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disabled victim. if you want to help save the world. a crackdown in russia hundreds of protesters arrested as crowds take to the streets demanding the release of opposition leader alexina valmy. hello there i'm laura kyle this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. knocked down anger at demonstrations planned across europe against strict coronavirus restrictions and the economic fallout. donald trump has reportedly
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parted ways with his key defense lawyers 8 days before his impeachment trial begins . and will tell you how the nigerian government plans to revamp 3 of its oil refineries after years of mismanagement and corruption. heavily armed police are cracking down on protesters and russia as they demonstrate in defiance of government orders to stay home they're demanding the release of jailed opposition politician alexei. activists say more than a 1000 people have been arrested across the country and some areas entire rallies have been broken up in moscow activists are being dragged away as soon as they come out onto the streets in the far eastern city of blood of bastar police blocked
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protesters from weeks in the center forcing them onto the frozen waterfront warnings from russia's interior ministry have. seen crowd shrink but thousands have turned out godless election of only was arrested 2 weeks ago and here from germany where he'd been recovering from a poisoning he blames the kremlin for the attack which it denies let's cross over now to our correspondent in alexandria god and i examine the reason so many police out on the streets in moscow but of the protesters still managing to make an appearance and together. oh yes indeed in the last hour to half an hour after the meeting point has been changed 3 times and on all 3 sports people were massively detains the professors in moscow managed to start their protest walk it is indeed from the norm fost part of moscow now we are in the eastern part and there are still keep on moving in the meantime police
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regroup as well and they came here trying to split the groups coming from 2 different directions and it seems that they're going the direction of detention center number one and this is the place where aleksei now while me is being kept so the plane is a cat and mouse game throughout the city and the kremlin seems absolutely determined not to see a repeat of the 10s of thousands of people who came out last weekend. well yes indeed and indeed this this has been unprecedented here in moscow the measures that have been taken the lengths to which they went in order to minimize the numbers in order to prevent people from getting in expressing their opinion very similar to use in some other towns across russia we hear reports that in some petersburg which is the hometown of a lot emir putin there used to tear gas and the teasers that they had been
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detaining there as well and the tensions keep on happening at the very moment when we speak not only in moscow and st petersburg but also in some other towns across russia and alexander what do we know about the face of no volley he's currently detained and his trial is due to start next week. yes indeed he is now or detained his trial is to start next week at the beginning of the week what they're going to this is going to be actually a hearing and this hearing is about on the charges that he. violated the terms of his suspension sentence and the prison authorities are going to ask the judge to change his suspended sentence to the real crime jail in the meantime there is other charges that they brought up recently and that is charge of embezzlement of his own anticorruption found now that charge carries with it itself
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a maximum of 20 years in the jail but what we're going to see next week is this 1st if hearing that he violated the terms of probation whilst he was basically in germany where he was recovering from the consequences of being poisoned with nerve agent xandra thank you very noisy with all the police sirens up behind to the huge police presence in moscow for the moment thanks very much we'll keep coming back to you. as a political scientist at the russian academy of sciences he says there rests on likely to deter the demonstrators. this broad has such a can play so the big and bigger scale and will continue because mr novelli has in mind the september elections for the state duma i think that keeping in mind that 2025 percent. supporting the president vladimir putin in russia
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and it's all about 40 percent are supporting the president pushing this trade and i think that that's not the big deal for for president putin the only thing which is probably warning him that a lot of people are coming. to the streets to support. mr no volley because mr no vollies is regarded a hero we we here in russia he in russia for a very long time have haven't had such a you know like mr natale look he was almost poisoned he came to join us and then he joined russia on purpose because he knew that he would be addressed that and even tried to and probably could be jailed so i think that. that is the big concern for president putin these protests especially economic economic conditions of ossining is that the conditions under the conditions are they called it.
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a new wave of n. factions along with more infectious strains of coronavirus pointing countries around the world to tighten restrictions but they're also trying to knock down protests and these 5 countries are protesting or have rallies planned on sunday against government measures most of them in europe crowds in belgium capital are gathering to demonstrate against coronavirus restrictions they're rallying against the country's tough not sound and 9 pm curfew a ban on non-essential travel to and from bones and was also introduced on wednesday. police in the netherlands are bracing for more protests on sunday hundreds of already been arrested during consecutive nights of and a few riots it's the worst civil unrest the netherlands has seen in 4 decades and the 1st curfew since the 2nd world war. 2 step back and she joins us live from. steps as
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a bit more about these protests that we're seeing around europe today. well protests have already started in the brussels and also in budapest it's kicking off pretty soon in amsterdam there is a protest expected later in the day but the largest one is expected in the capital of for austria in vienna where around 10000 people are expected to rally austria has seen so much tightening a restriction so corona restrictions in the last week there's of course are a very bad impact on tourism right now it's the ski season and ski resorts are off limits to foreigners so people are really angry they're suffering so people are gathering who are actually against the measures but also people don't see that the measures have any foreign but also the political motives at play throughout of europe you can see the far right parties in several countries playing along in austria at the far right freedom party will attend this rally and also its leader
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will speak to the people who are gathering here in amsterdam the location where the past few weeks or the biggest rally has now declared in a high risk area by the am so that mayor she says there is some concern that weapons could be taken to this area so they will cordon off this location near the reich's museum but people are still expected to attend here and also in our cities there's an increasing. but also irritation about this restrictions especially the curfew here in the netherlands of hasn't been in place in the in 40 years people are getting really tired of all these a restriction that's one of the reasons that these protests are taking place ok and joining us live from amsterdam thanks very much. former u.s. president donald trump has parted ways with his lead to impeachment lawyers a little more than a week before his trial us according to u.s.
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media senators have already been sworn in as jurors trump is accused of inciting the siege at the capitol building earlier this month as aides say they plan to argue the trial is unconstitutional because he is no longer in office early indication is so limited republican support for conviction. is professor of government at georgetown university and he says chances of course such that he doesn't need a strong defense. what i'm hearing is that trump wants to make the case at the impeachment trial that the election was stolen and there's 2 problems with that 1st of all it clearly was not stolen that's been adjudicated dozens of times and there's never any evidence for it but secondly the argument is problematic because it seems to imply well what i did was justified because of the stolen election and that's simply not the right kind of defense in a trial like this he's obviously done this but he doesn't need a very strong case because it takes 2 thirds of the senate to convict 2 thirds of
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the senate who are present so as long as he doesn't really screw it up he's going to be acquitted his best defense is the argument he's been making the last week that he might go start a patriot party that threat is enough to keep many of the republican senators in line however he's also threatening to show up himself to defend himself that would be quite a circus but i think it would also be it's what what happened here was really really bad and so if you don't hold a trial it sort of implies that it wasn't serious enough to actually go forward with the trial on the other hand it seems quit it a 2nd time then that doesn't really help either the republicans don't want to go on record with the vote but some of them said let's not have a trial might wind faced with the actual evidence with the video of the invasion actually go to convict. 10000 foreign troops in afghanistan will reportedly stay
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past the main deadline outlined in a deal signed between the u.s. and the taliban as according to a report by the reuters news agency senior nato officials have told voices that the deals conditions have not been met and taliban is to fulfill security guarantees for troops to withdraw but there's been a spike in attacks in recent months u.s. president joe biden said his administration is reviewing the deal still ahead on al-jazeera the farmers protesting in india stage a day long hunger strike against the government's controversial new agricultural north. and a cloud of uncertainty in manama as the newly elected parliament has to meet for the 1st time. for the perfect gentlemen. sponsored point qatar airways now when proper winter
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cold air comes out across the water you get this sign of showers looks beautiful produce a lot of snow but it's a bit of a change taking place no longer even got our cold air blowing out of the interior temperature warm lump which means temperatures are in the teens quite happily you know soccer and turkey and this is a lot of rowing back for shanghai which day for you on monday this store at the head for corridor and it's quite warm comparatively speaking in fact a foster but we do bring the winter back against slowly on tuesday that rain turns to snow in the higher ground or western home shoe and we're back to know was there tokyo take a while to feel that back at a modest 40 devoted was subzero on the korean peninsula and it's mostly dry in china as a bit of rain down in the southwest. but it destruction possible next few days in old india because otherwise extensively fog and the bit of a boost in the northeast monsoon winds so
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a bit of rain in tamil nadu ons for laugher sri lanka for example but here's the forecast for delhi fog and fog poor accorsi then maybe that chance of disruptions guys on wednesday says some improved quality but it's going to be temporary it's not going to be everywhere otherwise it's dry and quite. strong support qatar airways. as a celebration of tradition life. al-jazeera was a gateway insights into the diverse culture of somalia. for least 2 different couples . embarking on land nice to get. some money. on n.b.c. and. hello
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again you're watching alex's there has a reminder of our top stories this hour activists say more than a 1000 protesters have been arrested across russia as they demonstrate in defiance of police orders the scene in moscow where demonstrators are demanding the release of jailed opposition politician alexei navalny. protests are expected in belgium austria and hungary against straight coronavirus restrictions and police in the netherlands are bracing for more demonstrations hundreds have been arrested during riots since a nighttime curfew came into force last week. and former u.s. president donald trump has parted ways with his lead impeachment lawyers a week before his trial that's according to u.s. media he's accused of inciting the siege of the capitol building earlier this month
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. south africa's tourism sector has been hit hard by a coded 19 lockdown it's a vital industry for the economy particularly in capetown a business across the city and they are struggling to stay open open adams has been finding out more. time is always been a dream destination for travelers around the list of must see interactions is implicit. december and january a peak periods with tourism in the cape but visitor numbers are down by as much as 90 percent locked down bigger lation to include night time curfews and a ban on alcohol also beaches are off limits to all of those snaps posted to social media nowadays include some interesting visit to the police law enforcement and the national army who patrol the shoreline i economy have gone down prices have gone up and people are suffering at the moment they are having difficulty surviving lots of
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business is over adding to close down if they have not already closed down the done . family originally from bulgaria has been struggling to make ends meet i mean survived lockdown despite the reduced client numbers husband daniels to a company which he started in 2007 as not it's always very hard i used to hear from 19 of these vehicles now i have only one i don't have income from march of last year. just down in long street the heartbeat of guy turns into payments seem they are for sale and too late signs even when they sell almost it is die people get out to the streets no one can no one can find a job who takes care of us it. can get maybe one maybe 100 on an ordinary day it would be difficult to find a parking spot a chemist by a beach front but then cut down hasn't had one of those an ordinary day in the.
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business is on the phone each step suffering ordinarily on that side of the main job it would be lined with informal traders selling their way is mainly african but only a handful of them remain notorious even the base they're close they've been. just maybe you can get different results for survival it's very difficult because of the down so what's the way forward how we'll get it done we covered these are questions we put to the local government who look at the industry is all it's really an important sector for cape town a contributes round about $1200000000.00 us dollars to the city's economy and it creates around about $300000.00 direct and indirect jobs so for us a priority is to make sure that we stabilize that to what is a landscape by making as much relief available to add to it as a and hospitality industry and that could be for example the reclassification of your property if you've got a tourism business property back to
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a very substantial category and that could really reduce right spalls we've also implemented a piece of the reasons for people drinking or building from going to support it so that we can just you know give people that financial relief at this point in time while many of cut their losses and closed up shop people like daniel i mean. jack and the estimated 75000 of his was jobs like the risk in the midst who have no choice but to live out the storm. israel will transfer 5000 vaccine doses to palestinian medical workers that's according to a government spokesperson the country has drawn sharp criticism for excluding palestine's occupied territories from its speedy vaccine rollout more than a quarter of israel's 9000000 population has received at least one dose of the finds a job. has had to rely mostly on its own vaccine procurements as well as the un's
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kovacs scheme for developing nations. the israeli army has killed a palestinian who says attempted to attack soldiers in the occupied west bank security camera footage shows the man pulling an object from his pocket and running toward soldiers at a bus stop he was then shot dead the army said he had 3 knives connected to a stick it happened in an area south of bethlehem which has 2 dozen illegal settlements and outposts journalists in india are protesting the arrest of their colleague who was detained whilst covering farmer protests on saturday and was reporting on the rallies at a single border where tens of thousands of foreigners who protested the culture lost for more than 2 months and want it withdrawn but the government says it's committed to modernizing the sector. well farmers in india holding a hunger strike as part of their long running protests against the new agricultural laws and the internet has been blocked at the camps they've set up after
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a week of violence. reports. they are these farmers have refused food for a day 100 strike to show people in india that protest is nonviolent i this after months of protests escalated into violent scenes this past week on the outskirts of the capital new delhi. on friday there was street fights after supporters of the governing party shouted slogans against. police disperse the crowds using tear gas and patents. and cheese day a pharmacist tried to rally culminated in these scenes at u. county status right through. farmers of encounter protest sites for 2 months to demand the government repeals 3 new agricultural laws the government has offered to put them on hold for 18 months the farmers with them dropped saying they'll only
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benefit big businesses. although there is heavy police presence the fama say more people have been inspired to join them. i want to congratulate the farmers of punjab and the unions for awakening the other farmers in the country who are fed up with the modi government and are sitting quietly at home these unions have mobilized them to protest on the streets and now this movement is not just confined to punjab and haryana but has spread across the country the indian government has responded to days of violence by blocking mobile internet services in 3 protest locations it's a method often deployed to prevent unrest elsewhere an unusual move and the captain authorities of blame some of the farmers for instigating the violence but the farmers and. sist it's a government that's a plane barely ordered 1st the government tried to remove people from the guards or call border using force since it had few protesters but the union leaders did not
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allow that they instigated the locals here to cause a riot through stone pelting and other means these protests have been one of the biggest challenges for prime minister and red. lelie heart of india's population is employed in agriculture 11 rounds of talks between the pharmacy unions and the government has failed to resolve the crisis now the process is hearsay with time the movement is only getting stronger you're about it badly al jazeera. is relocating more refugees to a low lying island despite calls from human rights groups to stop a war in the island as a risk of flooding from storms and us wants to resettle a 10th of the 1000000 refugees living in camps on the mainland they took refuge there after being forced out by a military crackdown in neighboring man mark. and a head of the opening of the new parliament in may and while fears of
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a possible military coup linger on cities and l.d. government will november's elections by a landslide but accusations of electoral fraud protests and an increasing security presence have put the country in a state of uncertainty reports from the un go on. tension on the streets of myanmar this week as the country braces for a possible political crisis. going on we're not saying the military will take power but we're not saying it won't either. this was the moment that it all began in a press conference on tuesday military spokesperson zalman turner refused to rule out the possibility of a coup. the following day military chief minimum lying stoked fears when he said the constitution should be repealed if it was not abided by the comments follow weeks of complaints from the military a voter fraud in november's election and demands for an investigation of the
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military is forcing you you see in the government no no you can't just ignore us we are the stakeholder we have. obligations we are the guardian to the constitution so this is a major message the military is trying to send it to the government and also the international community. fear escalated after reports of an increasing security presence and sightings of armored vehicles being moved around various cities as tensions reach their peak on saturday the military issued a new statement saying the commander in chief's comments had been misinterpreted. but just hours later emboldened by rumors hundreds of protesters gathered in yangon at a pro-military rally where speeches welcomed a coup with support of the people protests like this have been happening on an almost daily basis over the last week while they have been getting attention they fail to draw the numbers forward because of the popular support but that crowd is
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gaining confidence and if so can fit in the community as the pressure builds the have been violent attacks on and i'll be supporters watching on. the n l d say accusations of voter fraud a just being used as an excuse to sow fear. your way railway senior general men on lang is making me an elderly scared and making the people skewed his main intention is to extend his senior general position. military chief men online is due to retire in july and may be fearful of losing power although imminent action from the military now appears less likely tension remains high as relations between the civilian government and the military reach an all time low alley file al jazeera younger. of much of the law is africa's biggest oil producer nigeria has imported refined petroleum products because its all refineries are unable to produce enough and satisfy local demand has also been decades of mismanagement and
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corruption now the government has begun a process of rehabilitating 3 of its refineries. reports from. this is one of nigeria's government run or oil refineries in the city of port tucker. but most of his operation has been shut down to a great equipment and facility. the government plans to hand over these money losing branches to investors to run after decades of mismanagement. africa's biggest oil producer has turned from self-sufficiency in refined petroleum products in the 1970 s. and eighty's to now a net importer of the product. it's for plans to continue to operate well below capacity and sometimes shut down for months off we should say that cost to stop what we have done different now is to make sure that we know what we're doing we know we would do it i would go back to the origin of that if i needed such
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a way that you don't normally stick somebody delegate that budget and that is well on cause finances don't go on for one of them while working with us to make sure that we have been as you put it to be funded is. this a new agency to complete the commercialization process nigeria has been hit by a lot on prices and a weakened global demand. the government desperate to shore up its revenue base sees that he find a reason as a way out of an expensive fuel import regime subsidized at more than $2000000000.00 a year not generous refineries are about to face their toughest competition yet africa's biggest refinery owned by the continent's richest man and he couldn't but it will soon start production in nigeria it has the capacity to find 650000 barrels of oil a day compared to the combined capacity of 445000 in government own facilities. all industry sources say between july and september last year the country imported
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more than 5000000000 liters of refined products. a subsidy program that allowed those connected to politicians to steal hundreds of millions of dollars annually has cost the government huge losses in the past it's corrupt the subsidy 3 years ago but still the losses continue to mount there we have a line of sight what does with that when just will be delivered and ultimately will come but when i did i would become the hubble to tell them but in the us are because of vision so much of fact that we're expecting any bus blow put up on the floor in west africa what are you just of doing some nigerians say they are cautiously optimistic a these sets of. it's probably wrong. in spite of the age of the technologies that produced them over 50 years ago they are still refineries of that age around the world at last to fully functional so i think they can be rejigged to the point where they wish to come back to their functionality boards in such
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a way that the government of nigeria the peoples of nigeria still have a stake in the refineries officials insist this time it will be different but not judicial so hundreds of millions of dollars lost through the subsidy program say they'll wait to see how and when the government delivers on its promise. to greece i'll just. go without is there are these top stories more than a 1000 protesters have been arrested across russia as they demonstrate in defiance of police orders this is what we've been seeing in moscow demonstration demanding the release of jailed opposition politician alexy. froyo is in moscow she says the measures being taken by police in the capsule unprecedented. measures that have been to.


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