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tv   Inside Story  Al Jazeera  January 16, 2021 3:30am-4:01am +03

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beijing's new national security law in comes less than a day after an internet service provider admitted it had complied with the government's request to block access to a website run by pro-democracy activists authorities have conducted a sweeping crackdown on dissent in recent weeks internet access is widely censored in mainland china but have been mostly free in hong kong. this is our desire these are the top stories 2000000 people have now died globally from covert 19 the world health organization chief says people are failing to break the chains of coronavirus transmission at government and community levels the brazilian army has transported desperately needed oxygen supplies to amazon the state of the hospitals treating coronavirus patients started running out to newly identified variants of the virus are contributing to the sharp rise of cases in the
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area u.s. president elect joe biden has outlined his plan to inoculate 100000000 people within his 1st 100 days in office invoke a cold war era law to help boost the production of vaccines the city one of the most challenging operation a 1st ever undertaken by our country but you have my work and manage that well. but as i said last night we need funding from common congress to make this happen and i am optimistic. as house speaker nancy pelosi has suggested that any lawmakers fun to be accomplices in the capitol hill riots will be prosecuted many democrats have voiced concern that some republicans may have helped rioters. ugandan presidential challenger bobi wine has told us that his life is in danger after security forces surrounded his home they arrive soon after he claimed victory in the election despite early results that show him trailing
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president yoweri most of anything that our government has resigned over the child benefit scandal that drove thousands of families to financial ruin a parliamentary report accuse them of mismanaging a child care subsidies scheme which saw around $10000.00 families accused of fraud prime minister mark rutte and his cabinet will stay on in a caretaker capacity until elections in march. dates have been announced for the 1st palestinian elections in more than 15 years president mahmoud abbas's says the legislative and presidential votes will be held in may and june they've been delayed because of negotiations between us party fatah and his rivals hamas the palestinian factions are aiming to build a united front against israel those are the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after inside story by.
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an old border dispute reignited ethiopia and sudan blame each other for hostilities in the old fashioned to reach villagers who've worked the land for a century are caught in the middle so what's really behind the latest violence this is inside story. hello and welcome to the program. ethiopia and sudan are warning each other against worsening a historic border dispute they fought over and if i should go for a century the 250 square kilometer region is rich and fertile sudan says colonial
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era treaty show its part of its territory but ethiopians have a long settled there for decades ethiopian farmers cultivated the land without much to servants but skirmishes have increased in the past 2 months so dan says it's reclaimed territory and accused its neighbor of flying military planes overhead explaining what it calls ethiopian militias for killing at least 5 women and a child in a border village on monday as well as an attack on sudanese troops earlier this month. hausler or our brothers who were betrayed last month they killed 5 or 7 soldiers this was a betrayal we never expected there would be fighting with any sort of violence with our neighbors in ethiopia but they are the ones who started we didn't start anything yesterday they killed a women and before that all pharmacies that burnt on land took them from us and just yesterday they said these lands on sudanese lands but these are sued in the us lands no matter what anyone says. ethiopia hasn't responded to the allegations but
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its government is accusing sudanese forces of pushing further into the region the foreign ministry says it's running out of patience with diplomacy the country's prime ministers last tried to discuss the tension in december. we monitored movements of the sudanese army inside if you open borders we continue to call for dialogue to resolve the border dispute from 100 years ago sudan took advantage of the security vacuum on or borders cheating or preoccupation with the to korean war and we fully know that behind these events is a 3rd party if you have his silence should not be construed as fear we adopted not instituted the border dispute and adopted the option of look and patience has limits but now each side has its own story about what led to the violence in but many see it as the latest flare up in decades of rivalry between the 2 countries let's look at what else is at play the grand ethiopian renaissance dam has been
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a source of tension since ethiopia broke around for the project in 2011 downstream countries egypt and sudan fear it will restrict vital water supplies the 2 nations have also had to contend with the waves of refugees just recently the ethiopian military offensive into a great push tens of thousands into sudan. both governments have also supported rival rebel groups for decades. all right let's bring in our guests in the sudanese capital khartoum was tong go head of the national boundary commission in ethiopia capital addis ababa samuel get a true journalist at the reporter and in somerville in the u.s. alex deval executive director of the world peace foundation we asked the ethiopian government for representative to appear on the panel but no one was available welcome to you all alex let me start with you today what is really behind this border flare up right now i think that the media. can go
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into they are as always in a border dispute in dispute. behind that is the fact that like almost all borders enough this one has not been fully was determined in colonial times and an arbitrary line was drawn which is not really well understood on the ground and in the best cases and this was the better one of the better cases until very recently the governments concerned had a let's not live attitude allowing the people to live on the border in a traditional way crossing the border will really regardless of where the legal line and it was a political fallout has a higher level between the governments that meant that the exact border line suddenly became an issue of political contrivance was what sudan want to see
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going forward what does sudan want to see happen at this point. good afternoon i think let me ferris explain something from our colleague alex. i think would say. the line was not delimited as they can understand and that the border is not precisely for that i think let me correct in the border was fairest delimited in a draft agreement of 1900 and there was some objection requests from incremental lick to a lot of harrington when they are discussing this on the process live in the run between his u.p.a. and seanie and sudan in which it is not it in. giving in britain giving in to the requests of. emperor mentally of
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ceding him some parts of sudan he didn't actually claim sovereignty over them then clearly that is from the travel proper to our can appear to us that. none the less britain acceded to his demand and the line was clearly delimited in the 1902 agreement signed by a mentally can self and this is published in the british. british. what you could treat a serious it is there for everybody to see then the agreement was that a border of boundary commission would be established jointly between sudan and if your pia to demarcate this boundary and that bound boundary commission was
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established and authorized. to put us on the boundary line which is which image again did exactly and he drawn the line and he drowned a mob he also took the decor didn't it of the boundary pillars that he actually erected along the boundary in 1000 or 3 from their point of this meeting with its european sudan boundary in fact he changed the description in the in 1000 or 2 agreement as you cited above the city i'm sorry sudan. was i'm sorry interrupt you it is just that you know we don't have a lot of time for this discussion we know that it's a disputed territory majesty ask you what is it that dan would like to see going
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forward when it comes to this dispute right now. well. i think i think the dispute is a novel thing and the bundy was never disputed even in 1992. exchange of not to recognize the boundary pillars erected by a good major green and that is exchange of not from the ministry of minister of foreign affairs office europea is propose and sudan accepted that so there is no boundary disputes between sudan and its your p.r. also the stablished 2001 boundary commission has worked for the north of the nearly 12 years without discussing any boundary line dispute although we hear about boundary disputes is something novel is this started 2 months ago from this european side otherwise there was not there wasn't
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a range meant on the boundary cross boundary cultivation in 1992 miles at a time something done i'm very i'm really sorry i don't mean wise and sorry i don't mean to interrupt you but i need to give time to the other guests here i will get back to you to another question in just a moment let me go to samuel right now samuel let me ask you what does ethiopia want to see going forward when it comes to this dispute. i think from the person to her her if your brand if your parents we i think that if you open government wants to keep its borders intact. like i mean to done trying to take advantage of the situation the conflicts that have been ongoing i mean your guest has been mentioning all this agreements and all kinds of stuff that were signed during colonization for other countries so i mean it's just looks like sudan taking
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advantage of the what's happening in ethiopia and claiming a part of ethiopia for example. trying to claim i mean some people are openly debating whether benny shango belongs to the sudan i can almost guarantee you that part of ethiopia and that is provoking a conflict and less conflict in a region that has known too many conflicts and i think we just hope it will just end and will come up to some kind of conclusion peacefully because people are dying as we speak right now because of this disputes alex both sides in this say that they don't want a war but could what's happening now trigger a new conflict. i think it is already triggering something of a conflict and it could trigger a wider conflict let me explain why the previous governments the owner of a government in sudan and the the p.r.t.
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of governments in ethiopia decided on a compromise that they did in the compromise was to accept the delineation of the colonial era but also to accept that ethiopians could continue to cultivate and live inside what was then identified as sudanese territory so in their children to ethiopian schools paying taxes etc and the ethiopians didn't want to challenge the status quo because they saw something bigger at stake and what they saw bigger and stay in ethiopia the relations in the wider region especially their relations with egypt over the not waters and we know this is highly controversial and european strategy was until very recently to embed the whole nile waters agreement in an african coalition and have sudan as an ally or a member of that coalition now the current prime minister med student policy when it's on its head just over a year ago when he went to direct bilateral negotiations with egypt
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without any foreign ministry official present he he met with the egyptian president and agreed that the americans would be the mediator and of course sudan is in a very weak position reserving egypt and america and therefore what prime minister did not out of malign intent but out of sheer naivety a very inexperienced young politician without any foreign policy experience he stood the precepts of ethiopian foreign policy on its head and then as a consequence of that he lost sudan's as a strategic ally he also many other blunders at that time and he made an alliance with a very travelled much stripper. system in africa not the world and the consequence of that is that tensions then began to rise in the region and as the war broke out in integra in just over 2 months ago
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then what we saw was tension rising around the region the regional state making territorial claims within an ethiopian against to grandstand and they were winning the war so they were able to but claims in many shangrila not heard any sudanese claims to banish and this is something that i have completely new from from some all get archery but also then the regional state wanted to say ok this is our territory too and it's a very different matter to make a territorial claim. in what i readily say would be a potentially disputed territory it's a very different matter to make it against a neighboring state and i think this was the origin of this dispute it was actually a foreign policy era if i may say so by prime minister be more than your.
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mas let me ask you are you concerned that this could become a larger conflict and from your vantage point what needs to happen in order to deescalate the situation. well you want to see the decision never is calista to anything we're what is happening right now what we want to see is what the boundary the effort to mention a joint bonded area for mission report that was done between sudan experts and its european experts in 2010 accepted an indorse by the joint political committee and also in 1000 in 2011 and indorse an accepted by to presidents in 1000 in 2013 to be implemented that is all i think that is that is actually the answer to
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all the. calls for escalation we don't need to escalate anything we need to enter in sci fi the boundary pillars that were put in 19 or to which both countries have agreed that is correct of course of the boundary lying in in 2010 and their poor report is there the core demands a geographical corridor demands that are there sudan. accepted its duties and commitments in 1992 would call this european part also to respect the 1992 exchange of letters is specially that it is stemmed from the minister of foreign affairs of ethiopia and every party should respect it is commitment within that agreement and that we cannot just start to
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implement the agreement from the last spot a graph or the last sentence we have to agree to implement it from the for. despite a graph and that will answer everything there we do not claim any land in this you pia we are not willing or even have a policy or a strategy of claiming land from neighboring countries we are. but we are really responsible for administering our own land our own territory and if its european parliament as our farming is done the more does vivendi or even the agreement what that they were under the sudanese load not under its european laws they work and the sudan has laws and respect sudan lows and the holding it of so that danny's people there we cannot allow them to disregard the
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sudanese laws in the sudan is territory and that is answer we are the neighbors we have long economy and social relations and we cannot go away from each other we have to share that border so we have to go and fulfill our boys are mittens as it is there not to select not to select i mean agreements has to be has to be implemented in. practice censor vanda has to be with good intention to implement the whole agreement not to select whatever each party want and then. decide it commitment and that is all or what we need and or what is to be done there sudan is the is really willing to implement the agreements done but 1992 was right.
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2001 agreement was miles i'm sorry it's just that we do need to get to the other guest there miles i'm sorry i'm sorry to say we are running out of time let me go to samuel now samuel who can play an effective role when it comes to diplomacy going forward. before i answer your question limited personalize the importance of the ethiopian renaissance which isn't any showing will which sum up to us of the sedona side is now claiming it's part of the saddam you know my generation raised $5000000000.00 for the 1st site to try to build it could become finally self-sufficient it won't be so we don't want to see our nation and such a desperate situation as it has always been a least in my generation so when the sudan is tied when fuel influential activists are claiming that benny shang goal which my generation has dedicated $5000000000.00
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to build or rent is as dumb as part of the sudan it hurts us because as your guest said the sudan and he's. a very strong relationship for a long long time that's not just cultural or economical but we see the us one of our own we've been helping them when when they needed our help giving sudanese refugees us the sudanese are giving our ethiopians if you start us so when they claim or when they say it's belongs to them it goes to show us we may have. it comes to our disagreements with egypt who's going to help us i mean we have decent countries in the world including canada and the scandinavian nations that i've always played a role in looking at peace without their own interest so i think those countries should really come and bring some kind of solution because we can't keep losing
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if europe and so the sudan is an endless pointless disagreements which turns into conflict alex looked to me like you were reacting to some of what alex was saying there are sorry some what samuel was saying there let me also ask you these border tensions come at a time. when they're trying to people are trying to resolve the 3 way round over the renaissance dam how much does this complicate the dispute. it's certainly does a complicated history i must say i've never heard of a sudanese claim to the territory of the of the renaissance dome or something completely new to me and i do follow this very closely i would also add that the uk each act of the ethiopian foreign policy around the renaissance now is excellence the same message in the in the revered foreign minister of ethiopia for 19 years when he was killed a few days ago and i would very much hope that the ethiopian nation is in mourning
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one of the great statesmen of our era sadly he and the is the european government big claims to to kill him but let me make the point that there is a key interlocutor here that is actually ready to engage in trying to resolve some of these issues and that's the united arab emirates which is a friend and a patron to ethiopia to sudan to every trend and in fact it's through very clear from all the evidence that we have not only that eritrea is probably the major political and it has been as it were invited in to fight war and to grind by the government to be good but it seems very likely that the u.a.e. is actually providing major financial support eritrea cannot finances worn its own it really has no colony and the have something like 25 combat brigades in daily operations inside ethiopian territory is
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a very expensive proposition it can't do that alone. and sudan has intervened with the u.a.e. over the last few days so i think what we expect to see hopefully is the u.a.e. which is very concerned with its relations with egypt sudan and also with her travel ethiopia beginning to say to the ethiopians in the arab triad i'm very much hope time for you to scale back on the on this war is not serving any. he's interests and. we really need to have peaceable order not all of the corn before the current information and escalate alex. not to stop you but i do want to follow up on one other sort of big picture thing too because this is of also pretty complicated stuff here how rare is it for the sudanese and ethiopian armies to fight one another directly over territory and please keep in mind we only
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have about 2 minutes left it is very rare for them to fight over territory they have occasionally clash they have backed one of those proxy to one another's proxies over the years but this is the 1st occasion in which the actual territorial dispute that has led to armed clashes between the armies of the 2 countries and where things stand now it doesn't look to you as though there will be more clashes i think of the moment they are headed to more connections. and i fear that the escalation which at the moment is coming from the primary from ethiopian side with the aircraft over france is a very dangerous. are we run out of time so we're going to leave the conversation there thanks so much to all our guests more as tongo samuel get to chew and alex devolve and thank you too for watching you can see the program again any time hitting our web site al jazeera dot com and for further discussion go to our facebook page that's facebook dot com forward slash a.j.
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inside story you can also join the conversation on twitter our handle is at a.j. inside story for me mohammed gentlemen the whole team here bye for now. you know affluence a strad some neighborhoods are backed by social and economic despair when i when they face a band of local heroes in one of us have a responsibility to change all 1st place for their suburban drink on al-jazeera. said tis only change because some people believe in
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a post that has become in their. way well a fundamental political or my city around the state representative they put themselves out to make the changes something that we. should have taken this long to the end of the name as condemnation blank we have a disco to slosh or to create new areas we have to change this culture i am one of the fortunate ones who can leave many thought it might not but all the people and that majority of these legal research talk about just good hardworking people that want to live the american dream like our ancestors these are here to refugees are terrified that they may be forced to return to myanmar. who started as a modest. i carry
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a soldier who never imagined he might one day become president of egypt. he had an ambitious wife and son he became an autocrat and was imprisoned for your own lawful killing of protesters. the story of the rise and fall of hosni mubarak the famine episode $10.00. holding the powerful to account as we examine the u.s.
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is rome in the wild on al-jazeera. i'm not madison and doha the top stories on. 2000000 people around the world have now died from corona virus the chief of the world health organization says governments and communities are failing to break the chains of transmission in the brazilian military transport a desperately needed oxygen to on a sona state after hospitals treating coronavirus patients started running out of supplies to newly identified variations of the virus a contributing to a sharp rise in cases in the region want to you not have has the latest from rio de janeiro why now it is much more than john.


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