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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 15, 2021 5:00am-5:30am +03

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trapped in a system with little hope of escape the plume power investigates it's released. on the. new york city. a cry for help hospitals in brazil's amazon the states are running out of oxygen and struggling to cope as they try to contain covert 19. i'm about this and this is all to syria live from doha also coming up the u.s. vice president assures americans he's committed to a safe inauguration as the f.b.i. raises concerns about potential for violence across the country. the u.s. refuses to reverse its decision to label yemen's houthi these as
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a terrorist group despite a warning it will be a death sentence for yemenis. counting votes in uganda's general election the incumbent president is seeking a 6th in his main libel is a musician turned politician. the health system in the brazilian state of ominous is at the point of collapse because of a surge in corona virus infections hospitals in the city of manasseh running out of beds and there are reports of patients dying because there isn't enough oxygen to treat them doctors and nurses of food messages on social media pleading for more supplies researchers fear a new variant of the virus originally detected in the now us is more contagious it's prompted the u.k. to ban travel from every country in south america as well as portugal because of its strong links with brazil several other governments are introducing tighter
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restrictions to try to stop the spread of the virus lebanon's announced an 11 day round the clock curfew after a dramatic surge in cases while france has extended its nighttime stay at home order i want to hear you not have has more in the situation in brazil from rio de janeiro man as has been the situation is very critical escalated from one day to the other the words already no room in the hospitals there was no room in the cemeteries to the very people but now today there was no oxygen and health workers were so desperate that they were asking for help trying to juggle around these oxygen cylinders and asking people just. to give whatever they could to the hospitals and here's pretty much what they had to say. that's how best music or did you have mercy on us we are in a deplorable situation we have simply run out of oxygen in an entire health care
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unit we have been on lock suchan a lot of people dying if anyone has any oxygen available piece into to us at the redemption clinic piece and everyone sees what they are many people dying put in love of god but just to swallow their butts that was a this is chaos we were seeing to small stock of oxygen but it will only last 2 hours. but if. we need oxygen we have one cylinder for 5 people and 100 cultism a few patients take turns breathing for the love of god don't just don't know what else to do this is a calamity the health minister had a meeting with the mayor today and me that that was. the time really said he would set a date for the vaccination campaign again and that would be next week on sand very now the problem is that brazil's regulatory agency and visa will only
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meet on sunday to decide which vaccines will or will be allowed to be. distributed in the country so i have not given the official green light and today the government the federal government has sent a flying to india to fetch 2000000 doses of the after zeneca vaccine which brazil is also working to produce here but still has not enough apparently. u.s. president elect joe biden has unveiled a $1.00 trillion dollars stimulus plan for the battered american economy he says bold investment is needed to tackle the fallout from the pandemic the proposal includes more than 400 $1000000000.00 to boost the response to corona virus and speed up the vaccine lolo's households would also easy direct relief checks worth $1400.00 the crisis of deep human suffering is
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in plain sight and there's no time to waste we have to act we have to act now this is what economists are telling us more importantly it's what the values we hold dear in our hearts as americans are telling us a growing chorus of tommy top economists agree that the moment of crisis in this moment of crisis with measures rates at historic lows we cannot afford inaction in a 1000 names in biden's hometown of wilmington delaware with more and what he's proposing . there are 10000000 americans more than 10000000 americans who are unemployed right now just a short drive from where biden is making this announcement we visited a food pantry at a church today we met a man named william he's been unemployed for 6 months he goes to this church grabs a few bags full of donated food and goes home and says that he has been relying on
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this food to get by he also says he's been hoping for a larger stimulus relief check from the government he says he'll use that money to get by to pay for his rent to pay for clothes it's clear for anyone who's reporting in the united states during this pandemic just how much people are suffering and this is why biden is saying that we're in a race against time we need to act fast it's a very extensive 2 step program what he's announcing tonight is what he calls the rescue portion of that program so $1400.00 stimulus checks to individuals grants to small businesses who have been decimated funding to get a national vaccination program going vaccines in this country would become free and the list goes on the question really now is how quickly a democratic controlled congress can act because for the millions of struggling americans who are worried about
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a vixen and getting food on the table they just can't wait much longer. the f.b.i. director is warning of potential violence in the days reading up to the u.s. president elect joe biden's inauguration says that have been calls for all protests and several social media platforms security has been stepped up in the capital provides president's mike pence said the administration will ensure a peaceful transition by kind of reports from washington d.c. . it looks like a capital on the sea. fences topped with razor wire have been erected around the nation seat of government ever increasing numbers of soldiers are being deployed security officials saying that some 20000 will be sent by the inauguration next wednesday that's greater than any current deployment anywhere in the world even the supreme court is being locked down as well as other signature landmarks one strong
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with tourists. vice president mike pence met with senior security officials to be briefed on the preparations for the american people deserve. a safe inauguration on january 20th. and i encourage you to convey to all of the members of your teams to continue to lean forward to ensure that we achieve a just there but he heard a bleak assessment from the director of the f.b.i. we're concerned about the potential for violence multiple protests and rallies planned here in d.c. and it's the capital believes around the country in the days to come that could bring armed individuals within close proximity to government buildings and officials and direct threats from right wing extremists have been growing in the wake of the impeachment vote against president trump on wednesday terrorists have restored just a few minutes ago the republicans who voted for impeachment
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a particular focus colleagues who are now traveling with armed escorts out of the fear for their safety many of us are altering their routines. or continue to get audio armor as yet another ominous evening fell the vice president thank some of the national guard that have been deployed to the nation's capital on a scale not seen since the civil war. mike hanna al-jazeera washington a shallow 6.2 magnitude quake has hit indonesia's so the ways the island killing at least 3 people and injuring dozens of others a governor's office and a hotel are set of collapsed with several people trapped in the rubble thousands fled to higher ground after the trauma fading a tsunami the disaster agency says a series of quakes in the past 24 hours of caused landslides and cut electricity supplies. the u.s. has rejected calls to reverse its decision to designate yemen's who think rebels
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a terrorist group the u.n. wants the move could result in a large scale famine secretary of state might pump a 0 says the who things must be held accountable for what he calls terrorist acts christensen he reports from the united nations. it was a brutal attack on eden's airport just as newly appointed yemeni government officials arrived killing more than 20 people including civilians and aid workers but what the u.s. has done since blaming iran back to the separatists and designating them a terrorist organization will have more deadly and far reaching consequences that according to martin griffis the united nations special envoy who recently visited the country. we fear in my vision they will be inevitably a chilling effect. of my efforts to bring the parties together even worse according to the un and aid agencies the move is likely to push yemen over the brink and into
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widespread famine after 6 years of civil war 16000000 people more than half of the population already rely on humanitarian assistance to buy food 90 percent of which is imported aid agencies say the terrorism designation will disrupt the supply chain increase prices and possibly cause suppliers to pull out of the country altogether david beasley has the nobel prize winning the world food program. with the designation. it's going to be catastrophic it literally is going to be added up senates the hundreds of thousands if not millions of innocent people in yemen and quite frankly it needs to be reversed the united states has promised to work with the agencies but says the move is needed as years of peace talks have yielded little in the way of results i want to ensure that everyone in
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this council and our briefers that their views their concerns are informing how we approach that designation implementation and we are listening. we do believe the step is the right will forward the designation of iranian back to these as terrorists is the final salvo in the united states so-called maximum pressure campaign against iran and it's due to go into effect on january 19th one day before president trump leaves office already there are calls on president elect joe biden to reverse the decision along with the warning that by that time damage will already have been done kristen salumi al jazeera the united nations won a room because the yemen deputy country director for action against hunger she says the decision by the us will make the situation in yemen catastrophic yemen is
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already one of the most complex and difficult operating environment for humanitarians in the world and what this is going to do is take a hard situation and make it effectively impossible. we work with action against hunger through lots of health facilities delivering primary health care as well as nutrition services and every single health facility in the country is government run so when you remove our ability to work with the government we can't deliver those life saving services and we're talking about importation of essential supplies of food a fuel of medicine if we can't bring supplies in there's not very much that humanitarians can do on a.c.f. and other humanitarian actors are trying to put in place contingency plans to make sure that lifesaving aid can continue to be delivered but all of these are just bandaids if if these measures go through people will die people will be killed
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by politics by this decision and that is not something that can be overstated and that's not something that can be prevented by strategic planning or stockpiling . just ahead an al-jazeera asylum seekers former migrant caravans in honduras by joe biden taking office within days has encouraged hundreds to pursue the american dream. to his ear marks 10 years since an uprising demanding better living conditions but many people say their lives haven't improved. it's time for the perfect gentleman who went sponsored point qatar airways briefly of an interruption to the cold of winter in the wind direction changed completely disappear lation inducing walls and eastern china and the korean
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peninsula but it's wrapped around the center of the low which means significant snow is likely in for example flood of awestruck that normally warms things up so who were a mere minus 8 here be on notice it's sunny over honshu ha carder that's a nice change it also means the avalanche risk will come up doesn't last long the whole thing swings through the cold comes back the high temperature in cells minus 3 is gone that the man's 40 in very last 2nd shanghai has come down a bit below normal there is cloud gathering in western china and try to edge steadily east with a bit wintry weather in that as well but to be more snow to come the western slopes of honshu in the lower right of our corridor significant rain with flood seems likely to continue around cameron tan or further north that all of the aunt of borneo and to the east this is the way. sumatra and it's level asia not as well as they were there was some pretty heavy rain band action that might continue but for most places it's a much drier there for a darkie of more pleasant spell right in the far south of india is still cold and
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foggy was poor air quality in the north. qatar airways. divorce rates in taiwan are soaring and as a marriage consultant helen knows this only too well. but as the 60th wedding anniversary approaches her own parents are looking moons rather than arms to look out to go to. commit daughterly love and professional expertise make them see eye to eye. my fire back my mother part of the viewfinder asia series on al-jazeera. or.
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your child is it a reminder of our top stories this hour the health system in the brazilian series of on the solis is at the point of collapse because of a surge in corona virus infections hospitals in the state capital now also running out of beds and oxygen. president elect joe biden has unveiled a $1.00 trillion dollars stimulus plan for which to help the economy which has been hit by covert like teen it includes more than $400000000000.00 to boost the response to corona virus and speed up the vaccine rollout. the u.s. has refused to reverse a decision to designate yemen's who 3 rebels a terrorist group the u.n. says warning that could tip the country into a large scale famine. the vaccine developed by a chinese pharmaceutical firm sign of ike is coming under scrutiny from regulators it's been trial in brazil and sciences there now say that latest data shows it's
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only 50 percent effective now that's far below the 78 percent the brazilian researchers announced last week they say they original figures did not include all the data from clinical trials but the vaccine known as corona of ak is still deemed to be effective the world health organization set the benchmark rate at 50 percent son of acas defended its vaccine saying it's still safe for use and unlike the pfizer vaccine it doesn't need to be frozen the jobs been ordered by at least 10 countries including turkey and indonesia oksana p.c. is a global health advisor and lecture university college london school of pharmacy she says despite the latest data she would not rule it out in the fight to protect against the virus. well currently we have limited data and it would show hasn't had the full picture received by chinese scientists so at this point it can if you can picture house emerge because the trials that run in different countries with
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the corona back in chinese back scene have been quite different on the surface of things it is disappointing to see that it is only 2.8 percent effective however we also have to consider that this does the u.s. f.d.a. even said that they would approve of any vaccine over 50 percent i think if i think you see so i think in some ways we have almost. forgotten the significance of this scientific achievement because there have been so there have been several vaccines that have higher thinking level but we really need to break it down to more. how effective is it in pieces that are severe in the ones that need medical treatment and are clogging up hospital systems and in this is just actually this vaccine
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itself is effective so we think that in the many regions of the world where thousands of people are dying in a day and where the 2nd wave is now eclipsing the cars and this vaccine can be an effective invaluable tool votes are being counted in uganda as closely contested election with the final results expected by saturday supporters of opposition leader bobby wine gathered at polling stations to watch ballots being cost because of fears of fraud $1.00 wants to end presidency what it was savan is 35 years in power catherine so i reports from kampala. voting in some polling stations started late because of delays in the delivery of voting materials at this station on the outskirts of kampala people waited patiently for an hour before they could cast their ballots one thing we had disappointed when they were the government has handed the whole versus the internet is going to working and everything is down presidential where it was 70 voted in western uganda has previously won some
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opposition politicians and electoral commission officials against what he described as attempts to rig the election. some opposition leaders including the wind his strongest challenger have sent the same message wiener arrived at his polling station to an enthusiastic crowd and later arched them to stay on polling stations to monitor the process and got their votes many voters here say they just want a leadership that is going to provide them with the basics jobs lower taxes for small business owners a reasonable education for their children but this issues have been overshadowed by pre-election violence we've seen in the last few months police crackdown on thumb opposition leaders and their supporters as well as path anality politics maureen. spare parts is disappointed that what matters to her was not well addressed in the
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election campaigns we're talking many more young people who are not employed many of forced to travel abroad to get jobs that have no dignity they must trace it but they desperate that needs to change the name of the policing of the elections on political analysts a kind of it's could not properly sell their vision to voters the issues in uganda . the issues in uganda today. the issues in uganda are about political disagreement. with should we change. if the. director or commission face final results will be declared on saturday. the u.s. the european union and civil society groups have already said the process has been tainted and lacks transparency and accountability many ugandans fear be valid if there is a contested catherine al-jazeera compound. their organization doctors without
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borders is warning that the security and humanitarian situation is deteriorating rapidly in central african republic on wednesday rebels trying to seize the capital won't be but they were pushed back by security forces the violence was triggered by december's disputed presidential election a coalition of armed groups wants to remove president foster to our data who's known serving his 2nd term tennesseans have been marking the 10th anniversary of the revolution that overthrew longtime dictators in our love again ben ali and forced him into exile subsequent protests wept across much of the arab world of the uprising was sparked in december 2010 inches in the street vendor mohamed boise set himself on fire people took to the streets over living standards and unemployment the violent response by police led to riots it was dubbed the jasmine revolution and january 20th levon president ben ali resigned after 23 years in power and fled
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to saudi arabia elections were held in a tobar and the previously banned and knocked up party won the majority vote the following year ben ali was sentenced in absentia to life in prison for inciting violence and murder then in 2015 the chin is in national dialogue quartet a group of civil society members won the nobel peace prize for helping the transition to democracy. is that a turn in chief of the tunas in using the analysis website's mesh column and he explains what's changed since the uprising a stance of lake obit was that the reason why the government announced a 4 day lockdown although the state scientific committee has said that 4 days but they wouldn't do anything and we've actually seen and the space where people protested 10 years ago downtown tunis empty today you know that was the place where people really rejected a police state where security forces fired on them in this fight that the
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revolution succeeded and today they were really prevented from from entering that space so in some ways people were talking about the big counter-revolutionary atmosphere today on this day 10 years later and that really sums up where it has has come to at this point you know it's difficult to say where the gains of the revolution have been there have been free and fair elections there's been a new constitution which many people have craze for really securing new rights new personal freedoms but at the same time we've seen those elections the turnout has gone down every time they've had elections as people really start to feel disillusioned with whether these elections or whether the politics this can actually respond to people's up political economic and social needs we have to remember as well that aside from the current health crisis that we're seeing in tunisia there's also an economic crisis an economic malaise that's been going on for the last several years there's been an i.m.f. program in place the loan program which has included a lot of austerity measures including freezing public sector hiring most crucially
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today when the health ministry often see doctors who end up going abroad and you see other people really you can even lower cost as well trying to leave saying they don't feel like there's enough economic opportunity here. it's got a model has stationed more than 2000 police and soldiers along its border with honduras to stop people crossing illegally a group of migrants is heading towards the border and they're hoping to make it all the way to the u.s. and receive a warmer welcome under the biden administration john homan reports. a couple of 100 people gathered in some pedro sula honduras in the early hours of thursday morning to start their journey to an improbable destination the united states. it's a far cry from the thousands in the caravans of 201819 who hoped that by sheer force of numbers they could make it to their promise land. but the last one didn't get
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further than guatemala and this time to the country is deploying security forces and demanding code vitesse from anyone wanting to cross. only bring up papers supposedly what they've asked us to bring they asked for the covert 19 test and have all the paperwork in order even if they make it further up the route the mits computers equally tough. so why try a tool. the answer for many is that they're desperate after a double whammy of tropical storms in november many people have been left with next to nothing but a middle of the 1st the pandemic then the 2 downpours that left us in crisis and i think that because my child is disabled we can get through if god wants a story they may also hope that incoming u.s. president joe biden will be more sympathetic to them than donald trump but biden's team is reportedly already wary of encouraging any rush on the buddha the many of these people the trip will surely end where it began back in honduras john home and
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al-jazeera. hundreds of families in refugee camps in bangladesh have been left without shelter after a fire raged through a district in cox's bazaar the blaze destroyed more than 500 homes ny apart on thursday no casualties have been reported many of the refugees there are here muslims who fled violence and persecution at the hands of mia manzoni form an italian prime minister silvio berlusconi is in hospital in monaco with heart problems the 84 year old says he's in good health and is expected to return home in a few days but has gone ahead major heart surgery in 2016 and also overcame prostate cancer the media mogul no longer holds public office but he does remain the head of his force intaglio party and he's vocal in national politics the former health director of the us state of michigan has been charged with involuntary manslaughter over the deadly water contamination crisis in the city of flint the
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state's former governor rick snyder is also facing charges of willful neglect of duty which could see him a year in prison at least 12 people died in an outbreak of legionnaires' disease after flint switched its water supply in 2014 in an effort to save money the city's drinking water was found to be contaminated with toxic levels of lead. food and wine produced at illegal israeli settlements in the occupied west bank will soon be available in the united arab emirates economic ties are growing between israel and the u.a.e. since the 2 agreed to normalize ties last year during palestinians and iraqi authorities haven't said of labels showing the origins of settler products will be compulsory like they are in the european union it's very exciting for them to feel the peace process it's like being part of it when you see him in a. dream. it's to be a part of these 3 again. he was there tell you break your heart to see your muslim
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brothers in the u.a.e. support your enemy at your expense this is not logic and it is not what god wants part of siberia are experiencing the longest cold spell in 14 years temperatures in the scrooge and dipped below minus 40 degrees celsius more than a month ago a similar weather is expected until the end of january this week the mercury could fall below minus 50 and schools have been closed until the weather warms up again. this is our deceiver these are the top stories the health system in the brazilian state of hama sourness is at the point of collapse because of a surge in corona virus and.


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