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people to confess to crimes they didn't commit witness explores the shocking phenomenon of people incriminating themselves the person who falsely contrast actually came to believe the lie that they were told about their own behavior false confessions on al-jazeera. hundreds of protesters are arrested as tens of thousands protest across russia demanding the release of detained opposition leader alexina found. that i'm a clown this is out 0 live from doha also coming up a top coronavirus fact he manufacturer cuts its promise to never used to the e.u. by 60 percent claiming supply chain problem says.
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saudi arabia says it's foiled a few drone attack over the capital riyadh the bite me been astray she says it's reviewing the group's designation as a terrorist organization. we are in one of the most famous museums in the world in front of i give you some of the most famous paintings in the world i'm stephanie decker in the if it's a museum in florence whether it is raising a debate and i will tell you about the need to control last words. so we begin in russia where tens of thousands of people have been defying freezing temperatures in the threat of arrest in some of the biggest anti-government protests in years they're demanding the release of the kremlin critic alexina valmy who was arrested last week on his return from germany where he was being treated for a near fatal poisoning at least 800 people have been detained so far including these wife and i said brian has this. oh. before the rally had
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even begun in moscow the security forces got to work rounding up those who started together trying to ensure there be no protest here. but despite the detentions and the battens the crowds only group chanting freedom. opposition leader makes in a valley and for themselves was. his wife among the hundreds taken away by saddam hussein's further east and out of austar a riot police by stuck with the crowds. for the north if i hadn't come here i would have been ashamed to look in the eyes of my grandchildren and my children i'd be ashamed before myself yeah we do it i'm here because we can't keep on living like this they do everything they can to hold on to power in our country so that it will never change but what are we here for a handover of power. here in khabarovsk also demanded president
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vladimir putin's resignation and the release of his fiercest critic and leaks in a valley was. the darcys have gone to great lengths to prevent such acts of defiance including arresting several of novellas top aides and warning social media platforms they'd be fined if they allow the protests to be organized online. for parts haitian and illegal actions constitute an administrative violation and can lead to punishment including arrest. it's alexina valley's arrest last week that's behind the protests he was taken into custody soon after he touched down in moscow on a flight from germany where he had received months of treatment for a poisoning which nearly killed him he's accused president clinton of ordering his murder. matar z. say novelli violated the terms of 824000 conviction for financial misdeeds and
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jailed him for 30 days in a video posted soon after his arrest he said i was prisoner. don't be silent resist take to the streets no one will protect us except ourselves. and to support his own said his calls today is an incredibly important moment for both sides for the kremlin that wants to show that not only doesn't have the support that he claims but an unbound the 16 they want to show that in fact a large number of russians are willing to brave the cold to defy the restrictions against this process to show their support for and around me. and you could see they marched in minus 50 degree celsius mass protests have led to the valleys released from custody before but some analysts believe the tactic going to work this time because he's become too much of a threat to president putin's great power and. well let's have
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more on this from the exam to go for who's live for us in moscow i was on to the prince has been going on for some time what is the latest. well it seems the past hour protestors have a broken offer from the square where they gather the square all. day were violent clashes with the police with police using their buttons to beat them down and certainly point after a couple of clashes in which people injured the protesters managed to broke through the police cordon and started their protest walk what is called a boulevard range of moscow so people that you are possibly seeing behind me walking are part actually very end of the of this protest of there's been like ben's of thousands of people that gathered in moscow today to show their support for the vile need to show that they are against his arrest that they are against
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putin and many arrests have been made including alexina romney's wife. yes indeed by the latest figures that we have a 1000 or 1300 people across russia have been arrested that it's hundreds a couple of hundreds here in moscow and. whine for me is one of them she came to the square to the protesters to show her own support for her own husband but also for the people the brave today not only called but above all police so she was arrested as well as of some top associates of i'd like to say now via me we have a report that his brother came late in the day what is his destiny at this moment we don't know if. he's going to thanks very much for that he's on the go for reporting there from moscow. martin maker seneca has
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cut its promise delivery to the blaming supply chain problems a company has reduced its offering by 60 percent for the 1st quarter of the year only $31000000.00 doses are now expected to be delivered it's a severe setback to the blogs fractionation program that's already suffering off by and turkey slowed supplies version has more now from. it this is a very serious setback for the 450000000 citizens of the european union the fact the nation program is according mated action among the 27 member states and they started a bit later already compared to the u.s. and the u.k. there was a lot of complaints about that there is quite a robust approval system here in place at the european medicines agency here in amsterdam where approval of fact seems takes longer compared to the u.s. and the u.k. and now the 2 vaccines that have been approved in the e.u. e.u. that's a biotech pfizer and moderne are basically getting very scarce they're struggling
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to keep up production. by in tech fighter facilities rapidly trying to build new factories in germany and other places but they simply can't keep up with demand so in the largest states in germany they already have stopped vaccinating altogether also in italy and spain are similar problems italy and poland and i was threatening to take by entire prices to court for not keeping up with delivery and then the artifact seen astra zeneca where most of the european countries have put their money on the order of millions of those of this vaccine is now also saying the same thing they can't keep up with production they're already cutting 60 percent so instead of $80000000.00 there will only be 30000000 delivered but the fact she has yet to be approved and that will happen only at the end of next week. well the netherlands is imposing its toughest measures yet with a nationwide nighttime curfew for saturday no one will be allowed to leave their
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homes between 9 pm and 4 30 am unless for emergencies that's on top of a lockdown that's closed non-essential businesses and schools for the past month. china has reported upwards of $100.00 new daily corona virus infections for more than 10 days in a row it is the worst surge in cases seen since march last year so this comes on the anniversary of the world's 1st covert 19 locked down in china sealed off the city of between january and june testing is being ramped up in parts of the country had a new year holidays that's when hundreds of millions of people are expected to travel to visit their families. and thousands of people in hong kong have been ordered to stay at home the lock down is the toughest pandemic restriction imposed on the territory so far it effects a densely populated district that accounted for half of all new coronavirus cases over the past week on call has been struggling to contain an outbreak since november asian brown is in the district where the look down is in place and explains why it's been hardest hit by the virus. well this is something the hong
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kong government probably wanted to avoid locking down one of the most densely populated neighborhoods in the city but the tape and jordan areas have been seeing very high infection rates during the past week to 10 days those infection rates running up between 70 to 100 a day so now over the weekend medical workers are going to be testing tens of thousands of residents who live in these pretty decrepit buildings you can see behind me and that's possibly one of the reasons why the virus has been spreading many people live in lot of basically subdivided apartments within a flat basically one room apartments where there's barely enough room very even a bed they share washing facilities toilet facilities kitchen facilities and government officials say they believe that the virus here has been spreading through broken sewage pipes now so far hong kong has recalled recorded about 10000
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coated infections since the outbreak began in january last year we've had more than $160.00 deaths but this is the 1st no lockdown up until now and of course the worry from. any people is this lockdown might have to spread to other areas if we start to see infections rising in those areas. saudi arabia says it's foiled an air attack over the capital riyadh the kingdom has come under repeated attacks from rebels in neighboring yemen the saudi led coalition intervened in yemen in 2015 and has been at war with the who these ever since the rebels have not claimed responsibility for the latest attack. well the u.s. state department has begun reviewing whether to keep its terror group designation for the who thinks it was a party move by the previous administration and donald trump humanitarian groups say the designation could hamper a deliveries the u.n. says more in yemen has become the world's worst humanitarian crisis iran backed rebels took control of yemen's capital sana in 2015 sultan barakat is the director
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of the center for conflict and humanitarian studies at the doha institute he says the recent attack on saudi arabia may complicate the terrorists as a nation review. he doesn't mention a version he was framed around the house he's being a foreign terrorist organization based on their attacks on saudi arabia and if the news is correct that we had earlier today that they're poor and you had attack it would make it much more difficult for the by the net musician to view this as ignition however it is ignition on its own is unlikely to help and this is what we learn from many of the civil conflicts the designation will not help the enemies inside yemen as much as the saudis and the relationship with the enemy we. really the last couple of days since it's come into force has caused a major computer in among international agencies private companies who are
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supplying food to yemen shipping companies who are trying to carry that put into yemen a lot of them are reluctant to engage in yemen not because they don't want to or the no need for their help but the does ignition and it's blankets form at the moment without much detail and makes it. very difficult for them to engage and a high risk area for them to to engage so lazy is to withdraw and ultimately i think the public would pay the price and as you know yemen is already one of the worst human who attend that disasters and is likely to get worse. without further details on how this does initially going to work i think the situation worse. still ahead here around syria why more palestinians are turning to traditional justice systems to protect themselves and their families plus. the powerful storm hits an area of mozambique that is yet to recover from the devastating effects of cycling it is in less and less into history.
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well distance cows it was in east asia particularly northeastern china happens up to minus 2 on sunday now we've got still snow showing up is falling in hong shoot on the mountains take you back a little bit briefly generally a warming trend up to 11 you notice on monday and harbin is above freezing with this link of client across the middle of china give it a rain even briefly because snow in beijing so temperatures are low who here but they're not you know in harbor which should be subzero all the time in the winter. change in the distribution of showers again in now and in the forecast is news on that gets the heaviest downpours central southern philippines to relatively dry in the immediate future and that's true for most of the lazy in indonesia given the
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focus particularly sumatra java and bali we see a bit right in the far northwest of india it's still there in the forecast on sunday but it's sort of falling apart and that is more or less a completely dry picture including almost all of sri lanka which means the air is not going to be stirred up in the north and indian plain again so far it becomes a persistent problem which in the cities makes things very unpleasant was pretty poor quality now that last into monday and again pufferfish as in sri lanka you are dry. for. anti fascist anti establishment and pro violence despite the recent official disbanding of its militarized wing a basque separatist movement is found alive and well on the terraces of the build palace stadium. a place where political revolutionaries share
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a platform and ideology with violent football hooligans. read old death on al-jazeera. all. over again you're watching al-jazeera mind about top stories this hour and more than a 1000 people have been arrested across russia during mass protests demanding the release of kremlin critic alexina valmy protests are underway in dozens of cities around the country. coded 19 vaccine makers astra zeneca has cut its promise delivery to the blaming supply chain issues this is a serious setback to the prospects
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a nation program that's already suffering off the pfizer pointing straight that's why. saudi arabia says it's for alternate maritime over the capital riyadh it's previously come under repeated attack from neighboring who threw rebels in yemen but says abide ministration refuse whether to keep the terror group designation it's pretty decisive imposed on the sands. protests as a out on the streets again demanding social justice and jobs as one of several rallies held since the 10 year anniversary of the jasmine revolution on jan with the 14th i have to say the promises of the movement that kicked off the arab spring have not been met chinese ears economy is struggling with high inflation international debt and unemployment. a recent survey found that 2 thirds of palestinians don't trust the state's judicial system and believe it is corrupt human rights defenders say the weak judiciary is in turn strengthening a system known as tribal justice and it's never abraham reports more and more people moving towards tribal laws to get justice for their family and friends while
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. this gathering followed the killing of 4 palestinians in a street fight in a photo op it's traditional to hold these meetings after such incidents in order to restore peace in the community they're part of an informal tribal system that follows its own laws when peace is achieved courts usually minimize the sentence but human rights groups see this undermines the official rule of law. called it doesn't believe the state's court system is just 3 of her family members were killed in a quarrel and her water last me if it's either us or them i don't care if we all die even if the case taste what generations will keep telling archie. and that children what happened those responsible for the killings are now serving time in palestinian jails their families have been forced out of the village their houses
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have been set on fire not once but several times who will defend the tribal justice system say it's helped the revenge. others argue that they wanted a basic human rights still these tribes work under the umbrella of the palestinian authority more than 50 percent of the occupied west bank is off limits for the palestinian authority this makes it more difficult to arrest offenders and inforced court orders who are. going to be years legitimacy continuity and popularity in some out of. the political system in our situation you don't have an army. drives can sometimes be faster and more effective than the state's courts they can put pressure on families as mohammed tonight knows only too well he was in an israeli jail when his father killed a man in 2009 isn't all your family was forced to leave their village and he hasn't
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been allowed to return to his house. yes there has been a crime if this means that a whole family will be punished for 15 to 20 years and we don't live in a country that respects itself. 40 percent of palestinians trust the non state justice systems some say the palestinian authority has failed to establish a strong judicial apparatus more than 2 decades after its stablish meant. the occupied west bank. taiwan's defense ministry has reported what it calls a launch incursion by chinese military planes taipei says 13 chinese bombers and fighter jets flew into the southwestern corner of its defense identification zone tensions between beijing and taipei are at an all time high after the u.s. lifted a decade's old restrictions on direct contact with taiwan officials last week when
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we are in is a journalist and vice president of the taiwan foreign correspondents club and he says this move by beijing is a message to the ministration. this is a continuation of from the policy and the strategy that china has adopted since last year over the last year the 20000 men have been deploying its fighter jets for more than 300 times throughout 2020 in order to respond to all kinds of different incursions by chinese fighter jets into the a.z. id and then today we saw the biggest number of single day incursion. prompted by the chinese fighter jets and i think this is a very clear sign that china is sending to the us it is very unhappy with what the trump administration has done before it left the office and it should also be seen as a message to bite and at the mistress and beijing is closely watching the monitoring how washington is planning to at sam's work continue its relationship with
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timelines for the part of taiwan it really depends on how the companies government is going to interpret the messages and also the engagement coming from washington and at the same time for biden it is he's administrating well have to walk a very fine line between not angering beijing by very publicly in handling the engagement with taiwan but at the same time ensuring that how many people are not going to worry that the lesser public engagement won't be viewed as a way that the bike and the station is going to walk away from what the taiwan and the u.s. have been voting over the last 4 years. tropical cycling anyways is made landfall near mozambique post city of barrow which was devastated by sighted it i less than 2 years ago heavy rain and strong winds back today areas which had not yet fully recovered from the last told at least 3000 people had been moved from the busy districts in the east luis is expected to lose strength as it travels inland
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dumping rain across above way east and south africa and botswana let's get the very latest now from for me to measure who's tracking the storm in johannesburg from a to what is the latest news you have for us. well we are getting a clearer picture now of the impact of cycling misspoken to aid agency workers who've described the situation there as pretty serious and of course there has begun to be these comparisons between what's happened now with cycle a louise and died 2 years ago and they seem to be relevant comparisons in the area of prior nova embarrassed specifically this is an area where people live in informal settlements homes made from plastic sheeting corrugated iron it appears that hundreds of those homes have been destroyed by the psych loan and those people are now looking for shelter in places like schools where they isn't necessarily
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adequate provision to take care of these people to look after them as you said a few 1000 people have been relocated to places like schools to areas that are low lying so that people can be kept safe from the flood waters but the concern is that those flood waters are expected to continue over the next 72 hours and in areas outside of barrow like boozy which was severely impacted 2 years ago with this barely been a recovery from psycho it i once again we're seeing a very difficult a dangerous situation there at a point now where aid agencies where workers can't get out to this area be they can only reach boozy by boat and at this point even that seems impossible so there's a lot of concern around the capacity of the aid agencies as well as the government to how people we know that the national disaster institute has said about half a 1000000 people could be impacted whereas the international federation of the red cross has said that could go up to 1000000 people so so far we understand
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potentially devastating scenes coming out of mozambique and a lot of concern about how and where people will be kept safe and of course aside from the flood that they're experiencing there is a concern around the spread of disease as people don't have adequate shelter or a familiar face front from johannesburg. the veteran u.s. talk show host larry king has died at the age of 87 after being hospitalized with covert 19 he was admitted in california earlier this month after testing positive king have medical issues in recent years which included diabetes and a heart condition he conducted more than 50000 interviews in a broadcast crisp ending of 6 decades for 25 years he was the host of cnn's larry king live interviewing politicians and celebrities. a man is recovering after receiving the world's 1st double shoulder and arm transplant in france felix script arson from iceland lost both limbs 2 decades ago after an accident while working on
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a high voltage power line the operation was performed in lille by a french hand transplant pioneer he met mr peterson it's a conference in reykjavik it's unclear how much function he will recover but he's described the transplant as his greatest dream. and that's where i would like to think the whole team of doctors who made this operation possible special thanks go to the nurses or dilys and physiotherapists who didn't extraordinary job for me to help me get through this very difficult week i am very touched by the efforts of all the resuscitation staff who have far exceeded my expectations they have shown great humanity and professionalism and i am very grateful to them in their social media app to talk has been ordered by italy's data privacy watchdog to block you do susy age it cannot verify that comes after the death of a 10 year old girl who performed an extreme death while using the at the watchdog criticized take talks age verification process is being too easy to circumvent the
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company says it's working to strengthen protection for young users. the footsie museum in florence has reopened its doors to the public but down rules to curb the crowd of us pandemic meant that the world famous museum was closed for almost half of 2020 odd the pandemic also means the usual crowds of terrorists and the people of florence are finally getting a chance to enjoy their culture in a more personal way stephanie decker reports now for us. intimacy with a masterpiece getting back to chile spring all to yourself would usually be unheard of the crew in a pandemic has stopped the mass tourism that would usually fill these corridors rooms and that means florentines are coming back to visit something many had long stopped doing she saw start up should have lived here until i was 25 years old i would come on sunday mornings as you would go have a coffee in the p.f.
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of the then you'd come for a walk around the your feet see we would walk in and out with this of course was a long time ago. consider. if we consider it part of our culture as a florentine it's our home museum you'd have to book a month in advance then you'd have to stand in long queues you don't feel like it's your home any more it makes you lose the desire to visit these are arguably some of the most famous paintings in the world this is what the chinese spring and then over there you have the iconic the birth of venus to be able to observe them pretty much alone is an extraordinary privilege and it's raising a question here among italians about the need to control mass tourism. outside florence is unrecognizably empty. temp you know tamale we in normal times this would be full you couldn't even take a picture there were so many people there was a queue here with the party that you're behind it's a bit sad that florence needs people. for those who live here despite the hard
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economic times that the pen democrats caused something. change the rebels to only lunch i mean there should be a balance a bit less people i don't know how but there's a need to rethink it also for the future because it isn't beautiful for anyone not even for the tourists feel to come to find the city's so chaotic say for you can't even take a walk. with you and the director of the feats he tells us that this is one of the most sought after museums in the world with around 4 and a half 1000000 visitors each year florence together with. our other 3 top cases of really bad over tourism. and it's not just bad for the city for the inhabitants of the city but it's actually bad for the tourists themselves i think it's really important to take advantage now of this very difficult situation and really really think how we are going to. project our offers
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and the future arts and culture many here tell us is a right for all the coronavirus has forced us all to stop and here at least many hope it will result in a new better way for everyone to be able to enjoy and share these treasures of the past stephanie decker al-jazeera at the museum in florence. so this is out there these are the top stories and tens of thousands of people have joined protests across russia at the minute the release of the kremlin critic alexina valmy who was arrested last week on his return from germany where he was being treated for a near fatal poisoning at least a 1000 people have been detained so far this 104 there's more from moscow. seems the past hour protesters have a broken off from the square.


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