll gentleman from pennsylvania reserves members are in mind refrain from engaging in personality against the president gentleman from oklahoma is recognized thank you very much for speaker mr speaker i yield 2 minutes to my very good friend the gentleman from
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pennsylvania mr rushton thrower who through newest republican member of the rules committee gentleman from pennsylvania is recognized for 2 minutes you mr speaker let me be clear about something the violence and the rioting and our capitol last wednesday was tragic it was undemocratic it was unacceptable i unequivocally condemn this criminal behavior that occur at that occurred in this building. a great nation is deeply divided and unfortunately rather than looking forward and working together on issues that actually unite our country we're here to baiting a partisan issue a partisan resolution that will only further divide us the constitution is very clear on the if she were debating. the ability to activate section 4 of the 25th amendment lies with the vice president and cabinet members cabinet members who are
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vetted and confirmed by the senate congresses only drawn in house members are only drawn in when the president disputes a declaration of incapacitation that's not what is happening here we should respect that constitutional progressives mr speaker i'm also perplexed by my democrat colleagues attempt to force the hand of a man they clearly have faith in our country they must recognize that by calling for the president's immediate resignation they're also advocating for vice president mike pence to lead our nation so therefore they should have the full trust in vice president pence's decision making and ability to act in a manner consistent with his constitutional responsibilities just as he did last week. further i'm incredibly and deeply disappointed that the role before us suspends prohibitions on engaging and personalities against
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the president it's somewhat ironic if we are truly worried about rhetoric then we must set an example and ensure that civility and decorum remain an essential part. of his writing as for an additional 30 seconds. mr speaker we must set an example and ensure that civility and decorum remain an essential part of the american discourse with that i thank you i yield back general yield gentleman from oklahoma reserve gentlewoman from france a very is recognized. thank you just to clarify this provision about suspending the rule about personalities is so that we can have a full and frank discussion of just why the request is being made to invoke the 25th amendment and just why this president should be impeached it would be difficult if not impossible to describe the high crimes and misdemeanors and other
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misconduct which forms the basis of those conver of those requests if that rule were not suspended and you know as i mentioned in my opening. view this is a partisan resolution we have members from all sides of the political spectrum now calling for the removal of this president members might want to check their news feed to see the growing list of civic business and religious leaders from across the country who've said enough is the nothing this president is a clear and present danger and with that i would reserve. general and from france very reserved gentleman from oklahoma is recognized. thank you very much for speaker i do disagree somewhat with my good friend from pennsylvania i've had the privilege of being in this body for many years and i have never seen what we see in this section 2 and 3 of this rule and the suspension of appropriate language and i
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understand the difficulties of dealing with this issue. and respect that however in a time when the rhetoric has been over the top i think we should set a high sample we've never done this before in my time here we didn't do it in previous impeachment the need to do it now is lost on me mr speaker so i would hope i get i have great confidence in my friend i have great conflict my friends on the rules committee and so you know the rules the rules this will almost certainly pass i would just hope that everybody acts as a as good as they can i mean i'd hate to put it that simply but this is an important issue i respect all the members of this body i know there are have very different points of view on this that's to be expected generally our debates professional generally that standard is something we're proud of and something that we.


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