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very well in just a matter of weeks. chile has launched an intense counter offensive in china using influencers and scientists and social networks to try to convince consumers that their cherries are safe to eat all this is more than just bad luck it underscores just how vulnerable food exporters are to a negative tweet or story stand she aged or not to see in human al-jazeera santiago. all over again the headlines on al-jazeera the european union is expected to give astra zeneca as cover 1000 vaccine emergency approval in the coming hours that's despite a growing dispute between the block on the company over a shortage of supply stuff bos'n is monitoring events in amsterdam if it will be approved it will be nearly 4 weeks later than the u.k.
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where this vaccine has been used already for weeks and also in all age groups because the main question here in amsterdam is is there going to be a limit to the age group of $65.00 plus because the german vaccine committee already yesterday sad there's not enough data available for these attacks seem trials to show that this vaccine efficient for the age group meanwhile u.s. drug firm johnson and johnson is expected to apply for emergency use authorization for its vaccine in the u.s. next week they say its single dose job appears to be a cli 66 percent effective in preventing coronavirus the dutch court of appeals has ruled the oil giant shell bust by a compensation to a group of nigerian farmers they choose the company of destroying their fishing villages as a result of 3 or all spills. military is refusing to rule out the possibility of a coup in the aftermath of last year's election. governing party won
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a majority of seats in parliament the army says it may take action if its complaints of fraud aren't addressed the election commission has rejected the allegations china will no longer recognize the british national overseas prospered available to millions of hong kong residents it's off to the u.k. launched a scheme allowing holders to apply for british citizenship and response to china's national security law. supporters of india's ruling b j p party years are accused of attacking farmers who are demanding the government withdraw its controversial laws they say will ruin their livelihoods thousands of farmers refused to move during the standoff on the outskirts of new delhi the farmers have been holding their demonstrations for months. those are the headlines on al-jazeera the news hour is coming up in the car at the top of the hour for now it's the stream thanks for watching. the world's richest and the
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protests to reform the institution. is the u.a.e. the next state to exit bag and coffee farmers in colombia struggling to recruit. our frightening experience in this country. they are kidnappings every night. when these dogs and. they still go and she drives you going away caught. because you're my dream tonight and also. like. anyone in this country. your friends might hear her whole.
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discussion is totally a mess. that was not his goal though to look into the stream about wife in central african republic fighting over election results have resulted in tens of thousands of civilians fleeing central african republic hi i'm femi oke a you're watching the stream on today's episode we will be unpacking what is happening down in the ground in the central african republic i know you have questions and comments if you're watching on you tube you can jump into the comments section and be part of today's discussion al-jazeera has been covering the conflicts in the central african republic for many years and this month in fact just last week our correspondent malcolm wept was down on the ground seeing what was happening to refugees who were fleeing the stench after couldn't public and go into the democratic republic of congo he's malcolm wept reporting our arrival to
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a crowd of people here say they've been waiting for help since they arrived here last week the they lined up hoping the protests was. coming was his get back to retrieve possessions from their homes and that from the council to leave back home a tried the and she came back with nothing see expected to be made clear to the rebels attacked tough going to china last week we had a lot of gunfire they destroyed everything they raped girls and they kidnapped some of them were then 6 happened because we had to run. a web joins us fresh air today is joined by remain and also by david remain in our audience who. home of the. unit shell spokesperson unit she is the u.n. refugee agency. out teams on the ground in central african republic and neighboring countries welcoming and assisting people false to feed tremendous violence and
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we're seeing that most of them support tough i light it remains thank you so much being part of today show and david introduce yourself to our global audience nice to have me. thank you thank you very much for having me david also the security specialist focusing a lot on africa central african republic the east of africa and the west of africa so it's a great treasure to be here thanks david malcolm how long have you been covering the central african republic how would you tell the story of what's happening right now. i mean of the 1st time when there were many years ago and go into orbit in the remote town in eastern there with the ugandan. or the lord's resistance army. this is my 1st time in the last week where. self was tense but pretty quiet at the moment there's a curfew which is violently enforced people have been shot up being caught out and
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about just. minutes after pm so everyone's kind of scuffling home by 4 or 5 of the barriers at the edge of the city who are not allowed to pass because just beyond. the armed groups who attacked the week before and said that said that they they want to overthrow the government. so not very conducive for meeting people and ring but we did get speeches of the libyan affected by the flame by me and it did get across the river we've only the capital city on the river there on the other side is the democratic republic of congo the river divides the 2 countries and that's where tens of thousands of people have fled just in the last few weeks. and would have been you know as least of any percentage deeper may now have a listen to an income of that back because had you breaks down what is happening right now to civilians in the central african republic have a listen have
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a look let me. now there are people who have been hiding in the bush because they are scared of future attacks and that means people living in the most precarious conditions you can think of not having access to clean water and no food no health care and people even washing themselves a no money in one hour with more than half the country relying on a major in assistance armed actors must guarantee seat access for aid workers to reach people in need and the nurse and governments must increase their financial support so agencies can respond immediately to humanitarian needs on the ground. indeed what they have seen and what our teams are telling us from it in people forced to flee is by the same pictures people fleeing violence i didn't hear a thing or shootings heavy weapons seeing armed groups evading villagers so they flee their fear with the very little they can carry more often than not the
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contrary much they have the clothes on their back and that's a leather and across the border to the neighboring countries and in search of safety of security in search of assistance in the past weeks tens of thousands of crossed the borders from central african republic to the r.c. congo at least 80000 of them have crossed of all the border and the river there bunky river another $10000.00 have crossed. and chad and the situation is a saying the calm with nearly nothing they need food they need water you can see on the pictures that the teams on the ground shot earlier last week people need mosquito net they don't have a shelter the sleep in the open there arriving villages that have very seldom to offer very little water to food and yet they are the 1st one responding to such an ongoing humanitarian crisis and what the previous person certain is perfectly right what we need is human it's an access within the central african republic. nearly
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100000 people are already displaced and still displaced by the violence by the latest violence but what we need to bear in mind is that prior to the violence nearly 600000 people were already displaced within the country we still needed to access them so security will enable us to go and meet those people to deliver most needed important humanitarian assistance david in the fighting that's going on in car after civilians. or are they being caught in the crossfire. oh i think directly and indirectly you know still that few punny self-made very central african republic ace is in chaos. the rebel groups that's the question for the week. africans which he said the c.b.c. you know has made it very clear you need so many civilians to target that is not
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true indirectly several civilians have been called you know in the crossfire even by the forces of. all rosy in the whole. you know the rebel groups. you know so we have a way we've looked at it civilians have become a target of the conflict i mean if you talk about humanitarian situations in center after public you know you're talking about civilians they have corner ability in the crises is the primary concern for everyone and you know no matter how careful you newsman has been the matter how careful. the russian forces have been or the run these forces or even the rebels themselves you know you know civilians are fleeing they do not trust the need the government to protect them you know the rule
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of minas mean it's my scenes that 2014 that was primarily to protect civilians but if sudan safely in then it means they come along i connected or it cannot be assured that protection. so the reason that some of the middle east. or you're saying one of the things you have is that a coalition of armed groups who want to be the next government where you know out of this time never having well this time they're not hurting civilians and only thing that raping bad i mean that might be true if groups with some of those factions some of the manga have the same. command structure relatively well trained and disciplined troops this is if you go over the congo we're completely different stories civilians is that you know that they're out set on fire people who don't relatives killed raped all the rest and is out of it but it did. years ago in 20 that inserting it really seemed in their cases that they had very much being
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targeted by by the militia to come to their village is just a look at how we have got he politically not not for years and years and years i'm really just going to look at the last couple of weeks so the reason malcolm are not is here went back to central african republic ima put it in such african republic with because of some contested election results and let me start here generally the 35 and this is when opposition fun to spectacular. is the capital of the central african republic generally the 18th the coup post president went down it's an election victory that was a few days after the cost constitutional clear call up help us which was out to the incumbent president zardari is now president and then on january the 21st he imposed a state of emergency which is where we are right now. what is it like what was the atmosphere like when you were there just just last week.
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when it was tense people were waiting to see if these armed groups would attack again and from everything we understand the. fighters on the armed groups and completely outnumber the fighting forces that are prepared to defend the city i think it. is the russian mercenaries and the rwandan troops that do. i think most of the fighting the un peacekeepers are limited by their mandate and i think the government army soldiers there are problems often with running away not being paid and so on so the longer a few 100 russians a few 100 rwandans they're the most effective fighters and the few 1000 hooves who are just outside the city and i think have much heavier weapons than and so some people were turned over worried they didn't know what was going to happen at the same time there were complaints within the city from. since the election or since
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the results from the political opposition the civilian political opposition there's been some of a crackdown on the part of the government people involved in opposition parties have been threatened say they've been threatened so other people have been disappeared and it seems that the government according to their reports was trying to kind of consolidate. power by clamping down on dissident voices within the city as well. so gentlemen i did promise now. that they could ask questions so let's start here with jumpy engine p.s.s. car is in flames and the whole world is watching i wonder what is going on in today's world leaders who watch the conflict unfolding right in front of their eyes without any reaction remaining i'm sure that the whole time thoughts. oh indeed central african republic has been for the 5th year in a row among the least covered humanitarian crisis in the world live covered it
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means there was a survey lunch at the end of last year that said there were more article published on playstation released than articles on humanitarian crisis combined understand most neglected crisis so it is happening it's happening in silence it has been there for 5 years and sadly synonymous to being under reported is there's little funding quite often that means we have to to ask for more funding when i have to ask for more resources as we are able to deliver the most needed humanitarian assistance and here we talking about water we're talking about food we're talking about shelter shelter it's a tent talking about a mosquito net a match to sleep on when you're skiing in the bush and that's all you have with you the clothes and if you're lucky that's the family that managed to follow you so yes the world is watching and indeed we having a lot of support from the neighboring countries to stop what's the r.c.d. i mean some of you as well coming on. the ground heard talking about what they
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describe the donor fatigue with regards to you know the crisis you know especially after what happened 8 years ago and they thought the more they won't get enough resources now because they felt that donor governments had you know fairly they've put money into this it hasn't been solved it is kind of repeating itself you know seemingly and they said that they thought was part of the reason why they were lacking the resources to to do what they really need to do is really go back to egypt yes very briefly and then ask if you prefer sponsors basically a lot of questions thank you for inspiring them all right malcolm very quickly what did the rebels want. it clearly want to take power we're trying to communicate with them a few times we didn't manage to get through to anybody. in a position of authority who could could have elaborated on a question. by former president sarkozy's a little so
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a lot of. the suspicions that they have on the region or other people think that we believe that france is backing them francis said that it's kind of days of military involvement there are kind of pretty much over and is in is not backing these this coalition of armed groups to i guess what's at stake for whoever does control the country or the government or the various parts of the country is mineral resources significant gold and diamond wealth there's also uranium. and i think that's one of the things you've got to consider that's what the essence of this conflict is probably about is not i guess that i think the people that live there are very much victims you know in a fight between bigger powers possibly powers from outside whether that's russia and france or charged or whoever whoever it may be involved but it's a competition intra troll alley and access to that is not true of the us isn't it that this is what people are called up in the middle of. yeah i think i think you
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know michael you're right but also you've got to look at it from the the angle of that the. rhetorical that the rebels want to take power base you know it's it's one of those things which is being promoted sent on the social media that you know they they don't really want to take power if you look of the some of the discussions that and the statements that have been put by the kincaid which is the quantock party of ex-president fronts up was easy they've made it very clear that you know they you know because they couldn't draw on a you know a presidential candidate for the 2020 lections they want to make sure that nobody owes you know after public they know that it's impossible for the rebels to take power because of the presence of so many. forces in sindh in benghazi you've called russia there. you've kosovo to run these forces so i think what the rivers want to
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achieve you know ace you know if nobody can and if they cannot you know be involved in the policy extent nobody else will be and that is why you see a continuation of the inability of the government to control any area. fully outside of benghazi i mean the you know. came up to the end said you know they have 40 percent control of the country that you know it is not true that they they've lost 3 quarters of the country and that shows you eve if misguided struggling to put up with this image that you know they have 40 percent of the country so this is duration is quite in a way that requires you know look more attention than just funding to be honest so let me just bring in bruce bieber into most conversation because we're talking about politics and relationships between groups and the united nations mean any international community what are they doing and then he is bruce beeper and his
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team trying to just get the wounded into hospital how many some to brace for the back. the most urgent is. reach. 'd the proper treatment. and. these places places where he has place. that this right. to treat is to be treated as being active. to ensure that proper measures are taken. and proper care for the it. but. i think you know i just wanted to jump in there very quickly before you know michel it comes in that that to be honest with you if you look at what has
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been happening a study elections most of that would that have come from the that the government forces or the rebel fighters you know we've had very few casualties from from the civilian population and i'm sure that my opponent is stuck open it is we agree with me. we've seen a lot of people moving in and leaving sent off their public to never in the r.c. and come here and but when it comes to casualties you know the civilian population has not so far as as as much as they did in 20 if they do not even close to what happened during the times of the city. you know a crisis so i think what the focus should be on a stool. the international community especially the united nations you know to make good off the rule that new sky has to play but also to seek a dialogue and negotiations with because the rebels have often shown the day with
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a mess to sit down with the government but the communist made it very clear that they don't want to talk to criminals and and that is impacting on the local population because they were promised before the elections that they will be protected by the state and at the moment the state is strawman to secure bunky which is a copy too so we have a problem here not i want to bring you back into the conversation because you talked to people who had been actually going to play this and create some one of the bullets and then you can tell us more about what we think he spoke to and what the civilians were telling war about the conflicts in their own country doesn't. hoped digging for gold would pay for his education he worked at a mine in the bush here in the central african republic he calls the new motorbike to get there on his way home he says militia held him up stole it and then told him
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to lie face down on the ground he refused. them if you want to kill me to my face as we were talking he shot me in one leg i started screaming esau. the other then i couldn't walk anymore. the bones in mori's leg a shattered with it his plan to study. yeah and the story of noise was. tragic really really sad although it was getting any good medical care there from doctors without borders and very much hope that he will be able to get back on his feet and find a way to earn the school fees but i think history will typically was working in a mine which was in danger of fairly well paid. could you know you could easily make about $30.00 in a day which is a lot more than subsistence farming for example in a very good day in
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a new mine he said well if you have just started digging you couldn't make back as much as $200.00 in a day but it's dangerous of course because these places are people are fighting over these resources and and there's no rule of law there and they got caught up i think it's from by the sound of it so they took some gold the backpack and it took that new motorbike he thought and i guess just having a motorbike in that can make you a target and can make you drop a little and he ended up with these terrible injuries in his legs as a result yeah it was it was very it was very moving in a sad story and i think probably a lot more people in similar position as he able to get the body in aren't able to get to a hospital as international support like that as we heard from the lady in new york earlier you know people hiding in the bush and so on you know i think he was in that sense one of the lucky ones to at least be able to get that help and get that treatment. so really now we have
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a state of emergency in central african republic president madame since he's open to negotiations. perhaps. to all those who want to work towards peace and development in the central african republic i am open to discussion and so working towards this i'm not a closed man you have seen it we have always had dialogue but not with those who want to track the country into violence bind violence justice will deal with those people or more. i also guess i'm just going to ask you as the journalist asked the am against ask the humanitarian what are 3 of those what should happen next david your sentence i think i think the central after probably got made of you know introduce a shoot you know call for a dialogue you know it's medieval without you thinks. you know criminals you know i
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think they should call for. an issue that should be set up and. remain when it's. next here's what people want the people who are telling us that they want to return home and for that to take place peace must prevail they need to be able to return on that means people stopped that their dogs risked their lives but they don't have the steering off losing the family members so that they can return to the place they call home and that's what we should support and that's what peace will help achieve what we need as well as also financial support so that we are able to provide a new mode and see life saving assistance that they need most whether they are displaced in neighboring countries or within the country. you know brilliant journalist like malcolm went with every tell you what happens next he was a watch this space and what al-jazeera dot com and what's my next report i will look here on my laptop you can follow all of the guests on twitter malcolm grant. david. and the u.n. h.c.r.
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in west and central africa thanks for watching everybody i see you next time. the 1st time glimpse of the challenges faced by journalists in the age of donald trump we are fighting the fake tears fake phony the enemy of the people through the eyes of a federal white house correspondent what do you base your blacks on cliches or down the press there's not after truck after the facts we're not the enemy of the people we are the people the usa the current battle ground truth is that anywhere on. your distance has been in turmoil at least 2 of my police officer tucker and john are black time after. the break
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a political will in my city where you are a state representative back in 9091 to me i was out arguing one of the guys without a gun my brother was killed my hood don't look no dear friend to any other hood out here damn my whole world was keel me i saw my son in 15 years and i felt like you know at this my time to stand up. this is the most and bill for us i'm just not willing to accept what some stance though legislation can i get through that's going to speak to a major need for my community that this bill identifies used violence as a public health epidemic last year we have $200.00 murders the ripple effect of violence when it comes the youth it stretches far why. are you an. american people have finally folk in america is i slipped one americas off balance or become more dangerous to the world is looking to defend us live next year of
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sanusi. with the election behind us will the republican party dump truck to the fuel weekly take on us politics and society that's the bottom line. this is al jazeera. this is a new life in doha coming up the next 60 minutes europe's health regulators are expected to decide shortly whether to approve the astra zeneca vaccine even as the drug maker is under fire for cutting supply. trial results of johnson and johnson single dose vaccine showed protects against the virus is not as effective as others and as we.


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