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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  January 18, 2021 9:00pm-10:01pm +03

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al-jazeera. hello i'm adrian for the given this is that he was a live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes the images from the china tried to censor and i was in syria investigation raises questions about beijing's response in the 1st days of the coronavirus outbreak. security checks on the security forces guarding the u.s. presidential inauguration the f.b.i. looks into the backgrounds of thousands of personnel. a russian court rules the
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kremlin critic alexina validation remain in custody for 30 days he was arrested after he returned from germany on sunday. between the pandemic of an economic freefall italy's government faces a confidence photos after a difficult year. and in sport tennis players have been told not to expect any special treatment ahead of the australian open it comes as that more competitors are put into strict quarantine head of the year's 1st grand slam event. al jazeera has obtained video recorded in the chinese city of who hand in the 1st days of the corona virus outbreak the images have been smuggled out of china after police tried to prevent journalist reporting on a local health crisis that became the global pandemic they raise questions about beijing's early efforts to control the virus which is there as phil reese has our
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exclusive report. a year ago journalists from chinese state media arrived in hand to cover a story about a mysterious new virus is 3 days before the city goes into lockdown. the few confirmed cases of the disease are up to seafood market says it's looking good on the net we have concealed the generally psych entities for their own safety they soon realize the outbreak is much more serious than they thought it. over a reporter who we've called yang continues to film secretly after being detained by the police. called a cure all up was a model called out of the 20200 or so to pull out of all the muck when one of their own learned things are they go. yang is forced to show images on his camera to public security officers while doing so he continues to film on his phone.
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or knew very well china's response to the virus was late to praise the lack of openness at the beginning of the outbreak has been blamed for contributing to a failure to contain the disease 10 out of. yang is blocked from entering hospitals to see if a little human being indeed incomplete or even when it's really needed in order to enter yang pretends to have a fever. a heart. he finds packed wards with patients waiting to get tested. this was just one week after the disease had been given a name 19 and on here on a woman brought her simply 8 year old grandfather to the gates of the hospital he'd already been turned away from one that had no more beds to take a family on the guards wouldn't let him in there you've got to have you got. to
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go to the government i think offices stop yang filming even at the hospital gates i'm always aware of the going on the lockdown is announced at 2 am on january 23rd yang is told to return to beijing before it comes into force the next morning the roads to the airport and railway station are packed with taxis young joins 300000 people who left will hand that night the decision to provide an 8 hour window before the city is sealed off allows many infected patients to flee route and for the outside world. still race al jazeera and you can watch the full al-jazeera investigation 3 days that stop the world on monday at 20 hours g.m.t. that's a little under 2 hours from now. let's bring in sherry man who is an associate professor in the scala school of policy and government of george mason university he's with us via skype from washington d.c.
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good to have you with us. given what we now know about china's early cover up the way in which it dealt with the outbreak early on by letting so many people out of the city ahead of the law down was perhaps president trump justified in calling it the china virus jeremy can he have a is that question yes that's a yes i can now yeah hi jeremy i don't think so at all i think what president trump did was an expression of nationalism so the world health organization was very clear that they have a policy now that you don't name diseases on the basis of geography or national origin or even animal origin because of the bigotry and misdeeds than that that can cause so noble calling it the china virus was in from taiwan and of a piece with trump but does china's behavior in the early stages of the pandemic merit any criticism of the tall oh absolutely i mean what they did to those brave
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doctors and the citizen journalists is that deserves the highest criticism they made the virus worse for themselves and much much much worse for the world in that type of behavior continues from china and yet still you should call it china virus the world health organization has a team on the ground in china it's looking for the source all of the viruses is it right that they do that about do we need to know. well i'm not an epidemiologist but the ones i read about say absolutely yes we need to understand the root origin of this disease as we do with every pandemic and china has continued its bad behavior it must be more open with the world about the source of this virus or crazy conspiracy theories about the virus will continue to grow live for it why do you think china does feel a need to have to be secretive there are reports that this world health
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organization on the ground in in china facing obstructive behavior from authorities there and china is also censoring who is allowed to be on that committee which it should not do well obviously china is a communist dictatorship and they like to control the truth they like to change the truth lie about the truth they've got more than a 1000000 muslims in concentration camps right now so the fact that they want to control the truth about this virus that has devastated the world is no surprise to anyone that follows chinese politics and if china continues to behave in this way could could a similar sort of thing happen again absolutely and that is why the obama administration put a large team of researchers on the ground they spent millions of u.s. dollars to have a c.d.c. presence in china that was cut back under trump we need to have our own eyes and ears on the ground not because china is uniquely dangerous or is doing some strange
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things with animals that are uncivilized it's just that with more than a 1000000000 people it is a very likely source of the next pandemic could stop to so many thanks indeed for being with us jeremy might have that in washington. the head of the world health organization has warned of a catastrophic moral failure in the way that vaccines are being distributed around the world it is the w.h.s. latest criticism of wealthy countries who are being accused of hoarding doses leaving developing countries with none the world is on the brink of a catastrophe moral failure and the price of this failure will be paid with lives and livelihoods in the world's poorest countries some southeast asian countries want closer scrutiny of the chinese produced covert 19 vaccine before they approve it others though are pushing forward
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with the rollout despite the vaccine being less effective than others scott tyler reports from bangkok. looking to reassure people in indonesia the government live stream present djoko would dodo getting the country's 1st chinese scene of act covert 1000 vaccine last week the 1st nation outside of china to grant emergency use some neighboring countries in southeast asia will do the same over the coming weeks and months thailand malaysia singapore and the philippines have all placed orders this despite a wide range of data on its efficacy from the early trials of the vaccine from 91 percent in turkey to 50.4 percent in brazil just barely above the world health organization's cut off at 50 percent from southeast asia countries are reviewing orders and have not yet approved the jab this has led to some questions about the vaccine stemming from the lack of transparency and data from the chinese firm and reluctance to give information to regulators in the us europe and the w.h.o.
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the chinese regulators do not want to give up the control so if they would submit their. to one of the f.d.a. in the united states the mind europe or the w.h.o. prequalification process they would give up a certain amount of control he went on to say that even with the lower numbers the vaccine will still help stem infection rates and the scene of back inoculation might be better suited to some nations in southeast asia that don't have the infrastructure to keep more advance vaccines supercooled ciena vacas based on an older vaccine technique using killed virus particles to build people's immunity while the pfizer biotech and modern of vaccines are more effective they use a newer method utilizing part of the current viruses genetic code to train them in system to attack thailand is looking to start vaccinating high priority people with the scene of act jabot next month in light of the efficacy numbers thai officials have requested more information but are moving forward with their vaccine rollout
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some here feel as though the lack of transparency around the vaccine is not limited to trial data. strategy itself is banking on the side of back. and a bit. transparent bit of conflict of interest where you have a major type conglomerate. group taking a stake in a company that produced this side of back and you know this this raises a lot of questions for thai society and thai public health like some of its neighbors thailand is ordering vaccines from other companies as well the oxford astra zeneca vaccine should arrive by may it will then be produced here for local and regional export later in the year scott heiler al-jazeera bangkok on the phone from is vice president on vaccine research and development a blue with 0 biologics he says the son of a vaccine should not be discredited. if you look at the flames the ones of vaccine the infection the efficacy of the influenza vaccine which everyone stay gives about
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a bit to in theater and 50 percent nobody exceed that in the last 20 years so basically the bill if you to protect at 50 percent add to that the fact that there was almost no cv at all modern mild infection in the speedball cell meaning that you are not preventing the event of the infection totally but you are really reflecting against these diseases and against mortality and against these these so therefore preventing severe disease is also an advantage and therefore we cannot just discard the you know the baby or the if you will it are we need to look at this as an extreme and specially we are talking here about. a virus almost on a taller and activated. vaccine that will give good immunity so
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therefore i don't really discount that i think it's it's an advantage and we should take care of that the especially under this circumstance i need to demick. you know with the news hour from 00 still to come on the program from this day forward it's going to be only america 1st look at the foreign policy legacy the president trump leaves for joe biden. it's a course in central african republic confirm this president to a dead as election win but will that be enough to silence his critics and in sports we'll hear from the skipper who thought that his team's bid to win the america's cup was about to sink without trace. it is a scene never before witnessed on the streets of washington d.c. one of the secret services largest ever security operations just 2 days from the
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inauguration of president elect joe biden here's what we're seeing the national mall usually packed with tourists now resembles a heavily militarized zone just 2 weeks ago the steps of the capitol were overrun by riots is now it's completely closed to the public by sanogo aeration will be held on wednesday right outside the capitol building already officials are asking the public not to go onto the deal with threats of further unrest and covert 19 the capitol building and nearby areas a part of a red zone that will be completely shot to almost all vehicles most of this area has been fenced off just beyond that is a green zone which is still open to residents of cars used by local businesses but close to everyone else this is where vehicle checkpoints upand set up to screen entry into the red zone al-jazeera is john hendren is on the ground in washington d.c. from where he joins us live now earlier john we had
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a security scare in washington which perhaps goes to demonstrate just how heightened tension is ahead of that inauguration. that's right this is where that green zone ends and the red zone begins you can see those are some of the national guard troops who are here 21000 of them so far 25000 will be here by wednesday and they were all put on alert a little while ago you can see the capitol behind them well that was shot down and the reason is that there was a fire nearby and there was some concern that that was an external threat so people were actually outside rehearsing the inauguration behind the capitol they were told to evacuate people inside the capitol were told on hunker down avoid doors and windows in case that external threat materialized they didn't police tell us that in fact that had nothing to do with any kind of threat on the capitol it was simply a fire but that does speak to how high this week here 80 is here you can see all of
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these fortifications stopping any vehicles from coming in behind the officers there you can see razor wire that was just put in today. and we see more fences going up security is tight and it's only likely to get tighter in the next couple of days but hang on this is a city people live what impact is all of this having on them. well it's having a huge impact people having difficulty at this corner where we are we keep seeing cars trying to go through the officers and guardsmen are telling them they can't do that because this is a secure area but if you live in washington most your town is shut down right now the entire area around the mall many shops coffee shops restaurants traffic is difficult in order to get through this area so there is a great impact and there's an economic impact because for days many of these people won't be able to go to work won't be able to attend many of the places that they
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would otherwise go so if you want to go and get a meal or something generally you've got to go away from the downtown area and of course after being hit by covert it's just another whack for this area john hendren life in downtown washington d.c. many thanks indeed. steven launches is a u.s. military security a defense analyst a former member of the f.b.i. national joint terrorism task force he says the plan to vest or national guard troops involved in securing downtown washington is nearly impossible. it takes months sometimes up to a year at the vet one person might guess is that they're going to just do a simple type of vetting meaning that they will go through their computer banks data banks see if any red flags come up i could tell you that they'll probably depend on any information that fellow soldiers if you will could provide law enforcement perhaps if they heard some extraordinary talking by
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a fellow soldier some suspicious behavior but to do it their own investigation darrell vetting of all $25000.00 is absolutely impossible well there were supposed to be major protests yesterday in every capital across america and there were none so i would say that as long as law enforcement is proactive and they have enough manpower and enough intelligence and information that could lead them to at the very least take into custody anyone planning a violent attack we're going to be ok we have to sort of depend on what we did in the old days and that was human intelligence you need to increase funding for all law enforcement local federal and state you need to get the eyes and ears back out on the streets in the neighborhoods and in the cities and that's probably the best way and most efficient way of doing it at this time social media platform pala is back online but it's still available on google the apple obstacle went down last
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week to imus and suspended it from its web hosting service the platform proved popular with trump supporters who complained that more mainstream apps like twitter and facebook sensa political speech to aggressively. a russian court has ruled that the opposition leader alexina valmy big kept behind bars for the next 30 days he's faced a hearing a day after flying to moscow from germany where he spent 5 months recovering after being poisoned the judge ruled that by traveling to germany novell may have violated conditions requiring him to report to authorities over a previous criminal case the 44 year old was in a coma when he was fluent in in august all of our army is calling on his supporters to take to the streets in response to what is called a lawless trial dozens of people gathered outside a police building ways been on and held on moscow's outskirts i'm my own city but there is behind this saying this is an open court decision on the police chief's
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motion for my wrist why is caught in the police station why didn't they inform anyone why was i not i've seen nonsense in the justice system before but this apparently that old men in the bunker is so afraid of everything that they defiantly ripped up and threw away the criminal proceedings code what is happening here is just impossible this is ultimately lawlessness i cannot call it something else more now from alexandra god in moscow. well he's been detained for 30 days so that he can spend in jail basically time awaiting for his a hearing on the embezzle men case this is the old case from 2014 when he was then in 2014 a sentence to suspend the sentence of 3 and a half years with a probation period of 5 well then it was extended 6 years this probation period expired i have to say on the 30th to offer december so by the end of the month most probably he will face another hearing where the prison authorities of russia are
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there they want this suspended sentence to be changed so he actually serves this 3 and a half years this is what comes from the official side but what the not only supporters are saying and what not only himself is saying is this is the way to sentence him actually he used a pause in this day's proceedings to record a short video in which he says that this is a banishment by the power by kremlin for him for daring to survive attempt on his life in this video he urged his supporters to take to the streets saying that this is exactly what of forty's are afraid people on the streets so a power of the of power of the people. several governments speaking out germany describes the van these detention as comprehensible on the european council's president says that it's unacceptable at the u.s. secretary of state by composers that it's moscow's latest attempt to silence
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critical voices however russia's foreign minister says that the vote is detention is entirely legal. the case of nivelle me has gained foreign political resonance artificially and basis leaves everything is happening to the valley in connection with his returning in detention falls within the competence of the law enforcement forces. at least 20 people have been killed in sudan south star for region after fighting between rival tribes dozens of people were also injured in the town of tal wheeler more than 100 were killed in violence in neighboring west of 4 on sunday al-jazeera skipper morgan has more from khartoum. well we spoke to the tribal chief of the mythology that is a dominant tribe there in south tower for and he said that at least 20 people have been killed dozens have been injured but this does not start on monday this started back on past a day when fighting between the 2 sides the metallic and the arab lead to death of one of the people fighting one of the herders in involved in the clashes and then
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they try to ease the tension to travel to said that they've tried to hold the price who risk rain the situation and get it under control but failed to do so which is why on monday morning clashes erupted between the arabs and the mythology which led to the killings of course of people and injuring dozens of others this is not the 1st time this is happening in south are for just 3 weeks ago or 4 weeks ago just before the exit of the united nations african union peacekeeping mission there was more intercommunal fighting that led the state authorities to respond by deploying additional forces they say that was a surprise to contain the violence they sent the paramilitary rapid support forces as well as additional military and police to try to regain control and try to ease the tribal tensions but intercommunal violence has been a common occurrence not just in south tower 4 but various parts of daraa for especially following 17 years of conflict. it's only as prime minister says that he county has urged parliament not to upset the government's plans to fight the
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pandemic contests comment comes the faces 2 days of parliamentary votes that could decide whether his coalition can stay in power he needs the approval of the lower and upper chambers to continue if that fails his administration could be forced out of office at a technical government put in place the votes come after the former prime minister and his posse withdrew from the coalition over its response to the pandemic and the economy are you go back to peter i'm asking today to help us to help us restart with the greatest of speed help us repair the wound that this crisis is a vote and reconfirm up act of trust with our citizens citizens you are right this trust should be reciprocal also between institutions and the citizens live now to rome al-jazeera stephanie deca is there staff what's the latest. well it's almost 8 hours since the prime minister knisley addressed parliament they've been debating throughout the day they broke just for about an hour or so so the
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session is still going on believe the parties are now sort of wrapping up describing how their vote is going to go they haven't voted yet but having said all of that it is believed that he does have the numbers in the lower house of parliament to get that confidence vote the bigger question mark is about tomorrow in the senate around 9 o'clock in the morning he will be addressing the senate there what he says he has much more convincing to do when it comes to getting the numbers and the majority that he needs to survive the confidence vote as you mentioned you know it comes at a time it comes at a critical time in this country still reeling from the effects of the coronavirus it's still a very much an active situation the economy is in tatters a lot of people questioning the timing of this but today certainly the words from were convincing defending how this government has dealt with the last year also acknowledging that there were some mistakes saying that he didn't stand there with
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the arrogance of someone who admits that they didn't make mistakes so hoping that his words going to prevent a full blown political crisis as you say we're going to have to wait and see tomorrow also what happens but certainly at this point in time the worst case scenario would be snap elections and nobody wants that i think certainly during a time when the numbers still you know they're still carona issues here with country extended lockdown so all these issues still having to be dealt with. a lot of stuff ready for action. we'll get a weather update next here on the news hour then the growing push for scottish independence in the wake of briggs's of the pandemic. samsung's boss gets prison time for his involvement in a huge corruption scandal that later in sports world cup hosts council feel more about the next big tournament to be held in the country.
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how i was saying some rather nasty weather pushing across the eastern side of the mediterranean recently turkey has seen a fair bit of snow that snow is making its way a swiss will see what's and wintry weather fading across the eastern side of the trails down across northern parts of syria again we've had some flooding into the northeast of syria whether the cold enough damascus that just 9 celsius on tuesday afternoon in the cloud and the rain which stretches its way down through israel into the palestinian territories and will sink a little further south which is nice which as we go into the middle part of the week so somewhat the weather coming in here jerusalem turning somewhat cool it just 9 celsius here as well but south of that it is fine and dry not bad here in doha at about 22 degrees over the next couple of days are plenty of hazy sunshine which stretches down across the whole of africa meanwhile across central parts of africa
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we have got more heavy downpours as showers sliding all the way down into southern areas of madagascar we'll see some wetter weather making its way through here actually northern parts we're now looking at. a ways filtering its way across the northeast of the country on shoes there making landfall on tuesday with some very heavy rain and a punch its way a little further west which is because for the next couple of days with the likelihood of widespread flooding. ok calm and make sure you're not hyping the situation be part of the debate my main characters i women when no topic is off the table there was in the last allowed child marriage to happen legally these are basically archaic walls there are often legitimize and legal one is pedophile on ara online jump into the conversation and
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the teen to be part of that discussion this stream on out is there. to make a change. change your life for the part of the country child. except a truth if you want to. break it. up. and fight injustice that. will. witness. deception. it's good to have you with us hello adrian figure here in doha with the news hour
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from al-jazeera the headlines al-jazeera as investigative unit is obtained video smuggled out of china that show the earliest days of the covert 19 outbreak in rouhani they show police cracking down on journalists and hospital wards a report all by a panel appointed by the world health organization says that authorities in china could have acted more quickly in the earlier periods of the outbreak. russian opposition figure alexina valmy is calling on his supporters to take to the streets it follows a cool sort of aim to remain in detention for the next 30 days he was arrested on sunday after returning to russia from germany wait spent 5 months recovering after being poisoned. and u.s. defense officials say they fear a possible inside attack at the inauguration of president elect joe biden that's prompted the f.b.i. to vent all $25000.00 national guard troops deployed in parts of the u.s. capitol. and much of the world will be watching to see how quickly joe biden's
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administrated will unwind donald trump's foreign policy agenda after 4 years of america 1st washington's closest partners are eager to see the u.s. pivot back towards international engagement but the new president will face an uphill battle to restore trust with key allies diplomatic editor james bays reports now from washington. from the moment he took office it was clear view administration of donald trump would be very different from this day forward a new vision will govern our land from this day forward it's going to be only america thirds sed it didn't take long for the united states as allies to realize that meant they were now dealing with the most disruptive president since world war 2 straining a system of international order built over 75 years trump moved quickly to
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dismantle the achievements of the obama administration at odds with all his closest allies he pulled out of the paris climate deal believe me this is not what we need and then the iran nuclear agreement this was a horrible one sided deal later in the midst of the pandemic he withdrew the us from the world health organization today terminating our relationship with the world health organization and not only did he pull the us out of the un human rights council the hypocritical and self-serving organization rarely ever stood up for human rights and at times he seemed more comfortable with the u.s. is traditional adversaries than its closest allies we now know from some of his advisors he came close to pulling out of the us is most important military alliance nato summit meetings like this one in brussels were or could have vents with everyone else treading on eggshells to avoid the ire of the impulsive often ill
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informed u.s. leader most u.s. allies around the world are now breathing a sigh of relief despite the drama after november's election president elect joe biden's foreign policy is easy to summarize reverse direction resign international agreements and work collaboratively with allies america is back. ready to lead the world not retreat from it once again sit at the head of the table ready to confront our adversaries and not reject our allies ready to stand up for our values the relationship the presidents before trump built with our allies was based on trust it's a commodity that takes a long time to grow but is easy to lose and that's the problem for the biden administration the us is closest allies will be looking over their shoulder wondering whether in 4 years time trump will be back and if it's not him it could be another president with trump like america 1st policy is james bays al-jazeera
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washington tense sheltering displaced syrians filled with force during days of heavy rain around 100 camps have been flooded and province adding to the misery of those who have nowhere else to go after more than 9 years of war and a serious under chapelle reports. in camps for displaced people this is what happens when it brains more than 100 camps in northwestern syria have been affected over 48 hours mud is everywhere hundreds of tents have been damaged or made unusable. we set up a tent on the group cultural and when it rain everywhere became muddy roads are blocked we cannot meet our warden needs. already overcrowded and with many homes ruined people here keep closer together to stay dry often overnight little forbid the injured than roads a bloke's when the rain comes the tents cannot protect us from rain cold and wind
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children and women a badly affected by 10 laws. made worse by sewage and a lack of water supplies coated 19 is spreading rapidly with more than 2000 cases recorded in the camps according to syria's response coordination group around half of those in camps are children and many lack adequate clothing for winter let alone flooding. volunteers here are trying to make the best of the situation for them soccer tournaments really races and competitions to see who can clear water from tense the fastest. we came here today to the kaffir darian camps to be with those who are facing critical situations and to share some time with them in the cold weather and dirty mud a few minutes are tough for us can you imagine the feelings of those who live here in tents that don't protect from the heat in summer and cold in winter. 12000000 syrians have been displaced by nearly a decade of civil war
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a 1000000 children have been born as refugees last year a russian backed offensive pushed about a 1000000 people from their homes in aleppo and it lives the last rebel held area in syria 4000000 are living under turkish protection on syria's side of the border many living in the mud and camps alongside it as ceasefire by turkey and russia is largely holding and amid the rain there's a tense calm in the camps aid agencies are helping thousands of families move to brick homes one turkish agency has handed over 14000 so far providing a degree of respite to some from the challenges outside and al-jazeera. the constitutional court of central african republic has confirmed the president. has been reelected the opposition wanted a rerun of december's votes they say the pre-election violence scared away voters fighting is still on the way rebels opposed to their us re-election unsuccessfully tried to invade the capital last week but they started to attack again if the government didn't step down by sunday al-jazeera as malcolm webb has the latest
9:37 pm
from central african republic skeptical bone gate. was no sign of the civilian political opposition in the courtroom today in the ruling very much favored the ruling party of president found since friday where the opposition is that there was widespread irregularities and that the violence in many parts of the country meant that the ball should be rerun the constitutional court rejected it because outside headquarters out there we have it as a coach as of but there is posses a bit of a celebration going on there is a donkey that they've hired some guys standards have come to have a look but there isn't really an enormous crowd of supporters and this is one of the problems that they are faces according to a lot of analysts they say that none of the factions who are vying for power really represent the population or have a major support by the opposition who are challenging the ruling in court to just
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part of it the armed groups that he mentioned or another party that just outside the city before with the forces to support the government last week and they make clear their intention to come in again they've said that the government should step down on the on the sound of the build up of thousands of fighters on the edges of the capital now to help it the government have un peacekeepers on the road so russian fighters from the wagner group a private military company that so closely to the state i'm reminded soldiers as well the government here says they're just census parts of bilateral agreement so that it's widely thought that different countries may have interests in the vase not true result is on the ground here in the central african republic uranium gold and diamonds the foreign powers force over here for more than a century. uganda's government has restored internet access across the country that have been caught since the eve of the presidential election last week the official results shows president xi out in the 70 easily want to 6th trombone position comes
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out of probably wind a promise to provide evidence of voter fraud once the internet was reconnected. let's go back to washington d.c. where security has been tightened ahead of joe biden's inauguration we wanted to get a sense of how people the feeling right now sharon kin has lived in d.c. for more than 5 years and when the pandemic began she relocated just outside the capitol but drives into washington every day she joins us now live via skype sharon good to have you with us what's it like that why are the inauguration i'm good thanks. i actually went in to the city for a run not even 12 hours ago or 11 at night i know a crazy time it's very tense i think it's important that all be national guard troops are there and the u.s. park police metro police and national guard all working together a lot of the areas blocked off so if you drive into d.c.
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if you're not a local and you don't really know like the other roads to get into the city it's it's pretty impossible to get in. but as a resident you know you just kind of have to continue to do your day to day as much as you can and remain calm but the air is definitely think. you know with what tension and anxiety how does it feel seeing all of these windows and buildings boarded up ahead of potential trouble and all the fences that are that not to mention the the guys in camouflage for tiegs with with with guns on the streets you know well for me personally i'm actually used to that because over the summer d.c. was heavily militarized because of the block batters protests however obviously the presence is a lot bigger now with this inauguration coming up which is a stark difference from the 2016 inauguration right when his inauguration honestly because there weren't a lot of people here so the security since concerns obviously weren't that great
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right now it's just. a lot of stores like grocery stores have you know different hours. so everyone's kind of braced right now and with a heavy military presence in a way you do feel a little bit safer but you can't help but feelings i agree. about what could potentially be happening how your neighbors you know he try to make sure we know how your neighbors feeling about this is and as anyone decided to leave the capitol completely until all of this is over yet so i have a lot of friends who actually went away for the weekend they're using it as a weekend to go away now i know not everyone has the privilege to do that so there are you know misplaced people you know d.c. especially that downtown area has quite a considerable amount of homeless a population of homeless people so i think there are a lot of local organizations working to make sure that they get housed and i did hear somewhere that people who live near the red zones places are offering hotel
9:42 pm
stays for residents as well so it's definitely out of the ordinary and it's definitely an adjustment but i think the people of d.c. are very adaptable and strong and resilient so when it comes to you so if you drive into d.c. every day from for way you are of the moment is that this that for would come in how long as this has all the security at it deal could see a commute. yes so it hasn't been fun because i'm still getting used to the commute is i actually moved back a couple months ago but yeah it might for example on wednesday i didn't know that all these were going to happen so suddenly and so i was sitting in the middle of independence for 3 hours and i'm in the work of client work so i had to train my client on face time while i was sitting in traffic the whole time because there was no way that i could make it to her place in chinatown so getting across the city is nearly impossible if you're going to come in you have to go around like the maryland side and come up from up top from the north side of the city all right not
9:43 pm
long to go now share another 48 hours hopefully it'll be over and will pass off peacefully really good to talk to you many thanks dee for being with us sharon kim thank you for having me police in guatemala have begun clearing thousands of hondurans who headed for the u.s. border they're clearing a roadside camp where migrants have camped overnight they've been stopped by police who formed human walls to push back the caravan governments throughout central america but it clear that they won't let the people through. a study as chief medical officer has warned that border restrictions are likely to continue for the rest of the year it's mostly closed to international travelers to to the coronavirus pandemic there are limits on the number of arrivals that everyone who comes in is subject to matter trick or and team outward travel requires special permission i think will go in most of this year with still substantial border restrictions even you know if we have
9:44 pm
a lot of the population vaccinated we don't know whether that will prevent transmission of a virus and his flock of the quarantine will continue for some time the head of the giant south korean company samsung has been jailed j y levy was found guilty of bribery and bessel months in connection with the corruption scandal that brought down former president park geun hye. broad reports from seoul. j. wiley arrived at court not knowing if he would be able to walk free again as head of south korea's biggest conglomerate business groups had appealed for leniency and samsung itself has argued that li is essential to its day to day running a claim disputed by critics of the so-called chaebol system a family run businesses that still dominates the economy here every day operation is done by the professional managers saw even in the cio use only.
9:45 pm
control. has full information provided by although he's instead and even in the g.a.o. and the he or she can make a profit this is a making them 2017 lee was found guilty of bribing disgraced former president park geun hye and her longtime associate choice and so to allow the smooth transition of power at samsung from his father he was released after one year of a 5 year prison sentence the prosecution appealed and last year late promised changes in his company's business practices in a bid to stay out of prison who lies in what is new that we failed to live up to public expectations because disappointment because we did not strictly uphold the law at ethical standards where you. were the power of south korea's chaebol system under scrutiny samsung agreed to set up a compliance committee last year at the request of the court to look into its
9:46 pm
business practices to ensure a case like this wouldn't happen again it was widely seen as a bid to please the court ahead of this ruling but it wasn't enough and the court ordered lee back into custody ruling he'd concealed his multimillion dollar bribe and also committed perjury in his explanation about it to the national assembly of mcbride al jazeera song. briggs's was always unpopular in scotland its people voted overwhelmingly to stay in the e.u. even as the rest of the u.k. tipped the balance to leave now the realities of briggs it coupled with london's handling of the pandemic of put new energy behind calls for scottish independence as i was 0 as joe the whole reports from edinburgh. edinburgh's royal mile deserted under lockdown but with just a faint echo of events that have taken place here over the past decade marching for scottish independence before
9:47 pm
a referendum in which scots voted to remain part of the united kingdom and later voting for continued membership of the european union but breaks it has changed everything and independence is once more in the air what we were told at that was that if we stayed in the united kingdom it would be staying in the unit you know rights as e.u. citizens would be respected and that's been completely ignore the opportunity notice and rest and the referendum and. the unit to realise that that is our destiny prime minister boris johnson treats calls for another referendum on independence with disdain we had a referendum on the issue in 2014 which senior members of your party perhaps what you said was a once in a generation event it was on that basis the people voted in the way that they did very substantially to keep our wonderful union together boris johnson is loathed by
9:48 pm
scottish nationalists who see him as the embodiment of for exit and intitled englishman who pays only lip service to the importance of the union so his pitch to build back better together after the pandemic rings hollow here among those who voted heavily to remain in the european union and who now would vote to leave the united kingdom. but there's a catch scottish seafood exporters here protesting outside parliament in london have discovered the e.u. u.k. trade deal means border checks long delays and customers cancelling orders independence could make things worse so one on one hand breaks it acts as and as as an accelerator on independence preferences. because people are not happy not being in the european union but at the same time an independent scotland outside of the e.u. but also finding that has difficulty trading with with its former trade partners in
9:49 pm
the terms in in the form of the rest of the u.k. what that also is it is a problem so it makes people want independence more but it makes in some ways the economic consequences of independence far more severe than they were in 24 it seem but those arguments haven't dented voting intentions yet 18 opinion polls in a row show a firm lead for independence and an expected learned slide win for the scottish nationalists in may's parliamentary election could yet create an unstoppable democratic force joe to hold al-jazeera. just ahead on the news in sports training in quarantine we'll take a look at how some of the world's best tennis players are preparing for this trade open.
9:50 pm
the all.
9:51 pm
out i get time to support his son thank you very much adrian while tennis player as i have been told not to expect any special treatment ahead of the 1st grand slam of the season it comes off the world number one novak djokovic sent a list of demands to australian open organizes and it's a. his fans are getting a unique look at what the world's best players get up to in their hotel rooms players are living in strict quarantine after arriving in australia for the 1st grand slam of the season more than 70 competitors won't be allowed to leave their hotel rooms at all for up to 2 weeks it follows positive coronavirus tests on some flights bound for the melbourne sauna meant. world number one of a joke of each
9:52 pm
a sense australian open organizes a list of demands including the suggestion that those players could be moved to private homes with tennis courts djokovic also wants better food for all competitors and a shorter quarantine period people afraid of for it to provide a list of demands but be answer is not and that was very clearly put there was very clearly laid out before hand so the notion that there's been any chinese the notion that people won't briefed i think that argument really has no integrity whatsoever players who arrive without any positive tests on my flights are allowed to practice outside every day last year's quarter finalist on super isn't so lucky as she continues her preparations for the events which starts on february the 8th some competitors have claimed they weren't aware just how restrictive the rules would be but others say they fully understand why the measures are in place as a minority of the players that. i cannot catch up with us
9:53 pm
a lot. that minority are the low this ones and the more the most vocal so maybe comes across as what people actually is. but you know in my opinion the most important factor here is to keep you know caller though the community the local community the top ranked players are set to reemerge from their rooms at the end of the month for a warm up a vent in adelaide. in the meantime we can all expect to see a lot more of this sort of action and the richardson al-jazeera. well too of course as world cup stadiums that will be used for the upcoming fifo club world cup it will kick off and next month when i stadium it will stage a tournament open on february the 4th education city venue will also be used in the event i had been due to take place last year but was delayed due to corner virus sixteen's that will be taking part in creating european champions by munich each role for the opening round of games takes place on tuesday. david beckham has
9:54 pm
called on a one of his former manchester united team mates to take charge of his major league soccer team phil neville has a quitter as manager of the england women's team to become a head coach into mammie the m.l.s. franchise is part owned by a back i'm into finished 10th out of 14 teams in the m.l.s. eastern conference last season when we talk about the unbelievable facilities the the fantastic staging that we're in at this moment in time you can have all those things but without the people inside those buildings 'd and all the culture in the values that david and the ownership want to instill into into this football club you have nothing. well coupling footballer mistletoes says says joining turkish giants fan a bus a is a dream come true each time and had been earning close to half a $1000000.00 a week at arsenal but hadn't played for the team since last march joined arsenal in
9:55 pm
2013 for then club record fee of $55000000.00. for central here in germany i am very excited because i was always the fenerbahce fun my dream comes true i'm very excited to wear the fenerbahce jersey i hope to be very successful with my team mates. india have given themselves a chance of sealing and away test series win over australia india bowled australia out for 294 in the 2nd innings brit's been there now chasing the victory target of 328 to resume on a 4 without loss of the series is level at one all the indian players have obviously batted well. obviously in sydney it was one and i mean 130 or something obviously different we can get to that. you know for us i think it's just being patient not searching too much bowing good areas and and just yes just
9:56 pm
letting it happen. england's tale of the 7 wicket victory over sri lanka in the 1st test and england are now unbeaten in mind tests and the when boost their chances of call fine for the 1st ever world test the championship final in june the 2nd and final test of the series starts on friday but it's a very good. soak about make it big. on the ship so we did that very well. and another score 7 scored 'd over 400 so there are number of things that we can take into the next table we're very well aware. if we're going to keep having continued success. the skipper of the u.s. team bidding to win this year's america's cup says he thought his boat was going to sink after cup size that during a race in new zealand emergency services and rival teams old joined in to help save
9:57 pm
the $80000000.00 vessel the team hope to be back racing by the end of the month the winner of this challenge a series that will take on reigning champions the team new zealand for the america's cup in march the boat was recently buoyant. that's a hindsight comment at the time it felt like the boat was going to sink so we were doing everything we possibly could to prevent that from happening i was trying to eject out of my spot and here we ended up with knives out cutting our selves out making sure you're the 1st priority is getting a crew out and you know fortunately we're all out. i think probably within a minute underneath the mainsail you know it's it's unnerving to say the least. and that's as well for me i have more for you later on but for now it's back to saudi thanks to time from a past the past wrong to our colleagues i love the lord and taylor waiting to bring
9:58 pm
you up to speed with the day's news also you can buy for. al-jazeera investigative unit obtained censored and unseen video from will high filmed as the corona virus outbreak is just beginning. all those years the fact that. exposing this secrecy and censorship by chinese authorities. dot com and a health system struggling to cope i'll just leave the investigation 3 dates that
9:59 pm
stop the world on the deserted streets of they've become familiar figures couriers on bicycles delivering food or medicine to lock down colombians most of them here are venezuelan migrants they might go miss a mother of 4 says contagion is always on her mind none of them receive health insurance for their work and exposing themselves and very few seem to have it yet there may be a bright side people who look down on them as a skilled migrants now say they're essential to control the virus and receive messages on the scene that we are you know so i was a nurse back who what i am doing is not all that different from my passion helping others kenyan journalists in pursuit of for. freedom and justice. very desperate situations where someone but they hope you can afford pain killer that's investigating government corruption and the national health care system some of the transactions we're seeing nigel deep in the. money that is unexplained to africa on
10:00 pm
some sites and publish will see that some people will want to publish even if it doesn't work the oscar truth is it anyway on al jazeera. and al jazeera investigation raises questions about beijing's response in the 1st days of the corona virus outbreak. this is out there and live from london also coming up a security scare in washington d.c. a father and an underpass tests nerves in a city already on high alert. international condemnation follows that excited about a news arrest a kremlin critic has been remanded in prison for 30 days. and uganda's opposition.


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