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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  January 19, 2021 4:00pm-5:01pm +03

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her legal team. this is al jazeera. hello and welcome i'm peter w. watching the news our live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes in just over 24 hours the presidency of donald j. trump comes to an end he'll leave the capitol under a security lockdown for fear his followers could cause more unrest. with
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cemeteries filling up and hospitals close to breaking point was ills covered 19 vaccination program finally begins i. award the security in guatemala stops thousands of refugees and migrants trying to reach the u.s. many say they will press on. italy's prime minister on tape fights to save his government as a vote of confidence is about to be held in the senate. and i'm far as well have all the day's sporting including india pull off a dramatic series win over australia with victory in the 4th task and respect. russia. has been for years but in 24 hours from now president donald j. trump will leave office the u.s. capitol remains. under
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a heavy security lockdown of whedon's days inauguration of joe biden it will be a scaled back affair in light of both the coronavirus pandemic but also due to last week's attack by far right extremists who breach security and made their way into the capitol building mr trump is expected to leave washington on wednesday morning hours before joe biden takes the presidential oath the secret service is carrying out one of its biggest operations ever for the inauguration officials are urging the public to stay away due to concerns over security and covert 19 the capitol building and nearby areas a part of a red no go zone for almost all vehicles most of it has been fenced off just beyond that a green zone it is still open to residents and local businesses but close to everyone else alan fisher is live for us in washington here on the news hour allan before we get to the ceremony and the ceremonial when do we get these pardons that donald trump we understand is going to start handing down. we're expecting them in the
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next couple of hours they've been going over them for the last couple of days there are big discussions in the white house on monday about them essentially they're looking at all the name births in the names and there's a couple reasons why they do that one they want to see what stories they consent to the states to hold up donald trump is being an example of someone who was generous with his pardons for the right sort of case the other thing is that they're looking for names that could cause them problems either a big publicity backlash or something that is so controversial that it could start to leak support from republicans in the senate and donald trump is aware that he doesn't want to do that with an impeachment hearing going to start at some point possibly in the next week or so those articles of impeachment still by monday hadn't been sent to the senate so he's really worried about killing support away from senators who are republicans because they could vote against him so that is
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deeply a concern for them but there will be a few controversial names in there it appears that donald trump has backed away from the idea of pardoning himself and members of his family these would be all encompassing presumptive pardons that big knowledge of any crime committed but we're told that he's gone off that idea recently but always bear in mind donald trump has been known to quickly change his mind so that still could change until we see the list don't take that as an absolute given the choreography of any u.s. inauguration i mean it's timed to the nanosecond i guess but this year so different almost dystopian because security is primacy they've got to get this done and get it done right and there's got to be nothing goes wrong here. and there are 2 events there is the departure of donald trump which will happen before the inauguration he will leave from the white house he will head to andrews air force base just outside
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washington d.c. there will be a military ceremony they have decided that he is going to get a military guard of honor there is the possibility of a 21 gun salute a military 5 past still hasn't been ruled out he will then ascend a red carpet a point to air force one and he will fly off to florida meanwhile over in the capital there are big preparations for joe biden's inauguration of course this will be inaugurated 1st that happens around 1130 and then half an hour later joe biden will become the 46 president of the united states security still very high indeed the national guard say they are not dealing with any specific threats but the washington post reporting in the last couple of hours that the conspiracy group cura nor and had talked about the possibility of installing some of their members in the national guard to disrupt the inauguration no they're still concerned that so-called lone wolves and the odd protest the odd demonstration may well flare up
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on the inauguration route or near where joe biden is but with such overwhelming numbers 25000 national guardsmen in washington d.c. a number of federal agencies there and of course the secret service taking primacy of the whole operation they believe that the whole operation the whole inauguration will go off quietly and joe biden will soon be able to get into the oval office and start signing the executive orders that he's promised to overturn a lot of what donald trump has been doing in the last week thanks a lot of pressure there our correspondent in washington well the american capital preparing for an unconventional inauguration as we've been hearing as president elect mr biden 1st take office she has returned see runs through how different this event will look compared to those in the past. joe biden is calling on the public to stay away from inaugural events a request he'd already made due to the pandemic but one that's taken on added emphasis since the riots of january the 6 nonetheless seats have been installed on
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the west side of the capitol where biden will take the oath of office at noon on january the 20th it's clear that the president elect felt it was important that the entire inauguration not to be vocal i have not heard. i say here in your inauguration 6. afghans. america where it stand out stand up. enough enough enough but instead of some 200000 tickets just $1070.00 will be issued for members of congress and one guest along with v.i.p.'s that this year will include all living presidents except for 96 year old jimmy carter vice president mike pence says he will attend donald trump says he will not follow the ceremony and a military review biden will travel to all into national cemetery with the former presidents to lay a wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier before being escorted to the white house by the military government instead of the usual inaugural parade
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a televised and live streamed virtual parade will be broadcast that will be similar to this summer's virtual democratic national convention featuring diverse voices and musical performances authorities say the security perimeter in downtown d.c. is larger than previous at all gracious and will be in place for longer far more national guard members have been deployed on the national mall where in the past the public has gathered to watch proceedings on large screens. dc's matters are asked for all permits for gatherings to be declined but inaugurations are traditionally times for political protest. and it's clear that since police were overrun by trump supporters on capitol hill authorities already have a different posture towards demonstrations this protest attracted barely 50 people protesting against the republicans who supported donald trump and yet very very
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quickly masses of police appeared followed by the national guard not far behind or . at least some plans of protests by progressives on inauguration day intended to pressure joe biden to the left have been cancelled our reprimand for people that are all. corrupt about our own good. right wrong white supremacy actors private i would prefer grow prefer to have created the problem. i'm not recommending personally but anyone poker disagree on any way to. put themselves at risk as for the future of the navy in block and others fear that even the authorities had existing laws and military equipment to clamp down on the violent capitol hill protesters the result will be even more restrictions and repression of legal dissent against those in power in the coming years she have returned to the al-jazeera of washington well the f.b.i.
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is warning that groups may be planning action in d.c. and state capitals across the united states in the lead up to the inauguration any potential attack would likely be planned and coordinated of course online now the riot at the capitol building earlier this month was openly planned on right leaning social media apps like paula policy was forced to shut down earlier this month after apple google and amazon with through the service but many users have flocked to other apps like rumble me we and cloud tub other more neutral apps like telegram and signal are also popular alternatives their policies on moderation and moderating user content a much looser than twitter and facebook one group on telegram dedicated to the far right q. and on conspiracy theory top 35000 members earlier this month let's speak to john gold in key west florida she's a professor and director of the social intelligence lab at the university of maryland jan go back welcome to the news hour here on al-jazeera what are the chances there is real significant trouble in any state capital. we're not
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seeing any movements at this point towards a big demonstration or big action either at the federal level or the states after the 6th where there was really enthusiastic and large scale enthusiasm for the protests and for violence once we saw the crackdown where the national guard came in there was a pretty aggressive response from republicans against these protesters and within the movement some of them disavowed the more violent actions entered contributing it i'm sorry attributing it to. a sort of left wing movement that the right thinks is does a lot of violence that has really discouraged them and they're also really worried that everything they talk about on these platforms is being monitored by the f.b.i. so if they were to try to organize and show up they would be arrested so everything that i'm seeing is that the group level there's
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a real distaste for any action tomorrow or in the lead up which kind of leaves us with today now whether individual actors will do something that's a bigger question there's a lot of talk of violence in these groups and so while we don't see organization we do see a lot of them talking about getting their weapons out talking about civil war and so the question of if there's a lone wolf actor that's something that i think we need to worry about is that a particularly difficult concept or a particularly difficult footprint if you will for the f.b.i. people to identify and crucially to locate because yes we all leave a footprint online these days of course we do but you don't have to be in a state capital that you intend on causing trouble when you're talking about causing trouble in that state capital. absolutely on one hand yes if we look at what happened on the 6th the f.b.i. is now working on tracking down
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a lot of these protesters and it's quite easy because they were talking about it out in the public if we're looking at this long wall so it is much trickier because you need to find the exact per cent and then you know trace them back at the same time in the u.s. we've become very good in terms of international terrorism of looking for these lone wolf targets that's something that we have done a lot of in the last 20 years and so the intelligence infrastructure for detecting identifying and tracking down lone wolf threats is something that we know how to do and we just haven't been as aggressive about it in terms of domestic terrorism as we have with international terrorism i think the events of the 6 that have really convinced everyone that we need to take those threats much more seriously it's something we've never seen before and so i suspect we're seeing a lot of that intelligence capability now shifts to these more domestic threats gente share something with us do you get the sense that for the national guard behind the scenes the commanding officers at the national guard have maybe had
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a little bit of a wobble here because on the one hand we've got people who were involved in what happened in the capitol building who were formerly in the u.s. military they know how to use guns they know how to make trouble and yet on the other hand national guard people 25000 of them being vetted by the f.b.i. and the imagery of that if somebody in the national guard wearing what would be perceived as a u.s. military uniform if they start doing something dangerous there at the heart of government in the middle of biden's inauguration the imagery of that will be so negative and it will flash around the world. this is i think part of why we saw the failures on the 6th and something that everyone is so aware of right now like we said the threats against congress including threats of violence were public and out there and widespread in the lead up to the 6th but we had basically no response for those of us watching it unfold we just kept going where is everybody and part of it
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is that they didn't want the optics of a big national guard deployment at the capitol on that day and you know would it have gone well if you had those tens of thousands of troops supporters committing violence and then the armed forces on the other side we could have seen a lot more violence we could see a lot more deaths if the military had responded they didn't want those optics then so now you're exactly right if we have the national guard deployed ready to defend inauguration to defend the incoming president and then we get attention attacks even from small groups who look like they're part of the military and it would be a really tragic day for our country so i think everyone is thinking very carefully about those optics they're thinking about what are the different layers of security to hopefully keep it from getting to that point you know my impression from everything i see is that the term supporters are looking to trump or direction he hasn't had the social media platforms to give it to them and so there's not
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a lot of activity going on there my hope is that he stays silent until he has left the capitol tomorrow and that greatly reduces the chance of any of this violence happening jan i really thought provoking conversation with you thank you so much for coming on jen gold that they're talking to us from key west in florida. plenty more still to come for you here on the news hour including a record sent us a thai woman is ordered to spend more than 4 decades in prison for insulting the change in. the world health organization's independent panel condemns china's handling of the coronavirus could have been done to contain the outbreak. and in sports world cup host castle with more details about the next big tournament to be held in the country details coming up in about 35 minutes. after weeks of setbacks brazil has started its nationwide coronavirus vaccination
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program for people in manassas the gateway to the amazon rain forest vaccines can come soon enough the health system there is on the verge of collapse as oxygen supplies are dwindling monica was there. the war room was set up in a warehouse where millions of coded 1000 vaccines had been stored on monday health minister. gave governors the order to distribute them throughout brazil. this is the 1st step towards the largest vaccination campaign in the world this is our mission in the world. but for many families in the northern city of my mouse on the edge of the amazon rain forest the order comes to late. struggled a week to keep her husband alive in the hospital ran out of oxygen moses what do before doug solution i tried buying an oxygen cylinder but couldn't find one and he
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died because he had no air do you know what it means for a person to try to breathe and not to be able to to beg for air and suffocate he had so many projects for the future now he's gone. in one hour we witnessed 3 burials one after the other my nows had been hard hit by the pandemic in april and quick to recover to a point that some scientists believed people here had achieved herd immunity the file and so the 2nd wave took them by surprise. this is more than a wave it's a tsunami before the pandemic there were 30 funerals a day during the 1st wave we had $100.00 burials now we have more than $200.00 it's as if we're at war. scientists believed to mutated versions of the corona virus discovered in my mouse have found better ways to pierce the immune system but that
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is not all so what's going to. be. then of course if you got what were those needs and get suitable relation beds look great in their very care about where the musts liberation going to be aired in man hours people watched on television the vaccines being loaded on military planes may be in the air but so is much of brazil's immunization program brazil was counting on it 1000000 doses to kick off its national immunization program but it's still 2000000 doses short and political infighting continues making the hard task of vaccinating latin america's largest country even more difficult monica you're not here for all just sarah my mouse. china is being criticized by an independent
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panel sent to investigate what happened in the early days of the corona virus outbreak set up by the world health organization the panel's interim report says officials could have applied measures quote more forcefully in lieu ham the panel also criticized the w.h.o. own response saying the global pandemic alert system is not fit for purpose quotes the full inquiry findings are released in may. a senior u.s. health official has called on china to provide evidence linked to the outbreak and will have including samples taken from the so-called wet market at the center of the investigation. but team which finally arrived last week will be well only be successful the prudence provided with the following information currently in the possession of chinese authorities 1st of all stories produced in china on the presence of sars could be 2 related genetic sequence sequences in animals i don't know of certain results in running around on
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a problem since the amounts of holes in the markets and your earlier analysis of genetic data in circles well a leading chinese health official says now is not the time for political point scoring virus or reading studies. of that if nature it needs quite a nation compilation we must thought and the political pressure. palestinians in the occupied west bank will receive their 1st shipment of russia's covert 19 vaccine on tuesday more supplies are badly needed with israel's vaccination campaign continuing to outpace the rest of the world the palestinian authority says its people are being neglected or a force that reports now from west jerusalem in terms of pure efficiency israel's vaccination drive has been the one unqualified success in its often criticized
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response to cohabit 19 the aim is to vaccinate everyone over the age of 16 by the end of march a target that also applies here in occupied east jerusalem where so far the rate of take up has been almost 50 percent lower than in israel people are afraid they don't think know what to do so i think all of them are waking. palestinians living in the eastern half of jerusalem are the only non israeli citizens getting israeli procured vaccines as calls mount for israel to start sharing its supply will thora te's in the occupied west bank and gaza we also vaccinate people it was not it is it was made to posting in a sense favor even is tourism we have we have that service and we're not permitting that it was getting vaccinations so we're doing our part in this but the government needs to do more. ahead of another election in march prime minister benjamin netanyahu is promising israelis that theirs will be the 1st country in the world to
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emerge from the pandemic oh he's persuaded pfizer to commit to an accelerated supply of its vaccine in return for israel being used as a data rich testbed for its efficacies the palestinian foreign ministry says israel is neglecting its obligations as an occupying power by not providing vaccines to the 4500000 palestinians in the west bank in gaza but the p.a. health ministry says it neither expects nor requires such assistance it says 20 percent of the need will be provided by the international vaccine alliance gavi with the remainder secured by the p.a. from other sources with. with or under previous. in providing the import of them and we did not ask and then with them it is their connection to provide us with the thing in an interview last week with american broadcaster n.p.r. israel's health minister said it was natural for a country to vaccinate it's own citizens as new coded $1000.00 cases continue to search around the world already
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a clear gap has emerged between rich nations and poor ones when it comes to vaccinating their populations israel's own program is outpaced even the richest countries but that's only made starker just how much the palestinians have been left out of the process and how far they've been left behind are a force that al-jazeera west jerusalem. trumpet ministration has issued an order lifting a qubit 19 entry ban imposed on travelers from several countries but joe biden's incoming team says it won't go ahead the bands were imposed early last year they blocked most known u.s. citizens from entering from the e.u. the u.k. and brazil as it stands the restrictions were lifted in the week after joe biden takes office turning our attention to europe the italian prime minister tzipi conti has been addressing senators as he fights to save his ruling coalition now on monday he won a vote of no confidence in the other chamber of parliament the lower house getting
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a similar result in the senate is expected to be much tougher al-jazeera stephanie joins us live from rome hi there steph so when will we know the result from the 2nd chamber. i think it's going to take a while peter a couple of hours in there still debating and we also haven't heard from their enzi the man who actually caused this entire political crisis to start it was pretty much started the same way as it did yesterday with the prime minister addressing the senators he has a lot more to do here a lot more convincing to do because he doesn't have the numbers to achieve a majority we do understand that even with a slight majority as they pull it he can still survive but of course that would bring challenges moving ahead of passing any kind of legislation always having to go back and forth peters' so very much up in the air you've got a lot of italian media here of course because it is a make or break day for the italian government ok we have to leave it there you'll keep us posted i'm sure in the meantime thank you very much. and security forces
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have blocked thousands of central american refugees and migrants trying to reach the u.s. they were traveling in a so-called caravan consisting of one big group for reasons of safety has gone home i the moment guatemalan police broke up a caravan of thousands of people from honduras i was they were trying to get the u.s. but they hadn't made it far just about their on the town 50 kilometers into guatemala the 1st country on their route was security forces stopped them on saturday saying they needed covert tests and papers to pass since then they've been camped out on the highway while a huge traffic jam build up behind them. now the lorries are running again but the problems of these people remain unresolved honduras is one of the poorest and most violent countries in latin america and 2 massive november storms make things worse but there are many who don't how they work there is no food there isn't anything
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we're keeping up the fight the government hasn't save the president one orlando has been criticized for his handling of the economy the rule of law and democracy itself you're not going to if the president doesn't want us to leave why doesn't he give us work in a good salary is increasing taxes actress t. bills the price of gas but the sellers are rubbish. a lot of them have been bused back to home douras the guatemalan thora teach 1st stopped the caravan after a bit of a confrontation as well on sunday and cleared them off the highway and then others of them still appear to be in the town above the wandle where they're being sort of searching presumably for other routes to continue but they're not going to be able to go as this big group of more than 6000 people that were on the highway at the central highway going through the town so it's been broken up even though a lot of people perhaps will try and continue their journey to try to get to the united states perhaps one of the other reasons why this is happening right now they
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might be encouraged by incoming president joe biden's slightly more sympathetic stance especially towards asylum seekers than his predecessor the current president president donald trump supplement might be one of the other reasons but the acting head of customs and border protection has actually said don't waste your time and money just because there's a new administration doesn't mean that our commitment to the rural rule of law and public health is change ok will pose for the weather his attitude. the weather set looking pretty calm and quiet across much of the u.s. for an old aeration day at the moment we have got a little area of high pressure just across the eastern side of the country but some places of cloud and right down towards the deep south but that's that they say is going to be a cool one crisp sunshine coming through brighton bracy sunny intervals temperatures no hiding around 3 degrees celsius the say they will be lousy try and astronomy the
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warmest still as we go on into thursday some wet weather moving across the southern plains because some wintry weather there into that eastern side of kind of that with some snow and some snow just around the pacific northwest but notice what's the weather that down towards new mexico southern parts of arizona pushing into mexico itself and we got a lot of cloud and rain moving across the camera been just easing its way across cuba jamaica could see some shabby rain for a time the west the weather will be across the a western side of the caribbean so into central america just bad anyway well the caribbean coast in particular could see some sharp showers some wetter weather that just coming into panama and also into costa rica further east it's looking good for the east and warm sunshine coming through but stand with the top temperature of 26 . still to come here on al-jazeera gun rights activists rally in the u.s. states continue with the police on high alert are going further than yours already
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and supporters of the russian pretty cold blooded me it's an election about the arrested follow him off to jail during a demonstration in moscow. and in sports the blue jackets force a little bit too hard for the win against the right before he was in about 15 minutes. to. an admission of guilt is the ultimate corroboration. or is it. that can be used to get innocent people to confess to crimes they didn't commit witness explores the shocking phenomenon of people incriminating themselves the person who falsely confessed actually came to believe the lie that they were told about their own behavior false confessions on al-jazeera. teaching you can watch al-jazeera english streaming live on i think she channels. plus thousands of op
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programs. documentaries and news reports. subscribe to you she would slosh al-jazeera english. fierce and formidable the polls good kids are renowned for their courage under fire. one i want to east finds out what it takes to join the elite brigade. on al-jazeera. you're watching al-jazeera reminder of our top stories here on the news hour in just over 24 hours from now president obama's term will end he leaves behind a u.s. capitol the remains on grass heavy security lockdown ahead of whedon's day's
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inauguration of joe biden attendance will be limited to the corona virus pandemic and possible threats from far right groups. brazil has begun a long awaited covert 19 vaccine distribution program for people in the now so the gateway to the amazon rain forest vaccinations can't happen soon enough the health system there is on the verge of collapse. and security forces in guatemala have broken up a group of migrants who set up camp at a roadblock thousands of people are fleeing poverty and violence in honduras hoping to reach the united states the government is refusing to let me continue on with the. heavily armed carrying flags and shouting slogans gun rights activists a rally in the u.s. state of virginia the events tracked it far right groups are increasingly hostile towards the government especially one that's about to be led by democrats under joe biden to abdel-hamid went and spoke to them in richmond. is that and will not be
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dame virginia a day where citizens petition their legislators in support of the gun rights this year is different rather than their rally in front of the capitol several caravans decked out in pro-gun messages headed towards the state capitol richmond what were you lobbying for is no gun control. last year they passed a number of in thai gun bills that were targeting law abiding citizens and we want to stop that and we would like to repeal that still some decided to purvey down the empty streets of richmond and under heavy security after the f.b.i. warned that members of these groups could told violent protest in the wake of joe biden's inauguration they were openly defying a prohibition on open carry of weapons clearly stated on the banners adjacent to a per minute of it ok ok this is not
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a permanent event. ok oh ok so therefore it's a loophole i can walk here with my rifle it was a melting pot of groups and militias united only by to support to the right to self-defense and then now nothing any attempt for gun control among them he belongs to the book a little less known for the how why and dress code and it calls for change not a civil war a revolutionary war civil war would be people against people revolution is against your oppressors. and want with peoples of this revolution to achieve what liberty for all. its basic form we believe in our society is a peaceful one. we use our 2nd amendment rights to ensure the 1st amendment rights of others none of those we spoke to gave us their real name but they all said they were here in defense of the 2nd. maidment in their view essential to
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protect themselves and keep their government in check this is something that happens every year in gun rights supporters coming here and of. government to lobby for their rights and after their rights and capitol hill this government has decided to hold its from or certainly support the local chapter which i'm sure before he was among the protesters at capitol hill in washington d.c. ungenerous 6 he says he didn't enter the building he belongs to the proud voice a group president trump famously told to stand back and stand by for the last 4 years the liberals have been screaming trump is not my president so i have the right for the next 4 years to scream out biden is not my president i have no idea how we're going to unite it could be through our constitutional rights except the left the liberals they want to censor a lot of speech they call it a speech there is no such thing as he speech no such thing there's only free speech
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everyone was no you're here right where. is anger here many believe that trump is a victim of electoral fraud gun control is a challenge for incoming joe biden and tackling the many armed groups emerging in the us is an even tougher one without that hamid al jazeera richmond in virginia dozens of people have been arrested in st petersburg. barbara the world record they've been protesting in support of the kremlin critic alexina the russian opposition politician was arrested at a moscow airport on sunday. as this report. was . outside of moscow police station protesters demand alexina valley's release inside the kremlin chief critic found himself in front of the judge in a hastily convened court and urged his supporters to take to the streets against
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vladimir putin. obviously what is this toad sitting on a pipeline most afraid of what are these thieves from the bunker most afraid of you know the answer people protesting on the streets because that is the thing the political factor that cannot be ignored it's the most important thing the essence of politics so don't be afraid go out on the streets not for me but for yourselves and your future. novelli was detained on arrival from berlin on sunday arrested for breaking parole on a suspended sentence the reason he missed his parole hearing is because he was in a coma after being poisoned with the nova chalk nerve agent doctors say he should still be resting and recovering from the attack which many countries believe was sanctioned by the kremlin outside the police station his lawyers and journalists were denied entry into the impromptu court city but stars behind that those 2 actually i didn't understand why the hearing is taking place at
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a police station why was no one informed or notified i have seen a lot of times the mockery of justice but it looks like the old man in his bunker was so scared of everything that the criminal procedures codes have been blatantly torn up and thrown out what's happening here is just impossible this is the highest degree of lawlessness. germany the u.k. and the u.s. have all demanded his immediate release story. through its own constitution and its international obligations is tied to the principles of rule of law and the protection of civic rights which obviously also got was from mr valma these principles must be applied which means nothing else but to immediately release mr not only. the russia's foreign minister has scoffed at the reaction from the west and says a values detention is legal no one on the case of an avanti has gained foreign political resonance artificially and baselessly everything is happening to me in
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connection with his returning in detention falls within the competence of the law enforcement forces. novelli will now be held for 30 days he says he's not afraid because truth is on his side in this important election year for putin truth might not be enough to set him free. al-jazeera. ok let's bring in tanya log shiina in moscow she's the associate director for europe and central asia division at human rights watch tanya welcome to al-jazeera so is this a complete violation of his human rights or is it just following through on a legal process he skipped bail to do with a legal process back in 2014 well franklin best friend of all himself so this is the highest degree you homelessness are not saying that lawlessness is in greek this is law that you were uncertain. and
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mil is the fortunately in greece and here is the document seeing an increasing number of cases by russian authorities used for its agreements it reads it runs and he chooses to saw an ordinance as a result of all the late so when do. the most 08 a semblance of legal process. in this particular it is hell of all or is knowing is has all of this that occur crystal clear not only who is it she all position politician accused the authorities that he would service in that circle are or poison ing him were the full well ringback know agent and instead are impressed that you see his allegations the us for all its is dick cheney and the moment it's so what's on the russian sword ok well he's been just to
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interrupt you there for a 2nd look sheena he's been sent to jail to prison he's got another 29 days to go the political focus presumably when he comes out the political focus then shifts to the parliamentary elections in september he has 7 months to campaign to get some sort of political office come those elections towards the autumn oh i'm afraid you do not understand it's a nation here one distant home he is going to be freed is a big question hawke he is in custody for 13 days now with a warrant hearing pansy regarding alleged by only each and all that he's wrong if he's found guilty that he would be basing me in
4:42 pm
a hard place and sentence so ringback things have very serious were in the nuts and if so is really what is known. now it's he's telling people that he's we're all prophets fall and last year the federal penitentiary service uses it in all missing meetings where we're all. also run to as the who do not have that is very vote this month the month is sick really sick or those giving that nerve all needs transfer it to joe many holding them is reasoning must sanction white or muslim or even russia or me into not. ok even realities we need away leaving him like he was ok they knew where he was hear you loud and clear very briefly he knew this was
4:43 pm
going to happen didn't he misson of on the must have known this was going to happen he's had such a toxic relationship with the powers that be in the kremlin and he has taken the decision to go back to russia because arguably politically he is more powerful in russia even in a prison cell than he would ever have been had he stayed in germany. oh it's important to note that the penitentiaries said of those reforms after this to her calmly as. a. temptation to eat 10 russian sit in the who that she didn't the wing nut volleys say ongoing book about an anglo hits you have. the authorities for i ducked him no and beat you don't eat now answer to the nature of his choice yes indeed he are very solid grounds to believe that he would be g u a corner imo yes this song is important but this is the way else he is
4:44 pm
trying to show his poor it is all the people the shock will not miss it so. much but who these agreed were in the resident who didn't know paul is it is he is trying to show. that she has new. ok we must leave it there thank you very much for joining us there tanya in moscow a thai court has handed a record 43 year jail sentence tantalum and for insulting the king the former civil servant was found guilty on $29.00 counts of violating thailand's strict laws against criticizing the monarchy the sentence was delivered at a time of protests calling for the monarchy to be reformed on the political system to be overhauled and scott hietala is in bangkok. well looks like they're making an example of her yet 43 years the longest sentence for oil defamation laws here very
4:45 pm
very strict the strictest in the world and what's interesting is that there's a pattern to this usually when there they go through this fairly lengthy court process this is been going on for about 6 years now usually toward the end when there's a sentencing there's negotiations on a term a sentence and then a girl guilty plea is submitted and usually that sentences have been that's what we've been seeing here 43 years the longest term sentence i should say before this was 35 years so yes that's what is she's going to serve if she serves that entire time that would be left to be determined we know that sometimes there will be some clemency in that they will be released early but right now it's clear that they're making they the establishment both the monarchy and the government here is making a sending a message by the sentencing today more than 130 cars were involved in a series of crashes in japan after a snowstorm struck a stretch of highway
4:46 pm
a local reports say at least one person was killed and a dozen were hurt in the accidents it happened on the total cool expressway in the middle of the country your forty's had imposed a speed limit of 31 miles an hour but most into nothing to prevent disaster parts of japan have been unusually heavy have seen unusually heavy snowfalls in recent weeks. in indonesia more than a dozen people have been killed and tens of thousands forced from their homes after floods across the country on monday the president yoko widodo went to flood hit areas in the. province it's been raining heavily for more than a week or if the banks submerging villages and towns environmentalist say the deadly floods are a stark reminder of the climate change risks affecting the region. greece is preparing to extend its territorial waters to 12 nautical miles around 22 kilometers from its western shores it's an apparent show of strength as it prepares to resume talks with turkey on energy rights in the eastern mediterranean as john
4:47 pm
psaropoulos reports now from greece's southern peloponnese region the 2 issues are closely related. hopefully is the name of the town meaning the city of aries the ancient god of war in greek mythology it was here 200 years ago this year that the greek war of independence from the ottoman empire began as greece prepares to celebrate that bicentennial it is again extending its sovereignty this time out to sea under the united nations law of the sea coastal states may extend their territorial waters to 12 nautical miles from shore greece is now doing so off its west coast facing italy and warns that it will do the same in the aegean sea facing turkey well that again yeah that's better and everyone here feels that greece is standing up to its full height for the 1st time in its history i think it should happen of all the greece's coastline this is cape town out on the 3rd the most tip
4:48 pm
of mainland greece where the ionian and the a.g. and sees meet on the far side of this peninsula in the ionian is where greece is to extend its territorial waters to 12 nautical miles from shore and on this side of the peninsula in the a-g. and greece is to maintain territorial water 6 nautical miles for now that's because turkey has threatened war should greece apply the law of the sea in the aegean giving it control of 72 percent of its waters turkey is among a minority of nations that haven't signed the law of the sea greece and turkey nearly went to war last summer over a different type of maritime zone the continental shelf which extends beyond territorial waters and next week they will restart talks stalled for 4 years on determining the boundaries of the continental shelf greece insists its territorial water will not be under discussion and its extension in the ionian now is meant to
4:49 pm
underline that if you enter the negotiations under the present arrangement of 6 not . without putting on the table the possible extension. it's as if you accept that any agreement in any arrangement in delimitation will start from 6 so that it is actually giving up your rights to 12 if the greeks believe they have the right up to stand up to trial they have to put it on the table now they have to say so because that's what you are going to negotiate relations between greece and turkey have entered a difficult and confrontational phase in which even admitting what is under discussion is a delicate matter the fundamental question however is whether the law will prevail over any threats of violence jumps are open to us al jazeera in the southern peloponnese. still to come here on al-jazeera the sports news action and reaction from a dramatic day of cricket in brisbane. why
4:50 pm
4:51 pm
. the all what. it's time for sports with our peter thank you so much we start with cricket in india 21 test series win over australia the doors chase down a victory target of 328 on the final day in brisbane to take the 4th and deciding match hand was the hero with $89.00 not out it's a massive turnaround for india they were crushed in the 1st tests and played. most of the series with out have been their holy who was on turning deadly. absolute so ruggiero's in my eyes because this isn't really what these guys are all
4:52 pm
offices. will go down in history is one of the greatest series of. when you look at the. you know the cold situation and the spirit of injuries and all those things when you take it in without them to show the. stomach for a fight to be more of a $36.00. only makes whether you know they're not big 9 players or not i think i showed that what's some real depth and some roots and berries wallace and various battles and. yaz instead i just think they lied as. well joining us now from london is e.s.p.n. cric info is non-graduate all the pretty incredible performance by india how huge is this result. massive massive her tremendous result as you have.
4:53 pm
said this would be one of those who read just series talked about him he's right he said. especially after india we do doesn't need teenage distribute to defeat the one the c.d.c. to one back then but question also asked about australian getting back to being not so strong but this time australia had the best possible intent behind the best batsman and yet they ended up using in their home soil as from india this is like a donor around a new chapter starting and go it was so much drama it was so much into imagine that this disused was one in the dying minutes just of just about less than 10 minutes or something of meaning or if you will is going to go and richelle bond was just 23 years old he had 7 inch children digs in your home it was like one of the best find me say battles fought on a cricket field and let's talk about kohli who is on paternity leave to what extent does this victory for india threaten his position as captain.
4:54 pm
0 because this is a representation of his deen management an alarmist i mean can't imagine. being kohli's friend teammate for a long long time this is part of their vision that they want to meet is to falling back only before he left sure about good before you don't go in yet he said that means to a guy who was very calm very well it was one of them who just movie character and i have nothing to holler about don and east. capable hands and he had nominated ronnie who actually started to honor our remember this in december or dissent moment india lost an ugly divorce as it was the newest test skoda ever just ordered 36 who runs and since then after that immediately romney quickly left. ronny to go and captaincy scored a century in year one a match drew level and in sydney and. once again. nearly nearly took india
4:55 pm
home to under the week change now he's finished that show i considering the current state of the world how much of a dick tree for cricket what's this series. injection because this is local could need it does it go to c.v.s. has been. going on over there or like any other sport has been great if it in the bones and people of color staying the hotel rooms doing with listing in the prison . mental aspect of players and athletes and coaches of completed but at the same time. of the whole match to see he's going to 50 others going to the dying minutes and as he's being decided it's like oh oh stop moment for cricket. ok great to get your thoughts now gradual a pretty thank you so much for your time. and you. football now an ac
4:56 pm
milan have reestablished a 3 point lead at the top of syria so i don't even have a bitch put in an impressive display the swedish striker scored twice as they beat calorie to nail a way a.c.r. looking to win their 1st italian league championship since 2011. a 2 of katter's world cup stadiums will be used for the upcoming fifa club world cup that will kick off next month i'm a bit ali stadium will stage the tournament opener february 4th the education city venue will also be used the event had been due to take place last year but was delayed due to coronavirus 6 teams will be taking part including european champions barn unic the draw for the opening round of the games takes place on shoes day stuff during the gold state warriors rallied from 14 points down to beat the l.a. lakers lakers dominated the game from the get go but the warriors battled back
4:57 pm
curry scored 26 points and the game is all the states made a comeback in the 4th quarter. le bron james had the chance to win it at the and missed a 3 pointer golden state winning 115 to 117 years. without a c. you're amazing. some momentum in that in the 2nd had just give us a chance and very similar group or game earlier. your carry that momentum down the stretch made it go big. it was or was a big well. meanwhile it was business as usual in the national hockey league as the season is well underway accomplished bluejackets far a little too hard for their win against the detroit red wings a massive brawl broke out between the 2 teams the blue jackets hanging on for the 3 to the phone to. ok and that is all your sport for now peter back to you thank you
4:58 pm
so much on the other side of this short break i'll have 30 minutes here up world news i will see you the moment. decades ago manila was called the pearl of the orient the manila metropolitan theater was once a testament to the city's grandeur but decades later the theater has become a symbol of mandela sticky now the philippine government is changing their government buildings the universities and monasteries were just some of the many structures that were destroyed in manila during world war 2. but rebuilding a life and a city from scratch has proven difficult and some experts say manila has never
4:59 pm
truly recover it. kenyan journalists in pursuit of press freedom and justice i have seen very desperate situations where someone speak about the hope you can afford pain killer that's investigating government corruption and the national health care system some of the transactions espionage and the killing. of money that is unexplained to africa uncensored and publish those things up people don't want to publish even if it doesn't lock jaska whose truth is it anyway on al-jazeera. a criminal drug dealing cliff to take place is beyond the reach of the a good many people in afghan government when forced into drug trade guerilla wars in colombia. and mexico where the cartels have been responsible for a muscle a spiral of violence. the final episode of drug trafficking politics and power in the territories on al-jazeera. we understand the differences
5:00 pm
and similarities of cultures across the world so no matter how you take a al-jazeera. the news and current affairs that matter team. down to 0. more national guard troops pour into washington d.c. reinforcing an enormous security operation a little over 24 hours before joe biden becomes us president. logan i'm peter double you're watching al-jazeera live from our headquarters here and also coming up i am
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a wall of security in guatemala stops thousands of refugees and migrants trying to reach the u.s. many say they will press on. with cemeteries.


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