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they play their game very carefully. they stay in control the common thing amongst the arab dictators is incredible will to survive the arab awakening absolute power. protests lockdowns and vaccinations the number of covert 19 infections worldwide is rising now stands at 100000000. saeed this is al jazeera life and also coming up. israel says it's preparing for a possible offensive against iran creating a challenge in u.s. president joe biden. security remains toys in the indian capital a day after
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a major protest against new farming north we'll look at what options the government has now. and the tide is rising on the opinion around climate change a survey shows 2 styles of people around the world see it as a local merchants. the devastating effects of coven 19 are being laid back as nations around the world face economic crises the challenges of vaccinating entire communities and the struggle to control the spread of the disease the world has now surpassed 100000000 cases here's how it looks according to john hopkins university which has been tracking the virus throughout the pandemic. we begin in bangladesh where 8 year old nuss has become the 1st person to get the. campaign began in the capital dhaka with
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mass and occupation expected to begin next month bangladesh receive 3000000 doses of because the shield vaccine purchased from the serum institute of india and last thursday called 2000000 doses as a gift from the indian government tanveer chattery has moved from dhaka at least out of 7000000 vaccine 2000000 were donated by india as a goodwill 5000000 were part in a trilateral agreement between the backs and farmer the government and the indian government now although the vaccine are in hand right now history has already been made the 1st nurse a 38 year old vet on a coaster was the 1st person in bangladesh to be given the vaccine a dozen other health worker in this hospital which is right behind me the general hospital where it will kick start and then at least 5 to 600 people across different hospitals mostly 1st responder will be given this vaccine but it is
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a vaccine diplomacy right now bangladesh is only sourcing from india and right now there's a $7000000.00 the government plans to start the general vaccination program from next month at least $1200.00 people per bed that so that's merely law considering the $165000000.00 people and over including $1000000.00 growing are refugees who are also under this umbrella they have to be vaccinated and the un health organization and government is doing a lot of stuff together to protect the remaining us time as kobe had 19 vaccine goes now one thing i would remind you this is a very densely populated country but it's a very low death rate with barely over $8000.00 and half a 1000000 infection rate. the united kingdom is expected to announce new restrictions on citizen and residents entering the country the rules will affect people coming from places where new coronavirus variants have been identified most foreign nationals from high risk countries are ready denied u.k.
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entry on tuesday the country reached 100000 deaths from the virus. let's go to our correspondent rory challenge that would just outside of london perhaps that can give us a clue as to what the government in the u.k. is about to announce. i don't think we're going to get many surprises for him pretty detailed home secretary when she stands in front of the commons in a couple of hours' time the government says very likely to announce as it has been trailed in all the major newspapers today that they're going to bring in a kind of selective approach to this hotel koren see system which means that people arriving in the u.k. from some countries will be required to put themselves into a hotel near the airport for 10 days or so of course and see at their own expense ask he said 1500 pounds
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a small amount of money now there have been some people arguing for a more comprehensive approach to this that anyone arriving in the u.k. should have to do this. the prime minister seems to be reluctant to go down that path he had been written a letter by the chief executives of the major airlines british airways in atlantic and some others asking him not to go down the comprehensive blanket approach and they said that this would be catastrophic for an already crippled airline and travel industry plus the opposition party labor has attacked the government for what it's calling a hard baked approach a half baked policy and certainly scientists have been saying look you might be wanting to protect the country from people arriving in the u.k. from overseas you might be bringing new strains of the virus well you don't know where those strains are going to be coming from so you might have
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a certain number of countries on this list that are known strain that could be. seeing in a particular country that's not on the list where people can arrive from there get off the plane go to their homes spices self self isolate when they get there but not everyone does and therefore. the norm blanket approach is selective approach still could be leaving the door open for new strains of the virus arriving in the u.k. ok borish allan's there for us live at our capital which is just outside london thank you. european union officials say the drug maker astra zeneca has pulled out from a meeting on co the 19 vaccine supply. the c.e.o. of astra zeneca said a deal with the youth of 400000000 doses was quote not a contractual commitment. as a company only promise to try its best to deliver the quality quantity without any guarantees his comments follow and go from the e.u. off to astra zeneca was forced to cut supplies citing production problems. in
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lebanon people are continuing their protest against measures and the da a state of the economy. security forces were deployed to the northern city of tripoli to protect government buildings at least 60 people have been injured since monday saying a caller is in tripoli and says most people that call abide by rules of the government doesn't provide them with any help. here in tripoli if you can see behind me but it doesn't look like there is a lockdown the people are defying a 24 hour curfew a very strict lockdown and a lockdown where there is only a few exceptions only essential workers are allowed to venture out but as you can see 50 percent of the workforce there informal workers people who live day by day if they don't work today they can't feed their kids and this is what people here
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have been telling us and there is so much anger at the authorities for failing to provide any assistance whatsoever there have been 3 downs in the past year each time the authorities the provided help to $230000.00 families $47.00 an hour which many said were not enough but this time around during this lockdown no assistance has been disbursed as of yet so you can imagine the anger and definitely there is also a health crisis people know that. they've seen the pictures inside the ers of of the hospitals across the country doctors are struggling hospitals are overwhelmed the number of cases are on the rise because the authorities opened the country over the holiday system this season they allowed parties be allowed social gatherings for there was a really steep rise in the number of coronavirus cases and now doctors are saying the lockdown which is set to end on the 8th of february may yet be extended so this
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is going to cause a lot of suffering more burden on the people israel's military chief says preparations are being made for a possible offensive against iran they said and general of the obvious also urging u.s. president joe biden against rejoining the turd 2015 iran you could jail saying that it threatens israel the new u.s. administration is drafting its approach on dealing with to her on her forces has the latest from western are slim so congratulations mr. to joe biden was sworn in as u.s. president last week israel's prime minister released can gradually treat video. referencing a warm personal friendship and also his government's immediate priority for the new administration and to confront common challenges chief among the threat posed by iran on tuesday israel's top general turned up the volume saying he was preparing a new attack plans targeting iran. i have instructed the i.d.f.
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to prepare several operational plans in addition to existing ones which we will develop throughout the coming year the power to initiate lies with the political echelon however they are friends of options need to be prepared ready and able. the general will the new u.s. administration that returning to the iran nuclear deal for which donald trump withdrew in 2018 would be a mistake that would allow iran to develop a nuclear weapon. cause there are less chemical in even if there's a similar agreement with a few improvements it is operationally and strategically wrong it's operationally wrong because it will again allow edits in or even before in iran to enrich uranium to develop centrifuges to develop even the capabilities of the weapons until developing a bomb the message was delivered on the same day that joe biden's pick for secretary of state was confirmed by the us senate have to resist weak anti blinken
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signal that the u.s. was not preparing to rush back into the deal and would consult with israel and other regional allies on its policy for its part iran says time is short for the us to revive the deal notice the joint comprehensive plan of action or j c p a way. any progress in this regard is totally dependent on the practical steps of the us through tech to meet its obligations under the reason lucian 2231 actually i may because time is limited and the window of opportunity for the u. s. and the european members of the g c p a remains open for a limited period. iran is still reeling from a series of blows inflicted during the last year of the trumpet ministration including the us assassination of its most revered military figure qassam salah money and the killing of its chief nuclear scientist most in fact residing which tehran attributes to israel. and israel
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a shift away from troubles hardline on iran is a major foreign policy challenge provoking a debate about whether the government should confront the biden ministration publicly or lobby behind the scenes in this instance the public confrontation has come from the head of its army are a force that al-jazeera west jerusalem. iranian president hassan rouhani addressed a cabinet meeting a short while ago he didn't comment on the israeli plants and said it's up to the u.s. and the europeans to comply with the nuclear deal is the us had to borrow from to iran. he didn't directly respond to the threats made but his chief of staff spoke following that meeting where he said that these are just empty words but iran does is not interested in starting any conflict but it will defend itself if need be we heard also from the president he didn't specifically talk about the threat but he talked about where things stand with that nuclear agreement and what iran hopes they will receive in the coming weeks from the remaining signatories let's listen
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to what he had to say yet one whole year we waited and listen the europeans made promises which they either couldn't or wouldn't deliver on we then began putting aside some very commitments and if they rejoin the deal we'll do so was world and for an entire year we kept going forward this way but we've always said as soon as you return to deal will return to full compliance the next hour things a very much in a standing pattern holding pattern but they have issued a deadline for the new u.s. administration of president biden the. government has said that if they don't show any action in terms of what they are going to do to return to the nuclear deal iran will go ahead and limit access to i inspect or is for now under the additional protocol of the nonproliferation treaty iran voluntarily has allowed the spectre's to make surprise visits to nuclear facilities across the country restricting the access to the nuclear inspectors is one of the major steps that they're considering
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for now they are very careful about how they phrase the tone that is coming out of this government in terms of because they're waiting to see what the biden administration will do when they are hopeful that they will eventually return to the nuclear agreement and lift some of the sanctions. so lead on al-jazeera. find out why australia has been called a global hot spot for deforestation. and we'll tell you how herdsman in northern kurdistan see that horses as a form of wealth. it's time for the perfect gentlemen. sponsored point qatar airways hello welcome to another look at the international focus a bit more snow in the forecast i'm afraid for japan as we go through the next
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couple of days not too bad at the moment largely fine and try to say that wintry weather is at present is going to ease its way across the korean peninsula north and south korea by say some spells of heavy snow for a time there are all out into the sea of japan and eventually as we go on into friday makes its way across the waters here quite a dumping of snow pretty to that western side of honshu once again and we'll see some snow to into a good part of the sheltered by the mountains not too bad in tokyo temperatures here at around 11 celsius dry weather does come back a behind dry but crisp weather temperatures in selma hot around minus 4 celsius as we go through friday but a little warmer in beijing with highs of around 2 degrees for the south it's killing off in hong kong temperatures here at about 18 celsius but it should be last you try will see temperatures around 80 celsius 2 in lahore and again largely dry here fog warnings in force across the northern plains of india and then we've got one or 2 showers just coming towards the fast southeast of india i think more
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so into west sri lanka as we go through the next couple of days friday does see some wet weather coming in here then and also some rain for kolkata. sponsored by a cutoff at ways. as a celebration of tradition life. and love. algis there was danger where insights into the diverse culture of somalia the bonus to different couples. embarking on their lives to get on to weddings some money style announces their.
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you're watching out of their mind of our top stories the sound. of a 19 vaccination campaigns have begun in bangladesh nepal and me among the devastating effects of the pandemic are being felt in many nations as they struggle with new virus variants and economic crisis. european union officials say drug maker astra zeneca has pulled out from a meeting on covert 19 vaccine supplies earlier the c.e.o. of us is there because that a deal with the e.u. for 400000000 doses was quote not a contractual commitment. to israel's senior military commander says he's ordered his forces to speed up preparations for possible military action against iran is also the u.s. president joe biden against rejoining the iran nuclear deal. russia's upper house of parliament has just ratified an extension to the nuclear
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arms control pact with the u.s. it's the last remaining arms control agreement between the 2 nations off to donald trump withdrew from 2 others during his term u.s. president joe biden had proposed a 5 year extension the deal was to expire in about a week. they needed government has tightened security new telly often unprecedented day of protests by tens of thousands of farmers 2000 paramilitary soldiers have been deployed farmers have been demonstrating for months against new laws they say will ruin their livelihoods and help big businesses was. police in new delhi say they've detained 200 people a day off to farmers breach one of the capital's most prominent landmarks the red fort one person was killed at least 80 people injured. the protests all the result of 3 different farm laws that were passed in september the law was minimized the
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government's regulatory role while encouraging private investment and direct negotiations between pharmacies and bulk buy is farmers say prices for their crops will plummet in large corporations will end up having too much power over the sector while most of india's population depends on farming for their livelihoods many are already struggling to get by one in 5 farm is lives below the poverty line defender sharma is an agriculture and trade policy analyst he explains why the agricultural industry in india has been in distress in recent years. there is a need for reform but the formula does not mean anything about it because. that's what people must have been saying they also have been saying that the. post and the manner in which they were coaster farmers will be gone to work in order to get over the last few years as directly mentioned for agriculture has been
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in a terrible terrible state of the district in india so you know about $10000.00 odd the farmers to save every year then $300000.00 farmers up which is to say the last 25 years just at a fraction of the crimes of. the previous. no one will feel that for the last people because they have been as we mentioned being a victim of the market and not of it of income 2nd x. as has. and which means that directly say that they have nothing to lose now and i think this comes as an opportunity for them to vent their feelings. because the will come up and express their anger over all people especially over the last few years when their incomes haven't gone up and despite their incomes not going up there is always produced a quite how this year after year but i think the experience so far is that the kind of a deadlock that prevails and we can only hope that over the next few days or weeks
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perhaps the government and their partners together and finding that make it will solution this kind of lot really. china's government says it flew warplanes over taiwan as a warning against foreign interference and separatism is the 1st official comment from beijing about the presence of its jets over taiwan last weekend china considers the self-governing on an as a road breakaway province that it thinks should be united with the mainland beijing says it will not renounce the use of force that you had these huge military drills are to show our resolution to safeguard national sovereignty and territorial integrity they are stern warning against external interference and provocation from separatist forces advocating for time wants independence to effectively guard against this we make no promise to renounce the use of force and all necessary measures our position has been consistent and will not change peru has deployed on
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the vehicles along this northern border with ecuador to stop undocumented refugees the city of tumors is a main entry point for venezuelans trying to get to the south korea's me defense minister says the measures are necessary to stop the spread of covert 19 and smugglers. the un an oxford university have conducted the largest ever survey on climate change they found 64 percent of people were recognised it's a global emergency they polled 1200000 people from 50 countries on their attitudes towards climate change and how that like their governments to respond of those polled the most concerned where in the u.k. and in its lee but in general trend show the higher the level of someone's education the more worried they were in every country more young people than old people believe there is a climate emergency and more than half of respondents want their governments to
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conserve forests and land invest in renewable energy promote climate friendly farming methods and create green jobs. stephen fish is a co-author of the report and also an associate professor of political science says your logic at the university of oxford he says a survey threw up many surprises the most surprising perhaps important finding for me is that of all the 18 different climate policies we asked about people were willing to pick as many as 8 on average and that number went up to 10 in some of the high income high education countries and even as high as 12 in in a few countries even those who didn't think that climate change was a global emergency who don't use that term still they want climate action still they pick 6 that's a 3rd of the 18 policies we asked about and those policies are over wide variety of different things nature energy the economy transport farms and food protecting
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people and one of the top 4 policies is investing in green industry and jobs and that's going to be particularly important as countries start thinking about economic recovery plans and wanting to make those environmentally friendly and this survey shows that there's demand right across the globe to make this postcode recovery a an environmentally friendly one and far as a ban in large areas of forest in southern argentina for a 2nd day because of the fire is not yet known but 2020 was the country's driest in 15 years already 6000 hectares have been destroyed in rio neckwear province it's an area popular with tourists close to patagonia and the border with chile new evidence shows forest fires logging and land clarence crazing and environmental crisis in australia lead is the now under pressure to come up with fresh policies
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to protect biodiversity it's like a trip or it's from south breman state forest in new south wales. straightly is bush land is still recovering from the black some of fires that ripped through the land. blackening 35000000 and killing or displacing nearly 3000000000 animals soon after logging started the fire affected state. many plants and almost all animals they simply can't deal with that double disturbance in rapid succession. harvesting standards were tightened after the fires but in the south broome and state forest locals found evidence of bloggers breaching lawson's allegedly cutting down large hollow bearing trees which provide crucial shelter for threatened species or thirty's or investigating but activists have continued their campaign to
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end logging in the region we were shocked we were just shocked that that level of noncompliance was going on and that farce to corporation itself picked up the new south wales forestry corporation says its operations are sustainable and carefully managed with forests regenerating after being logged but as the climate hates up so too has debate on the future of logging and how it's trial years more broadly managing its land the world wildlife fund has listed as strongly as i global hope support for de forest station with the land being cleared mainly for agriculture and farming whether it's land clearing for farming or logging in state forests like this one many environmentalists believe if this trial is serious about action on climate change and needs to rethink how it manages its bush land and forests or they warn habitats and risk of a reparable that. recent research is also found evidence that logging native forest
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is making 5 is more severe from debris left behind and forests are important sources of carbon storage vital for reducing emissions that's the greatest source of carbon sink for mature trees without them what are we going to what are we going to do with this trial in late is under pressure to address climate change the question will be how the nation manages its land while also balancing business interests. south broom and state forests. and horses are a way of life in the mountainous region of central asia of and force over by clans and centuries because of the strength and stamina especially during harsh winter months as charles stratford reports from atic in kyrgyzstan the status and use of forces is changing. at the foot of the
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chant shan mountains cuba's farmers guide their horses towards fields where the snow is less deep so they can graze horses from this region were fought over and prized by nomad clans invading armies and russian settlers for centuries to farmers like buckets chalky of they are a source of wealth cultural identity and national pride. is going to move. the horse is the killer gives man's right hand with a regional enormous we discovered no less is right it always is like these who drink their milk and it's the our meat horses mean so much for our culture. each of these animals is worth around $2000.00 protecting them from mountain predators can be a challenge especially this time of year. awards olmert this winter has been very bad for attacks by wolves 4 horses in the village have been killed off. for the farmer the hardy indigenous breeds of horses remain fundamental to their working
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lives but they also breed them with animals from europe and one of the reasons is a desire for victory you know nationals or. the game of look towards demands a horse not only be strong why does wrestle over a goat congress have to drop the animal into a school zone to win points. can and so there's a cool over who's been competing for 4 years he's a horse called nick meaning colonel in english is a killer european mixed breed a bit of the bunny but if i do you mean them to be i judge them fast there's a lot of horses with physical ability but they get scared they also can be too tall because we need to bend them down the good carcass. russian settlers were the 1st to mix curtis with european breeds when they came to this region in the mid 19th century there is now increasing interest among stump farmer almost like bechtel shop knockoff to breed european horsey specifically for racing he breeds imported
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into shanah ml's which cost me around $50000.00 to transport from the u.k. the. difficulties of raising pure foreign breeds is you need better quality pasture and vitamins are not used to harsh winters it's much more challenging and expensive . horses are a way of life in this mountainous region of central asia. about kids and his fellow herders they mean more than the money and prestigious chance struck for all just iraq northern kyrgyzstan. this is al jazeera these are all the top stories a 38 year old nurse has become the 1st person to get the covert 900 back scene in bangladesh the campaign began in the capital dhaka with mass and occupation expected to begin next month time to chad are you.


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