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the buildings the universities and monasteries were just some of the many structures that were destroyed in manila drawing world war 2. but rebuilding a life and a city from scratch has proven difficult and some experts see manila has never truly recovered. if iran comes back into full compliance with its obligations under. the united states we do the same thing america's top diplomat says he's open to saving the iran nuclear deal but warns any agreement is still a long way off. i know i'm maryam namazie in london you're watching al-jazeera also coming up on the
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program. with few jobs little money and the threat of the coronavirus all around them people in lebanon sports city take to the streets. we will persist for a day longer than is necessary. britain's prime minister extends the lockdown with schools closed and travellers from high risk countries band. and crew deploys its military to the venezuelan border as fears grow that migrants will cause a spike in co the 19 infections. welcome to the program our top story as a new man in charge of america's foreign policy and he's been explaining how joe biden's administration plans to rebuild ties with the rest of the world secretary of state anthony blinken says his top priority is the humanitarian crisis in yemen
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as well as the relationship with china which he described as arguably the most important for his country but he also insists the u.s. needs cooperation with iran in order to save the nuclear deal. if iran comes back into full compliance with its obligations under the j c v.o.a. the united states would do the same thing and then we would use that as a platform to build with our allies and partners what we call the longer and stronger agreement and to deal with a number of other issues that are deeply problematic in the relationship with iran but we are a long ways from that point around it is out of compliance on a number of fronts and it would take some time should it make the decision to do so for it to come back into compliance in time for us then to assess whether it was meeting its obligations so we're not we're not there yet to say the least
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well tensions of the 2015 nuclear agreement have been building for a while iran dismissed comments from israel's military chief of staff this as preparations are being made for a possible offensive attendant general aviv is urging president joe biden not to rejoin the 2015 u.k. deal he said he wants to move towards it which would result in the easing of american sanctions on iran iran's presidential chief of staff isn't taking the israeli threat seriously we don't let it get out. they just talk they are leading a psychological warfare and have practically no plan no capacity and are not able to stop the war our armed forces are trying to defend iran the different maneuvers that we have done are signs that we do not intend to attack nor go to war but that we are serious in defending our country. he joins us now from the state department in washington it's not new that joe biden president joe biden wants to
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rejoin the iran deal but hearing from his u.s. secretary of state that talking about the need for the iranians to comply it's not clear how that's going to happen when iran has indicated that really washington needs to take the initiative. right and in some ways when you read what lincoln actually said right. if iran comes back into full compliance with its obligations under the j. c.p.a. the u.s. would do the same thing well that seems to suggest a mutual understanding concurrent actions by both iran and the us iran to stop enriching uranium to 20 percent and to get rid of any stockpiles and then the us at the same time would remove the crippling sanctions on iran that that seems to sound like what he was saying there and then we would use that as a platform to build a bridge with our allies and partners for longer and stronger agreements in the future but anyways as this whole thing that was so many issues of the problematic
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with iran were a long way away from all of that but why what why should that be so such a long way away why there's so many other issues that come into the same barely says not better he's already talking about other issues which is led to this real ambiguity about what the biden ministration is planning i'm going to go to scott behind the scenes here in washington both amongst diplomats and journalists about what do they plan are they simply going back to the j.c. as they said as they promised on the campaign trail which means both iran and the u.s. take actions at the same time to get back to the j.c. or is the biden special administration still discussing the possibility of using the economic leverage to try and get even more stringent requirements from iran before the u.s. lift the sanctions i think that's that's the big question it's not clear whether the meaning to be this ambiguous but certainly when he says he says this lincoln says this to one crowd it sounds like great so they're just going back to the j.c.
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but when lincoln says the same thing to a bunch of neo cons in congress they hear oh so we're not just going back to the chase e.p.o. we're going to be assessing whether iran is in compliance and then we'll mull it over with other people and see what else you know we can we can get out of iraq so there's a real ambiguity that i think we still have right now actually. and shabbat has. hasn't it what did we learn about priorities in terms of mending fractured relations. yeah i mean beginning with the press actually the lincoln began with the parish and about how much he appreciates the freedom of the press and he will begin regular briefings and it will be about transparency and clarity where frankly we didn't get much transparency or clarity and most of the topics he was asked about we just got a very pilots. very polite effacement and. you know just a discipline over words really in some ways so let's begin with sanctions on the duties that was quite interesting he says he's going to take another look at the sanctions on the who thiis in yemen but what was interesting about that
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presentation was how lincoln couched it to saying look. you know who's these were the ones who are good grasses and they have to be dealt with and you can see why he says that because it was i'm tony blinken and joe biden and barack obama who gave the saudis and the u.a.e. the green light means to bomb yemen into the worst humanitarian crisis in the world to his his framing that was very interesting but he says that you know clearly he that the humanitarian situation needs to be addressed but i'm not leads that on to what was announced today the review of the u.a.e. is purchase of f. 35 aircraft which are being used in yemen and elsewhere in the libya and elsewhere and they actually are the subject of a lawsuit in new york because of the damage they are doing to the civilian population now the state department has put a review on that although the state public is kind of downplaying it today saying look this is just a review which is standard and there's no guarantee that the you know that it will be canceled this after the 5 f.
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$35.00 shipment having said that if you're concerned about the humanitarian situation in the u.s. and yemen you'd think that they would might be a stronger case not to sell the f. $35.00 to yemen but that also blinken says he loves the abraham accords the normalization accords between israel and the u.a.e. and other and other arab nations well the quid pro quo in the abraham accords was selling f. 35 so all sorts of issues the main message is look we're still reviewing things but also lots of contradictions which still haven't really been sorted out when you have a close reading of what blinken is actually saying thanks very much from washington jabatan it's a thank you she. senior consulting with chatham house about u.s. foreign policy making a break from the. it was socrates that installation and we are a week into the fight in an administration and i think it's really time to move on into wind gauge of the world weight it's the new administration is doing on climate change on these and palestine for instance the new new voices and seeing the same
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goes for you it's actually it's all come out in completely clean slate but i'm saying that internationally during should be respected it should be about the right and then the right tool if there is a need to negotiate some elements of that is just if you go back to desist would be the benchmark for any future government because to be honest it's actually worth it says it's close and of course the intervention yesterday about these are the chief of staff is not sure when the voices will cite to imply that there is also a military option in case that the united states will joins or j.c. you know news of the city then it's not all of these little chiefs of staffs to advise in public in the middle.
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more than 220 people have been injured in violent clashes between protesters and security forces in northern lebanon hundreds of people have been rallying in the city of tripoli as anger rises over harsh coronavirus restrictions that a devastating economy already on the brink of collapse zain hodder reports from tripoli. growing poverty is pushing lebanese people back onto the streets protesters say they are hungry but unable to cope with a coronavirus lockdown now in its 3rd week they want to pick cannot make support this is how the authorities responded to the. what they call the last ep. the politicians are focusing on distributing. sort of focusing on us we are witnessing a collapse of all sectors security politics and health all irresponsible leaving us to die lebanon's economic collapse began more than a year ago there have been social unrest and political turmoil since official say
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500000 families or 2500000 people are in need of assistance that's nearly half the population. compliance with a 24 hour curfew that exempts essential workers is a week in lebanon 2nd largest city tripoli it was already poor before the pandemic . these people are obliged to work even though it puts their health at risk other governments are enforcing lockdowns but they give people aid. there is no social safety net for the poor no government assistance the state is nearly bankrupt one 3rd of the workforce is jobless and around half of the workforce depends on daily wages. he has 4 children no shop and on a good day he makes $20000.00 lebanese pounds which is less than $3.00 at the black market rate. of look you know. i can't even describe.
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my family i know those kind he went to. the goodman and from. charity association say more and more people are relying on handouts among them the middle class the cost of daily life is becoming too high especially since the local currencies value collapsed on a daily basis we have people who would like to register because of course we register them according to nationality and. so i must say that the numbers are increasing on a daily basis the open ended political crisis is not helping politicians are arguing about cabinet seats instead of agreeing to fight corruption allowing lead. to receive much needed international financial assistance the lockdown isn't place until february 8 and it can be extended officials are promising to help the most honorable and are asking people to be patient but for many that's not an option.
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tripoli northern lebanon. united kingdom has recorded it 2nd highest daily number of deaths in the past 24 hours with more than 1700 lives lost coming a day after the country passed a total of 100000 deaths the government is now defending its handling of the covered crisis an effort to stem the outbreak it's announced new restrictions for some people flying in charlie rangel has more more than 100000 dead livelihoods lost in a generation put at risk with no clear end in sight and a prime minister unable to announce a way out of the national knockdown will only give a date of when a permit might emerge we remain in a perilous situation with more than 37000 patients now in hospital we could be almost double the peak of the 1st wave but the overall picture should be clearer by mid february by then we will a much movie about the effect of vaccines in preventing hospitalizations and deaths
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. the caveat being if no new coated variants emerge and the vaccine rollout continues as planned the look down is particularly tough when children school closures have led to mental health plummeting and inequality soaring the government says costumes may reopen on march 8th but it will take years for students to catch up on lost education. meanwhile new quarantine rules for some arrivals into the u.k. to try and protect the country from unknown clothing taishan u.k. citizens and residents flying in from $22.00 countries will be forced to isolate hotels for 10 days at their own expense the high risk countries include south africa and brazil like a variant already circulating we have also banned all travel from $22.00 countries where there is a risk of known variants including south africa portugal and south american nations and in order to reduce the risk posed by u.k.
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nationals and residents returning home from these countries i can announce that we will require all such arrivals who cannot be refused entry to isolate in government provided accommodation such as hotels for 10 days without exception. the airline industry says with no exit plan these measures will effectively close the u.k.'s borders and the country already heard strict protocols in place or some ministers wanted to quarantine every traveler we need a much stronger defenses of our borders we were one of the slowest countries to take any measures or all those where we had a core team system not many people which and here we are today without a comprehensive way of protecting our borders at the very least it's urgently needed. vaccines are providing hope for many but the u.k. has the highest death toll in iraq the prime minister insists he has followed the science throughout the country mic that the scientists disagree and grimly predicts
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another 50000 people could die charlie and al jazeera. silat on the program clashes between police and protesters in india's capital as tens of thousands of families in new north will destroy that likelihoods. and we're reporting from northern care just on where an animal that's a symbol of national pride is having to adapt to modern times. we got some rather lively weather topic entirely that eastern side of australia at the moment you see some cloud here just around the cape york peninsula squeeze in the i suppose just around victoria some of violent winds coming through here could cause some damage over the next 24 to 36 hours irrational their way through cold
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weather shabby weather coming into that southeastern corner staying very unsettled up towards cape york the nation watch enough to cross northern parts of by the way some showers into the interior as well while rain across the nullarbor pushing through south australia and that rain will gather as it makes its way across. victoria during the course of friday could cause some localized flooding sunday something to watch out for the race stretching its way down into tasmania and the much wetter and sunny much cooler than of late there for sydney temperatures at around 25 celsius we got so wet and when she weather making us watch was japan over the next couple of days doesn't that say bad as we go on through thursday largely fine and dry but the cloud and right add the snow will make its way across the sea of japan the sea effects neither dumping some pretty heavy amounts across that western side of japan once again northern areas also seeing a fair bit of snow but it should be quite civil if it will cease in that sheltered by the mountains.
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of. north korea isolated and heavily sanctioned yet earning billions around the globe here and 39 is involved in everything that makes money for north korea. to carry defray the cost for us to take on tyson. bureau 39 cash for came to on a. pool. or. welcome back a look at the top stories now a new u.s. secretaries a and c. blinken has been making remarks insisting that america needs iran's cooperation in
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order to save the nuclear deal he also spoke about the relationship with china and the humanitarian crisis in yemen. more than 220 people have been injured in clashes between lebanese security forces and protesters in the northern city of tripoli. and the u.k.'s prime minister is said that england is likely to remain in lockdown until march the 8th while travelers from several high risk countries will have to quarantine in a hotel for 10 days. on out of peru where armed forces of bolstering security at its borders to prevent unlawful migrant crossings move is aimed at stopping the spread of the corona virus in the region of latin america struggles to vaccinate its population to raise about reports now from when is ira's . peruvian armed forces on their way to the border with a while or it's the latest move by people's government to prevent mostly vinous women my gran's from entering the country and potentially bringing coronavirus with
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them as different cases that set up for our borders are closed to sanitary reasons and what we have to do is to make sure that any passage that takes place is lawful . but it's been a challenge to close the border completely since early january the 2 countries have detected and destroyed 11 routes used to cross illegally. we are deploying military police across the border to assist our people so that the virus is not coming to the virus goes with those who migrate all illegal border crossings are to be shut down. but who has a reason to be concerned the number of infections has increased dramatically in recent weeks. this is a daily seen in this andean nation which has already reached more than a 1000000 cases it is one of the worst affected countries in the region and that money even though we are going through a period of terror we are unsafe we go out in public with great insecurity we come
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to the hospital and there's a line we wait for hours and hours i think the government needs to take note for the health minister to come to hospitals look at the people there are children and elderly inside hospitals are struggling to cope with the increasing infections and that's why president francis course i got these week announced a told her lockdown of the capitol and 9 other regions you can live with over there is a medical i think we've got 2 or 3 very difficult weeks ahead because we don't have any more physical space to treat patients we don't have beds in intensive care so we won't have places for all those who are sick in the coming days it's certain that the number of deaths will go up a lot which is difficult because we're seeing more young people dying than in the 1st wave. radio has lagged behind other countries in efforts to ensure vaccines for its citizens the ouster of one precedent and the resting nation of another one in 2020 has had a huge impact on how this country has handled gove it 19 access to the vaccine is
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a major challenge in latin america right now even though governments from argentina chile and others say they have secured doses of the vaccine massive vaccination may be months away there is simply not enough vaccines in the region right now and that's a problem for governments in the region who are trying to prepare for what's coming next. police in india's capital is saying they've detained 200 people after a demonstration by farmers turned violent at least one person was killed as protesters broke through police barriers and storm the historic red for police say more arrests are likely to follow after the latest escalation in months of protests against controversial reforms the fall a say could destroy that life he heads can't you lopez how diane reports. the large protest is over but the tension lingers in the indian capital farmers who rallied against the government's new agricultural loss are gone removed from new delhi's famous landmarks the red fort instead of demonstrators and now there are additional
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soldiers guarding the city. but the protestors are nearby planning their next move back in the outskirts of the capital where many have camped for the last 2 months the day after the violence their demands still stand the farmers want the government to repeal 3 laws who they say will eliminate subsidies and ruin their livelihoods so. the protest was a success there were a few incidents of violence reported but the rest was peaceful the government will have to listen to us we willingly came to protest it's the right of every citizen. tens of thousands of farmers broke to. police barricades marched to the center of the capitol on tuesday as a country marked republic day. now damaged property scattered throughout is a reminder of how quickly things can get out of control police say more than 300
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officers were injured. we were deployed to the red fort when people started breaking through we tried to remove them but they became aggressive we didn't want to use force against farmers so we exercised as much restraint as possible the farmers say the government of prime minister narendra modi is highlighting incidents of violence to undermine their movement. we don't support the incidence of violence happened in the red fort we condemned them not our objective and it should not have happened it impairs the movement and we would grant that. with negotiations at a standstill security is on high alert. cards here look this is the young al-jazeera. a fresh wave of protests has broken out in poland after the government announced it would immediately implement a near total ban on abortions the country's top court ruled in october that and nor from 1903 a law in abortions in the case of severe fetal abnormalities was unconstitutional
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the controversial decision prompted poland's biggest protest in recent history once the ruling comes into effect abortion will only be permitted in cases of incest rape or if the mother's life is in danger. the democratic republic of congo's prime minister has been forced out in forced out of office in a vote of no confidence this is a major political victory for president felix to his predecessor and rival joseph kabila backed prime minister sylvester kamber the president is now expected to form a new ruling alliance and appoint his follow as to king ministries. now nearly one in 3 people are in the world's largest ever climate change survey say it's a global emergency un an oxford university poll 1200000 people from 50 countries on how they want their governments to respond the most concern respondents were in the u.k. and a general trend showed that the more they progressed in higher education the more
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worried they are in every country the elderly people believe that there is a climate emergency and more than half want to governments to conserve forest land and invest in renewable energy as well as create green jobs or the renowned private research and jane goodall has told out is there the key to addressing environmental crisis is to 1st alleviate poverty she says that consumers need to be in a position to make ethical choices every day every single day related we make some impact on the planet and we have a choice as to what kind of impact we make where do we lie with has it come from if it harm the environment was it cruel to animals is it cheap because of child slave labor mate the ethical choice when millions and billions of people make those that call choices but that'll never happen in big enough numbers until we leave poverty because when you're really poor you just do what you have to do to live
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down the trees because you're desperate to get land to grow food to feed your family buy the cheapest junk food you can ask who knows that pickle questions because you've got to stand. in the remote frozen mountains of character stan there's one animal that defines national pride more than anything else or says have been fought over by clans and armies for centuries because of estranged and stamina especially during the harsh winter months but as charles strafford reports from eric the status of these prized animals is changing. at the foot of the chant shan mountains cuba's farmers guide their horses towards fields where the snow is less deep so they can graze horses from this region were 4 to over and prized by nomad clans invading armies and russian settlers for centuries to farmers like buckets chalky of they are
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a source of wealth cultural identity and national pride. is going to move. the horse is the killer gives man's right hand regionally norma we discovered noblesse is right it always is like the you drink the milk and eat to the meat horses mean so much for our culture. each of these animals is worth around $2000.00 protecting them from mountain predators can be a challenge especially this time of year. award so this winter has been very bad for attacks by wolves for horses in the village of being killed off. for the farmer the hardy indigenous breeds of horses remain fundamental to their working lives but they also breed them with animals from europe and one of the reasons is a desire for victory you know nationals or. the game of look towards teach demands a horse not only be strong why does wrestle over go to caucus they have to drop the
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animal into a school zone to win points. can and so there's a cool over who's been competing for 4 years he's a horse called nick meaning colonel in english is a killer european mixed breed a bit of the bunny going to let you wean them to be our giant fast there's a lot of horses with physical ability but they get scared they also can be too tall because we need to bend them down the good carcass. russian settlers were the 1st to mix curtis with european breeds when they came to this region in the mid 19th century there is now increasing interest among stump farmer almost like bechtel shutdown of to breed pure european horses specifically for racing he breeds imported into shanah ml's which cost me around $50000.00 to transport from the u.k. . in the ring to them the more we feed the difficulties of raising pure form breeds as you need better quality pasture and vitamins they're not used to harsh winters it's much more challenging and expensive. horses are
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a way of life in this mountainous region of central asia. for bucket and his fellow herders they mean more than the money and prestigious chance struck for the whole just 0 northern killer storm. look at the main stories now america's new chief diplomat says the u.s. needs cooperation with iran in order to save the 2050 nuclear deal secretary of state anthony blinken is one that to iran is a long way from complying with the agreement but says the u.s. is willing to negotiate if the iranian government sticks to the terms of the deal if iran comes back into full compliance with its obligations under the j c v.o.a. the united states would do the same thing and then we would use that as a platform.


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