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logos 39 is involved in everything that makes money for those who. take care of the different because once they come to us. the money this year and it goes straight into the coffers of. people in power investigation bureau $39.00 cash for kim parker one just. an independent panel appointed by the w.h.o. criticizes china's handling of the pandemic saying its response was not forceful enough. on the images from wareham but china trying to censor al-jazeera investigation raises questions about beijing's response in the 1st days of the corona virus outbreak.
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this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up a scan near the capital as washington d.c. comes under a never before seen security measures ahead of joe biden's inauguration. stopped in their tracks thousands of desperate migrants trying to enter the u.s. pushed back by guatemalan security forces. an independent panel set up by the world health organization has criticized china's response to the pandemic it says officials could have applied measures more forcefully during the initial outbreak in wu han the panel also criticised the w h o's own response saying the global pandemic alert system is not fit for purpose report questioned why the un health body took several weeks to hold an emergency
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meeting off the outbreak emerged a senior u.s. health official has also called on china to provide evidence links to the outbreak and will hand including samples taken from the wet markets but team which finally arrived last week will be well may be successful it was provided with the following information conway in possession of chinese authorities 1st austar is produced in china on the presence of sars could be 2 related genetic sequence sequences in animals. in a most interesting results in and around the bay province environmental samples from the markets if you live in our service the genetic data samples. well it is there a has obtained video recorded in the chinese city of will hand in the 1st days off the corona virus outbreak the images have been smuggled out of china to police
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trying to prevent journalists reporting on a local health crisis that became the global pandemic they raise questions about beijing's early efforts to control the virus the race has this exclusive report. a year ago journalists from chinese state media arrived in hand to cover a story about a mysterious new virus it's 3 days before the city goes into lockdown. the few confirmed cases of the disease i want to see food market just because you don't want to see that if we have concealed the journalists identities for their own safety they soon realize the outbreak is much more serious than they fought. over a reporter who we've called yang continues to film secretly after being detained by the police. called a jury oh all up was a model called out of the 20200 we showed you part of the hollow when one of their
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own lives in harmony. yang is forced to show images on his camera to public security officers while doing so he continues to film on his phone. or knew very well china's response to the virus was late to praise the lack of openness at the beginning of the outbreak has been blamed for contributing to a failure to contain the disease 10 out of 5 yang is blocked from entering hospitals was either very lonely i'm being told they didn't leave or even when it's really. good and in order to enter yang pretends to have a fever if you. have a heart. he finds packed wards with patients waiting to get tested. this was just one week after the disease had been given a name 19 and on here are you a woman brought to simply 8 year old grandfather to the gates of the hospital he'd
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already been turned away from one that had no more beds i think if a family on the guards wouldn't let him in for a very good job you got. to go to the government. offices stop young filming even at the hospital gates i'm always it would have been going on the lockdown is announced at 2 am on january 23rd yang is told to return to beijing before it comes into force the next morning the roads to the airport and railway station are packed with taxis yang joins 300000 people who left will hand that night the decision to provide an 8 hour window before the city is sealed off allows many infected patients to free rooms and for the outside world. still race al-jazeera. like a bag as professor of public health at the university of the target he's also a member of the new zealand government coven response advisory board joining us by
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skype friend wellington many thanks for speaking to us and al jazeera what do you make of the findings of this independent report which says that china could have applied public health measures more forcefully when that initial apt break began in will and. greetings yes look i think this report is very timely and very helpful and i think it confirms many of the views of public health workers around the world in the fact that our response globally was not fast enough we do know now almost a year on then it actually a vigorous containment approach in aiming for elimination of this virus is by far the most effective response so certainly in place let me see and yes sorry sorry to interrupt to go on. and certainly in countries like australia new zealand we follow the asian model of elimination and it's proven very effective but i think this
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report confirms that the world was far too slow in responding to this pandemic at a stage when it could have been contained and eliminated and we can see that the gratian of a public health emergency international consumed was very delayed i mean only happened on the 30th of january and subsequently it took to match before the world health organization even talked about a pandemic what was clearly a pandemic by late in january there has been a call by many countries to hold china more accountable but what does this achieve now pointing the finger at china now what what do we get from that. they are i don't think we should be blaming in the country at all i think this is been a global failure of managing this through it and it's still withstanding that in this modern age when we have such fantastic surveillance data and amazing elaborate
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tree scientists working to understand this virus that we did not act on that knowledge very early on because we had clear evidence from in early january that this was a transmissible virus that highly transmissible virus that also had a significant mortality associated with it and surely that was a time to act and throw all the resources we had available at containing and eliminating this virus and instead the advice many countries got was keep your borders open. avoid lock downs and so on and i think that was the wrong advice the inquiry is very critical of the w.h.o. and its response to the pandemic it says that it's been under-powered to do the job what do you think they mean by that i think that's absolutely the case mean we need these organizations like the world health organization working a global level we need them more than ever and yet they have been systematically
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underfunded under resourced for many years so i'm really hoping this is the time to say actually we need a very vigorous well resourced well supported world health organization because this virus is showing more than anything i can remember in my working life that we are all in it together we have to coordinate globally to manage this and other major existential threats such as climate change like a big very good to speak to michael like a professor of public health at the university of a target joining us there from washington thank you. or earlier the head of the w.h.o. warned the world is on the brink of catastrophic moral failure as wealthier countries continue to hoard huge numbers of coronavirus vaccines more than 79000000 doses of vaccine have now been. in at least 49 higher income countries just 25 years have been given in
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one lowest income country not 25000000 not 25000 just 25 i need to be blunt the world is on the brink of a catastrophe moral failure and the prions of this failure will be paid with lives and livelihoods in the world's poorest countries. a rare sell for the inauguration of president elect joe biden in the capital was interrupted by a fire today staff were moved out of the capitol building after smoke was seen close by it was temporarily shut down and staff were vies to shelter while the blaze was investigated the washington fire department dealt with the incident at a nearby camp for the homeless was no indication of anything suspicious
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or the u.s. capitol is a security lockdown ahead of the presidential inauguration on wednesday the secret service is carrying out one of his largest ever operations the national mall usually packed with tourists now resembles a heavily militarized zone just 2 weeks ago the steps of the capital overrun by writers now it's completely closed to the public. well biden's integration will be held on wednesday right outside the capitol building officials adding the public not to go over those security concerns as well as kevin 19 the capitol building in nearby areas of now pasta for reds and that will be completely shot to almost all vehicles ice of this area has been found stealth just beyond that is a green zone which is still open to residents and cars used by local businesses close to everyone else this is where
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a vehicle checkpoints have been set up to screen entry into that red zone john hendren has more from the streets of washington d.c. this is where washington d.c. is green zone ends and the red zone begins these are some of the 21000 national guard troops who've been called in to protect the capital by wednesday when joe biden is inaugurated there will be 25000 of them and there was a bit of a scare because of the fire near the capitol there was some concern that that was an external threat the capitol was shut down people were asked to stay away from doors and windows and people who were outside rehearsing the inauguration were asked to clear the area to evacuate and now the 25000 national guard troops who are here are being vetted because there was a report that there was possibly someone inside this in curity area that was helping someone outside with a potential threat that's why each of these national guard members are now being vetted to make sure they don't have any ties to these outside groups as you can see
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there's new razor wire that has been added on top of the heavy fortifications already here so you curity is tight now but only likely to get tighter. security forces in guatemala have broken up a group of central american migrants who set up camp at a roadblock the migrant caravan has been held up in the town of honda which is near the border with honduras since saturday the government is refusing to let them continue on their journey towards the u.s. thousands of hondurans aflame poverty and violence they have to travel on to mexico and then the u.s. is going to john heilemann our correspondent is live for us in mexico city so john where are these migrants now. well a lot of them have been bused back to honduras guatemala and thora teas 1st stopped
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the caravan after a bit of a confrontation as well on sunday and cleared them off the highway and then others of them still appear to be in the town above the wandle where they're being sort of searching presumably for other routes to continue but they're not going to be able to go as this big group of more than 6000 people that were on the highway the central highway going through that town so it's been broken up even though a lot of people perhaps were trying continue their journey to try and get to the united states as you mentioned they're trying to do this a lot of them because they're desperate not only is honduras one of the most violent and the poorest one of the poorest countries in latin america it's also been hit not just by the pandemic but by 2 massive storms in november so in parts of the country really people have been left with not very much at school and that's one of the reasons why we saw this mass exodus then tried to get all the way up to the united states perhaps one of the other reasons why this is happening right now they might be encouraged by incoming president joe biden's slightly more
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sympathetic stance especially towards asylum seekers than his predecessor the current president president donald trump some point might be one of the other reasons but the acting head of customs and border protection she said don't waste your time and money just because there's a new administration doesn't mean that our commitment to the rule rule of law and public health is change so this effort did look a bit doomed from the start and now the big caravan has broken up down home in their 1st live in mexico city many thanks. still ahead on al jazeera poisoned arrested and now in custody russian opposition leader calls for protests to trial he describes 3. african republic selection as rebel forces against the government the latest from.
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however the weather sloshy fine and dry across a good parts of the us at the moment pretty quiet weather for the most part we have got some wet weather started to push into western passes because through the next hour samson some snow down towards the southwestern corner pushing through and on into parts of new mexico we'll see something of a drop in temperatures around 19 degrees celsius come choose day could do cooler than it has been recently the temps just recovering to around 24 as we go on into wide and stay showers longest pushing their way into a good part of mexico's southern parts of the u.s. we're also seeing some wetter weather noticed some snow there across central parts of canada but for the eastern seaboard not too bad if a little on the cool side it has to be said you see wintry flowers not too far away
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from the eastern seaboard come down across the southeast and colder through florida as far in try some but it's places a cloud stretched across cuba into the yucatan peninsula caribbean more see some showers once again see some showers possibly making the way a question make a southern parts of cuba by this stage filtering out as we go on into where to stay one of 2 showers pushing into haiti and also into the dominican republic but for the eastern alan's is fine and sunny. on the side of the story. he wants prosperous fishing village sinks beneath from our. parliamentary election night fierce winds that will determine the future of this pizza and politically divided community. a microcosm reflecting the plight of
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the nation witnessed venezuela the sinking of the nation on and just you know. you're watching al-jazeera mind of our top stories this hour an independent panel set up by the world health organization has criticized china's response to the pandemic the interim report also criticized the w.h.o. initial actions the w.h.o. says it's too early to respond to these in term findings. a security lockdown ahead of the presidential inauguration on wednesday rehearsal was briefly disrupted by a fire made by the secret service is carrying out one of its largest ever
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operations. security forces guatemala broken up a group of central american migrants who set up camp at a road block the government is refusing to let them continue on their journey towards the u.s. . tents sheltering displaced syrians have been submerged during days of heavy rain around $100.00 camps have been drenched in inland province adding to the misery of those weapons nowhere else to go after nearly 10 years of war on the ship reports. in camps for displaced people this is what happens when it brains more than 100 camps in northwestern syria have been affected over 48 hours mud is everywhere hundreds of tents have been damaged or made unusable. we set up a team to on the group cultural and when it rain everywhere became muddy roads are blocked we cannot meet our warden needs. already overcrowded and with many homes
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ruined people here keep closer together to stay dry often overnight little forbid the injured than roads are blocked when the rain comes the tents cannot protect us from rain cold and wind children and women of badly affected by 10 live. made worse by sewage and a lack of water supplies covered 19 is spreading rapidly with more than 2000 cases recorded in the camps according to syria's response coordination group around half of those in camps are children and many lack adequate clothing for winter let alone flooding. volunteers here are trying to make the best of the situation for them soccer tournaments really races and competitions to see who can clear water from tents the fastest way and you know. we came here today to the kaffir darian camps to be with those who are facing critical situations and to share some time with them in the cold weather and dirty mud a few minutes are tough for us can you imagine the feelings of those who live here
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in tents that don't protect from the heat in summer and cold in winter. 12000000 syrians have been displaced by nearly a decade of civil war a 1000000 children have been born as refugees last year a russian backed offensive pushed about a 1000000 people from their homes in aleppo and it lives the last rebel held area in syria 4000000 are living under turkish protection on syria's side of the border many living in the mud camps alongside it a ceasefire by turkey and russia is largely holding and amid the rain there's a tense calm in the camps aid agencies are helping thousands of families move to brick homes one turkish agency has handed over 14000 so far providing a degree of respite to some from the challenges outside and al-jazeera it's out in prime minister just up the conte has won the 1st of 2 votes of confidence as he tries to prevent the collapse of the ruling coalition is fighting
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for political survival off to former prime minister material renzi pulled his party's support from the government last week is one a vote in the lower house and now need support from the senate on cheese day if that fails his administration could be replaced with a technical government. the kremlin critic alexina always been detained for 30 days for breaching parole conditions a russian opposition politician was arrested at a moscow airport on sunday all 2 returning from germany where he was treated for a nerve agent poisoning charly on to the reports. outside of moscow police station protesters demand alexina valley's release inside the kremlin's chief critic found himself in front of a judge in a hastily convened court an urge his supporters to take to the streets against vladimir putin to drop a solution what is this toad sitting on
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a pipeline most afraid of what are these thieves from the bunker most afraid of you know the answer people protesting on the streets because that is the thing the political factor that cannot be ignored it's the most important thing the essence of politics so don't be afraid go out on the streets not for me but for yourselves and your future. novelli was detained on arrival from berlin on sunday arrested for breaking parole on a suspended sentence the reason he missed his parole hearing is because he was in a coma after being poisoned with a nova chalk nerve agent doctors say he should still be resting and recovering from the attack which many countries believe was sanctioned by the kremlin outside the police station his lawyers and journalists were denied entry into the impromptu court i am city but stars. i do not understand why the hearing is taking place at a police station why was no one informed or notified i have seen a lot of times the mockery of justice but it looks like the old man in his bunker
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was so scared of everything that the criminal procedures kurds have been blatantly torn up and thrown out what's happening here is just impossible this is the highest degree of lawlessness. germany the u.k. and the u.s. have all demanded his immediate release story. through its own constitution and its international obligations is tied to the principles of rule of law and the protection of civic rights which obviously also got was from eastern avali these principles must be applied which means nothing else but to immediately release mr not only. the russia's foreign minister has scoffed at the reaction from the west and says a values detention is legal no one on the case of an avanti has gained foreign political resonance artificially and baselessly everything is happening to nirvana in connection with his returning in detention falls within the competence of the law enforcement forces. novelli will now be held for 30
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days he says he's not afraid because truth is on his side in this important election year for putin truth might not be enough to set him free charlie al-jazeera. central african republic constitutional court has confirmed the president forced in a chant todos reelection the opposition wanted a rerun of the december poll which saw to a day when 53 percent of votes they say pre-election violence get away voters rebels opposed to his appointment trying to invade the capital last week but failed they threatened to attack again if the government did not step down by sunday mark webb has more from the capital bangui. was no sign of the civilian political opposition in the courtroom today in the ruling very much favored the ruling party of president by day or the opposition is that there was widespread irregularities
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the violence in many parts of the country has meant that the ball should be rerun that the constitutional court rejected it because outside headquarters out there we have it as i call it as of friday was posses a bit of a celebration going on there is a song that they've hired some guys standards have come to have a look but there isn't really an enormous crowd of supporters and this is one of the problems that faces according to a lot of analysts they say that none of the factions who are vying for power really represent the population or have a major support by the opposition who are challenging the ruling in court to just part of it the armed groups that he mentioned or another party that just outside the city before with the forces and support the government last week they make clear their intention to coming again they've said that the government should step down on the on the sound of the build up of thousands of fighters on the edges of the captive so now to help it the government u.n.
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peacekeepers the role so russian fighters from the wagner group a private military company that so closely to the say i'm rwandan soldiers as well the government here says that just senses parts of bilateral agreement although it's widely thought that different countries may have interests in the vast natural resources on the ground in the central african republic uranium gold and diamonds the foreign powers force over here for more than a century. the u.k. health secretary says the country has hit a record number of covered 19 hospitalizations he's warned of the pressure on hospitals as infections continue to rise in the u k. today 37535 positive cases of corona virus were recorded the n.h.s. is under significant pressure in all parts of the country there are
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37475 people in the u.k. hospitals with corona virus that is the highest that it's been throughout the pandemic and someone is admitted to hospital every 30 seconds and sadly today 599 more deaths were recorded that's 599 more people who have died from this terrible disease to china now who says its economy grew by just over 2 percent last year it's likely to be the only major economy to do so as the u.s. japan and europe struggle to get on top of the pandemic catarina you reports from beijing. as the pandemic spreads around the world the 1st country affected by the outbreak china has surprised many by the speed of its recovery according to official figures its economy grew by 2.3 percent in 2020 a slightly higher figure than expected china is the only major economy set to avoid
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a contraction last year. beijing says strict virus controls and financial stimulus measures helped to boost growth later in the year the turnaround followed a historic plunge in economic growth after months of lock down from generation to april strong manufacturing output and a surge in demand for chinese products by countries later hit by the curtain virus front recovery chinese factories exported large quantities of medical products protective gear and computer equipment for many around the world suddenly forced to work from home still a g.d.p. of 2.3 percent mox the slow economic expansion china has experienced for more than 4 decades and domestic consumption remains weak retail sales fell by 3.9 percent. domestic demand did not help on the g.d.p. growth this rely on demand outside of china investment and consumption here were poor and it won't be easy for this to rebound the slump in consumer spending is
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a concern for the chinese government last year president xi jinping called for the country to rely less on exports and focus on innovation and bursting household spending but the pandemic has made this shift difficult to achieve resurgent coronavirus cases in the north ahead of annual luna new year festivities in february helping people have been discouraged from travelling and 11 regions around to look down. on the changing epidemic situation an external environment pose a multitude of uncertainties so the foundations of china's economic recovery is yet to be consolidated. china's latest insist the current outbreak is under control and has begun rolling out. 1000 vaccinations in several provinces the international monetary fund says china's economy is expected to grow by 7.9 percent in 2021 katrin e.u. al-jazeera beijing.


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