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where political revolutionaries share a platform an ideology with violent football hooligan. red or death on al-jazeera 'd. back in russia and back on the arrest russian opposition leader likes you know miley is detained in moscow shortly after returning from ballin. you know i maryam namazie in london you're watching al-jazeera also coming up on the program inside the washington d.c. grains in the security preparations now in place for joe biden's inauguration. security forces overwhelmed in guatemala as a massive migrant caravan continues its journey north towards the united states.
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and our from the paddy fields the indian manufacturer who's turning straw into electricity. russian opposition leader a russian opposition politician alexina volley made it no further than possible control before being arrested on returning to his homeland he landed in moscow 'd around an hour ago on a flight from but then i had been treated after a poison attack last august but the prison service detained him having warned it would try to hold him when he returned accusing him of breaking a suspended prison sentence is plane had already been diverted to another moscow airport without any explanation after journalists and so forces gathered to greet him the storage critic of putin has accused the president of arranging the
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poisoning a charge the kremlin has denied. let's speak now to alexandra gold for in the russian capital so he barely made it through passport control and he was detained by police what do we know about. where abouts. well at the this point it has been officially confirmed by the russian prison or torah jews or federal professional service said that he's been arrested on their warrant and that he will be kept on the arrest until the court decision what they're saying that they issued a warrant on him for as they say to quote a multiple violations of his probation as a part of his suspended sentence now the court date on their appeal or on their motion has not been set yet and what they're arguing is that he violated his. probation by not reporting to them past months one would say he was in germany
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recovering from almost dying from poisoning but that apparently they're not taking into account they're saying that he recovered in september and as he should have reported to them they're saying that now because of these violations this is what they're asking the court to do is to exchange his suspended sentence into a real jail term which would mean 3 and a half years in jail on the court decision for 2014 he's been arrested by the border pool police where he was cut off from his lawyer also from his wife that he managed to kiss goodbye to she was later seen on the airport with a lawyer and alone up on a leading the or porch she was met by a small crowd of supporters of her husband supporters that ménage to come from the other airport to to this one where the plane was they were to the end they were trying to cheer her up chanting her name she of course everybody for for the
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support now we have to wait for the date of the court to that will be deciding on whether or not of arnie's to serve the suspended sentence would you seeing images of images there of election of only when he was on the plane has he made any remarks did he did he speak to journalists before his arrest. he give a short statement just before he approached the border of border possible to control what he said is that for him was never a question of whether or not he's going to be returning to russia what he said is that to this day is the best day of his life in the boston 5 months that he's very happy and then he said what these to be the crucial message of this whole endeavor today and that is that he's not afraid and that he advise everybody else not to be
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afraid that this is the message that he actually wanted to give across to the russian the citizens and to the public by deciding to come back to the country where he was poisoned where he almost died and whose authorities are refusing to investigate today is saying that there is no proof that the crime against him has been committed thank you xander god for joining us there from the russian capital moscow. washington d.c. is under a security lockdown as police in the military prepare for possible on rest out of the presidential inauguration u.s. capitol and all the key buildings have been surrounded by barricades with streets shot and the national guard deployed the f.b.i. has warned of more protests by supporters of president all trump who believe joe biden was not legitimately elected the city's mayor says she's concerned
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a violence could be funneled away from government buildings and instead break out in residential areas. i'm not only concerned about their state capitals i'm also concerned about other parts of washington d.c. what you're showing is really the federal enclave of washington d.c. now where the 700000 of us live so our police department working with our federal law enforcement partners and the united states army quite frankly are so has a plan to hit if we have any attacks in our neighborhoods. joins us live now from the u.s. capitol and although we're seeing really extraordinary security measures right across the country but tell us what it feels like to be there in washington. well it feels like actually being in a sort of a fortified city does a ready levon 1000 national guards who have arrived here by you know over the next
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72 hours there will be 14000 more arriving bringing that total to $5000.00 national guard just to make sure that the new gratian day. i'm here inside. the green zone is been it's an area surrounding the white house capitol hill and a mall that has been closed down to traffic since yesterday and will remain as such until after do you know gratian on this side you can see the 1st roadblock at the moment is a bit of a security threat because someone forgot a suitcase on the other side of the road security forces are not taking any chances here and they have basically cordoned off that area and pushed just a bit further down now if you go if you look towards the other side of the road there's another roadblock there that's closer to capitol hill and that's the beginning of the so-called red zone now. no one can get in for
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a government officials and those who have that special permit really feel that this is a city on edge the mayor of washington d.c. has also said that the concerns are not only here in the center but also 3rd away security forces as authorities are not taking any chances there for bridges that link washington d.c. to virginia that have been already partially closed and they will be completely closed the day before you know gratian saw and choose the thursday we also know that there is a lot of heightened security also when it comes to flights. to washington d.c. more marshals on planes and also watching very closely the list of passengers. anyone who gets on those flights now this is enough security you will see smaller scale but you will see exactly the same thing in basically all 50 capital cities of
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states across the country we have been to richmond a couple of days ago and over there security forces were already putting up barriers around the capitol they're boarding the windows making sure the do also ferry meter that will be closed to the public all days because the f.b.i. had said that it had credible information that they could be large scale armed and violent protests today and in the coming days leading up to integration day thank you. in washington thank you harder. thousands of immigrants from honduras appear to still be heading north despite an attempt by quite a while and authorities to push them back to gas and form human walls to try and stop them that the crowds remain determined to reach the goal and u.s. border john hollinger reports. a confrontation between guatemalan security
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forces thousands of people from honduras trying to cross the country and eventually reach the u.s. . a city gas canister. this 6000 people are traveling up to modern authorities estimate that makes this one of the biggest caravans from honduras since they began in 2018 but if it was police tried to stop them on the border. authorities said they wouldn't let anyone him without a code test all the right papers they called this a danger to a country already struggling with upon them it was that they got through these people are desperate to get involved if that is my goal is to reach the united states why because of the level of crime that we have in this country because of the lack of work the lack of education because of extreme poverty. and doris was already one of the poorest the most violent countries in latin america but 1st the pandemic and then 2 massive storms in november have made things worse. they're also
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traveling at a moment when joe biden is about to be inaugurated as the new u.s. president many see him as more sympathetic to asylum seekers but the acting customs and border protection chief really told these people not to waste their time the money on the trip he says any change in administration makes no difference to the rule of law i even that message didn't get to them or more likely the 2 desperate to listen john home how does it. we go now to developments in uganda where the opposition eatable b.-y. and says he is still under house arrest effectively as his party pledges to challenge his election loss but we wind has not been seen in public since going out to vote on thursday and says soldiers and police are surrounding his home sing a time politician fail in his bid to prevent longtime leader president yarima 70 from winning a 6th term in office which was officially announced on saturday will be wine is
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accusing the government of ballot box stuffing and violent intimidation he has tweeted his anger he's said that it's now 4 days since the military surrounded our home and place my wife and i under house arrest we have run out of food supplies and when my wife tried to pick food from the garden yesterday she was blocked in assaulted by the soldiers staged in our compound latest remarks there from the wine and on other stories at least 83 people have been killed in fighting between rival tribal groups in sudan's darfur region according to state media buildings were also burned down in the city of gania the capital of west for state the violence broke out of or dispute between different tribes with local officials saying that armed groups got involved and that escalated the situation even further will. morgan has more now from sudan's capital khartoum. renewed intercom in violence in the western
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region of darfur this time in the west are far in the capital janina has raised questions on the ability of the transitional government to be able to secure and stabilize a region that has been torn and marred by 17 years of conflict that did not end till last november when most of the armed groups fighting in the region signed a peace deal with the transitional government on saturday verbal clashes between 2 individuals from opposing tribes led to violence that left at least 2 people killed and several injured state authorities said that it has imposed a curfew and still further notice and authorized security forces to use force if necessary to control the situation now at the same time another incident unfolded and attacked by armed groups on a displacement camp led to the deaths of dozens and displacement of people who are living in the camps due to the 17 years of conflict and who once again found themselves on the run being displaced seeking safety and refuge now this raises questions on whether this is the result of a vacuum that has been left by the african union united nations peacekeeping
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mission which was known as the in the med and which its mandate and that on the 31st of december people in the region are quite concerned they've been calling on the government to to take control of the situation some of them even calling for disarmament because they say the region is washed with weapons due to the years of conflict but they also say that they are worried with the withdrawal of the intimate and with so many insecurities happening so many intercom and clashes happening that the government may not be able to control the situation and that they may need other a 3rd party to be able to control the situation until the transitional government can step up and provide them with the safety and security they need. you're watching al jazeera live from london still has. one view top of my life. as italy's businesses suffer and fail and lock down the government shutdown as well . as back to red tape and regulation is snarled up scotland's fishing industry we'll have that story as well.
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how it started snowing in the stamboul now has stirred elsewhere in turkey and the high ground but this is the 1st the season is showing this cold air has reached far sighted and with a low sitting of the black sea is an awful lot more snow to come but more typically in europe they snow's been falling thick and fast on the frontal systems this one took it through francis's northeastern france now that's a fairly typical picture with that a switched on that snow has been pushed across from monday to fall in austria and quite possibly get stuck in germany and then run through denmark into southern sweden now to the east of that is particularly cold in poland so in the baltic states and russia we're talking about temperatures by day of no higher than minus 12 by night minus 25 warsaw is forecast does see
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a warming on tuesday as that frontal system they landed comes in and temperatures rise considerably and snow starts to fall in fact there could be considerable snow in poland as a result of that storing system and there's more coming in on a changing complection the weather as you can say as the atlantic search takes over london's up to 11 and prague sees snow so there monday looks fairly fine for turkey the still plenty of snow to come on the north coast. under silent storms they once prosperous fishing village sinks beneath the mud. parliamentary elections ignite fierce wyvil dream that will determine the future of this defeated and politically divided community. a microcosm reflecting the plight of a nation witness venezuela a sinking revolution on
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a. the all the. the in the the on. a comeback our main stories this hour russian opposition politician alexina valmy has been detained after he arrived back in moscow following treatment in germany for a poison attack last year his plane was redirected to another of the city's airports away from crowds of his supporters who had gathered to meet him. a militarized green zone has been established in the u.s. capitol with fears of armed violence out of the presidential inauguration 25000 national guard troops have been deployed to washington d.c.
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. and our other headlines this hour security forces in guatemala review sticks in tear gas to try and stop the caravan of thousands of migrants heading north through the country between 7 and 8000 people often to be trying to reach the united states . well now to afghanistan where gunmen of shot dead 2 female judges working for the country's supreme court they've not been named but the court says they were attacked on their way to work it's the latest in a series of high profile killings in the afghan capital government officials blame the taliban an allegation the group denies. for the 1st time a palestinian court is hearing a case against an israeli settler while it's and move forward the process is still fraught with legal problems and reports on this now from the occupied west bank. was that mefford has been trying to build his house for the past 8 years but he hasn't been able to he says israeli settlers regularly attacked the building in the
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occupied west bank so he filed a lawsuit against one of them but in what is believed to be the 1st case of its kind it's a being heard in a palestinian court not an israeli one his house is located the village he says problems began after 2 illegal israeli settlement outposts were built in the area during the past decade. for 7 kilometers towards my house and tell me that i am in the settlements lands this is mile and when i insist on building my house some strange you. never as lawyers say this is the 1st lawsuit to be brought against an israeli settler in a palestinian court they have been able to bring the case as the sutler has dual nationality it followed a decision by the palestinian president to dissolve agreements signed with israel. relations with israel were later restored but palestinian authority officials still and courage plaintiffs to seek legal action will look palestinian courts do not
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have jurisdiction over israelis they can look into cases against dual citizens but it's unclear how any order by this court would be implemented the court is going to get difficult to serve the start there with the writ and al-jazeera was unable to obtain details of his nationality identity or response now after his lawyers say the case could establish ways for palestinians to achieve justice outside israeli jurisdiction i was told this could be a preliminary step when we have a final court order we can resort to regional or international courts one could even file for compensation in israeli courts. plus 10 years when the international criminal court in the hague or i.c.c. to investigate israeli settlement activity in 2019 the prosecutor said she believes there are grounds for opening an investigation into alleged war crimes in palestine
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this actually supports the prosecution's contention that the state of palestine does have jurisdiction over all or all areas or all parts of its territory. and also over all people in its territory the i.c.c. is pretrial chamber has yet to rule in its jurisdiction in palestine but many palestinians say they have little faith that the court's decision will change the reality back in but he never says he plans to keep building his house no matter how many times it's vandalized. the occupied west bank. italy's government could collapse this week with the prime minister decepticon to facing a vote of no confidence of the economy under lockdown a new emergency decree means not john regulations have now been extended stephanie decker reports from run. through most of the last challenging year madhu's at 5 he has kept his family run thai shop open now he says it wasn't worth
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it something like a tragedy i don't want to be catastrophic but i have. thousands of euros. with the bank with my parents who help me. room is a city that is heavily dependent on tourism and so has the world stopped travelling due to the coronavirus the once bustling in vibrant italian capital has ground to a halt to have these world famous sites almost all to yourself would have been unthinkable simply played possible year ago and even though it may be a privilege to see the curvy fountain without the usual hordes a tourist this is unprecedented and tells the story just how desperate the economic situation here has become such a vaccination campaign is underway and the government says at least 1000000 people
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have already been inoculated it's giving some hope but most people say they know it's not a quick fix italy is one of the worst off countries on both counts the number of death and the economic impact what we do know is that the economic effect of all this is going to be very tough and that is going to get out will be. almost unmanageable public that that's a certainty. what is uncertain is this country's political future ziplock on to the prime minister is facing 2 votes of confidence early this week after one of his coalition parties pulled its ministers out of his cabinet it could lead to a political crisis at a time when the country needs at least. lockdown measures have recently been extended meaning restaurants and bars need to remain shut and a nighttime curfew extended for at least another month. italy is defined by
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a food and wine culture and restaurant owners are desperate i feel like 11th hour ago. so nothing has changed. nothing nothing some time i feel like a stupid because i say i spend the 20. y. y. s. paying the toy and say here is. one vehicle so stop of my life. like so many other italians beth is left worried about mounting debts continued restrictions and no idea when it will end stephanie decker on jazeera. the scottish food export industry is being badly hit by the u.k.'s exit from the european union its most valuable catch shellfish goes almost entirely of france spain and the netherlands industry was promised friction free access to these
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markets but that's not happened jonah hall reports now from glasgow and the nearby fishing port of green ic. scottish langoustine reputed to be the best in the world destined for e.u. markets but even as it leaves the glasgow processing plant no one can be quite sure it will actually arrive it's not a very difficult journey well we don't know what's often girls a time to wait for you know used to take when you fall off the beach front no you can take food 34 days in the front last week when. we lost it all someone else was going on for the well it's like that last week about half a ton. of it dumped it was all right up front losses are mounting seafood sometimes left to rot with e.u. customers cancelling orders and prices plummeting because of border checks and failing computer systems but if it's important you'll just stop also forever now you know because you lose so much money you know it's not viable and it will but
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solutions to now permanent trade rules may be hard to find and the scottish fishing industries main trade body has accused the government in westminster of lying about the benefits of breaks it warning many of its members fear for their livelihoods scottish fishing communities aren't alone among u.k. businesses in feeling the pain of new border checks the difference is that up here a majority of people never wanted breakfasted in the 1st place and many see in these post breaks it trade difficulties evidence that westminster simply doesn't have scotland's interests at heart. langoustine trawlermen allister roberts calls the u.k. e.u. trade deal a disgrace that told as it was going to be a sea of opportunity. and. don't know. for sure
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is vanished. when they do come out on christmas eve never even read the deal the agreement. when we were all very busy on christmassy and my case organizing the local nativity trail. roberts and many others think politicians like fisheries minister victoria apprentice could hardly care less and that's a powerful incentive for those who believe briggs it signals the end of the united kingdom helping to propel support for scottish independence to its highest levels yet jonah how al-jazeera glasgow we go now to india where farmers and factory owners are getting creative with a leftover straw from the harvest season instead of discarding of the waste they using it to generate electricity elizabeth brought them reports from in northern india. a novel way to produce electricity in
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punjab leftover straw from some of the state's paddy fields is being burned to generate power for a 50 acre industrial area. on a hunter says he began looking for cheaper and more environmentally friendly alternatives to pal his factories when petrol prices peaked in 2030 this is for our . viewers 200 percent on the back useful here but we are believe we are running this apprentice for another form or another we are generating high pressure stream and regardless of who we are going to follow. pays follows to collect paddy stroll for the factory is no shortage of it in the state which is one of india's biggest rice produces. 60 people who were employed by bell they've saying over the one month policies and last year when 5000000 kilos of straw was connected from 500 farmers. before this we used to. but since these machines and this opportunity
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opened up we have minus to reduce pollution and by selling the house we also make a profit. as well as converting the leftover stroll to cleaner and atrocity also selling it to companies which make cardboard out of it around punjab farmers and others are finding ways to recycle crop stubble instead of burning it in the fields that causes pollution to rise to hazardous levels for hundreds of kilometers . india's government began imposing fines on farmers for burning stubble and 2015 that removed them last month after protests fathers say they shouldn't be paralyzed when they don't have alternatives to clear their land in time for the one to sowing season the government office farmers just over $1.00 for every $100.00 kilos of stubble they collect and daunte but experts say most farmers don't have the expensive machines needed to gather the waste so i think that is the lack of attention of government and the scientific community to put a wired for
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a possible solution to your raised as a useful kind of ducked they have developed electricity plants this 2nd is that they have been. developed manufacturing blondin. got access he saved around a $1000000.00 a year on power since using paddy straw to fuel his factories he also paid baldev singh 27000 dollars last year for the straw in what they both say is a win win situation for farmers industries and the environment elizabeth pratham al-jazeera a middle punjab.


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