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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  January 23, 2021 4:00pm-5:01pm +03

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wace. and for me to the point is good because a renowned for their courage under fire. one i want to east finds out what it takes to join the elite brigade. on al-jazeera. be the hero the world needs. washing. this is al-jazeera. i don't think like this is the news on live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes hundreds of protesters are arrested as tens of thousands protests across russia demanding the release of detained opposition leader like you know. a top
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coronavirus vaccine manufacturing cuts its promise deliveries to the e.u. by 60 percent supply chain problems. taiwan says 12 chinese military planes and to the edge of its defense what it's calling the news the launch incursion. u.s. state department is reviewing the terrorist designation imposed on yemen to see rebels during donald trump's final days in office. i'm joining the sports this 6 months to go until the taking lympics northern ice are insisting it will go ahead despite pandemic and sounds. so we begin in russia where at least $800.00 people have been detained during mass protests to monitor the release of the kremlin critic alexina valmy that includes his wife. posted about had the tension from inside the police for the
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demonstrations were called after the opposition leader was arrested last week on his return from germany where he was being treated for a near fatal poisoning their legs as this report. before the rally had even begun and moscow security forces got to work rounding out those who started together trying to ensure there be no protest here. the scenes further east and. we wanted police with the crowds. if i hadn't come here i would have been ashamed to look in the eyes of my grandchildren and my children i'd be ashamed before myself yeah. i'm here because we can't keep on living like this they do everything they can to hold on to power in our country so that it will never change but what are we here for a handover of power. here in khabarovsk also demanded president
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vladimir putin's resignation and the release of his fiercest critic and leaks in a valley was. have gone to great lengths to prevent such acts of defiance including arresting several of these top rates and warning social media platforms they'd be fined if they allowed the protests to be organized online. for parts haitian and illegal actions constitute an administrative violation and can lead to punishment including arrest. it's alexina valley's arrest last week that's behind the protests he was taken into custody soon after he touched down in moscow on a flight from germany where he had received months of treatment for a poisoning which nearly killed him he's accused president clinton of ordering his murder. violated the terms of a 2014 conviction fine. until misstates and jailed him for 30 days in
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a video posted soon after his arrest he said you know as prisoner. don't be silent resist take to the streets no one will protect us except ourselves. and to support his own said his calls today is an incredibly important moment to both sides but the kremlin that wants to show that not only doesn't have the support that he. found these teen they want to show that in fact a large number of russians are willing to brave the cold to defy the restrictions against these process to show their support and around me. and you could see they marched in minus 50 degree celsius mass protests have led to nivelle knees released from custody before but some analysts believe the tactic going to work this time because he's become too much of a threat to president putin's grip on power except ryan al-jazeera or let's get the
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very latest there from alexandra go for who's live for us in moscow xander what's the latest situation you see the protesters out in extremely large numbers. yes indeed these are the biggest protests in the last couple of years that moscow has seen there is more than $10000.00 people in this process because there isn't there are not only on the square off in which some 500 meters behind me which is back to but also into the surrounding squares the streets that are leading to this where you can see people passing by going up and down basically the presence of the police is also quite impressive and they are using force not only while they're detaining but also in attempts to suppress people to push them off we were just minutes ago up there and we saw at least 2 injured people in the scuffles with the police police was using their batons and their feeling bad events that are leaving
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and new ones are coming in but people that are gathered here don't seem that they're actually determined not to leave the place and they want to show their protest against the violence but also against widespread corruption and against the president of russia can sell flooding in place making dozens of arrests including we understand the wife of alexey developed the who posted about her detention from inside a police van once she'd been arrested. yes indeed you would and i know. came with him from the phone number. came to drop test of the post where and she was the same stare she was arrested she said aforehand that she was not to do anything else about to come and support her husbands and not only her husband but also people that came here today to protest
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also the close associates often have on you tube of salt what has been detained earlier today when she just arrived to the square day with police collecting her and her family. tensions clearly running high that in moscow and indeed in cities across russia of the time being thanks very much and they will come back to later as the day progresses and sin the meantime speak to. rush around a list and a visiting senior research fellow at king's college in london joins us via skype from london. so cool for supporters to get out in the streets and numbers certainly his words in the police are also arresting in large numbers and this is happening across the country. yes the bass white inmates and is something which is at bit different from the kind of progress which we have seen before or polices broke out there is nothing new about get at the fact that the geography of protest has spread
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all the way from like a muscle or our western not. also in all of the stick and see if you'd like had acted like a leg is the historic we have seen consistent numbers of people coming out now and now they might be and that they might if they in that they will interact. and will that people not hammering out why have a lot of young people. people of all ages all come. back with if not now yet if it is white that genuinely. do think what we're seeing will be the administration's policy going forward quash the protests the rest the protesters keep novell neighborhood bars. just that they hope that we have been around action have generated such a huge publicity one number and me and it's also
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a big cause after every authority on every network want people not to come up to these protests people who might not even have thought about it actually it started to be a way that we've not been at all coming out on the streets we have seen 7000000 viewers all i'm outlining these latest anti corruption investigation is who are reporting now that's quite an impressive numbers of the elite or bears that are scientifically. but are are a sign yet we are seeing quite a strong why good families all's not to spend they know if the meds be harming their own if the fiction south. yes we might eat into a quiet at the top of the aisle when. a sprain they don't like will still
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here still we have seen how much pork they have put there so what about the security services you know with the police always stay loyal to the administration . so mark why the large number. are you a motorway are what is now in the air and what is he doing and why b. and b. and b. and brainwashed to some extent that out of science we don't now how. we are how it's not some police officers also stand up saying look ringback we don't like the way we live it is more went wrong and. that was what was happening at the only. maggie is you know only 8 years and when school gets here and we have laws are all in your part also a police officer and security agent within 10 minutes well less if no one who upkeep picnicking be what munis need. would be that kind of litmus test
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if that will be happening so far we haven't seen that michael number but that's something you could who should. what is your sense where this could be heading to think it's going to be easily stopped talk could it continue to gain momentum if you can not only now what would be probably a sign out if they would look human prison or will ringback act which seems like however that is already a more moral our people are coming it's not just his own group or just what well now that there are kind of there is not sense of work political or economic as. i would also think it's not that evolution execution is not most people are still concerned about security for jobs and wealth and that's what the russian government through might and that's what you. got to pre-show your perspective your
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analysis thanks very much indeed that's and that's what the fever thank you. well the date has been said donald trump's 2nd impeachment trial will get underway in february senate leaders agreed to a 2 week delay allowing the chamber to focus on confirming joe biden's cabinet picks and a covert 900 students bill trump was accused of inciting insurrection when he encouraged his supporters to march on the capitol building earlier this month heidegger castro reports now from washington d.c. . donald trump has left washington but not his presence will soon be the center of attention again as the defendant in his 2nd impeachment trial this scene from trump's 1st impeachment will be repeated monday when the house sends to the senate one impeachment article charging trump with inciting insurrection. egged on by trump's call to overturn the election a mob of his supporters stormed the u.s. capitol on january 6th causing 5 deaths we all want to put this awful chapter
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in our nation's history behind us but healing and unity will only come if there is truth and accountability and that is what this trial will provide will also know it is now standard the $100.00 senators will be sworn in as jurors on tuesday with the trial scheduled to begin in earnest the week of february 8th from patient began with an on president a minimal process of this cannot be an insufficient process the former president tried to do. or damages the senate. or the program through its. president joe biden has stressed the trial should not jeopardize the senate's focus on passing covert relief and we're trying very hard to get up and running these crises the better the trials timing will depend on whether the senate will
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hear from witnesses how many hours of arguments will be allowed and if there's a way to make progress on biden's agenda simultaneously there is also the constitutional question of how to put a former president on trial a 1st for the nation really this impeachment trial is about whether mr trump will run for president again in 20241 of the punishments authorized by the constitution for conviction on pietschmann is disqualification from holding future office and that's a momentous decision to be made an enemy made with solemnity and gravity conviction would require the vote of 17 republicans only one voted to convict trump after his 1st impeachment now resigned to his florida golf course polls show a majority of americans want to see trump gone from public office for good. castro al-jazeera washington let's speak to my kind of course one of the joins us live now
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from washington d.c. for his impeachment is concerned to what extent of the 2 parties agreed on the rules for this unprecedented trial. well nick that we're going to see on tuesday the only thing that is set in stone is that constitutionally once the article of impeachment is delivered the following day at 1 o'clock the senate has got to convene to set up the jury at that stage the senate will decide on what rules it is going to apply for this impeachment trial it's going to have to decide where the witnesses will be allowed it's going to decide what the format is going to be it's got to decide how president trump will be able to present his legal defense so certainly this is completely uncharted territory particularly as we've got a situation here where a president who is not sitting is facing an impeachment trial now we do know that there has been agreement between republicans and democrats in the senate to start
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the trial in some 2 weeks time that will begin in earnest mitch mcconnell the senate minority leader had asked for time that president trump can prepare his legal defense at the same time as well we know that or not publicly but the president has been talking to the senate majority leader he does one space to push through the many items of his massive political agenda in the weeks to come the senate's got to approve cabinet positions for example so he has got had some influence in this of terms of giving a breathing space for some of his policy changes to go through the senate before this trial begins then the question is whether the senate's going to split its time spend half the day conducting the trial the other half actually looking at biden's policy changes so a lot of unanswered questions which should become clearer once the trial begins 1 o'clock tuesday nic the new administration of course hard to work in many arenas
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not least in in the firing of former trump employees. well indeed yes and particularly this centers on one government arm which is the agency for overseas media and this is a sprawling organization government funded it runs networks like middle east broadcasting service radio free europe and of course the flagship the voice of the nerika now the background to this is president trump was absolutely furious at what he saw words an anti trump edge in the reporting's of these various networks he then culminated in basically appointing a loyalist as the chief executive officer of the agency who proceeded to either fire or demote longstanding members of staff in all these agencies now what happens to hours of president biden was inaugurated this man baikal pac was himself
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fired and replaced with a woman called kelly child who is a 3 decade veteran of the voice of america and who had in fact been fired by michael pac she has now fired everybody who had been appointed by michael pac all the trump loyalists that had stepped in these agencies so it's a massive turnaround and just an indication of how intense the ministration is on returning to what the status quo was now this agency in the v.o.a. in particular had always prided itself on its editorial independence of separation from government although it was funded it was set up very much on the basis of a organization like the british broadcasting corporation where it has absolute editorial independence there are fire worlds built in to stop it from becoming an arm of government propaganda. has said she's going to reestablish and absolutely ascertain that all these files were kept in place but it does to show that despite
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president biden's calls for unity he is not going to stand back and allow those embedded agencies that president tried to be put in place continue to sour not only the internal domestic policy of the united states but also its reputation outside the country. all right my thanks about my kind of in washington d.c. . baltimore still ahead on the news hour including why a community in argentina says it's being stigmatized and locked down against its will. a powerful storm hits an area of mozambique that is yet to recover from the devastating effects of cyclon it less than 2 years ago. i don't deny says of next month's fee for club world cup play out details of what teams and fans can expect from the qatar bottle. now vaccine make astra zeneca has cut its promise delivery to the e.u.
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blaming supply chain problems the company has reduced its offering by 60 percent for the 1st quarter of the year only $31000000.00 doses are now expected to be delivered it is a severe setback to the block factor nation program that is already suffering also the phase of buy and take situation slow to plot supplies steps and has more now from apps into. this is a very serious setback for the 450000000 citizens of the european union the fact the nation program is according mated action among the 27 member states and they started a bit later already compared to the u.s. and the u.k. there was a lot of complaints about that there is quite a robust approval system here in place at the european medicines agency here in amsterdam where approval of excellence takes longer compared to the u.s. and the u.k. and now the 2 vaccines that have been approved in the e.u. e.u. that's a biotech pfizer and moderne are basically getting very scarce there struggling to
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keep up production at the biotech price of facilities the property trying to build new factories in germany and other places but they simply can't keep up with demand so in the large estates in germany they already have stopped vaccinating altogether also in italy and spain are similar problems italy and poland are now threatening to take buy and prices to court for not keeping up with delivery and then the art of vaccine astra zeneca where most of the european countries have put their money on the order of millions of those of this vaccine is now also saying the same thing they can't keep up with production they're already cutting 60 percent so instead of $80000000.00 there will only be $30000000.00 delivered but the facts it has yet to be approved and that will happen only at the end of next week. when the netherlands is imposing its toughest measures gentz with a nationwide nighttime curfew such very no one will be allowed to leave their homes
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between 9 pm and 4 30 am unless for much that's on top of a lot of clues non-essential businesses and schools for the past month. argentina is more than 3 weeks into a mass vaccination drive using russia's sputnik back when it was one of the 1st countries in latin america to impose a lockdown to fight covert 19 but while most lockdowns have been lifted thousands of people in the northern province of formosa still living in isolation to as a bear reports now from born as a. and isolation center in the province of formosa in northern argentina. people here say they are being held here against their will. this man says nobody is taking care of them to care for that yes you're a hero here we've had children here for 22 days and no specialists or doctors have seen them please stop lying people are going to find out the truth about what's happening in this province. reports indicate there are over 3000
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people in isolation in the province argentina was one of the 1st countries in latin america to impose acquiring team to prevent the spread of covert 1000. and one most lockdowns around the country have been lifted the lockdown in formosa has remained in place and broken since march last year human rights groups are questioning why people are taken to this isolation centers and the treatment they receive once they're there there are reports of people being picked up in the middle of the night in their homes and taken with their families and that's why human rights organizations are asking provincial authorities to ease this restrictions immediately for most us government says its radical measures are necessary to fight coronavirus the government claims only 6 people have died of covert 1000 in the province and that their policy has been successful. but many
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for most i do not agree on thursday local legislator was detained when she went to an isolation center to demand people to be allowed to do the quarantine at home. spoke to her once she was released. a new formosa feels like we're 2nd class citizens because the rise that people normally have are not even respected here we don't have freedom to move we don't have personal freedom people are kept here in isolation for ever the schools are controlled by the police the are no one interiors with psychologists doctors that's not happening human rights are violated the centers are guarded by the police people are not allowed to go inside their belongings are checked by the police it's like a detention center. indigenous communities have also claimed they're being discriminated against former members of the indigenous group were detained on thursday for protesting against local authorities for the most or is one of the
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poorest provinces in the country and has been ruled by the same man for 25 years old were divorcing your delusions fran who many accuse of controlling the province like a personal fiefdom. argentina is struggling to contain the spread of covert 1000 over 40000 people have died in the past year and when many here just a fact extreme measures others say for 3 days have gone too far. and went to. china has reported upwards of $100.00 new daily corona virus infections for more than 10 days in a row it is the worst surge in cases it seems since march last year and this comes on the anniversary of the world's 1st covert 1000 locked down when china sealed off the city will between january and june testing has been ramped up in parts of the country ahead of february new year holidays and that's where hundreds of millions of people are expected to travel to visit their families. and thousands of people
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in hong kong have been ordered to stay in the lockdown is the toughest pandemic restriction imposed on the territory so far it affects a densely populated district that accounted for half of all new coronavirus cases over the past week on call has been struggling to contain an outbreak since november. now taiwan's defense ministry has reported what it calls a large incursion by chinese military planes taipei says a 13 a chinese bombers and fighter jets flew into the southwestern corner of its defense identification zone its deployed missiles to monitor the planes tensions between beijing and taipei are at an all time high after the u.s. lifted decades old restrictions on direct contact with taiwan officials last week i listened to william yang who's a journalist and vice president of taiwan foreign correspondents club and joins us from taipei via skype with me i welcome to the program and it seems little doubt that the timing of this just days after president biden takes office china really
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setting out their stall their position. right this is a continuation of from the policy and the strategy that china has adopted since last year over the last year the taiwanese government has been deploying its fighter jet for more than $300.00 times throughout 2020 in order to respond to all kinds of different incursions by chinese fighter jets into the a.z. id and today we saw the biggest number of single day incursion. prompted by the chinese fighter jets and i think this is a very clear sign that china is sending to the u.s. it is very unhappy with what the trump administration has done before it left the office and it should also be seen as a message to the biden administration that beijing is closely watching and monitoring how washington is planning to at vannes war continue its relationship with taiwan when it seems as if the u.s. commitment to taiwan remains rock solid to the islands deflector ambassador was was
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invited to the. right that's the 1st time in 42 years that the town representative to the u.s. has been officially invited to the inauguration and that made headlines across the world and certainly beijing is viewing this as another sign that washington is intended to continue to strengthen its relationship with time one and any kind of official recognition of taiwan's of fish oils in the u.s. is going to be viewed as a provocation in the in the eyes of beijing and so the appointment of the end of pacific coordinator in the national security council in the u.s. will also be very closely monitored by beijing because that shows that the biden administration is mary likely going to continue the emphasis on the intel pacific strategy that's implemented by the trump and. biden does have an enormous headache his name how he handles the taiwan situation had this question given the state of
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relations between the u.s. and china he will want to improve those how do you think his policies therefore will differ balancing the 2 read as compared from. i think the most likely difference is going to be how he handles the interaction between us and time why during the trouble and machine we actually thought that trump preferred a very high profile and sometimes even provocative move to really publicly heighten the relationship and the engagement with taiwan but for the biden and mr asian i think experts also agree that it's very most likely that the engagement is going to become more low key but at the same time the engagement well and the size more practical purpose for it so for the part of time one it really depends on how the taiwanese government is going to interpret the messages and also the engagement coming from washington and at the same time for biden it is he's at mistaken won't
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have to walk a very fine line between not angering beijing by very publicly in him saying the engagement with time but at the same time ensuring that taiwanese people are not going to worry that the lesser public engagement won't be viewed as a way that by and the station is going to walk away from what the taiwan and the u.s. have been boating over the last 4 years william yang great to get your analysis appreciate what if you don't speak to us from taipei in taiwan or another whether or not israel. not everyone's enjoying the wintry weather of late but some will be those who can go up in the mountains of lebanon when i see this see covering the trees covering the merrington it's probably lay down that if you can go skiing well it's good to skiing will be good and the skies are open in blue knots true from turkey east was through iran the way science to the south coast of among very few showers if any around and he will the somalis blowing is weakening so temperatures will rise a little bit in day or by both day and night but this precious that allows to talk
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about russia is creeping into turkey again but that's not exactly unusual. the hazards of violent weather recently further south you know that the tropical cyclone eloise it made landfall just south of bear is pretty widespread flooding need to waist deep i think this is the other side of the river from bayer itself but that's just an example the winds died down there you can't really cover it is a cogent storm one small so we were watching throughout sunday and monday the amount of rain that could fall apart is yet more flooding that will be true for central and southern mozambique for certain zimbabwe bit suppose one of these eastern side of south africa both on sunday and monday those are going to be slow moving thunderstorms there be an awful lot more flooding yet to come. still ahead. why more palestinians are turning to traditional justice systems to protect themselves and their families. we are in one of the most famous museums in the
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world in front of our give me some of the most famous paintings in the world i'm stephanie decker in the if you'd seen museum in florence where the re-opening is raising a debate among italians about the need to control tourism. with joe baseball loses one of its biggest stars we look back at the career of hunger. a dangerous. place. it's the biggest sport. a truly global game. and it doesn't end up the final whistle. in a new series. uncovers the passions the rivalries and the politics of play. because beyond the pitch the beautiful game is a way of life. the fans who make football coming soon on 0.
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on counting the cost a trillion dollars we take a look at president biden's plans to revive it on a meet and create millions of jobs and he meant fences with america. we talked to multiple foreign minister for the view from the. counting the cost on. holding the powerful to account as we examine the u.s. its role in the world on al-jazeera. again you know what challenges are my blood type stories and hundreds of people have been arrested across russia during mass protests demanding the release of the
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kremlin critic alexina value protests are underway in dozens of cities around the country. a covert 19 vaccine make astra zeneca has cuts his promise delivery to the e.u. blaming supply chain issues it is a severe setback for the books vaccination program it's already suffering after the finds a biotech a slow death supply. but taiwan's defense ministry has reported what it calls an unusually large incursion by chinese military planes diving says 13 chinese public planes and fighter jets flew into the southwestern corner of its defense identification zone. saudi arabia says it has foiled an air attack over the capital riyadh the kingdom's come under repeated attacks from the rebels in neighboring yemen the saudi led coalition intervened in yemen in 2015 and has been at war with who these ever since rebels have not claimed responsibility for the latest attack. well the u.s. state department has begun reviewing whether to keep its terror group designation
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for the who these parts moved by the previous administration under donald trump humanitarian groups say the designation could hamper a deliveries the u.n. says the war in yemen has become the world's worst humanitarian crisis the iran backed rebels took control of vehemence capital sana in 2052 let's take a closer look at it let's bring in sultan baraka to sit director of the center for conflict and humanitarian studies at the doha institute joins us now from here in doha mr baraka good to see that my pumpin and betty donald trump's designation of the youth eases a terrorist organization that came less than 2 weeks before trump left office what problem now does joe biden have with it. well i think he has a serious problem on hand in the sense that is the designation of urgently was framed around the house with ease being a foreign terrorist organization based on their attacks on saudi arabia and if the
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news it's correct we had earlier today that they reported and you had attack it would make it much more difficult for the by the atmosphere issue to review this this ignition how it is ignition and so on is unlikely to happen and this is what we've learned from many of the civil conflicts the designation were not the yemenis inside yemen as much as the saudis and the relationship with the yemen we. already the last couple of days since it's come into force it has caused a major computer and among international agencies. companies who are supplying food to yemen shipping companies who are trying to carry that route into yemen a lot of them reluctant to engage in yemen not because they don't want to or there's no need for their house but the does ignition and it's blankets form at the moment without much detail in makes it. very difficult for them to engage and the
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high risk area for them to to engage so the easiest is to withdraw and ultimately i think the public would pay the price and as you know yemen is already one of the worst human in the human chain in that disasters and is likely to get worse. with further details on how this does initiate going to work i think the situation worse yes millions and millions of facing a terrible situation there do you think that the biden administration the in yemen the situation it is intractable now countless have been made to try and solve it but have failed do you think the biden administration can get they can mediate its way to a solution. i think it i think they can and in a sense he has not should but to do because he's already friends in saudi arabia to cut its rights to support because morally biotin and many people in the congress were against the war and articulate to the king of prussia ji now you recall there
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was a big movement within the american congress which led to. a reduction in support of the saudi arabian through the air fueling operations that were seized altogether but now i think he needs to show that there is a way to resolve this conflict through negotiations and what the united states needs to double and increase its diplomatic engagement in yemen maybe even up point a special envoy like they did for afghanistan and make it one of their top priorities because it is in their interests that saudis find a way out and everyone knows that the saudis now to confer an exit but it has to be an exit that save their say face and allow them to continue their strongest ally in the middle east when it comes to iran the last thing the byte and would want is to have a policy that ends up with yemen looking like the situation in lebanon with hezbollah
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being recreated in yemen with the support of the a and also i think you're particularly after the advancement with the saudi arabia in relation to date on what it's issued with arab states and they were disappointed so getting that gave it to that moment as if she will be very difficult to buy in and just simply just draw a line and the saudis so he must find a diplomatic solution that involves the saudis they have these and the government yemen and through that the designation will not help because to get to that stage to run her is required and contact of the how of these acquired and to the nation as it did as assess today will make it impossible or if there's a new normal challenge ahead the sudden market appreciate that thank you. protesters in the streets of tunis are again demanding social justice and jobs is one of several rallies held since the 10 year anniversary of the jasmine revolution
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on joining the 14th say the promises of the movements that kicked off the arab spring of not being met chinese economy and struggling with high inflation international debt and unemployment. a recent survey found that 2 thirds of palestinians do not trust the state's judicial system and believe it's corrupt human rights defenders say the weak judiciary is in turn strengthening a system known as tribal justice and his need it for him reports more and more people are moving towards tribal laws to get justice for their family and friends. this gathering followed the killing of 4 palestinians in a street fight. it's traditional to hold these meetings after such incidents in order to restore peace in the community they're part of an informal tribal system that follows its own laws when peace is achieved courts usually minimize the sentence but human rights groups see this undermines the official rule of law.
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doesn't believe the state's court system is just 3 of her family members were killed in a quarrel and her water lost me if it's either us or them i don't care if we all die even if the case states what generations will keep telling our children and their children what happened those responsible for the killings are now serving time in palestinian jails their families have been forced out of the village their houses have been set on fire not once but several times who will defend the tribal justice system say it's helped the revenge. others argue that they do why only basic human rights still these tribes work under the umbrella of the palestinian authority more than 60 percent of the occupied west bank is off limits for the palestinian authority this makes it more difficult to arrest offenders and enforce court orders. to stripes are limited to b.s.
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legitimacy continuity and popularity. but the political system in our situation you don't have an army a protector and drives can sometimes be faster and more effective than the state's courts they can put pressure on families as mohammed to now be knows only too well he was in an israeli jail when his father killed a man in 2009 isn't all your family was supposed to leave the village and he hasn't been allowed to return to his house. and had. yes there has been a crime if this means that a whole family will be punished for 15 to 20 years and we don't live in a country that respects itself 40 percent of palestinians trust the non-state justice systems some say the palestinian authority has failed to establish a strong judicial apparatus more than 2 decades after its stablish meant.
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bang. tropical cyclone eloise's made landfall near mozambique port city of bear which was devastated by cycling in a less than 2 years ago heavy rain and strong winds battered areas which had not yet fully recovered from the last storm. at least $3000.00 will have to be moved from a to z. district in the east is expected to me strength as it travels inland dumping rain across the ballboy east and south africa and. may the militias being trucked in cycling from johannesburg and since this is something. it's difficult not to compare this particular cycle into what happened in 2019 with cycle own it die and in that particular case there was one of the worst storms to be seen across this continent on record and that particular case the government was criticized for not doing enough to prepare people for the incoming cycle on this time around it seems that there's been a bit more effort to prepare people aid agencies have evacuated hundreds of
4:44 pm
families from the bay area from the boozy area to temporary shelters we know of potentially around 900000 people but also what's important to remember is that just in december 8 there was a tropical storm that displaced around 90900 families so that's also a concern given the limited resources aid agencies have in terms of helping people there there as well to the biggest port in that area it provides it brings in goods for northern coastal mozambique that port has been closed so of course now resources are limited and that's a major concern given how many people have to be taken care of and following that cyclonic 21100000 people are still displaced so we're talking about aid agencies and a government that has to deal with the aftermath of a cycle that took place 2 years ago and now having to deal with the latest
4:45 pm
aftermath of this particular cycle on that made landfall earlier today social media protect talk has been ordered by the previous he was trying to block. it cannot verify but comes after the death of a 10 year old girl who performed an extreme while using the app store criticised age verification process as being too easy to circumvent the company says it's working to strengthen protection for younger users and it's helping authorities investigate possible incitement to suicide. if you'd see news even florence has reopened its doors to the public but ground rules to curb the coronavirus pandemic meant the world famous museum was closed for almost half of 2020 pandemic calls it means unusual crowds of tourists are not and the people of florence a family getting a child's to enjoy their art and culture in a more hostile way stephanie decker reports now from. intimacy with a masterpiece getting back to chile spring all to yourself would usually be unheard
4:46 pm
of the crew in a pandemic has stopped the mass tourism that would usually fill these corridors rooms and that means florentines are coming back to visit something many had long stopped doing she saw start to feel not sure if i lived here until i was 25 years old i would come on sunday mornings as you would go have a coffee in the p.f. of the then you'd come for a walk around the your feet see we would walk in and out with this of course was a long time ago. but it's a big. if we consider it part of our culture as a florentine it's our home museum you'd have to book a month in advance then you'd have to stand in long queues you don't feel like it's your home any more it makes you lose the desire to visit these are arguably some of the most famous paintings in the world this is what the chinese spring and then over there you have the iconic the birth of venus to be able to observe them pretty much alone is an extraordinary privilege and it's raising
4:47 pm
a question here among italians about the need to control mass tourism. outside florence is unrecognizably empty. temp you know the mali we in normal times this would be full you couldn't even take a picture there were so many people there was a queue here with the party that you're behind it's a bit sad that florence needs people. for those who live here despite the hard economic times that the pendennis caused something should change their. bedsit only learned to me there should be a balance a bit less people i don't know how but there's a need to rethink it also for the future because it isn't beautiful for anyone not even for the tourists feel to come to find the city so chaotic say for you can't even take a walk. here and the director of the feats he tells us that this is one of the most sought after museums in the world with around 4 and a half 1000000 visitors each year florence together with. our other 3
4:48 pm
top cases of really bad over tourism. and it's not just bad for the city for the inhabitants of the city but it's actually bad for the tourists and selves i think it's really important to take advantage now of this very difficult situation and really really think how we are going to. project our offers in the future arts and culture many here tell us is a right for all the coronavirus has forced us all to stop and here at least many hope it will result in a new better way for everyone to be able to enjoy and share these treasures of the past stephanie decker al-jazeera at the museum in florence. the veteran u.s. talk show host larry king has died at the age of 87 after being hospitalized with covert 90 he was admitted in california earlier this month after testing positive king had medical issues in recent years which included diabetes and heart attacks
4:49 pm
his broadcast career spanned over 6 decades for 25 years he was the host of cnn's and larry king live interviewing politicians and celebrities. it's amazing our knowledge is there and then pick saving champion leads his team over the line and into the final the america's cup challenger series that's coming up which are. once hosni mubarak became president so began a story of conflict and isolation on one side a wife and son their sights set on succession on the other a president increasingly distant from the egyptian people when his beloved grandson died mubarak need mr. president the flames ignited in tunisia exploded in egypt and everything changed episode 2 of the family and i'll just.
4:50 pm
criminal drug dealing have to take place is beyond the reach of. many people in afghan government when forced into drug trade guerilla wars in colombia. and mexico where the cartels have been responsible for a mass in a spiral of violence. the final episode of drug trafficking politics and. territories and just. talk sport has joined nick thank you very much there are exactly 6 months to go
4:51 pm
until the take care lympics but several question marks still remain as to whether they can go ahead during the pandemic the state of emergency in much of japan but the government has denied reports they have privately decided to cancel the games in session and committee remain confident the games are on and say they will reveal more plans soon we're putting together a your toolbox. of fair measures and then we will decide at the appropriate time which of the truths we need to address this situation these are go from immigration routes from the current t. rules over to social distancing in the olympic village to the question of repeated testing a message to the question of vaccination to the question of spectators how many can there be spectators big sports events even world championships. happening in our being organized in
4:52 pm
a safe and secure way even with i would having the access to any kind of vaccination well we spoke to says he is impressed sports reporter steve wade in a rainy tokyo he explained why there's so much pressure on the i.o.c. and japanese officials to go ahead with the games. the i.o.c. is a sports team that's going about. 5 or $6000000000.00 every 4 years most of it comes from t.v. selling broadcast rights 75 percent they have to have these olympics go on if there are no olympics they have no income so that's why the i.o.c. is very tough and they're going to happen and why they have to have them have the japanese state has invested $25000000000.00 in the games probably more they need to have them go and there's also since face saving and then another card is that if japan would fail to hold these games in 6 months beijing has the winter olympics
4:53 pm
6 months after i don't think that's a look that japan wants japan wants to pull off these games and not see the stage in china so that's a really important factor and money as it often does explains a lot of things about these games one of the big sporting event coming up next month is the football club well cup pairing cats are one team has pulled out that organizers have confirmed all the of the continental champions will compete inside a bias to kill bubble 2 of the $22.00 world cup stadiums will be used and limited number of fans will also be allowed something that has worked well recently in cata at events like the asian champions league final we have all the data for all of these people who attended for example i that participants on spectators and we monitoring for example the post event visits to health care facilities and so far people who acquired a cover disease from the community and not related at all to participating or
4:54 pm
being expected to and the sports event why is our sports correspondent andy richardson with a few more details about the tournament restrictions. well some key questions answered at this press conference today after all can city's decision to pull out of the tournament earlier this month some reassurances from the organizers of the other 5 international teams willing happy and able to compete we also got some ideas of the sort of protocols they'll go through ahead of this tournament all the players and teams will be tested for coronavirus before they leave but we tested again on arrival at the airport and then go into a bi secure hotel environment and that we tested regularly throughout the tournament that will be found at this tournament as well at this club world cup stadiums will be a good at a capacity of nothing more than 30 percent 3 categories of fans able to apply for tickets those who have tested negative coverage 19 just ahead of the game those
4:55 pm
that have had. 90 since october and have positive and see bodies in their system and also those who've had the vaccine so in a very uncertain sporting world some certainty that this tournament will kick off as scheduled with 2 games on february the 4th. one of the biggest baseball stars in history hank aaron has died at the age of 86. aaron famously broke babe ruth's home run record in 1974 playing for the atlanta braves he dealt with racism throughout his career especially in the build up to the season when he received hate mail and death threats from people who did not want him to break ruth's record nicknamed hammerin hank he finished his career with 755 home runs a record which stood for 30 years until barry bonds broke it in 2007. just
4:56 pm
a few weeks before his death aaron joined other civil rights icons to receive the coded 1000 vaccine he wanted to encourage the black community to do the same. she set the war not only for what you should strive for as a baseball player but as a human being just the you know me of class and integrity you know it's harder than and this one is truly sad day for organization when i was a child hank aaron was the big sports hero little mountain ali i just had to pay homage to god it's been really special to me as a sports and anatomy and a still it man. super bowl winning quarterback petrino holmes has been cleared to play in the a.f.c. championship game the kansas city chiefs star has spent the last week being tested for concussion os being knocked out in the chiefs win over the cleveland browns in the last round the homes of his chiefs will take on the buffalo bills on monday
4:57 pm
the n.f.l. will give 7 and a half 1000 tickets to this year's super bowl to health care workers battling the covert 19 pandemic that makes commission and broke the news to to full doctors and nurses in florida just an hour away from tempo where the game will be played on february the 7th i was just so excited i mean i'm telling you we're big football fans in my family i have 5 children 4 boys they all play football and they are going to be hating on me because i'm cold things have a super of all and in sailing any team u.k. have reached the final of the america's cup challenge a series 4 time olympic sailing champion ben ainslie lead his crew to nail fighting 3rd round robin race win over it's nice luna rossa in close on saturday making it their 5th victory for a 5 star lead to change 9 times in this race for any os team u.k. took the honors it means i'll get to race against a yet to be determined challenger to win the right to face hold as team new zealand
4:58 pm
for the america's cup in march. all right that is all the sport for now i will feel later mick jagger thank you very much that is it for this new job but i will be back in a couple minutes for another half hour of news i will look forward to see that life and. examining the impact of today's headlines it didn't matter you're rich or poor what your religion is you are battling this and you're staring at it in the face and you're dealing with it setting the agenda for tomorrow's discussions that are unfolding on capitol hill international filmmakers and world class journalists bring programs to inform and inspire you each and every one of us in the responsibility to change all thirsty exploits you know on al-jazeera. al-jazeera world takes
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a road trip across spain spanish people enough to tell you they are and where they come from and i am no exception. one woman's journey seeking her heritage covering new insights into christie in spite of the small region it's a story that seems to have been airbrushed from the street. in search of migrants on al-jazeera. that america is a region of the wonder of joy of tragedy and violence but it doesn't matter where you are you have to be able to relate to the human condition. right away. i've been covering all of latin america for most of my career but no i think it's a like and it's my job headlight on how and why. when investigating crime
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an admission of guilt is the ultimate corroboration. or isn't there or tactics that can be used to get innocent people to confess to crimes they didn't commit witness explores the shocking phenomenon of people incriminating themselves the person who falsely confessed actually came to believe the lie that they were told about their own behavior false confessions on al-jazeera. back hundreds of protesters are arrested as tens of thousands protest across russia demanding the release of detained opposition leader alexina film. about macleod this is out 0 live from doha also coming up a top coronavirus facts who might be a factor at cuts.


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