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and people who want to work with that. you're very welcome but we don't respond to threats. it's not just australia that talk to google the french competition authority has ordered the company to negotiate with french publishes and did a landmark agreement on thursday google is now paying news publications that could challenge the power until the tech giants and governments assailed who gets paid. the al-jazeera. hello again the headlines on al-jazeera donald trump 2nd impeachment trial has been delayed until february and this follows an agreement between the senate majority leader chuck schumer and republican leader mitch mcconnell the former president is accused of inciting an insurrection after encouraging his supporters to march on the capitol building earlier this month president joe biden has signed 2 executive
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orders to help families hit hard by the covert 1000 pandemic biden is looking for a bipartisan support in congress to pass a stimulus package worth $1.00 trillion dollars i don't believe democrats or republicans are going hungry and losing jobs i believe americans are going hungry and losing their jobs and we have the tools to fix it. we have the tools to get through this we have the tools to get this virus under control and our economy back on track and we have the tools to help people so much use the tools. use them now a retired army general has become the 1st african-american pick to be u.s. defense secretary lloyd austin who will run the pentagon says he is committed to rooting out the growing threat of domestic extremism in the country. britain's prime minister is warning that the coronavirus variant found in the u.k.
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is not only more contagious but could be more deadly the news comes just as infection rates began to drop but boris johnson says britain counts consider unlocking until the government is confident the vaccination program is protecting the population belgium is banning residents from taking non-essential trips abroad it's an effort to stop the spread of the more contagious covert $1000.00 variants restriction goes into effect on monday and will stay in place until march the ban comes after leaders agreed to keep borders open to essential transport but left it up to member states to take further measures the un's refugee agency says the number of people displaced by violence in africa the region has now passed 2000000 it says humanitarian teams are now dangerously overstretched and is appealing for more international help well the check of the headlines at the top of the hour for now it's inside story thanks for watching.
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a truth commission to scrutinize france's colonial past in algeria although the initiative is backed by president emanuel micron he's refusing to apologize for abuses committed during the country's occupation that's angering many algerians so is reconciliation possible without repentance this is inside story.
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hello and welcome to the program. algerian war of independence lasted from 1904 to 1962 and was one of the world's bloodiest conflicts as former powers colonized the algerian government says more than 1000000 of its people were killed french historians estimate up to 400000 died france's bitter exit from algeria expose divisions that live on in both countries to this day in areas from immigration and muslims rights to religious expression to the rise of the political far right we'll discuss all this with our panel of guests in just a moment but 1st here's barbara and gold has report. calling for a reconciliation of memories president emanuel mccrum is setting up a truth commission to investigate france's colonial past analogy area but has rejected calls for an apology the decision follows a report by a french historian commissioned by mccrone that described the never ending memory war between the 2 countries squishes fear sickness of 4 yet there are 2 things i
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hope from this report the 1st thing is the general message of the report namely that the circulation of memories really exists that people can understand each other that the french understand what the algerian experience was and that they all jerry and also into and to what was the french history of the algerian war of course this was. the report suggests the commission should hear testimony from this has suffered during a curious 70 a war of independence that ended in 1962 and says the portrayal of french colonial rule in schools should be overhauled but the proposals avoided comment on systematic torture of military detainees and suspects carried out by french forces it was policy president machen acknowledged for the 1st time in 2018 many algerians at criticizing france's refusal to issue an official apology the algerian government's reaction has been muted and that source have been condemned by bottles
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and we do not like france and this brutal colonialism has not recognised its crimes and it has committed important crimes one and a half 1000000 martyrs have been killed among our people the algerian state must strike hard because the algerians are not satisfied. france will not apologize as we know and the reason why it will not apologize or that it's afraid of having to pay large financial compensation. the establishment of the commission creates a political tightrope walk for emanuel mccrone given that about 5000000 people with ties to our geria live in france they include immigrants and their families to war veterans and french citizens who settled in colonial algeria and their views and questions over identity and integration going back to the algerian war will continue to be a strong and contentious force in french politics and society barbara and group are for inside story.
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all right let's bring in our guests are now here art is the chief foreign correspondent at le figaro joining me from paris use of the and l. is professor of political science and international relations at qatar university and also in paris. a sociologist and researcher at school of advanced studies in the social sciences there welcome to the program use of let me start with you today this report says its purpose is to achieve a reconciliation but it also ruled out france issuing an apology for the past from your vantage point can there be reconciliation without an apology. when it's been a bit difficult to achieve a conciliation who have bowed to the bullets but it could be achieved if for those guys as it's. close it is committed in the actually over the a bit of a 100 of them to 2 years i would say that this meat ball to buddy above us have
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been jimmy stewart up who was in the boat in the engine he is a specialist in the moat of the can basically is a very good study indeed president but call of would be called not related for being the 1st president to walk into this minefield because shivah the presidents before him never wanted to book to show you what they told the democrats on since 2017 house felt that to make overtures towards and to look into the history between the 2 comes right now you heard use of there he was talking about the fact that president mccrone is the 1st french president to wade into this minefield as he called it obviously previous presidents did not mr micron he commissioned this report he is now going to create a commission based on the recommendations of the report how politically risky is
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this for him. sort of all i want to see the french or colonel presence there well and will he trust you have a 3rd of a war to conquer and do 'd the hard work of loose colony of turkey or will you stumble or consent to go. where a person where where committed and then there was. a near death there became a great fear of clowns and was given tension in the region 'd there and so far and there we are jews on the visit not only with. a lot of. people are you know what seem to be happening with with the 1st rule leader of the taliban and then of course if you call it war started
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a war with anons which started. against french schoolteachers that are nothing to do with the army or life. and and then in the repression of recent direction the defense army did. some actually do it and altered order when. only in a 58 when. our. but of course also a lot of adversities we're committed. to repair our. gains furnished millions they're also working a lot of their views a lot of innocent lives you know after the war after the peace was. signing if you are in 62 where i do this and french you can decide who are currently the in so that. you not.
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abide by their promises. and they massacre. what we call. our opinions where all this arab fighting with the french. so so if france would apologize i mean. that. did a good french people but also a lot is other. people so this is this is all doing really well. you know as you know when you look at a nation with some pirates it's. all it will all get somebody to begin to look at i think there are 3 and then the war 'd was wrong from the start i received. it. and from europe
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it. discovered or. left everything all. the way 50 years the we had generals rule all country you datable it. may be that the. arab leaders aren't you know that's not want to talk about how they ruled. the country let me have me all right now let me follow up with you on the point that you're on the point you're making right now because i want to ask iman a question related to some of what you were saying as well i mean in 2018 mr my chronic knowledge the widespread use of torture by french forces now geria that had not happened before in 2017 mr micron called france's colonization of algeria a crime against humanity that was startling at the time if he's gone that far 'd
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already there's an argument to be made about why not just go ahead and apologize. well i think we need to enter back a bit the debate and give more context of people who are listening to or to west 1st these are french reports that means that is not a come on for us between france and altering up deciding that we agree on their past everything that future is a french and a report later just specific conversations of math problems dates and also to the specific human debates that are going on facts that are trying to that somehow worrying about yet impact of colin that isn't and then call your arguments independent the base in fairness and there hasn't been a mess to really use it's all to really think about the algae and work in relationship with the colonisation then we just. felt in fact that
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radical islamists are people in disservice from algae and descents for example do not know well the ology and fragile dispatch algerians to release and then need to somehow carry down the debates in order to challenge out the club additional old order the presence of these genes inheritance in fence so this is far from the framework of the debate now i think that this issue of new parents and pull g.'s that's something that is again very much related to france itself and the fact that fans remains if i can put it that place reports to mildly attached judiciary benson's and apologies the more you have it has happened and we have it doesn't know it it is giving birth to chew and boards and cinnamon 1st doing so because the argent regime between brackets has not asked for its on report time has
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not come in should i. and then it got a group of historians. this terrorist there is just an out and if not that mediation sometimes how is having 2 important consequences 1st it's a low radio generation to come to new age of p.r. how does so b. founder all the option to marry me holy shit relation in relation to this and he's also encouraging the french extrem iraq moments to join him does the date and that's not really french will actually all right let's take a look at the role of truth commissions for a moment truth commissions have been set up in more than 40 countries to encourage resolution following conflict many are based on a model created in south africa in 1962 years after the end of apartheid that commission gathered testimony about abuses to start a process of national healing liberia set one up in 2006 to investigate crimes committed during one of the worst civil wars in africa's history but its
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recommendations have remained largely and implemented among on syria's neighbors morocco has had one since 2004 it was created to end abuses by the security forces under king house and the 2nd about 18500 people have been compensated but none accused of torture have ever been pursued and in tunisia a commission was set up in 2014 to look into the dictatorship of zenda i've been idly by 2018 it had passed nearly 200 cases to the judicial authorities yousif let me ask you this how would this commission compare to those established in other countries in the wake of conflict. well the i mean the benjamin story of a pause these particular of the commission i would say each work in progress obviously they want to find out what happened because the journey his plea is not written the property or at least as far as the wall is concerned who committed what and how so there are laws in dispute bottler so many issues that
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would be. covered obviously the up posi has been excluded and it has never been short of it at all to extend it meant for the other julian authorities it is a puppet of the man from the average algerian they want an apology from france despotic italy paul click localized a set of them take for instance the assassination of other people mentioned which is a good step to sell and after that these politic couldn't commissions the hearth uncovered what they need to look up what they spoke i mean that benjamin starter for instance spoke about to did nuclear tests in the south of judea for instance that these appealed from bought fighters on and so forth it's only when the good truth is know when the decision will be made.
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what are the images it could be in the form of a policy it could be deportable of naming and shaming we know who did what for these days when we talk about the assassination of the great lobby been made the which has always been a secret but the french open it is and it's only recently that the lobby been t.d.c. sort of went to florence and met the basically the french general who executed him. i mean we've we know about this with not about this for the book. that is also all of these so it's on i guess it's only when we know what pup and exactly then we can think all we can the best what that anybody should be should be made right now you were mentioning in your previous answer the issue of atrocities committed during the war so i want to ask you president macross office
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said he would follow the recommendation to create a memories and truth commission does that mean that you expect that there will be testimonies that will be heard from people who suffered during the war yet it would be. well i mean he story is only as good to be written and yet general many to. live so you should have. at least 3 of the friends. and not also. rebel of the war. both sides. committed atrocities lays ahead of the be like that's right belayer far out west called. big and you're in a high tech and will kill so many young. innocents the guilty westerner know it so all this and to be written i think it's good to ask your witnesses are
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still alive and to have a. current history of. war very good and also know of and here you are in a spanish prisons in algeria that i said was very well as it is certainly i don't agree with him because michael said in general colonization is a crime against humanity i think it's a good while i am you can see myself ever getting my my gang is bigger than i am what wins. julius caesar i like as the ace of orbiting setting there are nice people but i am personally as again happy that the coalition won't. jurist she's our one in france and then have my school learn latin and to enroll in
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lowell and roman ruins and brooklyn bridges and academics and all this i very personally am happy to every. other ruminants so i think that it's quite a big and will. result that said indeed see that. and that it's true that we need. a history of religion to get genomes and friendship a lot of very good jim english columns intellectuals and it would be very nice to. this history written. to you then you like it from very very popular. dogmatists i didn't know origin or the french public law then so it's good and yes and startling to read. this
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mystery though it was. decided when he said it to be p.c. 62 in the if you know agreement but now why not. write together in storing that you will not have a couple of people and he sat like you will not. commission we have our people in the army because the under no us studies rebels in nigeria in the ninety's and a lot of that really in the region don't accept expect apologies from yoder an army of the under a government who is a prosecutor so you will know you will. let me ask you it's been almost 60 years since the end of the war how much does it continue to strain french algerian ties. look. all fishel new marriages will be
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always used as a way to. ease our has a way to promote a specific agenda on both sides we should getting beyond this of initial instrumental use of the centrality in history to look at one important factor and there's a new generations and both countries now and there's a need to meet this knowledge to the new generation there's a need to long stance somehow on how alj an historic history should beat out on what premises it is for young algy friends who have not been able to visit the country because how julia has also got a very close to the country for the past 30 years young french people who actually believe that call musician is something that's all that's a kind of agreement and correspondence between the 2 generations that's something
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interesting that is not shouldn't maybe too quickly in the report it's nice to think about who wait for all the other new algae and your friends generation to leave them their knowledge of each other it's the thing is we really don't know or at least some are not actual point of view mirror really don't know what didn't want the they will react to these propositions i do not believe that is huge that are important one to simply accept the report is mentioning are really at the heart of their interest for a bunch others so again it really have our having a new generation but i do insist that nothing will be done or will the intell to be done without the participation of geology and regime and the fact that our g.n.p. stari and. hence in a society should be a bit more free you're to trying to deny. it's evident wherever with that house and come to process if you do if you look at the last piece of that has no lat to him
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that for example on hold this will be his this shit young gal he knows i'm not obsessed with the idea of repentance actually that i'm not even more i'm looking up france has fully adult on your power that has a witness account 3 has a few others so there is no mclarty to hear it didn't it is the edges of a new generation that's the only shows have to the full measure and kills the entrance ramp when if it is a psyches and not come come come come try actually meet that exchange angela and she lived there and they're going to leave their reports and they're there and we're all going to their specific political action that's use if we only have a couple of minutes left let me ask you president micron hopes that this report is going to help normalize relations between france and algeria do you think that that can actually happen when the like your guest of the film buttons
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dissolute bullock is one of the side that it would have been incidents for us as officials if you will of the situation and what needs to be done. we have looked at that thing off issue for all the julian government they have a big machine chipping away is basically caught the bug off because i mean stuart up who has not said it and so obviously we would like all of the evidence what you would like the story or does. love hate relationship between flaws and agenda in the world of what equipment you devote about julian pleasant that was said between us and flounced out of mountains of skull and sundry evils of drugs obviously days. medically we need to know more about it i was pretty
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pleased to see him to be brought up that. you could accuse them for school children influenced would be that he just and that would go to the wall it all julia associated with colonialism and so on as a vote shed the light on some so many of the dark secret state called boat up and up at the car eaves and but it might bite is a very very significant step for at least for the government because let's not forget that on the 20 top of publicly 2003 is my lovely well certainly likes the national assembly of. degreed the low doc belief i'd call it is which unfortunately as far as you know usually it is concerned they wanted to get even allies colonialism and demotion was really shocked at 3 times it was in that new 17162020 i think this is
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a very very important step at least in the luggage government work block us would say wait and see all right we've run out of time so we're going to have to leave the conversation there thank you so much to all our guests are not here our use of bow and bell and care and thank you too for watching you can see the program again any time of visiting our website of 0 dot com and for further discussion go to our facebook page that facebook dot com forward slash a.j. inside story you can also join the conversation on twitter our handle is at a.j. inside story from a mom a gentleman the whole team here by phone now. the
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river narin flows through the coldest reaches of kyrgyzstan temperatures here could drop to 20 degrees below 0 this time of year but the driving snow and bitter winter conditions on the enough to keep these men from working on the ice and in the freezing water because the river nari contains gold men from villages along the nile river have been panning for gold a nice area for centuries the best time of year to do it is the winter because the river is lower than your in the summer months these tiny little yellow flanks you can see on don't look much they were around $50.00 a gram. told to own trees there are we heard tell us of in a case where us compensated civilians all we listen to the only music you hear is
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your own the most beautiful music in the world is silence we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matter on the edges their own. play an important role protecting human. ringback face. this is al jazeera i'm dating with a check on your world headlines this 2nd impeachment trial of former u.s. president donald trump is set to begin in the week starting february the 8 he's accused if inciting is siege of the capitol building by a mob of his supporters this month the trial date was finalized under an agreement between senate majority leader chuck schumer and republicans who had asked for a delay to allow trump's team to prepare john hendren has more from washington d.c.
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the 2nd impeachment trial.


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