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for the rest of the world we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matter on al-jazeera. donald trump is expected to face a senate trial after becoming the 1st president to be impeached twice he's charged with inciting an insurrection. this is al jazeera live from doha coming up the number of americans seeking unemployment benefits soared by nearly a 1000000 in a week as coronavirus cases and deaths climb to new highs. polls close in uganda's election pretty longtime leader you were the most of any case pop star bobby wine. warning of large scale famine the u.n. calls on the u.s.
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to reverse its terrorist designation for yemen if the rebels. we're struggling now with out the designation with the designation. it's going to be catastrophic. so we begin in the united states where donald trump faces another senate trial after becoming the 1st american president to be impeached for a 2nd time on wednesday the house of representatives for me charged him with inciting insurrection and week after his supporters stormed the u.s. capitol building to try and prevent the certification of joe biden's election victory a 10 republicans. joined democrats in the to vote for an impeachment with just 6 days to go until biden's inauguration at the top republican in the senate mitch mcconnell says he will not order politicians to reconvene for trump's trial but.
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for he leaves the white house if convicted charm could be barred from holding future office which would question any ambitions for a comeback security at the u.s. capitol ahead of that innovation another federal building in washington has been bolstered amid warnings that further attacks could take place both there and across the country let's cross certain pressures live at the white house so allan it seems as if the impeachment trial of donald trump went to take place until after he leaves office. no we thought the era of trauma were damned on the 20th of january but it's going to leak into the 1st few months of the joe biden president say what is clear is that mitch mcconnell simply won't ask all the senators to return even if he did he needs $100.00 of them to agree it's unlikely that he would get those sort of figures therefore it will be the new senate that will decide this the new senate because it will be the 22nd of january when the 2 senators who won the recent runoff races in georgia they will take their seats they of course are
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democrats that will tie up the senate at 50 seats for each party with a casting vote if that is needed. it would go to come a lot higher so there's no way that mitch mcconnell is going to call everyone back and it kept it suits him as well for a long time he's painted himself as a big supporter of donald trump that kind of cracked in the last few days he talked about how he would look at the evidence that was presented to him if it did the case went to the senate where is a year ago he was saying he was not an impartial juror this time suggesting that he could actually vote for the impeachment of doll trump and if you start peeling mitch mcconnell off he engender is a great deal of loyalty in the republican caucus so there are many more who would join him and vote for the impeachment of donald trump so this is going to leak or in for a number of months and the implications for donald trump and for the republican
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party simply won't end with what has happened in the house and simply won't end in 6 days time when joe biden is sworn in as the $46.00 president of the u.s. so jump into his last week as president to what are we hearing from him. well nothing on twitter over the slate because he was kicked off the platform and that tends to be how over the last 4 years we've gauge how he feels about things it's interesting that the speaking to some other reporters they actually feel slightly lost that they don't get immediate read on something from the president we're told from reporting in the new york times that he wanted to go to the floor of the house on wednesday and argue his case in his defense but was talked out of it by close aides other reports are suggesting that he's very frustrated very angry with a number of those close aides because he doesn't think that they defended him enough is looking at the likes of press secretary killing mcanany believing that she didn't go out onto t.v. networks more often and argue the fact that the election was disputed then there
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were the facts supporting donald trump's claim that was stolen from him incidentally there were no flex no facts that supported that rudy giuliani apparently he's very angry at him as well questioning even in his bill he's talking about charging $20000.00 a day for the what he did post-election meadow as his chief of staff and even gerry cushion or who is his son in law but also one of his senior advisers trump's anger at all of them apparently runs pretty deep because they believe he believes they almost abandoned him in his final days so he's 6 days now to do something while he is in office he's not going to go to the inauguration there's talk that he might go to scotland on the 19th the white house has said they're not going to discuss his plans this far and he's going to take a quick look he's not in the oval office at the moment he was in and out there yesterday he spent some time taking pictures with people who walk here in the white house and he might do that but officially the white house saying he's doing today
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well it's really been the same story essentially since the election for so long we got the field readout of his day and it said that the president will be essentially either in the residence of the oval office know since the election. we are told that from very early in the morning until late at night the president will be making telephone calls and having meetings for the benefit of the american people meanwhile thinking what on earth is he going to do next it out and thanks for that the white house well nearly a 1000000 americans filed for 1st time jobless claims last week the highest figure since mid august the pandemic has had an unprecedented effect on the economy and subject to the heart of donald trump's presidency but the fallout means the incoming administration they will have a long road to recovery reynolds takes a look at trump's economic legacy. in the trump era tax cuts deregulation and low interest rates made the rich richer much much richer everyone else not so much the
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net effect of his economic policies has been that he's transferred an enormous amount of wealth from lower income in a working class americans to the top 10 percent the top one percent the most important thing that you did was a massive tax cut in 2007 tane the benefit of the wealthiest americans for example tesla founder elon musk added $132000000000.00 to his wealth over the past 12 months from 2017 to 2019 the stock market boom and unemployment fell. then came the pandemic and an uncoordinated federal and state response that led to business shutdowns and mass unemployment in my opinion research. earlier and all of us a doctor knew sabrina johnson is a freelance personal trainer in los angeles as the coronavirus took hold gyms
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closed and she became unemployed and nearly became homeless there came a time you mines i still manage my own employ me. and i will. burn through almost all my savings and that. is kind of like you're paying the bills. and it's. my bank you know. and your and meanwhile right and then i see the disinfectant but not. in a minute one minute and is there a way we can do something like that. by injection troops rejection of scientific expertise his refusal to come up with a coherent nationwide strategy and his politicize zation of mass wearing helped make the us. yes the worst affected country in the world us we have. proximately 2526000000 workers who been hardship share in the labor
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force over 3 percent of workers are suffering today directly as a result of the groaner recession compare that with japan where a culvert 19 public education campaign and widespread mask wearing helped prevent major shutdowns as of late december fewer than $80000.00 japanese workers had become unemployed amidst the pandemic trump leaves an economy in ruins one that will take years to repair robert oulds al jazeera los angeles the polls have closed in uganda's general election long queues form before polling stations opened later than planned and they stayed busy president u.s.d. most of any has been in power for 35 years seeking to take time in office but he's facing a serious challenge for from opposition leader bill b y. 2 days ago social media was switched off but yes that is in the name blacked out this is one of the many efforts that gentleman 70 is
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doing to make sure that we vote in the dock to make sure that uganda is kept in that doubt but that why did you get in that doubt about uganda let's hear now from catherine sawyer who's in uganda's capital of kampala with more on the concerns at the election result will be contested. president 70 has voted he voted just a short while ago in western uganda and as you can see the polls many polls across the country have cleared up people have voted by the neck to commission is saying that those who are still in line in polling stations will be allowed to vote so now what happens next is counting the votes are going to be counted in polling centers and then this count is going to the district palang centers where the votes will be verified and collated before being put in
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a system and sent to the main pauling's main palings center here in cup kampala the electoral commission says that we should expect a declaration of results on saturday and this is why are very many people who are saying that they are concerned that these will see their election results presidential election result is contested which is very likely presidential or 70 is going to be declared winner so that happened people are saying they're afraid that they could see more violence electoral commission the same whether he's aggrieved with the results he would go to the court but political opposition leaders that we've spoken to a saying they did not believe and trust that the courts are going to give them a fair hearing. scientists from the world health organization of arrived in the chinese city of one they've been sent there to investigate the origins of the corona virus pandemic china has just reported its 1st deaths in battles with a resurgence in cases the fate ality was in the province where most of the
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country's new infections. a vaccine developed by chinese a pharmaceutical firm and so on a bike is coming under i did scrutiny from regulates itself to the latest data from brazil shows his only 50 percent effective just last week brazilian researchers had said it was 78 percent effective because 1st they've now revised that figure saying it didn't include all the day. the from the clinical trials the beijing based pharmaceutical company has defended the vaccine saying it is still safe for use while mass distribution of the same chinese made vaccine has begun in turkey where health care workers and high risk groups are being prioritized in a mass inoculation drive the health minister says doses serve already been delivered to 81 sites across the country to delivery of 3000000 doses in december. still ahead here on al-jazeera health care workers in peru go on strike in a dispute over working conditions in the cave in 1900 plus. i'm natasha butler in
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the french city all the way they went to mass testing campaign is helping in the race down isolate cases of the highly infectious kavi variant 1st seen in the u.k. . it's time for the perfect jenny the weather sponsored point qatar airways as a temporary lull in winter at the moment in some parts of east asia but have a quick look at the temperatures shanghai 80 so 9 now there is snow still snow around for north korea and the northeast of china vladivostok right in the middle of it snow tends to lift temps up temporarily so for example in seoul is 9 degrees the southerly breeze then it goes on to northwest knows snow for you just a big drop in temperature which can be seen in shanghai the wind direction changes
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or back down to near average temperature in that northerly for saturday there's not much weather to say the thing which 40 had sky for the most part japan being the exception more snow to talk up the avalanche risk for a good part of honshu and to sit in the ground in in her car into central china sea increasing cloud the some snow trying to creep along the yangtze towards will harm not much but a little bit significant rain is falling recently borneo north and south flooding in the south and the potential to repeat the same in the north because that's where the concentration of orange top big thunderstorms will be thinks couple of days is much dryer in most a sumatra and peninsula malaysia tis dry of course most of india in the northern plains we still got persistent fog and lower quality. sponsored paul qatar airways american people have finally folk and america as i split when america is off balance or will become more dangerous the world is
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looking at us through the next year of sadness and. with the election behind us will the republican party dump truck of the fuel weiqi take on us politics and society that's the bottom of. a diverse range of stories from across the globe and from the perspective of on networks journalists on al-jazeera . there again you're watching a reminder our top stories this hour and donald trump has become the 1st u.s. president to be impeached twice the house of representatives is charged with inciting an insurrection over his repeated questioning of election results which included
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a speech he gave to supporters before they overran the capitol building. nearly a 1000000 new u.s. jobless claims were filed last week as coronavirus cases and deaths rise the increase is a sign that the economic recovery is faltering is businesses bear the brunt of a new wave of infections. a voting is ended in uganda's general election over long queues of polling stations after a late start of the campaign plagued by violence the president yoweri museveni is running for a 6th term but he faces a serious challenger in opposition leader why. now the united nations is urging the united states to reverse its decision to designate yemen's who the rebels a terrorist group cited concerns of a large scale famine the designation is due to come into effect on january the 19th that your state says the aim is to hold 23 rebels accountable for what the u.s. says are terrorist acts the u.n. fears that designation will prevent a from getting to those who need it the most. the major project priority in
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yemen right now mr president is to prevent a mash i mean it data shows that 60000000 people are angry this year already about 50000 are essentially starving to death in much essentially a small. amount of 5000000 in just one step behind. every decision the world makes right now must take this into account. in the united states and i don't think married. to terrorists. foreign terrorist organization or. a mom say they say so unanimously approaches that they believe it will excel or it's yemen's. interior.
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let's course not because it's a woman who's at the u.n. and christian serious concerns at the u.n. about this designation absolutely we just heard mark lowcock paint a very grim picture of the country's already considered the largest him an uncapped humanitarian catastrophe in the world saying this move to designate answer else. terrorist organization will push the country over the brink into widespread famine and he attempted to explain how this is connected basically saying that 90 percent of food in yemen comes from imports and is reliant on commercial distributors so even though the united states is saying that we will make exceptions for aid agencies to allow food to get into these areas that are controlled by who the rebels the united nations and aid agencies are saying that may not be enough because these commercial enterprises could be prevented from getting in there and
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doing the job that the to do and it's not just united nations officials who are saying this numerous aid agencies have condemned the move the world food program as well david beasley the director of that would for world food program also spoke today he is a trump appointee to head this is agency an american a former republican governor of south carolina and he said that this will be catastrophic for yemen we are drug dealing with a nation with a designation. it's going to be catastrophic it literally is going to be a senate. the hundreds of thousands if not millions of innocent people in yemen. the united states for its part had its deputy ambassador richard mills speaking during this meeting he expressed his respect for the people speaking and their opinions but said that the
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united states after watching years of stalled political process in yemen under secretary of state mike pompei all had decided that another additional step would be needed to send a signal and to move that political process forward he quoted his boss secretary of state mike pompei a quite extensively in his remarks and again promised to try to work with aid agencies to resolve the concerns they have about getting food to needy people. this message is already being taken to the next administration we certainly don't expect any changes before president champ leaves office on the 9th on the 20th and the 19th is when this is supposed to go into effect but already calls are being made to joe biden to reverse this decision and no response yet but they have promised to look at these last minute foreign policy decisions being made by the trump administration once they're in office chris and guys who it doesn't seem to be the united nations in new york. health care workers improve going on strike demanding
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better working conditions the country is experiencing a surge in corona virus cases and those on the front line often without the equipment needed to keep them safe and save lives by on a sanchez reports now from lima. putting pressure on an already strained health system peruvian doctors and nurses have gone on strike indefinitely they say and to the government increases the budget to help pay for better equipment more for. we lack infrastructure oxygen human resources equipment we can't go on like this it will be worse than last year and you know last year analysts say nearly 90000 peruvians died of covert 19 a 2nd wave this threatening more lives including health care workers. in the line of fire tending to the sick with security measures we are going to die because
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there are no vaccines here no beds no specialized personnel not enough oxygen. health officials say i.c.u. wards are at near capacity coronavirus cases have spiked after the end of your holidays and not only impeding. the pan-american health organization says cases are rising in every country in the americas it's only in the last week to one half 1000000 people were infected with the virus. hospitals are overwhelmed with the cases reaching a 6 month high in the mayor of. a strict quarantine this weekend and asked presidents to stop meeting family members mexico's fast tracking authorization for the russians seem with more than one and a half 1000000 mexicans infected. the nice you back in bed who president francis tightened restrictions in many regions imposing early curfews till the end of june
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. analysts blame the covert spike in latin america to a more contagious virus strain and they say the consequences may be devastating but if you don't we go you know it seems persians don't get what says to have 90000 dead in our history and they don't understand this doesn't end with a vaccine you must continue using masks everyone is affected we must be strong and listen to the governments message. but health care workers have the wrong message to the government do more to help those on the front line of this crisis. again a scientist i just see that. the french government may have to tighten virus restrictions to contain the spread of a highly contagious variant of the strain almost $24900.00 cases were reported on wednesday that is an increase from the previous day's number of reports from the city of aruba. in an old cold suit all 24 year old myal camel inc is being tested
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for covert part of the mass campaign against the virus in the northern french city over a health workers want to test most of the 130000 people who live and work in the city to isolate positive cases soldiers i feel a duty to participate as a citizen because the labs need as many tests as possible for the research french health authorities chose repay for mass testing because it's infection rate was one of the highest in the country last year it's lower now but as elsewhere in france the city's doctors fear the spread of the highly infectious covert strain that's forced the u.k. into a 3rd lockdown. dunc one is a doctor and deputy mayor. when the health ministry decided to must test we didn't know about the so-called british strain now that we know more we asked the health ministry to search the u.k. variant and a positive cases we detect during this campaign so far less than
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a dozen clusters of the ferentz have been detected in france the biggest in the southern city of mass a link to a french family who returned to the city for a holiday from their home in person many people in france worry that the situation in the country could soon become similar to that in the u.k. where the covariant has been described as out of control in some areas the french government's under pressure to do more to stop its spread everyone. will be british to ration through the question is one. the president of the french scientific committee say that it will be in march or april. i believe that is probably sooner and the end of february the new emergencies prompted the government to order researches to reexamine recent tests nationwide. they've also accelerated their faxon nation program with one of the elections we hope to have
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vaccinated more than a 1000000 french people by the end of january and we also want to prioritize the taxing for the 15000000 people regarded as the most vulnerable the government is racing to curtail the cave it variant and avoid to end up a national lockdown but the message from most health experts seems to be that it may be already too late natasha al-jazeera. around the clock curfew has come into force in lebanon to combat a dramatic surge in corona virus infections wednesday there were long queues outside food stores as residents stocked up will be imposed for 11 days and it's the country's toughest response to the pandemic so far it comes amid growing criticism that uncoordinated policies helped fuel the spread of the virus. russia's prison author of 2 years warned the opposition leader let's you know that he faces immediate arrest once he returns from germany he says he plans to go back this weekend despite threats isn't been to russia since being in august the kremlin has
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repeatedly denied having any role in poisoning the critic of president vladimir putin's. twitter is chief executive has defended his decision to personally ban donald trump saying it was based on threats both on and off the platform jack dorsey said while it was the right choice he felt the move did represent the company's failure to promote healthy conversation facebook and other social media outlets suspended trump following last week's capitol hill riot you tube has not joined temporarily suspending donald trump's channels. catalina grantor is assistant professor in private law and co manager of the mustard university's lauren tech lab and she says that moderators agree that the ban was the right thing to do. what we've seen in the past 2 weeks is really unprecedented so we see history and the making and when we look at what twitter has done in order to to silence trump if you will put it like this it has come as a shock to
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a lot of defendants of public. expression however we need to keep in mind that states were the ones who traditionally have been protecting or happen the protectors of freedom of expression and right now it also seems that platforms are really trying to fill in this role in a modern society that really relies on social media they so wanted moderation experts have been really on the one hand very welcoming of this decision because you can look at some of trump's tweets and say this is clearly incitement to violence although in a normal rule of law situation you would have to ask the court about that so you would need to have the interpretation of a court but on the other hand indeed we have this dangerous precedent which really reflects a power vacuum that platforms are really trying to hang on to so states are a little bit late to the table when it comes to creating effective swift responses for the kind of threats that can come up in the online world but there is
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a lot of content regulation at this moment in time for instance criminal law on inside meant to hatred that really needs to be mapped by governments and brett legislators around the world and then we also need to think about whether we need new rules such as do persons who have public offices need to be protected do does their speech need to be protected in a way as uncle americal was mentioning earlier this week. former u.s. olympic swimming champion nick has been charged taking part in last week's riots in washington d.c. this video allegedly shows his 6 foot 6 athlete inside the capitol building wearing a u.s. olympic team jacket it's not clear whether he's been taken into custody he's resigned from his real estate job in colorado springs a kind of one of 5 olympic medals including 2 relay gold alongside michael phelps a rare original drawing of comic book hero tintin was sold for $3100000.00 at
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a paris auction was breaking the record has broken the record of the most expensive comic book in history and $134.00 drawing by the belgian artist was intended as the cover for the blue latest the 5th of the adventures of a young reporter called into the iconic piece features a red dragon on a black background by the frightened characters face perhaps because of the into craftsmanship drawing never made it to the store shelves it's deemed too expensive to reproduce on a wide scale. so this is out there these are the top stories and dollar trump has become the 1st u.s. president to be impeached twice the house of representatives is charged him with inciting an insurrection over his repeated questioning of election results which included.


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