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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 18, 2021 3:00am-3:30am +03

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on high alert in washington d.c. after threats of a repeat of the capitol attack ahead of joe biden's integration. my money inside this is al jazeera life and also coming up. the region health officials revised code the 19 vaccination guidelines some elderly patients with serious health conditions dying off to getting their 1st dose. russian opposition leader alex you know volleys arrested on arrival from germany after recovering from
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a poison attack class. i'm in the broad and the indian stage punjab where people are finding ways to turn left over stroll from paddy into alex the city as an alternative to the pollution practice of crop stubble burning. 3 days ahead of the inauguration of u.s. president elect joe biden washington d.c. is virtually closed off as president and security of if it is a protest following the attack on the capitol earlier this month that left 5 people dead roads around the seats of the u.s. congress happened blocks with barricades and metal fences the national guard has been deployed and the f.b.i. has warned of possible marches by pro trump supporters. i'm not only
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concerned about their state capitals i'm also concerned about other parts of washington d.c. and what you're showing is really the federal enclave of washington d.c. now we're in the 700000 of us live so our police department working with our federal law enforcement partners and the united states army quite frankly are also has a plan to hit if we have any attacks in our neighborhoods. other states are also seeing heightened security governors have rolled out a force to counter the threat self extremist groups small arms supporters of outgoing president donald trump gathered outside some capitals but as joe biden inherits the white house from donald trump the new president faces more challenges than just a deeply divided nation biden has already proposed a stimulus plan to help americans struggling in the pandemic but it economy. has
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made has moved from washington d.c. . washington d.c. has never seen as much security in recent history if ever you can just see behind me that's one of the many roadblocks that you will encounter if you have a drive around the capitol now this one is the 1st roadblock that sort of visiting the green zone beyond that no traffic is allowed only residents or people working in that area can access and then after that there's another round there's another road block and that sort of the red zone which is designed really in proximity of the white house capitol hill and in that area no one is allowed in except if you are working for the government or if you have a special permit certainly a lot of security. more than 11000 national guard have a ride here from all over the country by wednesday that number will jump to 25000
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just to give you a comparison 4 years ago at this time well it was the inauguration of president they were a lot of protests scheduled for you know gratian day and only 8000 national guard were deployed and that just gives you a sense of how seriously. curious the service is here. regarding this situation of the moment the threat that is coming actually from within the united states. no way has warned the vaccinating elderly people with very serious underlying health conditions may be safe after 13 patients died from side effects the deaths happened links to the pfizer by and vaccine health officials say fever nausea was side effects that many that may have led to the deaths of these frail patients they're emphasizing the safety off the vaccines. what we have seen is that we have
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reports of people dying short you have to be next in it all these people are nursing home patients they're all very sick and they have a very short life span but what they did see is that some of these patients had fever no sia roma think they react and that could have tipped them over with very severe underlying decease as i said we are not learning about this and there is no reason to fear the vaccine we just want to be a little more specific rich so a small group of very ill patients otherwise we see no problem with continuing the vaccination were done more as a vaccine research professor of microbiology and immunology at will cornell medicine he says the case is in no way should not make people nervous about taking the vaccines he said very unusual circumstances most recipients. are
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extremely frail and it's residents who in some cases. that there are very very few there are no reports of any some more happening in the usa there are no reports and. so these are these facts only facts in the late. place i'm it shouldn't make us taking needs vaccines that people safety reports so far given to tens of millions of people. without this kind of effect. i see the red top of the tabloid stories it's always that thing on the on the facts people who are over this trying to use it to poison the public's mind about the safety aspects but again it's a very special case so it deserves to be looked. it's what we. all say so recommendations change stuff so we won't one in
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a 1000000 fights. and if you have you know millions of women a 1000000 views so it's all side effects but you know i would take my chances on a woman though you want a 1000000 side effect. of quarreling substance over this or well it's worse brazil has officially began its national vaccination campaign giving a nurse from sao paolo the 1st job she was given the chinese made sin of act vaccine after the country's health regulator gave an emergency approval along with the u.k. made oxford astra zeneca job brazil has the 2nd highest death toll off the us that over 200000 monica yannick he has the latest from analysis. the approval came after months of political infighting on one hand president tradeable son who
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has always done play the virus and said that he himself will not be vaccinated but the federal government still was working with oxford to import and produce the astra zeneca vaccine on the other hand there's the governor of some ball which is brazil's largest state and he has always said that he will be the 1st to vaccinate a brazilian and he's going to use the corona vaccine because the ball has been working with china to import and produce it and that's exactly what happened today as soon as visa which is group the brazilian regulatory agency approved the use of astra zeneca and of corona vax. vaccinated the 1st brazilian a nurse now as soon as this happened as the health minister announced that these vaccines will be distributed throughout all of brazil in the next hours and that mass vaccination should start on wednesday. minutes after said he did
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not trust the brazilian government to distribute the vaccines and that some would send vaccines to man hours here where we are right now and this is the epicenter of a major crisis because here hospitals have collapsed and they were and patients and doctors were dealing with a shortage of oxygen so it's a good news on one side brazil finally has the approval of 2 vaccines for emergency use on the other side you still see a divided country with politicians using the pandemic to state their points of view and to show the failures of their rivals. the u.s. secretary of state might pump aoe has joined the e.u. in calling for the media release of russian opposition leader alexina volley the russian opposition leader got as far as possible control when he was detained at moscow's sheremetyevo airport he spent the past 5 months in germany after being
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poison in an attack he says was ordered by president vladimir putin will reach alan's reports it's a particular type of person to survive a probable state sanctioned poisoning and then returned to the country you believe tried to kill you a country where you face imminent arrest bottlenecks in a valley never gave the slightest suggestion he would do anything else following months of recuperation in germany alexei and wife yulia took their seats on a moscow bound plane from berlin. with them and i'm thinking boy bring us a little vodka we're flying home says yulia quoting a much loved russian gangster movie it's a number on the whole mark that he and his family make light of the many dangers they face and what he faced was jail on arrival he violated his suspended sentence by leaving russia to receive life saving treatment he makes a choice is
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a brave ram because he always pretended he's a brave man who. has no fear before that gorgeous he has it's no hero and he has no fear of law and order machine now it's to time to prove. prove these claims. and show the deeds that's why he states brought. well he diminish his claim so well. and pray for position to have the airport where he was due to land police detained members of his team and through supporters outside the rally his playing was then diverted to another moscow airport away from the crowds after landing he spoke to the journalists who travelled with him. i am not afraid i feel ok walking free immigration i will post it because i know that i
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am right and i don't need a criminal case against me have been forged so scary stories that they have tried to scare me wave it is not only the truth by my side but also to quote us but out passport control officer a goodbye kiss with his wife police led the valley away the kremlin denies the f.s.b. had any role in last year's novacek poisoning that nearly kills the opposition leader but now it seems likely russia will jail no brownie for surviving it rory chalons al-jazeera. still ahead on al-jazeera was the. older refugees and migrants charge of a line of police and soldiers in guatemala as they fight head north to where it's being us. allegations of torture in uganda the opposition accuses security forces of violently suppressing their campaign to challenge election results.
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it's time for the perfect gentleman who went sponsored plan qatar airways now much of south korea's been frozen solid recently the temperature rising little bit but that's not unusual when snows coming in so you've got snow on the forecast for monday then the wind turns round again but snow is persistent on the west coast so northwest coast of honshu that'll carry on during tuesday the sun comes up behind us subzero and so by day and by night and that's true of a good part of china they beijing's up to about 0 and shanghai the code 10 is round about average this time of the year hong kong is below way might like it to be. very active sundry weather was deep showers but of course flash flooding in the north of borneo in the central part of the philippines but the ways you look strong
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and jobs are not so java could well be pretty wet these orange top showers are always the biggest ones we expect for cost wise there is not much rain in the forecast now for india few showers maybe intel another rather more unstrung a hint of something changing in the northern plains and maybe but on monday or tuesday still we've got widespread fog it's fairly cold by day and by not when those codes it was cold wave is gone but look at wednesday things clear up. qatar airways she was the society hostess in beirut in the 1940 s. she was in touch with a lot of people from the lebanese the reclusive to make this work the code name was apparent and she spied for mossad in lebanon for 14 years is what she was doing it was something brave as a woman al-jazeera world tell us
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a story of shula cohen the beirut spy. to. be watching out is there a mind of our top stories this hour the u.s. capitol remains locked down with unprecedented security ahead of the inauguration of president elect joe biden a military green zone has been established and 25000 national guard troops are being deployed. brazil has begun its national vaccination campaign giving a nurse from sao paolo the 1st health regulator gave emergency approval to the
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chinese made at the scene of a vaccine as well as the oxford astra zeneca. russian opposition politician alexina vollies been detained minutes after landing in moscow the kremlin critic is back home after spending nearly 5 months in germany where he was recovering from nerve agent. police in guatemala have fired tear gas to disperse thousands of home during migrants trying to cross into the united states security forces surrounded the group on the highway invite a honda near the border with honduras some were arrested as they tried to break through a police blockade and head for mexico john hallman has more from mexico city i confrontation between guatemalan security forces thousands of people from honduras trying to cross the country and eventually reach the u.s. . a city gas canister. this 6000 people are traveling to modern
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authorities estimate that makes this one of the biggest caravans from honduras since they began in 2018 but if there was a police tried to stop them on the border. authorities said they wouldn't let anyone him without the code test with the right papers making this a danger to a country already struggling with upon them it was that they got through these people a desperate little bit and my goal is to reach the united states why because of the level of crime that we have in this country because of the lack of work the lack of education because of extreme poverty. and duress was already one of the poorest the most violent countries in latin america but 1st the pandemic and then 2 massive storms in november have made things worse. there are also traveling at a moment when joe biden is about to be inaugurated as the new u.s. president many see him as more sympathetic with silence equals with the acting
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customs and border protection she really told these people not to waste their time and money on the trip he says any change in administration makes no difference to the rule of law i even that message didn't get to them or more likely the 2 desperate to listen john home how does either. well joe biden's promised a different approach on migration from day one but some changes will of course take time an executive order will be signed on inauguration day itself to reverse president trump's ban on arrivals from 13 muslim majority countries biden has said that he will immediately send a bill to congress outlining a route to citizenship for the so-called dreamers 11000000 people living in the u.s. illegally but his teams admitted it will take longer to change trump's asylum restrictions including raising the yearly camp on refugees from 15225000 there's a promise to create
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a task force to reunite hundreds of children separated from their parents under trump 0 tolerance policy on illegal border crossings with mexico linda rivers is the executive director at last america's immigrant advocacy center she says that as joe biden prepares to take office big changes are needed to start treating migrants humanely right now what we're dealing with under the trumpet not ministration of some of the cruelest policies that we have ever seen implement it to essentially stop asylum so we know that the rebuilding has to start immediately and not only rebuilding but we also hope to see expansion for protections for people who need it so at the very least you're hoping for a more compassionate approach to the the issue absolutely compassionate humane moving away from the idea. immigrants and refugees as a national security risk and united states treating starting to treat people with
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true humanity is something that we are strongly advocating for and to hear the bided administration began to plan for example to turn back the n.p.p. or remain in mexico program where thousands of asylum seekers were sent to mexico into dangerous situations is and it's a very promising start going to this issue of not wanting to continue to have anything to do with a policy that separates children from their parents absolutely we need to stop this policy and additionally start to reunite some of these families especially those families many of them who have been deported without their children and face to face indefinite separation these are families that you know we in our past so have identified have been working with hasso unfortunately was the pilot program for
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family separation so we knew families separated since 2017 we hope to bring them into the spotlight we hope that the by an administration will begin to reunite these families to try and we store so much that they have lost and what they have endured what about the contentious issue of of financial help for migrant guests well you know that the 1st step is we need to figure out how to help migrants in a way where they are not forced into dangerous situations to migrate we know that the law as other cylon that we already have in our country allow for asylum seekers to have a process to work we want to reject detention for asylum seekers because that this is this is important for them to began there to truly be welcomed into our country we believe that that is that is where we need to start. into rivers speaking to
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adrian finnegan there the governor of sudan's west's doll for state says security's being stepped up after tribal fire killed over 80 people buildings have been sessa lines in the west for state capital the governor. duma says at least 160 people have been injured he blames armed groups from central and south darfur for the violence which is forcing people to flee the region morgan has more details from car too. renewed intercom and violence in the western region of the hour for this time in the west are far in the capital janina has raised questions on the ability of the transitional government to be able to secure and stabilize a region that has been torn and marred by 17 years of conflict that did not end to last november when most of the armed groups fighting in the region signed a peace deal with the transitional government on saturday verbal clashes between 2 individuals from opposing tribes led to violence that left at least 2 people killed
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and several injured state authorities said that it has imposed a curfew and still further notice and authorized security forces to use force if necessary to control the situation now at the same time another incident unfolded and attacked by armed groups on a displacement camp led to the deaths of dozens and displacement of people who are living in the camps due to the 17 years of conflict and who once again found themselves on the run being displaced seeking safety and refuge now this raises questions on whether this is the result of a vacuum that has been left by the african union united nations peacekeeping mission which was known as the in the med and which its mandate and that on the 31st of december people in the region are quite concerned they've been calling on the governments to to take control of the situation some of them even calling for disarmament because they say the region is washed with weapons due to the years of conflict but they also say that they are worried with the withdrawal of the intimate and with so many insecurities happening so many intercom and clashes
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happening that the government may not be able to control the situation and that they may need other a 3rd party to be able to control the situation until the transitional government can step up and provide them with the safety and security they need. uganda's opposition party says it will legally challenge the presidential election results which saw president you wearing a 70 when a 6 term in office on friday his main political opponent bobby wind dismissed the outcome as fraud and said his party can prove election irregularities and voter interference the pop star turned politician said the military raided his home and that he and his wife remain under house arrest all of which i will not allow to you receive interviews that he's home. but they are members and leaders cannot meet him today a local variable to much of the party and dick decisions and the family is not allowed to access groceries in the our own little lawn get from friends and family
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outside his residence probably winds campaign coordinator says that he was beaten and tortured by police on sunday andrew not to manya says he was abducted and electrocuted by forces loyal to the president missed 70 there's been no response to his allegations. the top u.s. envoy to afghanistan has blamed the taliban for the murder of 2 female judges in kabul on sunday the car was targeted as they were on their way to work but the taliban has denied involvement in the killings is the latest in a recent wave of attacks on assassinations failure contouri has more from kabul. what happened this morning here in kabul falls into a pattern that has become all too familiar across afghanistan and especially here in kabul government employees civil servants activists and journalists getting either gunned down or having their cars blown up all the way to work it's been
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happening for months now and it seems like it's getting worse every day this 2 female judges were gunned down all the way to work this morning some more people were injured and according to human rights watch afghanistan right now has 200 female judges what happened this morning means that within seconds within minutes one percent of gamma sounds all feel mild judges where wiped out now most of these targeted assassinations remain on claimed i saw has claimed some of them but the government keeps insisting that the taliban are behind them the taliban keeps denying responsibility so * there is this pattern of a blame game about who is responsible the minister of interior has been doing some arrests but there's this issue of impunity because this is where their work starts and stops and that is what happens to the judges still the system will this people ever face justice and saw that something that has not been happening and this
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culture of impunity is what people say here encourages even more this targeted assassinations that have been taking place meanwhile u.s. and taliban negotiators have met in doha the talks on implementing the deal they agreed to last year the taliban wants the u.s. on a commitments on releasing prisoners on removing its leaders from a blacklist the u.s. wants an end to violence in afghanistan honest pushing for a peace agreement. the burning left of a straw from harvest season in northern india has long been a big contributor to the nation now efforts to stop it have consistently failed because fama say there's no other way to clear the land some in punjab have found a way and they're producing electricity in the process elizabeth per annum reports from. a novel way to produce electricity in
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punjab leftover straw from some of the state's paddy fields is being burnt to generate power for a 50 acre industrial area. says he began looking for cheaper and more environmentally friendly alternatives to power has factories when petrol prices peaked in 2030 this is were. these 200 percent on the useful here but we are believe me this is ready for another former. and. we are going to follow. pace fathers to collect paddy stroll for the factory is no shortage of it in the state which is one of india's biggest rice produces. 60 people were employed by saying over the one month policies and last year when 5000000 kilos of straw was connected from 500 farmers. before this we used to. but since these
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machines and this opportunity opened up we have minus to reduce pollution and by selling the house we also make a profit. as well as converting the leftover stroll to cleaner and atrocity also selling it to companies which make cardboard out of it around punjab farmers and others are finding ways to recycle crop stubble instead of burning it in the fields that causes the pollution to rise to hazardous levels for hundreds of kilometers. india's government began imposing fines on farmers for burning stubble and 2015 that removed them last month after protests fathers say they shouldn't be penalize for they don't have alternatives to clear their land in time for the one to sowing season the government office follows just over $1.00 for every $100.00 kilos of stubble they collect and daunte but experts say most farmers don't have the expensive machines needed to gather the waste so that is the lack of attention
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all government and the scientific community to put a wired possible solution to your raised as a useful kind of duct will develop electricity plants the 2nd is that they have been. developmental vectoring blondin. got excess he saved around a $1000000.00 a year on power since using paddy straw to fuel his factories he also paid baldev singh 27000 dollars last year for the straw in what they both say is a win win situation for farmers industries and the environment elizabeth al-jazeera punjab.


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