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30 seconds the distinguished gentleman from tennessee mr cohen the gentleman from tennessee is recognized for 30 seconds thank you very much after president trump was not impeached susan collins said he susan collins said he learned a pretty big lesson he was impeached then he brought his it will be wild ride his television show it's $900.00 g.m.t. you without a live from london and on capitol hill an unprecedented session continues politicians are debating whether to impeach president donald trump for a 2nd time a vote on that issue is expected soon let's listen in again most fear january 20 because i think he will try to go out and tell him instead as he's trying right from jay paterno men's time has expired and there will be order in the house that the gentleman from new york preserve such a man from ohio is recognized that i'm speaker statement from the president
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i urge that there must be no bylaws no lawbreaking no bandolim of any kind this is not what i stand for is not what america stands for i call on all americans to help ease tensions and calm down just put out that statement by the president ited states i yield 2 minutes to the gentleman from virginia. mr klein the gentleman from virginia is recognized for 2 minutes thank you madam speaker and i thank the president for his words above the entrance to the house of representatives a sculpture called the apotheosis of democracy it depicts allegorical peace dressed in armor and protecting the genius of america last week that peace was tragically torn apart as the u.s. capital was invaded for the 1st time since the war of $812.00 a violent mob including many with the most hostile of intentions broke past security barriers and unleashed destruction and chaos throughout the capital when it was over 6 individuals were dead including 2 capitol police officers i've always supported the rights of citizens to peaceably assemble but those who breach the capitol and assaulted and killed capitol police should be prosecuted to the fullest
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extent of the law if their intent was to stop the constitutional requirement of this body count electoral votes they should be charged and prosecuted for insurrection against the government but we are a nation of laws not of men and the legal standard for incitement to violence has not been met now a week since the riots threaten the people's house and week until a new president takes office we are rushing through an impeachment without all of the facts and evidence that without due process we don't know what kind of information the offenders have what evidence will come out during their trials whether it bolsters the majority's claims of the minority views whether it implicates other individuals groups or other officials and the attack on this hallowed institution we just don't know and that's why we must treat the power of impeachment the responsibility of holders of this power with the seriousness and solemnity it deserves let us gather the evidence let us hear to judiciary make an informed decision together this action will only fuel further fuel the political divide among our citizens and will be detrimental to the long term effects to unify efforts to unify our country i reiterate my call from last night let us work
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together both president trump and president like by and have called for a peaceful transition of power i humbly beseech my colleagues to work toward this end to unify our country and not go down this dangerous path i yield back to john in new taxes time michelle and then from. ohio wishes to research the challenge from new york a speck in christ. and speaking right now you know 30 seconds to distinguish gentleman from rhode island mr wang even the tell men from rhode island has recognized for 30 seconds the january 6th of the horrific day for our country for item ocracy the capital was breached the blood of a defender spilled all because of a lie that the elections were stolen a lie that is infected this nation has prodigious lee as the pandemic president trump is the source of that lie is perverted and betrayed his oath to defend the constitution attacking the foundation of our democracy by inciting his supporters to violence he is not fit to serve it is it danger to our country while he dies i
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too pledge to support it defend the child the constitution gets all enemies foreign domestic the time will tell that off that i will vote or teach president dropped by my colleague to the senate john minto new york wishes to reserve the challenge from inspecting thank you meant to speak to you one minute to the gentleman from pennsylvania mr perry the gentleman from pennsylvania spec and has for one minute what did the speaker know and what did other legislative leaders know and when did they know it maybe that's a rush to impeach the president because so we'll never know what legislative leaders here knew the f.b.i. knew about a number of individuals that were planning a war on the capitol including killing police officers and they shared the information but nothing happened the chief federal prosecutor in washington stated he's pursuing conspiracy charges the fact that ideas were constructed in place informs me that was that there was plea pre-planning for portions of the tragic events last week how does the president and cite an attack that was preplanned and
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already underway before his speech concluded now i know my colleagues on the left one america to believe that the president has cited a spontaneous right that they like to call an insurrection but the facts are stubborn things if you choose to ignore them the truth is the multiple lawless and violent events last summer including months long siege of the federal court. house burning looting physical violence and so-called sanctuary cities were clearly he's a bit tighter definition of instruments time has expired said last week a challenge this time that has expired a gentleman with ohio wishes to preserve the gentleman from new york a strike against members speaker i yield 30 seconds to this thing was gentleman from virginia mr connally the gentleman from virginia is recognized i think is my friend the american people are asking is there any depravity to low is there any outrage too far is there any blood and violence too much to turn hearts and minds in this body instead of the usual justification rationalization
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and they blink and fall for equivalence we have here this is a moment of truth my friends are you on the side of chaos and the mob on the side of constitutional democracy and our freedom it's that simple that's what the pope for people to know is a time i yield back the gentleness time has expired that john in new york receives the challenge from ohio is recognized not to speak of could i inquire how much time each side has yet she may. the gentleman from the house 25 minutes remaining 21 the gentleman has 2525 thing in the gentleman from new york has 31 and one quarter remaining the challenge from ohio we would preserve the gentleman from or how wishes to reserve the gentleman from new york is recognized that a speaker i yield 30 seconds to the gentleman from colorado mr crow the gentleman from colorado us recognize for 30 seconds madam speaker last week i stood in that
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gallery to defend this chamber against the violent mob called here by donald trump i have dedicated my life to the defense of our nation and donald trump is a risk to all that i love some of my republican colleagues are afraid of the consequences of an impeachment vote but this congress sends our young men and men and women to war every day. i'm not asking you to storm the beaches of normandy but only show a fraction of the courage we ask of our troops every day leadership is hard it's time to impeach the germans time has expired the german market you're watching a debate as to whether to impeach president donald trump let's bring in who's watching developments where all we know in the process. well this debate continues and they just asked for a check on the clocks looks like another hour or so left of this debate about the article of impeachment facing president trump which accuses him of inciting
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violence against the u.s. government and what's notable so far is that already there are 2 republican congress the congress people who have said during this debate that they will vote for impeachment we heard one say that because there was a domestic threat at the door of the capitol and president trump did nothing in fact he released on twitter a video telling his supporters to go home but that he would love them that that was one straw too many and that is with a heavy heart that representative dan newhouse says he is going to vote to impeach another republican jamie herrera butler saying that this vote to impeach will be a vote for the truth and only that will be the past to reunifying this broken country we expect this debate again to last for another hour or so and then that big impeachment vote it'll take a while because of the cold it requires strict sions not everyone can be on the house floor at the same time so within 2 or 3 hours time i would say is when we
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would expect that vote to be called and the expectation is indeed if there will be enough support to impeach trump for the 2nd time because not only do those 2 republicans i mentioned have they signaled they're willing to vote to impeach but they maybe join. by perhaps a dozen other republicans including the number to reap the number 3 repub republican rather in the chamber liz cheney who released a statement before today with very strong words against the president saying it was he who lit the fire of the attack on the capitol and it is notable that we're seeing from democrats saying that this debate happening right now in the house floor is happening within a crime scene or just a week ago there were rioters trump supporters who took over that chamber and took over the halls of congress who smashed windows fought with police in fact killing
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one officer and now is under investigation and as these debates continue they're happening within the chamber with armed guards outside with some 20000 now national security guards deployed to the nation's capitol to maintain the peace now leading up to joe biden's inauguration a week from today and what happens if and when trump is impeached. right that's where the uncertainty comes into play because typically the house speaker nancy pelosi would transmit the articles across the capitol rotunda to the senate side where trump would then face the senate trial of course that's where he wasn't convicted the last time he was impeached a year ago this time around it appears there is a building in suit not enthusiasm but a building support among senate republicans to convict trump and it would take them out 17 of them depending on how many are present but 2 thirds of the said it would
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have to vote to convict usually that results in removing the president from office but likely that won't happen till he's already out of office because his term is expiring so what will be the practical benefit of that democrats have said this is important to defend american democracy into the future for the eyes of history to know that president trump. or former president at that point would be held accountable and an impeachment conviction could result in barring trump from running for federal office in the future this is a very different scenario than where we were a year ago of course when that 1st impeachment of trump fell starkly down partisan lines say for one vote in the senate this time around or expecting again perhaps a dozen republicans in the house to vote to impeach making trump officially impeached by the end of the day today the 1st president ever in u.s. history to be impeached twice and eventually when this does move to the senate the
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potential for republicans to vote to convict as well as your question for the time being thank you very much and we've heard which i should read out on the floor the statement from president violence breaking as part of this session to go back to the session and. you reserve the gentleman from ohio continues to research the gentleman from new york is recognized. by the speaker and there you have 30 seconds to distinguish gentle lady from texas miss goes to the gentlewoman from texas is recognize for 30 seconds madam speaker this president took an oath to protect and defend the constitution instead he has chosen to be tree and attack our sacred democracy this president violated his oath he abused the power of his office at tempted to read troy the will of the american people and inside it is your action against this very house during the last impeachment trial are reminded all
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americans that democracy is a gift that each generation gives to the next we must do all that to protect this time for our children and our future if we don't i will maintain i think i heard. the gentleman from new york reserves the gentleman from ohio was recognized thank you madam speaker i yield to mr the gentleman from florida mr stevie. they tell me 2 minutes to set correctly and then 2 minutes to the challenge from florida thank you madam speaker for 3 years democratic members of this body in the mainstream media lied to the american people that the top campaign colluded in conspired with russia for years after an exhaustive investigation was found that there is no evidence that the trump campaign colluded with russia should democratic members of this body resign for lying to the american people repeatedly and sowing division and dissension all across america and it was all a lie you have brought one article of impeachment to the floor and your one allegation alleges and i quote donald john trump engaged in high crimes and
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misdemeanors by inciting violence against the government of the united states and d.c. it's a crime to quote intentionally or recklessly act in such a manner to cause another person to be in reasonable fear and to incite or provoke violence when there is a likelihood that such violence will ensue there was no language in the president's speech that incited or provoke violence in fact at around the 18 minute mark he stated and quote peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard you may think that he's inciting violence because he believes there is election fraud that's his opinion and he's entitled to that opinion just like all of you were entitled to your false in fraudulent opinion that the trump campaign colluded with russia the legal elements of incitement are based on the supreme court case brandenburg v ohio and which the supreme court set the standard for speech that could be prosecuted without violating the 1st amendment brandenburg speech called for violence against groups of americans and the court found that brandenburg comments were not directed
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to inciting or producing imminent lawless action the court found that it was protected speech and he was calling for violence that's the current law of the when the president didn't even mention violence last wednesday much less provoker inside it there was no crime committed and therefore no basis for impeachment as you need a high crime or misdemeanor for a basis you have created a mockery out of the impeachment process and i urge all my colleagues to stand against it and fight the latest fraud being perpetrated against the american people by the radical left. gentleman the chinaman from ohio wishes to his or yes john and from new york is recognized as speaker i know you 32nd says thing which gentleman from nevada mr hurst that the gentleman from nevada is recognized for 30 seconds madam speaker i rise in support of the article of impeachment last wednesday's the bents were not just a breach of a building but a breach of our democracy a threat to our republic and to who we are as americans donald trump incited
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insurrection against america and attempted to overturn the will of the people we must send a clear message that committing sedition disqualifies a president from serving another day in office i urge this body to boat for impeachment i would and i don't back the gentleman yields back to his time to gentleman from new york reserves the gentleman from ohio was struck by the speaker we reserve the john the term of how it continues to resurface to go now you have 30 seconds this thing was gentle lady from pennsylvania who had the gentleman from pennsylvania is for 30 seconds madam speaker last evening an 11 year old girl joined our telephone town hall her question shipped me to my core she was worried about the future of this great nation and i am too that is why i must move forward with impeachment of this president he has endangered this nation he has betrayed his oath i do this now for all of us for our constitution and for this republic i do this to tell the world that this great democracy will stand and no one is above
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the law and i do this for our future generations are just all to unite and to vote yes on impeachment i yield back the gentlewoman yield back the gentleman from new york preserve such elements from ohio is recognized that a speaker we reserve the gentleman from the hath reserves to gentleman from new york has for most made a speaker and our you know 30 seconds the distinguished gentleman from california mr hoffman the gentleman from california is recognized for 30 seconds madam speaker history is watching. and saving the receipts today my colleagues across the aisle must choose which side of a very bright line they want to be recorded on for all time on one side lies sedition inciting and supporting insurrection and domestic terrorism the other side your oath of office the constitution democracy decency there is no middle ground today we make history for ever so choose well a vote to impeach donald trump means years from now you can look your grandchildren
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in the eyes time and say i did the right thing in this time is expired the john that from new york continues to research the gentleman from ohio is recognized we reserve and continues to reserve the chairman from new york is recognized by the speaker and i you have 30 seconds is the english general a view from california mr jacobs the gentleman from california is recognized for 30 seconds madam speaker the response to political violence must always be accountability without accountability more violence will follow i learned that working at the united nations and the state department in conflict settings around the world and the united states congress is now a complex setting a violent mob and our lives in this chamber and almost succeeded incited by the president who broadcasted lies about the outcome of our election we must hold this president accountable it's the only way to protect our democracy i yield back joe neel's fact the gentleman from new york continues to research on the tunnel how
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it's recognized madam speaker we reserve the gentleman from not having services gentleman from new york is recognizing the speaker and there you have 30 seconds to the distinguished gentleman from georgia mr johnson the gentleman from georgia is recognized for 30 seconds thank you madam speaker i'm certain that every member of congress would say that if they had been in congress when john lewis walked across that it meant pettus bridge and the civil rights act was passed that they would have stood on the right side of history. well madam speaker today we're going to see exactly what history you all are going to be on and when you'll back the talmud kneels back this moment from new york continues to research and then from ohio is recognized the commander speaker of the one minute to the general from north carolina is offering the gentleman from north carolina is recognized for one minute and bigger today represents a unique opportunity in our nation's history an opportunity to put america 1st to
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put her people 1st. today is a moment for members of congress to put aside partisan politicking and place people over power i urge my colleagues to vote against this divisive impeachment and realize that dividing america will not save this republic i urge my colleagues to not simply vote for what feels good of course it feels good for the democrats to have a united constituency for a few more days but i was elected to come here and vote for things that actually do good to bring much needed help to the american people i am willing to take the 1st step and extend my hand across the aisle to say vote against impeachment vote in favor of a unified nation and i will for sake partisanship in work with you no matter who you are or what party you come from madam speaker i urge that we all vote to finally put america 1st and with that i yield back the gentleman yields.
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the challenge from new york and just. now you have 30 seconds to a new member of the house new member of the judiciary committee the gentleman from new york. the gentleman from new york is recognized for 30 seconds madam speaker i rise in support of the impeachment of donald j. trump the disgraced defeated president of the united states there must be consequences for last week's treason and sedition hundreds if not thousands of donald trump in today's republican party aiming to run for higher office and me would and we must send a message that no one in the united states of america is above the law the world is watching madam speaker i yield back the nominee back into. the impeachment debate time public and democrats sparring over whether to impeach president tom for a 2nd time and let's bring in alan fischer who's joining us from the white house
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and this time around president tom hasn't been able to tweet his reaction but he's had someone read it out on the floor didn't talk us through the statement from president. well he was reading a statement has just been issued to all of us here at the white house just in the last 20 minutes or so it comes from the president's desk we're told that he says that there should be with the word that there's going to be protests in the run up to the inauguration he says that there should be no violence nor lawbreaking and nor vandalism of any kind this is not what i stand for and not what america stands for i call on all americans to help ease tensions and can tempers of course the democrats are saying it would ease temper ease tensions and come tempers it don't trump actually came out and just admitted he had lost the election actually gracefully conceded and congratulated joe biden what we've heard from donald trump over the last few days particularly since the events of last wednesday is that he continues to insist that he lost the election in fact he was on
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a phone call with kevin mccarthy who is the leader of the republicans in the house and during that phone call as again he stuck to talk about how he was fraudulent lee robbed of the election it is reported that kevin mccarthy said mr president stop you lost the election it's over donald trump perhaps they're saying needs to come out and make that sort of statement and that pressure not just coming from democrats but also from republicans but clearly there's concern because there's talk of protests this weekend and again as we get closer to the inauguration exactly one week from today this is donald trump putting a statement saying that there should be no trouble and no violence just one reaction on twitter from a democrat saying pity he didn't do this last week when there was violence in the halls of congress and he took too long to ask them to come down at that point and in the meantime the company's trying to distance themselves from that that continues that effective a kind of damage to trump's brand if united. exactly right some of the things he
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likes most twitter he was removed off the platform on friday golf he lost an event the p.g.a. of america decided they were going to hold one of the major tournaments there the p.g.a. championship at his golf course in bedminster next year the royal and ancient in the united kingdom saying they would be taking the open championship to tunbridge his course. in scotland while he was still in charge you tube taking off the platform overnight and know the. new york city where of course he was born saying that they are dropping all contact with the trump organization a 17000000 dollar contract he runs 2 ice rinks a carousel and also a public golf course in the bronx and they say that the reason they're doing that they've checked the contracts that if anyone is involved in law breaking then they have every opportunity to cut those contracts and said by inciting sedition donald
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trump is not someone that they want to do business with well in the last couple of hours with had reaction from the trump organization and the name of eric trump who is of course donald trump's son and he says that 1st of all look the new york city has a study a $1000000.00 from the contracts that we've been running here but also that this is political discrimination and they will take this to court something that new york mayor bill de blasio fairly expected when he made the announcement a few hours ago so a number of companies cutting ties what is also interesting as well and what has become no one colloquially is the sedition caucus that is republicans who voted to overturn the electoral college vote a week ago today there are a number of companies who are saying that they are no longer going to contribute to their political campaigns among those companies the big telecoms giant 18 t. and the hotel chain made it just 2 of them that have said enough is enough we're not backing these people an official for the time being thank you very much and old . let's return to the session and listen again if you can as lawrence the gentleman
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from michigan is recognized for 30 seconds and then i'm chair on wednesday the 6 democrats and republicans here on the floor put on gas masks and was ushered out of this room we in this country cannot begin healing and unity without accountability and justice the president of the united states inside it of violent insurrection against congress using me and the vice president of the united states this cannot be ignored impeach now thank you madam chair the gentleman back the gentleman from new york continues to research the chairman from ohio is recognized preserve the gentleman from ohio wishes to research the challenge from new york is recognized you have 30 seconds distinguish gentle lady from california this week the gentle woman from california is freckled face for 30 seconds.
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madam speaker on january 6th donald trump incited his white nationalist supporters to initiate an attempted coup against the heart of our democracy but united states capitol this heinous act of domestic terrorism demands that congress act remove this president down a term has been a remains a threat to our national security and our democracy and hoeing on trip the service president he and his supporters must be rove accountable for in fighting violence against the government of the united states congress must act immediately to remove this clear and present danger to our castrator time to impeach double tropically and guarantee time has expired the gentleman from new york preserves the challenge from ohio it's back and thank you mr speaker we don't want it to the gentle lady from georgia mr taylor green the jomo. speaker i am against the impeachment effort by the democrats. president trump has held over
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600 rallies in the last 4 years none of them included assaulting police destroying businesses are burning down cities democrats have spent all this time and door seen and enabling violent riots that left billions and property damage and 47 dead across the united states democrats are on record supporting violence when it serves their cause in their own words on social media on interviews and on fundraising platforms act blue democrat support defunding the place when it's someone else's city someone else's home and someone else's business democrats will take away everyone's guns just as long as they have guards with guns democrats impeachment a president today has now set the standard that they should be removed for their support of violence against the american people 60 i yield back thank you gentlemen
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the gentleman from ohio wishes to be served a cello from new york is recognized by the speaker there you 30 seconds this gentleman from michigan is that the gentleman from michigan is frankenstein's for 30 seconds madam speaker for 2 months donald trump used the biggest megaphone in the world to organize a campaign of outright lies to overturn a free and fair election. on january 6th he summoned incited a mob of domestic terrorists to fight like hell and sent them to ransack this capital in order to prevent us from formalizing his election loss it was a grotesque orgy of deadly white supremacist i'm anti-semitism and strongman rule today we will do our duty and vote to remove the author of this horrifying chapter and banish him from public service i yield back the gentleman from new york asserts the gentleman from ohio a strike of art and not a secret can i inquire of the time again. the challenge then from oh how has 20
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minutes been mean. and then channel one from new york has 21 and 3 quarters minutes from we reserve the challenge from ohio reserves the gentleman from new york is recognized as speaker and there you go 32nd is this thing with a gentleman from california mr leavitt the gentleman from california is recognized for 30 seconds madam speaker what each of us chooses to do today whether we vote to hold this president to account or look the other way will we be remembered by history by our children and their children the facts are clear the evidence of trumps insurrection overwhelming history calls on us to do what's right rather than just politically expedient let us look back on this day with honor not disgrace knowing we were up to the oath we all took thank you i yield back the gentleman kneels fact the gentleman from new york research the gentleman from ohio.


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