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with the rest of the world we're willing to get in taking you into a place you might not visit otherwise it feels that you were there. the earth the end. with a house system over suresh and almost collapsing brazil's vaccination campaign finally gets underway. so this is al jazeera life from doha i'm for the battle also coming up the world health organization's independent analysts china's handling of the coronavirus saying more could have been done to contain the outbreak. stopped in their tracks thousands of migrants desperately trying to make their way to the u.s. to push back by guatemala security forces and tens of thousands flee their homes
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after flash floods hit indonesia just the latest natural disaster in days. thank you for joining us brazil has begun a long awaited distribution of gold in 1000 vaccines for people in my now as the gateway to the amazon rain forest vaccines can't come soon enough the house system there is on the verge of collapse says oxygen surprised wendel want to reports. the war room was set up in a warehouse where millions of good 1000 vaccines had been stored on monday health minister. will give governors the order to distribute them throughout brazil. this is the 1st step towards the largest vaccination campaign in the world this is our mission in the world. but for many
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families in the northern city of my mouse on the edge of the amazon rain forest the order comes to late. struggled all week to keep her husband alive and the hospital ran out of oxygen most is what the before drug solution i tried buying an oxygen cylinder but couldn't find one he died because he had no air do you know what it means for a person to try to breathe and not to be able to to beg for air and suffocate he had so many projects for the future now he's gone. in one hour we witnessed 3 burials one after the other by now as had been hard hit by the pandemic in april and quick to recover point that some scientists believed people here had achieved herd immunity the violence of the 2nd wave took them by surprise.
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when the ditches tsunami this is more than a wave it's a tsunami before the pandemic there were 30 funerals a day during the 1st wave we had 100 burials now we have more than 200 it's as if we're at war. scientists believed to mutated versions of the corona virus discovered in my mouse have found better ways to pierce the immune system but that is not all so probably what's going on all the. brain leaders. and of course if you get what we're. in the police and birds look a very here a little wary musts liberation going to be aired in man hours people watched on television the vaccines being loaded on military planes may be in the air but so is much of brazil's immunization program brazil was. counting on $8000000.00 doses to
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kick off its national immunization program but it's still $2000000.00 doses short and political infighting continues making the hard task of that's a meeting latin america's largest country even more difficult meineke anarky of all just 0 my mouse. palestinians in the occupied west bank will receive their 1st shipment of russia's covert $1000.00 vaccine on tuesday but there are growing calls for more surprises with israel's vaccination campaign continuing to outpace the rest of the world the palestinian authority is concerned its people are being neglected harry foster reports from west that in terms of pure efficiency israel's vaccination drive has been the one unqualified success in its often criticized response to cohabit 19 the aim is to vaccinate everyone over the age of 16 by the end of march the target that also applies here in occupied east jerusalem was so far the rate of take up has been almost 50 percent lower than in israel people are
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afraid they don't know what to do so i think all of them are waiting. palestinians living in the eastern half of jerusalem are the only non israeli citizens getting israeli procured vaccines as calls mount for israel to start sharing its supply will thirty's in the occupied west bank and gaza we also vaccinate people it was not it is it was made to posting it is in favor of even is tourism we have we have that service and we're not permitting that it was getting vaccinations so we're doing our part in this but the government needs to do more. ahead of another election in march prime minister benjamin netanyahu is promising israelis that theirs will be the 1st country in the world to emerge from the pandemic oh he's persuaded pfizer to commit to an excel aerated supply of its vaccine in return for israel being used as a data rich testbed for its efficacies the palestinian foreign ministry says israel
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is neglecting its obligations as an occupying power by not providing vaccines to the 4500000 palestinians in the west bank and gaza but the p.a. health ministry says it neither expects nor requires such assistance it says 20 percent of the need will be provided by the international vaccine alliance gavi with the remainder secured by the p.a. from other sources with. with or under previous. in mandate and we are providing the thing for all of them and we did not ask and then with them it is their connection provide us with the thing in an interview last week with american broadcaster n.p.r. israel's health minister said it was natural for a country to vaccinate its own citizens as new coded $1000.00 cases continue to search around the world already a clear gap has emerged between rich nations and poor ones when it comes to vaccinating their populations israel's own program has outpaced even the richest countries but that's only made starker just how much the palestinians have been
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left out of the process and how far they've been left behind are a force that al-jazeera west jerusalem. china is being criticized by an independent panel sent to uncover what really happened in the early days of the kona virus outbreak a set up by the world health organization the panel's interim report says officials could have applied measures more forcefully during the initial outbreak in one hand the panel also criticized the w.h.o. zone response saying the global pandemic alert system is not fit for purpose the full investigation will be released in may and a senior u.s. health official has called on china to provide evidence linked to the outbreak in one han including samples taken from that wet market at the center of the investigation the team which funnily road as we will be will only be successful who cleans google with the following information conlan possession of chinese authorities 1st all stories produced in china on the presence of sars school the
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2 related genetic sequence sequences in arms. removed certain results. problems. holes in the markets. even our service. circles the trumpet ministration has issued an order lifting an entry ban imposed on travelers from brazil and most of europe because of coronavirus but joe biden's incoming team says it won't go ahead the bans were imposed in early 2020 they barred most non-u.s. travelers entering the country from the european union the u.k. and brazil the restrictions are due to be lifted in the week after joe biden takes office a new requirement for a covert negative test will also be required she have returned he is in washington he says the balance to lift restrictions are based on firm corp between the countries involved. on the face of it you could say oh look it's the trouble been
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astray ssion just sort of flexing its muscles and being difficult for the beit din ministration but actually if you look at the presidential proclamation that was that was released it was a rather well argued document it said look on the 26th of january we have these new c.d.c. mandated guidelines which mean that anyone returning or entering the u.s. on an international flight over the age of 3 has to have a covert test within 3 days and because the love of transparency and cooperation between the u.s. and the u.k. and the shingles and in the e.u. that's where they have borderless travel and brazil is so good that we no longer need to just have a ban on their visitors because now we have these the the requirement for kind of a test say wasn't just you know this is what we're going to do but almost immediately we got a tweet from joe biden's press secretary who said with the pandemic questioning and more contagious parents emerging around the world this is not the time to be
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lifting restrictions on international travel on the advice of our medical team the administration does not intend to lift these restrictions on journey 26 in fact we plan to strengthen public health measures around international travel in order to further mitigate the spread of covert 19 to stronger restrictions on travel potentially being promised by biden's press secretary clearly a. an argument about methodology and about and about strategy towards covert which is very much in keeping with how both trump and biden and the respective teams are discussing things as it goes anywhere. now the new security forces in guatemala have moved in on thousands of migrants to prevent them reaching the united states joe biden as age migrants and refugees not to make the journey john heilemann requests i the moment guatemalan police broke up a caravan of thousands of people from honduras i was they were trying to get the us
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that they hadn't made it far just about the town 50 kilometers into guatemala the 1st country in the room was security forces stopped them on saturday saying they needed covert tests and papers to pass since then they've been camped out on the highway while a huge traffic jam build up behind them. now the lorries are running again but the problems of these people remain unresolved honduras is one of the poorest most violent countries in latin america and 2 massive november storms make things worse there are many we don't know how they work there is no food there isn't anything we're keeping up the fight the government hasn't save the president one orlando has been criticized for his handling of the economy the rule of law and democracy itself you're not going to if the president doesn't want us to leave why doesn't he give us work and a good salary his increase in texas actress t. bills the price of gas for the sellers are rubbish. given all the many say they'll
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go on but they'll find it hard to do so as a group and even if they make it as far as mexico this is waiting for them others are being bussed back to honduras the place they say they left because they have nothing john heilemann how does it. mexico's president is calling on the incoming biden administration to make good on his promises on immigration reform in the company. in president joe biden's campaign he offered to finalize immigration reform and i hope he is able to achieve this with this commitment those what i hope and i will acknowledge it and i will celebrate it. have dialogue with migrants in honduras and guatemala so they can be looked after so they don't enter the country by force look after them respect human rights well here you go i think the time has come for the commitments to be fulfilled and that is what we hope in indonesia more than a dozen people have been killed and tens of thousands evacuated after flash floods across the country on monday president joe cole we doto visited 5 hit areas in the
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south kalimantan province heavy rains battered the region for over a week besting river banks and submerging towns environmentalist say the deadly floods are a stock reminder of the kind of change risks affecting the region jessica washington has the latest from jakarta. this crisis began on the 9th of january and 10 days later is still no indication of when it might come to an end authorities say that flooding in some areas has already receded but in others heavy rain continues yesterday's president visited some of these affected areas and he did note that this is the worst flooding that south has experienced in at least 50 years and he said and this is what the line has been from the government that heavy rain is to blame so far authorities say they have evacuated most people from affected areas just based on what we've heard from our sources on the ground some people choosing to remain in their homes because they say they don't want to leave
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all their possessions behind we know so far that 15 people have been sadly confirmed dead and at least 40000 are in evacuation centers to give you an idea of the scale of this crisis there are 13 districts in south and at least 11 have been impacted by this flooding the military has already started distributing aid but efforts are complicated by the code 19 situation ordinarily volunteers flying in from all over into to assist in a crisis like this that simply cannot happen this year this particular part of indonesia deforestation is a major issue mining and oil plantations a large part percentage of the land has been cleared and environmental groups say that this is what is exacerbating this crisis and making the floods so much worse this year from what we've heard from all sources on the ground some communities which have never experienced flooding in the pauls are now doing so this year.
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uganda goes back online as the government allows a partial restoration of the internet shut down ahead of its disputed presidential election that's coming up and also ahead one of america's most popular tourist attractions now resembles a war zone we'll look at stepped up security one day before joe biden to knock you wish. it's time for the perfect gentleman. sponsored point qatar airways hello the weather remains very cold across much of here but we will see moderate pushing into the northwest over the next couple of days at the moment it's pretty cold over tools that eastern side all the way down into that he says out of the mediterranean across greece and turkey high pressure in charge here light winds and clear skies we've seen a fair bit of snow here recently this is seen in a stand snow will remain in place for another couple of days at the temperatures
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now in the process of just starting to notch up so we'll get up there around 9 celsius in athens more in the stew there in ankara bits and pieces of snow around the black sea and to the north there of that particular colin powell and temperatures on monday night fulling as low as minus $28.00 want to spoil still a fair old covering a snow fall many wetter weather coming into the northwest will bring some stronger winds but also some mild temperatures getting up to around 11 celsius in london that rain that we have across northern parts of england southern areas of scotland 3 wells could well cause flooding as we go on through the next couple of days flood warnings in force across a good part of the u.k. as a result of the heavy and persistent rain which will continue to make its way in from the west but as you can see temperatures do get up into double figures and then just some wet weather also coming into spain and portugal with the risk of flooding coming in here. qatar airways ok calm and make sure you're not hyping the situation be part of the debate my main
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characters are women when no topic is off the table there was in the last allow child marriage to happen legally these are basically archaic walls dads off in the jet mines and legalized pedophile on air online jumping to the comments section and meeting to be part of the discussion this stream on out is there a. the at the end. of them back you're watching al-jazeera a reminder of our top stories brazil has begun a long awaited call the 1000 vaccine distribution program for people in my analysis the gateway to the amazon rain forest vaccinations can't come soon enough how
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system there is on the verge of collapse security forces in guatemala have broken up among a group of migrants who set up camp at a roadblock thousands of people are fleeing poverty and violence in honduras hoping to reach the u.s. the government is refusing to let them continue their journey and in indonesia more than a dozen people have been killed and tens of thousands evacuated after flash floods across the country heavy rains battered the region for over a week bursting river banks and submerging communities. prime minister giuseppe conti is preparing to address senators as he finds the save his ruling coalition on monday conti won a vote of no confidence in the lower house a similar vote in the senate is expected to be much tighter the crisis follows a decision by former prime minister matteo renzi to pull his party's support from the constant. not to the u.s. where the capital is under a security lockdown ahead of when states presidential inauguration the secret
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service is carrying out one of its largest operations to date the national mall usually packed with tourists is now a heavily militarized zone 2 weeks ago the steps of the capitol were overrun by riotous well now it's close to the public joe biden's inauguration will be held on wednesday right outside the capitol building officials are urging the public says stay away over security concerns and covert 19 the capitol building in nearby areas a part of a red goal no goals zone for almost all vehicles most of it has been fenced off and just beyond that is a green zone is still open to residents and local businesses but close to everyone else john hendren has more from the streets of washington. this is where washington d.c.'s green zone ends and the red zone begins these are some of the 21000 national guard troops who've been called in to protect the capitol by wednesday when joe biden is inaugurated there will be 25000 of them and there was a bit of
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a scare because of the fire near the capitol there was some concern that that was an external threat the capitol was shut down people were asked to stay away from doors and windows and people who were outside rehearsing the inauguration were asked to clear the area to evacuate and now the 25000 national guard troops who are here are being vetted because there was a report that there was possibly someone inside this in curity area that was helping someone outside with a potential threat that's why each of these national guard members are now being vetted to make sure they don't have any ties to these outside groups as you can see there's new razor wire that has been added on top of the heavy fortifications already here so you curity is tight now but only likely to get tighter. while a moving truck has been spotted at donald trump's future home in florida he plans to live at his mylar the resort in palm beach after his term ends on wednesday trump is expected to leave washington that morning hours before joe biden takes
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a presidential. and the outgoing 1st lady has posted a farewell message on social media melania trump warned against violence and called for unity in the meat so hard cheap we have seen the best of america sign to. students have made cards and delivered to groceries to our senior citizens teachers have worked twice as hard to keep children learning. families have come together to provide me hosts supplies comfort and friendship to those he meet. be passionate in everything you do but always remember that violence is never to answer and will never be justified in russia about 25 people have been arrested in st petersburg after protesters rallied in support of kremlin critic alexei navalny are very aware of the word the rebel. protestors were taken one by
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one to nearby police buses rally has been jailed for 30 days for breaching parole conditions the russian opposition politician was arrested at a moscow airport on sunday charlie angela as well. guys. outside of moscow police station protesters demand alexina valley's release inside the kremlin's chief critic found himself in front of a judge in a hastily convened court an urge to supporters to take to the streets against vladimir putin. what is this toad sitting on a pipeline most afraid of what are these thieves from the bunker most afraid of you know the answer people protesting on the streets because that is the thing the political factor that cannot be ignored it's the most important thing but essence of politics so don't be afraid go out on the streets not for me but for yourselves and your future. novelli was detained on arrival from berlin on sunday arrested for
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breaking parole on a suspended sentence the reason he missed his parole hearing is because he was in a coma after being poisoned with the nova chalk nerve agent doctors say he should still be resting and recovering from the attack which many countries believe was sanctioned by the kremlin outside the police station his lawyers and journalists were denied entry into the impromptu court own city but started back about those who actually could pilots that i didn't understand why the hearing is taking place at a police station why was no one informed or notified i have seen a lot of times the mockery of justice but it looks like the old man in his bunker was so scared of everything that the criminal procedures code have been blatantly torn up and thrown out what's happening here is just impossible this is the highest degree of lawlessness germany the u.k. and the u.s. have all demanded his immediate release story. sure through its own
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constitution and its international obligations is tied to the principles of rule of law and the protection of civic rights which obviously also got was from mr valma these principles must be applied which means nothing else but to immediately release mr not only. the russia's foreign minister has scoffed at the reaction from the west and says a valley's detention is legal no one on the case of an avanti has gained foreign political resonance artificially and baselessly everything is happening to nirvana in connection with his returning detention falls within the competence of the law enforcement forces the. novelli will now be held for 30 days he says he's not afraid because truth is on his side in this important election year for putin truth might not be enough to set him free charlie al-jazeera. uganda has accused the us of trying to blatantly meddle with last week's disputed
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presidential election this is after washington's ambassador to kampala tried to visit opposition leader bobby whine whine claims president yoweri must seventies reelection was fraudulent has been under house arrest since the weekend uganda's government spokesman says the us ambassador natalie brown was attempting to subvert the will of the people. meanwhile a nationwide internet blackout impose ahead of elections in uganda has been partially lifted but social media platforms are still blocks catherine sawyer reports from kampala. or britons that work with were pulled out of our room on a normal day this office at a motorcycle transport ordination harb will be very busy robert thomson ricky started the only company that connects motorcycles taxis called bordeaux borders with passengers and food korea's 2 clients so the 5 day blackout affected the company badly over 20000 border boarders borders income people and between part of
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if the problem people were between our own 50000 hearings a day and our current 4 know what for 5 days. government officials say the shutdown was necessary to crush violent demonstrations that were being planned by opposition leaders like body wine some political analysts who trusted it was for the best the one who cannot afford now is having another round of is the ability i think shutting down to get it for 3 days or even a week in order to ensure this a bit of discomfort is a very small 1st bit. when it comes to internet shutdowns african countries are among the world's worst offenders according to transparency international cameroon the democratic republic of congo born algeria peru and the if the countries have all shut down or restricted internet during elections or periods of unrest this uganda election observer says only progressive leaders can reverse the trend if you
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have for instance a parliament. like the parliament but you can. parliament. expect that parliament to be very proactive in terms of championing. a civic culture. that. takes us away from the convention the internet in uganda might have been restored by the political dispute is far from over the winds home and his national unity platform offices are still deceived by security forces he says he has evidence of widespread use regularities in the just concluded polls and will file a petition with the supreme court some election observers say the internet shut down infringed on the rights of ugandans to get information people we spoke to here in the city told us they were frustrated because they were unable to get election
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related information as quickly as they would have wanted. many are disappointed that the internet was shut down on important days but they say with election out of the way and internet back up they hope the leaders will settle the dispute peacefully catherine al-jazeera kampala. at least 20 people have been killed in sudan south darfur region after more fighting between rival tribes dozens of people were also injured in the town of tel weena around $130.00 were killed in violence in neighboring west off or over the weekend the un race comes 2 weeks after un peacekeepers began withdrawing from the region and people in bolivia salvaging what they can from homes after a flood swept through residential areas so at least one person died and 3 regions are on alert for more flooding rivers in the la paz area banks early on tuesday morning many people complained of
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a lack of help from authorities. a magnitude $6.00 earthquake has struck argentina the epicenter of it was near san juan the quake was felt in neighboring chile including the capital santiago is not clear if there are casualties or widespread damage to thailand now where a court has handed a record 43 year jail sentence to a woman for insulting the king the former civil servant was found guilty on $29.00 counts of violating thailand's straits laws on criticizing the monarchy say she had posted audiotapes on social media the sentence comes amid ongoing protests calling for the more narky to be reformed in the political landscape overhaul. art a bit of sports news now in the world's top tennis players have been given a blunt response after complaining about being put into quarantine in australia more players have been ordered into hotel isolation after arriving for the australian open another for taking part in the tournaments including a player have tested positive for colvin 19 well number one novak djokovic demanded
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to be sent to a private house. i know there's been a bit of a bit of chatter from a number of players about the rules the rules apply to them as they applaud everybody else and are all briefed on that before they can and that was a condition on which like and so i would there's no special treatment you people are being treated because of ours doesn't doesn't treat you specially so do well you. know again i'm fully back to bill with the headlines on al-jazeera brazil has begun it's called the 1000 vaccine distribution program for people in my analysis a gateway to the amazon rain forest vaccinations can't come soon enough the health system there is on the verge of collapse and oxygen supplies are critically low meanwhile china is being criticized by an independent panel sent to uncover what happened in the early days of the coronavirus outbreak has sent.


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