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the arrow on the right. protests from vladivostok to st peter's bug is russians come out in support of jailed kremlin critic alexina valley thousands are detained. i know i'm maryam namazie in london you're watching al-jazeera also coming up on the program plugging the vaccine gap the e.u. secures 9000000 more astra zeneca doses along with a promise to boost production. germany sends medical support to portugal as corn
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a virus infections that surge in intensive care beds run low. and fighting to save the northern white rhino from extinction scientists celebrate 2 small victories. hello welcome to the program we begin in russia where more than 4000 people have reportedly been detained during protests in support of alexina valmy the jailed kremlin critics wife yulia was among the hundreds of arrested in the capital moscow this is the 2nd weekend of protests and it follows an avanti has returned to russia earlier this month even recovering in germany from a poisoning which she accuses the kremlin of sanctioning as a bank now reports. the corner of america you don't have to stay longer to
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demonstration in russia before you might be arrested. police wasting no time in taking these protesters away the feeling that they had been warned. in the current circumstances the risk of the protest organizers and active participants provocations is increasing and their aim is to violate civil order in this situation your personal safety can be under threat but alexina valmy supporters braved the subzero temperatures to have this say. these ones pushed out by police 5 themselves on 2 foes in waters the flood of awestruck. just this just remember that what i'm seeing now is some kind of inadequate reaction people are coming out peacefully they were not doing anything illegal now there is intimidation but as you can see no one is afraid the city square is completely blocked off by police but there is someone there from the protesters and there are arrests there aren't many people this time but police and special forces have prepared in advance and blocked the square was the kremlin seems to have been
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rattled by this latest wave of protests. i haven't heard about her and have adopted a 0 tolerance approach them of 5 even putting pressure on online platforms to shut down any talk of demonstrations was involved he says he's poisoning in august last year was state sanctioned something the kremlin has denied the opposition leader and critic of president vladimir putin spent months in germany recovering was this movement is more than just support from the vuln of the it's been a mobilizing call for those for straight to do everything from the economy to longstanding claims of corruption novelli supporters have used social media to spread he's views and to organize protests there have been thousands of arrests across russia and with just days to go before novelli appears in court to face charges of parole violations the kremlin is keen to shut down and discredit him and
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he supporters assad big al jazeera i was under guard for i was among the protesters in moscow. here in moscow the organizers announced that that is it for today that they made their point by managing to reach the pension center where no violin has been held but that didn't come easy today 1st of all the original point where the testers were supposed to gather was completely sealed off the whole center of moscow the heart of moscow was sealed off with buses not running metro not stopping so they started together in at the reserved points and these points were changing in an hour because every time they would start together in coming out on the streets then police would immediately detain people and finally they managed together and this was. where all of the 3 were railway stations there was a significant group of people several 1000 people and they had their protest walk
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they managed to come to this detention center and on the way police was chasing after them together with their detention vans the bad events and kept on filling them in now there is almost no protesters left here but still police is patrolling in there and to riot gear and saying that the remaining ones so this is still going on and will be going on for some time we have reports that they're also going into small alleys in the vicinity and trying to detain people that they participated in this brought us or the people that indeed our work against putting . here opinion union is saying it will it will receive $9000000.00 extra doses of the covert $1000.00 vaccine from pharmaceutical company astra zeneca making
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$14000000.00 in total now this comes after a video conference between european commission president as you know on the line and the c.e.o.'s of pharmaceutical companies the e.u. it accused astra zeneca earlier in the week of backtracking on its initial deal to supply vaccines it has more on what was discussed at the meeting. well the meeting between the european commission the head of wonderland and the c.e.o.'s of the big pharmaceutical companies that are producing working on the covert 19 vaccine took place via video conference now after the meeting the european commission put out a statement it said that the aim of the meeting had been for the european commission to talk to pharmaceutical companies about how they could better work together on any future pandemic responses and also of course on the covert 19 pandemic response now and its variants are the same and says that the e.u. commission will look at putting together a group
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a task force that can work on this issue in the future one of the most interesting points of the statement which was very brief was that it pointed out the challenges of the manufacturing capacity so what we're talking here is the challenges of trying to supply vaccine doses and that really is the only reference in the statement to the route that has broken out between the european commission and some of these pharmaceutical companies that are saying that they are having challenges on delivering their doses we have heard that for example from by pfizer we've heard that from the dernier and a huge route as erupted between the european commission and the british swedish pharmaceutical company astra zeneca after astra zeneca said that it would perhaps not be able to have to reduce its supply of vaccine doses by at least 60 percent in the 1st quarter of this year that is something that the european commission has said is a breach of contract it's extremely angry about that astra zeneca denies though
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that it is breached at all its agreement. well protesters in the netherlands demonstrating against coven 1000 restrictions have been met by a heavy police presence officers forcefully broke up the protests in amsterdam people are angry about a nighttime curfew imposed a week ago the 1st such restrictions since the 2nd world war hundreds of people have been arrested nationwide in the past week in the worst civil unrest in 4 decades stepped lawson was at the protests in amsterdam while police was breaking them up and the riot police is clearing this whole area now right in front of museum were a group of around $200.00 protesters who were gathering out to protest against the curfew and corona restriction for police is here with dogs on horses also carrying water cannons most of the protesters had left already but it's a small group of people who are using a firecracker or throwing stones or they're sort of in the small alleys behind me
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now and the riot police is moving in there as well with this white water cannon trying to clear this whole area this is a very central area in the heart of and right hundreds of police here behind me you can see. they're moving on to the wall duchess of protesters here with dark and also there's a whole line of the police on horses as well. live also been protests taking place in neighboring belgium demonstrates a frustrated with the country's tough lockdown and its nighttime curfew hundreds of people were arrested during the demonstrations government has also banned all nonessential travel to and from belgium. and in austria thousands of protesters defied bans on large gatherings and faced off with police austrians or a month into a 3rd national lockdown protesters voiced their disapproval of chancellor sebastian
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kurtz and refused to wear face masks. well germany's military is now sending in medical staff and equipment to portugal to help deal with the world's worst current corona virus outbreak portugal is also closing its only land border with spain for 2 weeks they currently have the world's highest number of infections and deaths relative to the population of the country only 7 intensive care beds are left available on the portuguese mainland and some critically ill patients are being sent to madeira and other portuguese islands for treatment well ricardo. is in charge of public health at the catholic university of portugal and says that cases are beginning to fall but the pressure on hospitals is likely to continue for several weeks. the situation is only comparable truly to to a tsunami in the sense of the number of and sanctions that we are seeing on the rise. for weeks on words and this of course then translate into more patients going
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in to. our rooms which then leads to more people being admitted to hospital beds and then into ice you bet and sadly to higher death rates we've been seeing this ongoing now for 2 months actually up to 3 months now and the truth is only last friday we started to see a true slowdown in a rise of new cases following the closing of schools and more strict lockdown that was imposed 2 weeks before sadly though as we all know the lockdown measures tend to have a long delay between in affecting the number of new infections and then affecting the number of hospital admissions so all projections are for seeing that the 1st fortnight of february will be of even greater pressure in portugal and even
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go on beyond the hospital beds that we have in the public service if you bring in the private sector really only have around $1250.00 i.c.u. bats in total and we've passed the $800.00 we're basically at $850.00 s. you beds just for kobe patients and mind you that we are in the middle of the winter we typically have many more patients with other diseases the typical rate at which we use i.c.u. beds in the winter in normal times would be around 80 percent so this is a high risk situation not just for copd patients but for everyone. israel's government says it will now transfer 5000 vaccine doses to palestinian medical workers they've been criticized for excluding palestine's occupied territories from the vaccine rollout which has been the fastest in the world more than a quarter of israel's 9000000 population has received at least one dose of the pfizer job but the palestinian authority has had to source vaccines itself as well
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as use the united nations kovacs scheme for developing countries members of a world health organization team have been visiting a market in the chinese city of ohio and as they investigate the origins of the pandemic the animal market distributed food to the entire city and its stores be where the virus was 1st detected more than a year ago the team has visited 2 hospitals that were at the center of the early outbreak they will also visit a covert $1000.00 museum dedicated to the history of the pandemic before drafting that report with al jazeera live from london still ahead on the program after years of importing petrol nigeria's government unveils plans to bolster the country's oil refineries. and going it alone in the remote and beautiful location for the world's most socially distant international film festival.
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it isn't europe it's still cold and that cold air is heavy servings being state arrived if you like the area of high pressure of the everything i'm talking about is that it's coming of the atlantic is quite mild now full of moisture it's more rain than snow and this year in the mountains and france is still got a flood warning out for the next few days and that's represented by the forecast for to lose it's going to rain continues with through monday and start of tuesday are for things improved it's not cold temps up to 17 degrees so we're talking about atlantica coming up against the cold sitting there as more snow for the northern part of the u.k. and then rain eventually takes over in places like germany that is sleet and snow inverted and warsaw is up to 0 serve rise in temperature grey skies admittedly is still quite well for the south of europe and the storminess is died away by tuesday enjoy the sunshine whilst you can it's only in the balkans for example and
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immediate future some of that wind or rain will affect north now cheerier north and tunisia most of north africa of course is far of the member a few showers in west africa just catching the coast not that many new would expect many at this time the year but temperature wise just have a quick look it's quite tie in places and nigeria is a case in point. welcome to down from every one of us. even those working quietly behind the scenes. so you can relax enjoy breaking your journey. and when you leave with a smile we know our day's work is done afghans are always welcome to our home.
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the. the e.u. . can back a look at the headlines now more than 4000 people have reportedly been detained during protests in support of alexina volley the kremlin critic was jailed when he returned to russia after recovering in germany from a poisoning he says was sanctioned by the government. in our other top stories the european union says it will receive 9000000 extra doses of covert 19 vaccines from astra zeneca making 40000000 in total blockade accuse the pharmaceutical company earlier in the week of backtracking on its initial deal. and then portugal is closing its border with spain for 2 weeks in a bid to cut the world's worst current corona virus outbreak germany's military is
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having to send in medical staff and equipment to help the country on saturday the health ministry said that there were only 7 intensive care beds available on the mainland. or in other stories of following donald trump has parted ways with his lead impeachment lawyers that will more than a week before his trial senators have already been sworn in as jurors it's reported lawyers wanted to argue the trial is unconstitutional because the former president is no longer in office but trump wants to focus on election fraud he's accused of inciting the siege of the capitol building earlier this month gabriel elizondo is in washington and says in any case democrats will struggle to get enough republicans to support a trump conviction. according to a trump official this was a quote mutual decision but nevertheless this throws his impeachment trial defense indicate awesome he was a chaos president in many ways and he appears to be
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a chaos. former president as well this is sort of donald trump's style but clearly this comes at a bad time for him as you mentioned just a little over a week away till that trial is supposed to begin but also on this tuesday coming up is when the trump's legal defense team was expected to submit their response to the senate a written response to the senate on the impeachment charges against him for a conviction in the senate you need 2 thirds to vote for a conviction if you have all of the democrats vote for it which seems very likely he would need 17 republicans in the senate to vote for a conviction right now only 5 republicans have indicated that they likely will do that so the democrats are short on the number of votes they need from republicans for that conviction of course anything could change nevertheless it does seem at
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this point unlikely nevertheless though democrats feel it's important to move forward with this impeachment trial because they say that it's just part of the entire impeachment process remember it's a 2 part process the 1st process was in the house of representatives that the house charged donald trump so that impeachment stands it's now just a question of will the senate convict him. you know as stories are following some 10000 foreign troops might stay in afghanistan past the may deadline agreed with the taliban that's according to a report by the reuters news agency the taliban agreed to meet certain security guarantees ahead of the withdrawal in a deal with the trumpet ministration early last year but there's been a spike in attacks in recent months and senior nato officials told reuters that the conditions have not been met u.s. president joe biden says his administration is now reviewing the deal will nato and washington are going to have a challenge getting the taliban to agree to an extension beyond the month of may there is concern if the situation remains unclear the taliban might increase
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attacks the u.s. downsized its troops in afghanistan to 2 and a half 1000 just days before the former president donald trump left office reaching a 19 year low the american forces work alongside nato allies and other partners all together the nato military alliance has $10000.00 troops in afghanistan from $38.00 countries that includes germany the u.k. italy georgia and turkey. india's prime minister narendra modi has broken his silence on the 4 month long farmers protest saying the violence in the capital new delhi last tuesday was in his words an insult to the country one person died during those demonstrations which saw the farmer storm the city's historic red fort farmers have been blocking roads since new agriculture laws were brought in at the end of september ending guaranteed prices paid by the government for produce modi says he will not change his mind on the new laws but has repeated an offer to delay them for 18 months and journalists in india are protesting the arrest of
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a colleague who was detained while covering those former protests on saturday monday was reporting on the rallies at the single border north of new delhi police have charged him with obstructing a public servant and voluntarily causing hurt. well what hussein has now been illegally detained in egypt for 1500 days without challenge saying was arrested while visiting family in december 2016 a number of human rights organizations have joined al jazeera and demanding his immediate release his detention violates both egyptian and international law despite exporting the most oil on the continent of africa nigeria imports petrol and diesel because it's refineries lie in ruins it leaves nigerians facing regular shortages that gas pumps and it's crippled the economy but the government says it plans to change this and soon but address has more from. this is one of
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nigeria's government run or oil refineries in the city of port harcourt. but most of these operations has been shut down to a great equipment and facility the government plans to hand over these money losing branches to investors to run after decades of mismanagement. africa's biggest oil producer has turned from self-sufficiency in refined petroleum products in the 1970 s. and eighty's to now a mixed importer of the product. it's for plans to continue to operate well below capacity and sometimes shut down for months off we should say that cost to stop what we have done different now is to make sure that we know what we're doing we would do it i would go back to that but that is funded such a way that you don't stick somebody delegate that budget and that is well known cause finances don't go on for one of them while working with us to make sure that
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we have been as you put it to be funded is. this a new urgency to complete the commercialization process nigeria has been hit by a lot on prices and a weakened global demand. the government desperate to shore up its revenue base sees the refineries as a way out of an expensive fuel import regime subsidized at more than $2000000000.00 a year nigeria's refineries are about to face their toughest competition yet africa's biggest refinery owned by the continent's richest man and he couldn't but it will soon start production in nigeria it has the capacity to find 650000 barrels of oil a day compared to the combined capacity of 445000 in government own facilities. all industry sources say between july and september last year the country imported more than 5000000000 liters of refined products. a subsidy program that allowed those connected to politicians to steal hundreds of millions of dollars annually
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has cost the government huge losses in the past it's crap the subsidy 3 years ago but still the losses continue to mount there will have a lot of side what does with the jeep when just will be delivered and ultimately will come but will not get out become the hub but it will employ them in the us and because of vision so much of fact that we're expecting any bus from west africa what are you just of doing some nigerians say they are cautiously optimistic if this is not. revived. it's probably wrong. in spite of the age of the technologies that produced them over 50 years ago there are still refineries of that age around the world at last to fully functional so i think they can be rejigged to the point where they wish to come back to their functionality boards in such a way that the government of nigeria the peoples of nigeria still have their stake
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in the refineries. officials insist this time it will be different but nigerians will so hundreds of millions of dollars lost through the subsidy program say they'll wait to see how and when the government delivers on its promise. to grease al-jazeera which are on our as a glimmer of hope in the race to save the northern white one else or us from extinction 2 more embryos have been successfully created bringing the total number but to 5. reports there are many many challenges before a cough is born scientists in kenya it's only in germany have for years been tied to be working together to save the northern white rhino from extinction bots there have been obstacles with a pandemic affecting one of the most important conservation projects in the world and off to several failed attempts to harvest a number of immature eggs known as finally there was a breakthrough in december 14 eggs were harvested from 5 to one of the last 2
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remaining northern white rhinos on earth it was the highest number of you ever got from a rhino and we were extremely happy about it outcome and on christmas eve 2 embryos for frozen so that we at another 2 and boost to our already existing scampers. all 5 embryos are now stored in liquid nitrogen in a lab in to be the scientists are looking at ways to implant the embryos into a sargon mother a southern white rhino after roaming in the wild for millions of years the last remaining northern white male named sedan died in 2018 scientists saved his sperm and used it to fertilize the eggs of his granddaughter fatty but neither fast today nor her mother knows gene can carry a cough and this is where the southern white rhino comes in we already had quite a few war a little war with using southern white embryos for each other less richer than the
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northern white as a tall order to understand and to develop the procedures so far out of that i'm sure we didn't get the brain you see but we are understanding what the problems the challenge is don't stop there experts say they don't have much time to save one of the largest land mammals on earth they have to produce a car and then the next to see years but now we can't believe doctors are not on my time i remember those because we haven't pulled them that we can produce a pregnancy and therefore we working with info to solve them but i was using exist technology to helping them to have a cough and then get properly is appalled that ample time feels that entire cascade is successful. one of the most endangered species in the world once rome central africa in large numbers but decades of poaching and destruction of their habitat led to their extinction in the wild while the embryos raise hope the process of
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saving the northern white rhinoceros still faces many challenges including whether a calf born from this process would even survive so hard at al-jazeera. now imagine having an entire film festival all to yourself that's exactly what's happening for one lucky cinema fan in sweden like many events while white the film festival has been forced to get creative joining the crime virus pandemic playing on a unique solo screening always reports now from the remote island that's home to a personal movie marathon. the show is struggling on film festivals around the world still with plenty of films it's the festival part that's somewhat lacking here at the gotham but film festival they've managed to avoid going totally online while giving the pandemic itself a starring role. the festival has chosen one person out of 12000 applicants to spend a week on the island of how the where alone in the cab to get straight between the
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north sea and the baltic with nothing but films to keep them company it's a different experience to watch the films under those circumstances when you're all by yourself in your home feels different to what the scene where for example there is a big party going on or where people are very touchy with charter and we want to take it further and take it to extreme. the winning applicants is emergency nurse lisa and her author who has been on the front lines of sweden's battle with covert 19 i'm looking forward just to be able to reflect a bit about what happened this year and not be anxious of infecting other people i've been meeting a lot of covert patients so idea of not infecting people is really appealing. and ross will be able to watch the 60 festival premieres in headquarters on the island or in a screening room in how to whereas lighthouse have video diary will go online during his stay. before because of the festival is
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a social distancing and how the panda because change the world and our relationship with film a week on this island of watching movies is an attempt to at least us break the surface of the sense of isolation felt by millions during the lockdowns of the past year cinemas journey away from theatres and into the home but a long time ago going to the movies in the company of strangers make it more appealing again once the pandemic finally ends. al-jazeera come there where sweden . a look at headlines more than 4000 people have reportedly been detained during protests in support of alexina valmy more than 800 were arrested in the capital moscow including a valley's wife union of elia the kremlin critic was jailed when he returned to russia from germany earlier this month he been recovering.


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