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justice and al-jazeera. has been one year since the death of one of the n.b.a.'s all time greatest players kobe bryant died in a helicopter crash along with his 13 year old daughter and 7 other his filipino basketball fans and the other created a massive mural to pay tribute to bryant and his daughter giana bryant who was $41.00 when he died won the n.b.a. championship 5 times with the l.a. lakers he was also a 2 time olympic gold medalist. this is al-jazeera these are the top stories tens of thousands of families have traveled to the indian capital new delhi in the biggest show of strength yet against the government they breached the nation's most prominent landmark the red fort blocked roads have been demonstrating for months now against new pricing rules my saying is
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the deputy editor of india today is at the protests the delhi police have climbed on or on the internet are far from actual cracked or poker broken and oh right now you do the birdie birdie testing situation for them or the government because a right now off to a parade really leaves the airport another party to taken off several tractors all marching towards the right for even more to show their anger and the resentment towards * the more the government has acted on this. into the past 1000000 cases of coronavirus according to government figures the rate of infections has been said they climbing for months more than 10000 have been reported every day in recent weeks. there are reports from saudi arabia that an explosion has been heard in the capital riyadh local media say it was
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a missile being intercepted over the city. police and other lines of arrested $180.00 people during another night of protest against lockdown measures demonstrators are angry over a government curfew it's the 1st nighttime restriction on movement since world war 2 well protests have been held in lebanon over western living conditions on a strict coronavirus lockdown this is the northern city of tripoli where security forces fired tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse crowds on demonstrators threw stones at a government building. its alley and prime minister just that become days to resign in a bid to form a new government he effectively lost his majority when a vital junior party in his coalition quit over his handling of the coronavirus pandemic. it's all the headlines inside story coming out next.
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navigating troubled waters turkish and greek officials resume talks over them our time this feud can diplomacy defuse recent tensions this is inside story. hello and welcome to the show i'm sami's a than well turkey and greece have been disputing their maritime boundaries for decades and last year the 2 nations came close to war when ankara deployed a survey vessel in contested waters now after
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a 5 year suspension of their direct talks with nato allies of back at the negotiating table discussions to resolve the standoff in the g. and eastern mediterranean kicked off on monday but they were preceded by disagreements over the agenda athan wants to limit them to continental shelf borders and the size of the exclusive economic zone but i'm curious says other issues including differences over aerial zones and some of june islands should be tackled cynical soul reports from istanbul. turkey and greece are opposite approaches when it comes to the limitation of the contrast of maritime borders and the resumption of these exploratory talks that took place 6 the times before since 2000 to a comes at a time of mutual mistrust an arms race and a very aggressive rhetorical tension sparked especially when president our last said that he will open his country's borders to the e.u.
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for the thousands of irregular migrants last year and then last summer bought size completed claims over the deep sea gas reserves and turkey center suspects survey vessel to the eastern mediterranean very close to greek territorial waters greece totally was against this but there is one thing in common both countries are going through a domestic politics called an economical slump and turkey faces possible u.s. sanctions because of purchase russian s $400.00 missile systems and united states says that that's a breach for turkey as a nato ally so 2 countries again come together to discuss the by literal issues in the agency many believe that since those issues of what size are present are seen as sovereignty national sovereignty issues by both sides they are not comparable they will never compromise on any of those issues but they want to show the united states and the western countries that they are not
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a void in any kind of diplomatic dialogue also many say that both turkey and greece are trying to gain time as chuckie is stuck with its problems with the united states and the european union an economy and greece trying to raise its arms and buying new weapons from other countries sina because all of our inside story in turkey in greece serve overlapping claims to areas of gas rich waters in the eastern mediterranean they've each sought to strengthen their territorial claims by drawing up exclusive economic zones with libya and egypt risk. spectacle greece says each of its islands is entitle to its own continent or shelf with exclusive drilling rights turkey disputes that anchor also wants to ensure the turkish republic of cyprus has equal rights to gas fields it's not internationally recognized though as an independent state last year turkey has stepped up drilling along the north coast of cyprus angering greece which claims the area as part of
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its continental shelf and last week athens extended its western territorial waters from 6 nautical miles to 12 that's around 22 kilometers ankara opposes that thank you. well let's bring in our guest now joining us from nicosia in cyprus we have and various theophanous he's the president of the cyprus center for european and international affairs in rome we have natalie touchy she's the director of the institute of international affairs and a former advisor to for that he can be any the european union's foreign affairs chief and in london we have gallup the lie he's a researcher at the university of oxford welcome to you or so perhaps i could start with andreas and ask the question do you think this round of talks will succeed
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andrea's. well we should who'd be optimistic in that sense but even taking into consideration i'm kind of rhetoric and also who the stated positions on various issues. involving it were to push relations as well as the sec risk question he would be very hesitant to express optimism let me say that the differences between the 2 countries as you know greece and turkey in relation to before you do that and realize that he jumped in and asked this question the fact that they have started talking is that a success in itself isn't something of a success if there's a turkish perspective which is this needs to be sorted out in bilateral talks it's a positive step i mean negotiations and trying to find peaceful ways to address issues that i think it's always welcomed i think you know greece has also been positive to discussions now as it was mentioned during court previously there are
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some issues of procedure i mean greece indicates that it will be 2 issues to discuss of the continent shelf in the exclusive economic zone to be deluded ok it any other issues should not be discussed now why do we have this statement because i'm kind of himself another that these are visuals how been raising the show really rising the treaty olaus up and this is not acceptable to greece in the sense that. greece in the give is that it will not discuss in address that we should use the claims of turkey even there are issues to be addressed yes but. that treaty says there is no need to go back and trying to find the issues over the islands in the aegean and so on sore. all right let's bring in the perspective of gallup are frequently in london gallup listening to
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what and dress is explaining that i think it underlines the fact that turkey and greece haven't really agree they have agreed to start talking but what exactly to talk about is not entirely in agreement right. well i think that's 1st we have to be clear at this stage we are talking about chris's management mark rosas solution given the fact that the dissent of the issues that again groups are discussing are quite intractable settled the problems so one has been there earlier as you know has provoked is the root of it goes as far regs as you to form this not the board state so at this stage we are talking more the crows management so it does not call mean it n. in n. is a deal or accident that will you know that will work the hours that will make your resolution of anything is impossible from dispersed practive it is a positive sign that they're talking because when little resume that takes away the
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focus from the military stanley or read only to the negotiation at this stage i think truth is essential for the as it is one of them is the more the plural well as some form of like you know it in the stock what are all the energy exploration is actually happening right now i mean quite the turkey has not been standing there or has raised into the contest water sports on boats and the secondly it is the good of talks negotiations and this is like you know what it is exploratory paul that is reserved to get and i think the 3rd one is in one way or another if at all really if the troops progresses the questions that will be in front of all that will be how to bring turkey egypt is mediterranean gas forum or a gas gave you one way or another because it is the perception of turkey that it is being cut off from an emergency could get in order or go in that is the military in
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that what of it is to utilize the chords of the broke a gallon let me run to you as well let me jump in there because that's a really interesting point you've mentioned let me take that if we could to natalie and romans asked. you from the perspective of the european union from your understanding do you think the e.u. wants to see this problem resolved or resolved as in finally as god would say let turkey into the eastern mediterranean gas game or is it just about ensuring that things don't boil over that's all the e.u. wants to see is let's not have a war in the eastern mediterranean and maybe have some attempt at curbing turkish power in the area. well i'm ready for time together go on there and get it was to say i think in an ideal world obviously the here illegally like to see these talks and then should lead to a resolution of not only somebody else's issues that we were discussing but
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eventually that this would also see a spillover effects onto the cyprus conflict i want to do the order i had mentioned conundrum in the beach and am perhaps even having still a positive spin there explanations such as. so this is obviously a given i do well on the point in years of course as a garish hair and as a specimen we don't live and i am therefore does the european union prefer the kind as i was mentioning the conflict management situation which existed in the 2007. by the rapprochement between the 2 countries after the 1999 earthquake or does it regard the escalatory dynamics that we saw over the summer and north well obviously in. the core parts of the land and given that we do live in weld it will obviously be better at the very least that conflict management
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sets up to ensure that on the one hand turkey is assertive and i'm suppressive behavior is cut and then eventually the different forms cooperation in the region and that we've been seeing i have to try out the multilateral i actually forms of cooperation that become more inclusive nature beginning with the energy more i maybe we should let's go back actually to gallup for a 2nd that. put let's put this in context for for the viewers just for a 2nd and run us through the issues at stake here of issues which are disputed between turkey and greece because they're quite you know the they range from the whole cyprus issue which i think you know most people would know something about to some of the details of like where the territorial waters end right where does the continental shelf and how do you do do you apply that to islands as well as the
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mainland exclusive economic zones and then there's you know aerial zones and space and it gets quite complicated right there is there's a lot in other words to talk about. no absolutely i mean we are talking about different satellites and militant disputes be in so doing with territorial waters but also true to people the conversation over the ownership or to some rock island and others which reads as there is. so randi is the military and it's the there is the continental shelf can we exclude those old but also you like the soberest roses which is basically always in and all atmosphere ought to listen here and now on the topic is group therapy by little spirit you have the energy exploration start in front of them one time israel and then. the gas one and then some in prison and in egypt and then the legion trousers in which like neutral it's
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only gallup let me put this point to you from the greek respect that say it might be a lot easier if only turkey would just simply adhere to international law. whether it's to do with its presence in cyprus which the greeks see as an occupation they should get out of there or whether it's about you know territorial waters just recognize the law of the seas which gives countries the right to go all the way to 12 miles. well i think i mean in in cyprus previous that there was a young process in poland 14 there was also. there was a young resolution on the site and of the turkish side. supported maybe 65 percent and then the group said it rejected by 75 percent so there was a young process on cyprus but when it comes to doing international law perspective on the under under other set of the disputes i think in the end in what way or another will end of you know international arbitration but the question is 'd
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exactly what we discussed at the beginning what would take that into an issue or because there be this agreement well what should be taken to the insanity court as well do it because what one side does this go is this because they describe it as its sovereignty so death for no good as long as you have these glaring get in the ball says narrow what do what is that it is and what is a sovereignty issue then you know taking that usually intent is you got at these this is quite unlikely right ok and then let me give a chance to address and breath why is athens resisting this cussing all the issues if you going back to talks surely put everything on the table could help improve this would mean. temperature officials are going to solve not conceal their objectives they want to they want to work you know can 23 to be a bigger country than when he's very now. becky's this or that part of turkish
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expansion is. there is a direct quote or are we usually just talking about cyprus i mean since that was mentioned without serious talk of the history of the details i know i don't really get bogged down but my point is going why not if you're seeking to talk why not talk about everything. let me put it this way eve reese also starts talking about everything and i think that things will be made worse in the sense i mean lent you say not to talk about a huge book but although we must be forward looking we cannot escape from history end. talking about cyprus when turkey ingredient in that incident divert it declaring that the subjective was true just that response usually order and protect the community in practice it has destroyed the goose that usual to do so close. to 7 percent either quite that new cleansing it has chorus
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cypress to the extent that may not be in your complete part in this thread now you are trying to wholeness the city of wood was supposed to be turned into so it is a talking about the u.n. planning that all for and relates this is this is actually what i'm trying to avoid getting into you know claims of ethnic cleansing and counterclaims and the history but it's not let me put the question this way and dress if that the 2 sides are going to decide where the territorial waters are where the continental shelf is then you have to kind a have to resolve whose islands these are and you know some of the broader issues about the the presence of you know or the make up of cyprus in terms of political order that would make it a lot easier to decide where the exclusive zone start and then what net. it put us where we are the aliens belong to the trick euro zone and that's really clear if we
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spread treaties that's clear what is what should be discussed what could be used these fluted use a continental shelf in the exclusive economic zone and there is international fora but you know this isn't an international law ok when there are certain differences in different interpretations it thinks can be discussed now in the case of cyprus since you brought it up again you know we cannot take positions like that that would turkey given the credits in turkey what is asking for the purpose of goods and services. separate is a country less than 10000 square kilometers and trucking would like to have her exclusive or you know set up closely drislane so it wants to so caught us both who lives where on that why doesn't that practice practice in turkey and once you know what comes out with a great perspective but you know that's a nicosia is a uncle i would like that is unusual to turn cyprus into
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a protectorate and also to change the demographic structure all right and then to claim locals who are as asian so i think he is ok that's really the point is unfortunately the point is clear they have made a lack of trust in turkish intentions and what the greys say not only is it exactly as and let me if i can let me because we have got a lot of time let me get a chance to natalie it's i think even clear from just listening to the discussion in this show that there isn't a lot of common ground even on what the issues are. why have talks even begun at this point what made them possible they've been stalled for years was it a change in the u.s. administration. but exactly the change in the u.s. history she made of the difference is merely a difference because ultimately it will last only it is under the trumpet administration really characterize crying or not with one hand there really erratic behavior and we are now and perhaps
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a. profound disconnect between the european union and the united states and now that all the region are out in the syntax we know that there is an agreement see the other will be more tenacious in all that and this hospital to create different climate for instance in need and we know that nato has been trying to say general that's a prime actor in actually enjoying the talks between greece and turkey so i think this is rooted in international context makes the difference alongside the rest of the state there are the economic. turkey is in the threat. of sanctions there are even festooned there in greece the chickie as far as the military debate is concerned am i am defense contracts so i think there is incentives on both sides and that's not necessarily an actually reaching an
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agreement but certainly litigating a conflict and sort of embarking on a deescalate really dynamic ok let me bring galligan i got i am assuming you probably want to come back at a lot of some of the historical points which mr andreas was mentioning there but if i can try and get us to focus a little bit more on the now rather than the ancient history of this why. it is one way of looking at this is perhaps turkey being a little bit on the back foot feeling the heat from some of those factors which natalie mentioned whether it's a closer transatlantic alliance or the e.u. sanctions is that what's happening was a little. well it's significant impact and one of the let's not forget one of the major reason that led to the present is the mediterranean was a systemic at that true things was important one of them is that the u.s. withdrawal from the areas because historically when the worst president in drag and
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then greece like we saw many of them we know tonight is the u.s. would step in to deescalate the tension or between the 2 major allies the 2nd with the 2nd one is the loss of the e.u. exemption primmer interest group because in late new 2 months early 2 dalton's you saw the golden you saw the honeymoon period in charge group alicia's and these was against the backdrop of the drug is turkey's quest to have to be a member of the european union so that the separate is all but of the. earth has basically ended with the clothes but now on the top of these factors. there are like you know new factors one of the these military ports are indeed is the military is an expensive piece but for turkey both produce as well to the narrative that turkey has been advocating for the talks so it is going there isn't a change of the position in terms of that you know get informed or if you get informed are there for the negotiation and then the last immediate factors are as
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nothing to put it the change of the government in you was because now i like the rules even more convergence but it had only gotten inroads and turkey changing its position as well because of that it withdrew the order trysts seismic survey ship right in december was that one of the signs i mean the of the foreign minister of turkey called it positive messages that turkey was sending positive measures and messages rather was that really turkey changing its policy because it's saw the really the in the global situation changing against this jenny its patents it's changing its tactics because the policy hasn't is that i mean all the settlers. that has been you know we are still with us right now the only thing that has any talk is not then it is years into the content the watchers so that the only thing that changed since the last one. i think if that if that holds true is it and
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progress highly likely will not you know will not see the ships going into the contest what it is and soon but we should not exclude the fact that it is you might go into the waters if the things get worse as well so on is that we've got over not over it's not overstate the importance of the change of the government in us it certainly is important the literature of the bar i'm very certain there are always got a minute left and try and give it to and an os the same kind of question time dress but do you think that the changing global situation will strengthen the great position in talks or at least embolden it and lead it to believe that it has a stronger position right now this surely is the one we haven't was he when we come it was usually at any point in time. the balance or imbalance of power influences the outcome that so far turkey has been trying to use gun book diplomacy in us that
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since disputes are in surplus and with greece in order to push for its positions i would say that the european union has been tolerating to a great extent turkey but it's even you know since this is repeated it begins to show that turkish revisionism is the stable it's the indicators of the united states we have trump who also will. try to recruit great extent president urkel and in this issue is whether the new u.s. administration would follow up writing i would say finishing up my thoughts were jews mentioned earlier that it's about it's not interesting it's a few years ago i mean that in the world has been taking place the issues that i have no doubt in my mind that eve turkey used to respect. the total integrity and the lack of existence of neighboring countries to exist is
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think there can be reduced to many trillion encouraged by the european union and the misleads of america if true means it's the region is. up and polish is i think the maximum that can be done by other powers is conflict management thank you very much andreas there for your thoughts let's try and end on hopes for the escalation let's thank also gallup in london and natalie of course toci in rome and thank you to fortune you can see the show again any time by visiting our website al-jazeera dot com for further discussion head over to our facebook page that's facebook dot com forward slash a.j. inside story you can also join the conversation on twitter handle is a.j. inside story from me sam is a that and the whole theme here finales of by. when
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a parent loses nature to a terminal illness. they often feel that they've taken on the weight of the world. but mr huang is determined to find out what cool is to his daughter's day and brought him such heartache. the story of a committed parents attend activist i find this protest part of the if you find asian series on al-jazeera. american people have finally folk in america as i see it when america is off balance or to become more dangerous the world is looking at
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us with a mixture of sadness and. with the election behind us will the republican party dump trucks to the feel we can take on us politics and society that's the bottom line. logan piece it will be here in doha your top stories from al-jazeera tens of thousands of farmers in india of marched on the nation's capital to oppose the government's new agricultural laws the demonstrations were staged as the government held an annual parade in new delhi to mark republic day catch a look as what explains. frustrated and angry thousands of farmers occupy india's most prominent landmark yet conic red who are walking highways and.


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