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i mean between those magic. scientists a calling for stronger climate policy from the government to reduce emissions without so this the situation on the get worse. our best music or have to do with. desperate pleas for man hours in brazil where hospitals are running out of oxygen as another you variant fuels covert cases. are in tennis is al-jazeera live from london also coming up. it's going to be catastrophic for the u.n. warns that the u.s. decision to designate the who sees a terrorist organization could tip yemen into famine. a day after a 2nd impeachment donald trump applauds his own efforts to end wars while downtown
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washington is on lockdown. at the. ugandan opposition supporters in high spirits often alexion they hope for see a film a pop star unseat the longtime president. and their hospitals are at breaking point in brazil's amazon a state with oxygen supplies running out and reports of current $900.00 patients dying of suffocation coronavirus cases a spiking there as another new variant adds to a devastating 2nd wave although 67000 cases have been confirmed and 1131 people have died in the last 24 hours across the country doctors nurses and the families of people in need in the hard hit amazon a city of been asked to put out messages on social media pleading for people to
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supply oxygen if they can. our best music or we do have mercy on us we are in a deplorable situation we have simply run out of oxygen in an entire health care unit we have no more oxygen there are lot of people dying if anyone has any oxygen available please send it to us at the redemption clinic please send this video to everyone please there are many people dying please put the love of god. this is chaos we were seeing the small stock of oxygen but will only last 2 hours. this is so. we need oxygen we have one cylinder for 5 people and one we're doctors amazing patients take turns breathing for the love of god doctors don't know what else to do this is a calamity. and brazil has just reported all the 1131 code related deaths and more than 67000 new cases want to hear nic joins us live from rio de janiero so
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the situation in amazonas state is really quite serious isn't. yes it has really escalated to a dramatic scenes just from one they've. already had no room for to bury the dead there was. little and now the city and also other cities. have run out of oxygen it came to a point where company that provides most of. my mouth was even thinking of looking for oxygen cylinders in venice which is a country that is in serious economic crisis not the best place to. please of the people on social media have been needed they have been trying to ship more oxygen. but the situation. where they were flying patients the ones that
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were in. other countries another. other city parts of brazil. they have set a date. for dissipated in a meeting with health minister today he. nation would start on january 20th at 10 am. we don't have that directly from him he has been saying that vaccinations. he never gave the gates and there is one main thing to be seen is that. regulatory agency does not know any of the well what until now was
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a very poor the needed. the person i've been downplaying the virus there is avoided using a mask he has been saying that he himself will not be vaccinated meanwhile the governor of some paulo which is brazil's rigid state said he would start vaccinating people to misstate are generally 20 with the chinese that seen both on the. return is that margin do that you still need approval from the health the regulatory agency to be any good thank you very much indeed. the virus variant found in brazil has led the u.k. to ban travel from every country in south america from friday morning britain's transport secretary also added portugal to the ban due to its strong travel links with brazil scientists analyzing the brazilian variant believe it shows mutations with a new strain that's causing a surge in cases in south africa and around the clock curfew has come into force in
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lebanon to combat a dramatic rise in the number of coronavirus infections there broke down is due to last 11 days and is the country's toughest response to the pandemic so far this growing criticism that uncoordinated policies helped fuel the spread of the virus and the country's acting health ministers himself in hospital being treated for cave in 19 so in a honda has more from lebanon's capital. for the 1st time really the government is requesting people apply online or call a hotline to get permission to venture outside for ever for any emergency authorities really had little choice from january through till 1030000 new cases were detected and this is a small nation of $6.00 to $7000000.00 people so a 70 percent increase in the infection spread a lot of blame is being pointed at the government for its policies a lack of strategy that has been mitigating the crisis not containing the crisis
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health experts are saying that these on and off lock downs are not going to do much what is the strategy after 11 days what are you planning to do hospitals are overwhelmed they managed to add a few beds yesterday to help deal with this crisis but the medical staff there they are tired they're understaffed in fact and many will say that they that they just can't continue so a lack of strategy and when you impose a lockdown really this is the last resort when you lose control and lebanon has lost control in the biggest question is will people comply for the next 11 days especially the vulnerable families many people rely on daily wages in order to survive what happens to them this is a cash strapped government was unable to help the people a government which open the country which chose the economy over the health over over health because they wanted to lure in dollars from abroad.
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donald trump has released a statement highlighting that u.s. troops at the lowest point in years in afghanistan iraq and syria a day after house speaker nancy pelosi signed impeachment papers against trump the president said it had been an honor to rebuild the military trump was formally charged with inciting an insurrection one week after his supporters stormed capitol hill $85.00 a day but with just 6 days to go until he leaves office trump is likely to become the 1st president in u.s. history to face trial after his term has ended. the f.b.i. says it's concerned about the potential for violence at president elect joe biden's inauguration on january 20th with increasing number of threats online its director has been briefing vice president mike pence on preparations for next wednesday at least 20000 national guard troops will be deployed throughout the city where several airlines have temporarily banned passengers from checking in far on this on
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washington d.c. area flights our aim here the american people can be confident. is that we're going to ensure that we have a safe inauguration of the president elect joe biden vice president elect kamel harris are sworn in as the new president and vice president of the united states in a manner consistent with our history with our traditions in a way that. gives honor. to the american people and to the united states. that's going to have 200 capitol hill and intense security in washington and state capitals around the u.s. especially you know what we're getting more information from the f.b.i. about what they think the potential threat so. that's hard lauren and at that press conference a follow the security briefing with the vice president we also heard from the f.b.i. director saying that he was concerned about the potential for more arm dryads ahead of and during the inauguration of president elect joe biden christopher re saying
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that there was concern about right wing groups this is coming out after reports that the f.b.i. is tracking chatter in which these right wing extremists have said that they feel emboldened by the seizures that took place here at the capitol a week ago that they see that siege the the temporary occupation of the senate and house chambers as a window and that now there are planned rebellions not happening not only planned for here in washington d.c. but in all 50 state capitals and those threats have certainly contributed to the ramping up of an extraordinary security for us security presence here in the capitol region with a large swath surrounding the capital now blocked off if you were to walk outside of the building where i am now you could hear a pin drop there's no cars there's no pedestrians everyone can only access these
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few blocks surrounding the capitol with credentials and there are armed soldiers guarding every door at every intersection some 20000 national guard members are expected to be here in time for the inauguration already many thousands have arrived and this is coming at a time when the washington post is also reporting troubling information that during the siege of last wednesday at the capitol that now it's been deter. and there were dozens of people on the f.b.i. terrorist watch list who came to d.c. and were present in the city during that insurrection that's not the same thing as the no fly list more and so they were allowed to travel here and in fact democrats are now pushing for everyone who was part of that insurrection to be placed on the no fly list even as we see domestic airlines tightening security restriction then
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limiting the number of people who can come to washington how does your question thank you very much indeed. a senior u.n. officials are urging the u.s. government to reverse its decision to designate yemen's hooty rebels a terrorist group warning it could tip the country into a large scale famine so it might prompt says the aim is to hold who's you have accountable for what the u.s. says a terrorist acts including last month's deadly blast at aden airport in southern yemen washington and the yemeni government to blame that assault on the who sees who deny any involvement christine salumi reports from the united nations. it was a brutal attack on eden's airport just as newly appointed yemeni government officials arrived killing more than 20 people including civilians and aid workers but what the u.s. has done since blaming iran back to the separatists and designating them a terrorist organization will have more deadly and far reaching consequences that
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according to mark gryphus the united nations special envoy who recently visited the country we fear. there will be inevitably a chilling effect on my efforts to bring the parties together. even worse according to the u.n. and aid agencies the move is likely to push yemen over the brink and into widespread famine after 6 years of civil war 60000000 people more than half of the population already rely on humanitarian assistance to buy food 90 percent of which is imported aid agencies say the terrorism designation will disrupt the supply chain increase prices and possibly cause suppliers to pull out of the country altogether david beasley has the nobel prize winning the world food program. with the designation. it's going to be catastrophic it literally is going to be added up
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senates to hundreds of thousands if not millions of innocent people in yemen and quite frankly it needs to be reversed the united states has promised to work with the agencies but says the move is needed as the years of peace talks have yielded little in the way of results i want to make sure that everyone in this council and our briefers their views their concerns are informing how we approach that designation implementation and we are listening. we do believe that this step is the right will forward. the designation of iranian back to these as terrorists is the final salvo in the united states so-called maximum pressure campaign against iran and it's due to go into effect on january 19th one day before president trump the eaves office already
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there are calls on president elect joe biden to reverse the decision along with the warning that by that time damage will already have been done kristen salumi al jazeera the united nations. who the media is reporting that the saudi led coalition carried out 20 ass trikes on yemeni governance on thursday it says the strikes targeted mareeba sada and sunna with 2 air strikes aimed at some who think controlled airport according to the u.n. the war in yemen has killed more than 233000 people since it began in 2015 still to come this half hour more than a year after the 1st coronavirus case was flagged world health organization investigators finally arrive in will happen. and have siberians are coping with the winter that is bitterly cold even for them in minus 50 degrees predicted in the coming days.
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where it's been a halt in new south wales we hit 40 that's all gone this week line here is a frontal system that's gone through the terms have dropped. victoria's gone are the norm summer and again i don't have a cloud some rain the hard temperature of 19 in melbourne adelaide exceeds it by a little bit sydney vinyl for a lot more while it is pretty and purses too in the thirty's and remains that way for a couple of days any significant rain over the tasman sea is going to be in the far north of australia darwin maybe ken's and beyond most of queens and it's fairly quiet now very few showers around it is summery aspects just most houses it was. have a change of fortunes in east asia as well temperatures are on the way out for fraud look at this shanghai 800 so knowing a brief a brief change a circulating low bringing snow to north korea the north east of china i doubt of
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that as wind direction changes 1st of all the temperatures drop shanghai goes down to 6 on saturday of the northerly wind more or less where it should be and the snow showers start to fall again rain and snow and high granholm shoe snow proper high current or not given the temperature variation the amount of snow the main problem for hampshire once again is going to be avalanche. for the venezuela colombia boccia has become a stomping ground for trespass and. as desperate people transgress an illegal passage. to feed an emerging field trafficking markets. we follow that perilous journey unguarded through the line of. risking it all. venezuelan colombia. on al-jazeera.
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we were. one of the top stories here on ars or a top u.n. officials are urging the u.s. government to reverse its decision to designate yemen's hooty rebels a terrorist group warning it could tip the country into a large scale famine. a surge in growth of ours cases in brazil has led to a desperate shortage of oxygen in the amazon a city of man hours health care workers and families are pleading for people to supply oxygen if they can. and around the clock curfew has come into force in lebanon to combat a dramatic surge in corona virus infections knocked out as usual asked 11 days.
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the u.s. has reported almost 4000 deaths and nearly 240000 coronavirus cases on wednesday and the effect of the pandemic continues to be felt in the jobs market with more than 965000 people applying for unemployment benefits in the past week that numbers expected to rise as the coronavirus caseload grows across the country it was the highest number of 1st time unemployment applications since august the french government says it will move its not curfew forward to 6 pm to contain the spread of the highly contagious variant 1st on a divide in the u.k. another 21000 new kick over 1000 cases were reported on thursday and 282 deaths reports from the city of hooey. in an old concert hall 24 year old myal camel inc is being tested for conveyed part of the mass campaign against the virus in the northern french city over
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a health workers want to test most of the 130000 people who live and work in the city to isolate positive cases soldiers i feel a duty to participate as a citizen because the labs need as many tests as possible for the research french health authorities chose repay for mass testing because its infection rate was one of the highest in the country last year it's lower now but as elsewhere and from the cities doctors fear the spread of the highly infectious covert strain that's forced the u.k. into a 3rd lockdown. dunk one is a doctor and deputy mayor. this is the truth when the health ministry decided to must test you we didn't know about the so-called british strain now that we know more we asked the health ministry to search the u.k. variant in the positive cases we detect during this campaign so far less than a dozen clusters of the ferentz have been detected in france the biggest in the
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southern city of mass a link to a french family who do return to the city for a holiday from their home in britain many people in france worry that the situation in the country could soon become similar so that in the u.k. where the covariant has been described as out of control in some areas the french government's under pressure to do more to stop its spread everyone believe god will be british to ration through that question is one so the president of the french scientific committee say that it will be in march or april . i believe that is probably be sooner and the end of february the new emergencies prompted the government to order researches to reexamine recent tests nationwide. right they've also exhilarated their facts a nation program this with a lot of action we hope to have vaccinated more than a 1000000 french people by the end of january and we also want to prioritize that that thing for the 15000000 people regarded as the most vulnerable the government
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is racing to curtail the covert variant and avoid another national lockdown but the message for most health experts seems to be that it may be already too late natasha butler al jazeera. scientists from the world health organization have arrived in the chinese city of more than a year after the 1st corona virus cases were reported there are finally be allowed access to investigate the origins of the pandemic it comes as the country's north is battling resurgent cases reporting the 1st death from the virus in 8 months katrina new reports from beijing. after months of negotiation with the chinese government members of the world health organization team have arrived in one hot on a mission to trace the origins of carbon 19 we'd be looking at. those cases human cases that were affected in december 1000. at the markets the
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famous one markets and see. what happened there but also investigate the theory that the virus 1st came from an adamant and hopes to gain access to hans institute of rolling the trump administration has claimed without evidence that the pandemic was caused by a leak from this laboratory u.s. secretary of state mike from peo has accused the chinese government of a cover up and on tuesday tweeted that the show was corrupted by beijing the u.n. agency has denied claims and says its focus is not about assigning blame but uncovering facts to fight the pandemic they jane has so far tightly controlled any investigation into the outbreaks origin the mission comes as china is struggling to contain an outbreak in the country's north with more than 700 cases discovered in a week and the 1st coronavirus death recorded in 8 months discovering the origins of personalities has become highly politicized many governments around the world
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have been pulled from independent inquiry the last skeptical chinese government to provide for access to the communist was a puzzle so closer to its own narrative about the outbreak spores. chinese state media have been pushing reports that the corona virus was 1st discovered in europe in late 2019 beijing has been stoking the theory by pointing to traces of the virus on imported frozen food. says this is highly speculative but many residents in han are convinced i mean why you i well combat w.h.o. team to all han to look for the origin because i don't believe china is a word started. we were certain up didn't originated not even in china health experts say it's unlikely the dog you hate or team will discover the source of covert 19 anytime soon and additional missions may be needed. it took them some 10 years to find the origin of sars whole long with. maybe less time
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because we have more experience cold war easily these more complicated it will take time to find definitive answers a team of experts from around the world to work with chinese scientists and mohan but 1st the 14 days of quarantine between e.u. al-jazeera beating mass distribution of the sign a vaccine has begun in turkey where health care workers and high risk groups are being prioritized in a mass inoculation dr president richard one was among those vaccinated on thursday turkey took delivery of 3000000 doses in december and the health minister says they've already delivered be delivered to 81 sites 12300000 people have tested positive in turkey and at least 23000 have died. and jordan has started vaccinating syrian refugees living in zaatari camp becoming one of the 1st countries to start vaccinating u.n.h.c.r. registered refugees $43.00 elderly refugees reffed received either
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a sign of act or finds a job at a center east of the capital about 2000 out of 78000 refugees at the camp have been registered to receive the vaccine. but counting has begun to uganda's closely contested election with the final results expected within 48 hours supporters of opposition leader bobby wine have been gathering at polling stations to monitor the counts because if it is a fraud the. wind is aiming to ending company you're very much seventies 35 year rule the run up to the election was the deadliest in uganda's history with all the 50 people killed by security forces and their fears the final result will be contested an internet blackout is in effect also show media and messaging apps a band that french soil has more from the capital kampala. well the chairman of the electoral commission. has addressed after the completion.
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and he says that by and large the voting process has been small he talked about a few problems in some voting stations for example the biometric identification failed in other stations forcing materials arrived late but he says much of those problems was called by experts also in that trial commission and once it was in the 2 year old arrived in the polling stations everything else went mostly not a lot of people have raised concerns about how the transmission of results will happen without internet internet had been shut down in uganda opposition supporters particularly for the wine and patrick are moriarty have accused government forces of using excessive force on the their supporters 2 politicians have been arrested more to pull times have been blocked from complaining that supporters have been
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dispatched violently by security forces in november 54 people killed in protest after 40 wind i was arrested novel to talk to government officials who are saying that our politicians have seen the fine called the 1000 regulations they say that the protests and the rallies have been violent protesters have been attacking police as well but all this raises questions about the credibility of the next and the credibility of the process. food and wine produced to illegal israeli settlements in the occupied west bank will soon be available for purchase in the united arab emirates economic and business ties have been growing between israel and the u.a.e. since the countries agreed to normalize ties last year angering palestinians settlements are deemed illegal under international law and labels highlighting the origins of settler products are required by the european union. has not said if
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similar labels will be required there. very exciting for them to feel the peace process it's like be a part of it when you see him in the tell you that when you drink a glass to up it's to be a part of these 3 again why aren't you got. it breaks your heart to see your muslim brothers in the u.a.e. support your enemy at your expense this is not logic and it is not what god wants parts of siberia are experiencing the longest cold spell in 14 years temperatures in the region dipped below minus 40 degrees more than a month ago and similar weather is expected until the end of january this week they could drop to minus 50 and schools are being closed until the weather warms up again the freezing temperatures followed in up the really warm autumn and catching many off guard. the mainland to keep moving is not to stay in one place and to keep going that's the main thing when you move. there's a time
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a connected to my car so if the internal temperature drops to minus 10 the car ignites itself to warm up the engine and then it turns off again so there are 2 wardo ignitions per night. don't forget you can catch up anytime on our web site there just for that al-jazeera talk on. top stories on our zira hospitals at breaking point in brazil's amazon a state with oxygen supplies running out and reports of coated 900 patients suffocating coronavirus cases a spiking that has another new variant adds to a devastating 2nd wave doctors nurses and the families of people in need of put out messages all social media pleading for people to supply oxygen if they can. around the clock curfew is coming.


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