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al-jazeera bringing the news and current affairs that matter to leave. out is the. the boss of south korean industrial giant samsung is sentenced to 2 and a half years in prison for bribery. hello i'm sammy's day than this is al jazeera live from coming out 10 scenes just 2 days from joe biden's inauguration fears of violence from the far right groups. international condemnation as russian opposition leader in a valley is arrested in moscow after recovering from
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a poison attack and uncovering more secrets from the tombs of so caro. now the head of one of the world's most influential companies samsung has been jailed for corruption j.y. levy has been sentenced to 2 and a half years in prison by a south korean court he was convicted of bribing an associate of former president park geun hye rob bryant joins us live from seoul so what actually happens to him now does this go to appeal. this is a real shock many people here had been expecting that he was going to avoid going back behind bars when the news came in fact the samsung share price dropped by a couple of percentage point it is since rebounded somewhat since then but it does give you an idea of just how unexpected this was many business groups here in south
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korea had appealed to the court for leniency in fact samsung themselves has appealed all along saying that it needs its boss this is by far the biggest conglomerate here in the south korean economy jay wiley is its de facto head it does not want him to have him sitting behind bars all of these charges go back to 2017 when j. wiley was found guilty of bribery of paying bribes this was all involved in the collapse of the government of park geun hay the disgraced president at the time and also a longtime associate of her choice on still both of whom are now serving long terms in prison now lee was found guilty of having paid bribes to foundations controlled by choice it was thought as a way of smoothing the transition of power from his father who was incapacitated at the time to heal himself now he was originally charged sentenced to 5 years he
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served one year of that before being released but the prosecution has been trying to reimpose a tougher sentence and that is what has been achieved this monday he walked into court to hear the ruling but was immediately re arrested again he is likely to take this back to the supremes court but for the moment. is back behind bars with a 2 and a half years ahead of him rob mcbride there thanks so much. now u.s. defense officials say they fear a possible insider attack at the inauguration of president elect joe biden the a.p. agency that prompted the f b i to vet all 25000 national guard troops deployed to the capital washington remains locked down with an unprecedented security raft fears of more violence by supporters of outgoing president donald trump following an insurrection that left 5 people dead. one of the things i think we're learning and lessons
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learned is that. we need to take those threats seriously and we're prepared. to do we need to do in order to support the citizens of our nation and as. you know we all come from different backgrounds different walks of life and we have different ideas but what we've done is uniform we have one mission at hand and that is to to do what is necessary to protect america. john hendren reports on the extraordinary levels of security in washington d.c. . the u.s. capitol is surrounded by sirens steel and soldiers in a military occupation never before seen in the american capital 25000 national guard troops secure the national mall that's twice the number here after the 1988 assassination of martin luther king jr and then there are the thousands of u.s. capitol police city police f.b.i. border patrol and others. the mob assault on the capitol on january 6th shown here
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in a video released sunday by the new yorker magazine has left a city and a nation grappling with the aftermath of an insurrection fearing another possible assault on democracy and traumatized. towards wednesday i think it's going to be better because i think they're taking it like overly. joe biden's january 20th inauguration comes with crowds reduced by the pandemic on ground trampled by a riot under the shadow of his predecessor 2nd impeachment. pennsylvania avenue is usually one of the busiest thoroughfares in washington d.c. now it is the center of a green zone a security area that stretches 3 kilometers from capitol hill behind me to the potomac river this is now a city in lockdown. everyone entering the largest secure a zone in presidential inauguration history is screened for weapons in. inside fences upon fences steel steel just as it seemed the center of the city was
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entirely barricaded workers bring in still more fortifications every manhole cover is sealed against threats from below now this city's most iconic street is a park for runners roller bladers and pedestrians enduring a historic evil my heart. and i don't know what to do. so. per my daily walk i couldn't go for it. i think there doubt that i could walk this way. across the u.s. the f.b.i. warns of possible armed protests outside all 50 state capitalized following the armed invasion in april of the michigan state house as federal agents scour the country for those who invaded the houses of congress arresting this nashville tennessee man on sunday the u.s. prepares for what most americans hope will be a peaceful handover of government power even as it braces for another assault john
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hendren al jazeera washington. more now from the from the white house. we've been told constantly actually from national guard leadership baps members of the national guard are routinely vetted for any potential dangers in their backgrounds any links to extremism and so on the new development it's been reported is that the f.b.i. is now getting involved it's not just the national guard relying on its usual mechanisms to ensure that those within the service radicalized in some way some ways the reports we've got now is the f.b.i. is also taking a look at the some 25000 troops who may be deployed in the capital by wednesday that's 2 and a half times more than normal inaugurations that's the new bet so the f.b.i. apparently has been doing this according to the associated press and police and
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this is the announcement is new but apparently the f.b.i. has been conducting these background these background checks on the national guard members since they began deploying to the capital a week ago and they're clearly 25000 people that's a lot of background checks but all they're doing basically there is running these names through f.b.i. databases checking for any any red flags and any connections to extremist groups or militia groups or the clique stream right wing or indeed or watch lists and things like that so that's basically where there's a running through these names through the f.b.i. computers now are not just relying on the national guard because in the words of the report that initially got everyone's antenna up of the fears of an insider threat on inauguration day. international condemnation continues to grow over the arrest of russian opposition leader alex in the valley when he flew into moscow the valet spent the past 5 months in germany after being poisoned in an attack he says
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was ordered by president vladimir putin both the us administrations and the european union are calling for his immediate release germany as described in these arrests as in comprehensible rory chalons reports it's aches a particular type of person to survive a probable state sanctioned poisoning and then returned to the country you believe tried to kill you a country where you face imminent arrest. never gave the slightest suggestion he would do anything else following months of recuperation in germany alexei and wife yulia took their seats on a moscow bound plane from berlin. with a. monopoly boy bring us a little vodka we're flying home says yulia quoting a much loved russian gangster movie it's a never only whole mark that he and his family make light of the many dangers they face and what he faced was jail on arrival he violated his suspended sentence by
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leaving russia to receive life saving treatment he makes a choice is a brave man because he always pretended he's a brave man who. has no fear before that gorgeous he has no fear of welton he has no fear of law and order machine now it's the time to prove. prove these claims. and show the deeds that's why he states brought. well he diminish his claims being well. and pray for position at the airport where he was due to land police detained members of his team and threw supporters out around his plane was then diverted to another moscow airport away from the crowds after landing he spoke to the journalists who travelled with him. i am
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not afraid i feel ok walking free immigration i will post it because i know that i am right and i don't need a criminal case against me have been forward so scary stories that they have tried to scare me wave it is not only the truth by my side but also to quote. but out passport control officer a goodbye kiss with his wife police led me away the kremlin denies the f.s.b. had any role in last year's novacek poisoning that nearly kills the opposition leader but now it seems likely russia will jail no brownie for surviving it rory chalons al-jazeera let's go live now to a god was so what happens to the valley now. well sam in afghanistan the night in detention in the north of moscow close to this airport where he plane was diverted to his lawyer the one that flew with him from berlin says they did not allow her to see him despite the fact that she has all of
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the rights to do so they said it was late in the night now he will be in the tension he will be locked up until the trial now the date of this trial is not yet set and that this is basically on the motion of the russian prison authorities who are claiming that he violated his probation and what they are now asking the court to is to change the suspended sentence into a real time in jail which would be 3 and a half years they just have to add that his probation ended 30th of december so for sure he will have to face the court in the meantime there is other charges that have been brought up ever since he woke up from a comma and started recovering and basically ever since he said that he believes that behind his voice and in go behind get them on his life is in that putin and kremlin as for why he ended up in germany in the 1st play and place and was not
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able to report himself to the prison authorities as required well there is no indication that we are going to see here in russia investigation into the case because here they are saying that there is no proof that a crime happened. all right we're going to have to leave it there thanks so much alexandra. still ahead on al-jazeera. on german refugees and migrants charge at police and soldiers in guatemala as they struggle to reach the u.s. . hope on the horizon after more than 200000 deaths and mass vaccine rollout now underway in brazil.
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how it started snowing to stamboul now has stirred elsewhere in turkey in the high ground but this is the 1st the season is showing this cold air has reached the far side and with a low sitting of the black season off a lot more snow to come but more typically in europe they snow's been falling thick and fast on the frontal systems this one took it through francis's northeastern france now that's a fairly typical picture with that a switched on that snow has been pushed across from monday to fall in austria and quite possibly get stuck in germany and then run through denmark into southern sweden now to the east of that is particularly cold in poland some of the baltic states and russia we're talking about temperatures by day of no higher than minus 12 by night minus 25 warsaw is forecast does see a warming on tuesday as that frontal system they land it comes in and temperatures rise considerably and snow starts to fall in fact there could be considerable snow
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in poland as a result of that storing system and there's more coming in on a changing complection the weather as you can say as the atlantic so takes over in london's up to 11 and prague sees snow so there monday looks fairly fine for turkey the still plenty of snow to come on the north coast. it is murder when you throw a fire bomb into someone's home and mishit off nashik you know. now that is significant in numbers that insignificant ideologically that is significant evil is a crime against the very significant by dictating big government in the fucked up policy now shalt not kill part of the radicalized series on al-jazeera.
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the world. welcome back you're watching al-jazeera time to recap our headlines samsung boss jay wiley has been sentenced to 2 and a half years in prison for bribery lee was convicted of bribing in the sociate of former president park geun hye he was previously convicted in 2017 but only served a year in jail. u.s. defense officials say they fear a possible insider attack at the inauguration of president elect joe biden that prompted the f.b.i. to vet all $25000.00 national guard troops deployed to the capital washington remains locked down without precedented levels of security. the u.s.
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has joined the e.u. in calling for russian opposition politician alex in the valley to be freed from custody and they was arrested at a moscow airport shortly after arriving from germany spent the past 5 months and then covering from a nerve agent poisoning. brazil has approved 2 vaccines to tackle covert 19 mass distribution of the chinese made sin of ike and the british oxford astra zeneca jabs will begin soon but i'm a mouse people are worried about surviving until the doses reach the remote areas of latin america's largest country on a chaotic here of reports from the gateway to the amazon far rainforest. after months of political infighting the 1st brazilian was vaccinated today symbolic.
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but the round of applause in brazil's richest city was a far cry from the reality of man hours more than 3000 kilometers in the capital of the amazon a state a new strain of the corona virus is still spreading infections like wildfire. many here barely make it to a hospital and those who do have few guarantees they'll get out alive nearly 48 has just lost the 3rd person in her family on the night their lone wolf i cannot understand how the government let me now switch this point they're killing us the strong our family my brother in law died because there was a shortage of oxygen we bought a cylinder but it was too late. not far from the hospital others are racing against time. these men have spent the morning brushing from one oxygen supply or 20 other to fill up their metal cylinders the
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federal government brazilian states and even neighboring venezuela have sent supplies to my mouse but it hasn't been enough. has been standing in line for his uncle who suffocating in the hospital in one week he had to cardiac arrests. it's ironic everybody says yemen is. rain forest is the world's green lung and yet people here are dying from lack of oxygen it was like a war zone. in the port of my now time seems to have stopped instead of oxygen cylinders bananas are unloaded from the boat to be sold on the market but the river which could be a lifeline is also an obstacle to fighting the pandemic minnows is the gateway to the amazon forest it's surrounded by water which makes the logistics of bringing anything here like upsurge in cylinders or vaccines very difficult you can reach
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the capital of the amazon a state by plane or by boat but there's some of the images here behind me which are hours and hours away by boat and that's the only means that you can reach them and not every boat like this one is strong enough to carry supplies. here the vaccines which will be distributed throughout brazil are still a promise for the future in the meantime people are just trying to survive. monica and not give up just sirrah my mouse. norway is warning vaccinating elderly people with very serious underlying health conditions may be unsafe 13 patients died from vaccine side effects the deaths have been linked to the fire as a biome type vaccine health officials say favor a noisier with side effects that may have led to the deaths of frail patients they're emphasizing the safety of vaccines. what we have seen is that we have
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reports of people dying shortly after being vaccinated all these people are nursing home patients they're all very sick and they have a very short life span but what they did see is that some of these patients had fever nausea vomiting diarrhea and that could have tipped them over with a very severe underlying disease as i said we are not worried about this there is no reason to fear the vaccine we just want to be a little more specific rich so a small group or very ill patients otherwise we see no problem with continuing the vaccination police in the netherlands used towards a callon to disperse an anti lockdown protest in amsterdam several 1000 people attended the rally after coronavirus restrictions were extended this week the netherlands entered its strictest long down mid december after a surge in infections. police in guatemala have fired tear gas to disperse hunt
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thousands of honduran migrants trying to cross into the u.s. security forces surrounded the group on a highway in vardon though near the border with hung jurist some were arrested as they tried to break through a police blockade and head for mexico just home and has more from mexico city i a confrontation between guatemalan security forces thousands of people from honduras trying to cross the country and eventually reach the u.s. . a city gas canister was this 6000 people traveling to modern authorities estimate that makes this one of the biggest caravans from honduras since they began in 2018 but if there was a police tried to stop them on the border. authorities said they wouldn't let anyone him without a code test with the right papers they called this a danger to a country already struggling with the pump them it was that they got through these
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people are desperate to get out if my goal is to reach the united states why because of the level of crime that we have in this country because of the lack of work the lack of education because of extreme poverty. and duress was already one of the poorest the most violent countries in latin america but 1st the pandemic and then through massive storms in november have made things worse. they're also traveling at a moment when joe biden is about to be inaugurated as the new u.s. president many see him as more sympathetic with silence equals with the acting customs and border protection she really told these people not to waste their time and money on the trip he says any change in administration makes no difference to the rule of law i even that message didn't get to them or more likely they are too desperate to listen john home now does it or. your gand as opposition party says it
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will. the presidential election results in court present joy 70 has won a 6th term in office but his main opponent pop star turned politician bobby wine is dismissing the outcomes for 2 months frankel gupta reports. and you're not a money are can barely walk without support the campaign coordinator of uganda's opposition leader bobby wine says he was beaten and tortured by the police put something. that. i had been connected to excuse me. by a korean what do i was shocked i his allegations come a day after you can dust long time preston you a new survey he was handed a 6 term in office extending his route to 40 years his rival bobby wine remains at home tightly guarded by soldiers outside winds party the national unity platform
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says he's under house arrest but they're determined to challenge the outcome of coasties fault we are here to formally country but in your p. reject we are now through out of the provision elections. the last announced yesterday by the e.c. do not in any way relate to the privilege would you put spitted as a party. preston was severely insists the vote was fair despite a crackdown on opposition candidates and it didn't shut down and it cruel international concern about the for that italy of the election for now you can't or remains an edge with many calling for calm and an end to political upheaval my only hope for the best. piece of the country but that may not be easy the 76 year old president faces an undeterred opposition bolstered by young
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ugandans fed up with high levels of unemployment corruption and growing increasingly impatient with the old political order. al-jazeera the governor of sudan's west starforce state says security is being stepped up after tribal fights in killed over 80 people buildings have been set alight in the west are for state capital governor mohamad abdalla duma says a least 160 people have been injured the blames armed groups from central and south taft for the violence has forced people to flee the region. the protests have continued in tunis here days after the 10th anniversary of the toppling of president zine el abidine ben ali was. the 2nd straight night been running street battles between police and protesters in the capital tunis people are angry about the country's dire economic crisis and poor
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public services police have arrested 240 people. a nationwide lockdown in portugal has led to a wreck orderly vote turnout for this sunday's presidential election almost 250000 people have already cast their ballots nearly 5 times as many as last time the health system is buckling under the pressure of a rise in severe covert 19 cases tighter measures to slow the spread of the virus are expected to be in place for at least one month. china's economic recovery is beating expectations in the 4th quarter g.d.p. grew by 2.3 percent that makes it the only major economy in the world to avoid a contraction last year despite the coronavirus and demick the 1st case of code 19 was detected in the city of who hired in december 2009 teed. egypt has announced another major archeological discovery it's on earth
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a treasure trove of coffins and burial artifacts more than 3000 years old or have been found in the remains of the ancient city of memphis unesco world heritage site south of the capital cairo shala ballasts reports. in the shadow of the state pyramid the oldest in egypt lies a trove of traces and it says archaeologists have been digging here since 2007. they found a permit for a queen but didn't know her name and who now the most important thing that we found were followed at them build a pyramid of a queen inside the temple and name and you name of a queen and it was. she was the wife of the king and this was at a small part about that is to dorothy the king tate he was the 1st pharaoh of the 6th in a city more than 4000 years ago. the discovery happened at the succumb or
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a vast symmetry of the ancient egyptian capital of memphis and you know sco will hear a huge site archaeologists uncovered $22.00 shops food with dozens of trees shoes they found 54 coffins some more than 3000 years old minister we extract the coffins and the most important thing in extracting coffins is to study them in order to add a new piece of information to egypt's ancient history we had linguistic information or something about how the coffins were made even restoration absent from ation how the colors are made and what not. hidden 10 meters underground now these artifacts have been unearthed archaeologists can piece together a more complete picture of the ancient civilization we found to measure the statutes we found games that the ships in played with held many unique artifacts such as an axe blog to solve all this discovery will rewrite the history
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of support in the new kingdom excavations are continuing with only 30 percent of the site on earth the search for artifacts has been stepped up for the upcoming opening of the grander gyptian museum at the giza pyramids egypt relying on its past to breathe new life into a tourism industry disseminated by the covert 19 pandemic challenge ballasts al-jazeera. let's take you through some of the headlines here on al-jazeera now samsung boss jay wiley has been sentenced to 2 and a half years in prison for bribery he was convicted of bribing an associate of former.


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