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the buildings the universities and monasteries were just some of the many structures that were destroyed in manila during world war 2. but rebuilding a life and a city from scratch has proven difficult and some experts see manila has never truly recovered 'd. the geopolitics of immunization some countries have more vaccine than they need are there is none of toll the w.h.o. says richer countries must act globally. hello i'm barbara sarah this is al jazeera live from london also coming up as u.s. covert cases in near 26000000 facemasks will soon become compulsory on all public transport surviving in the shadow of violence the afghans joining
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a new wave of refugees hoping for a better life in europe. and unkept promises in sudan where the economic crisis continues to found the flames of discontent. hello thank you for joining us the world health organization says governments should palls their coronavirus vaccine rollouts once health workers and vulnerable people have been inoculated to ensure that there is a global supply the organization says it is worried about vaccine nationalism where the decision to stockpile vaccine by one country means inevitably that others miss out and as the virus continues to spread around the world more governments are closing their borders france has banned all but essential travel from outside the
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e.u. singapore has suspended its so-called travel bubble with malaysia south korea and germany and south africa joins a growing list of countries on a u.s. travel back since the pandemic began more than 2000000 people have died globally and there have been 102000000 infections while there is hope immunization will help contain covert 19 the w.h.o. is warning equal access to vaccines around the world will speed up a global recovery. longer is us the most is vaccine nationalism and we've actually been warning about this even long before the the vaccines have come on line it's it might be politically attractive leaders obviously want to be looking after their people but it's very very shortsighted because we need to be vaccinating around the world and we need to vaccinate the people who are most exposed to these fires that's the health and folk mine workers who are fighting battling this fire as far
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as every day and those who are most likely to be sick the ones that the health care workers are battling to save and that's the older people and people with co-morbidities but that has to happen in every country around the world. but in baba has more from london now on the latest european countries announcing travel restrictions. firstly on saturday the czech republic has banned all nonessential travel into the country from anywhere although there are exemptions for things like commuting for work and for family visits it's a reminder of those steps we saw last year from several countries in central europe mainly which are effectively stopped at the schengen free movement zone within the e.u. now another country that's acting to close its borders is france it's going from sunday to stop all non-essential travel from outside the european union but not
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from within the e.u. there would also be exemptions for people like holy as delivering vital goods so the u.k. for example has been reassuring people here that lorry drivers can can still travel across the channel john cut stakes the prince prime minister is under pressure because a week ago his main scientific adviser said there should probably be a 3rd national lockdown pretty soon he doesn't want to do that because public patience has already been tested he's stepping up checks on the nighttime curfew on things like restaurants sir closing and private gatherings trying desperately to avoid that lockdown here in the u.k. in the last 24 hours there have been press reports of thousands of u.k. citizen stranded in the united arab emirates because the government here has just placed a travel ban on anyone coming back from there they're saying that people should find alternative routes. well that's the view from europe meanwhile health
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officials in the west african nation of senegal say coronavirus variants are fueling a search engine infections its health system is completely overwhelmed and medical students are being mobilized to make up for a shortage of doctors while prisons have been turned into treatment centers nicholas hock reports from the capital dhaka. if only the dead could speak says up to juve then the living would know of the pain and distress caused by corona virus do you for isn't even aware that coven $1000.00 killed his 40 year old friend with stuff like gay until an autopsy was carried out he now pictures him all alone and gasping for air in a hospital corridor. died in very difficult circumstances he fell ill at home after he got treatment he died we were later told he got the corona virus in the hospital and that's what killed him. senegal like many other african countries
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is going through a 2nd wave of infections dr abdulai buso was in charge of the government response says the trends don't look good the new very late variant from the u.k. has been detected in the country it's the mantra. for split full respect. for us it. is critical for people to respect it a curfew is in place and both public and private gatherings are banned but many people aren't following the restrictions allowing the virus to spread rapidly to many patients not enough hospitals before the pandemic the senegalese health system was already overstretched now authorities are turning prisons into treatment centers faced with an increased case of infections and whilst the government is praising medical staff with public messages that like this one there aren't enough doctors to keep the health system running. to make up for this shortage the
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government has drafted in medical students to work in the wards and treat patients but they are not qualified and are still learning by one of overwhelmed and being sent to all types of wards some days i'm a cardiologist in the from the just a gynecologist i'm asked to do it all. will be months before most african countries get access to vaccines with health experts predicting the outbreak will only get worse causing more deaths before it can be contained because hawke al-jazeera the car. the u.s. centers for disease control and prevention has issued a mandate for face coverings to be worn on all public transport the new rule will come into effect on tuesday former president donald trump had blocked the c.d.c. from requiring passengers on the country's planes buses and trains to wear masks the u.s. is approaching $26000000.00 coronavirus cases since the start of the pandemic
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gabriele is on the joins us live now from washington d.c. with more on this story how will the new facemask rules work well if you plan to take any sort of public transportation in the united states as of midnight monday night tuesday morning here in the u.s. you must wear a face covering and it's a sweeping directive by the c.d.c. mandatory it affects airplanes buses subways ferries taxis even ride shares i coober and lift for example this is a very strong a directive from the c.d.c. and it gives a lot of detail as well saying it must be proper face coverings a lot of people here in the u.s. and elsewhere where these things called gators around their neck there are thin thin pieces of fabric that around your neck they can pull up over your nose and mouth when you need it but they're saying those will no longer be allowed it has to
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be proper to layer face covering in this is all in an attempt to try to tighten things up and bring down the cases the number of corner virus cases here within the united states and they say that anyone that does not comply with this will be forced off of that public transportation whatever it is and could face criminal charges so i guess the u.s. trying to prevent people contracting corona virus that way but when it comes to the vaccine how well is the biden administration doing in terms of its vaccine pledge. it's been a rough start to be quite frank given he's the administration's only been in office for about a week now but the problems are becoming more clear and what we're seeing is that the real problem started before even joe biden became president that transition period from mid november until january 20th that was the key
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moment when normally there would be a transition from one government to another government they'd be able to get in and talk about problems they face and the new administration an incoming administration would be given a lot of data on how to move forward with this but that did not happen because there's just not a lot of cooperation with the trumpet ministration and the biden administration so what you're seeing now is that the coronavirus task force president biden is coming in and they're basically seeing how big the problem is when it comes to vaccines and it's much bigger than they could even imagine they're facing multiple challenges number one is the that scene stockpile is pretty much bare there isn't much of a stockpile at all and then also 20000000 vaccine dosages that have been handed out to states by the federal government the by administration is finding they don't know where those vaccine dosages went or who is accounted for
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them and that was a big challenge that they are just now realizing that they face as well all of this as we're just hearing within the last few hours the 2nd case that a variant from south africa has now arrived in the state of maryland it's the 2nd state in the u.s. that it now has that has confirmed that they have this variant from south africa so the problems are mounting for the biden ministration when it comes to coronavirus covert 19 but also clearly back scenes as well absolutely a pretty worrying picture there gabriel elizondo with the latest from washington game thank you. farmers in india are holding a day long hunger strike as part of their months long protests against new agricultural laws events in new delhi have so far been peaceful after a week of violence which has led to
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a sorties blocking the internet at protest sites or a burden manley has the latest. there are these farmers have refused food for a day 100 strike to show people in india their protest is nonviolent i this of the months of protests escalated into violent scenes this past week on the outskirts of the capital new delhi. on friday there was street fights after supporters of the governing party chanted slogans against. police dispersed crowds using tear gas and patents. and don't choose day a pharmacist track to really cover the latest in these scenes at you clearly state this right who was visiting counter-protests sites for 2 months to demand the government repeals 3 new agricultural laws the government has offered to put them on hold for 18 months the farmers with them dropped saying the only benefit big
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businesses. although there is heavy police presence the fama say more people have been inspired to join them. i want to congratulate the farmers of punjab and the unions for awakening the other farmers in the country who are fed up with the modi government and are sitting quietly at home these unions have mobilized them to protest on the streets and now this movement is not just confined to punjab and haryana but has spread across the country. the indian government has responded to days of violence by blocking mobile internet services in 3 protest locations it's a method often deployed to prevent unrest elsewhere an unusual move and the captain authorities of blame some of the farmers for instigating the violence but the farmers insist it's a government the early order 1st the government tried to remove people from the
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gaza called border using force since it had few protesters but the union leaders did not allow that they instigated the locals here to cause a riot through stone pelting and other means these protests have been one of the biggest challenges for prime minister. lehi of india's population is employed in agriculture 11 rounds of talks between the farms unions and the government has failed to resolve the crisis. now the protesters here say with time their movement is only getting stronger you're about it madly al-jazeera. me and more as military says it will abide by the country's constitution concerns the armed forces might attempt a coup supporters of the military marched in the city of young go on on saturday days after a military spokesperson the client to rule out a power grab the army has been alleging widespread irregularities in the embers
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election won in a landslide by on san suu cheez ruling national league for democracy manned mars election commission rejected the military's allegations of voter fraud on thursday . bangladesh is sending a force group of rank of refugees to a remote island the spite calls from human rights groups to stop the process rights groups say that some of the refugees have gone to the island of bass and char against their will and they warn that the low lying island is at risk of storms and floods bangladesh wants to relocate up tenths of the $1000000.00 refugees living in camps they took refuge in there after fleeing violence in neighboring mia. and relatives came here earlier they said it's better here so we came. still to come on i'll just say we're out of the little piggies that could go to the single market how breck's it is impacting the u.k.'s animal farmers and the process.
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of. once again the influence of the atlantic where the stormy weather is going to be over all change i think for western europe going from cold and snowy to rather mild and wet now it's already happened through space where thing very mild we had record warmth now a country up to about 30 degrees ass cause been swept these woods and moderated and sunday's going to see that show itself as rain from the west coast of greece up through the animation coast was no up in the balkans the changes taking place in london passes with us northern edge cold so part of greece represents that rainy area which is slow to move to be as temperatures don't change is montenegro the coast of the adriatic now in london the northern edge eventually antigay gets
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through office couple of roll days 10 degrees on tuesday but in the rain so that's the slow progress that means a lot of wet snow fall in the alps and proper dry snow falls in for example kiev minus 3 degrees or least likely will move in that cold war in berlin there be some snow the north in germany but a rain will still affect algeria of the on shore breeze but it's pretty hot for the south particularly in nigeria. liberation tradition life. algis new. insights into the diverse culture of somalia. 2 different couples. together. 20.
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p.c. of. the the earth. a reminder now of the top stories on al-jazeera the world health organization has called on countries to pause their coronavirus vaccine rollouts after health workers and vulnerable people have been inoculated to ensure fair distribution around the world health officials in the west african nation of senegal say corona virus variants are fueling a surge in infections that's overwhelming their health system. and the u.s. centers for disease control and prevention has issued a mandate for face coverings to be worn on all public transport across the country
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the new rule will come into effect on tuesday. at least 8 afghan security force personnel have been killed in a car bomb attack in the northeastern province of langa har in the early hours of saturday morning the taliban has claimed responsibility a military base for afghan dense forces was the target of the attack. the attack comes 2 days after the pentagon accused the taliban of not living up to promises made in a deal last year to reduce violence the rise in bloodshed has prompted a new wave of refugees fleeing afghanistan and its shattered hopes that the war could end soon feel contre for e reports now from kabul. it was a morning in kabul that most afghans cannot forget in late november the capital was attacked using dozens of rockets for no weed he's wife and 3 children it was too
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much more than are you going to get of them my wife grabbed one child and i grabbed another i forgot my daughter on the blanket i was out in the corridor and it was very bad rockets were flying everywhere my children are traumatized and when someone closes the door hard they get scared they think that rockets are fired they run out of the room and go downstairs we're living on the top floor and god forbid if a rocket hits this place we also put plastic on our windows to keep ourselves safe if there's an explosion. now weed works in afghanistan repairing air conditioners. that morning he decided to leave afghanistan he's taking his family across the hazardous iranian border where he says thousands more are waiting to cross illegally and move further west with most of his relatives already out of the country he says he's forced to do the same. or prefer to die in crossing the
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border but not here to be killed like this here you don't know if i lose a hand on me or a foot i was afraid that my kids were. leaving we know that we're at least going in a direction and we have hope as they say if there is hope there is life despite the koran a virus pandemic business is still booming for agencies assisting those who can afford to legally apply for a visa to another country an afghan passport is viewed poorly in many countries and foreign embassies have strict rules on issuing visas for afghans for many the united states visa lottery is their only chance to reach the west applications from afghanistan for the u.s. lottery almost doubled in 2020 reaching more than 120000. if someone's family members or relatives go to another country and they see all that comfort in peace and their children in peace they call the rest of their families and encourage them to leave when they come here for the 1st 2nd and 3rd
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time they definitely decide to migrate the rising insecurity has forced many to close their businesses or move them to another country poverty and crime are rising and when night falls fear reigns in the afghan capital. this is what kabul looks like at 730 at night with not much of tricity in many parts with most of the stores closed and few people outside other than afghan security personnel a recent wave of targeted assassinations and threats is also forcing many of of ghana's stans most educated people to leave and peace talks between the government and the taliban in doha have stalled. after they started the negotiations the violence has increased if we have hope why should we leave our country why should we accept the risk of this journey because my children in the morning and they asked me to bring something for them after work but i told them let's go now and
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buy that for you now because i don't know if i will be coming back. and so no weed in his family are joining the thousands to cross those mountains and to look for peace in what they hope will be their final destination europe contra for al-jazeera kabul. sudan's deteriorating economy has sparked protests in the capital khartoum and other states the crisis contributed to the toppling of the country's longtime leader omar al bashir almost 2 years ago now but after nearly 18 months under a new administration there's no sign of relief as al-jazeera is here but morgan now reports. this has become a way of expressing anger at the economic conditions in sudan's capital khartoum protesters blocked the city's main roads to pressure the government to improve living conditions the presence of basic commodities like bread fuel and electricity have gone up in recent months. there's no economy there's no fuel no bread.
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the country's in crisis things were bad before but now they are much worse in other parts of the capital and the country the anger at the economy has been more vocal sudan's transitional government has been facing an economic turmoil since coming to power in. its blamed it on 20 years of u.s. sanctions that were lifted. and the policies of the previous government under vent president. he was overthrown by his military after weeks of anti-government protests that were also sparked by hikes in prices of basic commodities the current administration has promised to improve the economy but after 18 months protesters say the situation has not improved much. things are still the same there is no change when bashir was in power the dollar was worth 50 now it's $300.00 we don't know what to do anymore we used to protest for justice and accountability now
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they've distracted us from that with demands for bread fuel and cooking gas. the government says the scottie of commodities and the rise in market prices are caused by shortages of hard currency because of limited international trade and exports while the official rate is $55.00 sudanese pounds to the us dollar most of it comes from outside the official system or the parallel market the difference between the 2 has been climbing steeply the government has held to donor conferences with the aim of improving the economy it's also negotiated with the us government to be taken off its list of states sponsoring terrorism and open its markets for international trade and investment in exchange sudan had to agree to recognize israel one of the few arab countries to do so last year but the economic problems run deeper so than owes more than $60000000000.00 to the world bank which has made it difficult for it to get more loans to ease its economic crisis and since the government subsidizes medicine and fuel for some sectors it needs hard currency so the demand for cash with the parallel market being the only option has brought down
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the value of its local currency increasing the rate of inflation and frustration for many here the administration says it's found solutions to some of these challenges. the report we have is that there is no scarcity yet there are lines for fuel medicine and breed to get daily updates to know what's the root cause for scarcity no one in the government is boring to what the people suffer and we've spoken to the banks responsible for importing goods and they will increase the amount of fuel tank is imported as well as wheat and medicine to ease the situation back on the streets those barricading the main roads say they hope the government listens to them and understand that even if the commodities are available it won't mean much because they simply can't afford to buy them he will morgan al-jazeera how to. first it will scotland's fishing industry now is the u.k.'s livestock farmers and meat processors complaining about the impact of bricks it is having on
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their livelihoods whole container is a fresh meat have been left to rot in ports as exporters struggle with new border bureaucracy or a challenge of reports from yorkshire in north england. richard lister owns 50000 pigs and he's struggling to sell them his customers the u.k.'s may meet process is a mired in delays with new customs checks for getting produce to europe it's a threat to the whole industry you know if we count function profitably then you know we don't have a business you know when we understand that. the periods of time that you know things are profitable we really need to you know address barriers to this from here brecht's it doesn't yet look like what boris johnson promised when the u.k. e.u. free trade deal was agreed at the end of december the deal which will if anything allow our companies and our exporters to do even more business with our european
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friends since early january containers of produce from the u.k. have ended up to keg dover or rotting in rotterdam other trucks and making the journey empty the existing paper based customs clearance system of export declarations and certificates isn't working for food it has to reach its destination fast and fresh. so i'm trying to unpick the pain the brakes it is currently causing it is important to make some distinctions a few of the issues are just to do with implementation that the streamlined board of bureaucracy just hasn't been put in place yet and presumably these issues will dissipate over time but others are hard baked into the policy changes of brecht's it in self or no amounts of tech wizardry can make those disappear at the moment is difficult on pick which is which or whether it's a combination of both and one it struggles to figure this out the industry worries about whether it can stay competitive it we're getting some feedback that yes it's
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a statement to many problems that well they'll source it from somewhere else you know so you lose customers and they this is trade that you know our business is a build up over the last 40 years supplying sort of continental retailers the government says we've always been clear that there would be new processes for traders and we continue to support them in their transition to these new arrangements we are working closely with british meat processes to ensure they can take advantage of the opportunities and changes being outside the single market and customs union will bring and overall businesses are adjusting well to the new rules and continue to try to feck to flee to i asked farmer richard lister if he agreed with this i think when you're at the hard end of that supply chain it's quite different you know we are at the bottom of the supply chain and everything gets pushed back on 2 wheels so this pick produces you know i would agree with that from the government you know more must be done and it's going to be done soon and the industry says it digitized custom system is an essential place to start reach
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allan's al-jazeera yorkshire. you can get more on that story and everything else that we've been covering on our website there it is al jazeera dot com. the in the in. a reminder now of our top stories the world health organization has called on countries to pause their coronavirus vaccine rollouts after health workers and vulnerable people have been inoculated to ensure fair distribution around the world the organization says it is worried about.


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