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do that is with compassion and generosity and compromise because that's the only way we can try to solve any of these problems is together that's why al-jazeera is so important we make those connections. thousands arrested in russia after taking part in a nationwide march was demanding the release of opposition leader alexei navalny. you're watching al-jazeera live from the headquarters in doha and also coming up. protesters in brazil called for the president to resign over his handling of the 19 pandemic hospitals are overwhelmed and scientists are warning of
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a possible vaccine shortage. a call for change and to visit demonstrators say they're fed up with broken promises corruption and poverty and one thing government out. of that we sweep since i was a big causing less damage than expected but the threat of flooding remains. hello thanks for joining us the u.s. and the u.k. have condemned what they call harsh tactics used against anti-government demonstrators in russia tens of thousands defied freezing temperatures and police warnings to demand the release of kremlin critic alexina vali who was arrested last week he was detained after returning from germany where he was being treated for a near fatal poisoning more than 3000 people were arrested including the volleys
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wife sonya got to go reports. from the same eastern city. with only simpletons faced. with police in subzero temperatures it was the searches have denied permission for the demonstration was that it didn't stop the crowd gathering to call for the release of the man leading russia's most prominent opposition movement. in the capital moscow tens of thousands could gather it was lisa using batons on the crowds so more fierce backed by protesters as a child freedom the election of was was are you from are you among those detained wife u.t.m. . apologies for the poor quality she wrote on her social media page very bad light
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in the police van was as much as president vladimir putin has attempted to play down relaxing of all his influence the arrest of one of russia's most prominent opposition leaders has only inflamed his supporters was on the law is being trampled on can an absolutely incredible man and this arrest is one of the most serious violations of human and civil rights in the russian federation but it will set a precedent that could lead to the destruction of all out civil liberties of a glove nigger away at the with him earlier in the week novelli had released a video alleging president putin was the owner of a 1000000000 dollar property on the black sea this was denied by putin spokesperson . one of only supporters corruption is a major source of my discontent and the constant crackdown on their movement is they say an attempt to silence them all to hell but you know. it's difficult i'm
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fed up with keeping quiet we've been silent for too long and it's probably time to speak for my position and time to say that we have the right that we have the freedoms and that we have the desire to live in a completely different country. rather than are the only may not pose an immediate danger to president clinton's power but economic problems in the country are only going as is the discontent and some analysts believe the kremlin fears the potential of the bella roosts style mass dissent in the prospect of more protests. sunny day you go out as. well as a political analyst says a news agency owned and operated by the russian government we're curious as novelli f wanting special treatment when it comes to the law. mr noble is very authoritarian he doesn't listen to other people in that position he never made anybody to kokoda nations so in that sense he was even more or less. safe for
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the government because he neutralized you know potential protest just channeled all that energy on himself but just recently mr not only decided to play 2 games at the same time he decided to be a political refugee using present mode trying to merge and coming back to russia and then a political you could hear well obviously of the government decided not to allow it is specially because. to suspend a sense you know a lot of people were asking russia why is not only see things differently from other people other people say it has a suspended sentence and they want them brought. along by which a person that for treatment for germany or. any every for russian person who would be arrested after missing the line for his or her return on
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a suspended sentence sobered me enough money openly declared that he would return he was warned by the russian prosecutor's office if you don't you will be arrested now ali still returns so he was arrested because the government had no other choice . thousands of people have joined protests convoys across brazil calling for president also narrow to be impeached over his handling of the coronavirus pandemic . they're also angry about the delayed vaccination program and the end of financial aid which has helped tens of millions of brazilians cope with the economic downturn president also narrow has long played down the severity of cope with 19 on the importance of vaccination well the demonstrations come less than a week into brazil's vaccine rollout on saturday the 1st doses of face shipments of oxford extras and i thought if i scenes were administered in rio de janeiro brazil
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has a 2nd highest number of coronavirus deaths in the world after the us with more than 215000. has more from rio de janeiro. brazil being the largest country in latin america has taken very long to start the vaccination program and then the we've seen those horrible scenes in my mouse which is the gateway to be amazon and where the hospitals had simply collapsed and there were no oxygen so people weren't even dying of coded itself they were dying of suffocation and the idea you have is that there's not a lot there's no national of control of what's going on there is was a recent poll where 60 percent of the brazilians said that they believed that the pandemic really was not under control now the good news is that brazil does have a system which is good at getting back. together it has good institutions and it
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has good scientists the roll out began already 500000 brazilians have been vaccinated by the fear is that will mark keep going at a steady pace also the president recently just questioned about that being the how the state regulatory agency approved so it's these mixed messages which add to a lot of confusion and at the same and make people extremely anxious. italy is considering legal action against vaccine maker astra zeneca after it are no plans to cut its supply to the european union the company has reduced its offering by 60 percent for the 1st quarter of the year blaming production problems it's a major setback for the block's vaccination program last week pfizer biotech said it would delay its shipments of the vaccine for up to a lot of stuff and has more from what the delays mean. well these delays are
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real setback for the 450000000 residents here in the european union the e.u. has a coordinated nation strategy for its 27 member states but it has been criticized for starting to late compared to the u.k. and the u.s. and only 2 vaccines have now been approved by intact and now these 2 axes are getting really scarce in countries like germany but also it's a new spain and poland there are real delays with vaccinations and some states have already stopped altogether giving japs to its residents but the companies are really struggling at the moment pfizer biotech is building new production facilities in germany about old out of places to keep up with this enormous demand and the art of back is that. that most come to see are in the u. e.u. has most of their money on they have ordered millions of these vaccines and now
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says it has problems in its production line and 60 percent less will be delivered after the vaccine will be approved by the british medical association is calling on the government to shorten the gap between the 1st and 2nd doses of the pfizer bio intact vaccine and u.k. extended the maximum weight on the 2nd dose from 3 to 12 weeks to get the 1st dose out to as many people as possible the drug makers have warned they have no evidence of their vaccine will continue to be protective if the 2nd dose is given more than $21.00 days after the 1st. to use his government has extended a nighttime curfew and ban gatherings until mid february it follows a week of protests against repression corruption and poverty activists say about a 1000 people have been arrested since the demonstrations began on the 10th anniversary of the revolution that restored democracy to as if faces severe economic problems with a 3rd of its young people unemployed mesereau drum danis an executive member of
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your own mad writes and a founding member of the team is in form for economic and social rights he says many tennesseans especially the youth have lost hope. the youth this engine is you know we leave feeling much despair and not satisfied with their only democracy in the freedom they like more and they are right so the speed of this that has never this young people especially from slums and interior regions really to aba they have got difficult choices between rather undergarment and migration extremism or rather order to evolve against their boat system itself the problem is that we have politicians really a lot of fighting for rather than a place to you out of place in the parliament to be among the elite but they don't have any worries about what's happening around them i mean they're fighting over
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a places in the parliament obama to lead the country whereas at the same time they don't have any idea about what's going on so we need not maybe another 18 to think of the problems or to museum to change things maybe we need also a national dialogue of another one like that that we have and with the 13 so that we whether you have civil society experts in the economy and you have the same time politicians and we need that these elite created this political elite really to think of that that that of the denture that is looming over the country and that basic status is going to fall out and when it falls i mean every with his daughter when their ship sinks have it what is not going to find its way out of there of the sea so they need to be aware of the bench. still ahead on al-jazeera why more palestinians are turning to traditional justice systems to protect themselves and
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their families. we are in one of the most famous museums in the world in front of arguably some of the most famous paintings in the world i'm stephanie decker in the if it's a museum in florence whether it is raising a debate among italians about the need to control mass tourism. it's time for the perfect jenny and the winter storm supply qatar airways cold winters take a step back for a while well through sunday and monday anyway look at the temperatures in minus 2 going up to back plus one the same time but a rain rolls out of honshu and the sun comes up over 11 degrees in tokyo. 3 in beijing look at this line of weak rain now behind you there is much colder at least in mongolia that about minus 50 degrees but take
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a while to cool down again in china i think the heaviest rain in the next few days i should be in the philippines in the north so in luzon and further south so the way see bits of borneo and java eastwards much of the laser confetti far much of southeast asia mainland there is looking pretty far but a few showers seem likely in cambodia or thailand not that unusual unfortunately although the air has stirred a bit in the northern plains of india it's still predominantly foggy the cold wave is coming back to light to be noticed there's been stood up it's cool it quietened down again fog is back in the forecast the deli and the air quality were made at least 30 unhealthy and door worse than that but it's a dry and sunny picture for most places and that is no true throughout the. in fact the whole event and iraq the skies are open. sponsored paul qatar airways. once hosni mubarak became president so began
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a story of conflict and isolation on one side a wife and son the sights set on succession on the other a president increasingly distant from the egyptian people when his beloved grandson died mubarak need to step down but then the flames ignited in tunisia exploded in egypt and everything changed episode 2 of the family on a just. the only. way. again the top stories on al-jazeera this hour for us in the u.k. have condemned what they call harsh tactics used against anti-government
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demonstrators in russia there and demanding the release of kremlin critic alexei navalny who was arrested last week. thousands have joined protests convoys across brazil calling for president joe you're also narrowed to be impeached over his handling of the coronavirus pandemic they're also angry about the delayed vaccination program and they and financial aid. italy is considering legal action against a vaccine maker astra zeneca after it announced plans to cut its applied to the european union company has reduced its offering by 60 percent for the 1st quarter of the year. the state department is reviewing their previous administration's decision to designate yemen's houthi rebels as a terrorist group the move day before donald trump's presidency ended was condemned by humanitarian organizations there are concerns that it will worsen the humanitarian crisis complicate a deliveries and stall u.n. brokered peace talks iran backed with the rebels took control of yemen's capital
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and 2015 so tom but our thoughts as the director of the center for conflict and humanitarian studies at the institute he says a recent attack on saudi arabia may complicate the terrorists as a nation review. he doesn't mention a version he was framed at the house he's being a foreign terrorist organization based on their attacks on saudi arabia and if the news is correct that we had earlier today that therefore and you had attack it would make it much more difficult for the by the net this issue to review this so this ignition however does ignition and so on is unlikely to help and this is what we've learned from many of the civil conflicts the designation will not help the enemies inside yemen as much as the saudis and the relationship with the enemy we. already the last couple of days since it's come into force has caused a major computer in among international agencies private companies who are
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supplying food to yemen shipping companies who are trying to carry that put into yemen a lot of them reluctant to engage in yemen not because they don't want to or that no need for their help but the does ignition and it's blankets form at the moment without much detail and makes it. very difficult for them to engage and a high risk area for them to to engage so lazy is to withdraw and ultimately i think the public would pay the price and as you know yemen is already one of the worst human who attend that disasters and is likely to get worse. without further details on how this does initially going to work i think the situation worse. u.s. senate majority leader chuck schumer wants the justice department to investigate allegations that donald trump had plans to replace the acting attorney general with some one more element of will the new york times says the event presidents
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considered pushing out jeffrey rosen and installing a different justice department lawyer who will pursue his unfounded election fraud claims in a tweet sure recalled the plans on conscionable rosslyn jordan has more from washington d.c. well in that tweet from the new majority leader chuck schumer he also said that this is all the more reason why donald trump should be impeached because the new york times article alleges that the official paul clark was willing to do donald trump's bidding which is to try to throw out the result of the georgia election and perhaps dissuade congress from verifying the electoral college votes on january 6th now these are pretty sensational allegations the majority leader is now calling on the inspector general for the justice department to investigate these charges and if there's enough evidence that can be mustered in
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the next couple of weeks you can expect that evidence would be entered during the impeachment trial of the former president tropical cyclone eloise has been lashing mozambique's port city of barrow which was devastated by another powerful storm less than 2 years ago having rain and strong winds battered areas which had not yet fully recovered from cycling and die if these $3000.00 people have been moved from boozy districts in the east flooding in areas expected to continue for the next 72 hours. hundreds of protesters have gathered in west jerusalem to call for prime minister benjamin netanyahu to step down israel's prime minister has been charged with fraud a breach of trust and accepting bribes protests have been taking place for weeks with many saying that's and properly all facing corruption charges he denies any wrongdoing. a recent survey found 2 thirds of palestinians don't trust the state's traditional system and believe it's corrupt human rights defenders say the
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judiciary is unsure and strengthening a process known as tribal justice. reports or more people are moving towards tribal laws to get justice for their family and friends for. this gathering the killing of palestinians in a street fight. it's traditional to hold these meetings after such incidents in order to restore peace in the community they're part of an informal tribal system that follows its laws when peace is achieved courts usually minimize the sentence but human rights groups see this undermines the official dream of law. doesn't believe the state's court system is just 3 of her family members were killed in a quarrel and her water lost me if it's either us or them i don't care if we all die even if the case states what generations will keep telling our children and
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their children what happened those responsible for the killings are now serving time in palestinian jails their families have been forced out of the village their houses have been set on fire not once but several times who will defend the tribal justice system say it's helped revenge. others argue that if why only basic human rights still these tribes who work under the umbrella of the palestinian authority more than 50 percent of the occupied west bank is off limits for the palestinian authority this makes it more difficult to arrest offenders and enforce court orders. or to be years legitimacy continuity in. the political system in our situation. you don't have an army with a protector tribes can sometimes be faster and more effective than the state's
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courts they can put pressure on families as mohammed to now be knows only too well he was in an israeli jail when his father killed a man in 2009 isn't all your family was forced to leave the village and he hasn't been allowed to return to his house. very much gutted. yes there has been a crime if this means that a whole family will be punished for 15 to 20 years then we don't live in a country that respects itself 40 percent of palestinians trust the non-state justice systems some see the palestinian authority has field to establish a strong judicial apparatus more than 2 decades after. the occupied west bank. the veteran u.s. talk show host larry king has died in a california hospital where he was being treated for a car with 19 he was 87 years old king had
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a number of health problems in recent years including diabetes and heart attacks he conducted more than $50000.00 interviews in a broadcast career spanning more than 6 decades for 25 years he was the host of c.n.n.'s larry king live interviewing politicians celebrities and world leaders what sort of relationship do you want now with the united states. larry king or not rick perry in any way looking. that you're going to look at getting well i mean the whole world we want relations based on the respect relations of equals where we respected you came to power in libya 1916. ago. do you have thoughts on who might succeed you. under the sun but i'm saying also that
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i give power far it's news since 1977 john murray is the t.v. host and pop culture critic he says larry king became as profound as those he interviewed he lived the legendary life i mean for more than a quarter of a century larry king he held a destination on c.n.n. as the face of primetime news i mean he took a fledgling news network and help expand them and give them visibility to a global audience and we're talking kings and queens presidents and pillars of pop culture they all came to larry king when they wanted to share their story and speak to the world you know he was very matter of fact he could get a little scrappy he asked the questions that you were thinking in the sometimes he'd ask questions and you wonder what was he thinking but you know unlike a lot of media professionals who do the work and then they live quietly behind the scenes larry he became if it is the hollywood stars he sometimes interview the
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tabloids and the entertainment pages they all love his life and his multiple marriages and they cover all 8 of them and so he can live a big light he was a kind man and he did it on his own terms and that's the legacy that you want to live when you do this type of work that larry king has done but he created a format the matter which larry king host of this show noel was doing that you know we know that c.n.n. and other networks have tried to duplicate that formula after he retired from that network and they were never able to do it and then like a lot of people he thought he was going to retire and maybe go play golf or something but then after 2 years he decided to do it all over again in the digital platform with the reincarnation of his show larry king now which aired in syndication and on streaming platforms but he hosted so many hours on t.v. in this format during his time at c.n.n. he ended up in the guinness book of world records. tick-tock says it's analyzing an order from italy it's a block users whose agent can't identify after
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a 10 year old girl and allegedly died while using the app it only says to. verify the user accounts until at least mid february the girl died in sicily from a fix after participating in a so-called challenge the challenge comprises putting a belt around the person's neck while trying to go without breathing for as long as possible. and italian museum normally a visitor by millions in its year has reopened to the public but this time without the crowds there are fans and galleries in florence have been closed since november a jerk or a virus restrictions with fear tourists and tell locals are finally getting a chance to enjoy their art and culture in a more personal way stephanie tucker reports. intimacy with a masterpiece getting back to chile spring all to yourself would usually be unheard of the crew in a pandemic has stopped the mass tourism that would usually fill these corridors
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rooms and that means florentines are coming back to visit something many had long stopped doing she saw start to feed off the ship. i lived here until i was 25 years old i would come on sunday mornings as you would go have a coffee in the p.f. of the then you'd come for a walk around the your feet see we would walk in and out with this of course was a long time ago. consider. if we consider it part of our culture as a florentine it's our home museum you'd have to book a month in advance then you'd have to stand in long queues you don't feel like it's your home any more it makes you lose the desire to visit these are arguably some of the most famous paintings in the world this is what the chinese spring and then over there you have the iconic the birth of venus to be able to observe them pretty much alone is an extraordinary privilege and it's raising a question here among italians about the need to control mass tourism. outside
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florence is unrecognizably empty. temp you know the mali we in normal times this would be full you couldn't even take a picture there were so many people there was a queue here with aponte vacua behind it's a bit sad that florence needs people. for those who live here despite the hard economic times that the pen demick has caused something should change the very. it's the only lunch i mean there should be a balance a bit less people i don't know how but there's a need to rethink it also for the future because it isn't beautiful for anyone not even for the tourists feel to come to find the city's so chaotic say for you can't even take a walk. with you and the director of the feats he tells us that this is one of the most sought after museums in the world with around 4 and a half 1000000 visitors each year florence together with venice and bustle on our other 3 top cases of really bad over tourism. and
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it's not just bad for the city for the inhabitants of the city but it's actually bad for the tourists themselves i think it's really important to take advantage now of this very difficult situation and really rethink how we are going to. project our offers and the future. arts and culture many here tell us is a right for all the coronavirus has forced us all to stop and here at least many hope it will result in a new better way for everyone to be able to enjoy and share these treasures of the past stephanie decker al-jazeera at the museum in florence. hello again the headlines on al-jazeera the u.s. and u.k. have condemned what they call harsh tactics used against our government demonstrate
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