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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  January 17, 2021 9:00pm-10:00pm +03

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happening on the ground in the ward and in the lab now more than ever the world needs w.h.o. making healthy a world for you. to everyone. this is al jazeera. hello i'm a very unforgiving this is that live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes soldiers and barriers surround the u.s. capitol building washington and other cities countering the threats of violence ahead of joe biden's inauguration. kremlin critic alexina about a arrives at russia after his plane from germany is diverted to
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a 2nd force in moscow. refugees migrants chargeable line of police and soldiers in guatemala as they fight to head north towards the u.s. . but on the run the hundreds flee west off or off to tribal fighting kills more than 80 people. and in sport more than 70 tennis players are in strict quarantine ahead of the australian open it follows a positive coronavirus test on a flight heading to the. center of the u.s. capitol resembles a fortress 3 days ahead of president elect joe biden swearing into office a militarized green zone that's been established and 25000 national guard troops deployed to washington d.c. potentially armed protests are expected elsewhere in the u.s.
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on sunday in support of baseless claims that donald trump won the election 1st let's go to our correspondents who are closely following events in the u.s. capital alan fisher is at the white house but 1st to hold up the honeyed who's out on the streets of washington d.c. monitoring the security operation set the scene for us. well it does chile look like a fortress i'm in way here about 11000 national guards have already arrived in washington d.c. but that number is going more than double in the coming 72 hours by immigration day it should be about $25000.00 in and around the capital now we are here at a roadblock which marks really the beginning of the green zone beyond this point no traffic will be allowed and it will remain like this until after inauguration day now further down the road about 150 meters there's another road block and that
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marks the beginning of this so-called red zone and only people with special permit will be allowed. beyond that point it is really a huge security exercise that is happening is been put in place in just a few days after the f.b.i. warned that they could be large scale armed protests not only here in washington d.c. but in other state capitals in other capitals in the 50 states across the country now earlier the mayor of d.c. has warned that the threat than the security concerns were not only in this area. i'm not only concerned about their state capitals i'm also concerned about other parts of washington d.c. and what you're showing it's really the federal enclave of washington d.c. now we're in the 700000 of us live so our police department working with our federal law enforcement partners and the united states army quite frankly are
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also has a plan to hit if we have any attacks in our neighborhoods. now you can imagine this same security more or less around all the capitol in all the 50 states we were in richmond just a few days ago and we witnessed the barriers being put up windows being boarded up and that we have seen also happening all over the country authorities are really taking no chances whatsoever therefore bridges that link the district of columbia to virginia that have already been partially closed and they will be totally closed . just before inauguration day until the day after we also heard from a v.a. tional thought is well they said that they were vetting the list of passengers on inbound flights to washington and they also have increased the number the number of marshals on board this is generally going to be an immigration under a very tight security and i don't think any other president would have had such
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a secured what may i say you know gratian in living memory. of the hunted reporting live from central washington many thanks indeed hold on let's go live to the white house our series alan fisher is the. president elect biden is planning to announce a raft of executive orders to overturn many of the trumpet ministrations policies what do we know of them. well presidents always make the claim that on their 1st day in the oval office this is what they're going to do donald trump did it barack obama did it joe biden's done it but this time of got his chief of staff lining exactly the executive orders the intends to sign and says they'll be a lot more than those just announced they're just working their way through the legal process so they want to be ready to go or on day one 1st thing he's going to do is put the united states back into the paris climate accord will be an executive order overturning donald trump's decision to pull the u.s.
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out of that he's gore so they're going to overturn donald trump's muslim ban as it was called that is the ban from people coming from predominantly muslim countries into the united states he's going to look at the financial aspects of covert as well there's going to be financial relief for people who well could well be facing eviction or foreclosure on their home he's going to make sure that they will be given an extended period of grace he's also talking about a mosque mandate in federal properties wanting people to respond to the $100.00 h.l. and he wants more people to mask up and that also means he's going to say that masks will be enforceable when it comes to interstate travel so on the likes of planes or trains or things like that it will become more and more important that other things he wants to do in the weeks after that it's got to make sure the executive orders don't just make law he's got to do things through congress now he knows that he'll have a very short window of advantage with the house being democrat and also there being
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an evenly balanced senate where camelot is could possibly cast any deciding votes so he wants to send a $1.00 trillion dollar bill to congress that's all about covert he wants to make sure there's more money for vaccinations more money for testing more money for local areas as well and more money for schools to get them reopened and he's also talking about sending a comprehensive immigration bill to congress now that's always been difficult to get through but joe biden. believes there is support for that among republicans and he might be able to push it through with it is fox $100.00 days he's got a big plan for action he said he wants to hit the ground running and for war what we're hearing from his chief of staff he intends to do just under here is alan fischer reporting live from the white house allan many thanks indeed russian opposition leader alexina valmy has arrived in russia after spending nearly 5 months in germany recovering after being poisoned by
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a nerve agent moments ago he was a border control where he spoke with border police he then kissed his wife goodbye and walked off with those police it's been confirmed that he has been detained in the last hour of ali's plane was diverted to another airport in moscow just before it was expected to land russia's personal authority at war that he would be arrested if he returned the opposition figure blames the russian government for his poisoning but the kremlin has denied any involvement let's go live now to moscow alexandra called for is for us like sandra what's the latest. well as you said. apparently has been detained by the border police he kissed his wife goodbye they did not allow him and his lawyer to that accompanied him from berlin to join him so he's been taken away by the police in the meantime people that were flying with him including his wife across the russian border and are now
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on the airport there has been the warrant issued recently on. because the prison authorities here are claiming that he rial a did his probation period by not reporting to them and that they did not know his whereabouts in boston months during the flight now while it did not communicate with the a lot of journalists that were following him on the plane itself a but after he entered the building of the airport which he was they were at it. said that this that he's very happy and that this is the best day of his life in the last 5 months that for him it was never a question of whether he's going to return to russia or not that russia is his homeland and then he said maybe what is the crucial law for this so whole day and the message that he actually wanted to send to everybody in russia is and that is that he's not afraid and that he advises everybody else not to be afraid of the
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supporters of the vine together the in another airport where he was supposed to land today before the flight was diverted there have been they've been arrests there more than 30 people were here were arrested there and this they version is presumably done exactly to avoid him being greeted by people who support him and what's likely to happen to live only no. well indeed if this war and that was issued by the prison authorities a ghost through he will be says and sends to 1st detention center there is from this prison authorities. a plea to the court to decide that he had indeed violated his probation in which case if the court decides something like this would mean that he would have to serve the 3 and a half years real sentence that was decided need 2014 this is
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a very problematic since his probation period actually expired and with 30th of december now by the paper documents are paper trail as you would call it. this prison authorities submitted this request on the last day basically 29th of december it's a question whether a court to a will take this into account this of course is viewed as federica kate it is used as a way to pressure ice cube furder and whilst he was in germany there is other charges that have been brought and that is for instance the charge that he allegedly embezzled his own fund his organization called fund to fight the corruption of course he says that this is all ridiculous accusations that are not based on thought but on the wish of the authorities and of the kremlin to. the to basically disable him in doing his political activity and being an oppositional
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politician here in russia an example go for reporting live from moscow alexandra many thanks indeed just we'll show you some live pictures from moscow so shut up and force this is election about this wife a cutting rather despondent figure after. seeing her husband walking away with those police officers of course this was not the airport in which they planned to land so this. no one that's who works for greta so she. is probably wondering what's going to happen next. let's bring in donna who is principal russia analyst at the global risk consultancy various maple croft he joins us now live via skype from london. so what do you make of this because this is a man who skipped a probation appointment one could argue within reason and yet we've had this huge security presence 1st of all at one airport then
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a plane being diverted on him blanding at another airport and being refused entry to russia and then police taking him away what do you make of it all well. december we saw. still refuses name to dismiss the idea of security services would be interested in such a man. who is he is not terribly important the events today have shown us that that's not the case the kremlin is. quite concerned about is potential as a political leader and a organizer immobilizer of the opposition. the security theater. the last minute. plates of the shows they see this man as a threat the question is what are they going to do about it not something where they might be a little bit more divided why the question has to ask why did. he's in so much
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danger there's always been the word even this threat upon his life why did he insists on going back when he knew that he was going to be detained. well that's a question for mr nibali in terms of that reasoning but. if he were to remain in exile effectively in germany. ability to influence russian politics would be a political act. that he could. reasonably comfortable life and exile but he has made the decision that he has this is what he. wants to do is mission is committed to and i think we just have to. respect that he's a remarkable brave in. terms of what we're going to do given. that ability of him. when he arrives. the potential for a future are being done to germany has passed through russia various documents
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including transcripts of interviews with the vote and the after his poisoning the kremlin still refuses to conduct an investigation into that poisoning with these documents from germany make any difference. no. the decision not to conduct an investigation then surely a political one and is one designed to show the impunity of the kremlin and the. security gate that there is no real doubt as to what happened mr obama in august. and. by not even mounting a token investigation as was the case that when the body himself was assassinated in 2015 the government is sending a very clear message that you know this this was something that was almost certainly sanctioned by the political leadership. and trying to send a message to the farm and supporters and also in the west there's very little that germany can do or that any western state can do to make the kremlin reverse course
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on this point and the likelihood of a genuine investigation. given the security services in the attempted assassination in the 1st place ok can germany or the international community. large bring any pressure to bear on russia over the treatment of election of only. i mean there's a limited number of options that are still on the table given that we are several years into a sanctions regime that started with the magnitsky act that was significantly escalated following the invasion of ukraine. you know russia has learned to live with these sanctions and putin has certainly demonstrated in his approach to the incoming biden administration that he doesn't expect an improvement in relations and this is really going to expend much political energy in trying to to achieve
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this the one area where we could see. significant costs inflicted on the kremlin for for the prosecution of well me over the nordstrom to pipeline which germany and other european states have to protect even given us opposition opposition within the european union self and that could be you know. that could be an area where they can again impose real costs but the question is whether the kremlin is going to accept those costs in order to sideline or otherwise get rid of a political actor it with guards as to threatening could start again there are many thanks again to. thank you. this is the news hour from al-jazeera still to come on the program a political crisis comes to a head in italy at a critical critical moment in its fight against the us plus we'll go to bill new mexico. we look back at president donald trump's contentious border policies what
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was promised and what was delivered. but in sport a dangerous to our in the race to compete at this year's america's cup and he will be here with us a little. bit early test of joe biden's immigration policies is right now heading towards the u.s. border as many as $6000.00 hondurans are in the guatemalan village of voto home though making their way north police the fire tear gas and for human walls to try to stop the refugees and migrants along that journey some were arrested after trying to break through a police blockade and head for mexico governments throughout central america have made it clear that they will not let the caravan through life go to mexico city observers john holmes has been following the progress all that caravan john what's the latest. well the latest is at the moment
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they're stuck in the village which is about 40 kilometers within the home duren within the guatemalan border and they have been managed to been stopped by guatemalan security forces soldiers and the police force 3rd or a heading to mullah there's also more checkpoints coming up for them the guatemalan migration is to actually put up a map showing exactly where they're going to try and stop them so this isn't over yet and then what we're seeing fervor up on the border with mexico is that the mexican national guard have also been deployed members of them to beyond that border and try to stop them there so you were speaking a little while ago about president trump and his efforts to stop migrants reaching the united states he has he said he was going to build a big beautiful wound in practice is only money is that to a certain extent but what he has done is pressured mexico and in turn pressure
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guatemala to try and stop people from getting even that far even getting up to the u.s. border to stop them on their southern borders and that's what we're seeing as this large caravan one of the biggest we've seen since caravans have begun is heading up that way. i was a confrontation between guatemalan security forces thousands of people from honduras trying to cross the country and eventually reach the u.s. . a city gas canister. this 6000 people traveling to modern authorities estimate that makes this one of the biggest caravans from honduras since they began in 2018 but it was police tried to stop them on the border. authorities said they wouldn't let anyone him without a code test all the right papers making this a danger to a country already struggling with the pandemic. that they got through these people
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are desperate it will be my goal is to reach the united states why because of the level of crime that we have in this country because of the lack of work the lack of education because of extreme poverty. and duress was already one of the poorest the most violent countries in latin america but 1st the pandemic and then 2 massive storms in november have made things worse. there are also traveling at a moment when joe biden is about to be inaugurated as the new u.s. president many see him as more sympathetic with soil and see what the acting customs and border protection she really told these people not to waste their time and money on the trip he says any change in administration makes no difference to the rule of law i even that message didn't get to them or more likely they're too desperate to listen. well this is exactly what joe biden the incoming president of
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the united states won't want to see on the day of his inauguration lots of people heading towards the u.s. border but his policies have been more sympathetic than president trunks which been extremely tough towards people seeking asylum from some of the worst hit countries in terms of poverty and violence in latin america. so this will be a test in terms of a balance from him between those policies and between being seen as perhaps a soft touch in terms of people crossing over the border now it may not get that far as we mentioned a little bit earlier the national guard from mexico is being sent members of them to the southern border and there's video of them already rolling out on to the banks of the reverse the chiat day that's on the border with guatemala to try and stop people before they get that far mexico as well as guatemala has been saying that this is about cove it and not letting more people in the country as that pandemic continues to affect mexico drive to syria the next couple of days if this
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is the end of the curve and almost before it started or if they are going to reach the mexico u.s. border i was there was john holeman live in mexico city for us john many thanks indeed. more emergency supplies of oxygen and respirators have been airlifted to brazil's amazon a state where hospitals are crippled by another wave of coronavirus cases people in the regional capital manassas have been queuing in the streets to buy oxygen trying to help critically ill loved ones to new coronavirus for instance spreading rapidly through the city and then it's just been flying some patients to other states where hospitals a better equipped lived out of an awesome serious want to visit what is the situation now in my house. well the situation is
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a little bit better than previous days in the sense as you were saying that the oxygen had arrived from other states but we've been this morning we were in cemeteries and there's a record number of burials just so you have an idea back in april when my house was hit by the 1st wave of the corona virus there were like 100 burials a day now waves reach 200 they're not all coded half of them approximately are but still it's a very disturbing situation people are still looking for oxygen cylinders because there are people being treated at home since there was no place in the hospital so it's a very dramatic situation people are lining up to get oxygen tanks still and they're still whining in front of hospitals because they can't go in to see their loved ones and it's been a lot of political infighting in brazil about a vaccination program with where things stand right now with the vaccine rolled out
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in the country. this very month before we started speaking on visa which is very. i think back from the chinese corona back and a box for now i think we've lost monica well we'll try to come back to a little later because the signal case for taking up the market had a kid of that reporting live from my house. it's only is facing a political crisis at a critical moment in its fight against the coronavirus prime minister. is scrambling to find enough allies to survive confidence votes meanwhile lockdown drills are being extended beating more misery for business is sinking in debt stephanie decker reports from rome. through most of the last challenging year madhu's at 5 he has kept his family run thai shop open now he says it wasn't worth
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it something like a tragedy i don't want to be catastrophic but i have. thousands of euros. with the bank with my parents who help me. room is a city that is heavily dependent on tourism and so has the world stopped travelling due to the coronavirus the once bustling in vibrant italian capital has ground to a halt to have these world famous sites almost all to yourself would have been unthinkable simply played possible year ago and even though it may be a privilege he did have a fountain without the usual towards a tourist this unprecedented and tells the story just how desperate the economic situation here has become. the vaccination campaign is underway and the government says at least 1000000 people have already been inoculated it's giving some hope but
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most people say they know it's not a quick fix italy is one of the worst off countries on both counts the number of death and the economic impact what we do know is that the economic effect of all this is going to be very tough and that is going to get out will be. almost unmanageable public that that's. a certainty. what is uncertain is this country's political future ziplock on to the prime minister is facing 2 votes of confidence early this week after one of his coalition parties pulled its ministers out of his cabinet it could lead to a political crisis at a time when the country needs at least. lockdown measures have recently been extended meaning restaurants and bars need to remain shut and a nighttime curfew extended for at least another month. italy is defined by a food and wine culture and restaurant owners are desperate i feel like 11th hour
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ago. so nothing has changed is that. nothing nothing some time i feel like a stupid because i say i spend the 20. y. y. s. paying the toy and say here is it possible one vehicle so stop of my life. like so many other italians tibet is left worried about mounting debts continued restrictions and no idea when it will all end stephanie decker on jazeera row a weather update next what is out then true female judges gunned down while driving to work in afghanistan the latest from kabul. record use of electronic gadgets by children during the pandemic raises concerns about how to win them off school hear from an expert who has some tips for parents. in sports the head of world football
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says that cameroon is setting an example for all the talk of the hosts to follow. the weather is remarkably quiet at the moment in the arabian peninsula unusually for this time yeah but that's not true for the eastern med or turkey although on monday the sun comes out in this town bowl in ankara there is more rain gathering to the south and rushing towards the event it was fun she spread as far south as geysers proper rain showers on monday then proper rain in the evening on tuesday with thunderstorms left behind not whole lot folks is a bit more lebanon will be covered in snow i suspect as with all the trees the northern part of iraq and syria the higher ground will see yet more standards more
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for eastern turkey but it does not affect weather further south bit of an increase in the breeze maybe coming down towards cutter the active weather in southern africa has changed its orientation left most of south africa bone dry actually now and in the forecast in johannesburg going to go one day thunderstorms but earlier we are recently named storm is showing the activity where it is in the indian ocean and this is heading towards madagascar take a while to get there i'm not sure what structural have once it gets there we'll watch that for you but over the main land masses of rain still for mozambique zimbabwe botswana and zambia. venezuela colombia poda has become a stamping ground for trespass and. as desperate people transgress and illegal passage. to feed an emerging field trafficking markets. we follow that perilous
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journey unguarded through the line of fire. risking it all. venezuelan colombia. on al-jazeera. when the news breaks the next few days our personal security forces have been deployed to hit me in hot water like week one when people need to be. our demands have to be fulfilled by the government and then if all the families leave either too but if other farmers stay out of state al-jazeera has teams on the ground this is the insurrection that president trump is accused of killing to bring real documentaries lightnings. the.
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allegheny with the news from al-jazeera a very unforgiving here in doha the headlines the u.s. capitol is locked down with unprecedented security ahead of the inauguration of president elect joe biden a military green zone has been established and 25000 national guard troops are being deployed. russian opposition leader alexina vone has been detained minutes after landing at moscow a kremlin critic is back home after spending nearly 5 months in germany where he was recovering from after being poisoned with a nerve agent. of some of the thousands of hondurans trying to make their way north to the u.s. a 4th with guatemalan police and soldiers security forces surrounded the group on a highway near the border police curious. when donald trump took
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office he said that he'd up a and us immigration policy that he believed was weak and unfair to americans so the u.s. border with mexico became his biggest focus our series heidi joe castro takes a look now at his legacy that. a racist description of mexican immigrants marked donald trump's for magic entrance to the presidential race in 2016 they're bringing drugs they bring in ron they're rapists he then vowed to build a border wall we're going to below mexico's going to pay for the little helping to attract a base of mostly white working class supporters whose fears of america's growing diversity contributed to trump's win from this day forward it's going to be only america 1st american 1st the wall truck built though bill far short of what he promised these prototypes never advanced past the testing phase instead trump built 730 kilometers of fencing mostly to
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replace older sections and mexico didn't pay a penny of the $15000000000.00 price tag that money is coming from american taxpayers after trying to shut down the government for $35.00 days then declared a national emergency to commandeer some of the funding. still in the final days of his presidency trump returned to his so-called wall to tout it as a win and i think when you see what it does and how it's so important for a country nobody's going to be touching it border arrests plunged during trump's 1st 3 months in office but then caravans of migrant families began traveling north from central america claiming to plead gang violence by the summer of trump's 2nd year in the white house unauthorized border crossings reached a 13 year high of more than $130000.00 a month it was in the midst of that surge that came trump's family separation
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policy better agents took more than $4000.00 children from their parents at the border a practice that drew widespread condemnation and a judge quickly ordered the policy to end saying children were suffering irreparable harm and must be returned to their families but even today some 500 kids remain separated in its haste to do trumps will the u.s. government have lost track of their parents it's not as if the u.s. government collected mailing address that is for them when they deported them we really don't know where they are which is why there's more than 500 families who are still separated and other controversial border policy trumps treatment of asylum seekers in 29000 the u.s. government stopped giving them conditional entrance into the country now some 60000 asylum seekers have been forced to wait in mexico for a turn to see a u.s. judge that coupled with new code restrictions slowed unauthorized border crossings
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to a trickle last spring but now the numbers are rising a new it's likely that people are have renewed hope for how the southern border will operate with the new and incoming president trumps a legacy on immigration is still to be determined by the u.s. supreme court which dealt him of low when i had ruled earlier that an obama era program. young undocumented immigrants could remain now a new panel of justices including 3 trump appointees in the coming months will hear challenges to trump's border policies heidi joe castro al-jazeera washington earlier i spoke to linda reverse the executive director of class america immigrant advocacy center she says that joe biden prepares such as job by press to take office big changes are needed to start treating migrants humanely right now what we're dealing with under the trumpet militant ministration is some of the cruelest policies that we have ever seen implemented to essentially stop asylum so we know
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that the rebuilding has to start immediately and not only rebuilding but we also hope to see expansion for protections for people who need it so at the very least you're hoping for a more compassionate approach to the of the issue absolutely compassionate humane moving away from the idea of. immigrants and refugees as a national security risk and the united states treating starting to treat people with true humanity is something that we are strongly advocating for and to hear the biden ministration begin to plan for example to turn back the n.p.p. or remain in mexico program where thousands of asylum seekers were sent to mexico into dangerous situations is ending is a very promising start going to this issue of not wanting to continue to have
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anything to do with a policy that separates children from their parents absolutely we need to stop this policy and additionally start to reunite some of these families especially those families many of them who have been deported without their children and face to face indefinite separation these are families that you know we in our past so have identified have been working with hasso unfortunately was the pilot program for family separation so we knew families separated since 2017 we hope to bring them into the spotlight we hope that the by an administration will begin to reunite these families to try and we store so much that they have lost and what they have endured what about the contentious issue of of financial help for migrant guests well you know that the 1st step is we need to figure out how to
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help migrants in a way where they are not forced into dangerous situations to migrate we know that the law as asylum that we already have in our country allow for asylum seekers to have a process to work we want to reject detention for asylum seekers because that this is this is important for them to began there to truly be welcomed into. our country we believe that that is that is where we need to start. fighting in sudan's darfur region has left at least 83 people dead according to state media and buildings were burned in the capital of west 4 states. people have been fleeing the region of the violence broke out over a dispute between different tribes a local civil society organizations says that armed groups taking advantage of the quarrel and have escalated its officers have a morgan reports now from khartoum. renewed intercom in all violence in the western
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region of the hour for this time in the west are far in the capital janina has risk questions on the ability of the transitional government to be able to secure and stabilize a region that has been torn and marred by 17 years of conflict that did not end until last november when most of the armed groups fighting in the region signed a peace deal with the transitional government on saturday verbal clashes between 2 individuals from opposing tribes led to violence that left at least 2 people killed and several injured state authorities said that it has imposed a curfew until further notice and authorized security forces to use force if necessary to control the situation now at the same time another incident unfolded and attack by armed groups on a displacement camp led to the deaths of dozens and displacement of people who are living in the camp due to the 17 years of conflict and who once again found themselves on the run being displaced seeking safety and refuge now this raises questions on whether this is the result of a vacuum that has been left by the african union united nations peacekeeping
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mission which was known as you know met and which its mandate ended on the 31st of december people in the region are quite concerned they've been calling on the government to take control of the situation some of them even calling for disarmament because they say the region is washed with weapons due to the years of conflict but they also say that they're worried with the withdrawal of the unit made and with so many insecurities happening so many intercommunal clashes happening that the government may not be able to control the situation and that they may need other a 3rd party to be able to control the situation and tell the transitional government can step up and provide them with the safety and security they need true female afghan judges from shorebird in kabul was targeted as they were on their way to work it's probably just a recent wave of attacks of the such solutions trivial contraflow reports from kabul. what happened this morning here in kabul falls into a pattern that has become all too familiar across afghanistan and especially here in kabul government employees civil servants activists and journalists getting
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either gunned down or having their cars blown up all the way to work it's been happening for months now and it seems like it's getting worse every day this 2 female judges were gunned down all the way to work this morning some more people were injured and according to human rights watch afghanistan right now has 200 female judges what happened this morning means that within seconds within minutes one percent of gamma sounds all feel mild judges where wiped out now most of these targeted assassinations remain unclaimed i saw has claimed some of them but the government keeps insisting that the taliban are behind them the taliban keeps denying responsibility so there is this pattern of a blame game about who is responsible the minister of interior has been doing some arrests but there's this issue of impunity because this is where their work starts
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and stops and that is what happens to the judicial system will this people ever face justice and so that's something that has not been happening and this culture of impunity is what people say here encourages even more this targeted assassinations that have been taking place the scottish food exporting industry was promised friction free access to european markets off to briggs's mistakes and new regulations have left lobsters crabs. sitting watching in their containers joe the whole reports from glasgow. scottish langoustine reputed to be the best in the world destined for e.u. markets but even as it leaves the glasgow processing plant no one can be quite sure it will actually arrive it's not a very difficult journey well we don't know what's often girls a time to wait for you know used to take when you fall off the beach front no you can take food 34 days to the front last week with us. we lost it all someone else
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we could spot the products well it's like that last week of a half a tonne. in a bit dump it was all right up front losses are mounting seafood sometimes left to rot with e.u. customers cancelling orders and prices plummeting because of border checks and failing computer systems but it isn't forced on your cell phone also forever now you know because you lose so much money you know it's not viable anymore but solutions to now permanent trade rules may be hard to find and the scottish fishing industries main trade body has accused the government in westminster of lying about the benefits of briggs it warning many of its members fear for their livelihoods scottish fishing communities aren't alone among u.k. businesses in feeling the pain of new border checks the difference is that up here a majority of people never wanted breakfasted in the 1st place and many see in these post breaks the trade difficulties evidence that westminster simply doesn't
9:45 pm
have scotland's interests at heart. langoustine trawlermen alister roberts calls the u.k. e.u. trade deal a disgrace the told us it was going to be a sea of opportunity. and what. you have got are for should is vanished. when they do come out on christmas eve never even read the deal the agreement. when we were all very busy on christmassy and my case organizing the local nativity trail. roberts and many others think politicians like fisheries minister victoria apprentice could hardly care less and that's a powerful incentive for those who believe briggs it signals the end of the united kingdom helping to propel support for scottish independence to its highest levels
9:46 pm
yet jonah how al-jazeera glasgow was 0 received this statement from the chief executive for the industry body seafood scotland on a forest says the sector is rock bottom and needs space to breathe trying to navigate the system we have a boom and it's like pushing water uphill and it's not improving getting anything out of the e.u. the u.k. into the e.u. is being achieved by luck rather than design. it's been a 2nd bite of protest since june is in cities despite a government imposed a video showing a police officer abusing a shepherd a strong comparisons to the instant 10 years ago that led to the arab spring uprisings genesee is official news agency says that several delinquents were arrested after they tried to commit criminal acts after schapelle reports. a man is humiliated in the street by a police officer whose shepherd is being reprimanded and pushed apparently because
9:47 pm
his sheep got too close to the local government headquarters. the video has led to protests that also include the state of the economy joblessness and police violence became a decade after a street vendor set himself on fire in protest over the same issues an event that became a catalyst for the 2011 revolution in tunisia and the arab spring. earlier in the day prime minister his mission she had reshuffle the cabinet and he told the ministers to carry out reforms including new ministers of health interior justice and energy to assist you with that we have had the aim of this reshuffle is to achieve greater efficiency in the work of the government's policy and plans with and feel. many view the timing as important thursday was the anniversary of the downfall of president seen a lot of denali who was forced out in a popular revolution that's what the region but with demonstrations banned because
9:48 pm
of the coronavirus there were no commemorations on the streets. bought at least 6 cities protestors defied those orders and confrontations with police officers protesters across the country once again being heard in the capitol. hill al-jazeera. computer mobile phone and video game screen addiction among children has increasingly become a cause for concern during the coronavirus pandemic with most of life forced all line during lockdowns research just say the greater reliance on technology could have long term effects. as some experts are warning of with drool like symptoms when school school and social life begins to return to normal gaming apps like stream and road blocks marked record usage instagram has tripled its monthly user account unicef has called for parents to rethink screen time among suggestions made by addiction experts is a digital detox period each day by limiting access to wife i and device use
9:49 pm
katherine have a seat is a child psychologist based in ireland she says that there's a big difference between being addicted to a device and over using it. there are in number of things that you can do about certain times of day where there is no tech allowed or you can even pick one day a week where there is no check allowed and if you're talking about a true addiction then you need to look at something like as full on digital detox for 2 to 4 weeks in a true addiction it's for not only do you enjoy doing the activity but it's interfering with the typical everyday likes so your social interaction your relation or activities and even infiltration into your work so o.e. you know the kinds of symptoms you might see in your children is your recent l.s.e. when you were trying to limit their time now you might say that all teenagers are irritable from their parents or limiting their time but this is just that their level this at it when you're away from your designs or this irritability of
9:50 pm
somebody is calling you to do something that you might choose to pick lee haven't joys in the past so you're looking for changes in behavior and we know that most of us are already using our devices and what has happened now is children so those are trying activities have changed because they're not able to go someplace for it's they're not nice and person so everybody was thinking ok how can we keep the social interaction going but no we have to we have had this or piece it. period of hyper simulation in this digital world and that has really taken over and when you're in teaching these hyperstimulation activities it can make other activities seem rather under stimulation and boring so things that you may may have previously enjoyed seeing just to lower interest. just ahead here on the news side sports hall and 70 tennis players now and strict quarantine ahead of the australian open and be here to tell you more in just
9:51 pm
a few minutes. when all that seems to matter is the headline there's always 2 sides to a story when narratives and counter narratives of just curiosity the leader on the one hand the enemy is a little neither on the other hand the listening post strips away the spin what kind of reporting if you can see on the ground misinformation is right place better the bias a lot of people believe things because they want to believe them done covers the uncomfortable truths if you think they did enough to scrutinize the case a war the listing post on a. al-jazeera . that. she was a society hostess in beirut in the 1940 s. she was in touch with a lot of people from the lebanese the rechristening to make this work code name was
9:52 pm
the power and she spied for mossad in lebanon for 14 years what she was doing it was something brave as a woman algis you know well douses story of suna cohen the beirut spy. goold order. the. elegance of the sport here's andy thank you so much a gentle 72 tennis players have now been confined to their hotel rooms ahead of the australian open it follows a positive coronavirus test on a 3rd flight heading to the opening grand slam event of the year some information
9:53 pm
reports. bike that's the bowser ball 'd this isn't the sort of them vironment top tennis players normally train in ahead of a grand slam tournament dozens of competitors have been told they won't be allowed to leave their hotel rooms for the next 2 weeks in the build up to the australian open it's because other passengers on their flights to the event tested positive for coronavirus everything that i did and in the off season which 'd i had 6 very good weeks of training it's not completely rule out but it's a sub saying to all of us you know what i'm going to come out of court did. africa's top ranked a female player on stabber is doing her best to adapt as it is put and to sever because a complex also filmed evidence of an unwanted roommate. oh players had to
9:54 pm
test negative before boarding the flight still strayer they were then taken to quarantine hotels the melbourne and adelaide most are allowed out for up to 5 hours a day to practice on court except for those on the flights where there were positive tests we need to do what we can do as best as we can for those players and in providing exercise equipment in their rooms and we will we will do that over the course of today and and then keep monitoring the situation obviously our 1st objective is that everyone is remains as healthy as possible and and is not the cause of further spread within the bible well some places that have said that they may have skipped the event if the rules had been clearer organizes insists the tournament will begin as planned on february the sun how much al-jazeera well ahead of world football says he's optimistic that cameron can prove it is possible to hold an international football of events cameron is hosting 16 countries for the african nations championship stating capacities are being kept at
9:55 pm
25 percent for the group stages in line with social distancing measures the event kicks off on saturday following a 9 month delay caused by coronavirus. suborn to shoot to the wall that we can we're going to use such games come on enough return to give hope. to all the countries all over the world that the year 2021 will hopefully see normal normality come back. on manchester united of stay top of the english premier league after a no mail drop with liverpool for reigning champions liverpool is a 4th straight league game without a win they stay 3rd in the table united to points clear of 2nd place at leicester and much of the city about to kick off against crystal palace a win will take them up to 2nd in the early kick off tottenham beat sheffield united 3 want to win the move spurs back into the top 4 tongan down by scoring
9:56 pm
a stunning goal in that game for tottenham iran's insinuate was the main man for napoli as they moved into the top 4 in its sleep insinuates scoring twice also produces brilliance assist in a 6 to one of if you're in siena here is setting up irving is on the napoli's 3rd goal. now england need 36 more runs on the final day to win the 1st test of the series in sri lanka england had a big wobble late on day 4 in goal losing 3 early wickets caps in general it's run outs for just one quick one for the work it follows in the finish the day on 38 or 3 so. it's not a good day for the united states team in their bid to win sailings america's cup they were denied their 1st points of the challenge of series an old enough for their boat patriot capsized in fi wins all the rival teams helping out with the rescue efforts in the boat has now been told to shore the team has just 4 days to
9:57 pm
repair patriot before the next round of racing begins on friday but the overall winner of this event will face reigning champions team new zealand for the america's cup in march in the osce team u.k. leading the standings so far it's just terrific you know you don't want to see that for for anyone you know have your own team or any other team you know where we are going out there racing hard against one another but you know the end of it though it's a sporting contest and we want everyone to be safe and we want everyone to be racing . ok. sport is looking for knowledge and the many thanks days american music producer and convicted murderer phil spector has died in california he was 81 spector was best known for using his signature wall of sound to create hits for bands like the beatles and the righteous brothers but he also gained a reputation for abusive behavior including the fatal shooting of an actress in
9:58 pm
2003 is believed to have died off a contract in the coronavirus time for us to pass the baton to our colleagues in london merriam his web page in just a few moments i'll see you get by for. teaching you. english street on the future channel. lost thousands of our programs will be documentaries. for people. subscribe to you cheap. al-jazeera english. as the perseverance
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space rover is due to land on mars we ask mrs lead engineer how her journey as an immigrant has influenced her work creativity and resourceful there is incredibly important perseverance as well like don't give our aerospace engineer. talks to al-jazeera. there's a wave of sentiment around the world where people actually want accountability from the people who are running their countries and i think often people's voices are not heard because they're just not part of the mainstream news narrative. obviously we cover big stories and report on the big events going on but we also tell the stories of people who generally don't have a voice i mean one of the charms my that's never be afraid to put your hand up not a question and i think that's what our series does we ask the questions to people who should be accountable and also get people to give their view of what's going on . and the fascist anti establishment and pro violence. despite the recent official disbanding of its militarized wing of basque separatist
10:00 pm
movement is found alive and well on the terraces of the bilbao stadium. a place where political revolutionaries share a platform an ideology with violent football hooligan. read or death on al-jazeera. back in russia and back on the arrest russian opposition leader alexina rallies detained in moscow shortly after returning from. a low i maryam namazie in london you're watching al-jazeera also coming up on the program inside the washington d.c. grain zone in the secure.


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