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honeys of politics. and a health system struggling to cope al-jazeera investigation 3 dates that stop the world. if you want to help save the world. sneeze into your own. videos obtained by al-jazeera give new insights into the earliest days of china's corona virus outbreak in ruhani. i'm sammy's a dan this is a live from doha also coming up the potential threat of an insider attack from the f.b.i. to vet thousands of national guards deployed to washington d.c.
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samsung boss jay wiley is sentenced to 2 and a half years in prison over a huge south korean corruption scandal and international condemnation after kremlin critic alexander valley is arrested moments after returning to russia. it was this week one year ago that the world started becoming aware of the seriousness of a viral outbreak that would explode into a full blown pandemic well in china was the 1st place to go into lockdown al-jazeera is investigative unit has obtained videos recorded during the earliest days that was smuggled out of the country filreis has this exclusive report. a year ago journalists from chinese state media arrived in hand to cover a story about a mysterious new virus is 3 days before the city goes into lockdown. the few
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confirmed cases of the disease i want to see food market one this is a single this is just a little on the no on the closure that we have concealed the generally side entities for their own safety they soon realize the outbreak is much more serious than they thought there was a reporter who we've called yang continues to film secretly after being detained by the police. called on her with his own words your thought was a mobile call there's only 200 to a party or showed a puzzle it's a mile out when one of their own lives inside is an. yang is forced to show images on his camera to public security officers while doing so he continues to film on his phone. while china's response to the virus was late to praise the lack of openness at the beginning of the outbreak has been blamed for contributing to our failure to contain the disease. yang is blocked from entering
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hospitals to see if it was really i'm being told they need little or little and when it's really all goes a little bit in order to enter yang pretends to have a fever. and. a heart. he finds packed wards with patients waiting to get tested. this was just one week after the disease had been given a name 19. a woman brought her simply 8 year old grandfather to the gates of the hospital he'd already been turned away from one that had no more beds to me thank you and he. guards wouldn't let him in that should have you got. to see the little girl now the new offices stop yang filming even at the hospital gates anybody who is a would have been going on the lockdown is announced at 2 am on january 23rd yang
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is told to return to beijing before it comes into force the next morning. the roads to the airport and railway station are packed with taxis young joins 300000 people who left will hand that night the decision to provide an 8 hour window before the city is sealed off allows many infected patients to flee and for the outside world . fill race al-jazeera where they can watch the full al-jazeera investigation 3 days start the world on monday at 20 g.m.t. . the head of the world health organization has warned of a catastrophic moral failure in the way vaccines are being distributed around the world it's the w h o's latest criticism of wealthy countries being accused of hoarding doses leaving developing countries with none the world is on the brink of a catastrophe moral failure and the prize of
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this trailer will be paid with lives and livelihoods in the world's poorest countries. fears of an insider attack of prompted the f.b.i. to vet all $25000.00 national guards being deployed to washington d.c. the scale of the undertaking reflects extraordinary security concerns gripping the u.s. capitol ahead of joe biden's presidential inauguration and that some of the very people assigned to protect the city could present a threat. one of the things i think we're learning and lessons learned is that. we all need to take those threats seriously and we're prepared. to do we need to do in order to support the citizens of our nation and our citizen soldiers you know we all come from different backgrounds different walks of life and we have different ideas but what we've done is uniform we have one mission at hand and that is to to do what is necessary to protect america. it's adding to the tensions that have
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already put the capital and the why the country on the edges john hendren explains from washington d.c. . the u.s. capitol is surrounded by sirens steel and soldiers in a military occupation never before seen in the american capital 25000 national guard troops secure the national mall that's twice the number here after the 1988 assassination of martin luther king jr and then there are the thousands of u.s. capitol police city police f.b.i. border patrol and others. the mob assault on the capitol on january 6th shown here in a video released sunday by the new yorker magazine has left a city and a nation grappling with the aftermath of an insurrection fearing another possible assault on democracy and traumatized. i'm getting a bit towards wednesday i think it's going to be better because i think they're taking it like overly precautious joe biden's january 20th inauguration comes with
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crowds reduced by the pandemic on ground trampled by a riot a siege under the shadow of his predecessors 2nd impeachment. pennsylvania avenue is usually one of the busiest thoroughfares in washington d.c. now it is the center of a green zone a security area that stretches 3 kilometers from capitol hill behind me to the potomac river this is now a city in lockdown. everyone entering the largest secure a zone in presidential inauguration. history is screened for weapons inside fences upon fences steel up on steel just as it seemed the center of the city was entirely barricaded workers bring in still more fortifications every manhole cover is sealed against threats from below now this city's most iconic street is a park for runners roller bladers and pedestrians enduring a historic up evil my heart hurts and i don't know what to do.
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so i usually go for my daily walk and i couldn't go for it so. i think there doubt that i could walk this way. across the u.s. the f.b.i. warns of possible armed protests outside all 50 state capitalized following the armed invasion in april of the michigan state house. as federal agents scour the country for those who invaded the houses of congress arresting this nashville tennessee man on sunday the u.s. prepares for what most americans hope will be a peaceful handover of government power even as it braces for another assault john hendren al-jazeera washington the head of south korean tech giant samsung has been jailed for 2 and a half year is jay wiley was found guilty of bribery and embezzle months in connection with the corruption scandal that brought down former president. rob
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mcbride reports from seoul. j. wiley arrived at court not knowing if he would be able to walk free again as head of south korea's biggest conglomerate business groups had appealed for leniency and samsung itself has argued that li is essential to its day to day running a claim disputed by critics of the so-called chaebol system a family run businesses that still dominates the economy here every day operation is done by the professional managers saw even in the jail use only door control all korean general has full information provided by the although he's instead and even in the jail in the hague and he were she can make it of properties in the making in 2017 lee was found guilty of bribing disgraced former president park geun hye and her longtime associate choice and so to allow the smooth transition of power at samsung from his father he was released after one year of
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a 5 year prison sentence the prosecution appealed and last year leap promised changes in his company's business practices in a bid to stay out of prison who lies in what is new that we failed to live up to public expectations because disappointment because we did not strictly uphold the law at ethical standards where you. were the power of south korea's chaebol system under scrutiny some song agreed to set up a compliance committee last year at the request of the court to look into its business practices to ensure a case like this wouldn't happen again it was widely seen as a bid to please the court ahead of this ruling but it wasn't enough and the court ordered lead back into custody ruling he'd concealed his multimillion dollar bribe and also committed perjury in his explanation about it to the national assembly of
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mcbride al jazeera song. now there's outrage from world capitals after russian opposition leader alex in the valley was arrested moments after landing back in moscow germany were in the valley spend 5 months recovering from being poisoned describes his detention as in comprehensible of the european council's president says it's an acceptable and the us secretary of state mike on payers says it's the latest attempt to silence voices critical of moscow already chalons reports. it takes a particular type of person to survive a probable state sanctioned poisoning and then return to the country you believe try to kill you a country where you face imminent arrest but alexina valmy never gave the slightest suggestion he would do anything else following months of recuperation in germany alexei and wife yulia took their seats on a moscow pound plane from berlin magazine. but it's been
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a monopoly boy bring us a little vodka we're flying home says you're quoting a much loved russian gangster movie it's an overly whole mark that he and his family make light of the many dangers they face and what he faced was jail on arrival he violated a suspended sentence by leaving russia to receive life saving treatment he makes a choice is a brave man because he always pretended he's a brave man who. has no fear before that gorgeous it's not for iraq he has no fear of law and order machine now it's the time to prove. prove these claims. and show the deeds that's why the states brought. well he diminish his claims of being well. and brave for position at the airport
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where he was due to land police detained members of his team and threw supporters out around his plane was then diverted to another moscow airport away from the crowds after landing he spoke to the journalists who traveled with him yeah absolutely it's not him i am not afraid i feel ok walking free immigration i will post it because i know that i am right and i don't need a criminal case against me had been forged scary stories that they have tried to scare me wave it is not only the truth by my side but also to quote. but at passport control officer a goodbye kiss with his wife police led me away the kremlin denies the f.s.b. had any role in last year's novacek poisoning that nearly kills the opposition leader but now it seems likely russia will jail no brownie for surviving it rory chalons al-jazeera so had an al-jazeera the internet switched back on in uganda
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after contentious elections we'll tell you what opposition leader bobby wine is tweeting already and the growing push for scottish independence in the wake of bragg's it and the pandemic. it's time for the perfect general. sponsored plan qatar airways. hello once again welcome to another look at the international forecast we got more outbreaks of snow pushing towards japan at the moment because that western side of japan will see effects sliding in into that western side of honshu much of honshu could also see some wintry flowers as well but law as you drive sheltered by the mountains in tokyo or at a celsius on shoes day afternoon type codice you go on into where to stay but i'm hopeful there will be less snow in the forecast and you notice across the korean peninsula through much of china it is generally dry bits and pieces of shabby right
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into central and southern parts having said that hong kong gets up to 19 degrees celsius basin places afraid to just around the pole the far northeast of india could see want to shatter for much of south asia it is generally set there as we go through the next couple of days there will be some showers there sliding towards possibility some wet weather coming in here as we go on through where to stay but as you can see further north it is generally dry still the fog problems the warnings in for say up towards new delhi and across the northern plain but he fought a dry across the middle east but we have got increasing cloud ad rain coming into the levant over the next there's a slow one the northern flank of that moving across eastern parts of ticky. sponsored by a qatar airways. under silent storm. they once prosperous fishing village sinks police from our.
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parliamentary elections ignite fierce rivalry that will determine the future of this defeated and politically divided community. a microcosm reflecting the plight of a nation witness venezuela a sinking revolution on a just. back you're watching al-jazeera time to recap our headlines now al-jazeera is investigative unit has obtained videos smuggled out of china that show the earliest days of the covert $900.00. they show police cracking down on journalists and hospital wards full of newly infected people fears of an insider attack of lead the
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f.b.i. to vet all 25000 national guards being deployed in washington d.c. the undertaking reflects extraordinary security concerns in the u.s. capitol the head of joe biden's presidential inauguration. the head of south korean tech giant samsung has been jailed for 2 and a half years jay wiley was found guilty of bribery and embezzle months in connection with the corruption scandal that brought down former president park geun hye he was jailed in 2017. the ugandan government has restored internet access across the country being cut off since the eve of the presidential election last week the official results shows frozen in 7 easily won a 6th term but opposition candidate bobby wine promised to provide evidence of vote fraud when the internet was reconnected and in the last few minutes he tweeted this heavily our military and police have once again raided our party offices and come
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parlor no one allowed to go in or come out of 70 after committing the most vile election fraud in history has resorted to the most despicable forms of intimidation . catherine sawyer joins us now with more from the capital kampala. bobi wine has been saying officials all he's party to national unity platform have also been saying that they have evidence of widespread irregularities of you know every bends over rigging in favor of president yoweri which have any there was a press conference on what house yesterday and officials of his party say that the i'm going to be moving to court they have 10 days to put together the evidence and presented before the supreme court for the saying that they are going to do that even if they do not trust the cost system they say they don't trust. constitutional judges and judges of the supreme court to give them a fair hearing we haven't hired much from bobby wine since friday when he rejected
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the results he feels effectively being surrounded by soldiers who have been there for the last few days he says that he cannot leave his house visitors are not allowed to access these compounds we also saw that as journalists were blocked from accessing his compound several times but they do say they have evidence we have asked the time and again what evidence do you have how are you going to present it they said once the internet is back on the plane to present the evidence it's going to be interesting to see what kind of evidence they have to back up the plate claim. much of the world will be watching to see how quickly joe biden's administration will unwind doll trans foreign policy agenda after 4 years of america 1st washington's closest partners are eager to see the u.s. pivot back towards international engagement or diplomatic editor james bays reports
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from washington d.c. . from the moment he took office it was clear view administration of donald trump would be very different from this day forward a new vision will govern our land from this day forward it's going to be only america 1st it didn't take long for the united states as our allies to realize that meant they were now dealing with the most disruptive president since world war 2 straining the system of international order built over 75 years trump moved quickly to dismantle the achievements of the obama administration but odds with all his closest allies he pulled out of the paris climate deal believe me this is not what we need and then the iran nuclear agreement this was a horrible one sided deal later in the midst of the pandemic he withdrew the us from the world health organization today terminating our relationship with the
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world health organization and not only did he pull the us out of the un human rights council the hypocritical and self-serving organization rarely ever stood up for human rights and at times he seemed more comfortable with the u.s. is traditional adversaries than its closest allies we now know from some of his advisors he came close to pulling out of the us is most important military alliance nato summit meetings like this one in brussels or could have vents with everyone else treading on eggshells to avoid the ire of the impulsive often ill informed u.s. leader. most u.s. allies around the world are now breathing a sigh of relief despite the drama after november's election president elect joe biden's foreign policy is easy to summarize reverse direction resign international agreements and work collaboratively with allies america is back ready to lead the
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world not retreat from it once again sit at the head of the table ready to confront our adversaries and not reject our allies ready to stand up for our values the relationship the presidents before trump built with their allies was based on trust it's a commodity that takes a long time to grow but is easy to lose and that's the problem for the biden administration the u.s. is closest allies will be looking over their shoulder wondering whether in 4 years time trump will be back and if it's not him it could be another president with trump like america 1st policy. james byrd's al-jazeera washington now italy's prime minister decepticon phase facing 2 days of parliamentary votes that will decide whether his coalition can stay in power these are live pictures from the lower house contain needs the approval of that chamber and the senate if he fails his administration could be forced out of office and
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a technical government put in place the votes come after the former prime minister and his party withdrew from the coalition over its response to the pandemic and the economy. breaks it was always unpopular in scotland its people voted overwhelmingly to stay in the e.u. even as the rest of the u.k. tipped the balance to leave now the realities of bragg's that coupled with london's handling of coronavirus put new energy behind calls for scottish independence journal reports from edinburgh. edinburgh's royal mile deserted under lockdown but with just a fee deco of events that have taken place here over the past decade marching for scottish independence before a referendum in which scots voted to remain part of the united kingdom and later voting for continued membership of the european union but breaks it has changed
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everything and independence is once more in the air what we were told at that time was that if we stayed in the united kingdom it would be staying in the you know in union rights as e.u. citizens would be respected and that's been completely ignore the opportunity notice and rest and a referendum on independence back in the unit to realise that that is our destiny and ask the people. on the scottish parliament in order to achieve that prime minister boris johnson treats calls for another referendum on independence with this day we had a referendum on the issue in 2014 which senior members of your party perhaps were you i said was a once in a generation event it was on that basis the people voted in the way that they did very substantially to keep our wonderful union together boris johnson is loathed by scottish nationalists who see him as the embodiment of frank's it and entitled
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englishman who pays only lip service to the importance of the union so his pitch to build back better together after the pandemic rings hollow here among those who voted heavily to remain in the european union and who now would vote to leave the united kingdom but there's a catch the very thing breaks it that has taken support for independents to new heights is also the thing that makes independent seem economically viable so one on one hand breaks it acts as an it as an accelerator on independence preferences. because people are not happy not being in the european union but at the same time an independent scotland outside of the e.u. but also finding that has difficulty trading with with its former trade partners in the terms in the form of the rest of the u.k. what that also is it is a problem so it makes people want independence more but it makes in some ways the economic consequences of independence far more severe than they weren't 24 team but
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those arguments haven't dented voting intentions yet 18 opinion polls in a row show a firm lead for independence and an expected learned slide win for the scottish nationalists in may's parliamentary election could yet create an unstoppable democratic force now 2 days of heavy rain in northwestern syria has flooded camps for internally displaced people activists say more than 100 camps have been affected overcrowding and a lack of clean water supplies are contributing to the spread of covert 19 australia's chief medical officer has warned that border restrictions are likely to continue for the rest of the it's mostly closed to international travelers due to the pandemic there are limits on the number of arrivals and everyone who comes in is subject to mandatory quarantine travel requires special permission i think most of this year with still substantial border restrictions even you know if we
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have a lot of the population vaccinated we don't know whether that will prevent transmission of the virus and this truck of the quarantine will continue for some time. the governor of sudan's west starforce state says security is being stepped up after tribal fighting killed more than 80 people buildings have been satellite in west africa or state capital governor mohamad abdalla dormer says at least 160 people have been injured but he blames armed groups from central and south tower for violence has forced many people to flee the region thanks. more protests have been held in tunisia after it marked 10 years since the toppling of former president zine labadee in ben ali police and demonstrators force in the capital tunis for a 2nd straight night at least 630 people were arrested. in egypt has announced
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another major archeological discovery on earth in burial artifacts more than 3000 years old have been found in the remains of the ancient city of memphis a unesco world heritage site south of the capital cairo charlotte dallas reports one. in the shadow of the state pyramid the oldest in egypt lies a trove of true issues and since archaeologists have been digging here since 2007. they found a permit for a queen but didn't know her name and who now the most important thing that we found were followed at them bill a parent of a queen inside the temple and name and you name of a queen he was neat she was the wife of the king and this will edit and a small part about the. king was the 1st photo of the 6th in a city more than 4000 years ago. the discovery happened at this occurrence
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a vast symmetry of the ancient egyptian capital of mill this and you new school will hear a huge site archaeologists uncovered 22 sharks food with dozens of traces they found 3. coffins some more than 3000 years old minister we extract the coffins and the most important thing in extracting coffins is to study them in order to add a new piece of information to egypt's ancient history we had linguistic information or something about how the coffins were made even restoration as information other colors are made and what not hidden 10 meters underground now these artifacts have been unearthed archaeologists can piece together a more complete picture of the ancient civilization we found to measure the statutes we found games that the ships in played with held many unique artifacts such as an x.
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blog to a soldier all this discovery will rewrite the history of support in the new kingdom excavations are continuing with only 30 percent of the site on earth the search for artifacts has been stepped up for the upcoming opening of the grand egyptian museum at the giza pyramids egypt relying on its past to breathe new life into a tourism industry disseminated by the covert 19 pandemic shallop bellus which is 0 . and let's take you through some of the headlines here and al-jazeera now al-jazeera as investigative unit has obtained videos smuggled out of china that show the earliest days of the covert 19 outbreak and will harm they show police cracking down on journalists and hospital wards full of infected people ahead of world health organization has warned of a catastrophic moral failure in the way vaccines are being distributed around the
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world it's the w h o's latest criticism of wealthy countries being accused of hoarding doses lead.


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