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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  January 20, 2021 12:00am-1:00am +03

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money that is unexplained to africa uncensored and publish will seem some people will want to publish even if it doesn't like the oscar truth is it anyway on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. hello i'm not interested this is the al-jazeera news hour live from london coming up the u.s. death toll from code 19 reaches 400000 people. it comes on president trump's last full day in office as washington prepares for an inauguration day like no other. brazil finally starts shipping code 19 vaccines to man hours but it's too late for many people in the northern city. and a thai woman is jailed for
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a record 43 years for an insult to mccain. and then smaller teams find their route to success at the club a world cup in qatar african champions that actually will take on home team or die in the opening round. donald trump's final hours in the white house have been marked by a horrible moment as he prepares to leave office snubbing the inauguration of joe biden on the way the nation's coronavirus death toll has passed 400000 the latest 100000 deaths coming since december the 14th trump is about to release his final video statement and in the coming hours we're expecting to see a string of pardons announced as a ring of steel around washington d.c. to prevent scenes similar to those witnessed at the capitol 2 weeks ago 12 national . aardman have been removed from duty 2 of them because of suspected links to far
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right groups when it started with the coronavirus situation in the us and gallacher joins us live from miami florida so andy had to get to such a staggering number while lauren this number comes almost a year after the 1st case was reported in seattle washington and it took till may for the 1st 100 deaths to be reported but each of these staggering markers in the failure of this nation to address this have come in shorter and shorter time so the gap between 200300000 was even shorter and as you said less than a month between 300000 now 400000 that is the amount 5 of people that died serving this nation in world war 2 so how did we get here well i think there are a lot of different answers here it's a complicated thing to address but certainly the trumpet ministration has a great deal to answer for there was no federal plan put in place president trump
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politicize the wearing of masks and the vaccination program that is rolling out that promise to vaccinate 20000000 people by the end of 2020 just can't keep up with the pace of the virus now we have new variants striking various different places of course california is now the epicenter and some pretty stark warnings for the winter months ahead but let's look at how this covered 19 pandemic is affecting this nation and what the future might hold. california in the time of the corona virus a state hit so hard that bodies are being moved to temporary storage containers. newly confirmed cases arising at a dizzying rate despite lockdown restrictions now health experts are warning that a more contagious variant 1st discovered in the u.k. could feel another wrenching surge of cases and deaths could and likely will get worse in the next couple of weeks or at least maintain this very terribly high
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level of infections and deaths that we're seeing vaccinations are rolling out albeit too slowly the u.s. is nowhere close to reaching herd immunity. however coverage of how they talk about the fact is covered covered president donald trump continually play down the pandemic politicize the wearing of masks and blame states for moving too slowly now with his presidency in its final days it's trump who is being blamed for failing to act and allow the virus to spread so fast in may the u.s. recorded 100000 deaths by september that figure doubled now it's doubled again with the new administration promising to ramp up vaccinations to a level it has so far come nowhere near close to what was promised. for many 2021 was a year that would bring renewed hope instead new cases threaten to cripple already overwhelmed hospitals claymore lives and leave many wondering when this nation will
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turn the corner all of this of course coming on the eve of president elect joe biden's inauguration what should be a fresh start for the united states in tackling this pandemic but an incoming center for disease control and prevention official says they expect the death toll by this time next month to be hoffa 1000000 so dark days indeed ahead for the united states and he thank you very much indeed. the test saundra mcgann walks lost her husband to kevin 19 last year she joins us via skype from the chicago illinois thank you very much indeed for joining us i'm sorry feel a loss and we appreciate you taking time to talk to us could you tell us a little bit about what happened to your husband. so my husband started off being sick haven't favor diarrhea and over the course of a week he got progressively worse so backtracked some he contract that the virus we
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believe from his mom who was hospitalized a week before he was he had been aroused several times during that week to check in are and then after he took her to the hospital the next day he came home and started filming feel bad lords who that was a bright day that next sunday which was easter sunday which was about 8 or 9 days later my husband it up come in to me saying he was short of breath and that that's how many tell me was short of breath at 2nd city emergency room and when we got there we brought out his accident was low he was admitted to the house and given our incident that night he did ok but the next morning he called me and was saying he was having difficulty breathing men i had him call his nurse in about an hour later he called me back saying they were going to its and bade him and be assured that i got a call from the hospital saying that he needed to be transferred to another institution with better care because he needed to be put on
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a special machine called mo so as the weeks went on he ended up becoming dependent on dialysis as well as that moment shane and about 3 weeks after he was hospitalized he suffered a brain bleed and that's what ultimately he succumbed from. and what do you say that the situation now is is any better than that of people getting treatment that can help them foster. i do think people are getting treatment a little bit faster and maybe because there is more testing back when my husband 1st got sick testing was limited even when he 1st got sick and we call to get him tests that there was not places that would test him because he only had a fever he was a short of breath they said just watching give him tylenol for the bieber but once he became short of breath that's when he was able to get tested and how you coping as you've asked your husband no mother no right so yes it's been hard i've had a lot of family support my own biological family but my husband's family has been
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a tremendous support his brother my brother in law has been very helpful and check in on me as well as me checking in on him and i've also found several support groups online specifically want support group where african-american females who lost their husband i met several women there who lost their husbands a cope with it we've become friends where we've gone out to dinner we you know talk on the phone usually 2 or 3 times a week check in there we text every day so make sure each of those ok's i found good support family ryan's neighbors my church family. you i mean you mentioned other african-american families and the c.d.c. has said that as hard as she figures showing that back and other minorities are more likely to be hospitalized and die from kind of 19 how much dating that is being addressed. and it's being addressed somewhat it could be addressed better
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not think it just goes into the disparities that we see in african-american communities some of the chronic medical problems though in cove it doesn't always happen because someone like my husband who only had hypertension that was controlled would be someone you think would have gotten as sick as he is i think we have to do a better job of testing in the african-american community a better job of edgy. caning about the symptoms and i do see some changes in that where i've done more testing and us as well as we're also getting the vaccine out at pain just educating african-americans is that the african-american community about the bank scene and the of efficacy and how it could help prevent deaths dr saunders again we appreciate you talking to us an auctioneer thank you very much and you now in coming at us president joe biden says combating the twin a threat of coded 19 and the sinking economy will be his top priority biden will
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enter the oval office at a time when the u.s. death rate is at its highest point since the pandemic began and when millions of americans are struggling to put food on the table and fisher ports from the white house are rescue and recovery plan is a path forward with both seriousness of purpose and a clear plan. january 20th is an important date in 2020 it was the day that the 1st covered case was confirmed in the u.s. the trumpet ministration has been criticized for sure sponsor over the past 12 months no on the 20th of january 2021 the problem becomes joe biden's this horse is so 'd far out of the bar there really directing it is going to be hercules and asked and we need to give the new administration and the new president i think a significant amount of leeway in trying to redirect the ship redirect this force
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biden has already indicated he wants a $1.00 trillion dollar relief bill more money for ordinary americans to get through the economic crisis more money for vaccinations he wants 100000000 vaccines administered in his 1st 100 days and much greater federal involvement in putting it all together this is one of the most challenging operational efforts we have ever undertaken as a nation will have to move heaven and earth. to get more people vaccinated to create more places for them to get vaccinated yes. i think it's a plan that doesn't come with a potential political fallout i think you're going to see more and more people dug in suggesting that somehow because you have an illegitimate president now attempting to infringe upon our freedoms people are going to become increasingly dug in tooth war what the policy changes this new this incoming president is going
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to try to implement joe biden has said is his number one priority insists the reaction will be driven by science not politics something welcomed by those on the medical front lines joe biden is going to look like a rock star by simply embracing what the best science says there are polls and experts that say if donald trump or taking coronavirus seriously from day one through an resources at it rather than played it down he'd be about to start his 2nd term in office how the incoming administration martials the recovery will go a long way to deciding how history remembers president joe biden alan fischer al-jazeera at the white house. president elect joe biden has just landed in maryland ahead of his swearing in as the 46th president of the united states before departing his hometown of wilmington delaware he gave an emotional speech and here
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we are today. my family and i about to return to washington to meet a black woman a south asian descent to be sworn in as president and vice president of the united states. as i told barnard station waiting for brock and hunter i said no actually i said don't tell me things can't change they can and they do that's america. on the eve of tripod and inauguration the senate has reconvened to start confirmation hearings for 5 of his cabinet nominees his picks for secretary of state treasury director of national intelligence defense secretary and homeland security a facing questions from the senate committee members as they considered for their respective roles biden is set to take office on wednesday without key members of his cabinet in place. in a moment we'll hear from out on the streets of washington 1st let's talk to you
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patty culhane so patty president trump has just released a video message to us about that. he doesn't just like this president's been pretty much on president for 4 years normally outgoing presidents do a press conference the president though of course not wanting to answer questions so he released a pre recorded video statement and eat it i'm going to go through a list of what he says and what how it's wrong but 1st let's get a sense of what he had to say here's the tape. my fellow americans 4 years ago we launched a great national effort to rebuild our country to renew its spirit and to restore the allegiance of this government to its citizens in short we embarked on a mission to make america great again for all americans as i could glued my term as the 45th president of the united states i stand before you truly proud of what
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we have achieved together we did what we came here to do and so much more this week we know a great a new administration and pray for its success in keeping america safe and prosperous. well that's the 1st time really that we've seen the president acknowledge that there is going to be a new administration he said it during the riots but. let's go through a couple of the things that we believe he said that these were the excerpts he said we have always been a land of hope to the world this is the man who put in place the the muslim bad for a band from the country of majority muslim countries he basically shut down the border made people stay in horrific conditions in mexico because of his immigration policies he said we built the greatest economy he might be referring to the stock market the wealthiest in america become much more wealthy under president trump but that is not the case for working americans obviously this in part because of the
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virus he said we revitalized alliances i think it's worthy of saying that the president has alienated traditional allies of the united states he talked about historic peace deals in the middle east the countries that have normalized relations with israel were not in fact at war with israel so not necessarily a peace deal he said he's the 1st president decades to have any new wars in his time in office that's not true he said he did talk about the capital riots and he said it would never be tolerated obviously very different tone from the president it took him hours in the day of the riots each called those people very special and he said knowledge that you know you're hurting but now he seems to be saying that that can never be tolerated he said that he was a president not just of republicans and democrats but of the whole nation i think it's important to point out there was a lot of reporting on the coronavirus started that the president wasn't all that concerned because he thought it was happening in mostly democratically controlled states so
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a lot of people are going to pick through what the president had to say but it looks like it's quite possible that that will be the last time we hear from the president till we possibly see him in his departure ceremony and head to florida no longer the president of the united states after soon after he arrives and actually that the senate reconvene over those confirmation hearings is the issue of impeachment where do we stand with that. well we're just waiting to see when nancy pelosi hands over the impeachment documents the way it's written once she does that immediately triggers a trial senators have to work 6 days a week until it's resolved the question they're trying to figure out behind the scenes is can they do the big business of the senate such as confirming biden's cabinet appointees in the morning and then have a trial in the afternoon and the question is going to be if they have this trial will they have witnesses you remember the last time the president was impeached republicans controlled the senate and they didn't for the 1st time in history that will no longer be the case democrats will have the majority
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a very slim majority but the majority so we'll have to see how the trial plays out exactly when it's going to happen but we got our 1st real indication today that it is quite possible that 17 republicans would join along with their 50 democrats actually impeach the president that signal coming from someone who was i think important point out refused this could say that joe biden was in fact elected for weeks but said it majority leader for now mitch mcconnell really studied a strong message not only to trump but to his fellow senators have a listen bust on the senate convened we are just reclaim the capitol from violent criminals who tried to stop us from doing our duty. the mob. they were provoked by the president and other powerful people and they tried to use fear and violence to stop a specific proceeding of the 1st branch of the federal government which they did not like but we pressed on we stood together and said iran were
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not that veto power over the rule of law in our nation. provoked by the president and others so a bad sign for president trump but it possibly another bad sign for at least 2 republican senators one from missouri one from texas there's been talk because they objected to this they fed what's being called the big lie that they could face consequences in the senate the senate does have the capability to basically kick them out of the senate and have a runoff for their seat we're going to see what comes out in the trial but those who stood next to trump and and continue to promote this lie that he was the election was stolen and that he didn't lose it fair and square the set the set of majority leader sending the message that perhaps they will be held accountable and thank you very much. head of biden's you know he ration the pentagon says about
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a dozen national guard members have been relieved of duty after being vetted. to individuals identified had made inappropriate comments or texts those 2 individuals were removed one of those was flagged by 5 within the command and then we have a nother group of individuals that have been flagged in the vetting process for a number of different reasons like i said unrelated to the events here in the concerns. my regular is life in downtown washington d.c. and a lot of security in a place is transformed isn't it what's the mood like on the streets ahead of inauguration. a lot of security out on the streets of washington d.c. as you said but also a very calm scene just to give you an idea of where we are right now we're just outside of the secure perimeter that's around the national mall in the capitol hill area in washington d.c. i'm going to give you an idea of what that's like just behind us here what we're
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seeing is several military vehicles and several members of the u.s. army national guard that are standing in place guarding that secure perimeter that we're talking about every day we're seeing new street closures we're seeing this perimeter sort of expanded changed that's something that was expected just to keep things fluid ahead of the of the presidential inauguration securing the capitol building securing the national mall remains the top priority of the national guard of the d.c. police department as well as the secret service but despite this this high guard that we're seeing from security officials here in america's capital there is also a sense of quiet we have up until now not seen any big protests we do know that since the weekend the u.s. defense department has expressed their concern over the potential of a quote a quote unquote insider attack and they have been vetting members of the u.s. national guard we know that 2 members of the national guard were removed from their mission to guard the presidential inauguration over alleged ties to right wing
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groups this is part of the vetting process that's going on right now there's until now as far as we know no reason to believe to believe that this was a plot against joe biden this is merely a precautionary measure but we do know that the security situation here has has everybody a little bit on edge it's a very different washington d.c. than people are used to but authorities are prepared for any eventuality when you're up a thank you very much and santa maria is inside the secure in washington d.c. so what are people telling you that. well we see a lot of well 2 types of people saw the triple media here lauren at the moment and we're seeing jake she just at the moment a lot of buses moving the troops around possibly a change in shifts for them from our position here we've been listening to. and j. lo practicing for tomorrow's inauguration so it's very very quiet inside here
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obviously building a what manny was saying to you the lockdown it is having the desired effect i would say so we've been here all day we're talking about a lot of different issues and talking to democrats and analysts and today we want to go at this moment we want to look at the other side of the story the fact that in iraq 20 hours time donald trump will no longer be the president of the united states and that is big obviously given how chaos at these last 4 years have been but also it's big for the republican party it is a moment where the party has to decide which way it has going and for a long time now some of the strongest old loudest voices inside the republican party have been what we call the never trumpets those who said he should never be the candidate and eventually shouldn't be the president and we've got one of them with us here jennifer prodi is the co-founder of a group called the republican women for progress and want to ask you about that in a moment 1st of all i'm on it you just get your reaction to what we heard from donald trump we did what we came here to do and so much more how does that leave
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you feeling as a republican after 4 years well last time i was up here was the day after hillary clinton lost and i never imagined it would get this bad in 4 years i think we all thought normal republican business would happen but as we've seen it was so much worse than we could have predicted culminating the siege on the capital last week. i don't i i think will be unpacking what happened in these 4 years for a long time but the party has to move forward as well and we get the softer whenever there's a change to hillary clinton lost it was well democrats and just. right wasn't it and divisions in the party in which way does it go so let's apply that to the republicans know where does this party go. first of all with regards to donald trump because he's a big voice he will not be ignored. i think if republicans are smart they realize that this is their time to divorce from donald trump donald trump has already been
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signaled by pence and mcconnell that he was in the wrong last week that he had a big part in the siege on the capital. we've already seen a lot of top republicans. say that they're going to vote for impeachment we had 2 republican women who i'd like to point out liz cheney and james her are butler voted for impeachment this is the most republican action we've seen against the president in the 4 years that i've been watching and you know if we keep with this momentum the g.o.p. could actually have a chance to be a real governing party again which they haven't been in the past 4 years so you've just listed off all these people who are opposing donald trump all who have started to at the last minute let's point that out that's they didn't do it for you it's exactly and according to a recent politico poll still 40 percent of the policy thinks that donald trump is the right man for 2024 now that's down from 53 percent in the shore but that's still a lot of people and i wonder how your side of the party how your voice is is your
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voice loud enough to counter that because there are a lot of loud voices in that building that you know that's a great question and i think what not many people are grappling with right now is that over 74000000 people voted for donald trump in this past election and i think that's why right now is so decisive is you do have more momentum that we've seen it's not going to get better from here so we have to use this momentum that we have to listen to the never tempers we have to listen to you know just look at mcconnell coming out today talking about how donald trump did have a role in the attack and we really have to take that forward and get back to governing we have. to let this the moderate republicans back in charge but who give me some names because there are again loud voices there there's ted cruz there's marco rubio is up until today mitch mcconnell lindsey graham all these people who speak loudly for the trump side right who's going to counter that so i think we've
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been listening to a lot of these folks for 4 years i personally of course like many of my colleagues have been disappointed in their inability to lead and speak out against the president so i am not comfortable with them being the future of the republican party in our in our group we've always thought it has to be young republicans stepping up it has to be republican women liz cheney for example she is actually stepping up and i think you have to look at those voices too you know after we kind of cool down what's happening. you know when we're envisioning what the new republican party platform will be it can't be the voices we've heard from like you said the past 4 years because they they had did they never stepped up to lead and i don't trust them to you know come up with a new republican party jennifer this is an important part of the story i'm glad you could join us today and for coming into the ring of security jennifer prodi limb from republican women for progress so that's pretty much where we're going to leave you from washington today from our point here at the constitution avenue looking
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the u.s. capitol really hope you can join us tomorrow wednesday the 20th of january inauguration day in washington d.c. we'll be on air from 1300 hours g.m.t. which is 8 am here on the east coast of the united states full coverage on al-jazeera of the inauguration of joe biden and couple hours kemal thank you very much indeed. still to come this hour. i've. got him on a takes some migrants back to honduras after breaking up that caravan but others are still determined to reach the u.s. . it's amazing prime minister wins a confidence vote in the opera house which threatened to bring down his government . and in school the veteran struck it who now has a chance of winning the tourney and league title for a 5th time. we
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have mulder where pushing into western parts of europe i am pleased to say after a long cold spell of moderate does bring with it wet and windy weather though so it is coming in from the atlantic see how they are supposed to lined up from west to east and it's that feed of model rather rolling across the continent as we go on through the next couple days unless she stays picture look at the coldest in place across eastern parts modest 13 in moscow well that represents a something of a warming here we're getting up to now highs of minus $21.00 just a few days ago so that is something of an improvement it stays dry and cold over towards the east but warmest still less culture we say but there's that model whether double figures london and paris wet weather that will linger across wells more than possible that we have weather warning for say for the likelihood of flooding across many parts of england and wales over the next 24 to 48 hours that
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wetter weather will make its way through it'll push into the north sea tends to snow as it pushes into norway and sweden colder tucking in behind for celsius with some snow coming back into scotland by thursday wet weather will make its way in across a good passive france as we go on through thursday risk of flooding here and that's it has increasingly wet and windy spain. anti fascist anti establishment and pro violence despite the recent official disbanding of its militarized wing a basque separatist movement is found alive and well on the terraces of a build files stadia. a place where political revolutionaries share a platform an ideology with violent football hooligans. can read all death on al-jazeera.
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al-jazeera. every. the. amount of top stories your knowledge is there the u.s. coronavirus death toll has now passed 400000 deaths and cases have been
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accelerating at an alarming pace despite the rollout of 2 vaccines the last 100000 deaths have come since december the 14th. trumps presidencies into its final 24 hours as a ring of steel around washington to prevent scenes like those at the capitol 2 weeks ago a dozen national guardsmen have been stood down to them because of suspected links to far right groups. and u.s. republican senator just only says it will block the quick consideration of joe biden's nominee as homeland security secretary 5 of biden's cabinet nominees have started their called mission hearings in the senate. says it's transporting of thousands of migrants back to the border with honduras after they were blocked on their way to the u.s. about 2000 people were cleared from a village in eastern what amount are on monday as they try to advance towards the border with mexico police used tear gas and batons to stop the crowds moving
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forward some fled into the mountains saying they didn't want to board buses back home. after john heilemann in mexico city so tell us what the latest is on like caravan. and now more than half of the people of this caravan which guatemalan dorothy said was about $6000.00 people so that would make it one of the biggest caravans since this phenomenon began have returned back home don dura sitting together for any 45 kilometers into guatemala before they were stopped by the police and as you said there's other smaller groups now that seem to be trying to make their throat way through guatemala that's the way it's happened or the last couple of caravans actually they've been stopped thoroughly early and then groups have tried to get up to the u.s. border traveling without that mass of people and what sent joe biden's plan to stop people turning up at the southern u.s. border. that's really interesting because
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president trump obviously has had this sort of plan to almost externalized the border with the united states to make mexico really up its security to stop people getting through guatemala as well joe biden what he said is that we have to stop this source we have to stop people having to leave honduras el salvador guatemala country suffering from a lot of violence and a lot of poverty especially after 2 november storms that really left parts of central america devastated so his place $4000000000.00 he said that money's going to come out of what the trump the ministration was doing to try and detain people in the u.s. he's going to instead try to redirect some of that money to try and improve conditions for people the rule of law the economic situation back in their home countries now i think what the question around that is going to be is the fact that he's going to have to partner with the governor with the parties governing those countries if we talk about some of these presidents like president one orlando and
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then this of honduras he at the moment has been accused and it's been alleged by u.s. prosecutors as he's been taking bribes from drug traffickers to get cocaine to the states and that he allegedly said he wanted to stick cocaine's up the gringos knows is another president of the door naive who kelly has been accused of being of thora tarion ism and has been more for a tarion with the time going by in guatemala their congress briefly tried to cut money that was destined for mt to tristian $25000000.00 when they've got one of the worst problems of malnutrition in the world so those are the types of government that joe biden will have to be partnering with in this drive to try and stop the conditions leading to my group leading to migration in the 1st place so i have to see how he's planning to do that and if that plank work done home and thank you very much indeed. brazil has just reported another 62000 cases and
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1192 new deaths this is the country starts its nationwide coronavirus inoculation program after weeks of setbacks for people in my mouse the gateway to the amazon rain forest vaccines can't come soon enough the health system there is on the verge of collapse and oxygen supplies a dwindling want to yaki of is there. the war room was set up in a warehouse where millions of coded 1000 vaccines had been stored on monday health minister it why do we have to give governors the order to distribute them throughout brazil. this is the 1st step towards the largest vaccination campaign in the world this is our mission in the world. but for many families in the northern city of my mouse on the edge of the amazon rain forest the order comes too late. struggled all week to keep her husband alive then the
12:37 am
hospital ran out of oxygen most is what the before doug solution i tried buying an oxygen cylinder but couldn't find one he died because he had no air do you know what it means for a person to try to breathe and not to be able to to beg for air and suffocate he had so many projects for the future now he's gone. in one hour we witnessed 3 burials one after the other by now as had been hard hit by the pandemic in april and quick to recover point that some scientists believed people here had achieved herd immunity the violence of the 2nd wave took them by surprise. this is more than a wave it's a tsunami before the pandemic there were 30 funerals a day during the 1st wave we had $100.00 burials now we have more than $200.00 it's as if we are at war. scientists believe 2 mutated versions of the corona virus
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discovered in man hours have found better ways to pierce the immune system but that is not all so probably what's going on. is news stream. of course if you have more words all those miserable. little lesion beds look a very here a little wary musts liberation going to be aired in man hours people watched on television the vaccines being loaded on military planes or maybe in the air but so is much of brazil's immunization program brazil was counting on 8000000 doses to get off its national immunization program but it's still 2000000 doses short and political infighting continues making the hard task of vaccinating latin america's largest country even more difficult meineke anarky of all just era my mouse.
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the u.s. has the largest number of coronavirus deaths followed by brazil but it's actually the u.k. that has the worst death rate it's just reported its worst daily death toll at 1610 the website our world and data shows the u.k. reporting $16.00 deaths per 1000000 people slightly higher than the czech republic and $16.00 per 1000000 people sweden a 6th worst on $12.00 deaths a u.s. is 13th on the list with just over 10 deaths per 1000000 people just beneath germany . germany's national lockdown has been extended by 2 weeks until mid february the measures were agreed after mass and talks between chancellor angela merkel and the country's 16 state leaders most shops and schools will remain closed until february 14th and employees must be allowed to work from home until mid march infections
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have been decreasing across germany but health officials are concerned about new variants of the virus spreading in the last hour italy's prime minister tzipi conte has won a crucial vote of confidence in parliament's upper house it was triggered after the former prime minister matteo renzi pulled his party from conti's coalition last week over his handling of the coronavirus pandemic a defeat would have forced him to resign throwing the country into political chaos in the midst of a pandemic going to appeal to senators before the vote defending his leadership through the crisis. we mediately took up the challenge of transforming difficulties in to opportunity is aware of the structural deficiencies of our country we lay the foundations for the site super launch of growth creating an environment more fiber a goal for private investment more inclined to research and innovation focusing the construction and strengthening of the skills. uganda has accused the u.s.
12:41 am
of trying to blatantly meddle in last week's disputed presidential election it comes after washington's ambassador to come pollard tried to visit opposition leader bobby wine who says president during the 70s reelection was fraudulent why has been under house arrest since the weekend uganda's government spokesman has accused u.s. ambassador natalie e brown of attempting to subvert the will of the people catherine story has more from kampala. the u.s. has been very critical of this election process from the very start even before polling day. us said it's not going to observe these elections because the electoral commission has refused to accredit most of its observers they said that the embassy here said that the election process has been deeply flawed locks transparency and accountability now about the u.s. ambassador natalie brown she did visit the ones home yesterday she says she just
12:42 am
wanted to go and check on him how he's doing how he's althea's but he was she was blocked by security forces who have besieged his home for a number of days now we have spoken to the government spokesman or foreign or pando who has said that the u.s. is meddling in the political affairs of the country in the electoral process and he said that the ambassador needed to follow the proper diplomatic procedures he said she needed to write a letter to the foreign affairs ministry detailing her intent and then the security apparatus needed to be informed now that puts a lot of question people are asking so is bobby wine and a house arrest he has say he is all indications are that he is under house arrest but i have spoken to security officials who are very careful about what arrests they're saying he's not and are under house arrest what they have done is provided
12:43 am
a cover to prevent any plans of violence the most ration or any plans of riots. i witness videos a revealed the extent of the damage caused by militia attacks in sudan over the weekend the footage shows multiple houses burned to the ground and one still on fire in the west are for central committee for sudan's doctors at least 159 people were killed and 200 wounded in the attacks there. at least 15 people have been killed and maimed 40000 forced from their homes as floods affected villages in indonesia's south kalimantan province heavy rains battered the region for more than a week bursting river banks and submerging towns environmental groups say deforestation to make way for palm oil plantations and mining is making things worse just to washington reports from jakarta. in indonesia's south
12:44 am
kalimantan province on the island of borneo heavy rain has lashed these villages and towns for days tens of thousands of people have been evacuated some choosing to stay put so you know one has been sleeping outside his house for nearly a week it's the 1st time he's experienced a flood when they get banged up on was it not that i have to stay here to look after my belongings people might steal them night also i have to watch in case the electricity short circuits flooding is common in indonesia during the monsoon season but this year 11 of the 13 districts in some time have been inundated song for the 1st time ever been through on them i need help the basics like food we cannot work right now and my husband hasn't been able to work because of covert 19 evacuation centers are operating around affected areas but volunteers say their resources are stretched that would be what got much out of that but we need blankets for the elderly we only have 3 we need food for them and for the toddlers
12:45 am
are also lacking medicine. some of those here are suffering from diarrhea and skin infections caused by contaminated water. and many say they don't know what they'll do when they return to their houses but the devil knows that all my possessions are gone the water in my house is chest height president joke over dodo visited the area earlier in the week. this is a major flood that may not have occurred in soft and for more than 50 years due to heavy rainfall but environmental groups say land degradation and the forest station is making the floods worse we are not but these floods are particularly bad because from the total $3700000.00 hectares of land in south column mention 50 percent is already burdened by mining and pommelled plantations. for him and this crisis isn't just about rain but the mismanagement and just to get washington out to sea or to
12:46 am
come to a thai court has handed a record 43 year jail sentence to a woman for insulting the king the form a civil servant to has been identified and is and chan was found guilty on 29 counts of violating thailand's strict laws against criticizing the want to keep rights groups say she posted or do clips on social media ongoing protests in thailand according to the monarchy to be reformed and the political system of the whole world. so i didn't really think it through and was too confident and not being careful enough to realize it at the time that it wasn't appropriate this is a big lesson for me. it's got hardly has more from the thai capital bangkok looks like they're making an example of her yet 43 years the longest sentence for these of oil defamation laws here very very strict the strictest in the world and what's
12:47 am
interesting is that there's a pattern to this usually when there they go through this fairly lengthy court process this is been going on for about 6 years now usually toward the end when there is a sentencing there's negotiations on a term sentence and then a girl guilty plea is submitted and usually that sentences have been that's what we've been seeing here 43 years the longest term sentence i should say before this was 35 years so yes that's what it is she's going to serve if she serves that entire time that would be left to be determined we know that sometimes there will be some clemency and that they will be released early but right now it's clear that they're making they the establishment both the monarchy and the government here is making a sending a message by the sentencing today. the greek parliament has been debating whether to extend its territorial waters to 12 nautical miles around 22 kilometers from its western shores it's due to vote on the move on wednesday it's an apparent show of strength as it prepares to resume talks with turkey on energy rights in the eastern
12:48 am
mediterranean and as john psaropoulos reports from greece's southern peloponnese region the 2 issues are closely related. hopefully is the name of the town meaning the city of aries the ancient god of war in greek mythology it was here 200 years ago this year that the greek war of independence from the ottoman empire began as greece prepares to celebrate that bicentennial it is again extending its sovereignty this time out to sea under the united nations law of the sea coastal states may extend their territorial waters to 12 nautical miles from shore greece is now doing so off its west coast facing italy and warns that it will do the same in the aegean sea facing turkey well yet again on your worst measuring everyone here feels that greece is standing up to its full height for the 1st time in its history i think it should happen of all of greece as coastline this is cape town
12:49 am
out on the 3rd the most tip of mainland greece where the ionian and the a.g. and things meet on the far side of this peninsula in the ionian is where greece has to extend its territorial waters to 12 nautical miles from shore and on this side of the peninsula in the a-g. and greece is to maintain territorial water 6 nautical miles for now that's because turkey has threatened war should greece apply the law of the sea in the aegean giving it control of 72 percent of its waters turkey is among a minority of nations that haven't signed the law of the sea greece and turkey nearly went to war last summer over a different type of maritime zone the continental shelf which extends beyond territorial waters and next week they will restart talks stalled for 4 years on determining the boundaries of the continental shelf greece insists its territorial water will not be under discussion and its extension in the ionian now is meant to
12:50 am
underline that if you enter the negotiations under the present arrangement of 6 not . without putting on the table the possible extension. it's as if you accept that any agreement in any arrangement in delimitation will start from 6 so that it is actually giving up your rights to 12 if the greeks believe they have the right up to stand up to trial they have to put it on the table now they have to say so because that's what you are going to negotiate relations between greece and turkey have entered a difficult and confrontational phase in which even admitting what is under discussion is a delicate matter the fundamental question however is whether the law will prevail over any threats of violence jumps out open us al jazeera in the southern peloponnese. so i had this news out in sport india secure a famous test series win over australia. and the world's number one tennis player
12:51 am
enjoys some free entertainment while in current team in australia sent us here with stories.
12:52 am
about his son not with his bald. thank you very much lauren all the drill for next month's club world cup in qatar has just been made african champions of egypt will take on a home team. the drill that took place at fifa headquarters in switzerland the tournament to open oh will be on february the full thread between mexico and asian
12:53 am
champions league winners that you'll send him event had been due to take place last yeah but it was delayed due to coronavirus. consummation of that drill following the woodrell of oakland city. most directly into round 2 european champions by munich and the winners of south america. will join the tournament at the semifinal stage while sports broadcaster russia. says that this is an event that such a huge importance to african football well it is a very big deal for african. woke up because this is an opportunity to play against the very best of sides and this year specifically because you have an athlete this is a very very ambitious team at the always one to be in everything from it to every competition that they have as you know they have an on going back to against their
12:54 am
arkwright was which team has the most trophies so obviously it's a long shot to say that in the book i woke up but it's worth trying you know i mean to be nice and it went all the way to the final in 2010 they're losing to into the line but they can do the same they have a very good quality side can you imagine if you're playing again liverpool and this is just give you an example of a blow by and you need for example these are very big teams and you have their fans and scouts watching those particular game so when that attention is grabbed you want to play your very best. well form of the whole player mario has signed up for italian. milan equation has been out of the game for 6 months since ending his contract in qatar last july 4th time title we're now with the event as the 34 year old will not be teaming up with another veteran strikers latin prohibits india have sailed a dramatic 21 test series
12:55 am
a win over australia the tourists chased down a victory target of 328 on the final day in brisbane to take the 4th and deciding match ponta i was the hero scoring $89.00 not out it's a massive turnaround for india they lost the 1st test them played at most of the series without captains or at kohli who was on to turn to leave but i wouldn't want someone who steers in my eyes were. so here's my case because this isn't really what these guys. will go down in history is a lot you want to read a series of. well then you know there may be 9 players or not i think i should but what's simmering debt and some very skewed ball isn't very. yasmine now why did. cricket right and the garage go up for this says this has been
12:56 am
serious that will live long in the memory. tremendous result as new head coach reaches yesterday said that this would be one of those who read just series talked about and he's right he said it's all especially after india in 2800 different b. to defeat the one was used to wonder back then but question marks were asked about australia being not so strong but this time australia had the best fast bowling and the best batsman and yet they ended up using in their home soil as for india this is like or turn around a new chapter starting and go or so it was so much drama it was so most notable i mean to imagine that the test series was won in the dying minutes just of just about less than 10 minutes or something meaning or a few hours later go. on to was just 23 years old he hits that winning stroke and dicks in your home it was like one of the best find me say battles on a cricket field 2 more tennis players have tested positive for corona virus ahead
12:57 am
of the australian open all competitors are in some form of corn tina in the build up to the 1st grand slam of the season most competitors are able to practice outside every day but positive cases on 3 flights to australia have forced 72 plays into full quarantine it means that they're not allowed to leave their hotel rooms for 2 weeks. well organizers rejected their requests from world number one know that the joke of it is to relax quarantine rules but the server has been provided with some free entertainment to young players that took the chance to show off their skills outside his hotel room in adelaide. and that's a sport for me i hand you back to lauren and london. so now thank you very much indeed and that's it for me you know and for this news out of iraq in a moment with another full run of the day's news thanks for watching.
12:58 am
when the news breaks the next few days our coastal security forces have been deployed heavy in hot water like this one when people need to be caught our demands have to be fulfilled by the government and benefit all the families leave the other 2 but the other far mostly other state colleges iraq has teams on the ground this is the insurrection that president trump is accused of fueling to bring the moon documentaries and light news. when investigating crime
12:59 am
an admission of guilt is the ultimate corroboration. or is it there are tactics that can be used to get innocent people to confess to crimes they didn't commit witness explores the shocking phenomenon of people incriminating themselves the person who falsely contrast actually came to believe the lie that they were told about their own behavior false confession on al-jazeera. when a parent loses their child to a terminal illness. they often feel that they've taken on the weight of the world. but mr huang is determined to find out what caused his daughter's death and brought him such heartache. the story of a committed parent turned activist a father's protest part of the viewfinder asia's series on al-jazeera.
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played important role protecting it with. ringback the. the u.s. death toll from covert 19 riches 400000 people a memorial is due to be held this hour for the victims it comes on president trumps the last full day in office as washington prepares for an inauguration day like no other. an architect of this is our 0 live from london.


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