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and when you leave with a smile we know our day's work is down cats are a welcome to our home. paul and i'm told stories asia and the pacific i'm out to see if. we can get through this mess overnight it's going to take more interest to turn things around joe biden paints a grim picture of america's battle with the coronavirus signing executive orders and blasting the dismal failure of his predecessor. barbara starr you're watching al-jazeera live from london also coming up. twin
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suicide blasts at a crowded market in the iraqi capital baghdad killing at least 32 people and leave more than 100 wounded at least 100000 people are forced from their homes after rebel attacks in central african republic following last month's disputed elections and the earthquake survivors and he didn't see a say they are running out of essential supplies as authorities struggle to breach the. u.s. president joe biden has used this 1st full day in office to sign a raft of executive orders designed to bring the coronavirus pandemic under control the disease has already claimed more than 400000 american lives and biden warned that that number could reach 500005 next month among the measures signed into law all passengers flying into the u.s.
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will have to present a negative coronavirus test and undergo a mandatory quarantine period by then is also invoking that the fence production act to ramp up supplies for vaccination testing and personal protective equipment but he warned it will not be a quick fix. we get to dismiss overnight which could take months to turn things around but let me be equally clear we will get through this we will defeat is paid. into an issue waiting for action let me be clear on this point help is on the way to day to day. strategy. and executive action is to be to spend them. on mike hanna joins us live now from washington all of this my good president biden has wasted no time in getting to grips with the pandemic or trying to anyway but he has had some harsh words for the actions of his predecessor. well certainly that wasn't divided rick criticism any
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dimension is pretty decisive by name but the tone of president biden's remarks clearly indicated the disappointment that he and his administration feel in the lack of planning that had been conducted by the previous administration one offered ministrations sources that when they asked their previous s's for an anti pandemic plan this simply wasn't one we heard from the speaker of the house saying that the cupboard is bare so to speak the promised vaccine rollout they are just not sufficient supplies of vaccine so essentially as the speaker of the house said the biden administration is almost starting from scratch so a major issue now joe biden his campaign since the election that its 1st priority would be to combat the pandemic and he has issued the slew of executive orders aimed at doing precisely that now underlying all of this is
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a wider concept and that is a stablish in some kind of centralized federal plan which there hasn't been in the past the states will still take the pandemic head on but biden is looking for greater funding for the states greater federal assistance for them importantly to he's looking at improving the flow of vaccine and the production of vaccine also elements like syringes for example he's invoking the national defense procurement act precisely to produce more syringes for the administration of the vaccine other executive orders deal with safety in schools how to open them safely safety in the workplace and as you mentioned new travel restrictions a covert certificate for any travelers coming into the u.s. and then a mandated quarantine and also very importantly the 1st executive order that president biden signed dealt with a national mosque a mandate on federal property expanded on this today explaining how. all the mosque
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mandate would work still some lack of clarity in terms of the federal government's power to enforce this right across but certainly it would appear that on federal property at least this is being in force by then saying very clearly that wearing a mosque is the single most important thing that americans can do to combat the pandemic and michael little aisha we also heard from dr anthony found she who i think describes himself as liberated and certainly was refreshing to see him hold a news conference the way he did what did he have to say. well dr. number of issues one of them looking at the variance that you've got of the coronavirus looking into south africa brazil the u.k. explaining to the american public how this was impact on vaccines for example confirming that a variant of the virus the u.k. variant of the virus is in more than 20 states making very clear though that this
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does not increase the danger of getting very ill but it may well spread the transmission more easily dr. maybe the reference to his experiences of the past but as you said there was a sense of renewed purpose with 1 may put it that way in dr prachi coming back into the public focus again remembering that he's been sidelined for a large number of months now by the trip administration but this is what dr prachi had to say. it was very clear that there were things that were said. regarding things like a drug c. clora quinn and other things like that that really was uncomfortable because they were not based on scientific fact i can tell you i take no pleasure at all in being in a situation of contradicting the president so it was really something that you didn't feel that you could actually say something and there wouldn't be any repercussions about it the idea that you can get up here and talk about what you know what the
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evidence what the sciences know that's it let the science speak it is somewhat of a liberating feeling. now it's important to note that one of the executive orders that president biden signed yesterday was reinstating the membership of the world health organization by the united states and this is move quickly dr felt free early in the day held a virtual briefing with members of the w.h.o. as the u.s. seeks to expand its position within the organization once again as a way of combating the pandemic both within the united states and further afield i can i with the latest from washington mike thank you. one of the 1st executive order is signed by president joe biden was for the u.s. to rejoin the paris climate accord biden has appointed john kerry a special climate envoy on his 1st day in office he said he wants to speed up the
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carbonized sation around the world. it is clear. that the meeting is. we will. 'd we really. were not. reason 'd. to ready. do. is. speak now to $400.00 young mean the she is a climate change lawyer and then expert advisor at the climate vulnerable forum she joins us via skype from london madame sank you so much for being with us here on al-jazeera i am assuming that among you and your colleagues in your sector in general there must be a lot of relief about the fact that the u.s. has now very joined at the paris climate accord us with the line to the u.s. back you know the u.s. is the world's largest economy
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a huge emitter in its own right and you know not being in the paris agreement was was dampening ambition and making the world economy not go far in the right direction so it's very welcome news but the fact that a country that as you point out was as important on this issue as the u.s. was not. my and our i hope you can hear me have if you can how damaging though has it be that the u.s. has not been part of this potion that president former president trump obviously wasn't really a full believer in in the way that it's a manmade change for 1 am mean can you hear me hello unfortunate we seem to have some sound. you can hear me ok so how damaging let let me repeat. that
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a k how damaging has it been that the u.s. has not been part of the paris climate accord. it's been very damaged and jay i hope you can hear me. you know. i didn't trump what a lot of his cabinet and his thinking was to promote fossil fuels that there was a great deal of thought. resources being spent on the existing economy business as usual and he tore apart lots of domestic legislation protecting the environment in the u.s. as well as you know not doing its fair share on climate action so you know the last 4 years have been deeply damaging and deeply divisive and that's another reason why it's very welcome news that climate action will be a central plant of the new administration under joe biden so what kind of action would you like the u.s.
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to take straight away. well it's already joint paris which is very welcome news but from a vulnerable country perspective we would really like urgent 2030 ambitious targets from that year from the u.s. and for the u.s. to drive every country to have a much higher levels around. the current target been submitted so far still take us beyond the paris limits of 2 degrees they're nowhere near the 1.5 and we would also like the us to start using some of its leadership to help but nable countries adapt and to meet the costs of loss and damage that is now coming from climate impacts so both are celebrating their mitigation the reduction of greenhouse gases as well as helping now other countries adapt to the consequences of delay i mean one country for example cd just in december you know sought a massive like loan and you know has had around 1300000000 worth of losses you know
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is huge damage to roads schools houses and this is happening all over the world and the u.s. the u.s. needs to do its share to help these countries and climate change as you highlight is one of the challenges of our lifetime right now it's coinciding with the coronavirus pandemic how much the saying that the pandemic has taken perhaps the spotlight away from from the climate change issue. it has obviously taken attention away you know all governments have to put health 1st but i think in their response to you know putting together their economies there's a huge opportunity to make sure all the financial stimulus packages in fact are greening the economy that they're improving quality that you know their you know making sure that cars are the pollution from cars is phased out all of these are
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linked to in fact health issues so i think you know the recovery provides us with an opportunity to make very rock gains in the way in which we turn our occur. and wait we now start at least expensive and towards cleaner cleaner solutions and again that's something that the bottle of mr ation has understood that protecting health creating green jobs creating green investments generates you know be cleaner much healthier way than what we had to thaw for honey i mean climate change lawyer an expert advisor at the climate vulnerable forum at madame thank you for having joined us and apologies to the viewers for some of the sound glitches there.
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at least 32 people have been killed and more than 100 others injured in the twin suicide bombing in central baghdad the incident in a market is the most violent incident there in 3 years so wonderful to have reports there from the iraqi capital. grief and shock in baghdad market after the deadliest suicide attack in years some people pick through charred clothes in search of human remains others like sit in silence to guard the bloodstone urgent eyes of friends who lost their lives he wasn't around when the explosion went off but arrived minutes later to find the dead fish honest before so why do they target these markets all of them are. people they sell this for less than a dollar why did these people have to die it was a sunny cold winter day when 2 suicide bombers targeted the busy market on thursday morning killing more than 30 people and wounding more than 100 hasan has
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a shop tucked away in a side street and escaped the carnage. it happened in the morning there was a young man he came here and pretended as if he fell down he wore a big jacket to help build him 4 men came to get him when they tried to carry him he detonated the bomb. as people ran to help the wounded a 2nd bomb exploded no one has claimed responsibility some accuse political parties and their armed factions of stirring tensions but many say the attacks per the hallmarks of eisel. the blast comes just a week after the u.s. conference of it had cut its troop levels in iraq to 2500 citing gains in the fight against eisel in recent years i saw sleeper cells have resorted mainly to get our style tactics targeting security forces and civilians in rural areas but have been unable to pull off major attacks in towns. yet officials admit iraqi security
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forces lack the expertise to fight the insurgency and. after speaking with military and security officials i now know we are still lacking training experts weapons and also the need to share intelligence why am i saying this simply because i saw or certain i saw the rings are still active and on the move in iraq namely an island on the outskirts of card. also on some terrorist groups still have a firm presence in iraq. attacks were common before i saw territorial in 2017 but there have been few since then many fear that this twin bombing could herald the return of instability to iraq's capital as the country heads to words elections in october this year. within hours of the attacks mourners were carrying the coffins of 2 of the victims through the square. their anger
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fueled by the government's inability to prevent an attack it says it knew was coming the government has promised to investigate the bombings but few here expect anyone will be brought to justice want to fulton al jazeera but that. still to come on al-jazeera uganda's opposition star bobby wine is left to wait as his lawyers go out to fight his house arrest crossing continents tens of thousands of people flock to florida to get a fax. lived there. we got more very heavy rain pushing it in the possible straight this time it is up
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across the northwest. towards came early as well and this is where we have developed tropical cyclon olu because that's going to face some very heavy rain and say northern parts of western australia sink further south was inland as we go on through friday same weather race and they just around the north of queensland and that's diminishing as what was tropical cyclone kimi continues to fade out of the way a few showers into eastern parts of new south wales just around the eastern side of queensland but that's was a southeast it's warm dry and sunny and we'll see temperatures not light touching 39 celsius by saturday afternoon that's out west the weather across the northwest of us still going up to 26 celsius in perth little colder than it has been recently was a similar temperature across the ditch into new zealand crushing around 27 degrees but pieces of plaid and rain coming in and we got right making its way into southern policy japan over the next couple of days we are losing the snow one place
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to say the snow has been stuck with us for many days many weeks now we'll see it turning a little go through friday come saturday the northern parts of japan but very wet to the south. and for me to the poles good kids are renowned for their courage on the phone. when i want to east find out what it takes to join the elite brigade. on al-jazeera. play an important role in protecting human. face. the on the.
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back is a reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera it was president joe biden has signed 10 executive's orders to tackle the coronavirus pandemic he announced plans to ramp up supplies for vaccinations and says passengers flying through the u.s. will require a test before flying and they will need to quarantine on arrival u.s. house speaker nancy pelosi says former president donald trump's articles of impeachment will be sent to the senate soon trump was impeached just days before the end of his term for inciting a riot have capitol hill several people were killed. at least 32 people have been killed in twin suicide bombings at a busy market in the iraqi capital no one has claimed responsibility but the
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government is blaming eyesore. at least 100000 people have been forced from their homes after rebel attacks in central african republic during last month's disputed elections opposition politicians say the vote was rigged and the rebel coalition outside the capital says president today and his government must go. gay were civilians bearing the brunt of the violence. hoped digging for gold would pay for his education he worked at a mine in the bush here in the central african republic. motorbike to get there on his way home he says militia held him up stole it and then told him to lie face down on the ground he refused. them if you want to kill me to my face as you were talking. to screaming.
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so he should the other then i couldn't walk anymore. the bones in mores legacy shattered with it his plan to study. he was a passer by. this hospital in the capital. it's run by the charity doctors without borders. the manager says many others so lucky the armed groups who want to overthrow the government control most of the country or wondered if maybe some hundreds or even 1000 people we do not have any right to groups and dream discount of because playlist where everybody is more in the bush and are not able to stay in the villages i think that's all the kind of care is limited. the violence escalated before during and after elections held last month political opposition say they were rigged un peacekeepers russian mercenaries and when the troops
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support the government. and a bit of territory around it is one of the few parts of the country that's firmly under the control of the foreign forces that support the government the city sits on the banks of the river. more than a 10th of central africans have fled the violence the neighboring countries most of them across the river to the democratic republic of congo on the other side inside the country more than half of its 5000000 people are in urgent need of humanitarian assistance and hundreds of thousands have fled their homes. sandrine natalie is one of them she told us nothing is more terrifying than waking up to find yourself in the middle of a battle when you're 7 months pregnant now she staying here at a relative's house also a 5 in the morning i was woken up by the sound of heavy weapons they were shooting rockets he did my room traumatised i didn't know what to do with situation. i
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took my children and walked for 6 hours to get to hospital. the current crisis here began 8 years ago when armed groups overthrew the government of the time. when these people fled their homes they've been living on the plastic sheeting ever since the conflict has continued for as long and so has its devastating effect on people's lives. 0 central african republic lawyers for uganda's opposition leader have gone to court to try and end to his house arrest bobby weiner has been prevented from leaving his home after declaring victory in last week's disputed election official results show that your team was 71 a 6th term in office but the opposition says the election was marred by widespread fraud and violence will be wined says he and his wife have run out of food while the u.s. ambassador was blocked from visiting on monday 70 has now been in power for 35
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years heavy rain is hindering efforts to get aid to survivors of a powerful earthquake in indonesia sulawesi island thousands of people have been forced from their homes jessica washington reports from jakarta. island assume away see these villages are trying to shelter under simple tarpaulins after their homes were destroyed by a $6.00 magnitude earthquake and the sri is worried they running out of essential such as a 5 asked why we need milk and baby food you see the conditions the poor children these are not conditions for children makeshift camps like this one have sprung up around west so the way i see it authorities are struggling to get aid to all of them. closer to the city center evacuation centers are better resourced president joko widodo visited one this week and pledged support for the affected areas.
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as for the collapsed houses the government will provide help for those that were heavily damaged. but some were not reassured by the president's words rebuilding the city is not the priority for many as they scramble for food and clean water and in the. we are lacking clean water diapers milk and blankets it is so cold here during the night local n.g.o.s and workers from government agencies say the heavy rain and challenging geography of the area makes it difficult to access some communities far from the city center oh. that was the 1st we need more tense for them the weather is so unpredictable sometimes it rains sometimes it's really hard and at night the wind is so strong and cold. indonesia's disaster management agency is working with hundreds of military personnel and volunteers to reach these makeshift shelters in remote areas or me. or
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together with the police and military we are delivering aid to those isolated places with helicopters to the places we haven't reached yet we are using heavy machinery to open access to deliver the aid that takes time but we are trying our best. and code 19 travel restrictions have only added to complications on the ground with fewer volunteers to help. just 2021 in tunisia. across the country meteorologists stream weather could last until the end of february and has the potential. for washington. at least 5 people have died in india after a fire broke out of the world's largest vaccine manufacturer the blaze broke out in a building under construction to boost any factual of covert $1000.00 vaccines the sea room institute of india says production will not be affected while the local
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government says an electrical fault may have been behind the fire. health officials in the u.s. state of florida are clamping down on so-called covert 19 vaccine tourism the move comes after reports of people over the age of 65 traveling to the state to get vaccinated from canada argentina and even india and the gallagher reports from miami. with over 1500000 cases in around 25000 deaths florida has been hit hard by the code 19 pandemic those over the age of 65 a demographic that makes up 20 percent of the population account for a majority of the fatalities here many are outraged that people reportedly from as far afield as canada india and argentina where vaccine access is more limited a flying in and taking advantage of the state's vaccination program it's especially galling for those facing delays amid reports that as many as 40000 out of state
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people have already received their 1st dose people are clamoring to get this vaccine one way or the other. where ever they have to go to get it state officials say they're putting a stop to so-called vaccine tourism despite originally opening up the an occupation program to anyone 65 or older now we do have part time residents who are here all winter they go to doctors here whatever and that's fine but we don't want is people tourists foreigner if you look some of these hospitals have foreign clients and that's why you have a couple of people that were in the news for this. but we want to put seniors 1st but we obviously want to put people to live here 1st in line one nursing home in west palm beach is being investigated following reports that wealthy donors in country club members received vaccines ahead of residents and staff it's hope new rules requiring people to prove their florida residency will put an end to the kind
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of tourism many here don't want the state's governor is playing down the number of people that traveled here to get vaccines claiming it's a sign of florida success in rolling out the program for those still facing delays who have serious health concerns it's emblematic of a rollout many see as too slow and problematic and agalloch are al-jazeera miami florida. tonight. time now for a reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera u.s. president joe biden has used his 1st full day in office to sign a raft of executive orders designed to bring the coronavirus pandemic under control among the measures signed into law all passengers flying into the u.s. will have to present a negative coronavirus test and undergo a mandatory quarantine period biden is also invoking the defense.


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