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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  February 1, 2021 12:00am-1:00am +03

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risk that comes with the job. we follow the journey of these people as they get there to survive. risking it all. on al-jazeera. 0. hello i'm watching the news hour live from london coming up in the next 60 minutes protests from bloody vostok to simply because russians come out in support of jailed kremlin critic alexina vali thousands are detained. clogging the vaccine gap the e.u. secures 9000000 more astra zeneca doses along with
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a promise to boost production. meanwhile germany says medical support to portugal is corona virus infections that surge and intensive care beds run low. and going it alone the remote and beautiful location for the world's most socially distant international film festival. on devon ash with the sports and liverpool have closed the gap to the premier league's top 20 time grand slam champion running down a doll is concerned that being forced to quarantine might stop tennis stars from competing at the take your olympics. hello welcome to the news out we begin in russia where more than 5000 people have reportedly been detained during protests in support of alexina volley the jailed kremlin critics wife yulia. was among the hundreds of arrested in moscow this is
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the 2nd weekend of protests now and it follows no volleys returned to russia earlier this month he'd been recovering in germany from a poisoning which he accuses the kremlin of sanctioning as a bag as our reports. that we don't have to stay longer to demonstration in russia before you might be arrested you are. pretty sweet sting no time you take these protesters away look at you. they had been warned says that's still slow that in the current circumstances the risk of the protests organizers and active participants provocations is increasing and their aim is to violate civil order in this situation your personal safety can be under threat but alexina valmy supporters braved the subzero temperatures to have this say. these ones pushed out by police fire themselves onto frozen waters in vladivostok. justice just remember that what i'm seeing now is some kind of inadequate reaction people were coming out
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peacefully they were not doing anything illegal so now there is intimidation but as you can see no one is afraid the city square is completely blocked off by police but there is someone there from the protesters and there are arrests there are many people this time but police and special forces have prepared in advance and blocked the square was the kremlin seems to have been rattled by this latest wave of protests. and i haven't heard about her and have adopted a 0 tolerance approach i even putting pressure on online platforms to shut down any talk of demonstrations i was involved he says he's poisoning in august last year was state sanctioned something the kremlin has denied. the opposition leader and critic of president vladimir putin spent months in germany recovering was this movement is more than just support from the valmy. it's been a mobilizing call for those frustrated with everything from the economy to
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longstanding claims of corruption novelli supporters have used social media to spread he's views and to organize protests there have been thousands of arrests across russia and with just days to go before novelli appears in court to face charges of parole violations the kremlin is keen to shut down and discredit him and his supporters aside big al-jazeera well alexander got fry was among the protesters in the capital moscow today. here in moscow the organizers announced that that is it for today that they made their point by managing to reach the detention center where not vitally has been held to but that didn't come easy today 1st of all the original point where the testers were supposed to gather was completely sealed off the whole center of moscow the heart of moscow was sealed off with buses not running metro not stopping so they started together at the reserved points and these points were changing in an hour because every time they would
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start together in coming out on the streets then police would immediately detain people and finally they managed to get to. where all of the 3 were railway stations there was a significant group of people several 1000 people and they had their protest they managed to come to this detention center and on the way police was chasing after them together with their detention vans the paddy vans and kept on feeling them in now there is almost no protesters life here but still police is patrolling in there to here and saying that the remaining ones so this is still going on and will be going on for some time we have reports that they're also going into small alleys in the vicinity and trying to detain people that they participated in this protest or the people that. are working against putting.
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well i should of course there's a longtime ally of alexina valmy in the executive director of his anticorruption foundation he was granted political asylum here in the u.k. in 2015 after leaving russia he joins us now from london over skype i'm not sure what's of numbers you've been getting about turnout for these protests but can i ask you to put them into some context for us how does it compare with protest movements we've seen inside russia in the past for example rallies in the 1990 s. or even the protests which took place in 2011 in 2012. the proudest so different now from what happened in terms of lebanon 12 there it was just mosque or with the numbers reaching 100120000 people just in moscow now with my small white progress for instance today it took place
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over $152.00 suiters in russia the total turnout is very difficult to estimate but for sure it's above $150000.00 people in the whole of frustrate mascotte so that bill is poor out of the center of the city involved our people gathered in different ways or so it's difficult to calculate but i think it's not less than 20000 people in moscow but i guess in terms of despite what you say about the significance of that geographical spread we have seen higher numbers in the past and there hasn't been any political change from it and i'm just wondering about your expectations of from these protests given that the kremlin has as we're seeing in the images now the the security apparatus to be able to deal with this. well then nature of the critters changed the protests in 2. 101-1124 sanctions so they were protected by the police i mean people were
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not afraid to come there or the protests that take place now for the last 2 weeks there and sanctioned and the police brutality it is why. you've seen it yourself and in the video so i it's different but still tens of thousands of people come to the streets of moscow. as you say that their way in which they're being the protests being dealt with do you expect that that will reduce numbers in the coming weeks it will perhaps prevent these protests from becoming a threat or a sustained challenge to the kremlin this situation is developing frankly speaking i was expecting that there will be less people to do if a week that the last one has happened that we can go i thought well people are getting tired you know you're not going to the streets in the future of police
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brutality and detention there's still that factor of the weather it's quite called in russia there are restrictions related to coronavirus but still a lot of people killed him. what is alexina valley's strategy now and also why what can you tell us about why he chose to return to the country because he has a very strong presence on the ground he has activists and people campaigning for men of very strong online presence as well. it just follows his strategy as far as his character his the work of his life is in russia yes build a political army is a show. in russia he's a very effective but we additionally an activist and his struggle is in russia has done nothing wrong so it's only natural that he would return to russia after some months of huling and recuperation in germany how important is the election coming
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up in september well the election political system in russia is totally controlled by putin and his cronies and the system of economic and political corruption that he put in place. we believe that elections in any case are a point of instability for the government and will try to use the elections to who want our independent candidates in the parliament to use those elections for competing do you expect that there will be some sort of unrest then after the election is that the next stage in this process that alexina valley is counting on because as you see in the past. that the lead in that inner putin is very politically savvy in the way he approaches as we see things like financial handouts for example to the poor and to people in need which tends to
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boost his support in these elections. well i thought that not much would happen in russia in terms of projects before the elections that are scheduled for september but they went of the last 2 weeks made me change my mind we use something that was not expected at this level of protests happening consecutively over 2 weeks is something unprecedented it. is not freed the court date just set for tuesday next week i think we'll see escalation of protests and stability not tauranga elections but right now or thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. a shark of long time ally of the election of an executive director of the anti corruption foundation which he leads thank you in watching the news hour life from london much more still ahead after years of importing petrol nigeria's government unveils plans to bolster its oil refineries also. about items in qatar where domestic and
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international tourist numbers are down significantly the local economies that get a beating as a result of the strict lockdown measures economists say there's no quick fix. and lionel messi salary is lead to buy a spanish newspaper but leaving barcelona fans divided over whether their star player is worth it that's coming up with gemma in the sport. here opinion says it will receive $9000000.00 extra doses of covert $1000.00 vaccines from the pharmaceutical company astra zeneca making $40000000.00 in total comes after a video conference between european commission president as you have on the line and the c.e.o.'s of pharmaceutical companies you had accused astra zeneca earlier in the week of backtracking on its initial deal to supply vaccines and tasha butler
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has more on what was discussed at the meeting. well the meeting between the european commission the head of wonderland and the c.e.o. of the big pharmaceutical companies that are producing working on the covert 19 vaccine took place via video conference now after the meeting the european commission put out a statement it said that the aim of the meeting had been for the european commission to talk to pharmaceutical companies about how they could better work together on any future pandemic responses and also of course on the covert 19 pandemic response now and its variants are the same and says that the e.u. commission will look at putting together a group a task force that can work on this issue in the future one of the most interesting points of this statement which was very brief was that it pointed out the challenges of the manufacturing capacity so what we're talking here is the
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challenges of trying to supply vaccine doses and that really is the only reference in the statement to the route that has broken out between the european commission and some of these pharmaceutical companies that are saying that they are having challenges on delivering their doses we have heard that for example from by pfizer we've heard that from a dern a and a huge raul has erupted between the european commission and the british swedish pharmaceutical company astra zeneca after astra zeneca said that it would perhaps not be able to have to reduce its supply of vaccine doses by at least 60 percent in the 1st quarter of this year that is something that the european commission has said is a breach of contract it's extremely angry about that astra zeneca denies though that it is breached at all its agreement. israel's government is saying that it will now transfer 5000 vaccine doses to palestinian medical workers they've been criticized for excluding palestine's occupied territories from their vaccine rollout which has been the fastest in the world the palestinian authority has had
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to source vaccines itself as well as use the united nations' kovacs scheme for developing countries with 30 percent of its population having received at least one dose israel has the world's fastest vaccination rate as you were saying new zealand as ordered enough to vaccinate its entire population 3 times but hasn't actually started its campaign it plans to give free doses to neighboring pacific island nations canada has ordered the most vaccines relative to its population but delay deliveries mean the only about 2 percent of its people have received jabs the e.u. is facing similar problems since the 1st person was vaccinated against the corona virus in the u.k. in december just over 94000000 doses of been administered globally but most african countries have not yet started their vaccination drives the african union says that it could take 2 to 3 years to immunize 60 percent of africans that is that threshold the threshold for vaccines actually have an impact and to produce
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immunity so i'm now joined via skype by michael hetty's a senior research fellow in global health university of southampton and currently working with garners health service on covert 1000 research and i suppose the problem that we're seeing with these vaccination campaigns right now is that there is no overall international mechanism to make sure that everyone has access to it. good evening no absolutely not the minutes of course tomorrow newsgroup strips a ploy so in a scenario like that you generally will find the most powerful and richest countries getting to the front of the key quickest and soon or diskettes vaccinations to places like sub-saharan africa will require multi country corporations which will be limited supply right now because most of these most powerful countries do have hybrids of code 19 themselves maybe in a few months with the situation eases here in the u.k. in the us for example we might see some more distribution of vaccines to the
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african continent but right now it is purely rich countries that have started their nation programs really and this comes at a time when the african continent is dealing with a highly contagious variant strain of that that is a putting an unprecedented amount of pressure on health systems and hospitals particularly in southern africa now how what mechanism can they use to get more vaccines to get to african countries would it be through kovacs or would it be through the african union how it will. well primarily through kovacs kovacs is run by a group called who do this sort of thing outside of pandemic times they perceive that scenes as a relatively cheap price and then the african countries buy that off gavi so much cheaper than the wood directly from the fancy to companies so that complex is the way for them to go but there is also no way to force. countries or folks who do companies to do next of please to the coax initiative of the best way to do that
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really will be through strong global health advocacy so the days of those of us in the global environment can lobby for it and maybe some individual powerful actors like dr ted ross who's head of the document show or bill gates who is of course the high profile flood pissed i think those people can help to persuade governments to cooperate and this is cooperate or do you mean that rich countries have to put up the funds for this for the kovacs anish to have because as you say that vaccines aren't just going to be continuously donated and it's donating funds and also donating supplies so you we heard for example just before we came on about music and will turn next access to the pacific islands that kind of approach would get if you could see more of across the world into countries pledging to donate any excess doses to lower and lower middle income countries do you really think that that's something that will actually happen though i mean pressure from political opponents
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electoral cycles i mean surely a governments will prioritize their own populations before helping people elsewhere you know maybe politics comes before science. now absolutely fully agree i think the chances of any vaccines ending up in sub-saharan africa put suit or so not significant doses won't end up there any point soon i think that's potentially quite a short term is to view. it in terms of how the u.k. us across europe are responding it might be good in the short term for 'd our own populations but in terms of development all new variant says we're seeing a south africa i think if we don't vaccinate the continent of africa as quickly as possible and that includes cooperation from the northern hemisphere countries and then the pandemic will continue for longer than it needs to tell us more about that how will a delay in vaccinations in african countries affect global immunity and the likelihood of me taishan is occurring which can't be immunized with the vaccine.
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so in short the more code it 19 you have the luxury that there will be other of the areas that is slightly different to the previously circulating viruses so we've seen in the harbors an oreo here in the u.k. where i am of the u.k. berries emerging as more transmissible and possibly more lethal d. to be confirmed we've seen in south africa a lot of hope in 1000 disease there and this new variant of concern is emerged in similarly 7 brazil as well so the longer you have been circulating the more lucky you are to have potentially vaccine resistant strains emerging and also poses problems for those countries where they emerge particularly in sub-saharan africa but also for the high income countries like the u.k. as well thanks very much michael had senior research fellow in global health at university of southampton things in the netherlands say they've arrested around 30 people and sent hundreds more hurt and they dispersed an anti curfew
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demonstration in the capital amsterdam but there was no repeat of the rising that's taken place since the nighttime curfew was imposed last week and a step lawson reports from amsterdam it was one of many similar events taking place across europe. protests started cheerfully in front of the x. museum in amsterdam hundreds of protesters gathered to demand the government is locked down with strict chanson lift a curfew the 1st in the country since world war 2 the nat'l into a population of 17000000 has had nearly 1000000 infections since the start of the pandemic and around 15000 deaths there is a disease you are not denying anything but the rules are destroying lives economy suz are to going up it's a disaster the threat is that we lose our freedoms freedoms restored for a long time and we should we should not give them away this is a world i were protesters who were not following social distancing rules were
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repeatedly order to disperse by police but these orders were ignored. in vienna at the end to lock down marched on political with supporters of the far right freedom party dominating the rally in the austrian capital. in brussels police prevented people from gathering and started arresting them before the rally could start. and in budapest restaurant workers took to the streets urging the government to open up their businesses. many people have lost their jobs hundreds of thousands have been lifted in security can we still have any doubt that politicians have made responsible decisions governments across europe have been accused of being slow to act at the start of the pandemic one year on as cases searched have been forced to impose much tougher measures the situation has been compounded by frustrations over the slow roll out effect since police are not taking any chances here in the heart of amsterdam they're confronted by a small group of protesters but police are trying very hard to befriend the
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scenario that happened last week when thousands were rioting in cities across the battle. after some protesters started throwing stones and letting off fireworks police on horseback moved in to clear the area around 30 people were detained protestors are proud to continue their actions until the 9 pm curfew is lifted step class and al-jazeera amsterdam. meanwhile germany is sending in medical staff and equipment to portugal to help deal with the world's worst current corona virus outbreak there portugal is also now closing its land border with spain for 2 weeks currently they have the world's highest number of infections and deaths in proportion to the population only 7 intensive care beds left have been available on the portuguese mainland and some of the critically ill patients are now being sent to madeira and other portuguese islands for treatment
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a card. in charge of public health at the catholic university of portugal and says the number of cases of beginning to fall but the pressure on hospitals will probably go on for several weeks more. this situation is only comparable truly 2 to a tsunami in the sense of the number. and sanctions that we are seeing on the rise . for weeks on words and this of course then translate into more patience going in to 'd. rooms would send leads to more people being admitted to hospital beds and then into ice you bet and sadly to higher death rates we've been seeing this ongoing now for 2 months actually up to 3 months now and truth is only last friday we started to see the true slowdown in a rise of new cases following the closing of schools and more strict lockdown that
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was in between in affecting the number of new infections and then affecting the number of hospital admissions so all projections are for seeing that the 1st fortnight of february will be of even greater pressure in portugal and even going beyond the hospital beds that we have in the public service if you bring in the private sector really only have around $1250.00 i.c.u. bets in total and we've passed the $800.00 we're basically at $850.00 s. you beds just for kobe patients and mind you that we are in the middle of the winter we typically have many more patients with other diseases the typical rate at which we use i.c.u. beds in the winter in normal times would be around 80 percent so this is a high risk situation not just for copd patients but for all everyone. all members of a world health organization team have been visiting a market in the chinese city of 100 as they investigate the origins of the pandemic
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the animal market distributed food to the entire city and is thought to be where the virus was 1st detected more than a year ago the team has visited 2 hospitals where it is that we're at the center of the early outbreak there also visit a covert $1000.00 newseum dedicated to the early history of the pandemic before drafting the report. well south africa's economy has been one of the hardest hit by the car the 1000 pandemic with some economists saying that it's been set back by more than a decade the lockdown has hit the tourism industry as well and it's a particularly bad in cities like cape town which are normally packed with tourists around this time of year now practically deserted robin adams has been speaking to some struggling business owners. turn has always been a dream destination for travelers around the world the list of must see it corrections is in less. december and january a peak periods with tourism in the cape but that the numbers are down by as much as
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90 percent static lock down regular nations include night time curfews and a ban on alcohol also beaches are off limits to all of those snaps posted to social media nowadays include some interesting visit the police law enforcement and the national army who put all the shoreline i economy have gone down prices have gone up and people are suffering at the moment they are having difficulty surviving lots of businesses are adding to close down if they're not already closed down the daniel family originally from bulgaria has been struggling to make ends meet i mean survived lockdown despite the reduced client numbers husband meals to a company which he started in 2007 has not it's always very hard and i used to hear 1000 of these here calls now i have only one i don't have income from march of last year. just before down in long street the heartbeat of go turns into payments seem
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they are for sale and too late signs even when lost it is drive people to get out the street no one cannot confront job that ever was it just before going to get made was it all got to make maybe 100 on an ordinary day it would be difficult to find a parking spot you're a chemist be. done hasn't had one of those an ordinary day in the a year business is on the face of suffering on that side of the main job it would be lined with informal traders selling their way is mainly african but only a handful of them remain notorious even the big. days. just maybe you can get different results for survival it's very difficult because of. so what's the way forward how will we cover these are questions we put to the local government who look at the industry as all it's really important to focus on
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a contributes around about 1200000000 u.s. dollars to the city's economy and it creates around about $300000.00 direct and indirect jobs so far so priorities to make sure that we stabilize the tourism landscape by making as much relief available to our tourism and hospitality industry there could be for example the reclassification of your property if you've got a tourism business property back to a very substantial category and that could really reduce right spalls we've also implemented these are the reasons for people going to building from we're going to support it so that we can just you know give people the financial relief at this point in time while many of cut their losses and closed up shop people like daniel amy. jack and the 75000 others was jobs like the risk in the midst who have no choice but to live out the storm. but items
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al-jazeera. much wants to have this hour a little more than a week before his impeachment trial donald trump and his lawyers that separate way . and the new south american champions arrive home to huge crowds in brazil despite the country battling a corona virus outbreak general have the details. it isn't europe it's still cold and that cold air is heavy servings being steered arrived if you like the area of high pressure the everything i'm talking about is there it's coming of the atlantic is quite mild now full of moisture it's more rain than snow and this year in the mountains and france is still got a flood warning out for the next few days and that's represented by the forecast for to lose it's going to rain continues with through monday and start of 2 to 4
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things improve it's not cold temps up to 17 degrees so we're talking about atlantica coming up against the cold sitting there as more snow for the northern part of the u.k. and then rain eventually takes over in places like germany it is sleet and snow inverted and warsaw is up to 0 serve rise in temperature grey skies admittedly is still quite well for the south of europe and storminess has died away by tuesday enjoy the sunshine whilst you can it's early in the balkans for example and immediate future some of that wind or rain will affect north korea north and tunisia most of north africa of course is far the member a few showers in west africa just catching the coast not that many new would expect many at this time the year but temperature wise just have a quick look it's quite tie in places and nigeria is a case in point. but . at 16 cush who is living her dream of being
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a journalist but her father has his own dream for her to follow tradition and be married as our investigations bring her face to face with the ill fated some of india's young women. the search for suitable husband continues can both in dreams come true almost one overcome the other. part of the viewfinder asia series on al-jazeera. and the tourist terraces of the football ultras what club loyalty come in violent confrontations when i. young when there was a football match we were crying because the fans would go crazy but in indonesia one group of revolutionary supporters has taken a stand against male aggression with a carnival most display of peace and unity the firms who make for poor old truism angels on al-jazeera.
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welcome back watching the news hour live from london our main stories this hour more than 5000 people have reportedly been detained during protests in support of alexina vali the crime and put it was jailed when he returned to russia after recovering in germany from a poisoning he says was sanctioned by the kremlin. european union says it will receive a $9000000.00 extra doses of covert $1000.00 vaccines from astra zeneca making $40000000.00 in total blockade accuse the pharmaceutical company earlier in the week of backtracking on its initial deal meanwhile portugal is closing its border
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with spain for 2 weeks in a bid to curb the world's worst current coronavirus outbreak germany's military sending in medical staff and equipment on saturday the health ministry said there were only 7 intensive care beds available on the mainland. well in other news donald trump has parted ways with his lead impeachment lawyers little more than a week before his trial senators have already been sworn in as jurors it's reported lawyers wanted to argue the trial is unconstitutional because the former president is no longer in office but trump wanted to focus on election fraud he is accused of inciting the siege of a capitol building earlier this month meanwhile in some of the other developments that we're following 10 republican senators of urged president joe biden to significantly downsize his $1.00 trillion dollars covert 19 relief package in order to win bipartisan support their proposal is reported to cost just $600000000000.00 the relief package will fund cash handouts for families and businesses hit hard by
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the pandemic or party call and joins us live now from capitol hill so how much weight does this proposal then carry. well it carries a lot of weight but in a very unusual way that's because the one democratic senator has said he wants to negotiate with republicans so if the biden team wanted to go ahead and push forward without republican support they would need all 50 democratic senators with kabul harris the vice president casting the deciding vote so this is going to be the big test of president joe biden he campaigned on bipartisanship but at the same time he campaigned on this $1.00 trillion dollars package $600000000000.00 that might be a no no go for democrats especially if it doesn't include money for states and cities that have been hit hard by the pandemic if it doesn't increase the federal minimum wage to $15.00 an hour that could cost him democrats the democratic support
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so it's likely they'll be meeting with these $10.00 republican senators in the coming weeks but at the same time the top democratic leadership is signaling that maybe they're not so keen on this idea. this is the worst economic crisis in 75 years since the new deal the worst health care crisis in a century since the spanish pandemic flu we cannot wait we need vaccines we need help small businesses and state and local governments in so many other areas hospitals schools and so we intend to move forward we hope that we can move forward in a bipartisan way with our republican colleagues for operating but we need big bold action and if we can't move forward with them we'll have to do it on our own. you know the one reason this seems somewhat unlikely is because joe biden that the president joe biden has repeatedly said that the problem they had during the financial of the great recession where he when he was vice president is they didn't
12:37 am
go big enough and it cost long term economic damage so i asked him to take less than a 3rd of what he thinks is necessary is going to be a big pretty big sell so why have to watch in the coming days what happens the other thing is lawmakers and by demonstration say what's important here is not as much bipartisanship as speed they say americans are hurting now which they are and they want to be able to send them this help as soon as possible so on top of everything else on the washington agenda there is a trial coming up and we've learned that donald trump is currently without legal representation representation for his impeachment trial. yeah it's going to be really interstate i mean in just over a week this building is going to be packed with journalists and lawmakers watching this trial unfold the president has to have some sort of representation that is after all a trial and all 5 of his attorneys have just simply walked away now reportedly as you mentioned the president one of them to argue that he actually won the election
12:38 am
not quite clear what legal strategy that would be as if he was saying that it was ok that this mob rioted stormed the capitol because the election was lost which in fact it wasn't enough there are a lot of republicans who want him to make the argument this isn't constitutional because he's no longer in office there is legal precedent to say yes a person who is out of office can in fact be impeached it was the secretary of war that happened to in the 18th century so they could make that legal argument but the president is saying he doesn't want to make that argument so now the question is is he going to be able to find a lawyer in the next 9 days rudy giuliani has been floated as a possibility but it's unlikely he'd be able to do that because he's a potential witness because he spoke at the rally that round up the crowd and then they all came over here and and rioted through the capitol so the president needs a lawyer his job to parent according to the new york times that he could represent himself and i think everyone would say you really really don't ever want to represent yourself in any kind of trial much less
12:39 am
a bit so we're going to have to watch and see if anybody decides to come to the president's defense here in the senate but right now he's loyalists. thank you very much. thank you. now some 10000 foreign troops might stay in afghanistan past the deadline for may which was agreed with the taliban this is according to a report by the reuters news agency the taliban agreed to meet certain security guarantees ahead of the withdrawal in a deal with the trumpet ministration early last year but has been a spike in attacks in recent months senior nato officials told reuters that the conditions of not been met u.s. president joe biden says his administration is now reviewing that deal will nato and washington will have a challenge getting the taliban to agree to an extent extension beyond the month of may as concerned if the situation remains unclear the taliban might step up attacks the u.s. downsized its troops in afghanistan to 2 and
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a half 1000 just days before former president donald trump left office which in a 19 year low the american father the nato military alliance has 10000 troops in afghanistan from 38 countries including germany the u.k. italy georgia in turkey. on our day ahead of the opening of a new parliament in may and mafias of a possible military coup langar unsung suchi is government won november's elections by a landslide bacchis ations of electoral fraud protests and an increasing security presence of lead to a sense of uncertainty i follow reports now from young gone. tension on the streets of myanmar this week as the country braces for a possible political crisis in the. going on we're not saying the military will take power but we're not saying at one time. this was the moment that it all began in a press conference on tuesday military spokesperson zalman turner refused to rule out
12:41 am
the possibility of a coup. the following day military chief men on lying stoked fears when he said the constitution should be repealed if it was not abided by the comments follow weeks of complaints from the military a voter fraud in november election and demands for an investigation of the military is forcing that you receive the government in order no you can't just ignore us real stakeholder we have. obligations we have a guardian to the constitution so this is a major message the military is trying to send it to the government and also the international community. fear escalated after reports of an increasing security presence and sightings of armored vehicles being moved around various cities as tensions reach their peak on saturday the military issued a new statement saying the commander in chief's comments had been misinterpreted.
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but just hours later emboldened by rumors hundreds of protesters gathered in yangon at a pro-military rally where speeches welcomed a coup with support of the people protests like this have been happening on an almost daily basis over the last week while they have been gaining attention they've brought the numbers. but what would be considered the killer support beth crowd is gaining confidence and if so can fear in the community as the pressure builds to have been violent attacks on and now the supporters watching on. the n.o.b. say accusations of voter fraud a just being used as an excuse to sow fear or your way real. senior general minong is making me a scared and making the people skewed his main intention is to extend his senior general position. military chief men online is due to retire in july and may be fearful of losing power although imminent action from the military now appears less
12:43 am
likely tension remains high as relations between the civilian government and the military reach an all time low alley file al-jazeera younger. al-jazeera journalist mahmud hussein has now been illegally detained in egypt for 1500 days without charge hussein was arrested while visiting family in december 2016 a number of human rights organizations have joined al jazeera in demanding his immediate release is detention violates both egyptian and international law. at least 3 people have been killed in a suspected suicide attack in somalia's capital market issue witnesses say a car filled with explosives rammed into the gate of the africa hotel which is regularly frequented by politicians this was followed by a shootout between armed men and security forces officers say they've now ended the siege the rebel group al-shabaab claims to have been behind the initial attack
12:44 am
now despite exporting the most oil in africa nigeria imports petrol and diesel because it's refineries are in ruins it leaves nigerians facing regular shortages at the gas pumps and has crippled the economy but the government says it plans to change this and soon address has more from. this is one of nigeria's government run oil refineries in the city of port tucker. but most of his operation has been shut down to a great equipment and facility. the government plans to hand over these money losing ventures to invest just run after decades of mismanagement. africa's biggest oil producer has turned from self-sufficiency in refined petroleum products in the 1970 s. and eighty's to now a net importer of the product. it's for plans to continue to operate well below capacity and sometimes shut down for months off we should say that cost to stop
12:45 am
what we have done different now is to make sure that we know what we have been doing it's that we go back to the origin of it but that it funded a deal done such a way that you don't normally stick somebody did you get that project and that is well known cause finances don't go into one of them well working with us to make sure that we have been as you put it but at the event it is. there's a new urgency to complete the commercialization process nigeria has been hit by law on prices and a weakened global demand. the government desperate to shore up its revenue base sees the refineries as a way out of an expensive fuel import regime subsidized at more than $2000000000.00 a year nigeria's refineries are about to face their toughest competition yet africa's biggest refinery owned by the continent's richest man and he couldn't go to war soon start production in nigeria it has the capacity to find 650000 barrels of oil a day compared to the combined capacity of 445000 in government own facilities.
12:46 am
all industry sources say between july and september last year for the country imported more than 5000000000 liters of refined products. a subsidy program that allowed those connected to politicians to steal hundreds of millions of dollars annually has cost the government huge losses in the past it's crap the subsidy 3 years ago but still the losses continue to mount it will have a lot of side what does with g one just will be delivered and ultimately will come but when i did i would become the hubble to tell them but it was up because of vision as a matter of fact that we're expecting any bus blow up from the west africa what are you just of doing some nigerians say they are cautiously optimistic in these national assets reviled. it's probably wrong. is part of the age of the technologies that produced them over 50 years ago to refine areas of that age
12:47 am
around the world to fully functional so i think they can be rejigged to a point where they wish to come back to the functionality in such a way that the big government of nigeria the peoples of nigeria still have their stake in the refineries. officials insist this time it will be different but not judicial so hundreds of millions of dollars lost through the subsidy program say they'll wait to see how and when the government delivers on its promise. al-jazeera . coming up in just a minute and an english gulf paul casey gives his ride a couple hopes a big boost victory in dubai that's coming out of china in this. case calm and make sure you're not hyping the situation be part of the debate my main characters are women when no topic is off the table there was in the last allow
12:48 am
child marriage to happen legally easer basically archaic walls they are often legitimized and legal one is pedophile on air online jumping to the quick section and meeting to discuss this stream on out is there a. frank assessment colleagues on the ground in the canaries what is the situation there is only one doctor and one nurse or 2200 people informed opinion as to how big this foreign policy in the early stages of a bomb that he comes into office with a huge amount of foreign policy experience in-depth analysis of the day's global headlines how will a place like it live get the vaccine when there's no money and all the rest of rich countries are fighting for it inside story on al-jazeera. you're.
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imagine having an entire film festival all to yourself well that's happening for one lucky cinema fan in sweden of all places like many of its wild why the gothenburg film festival has been forced to get creative during the coronavirus pandemic laying on a unique solo screening pool research reports now from the remote island that's home to a post no movie marathon but the show is struggling on film festivals around the world still with plenty of films it's the festival part that's somewhat lacking here at the gotham but film festival they've managed to avoid going totally online while giving the pandemic itself a starring role. the 1st of all has chosen one person out of 12000 applicants to
12:50 am
spend a week on the island of how the where alone in the cab to get straight between the north sea and the baltic with nothing but films to keep them company it's a different experience to watch the films under those circumstances when you're all by yourself in your home it's it feels different to watch the scene where for example there is a big party going on or where people are very touchy with charter and we want to take it further and take each day extreme. the winning applicant is emergency nurse lisa bloom who has been on the front lines of sweden's battle with covert 19 i'm looking forward to be able to reflect a bit about what happened this year and not be. infecting other people i've been meeting a lot of patients so idea of not infecting people is really appealing. and ross will be able to watch the 60 festival premieres in headquarters on the island or in a screening room in the house where it's like house have video diary will go online
12:51 am
during his stay before because of the festival is a social distancing and how the panda because change the world and our relationship with film a week on this island of watching movies is an attempt to at least us break the surface of the sense of isolation felt by millions during the lockdowns of the past year cinemas journey away from theaters and into the home but a long time ago going to the movies in the company of strangers make it more appealing again once the pandemic finally ends. al-jazeera hum there where sweden. well founded is worried that a 2 week of coron teen ahead of the take care lip pics would put off tennis players who might otherwise compete the outnumbered she has just finished quarantine ahead of the australian open thinks it will be tough to squeeze in the period of self isolation in japan ahead of the games and what's already a packed 20 minute schedule the games were delayed for
12:52 am
a year because of the current of our spend of it and are expected to begin in july but al has won 20 grand slam titles and his career appeared to cost doubt on the events what's going to happen in tokyo for the olympics if. olympics going to happen or not or if we have to do what and then before the olympics for 15 days or not seems like sports perspective seems very difficult combining our daughter with an ar 15 days off went on to play olympics looks difficult to fix it you know i would call in that but as i say we're going to do what the people who knows about viruses and who knows about protecting. the people in every single county. are going to just follow their instructions. at last came it or it have gone 10 points clear the top of spain's la liga luis suarez's scored twice and therefore to win away a good ace they are gone is the league's top scorer with 14 goals in 16 matches
12:53 am
since his summary from barcelona is out that case 8 win in a row only leaves them while ahead of boston right now and they have a game in hand you know bessie's got his 650th goal for barcelona who are currently beating athletic bilbao in stoppage time there it comes on the same day that a spanish newspaper leaked details of his boss a contract and it's dividing fans in the spanish city that they all signed in 2017 is worth $673000000.00 over 4 seasons that's according to a monday newspaper it's believed to be the most expensive contract ever greater than athletes in any sport and messi would have to pay half of that in taxes in spain barcelona say the league didn't come from them and will see the paper your group. i think there are more important headlines today than publishing leo's contract how much he gets is something between barsa and the player it isn't my business what i see here is an amount of money i can't possibly fathom i won't make this amount of money not even in $15.00 consecutive reincarnations but i insist
12:54 am
this doesn't merit to be in the headline of a national newspaper level or it's absurd it's absurd missy's contract is ruining a barcelona if there's anything off the list i think that if football is generate more revenue than other schools people then why shouldn't they get paid accordingly media rights image rights it wouldn't be free if you didn't generate that many millions in revenue at a big club then you wouldn't get paid that money. live a poll of moved to than a point of 2nd placed manchester united in the premier league after they beat west ham 31 mohammed salah got 2 of the goals and genie one out of the other live a pole and now surge in the table and 4 points off leaders manchester city although they have played a game all thomas to have his 1st win as chelsea head coach his side to beat burnley to no to move up to 7 in the table then now a level on points with tottenham he lost to brighton leicester were beaten 31 by leeds for their 1st defeat in 8 games brazilian team arrived home to
12:55 am
a hero's welcome off to winning the biggest game in south american club football the new liver to dora's champions were greeted by thousands of fans as they returned to their training ground in south paolo following their one no win over some toss but the huge crowds were ignoring social distancing rules in a country of more than $220000.00 people have died from the corona virus is 2nd only to the united states and less than one percent of the population has been vaccinated but this is how some of the farmers play a celebrated after the match soaking their coach ever ferreyra the only join the club in november living apart from his family who are back in his native portugal. there used to dream of it costs a lot to be a good coach because i can't have both worlds professional and family on the worst far the worst son worst uncle the worst husband and worst brother it's true i have no doubt that i'm the best coach but i've lost everything that's why our currency
12:56 am
my pillow because i can't be with my daughters. band african football president ahmed ahmed is back at work pending appeal to the madagascan is accused of abuse of office mishandling funds and trading gifts he took his 5 year fee for granted to the court of arbitration for sport which said it would hear his appeal in march until then he's allowed to resume his duties to fly to cameroon in midweek to attend the final of the african nations championship a medal campaign to stand for reelection in march even though fee for root him ineligible because of the ban 43 year old english go for paul casey says he feels like he's regained his youth after winning the dubai desert classic casey it chipped in for a birdie here at the 4th hole that was one of 5 in his 2 under par final round he finished on 17 under overall that was 4 shots clear of south africa's that brand is casey's 15th title on the european tour and it based his hopes of qualifying for
12:57 am
europe's ryder cup to this year's contest in september. a norwegian ski jumper i had never won a world cup event before this season is dominating the competition how awful agnel granary 8 when it's the season and 2nd of the weekend in germany with pole weather conditions canceling the 2nd down his 1st at $149.00 mates says it was enough to sail victory granary leads the standings off to 17 events always so impressed to see they ski jumping and he's not amazing on the way they are amazing he's doing well thank you so much. it's. right well that's it for the news hour but i will be back in a couple of minutes with another bonus and for your round up of all the day's top stories coming up including those developments with the protests taking place in may just as he's across russia more on that.
12:58 am
as information on the government's response is to covert 19 across the world images so to as a deeply disturbing question. people in power investigates allegations of systemic discrimination against pandemics disable victims. has there been a shameful failure to protect some of the world's most vulnerable citizens. disabled victims. on the just. the latest news as it breaks the explosion near an a.t.v.
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a transmission site knocked out mobile phone and internet service for miles with details coverage many have told us that they have both end up voting for peace. they are worried about the security situation in the country from around the world times leaders are dependent on the success of its vaccines to improve its national image which is something since the beginning of the outbreak. al-jazeera is investigative unit goes undercover tracking down an international organized crime network. i want to. go back to exposing direct links to corruption at the highest level of the bangladesh government. the fact. that. al-jazeera investigations all the point ministers men. unprompted and uninterrupted discussions.
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from our london broadcast center. on al-jazeera. protests from vladivostok to simply just buggers russians come out in support of jailed kremlin critic alexina vali thousands a detained. hello i'm maryam namazie and london you're watching al-jazeera also coming up on the program plugging the vaccine gap the e.u. secures 9000000 more astra zeneca doses along with a promise to boost production.


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