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calls for the release of aung san suu kyi grow as the military respects power and beyond all the u.s. is threatening sanctions. hello i'm adrian for the get this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up russian police detained several supporters of kremlin critic but opposition leader alexina vali as he appears in court. the u.n. says that as many as 20000 refugees are missing of the camps in ethiopia as war
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torn region were destroyed. and how the debate over data privacy is setting up a battle between apple and facebook. a day after man was military seized complete control of power the us to posses urging for the release of government officials to take lead to aung san suu cheese whereabouts remain unknown a posse won by a landslide in november's election it's calling for those results to be recognized instead some 400 would be members of parliament but detained in a heavily guarded compound powerless not in the hands of the senior general men online who has appointed his own cabinet the u.n. security council is meeting later on tuesday to discuss the situation the u.s. has threatened to resume sanctions that were lifted in 2016 the military says that
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its takeover is only temporary it's promised free and fair elections within a year and a fall reports now from the angle. the still a lot of anxiety a lot of fear people don't know how the next few days are going to unfold i'm aware there's quite a lot of people lying low maybe it hiding maybe they've not a lot of people who are not in their homes they don't want to be where the military would find them people of. gauge what the military going to do next. whereas on some 60 we're pretty sure she's in a futile that's where she will have been when this all started when yesterday monday the parliament was due to open so she and most senior government officials in nato are awaiting the opening of the parliament and the thought to be being detained in their own homes it is possible that the military is trying not to be too brutal not to stoke too much anger they've also arrested high profile
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protest leaders people who led protests in the past activist who are still prominent activists and now the popular thinkers the known to support including singers writers so anyone they see who might be able to rally people who might be able to potentially motivate a popular uprising so with all of mats it doesn't feel like enemies going to happen imminently but who knows what could we could see in the coming days and weeks. look who is a major test of international policy for the dubai ministration the us president has called on the military to relinquish power immediately a white house correspondent kelly holcomb reports. culling the military seizure of power a direct assault on me and maurice transition to democracy u.s. president joe biden issued a stern warning to the country's military leaders were reversed course or face economic sanctions we removed sanctions the united states i should say remove
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sanctions on burma over the past decade based on progress toward democracy the reversal of that progress will necessitate an immediate review of our sanctions laws and authorities followed by appropriate action all the white house is calling on the international community to pressure me and mars military to a mediately release detained officials and relinquish the powers it seized the developments are test for the fledgling biden administration and the new secretary of state antony blanket who was sworn in last week the top republican in the senate mitch mcconnell released this statement pressuring the biden administration to take a strong stand and urging u.s. partners and all democracies around the world to follow suit in condemning this is a thorough terry an assault on democracy. when biden was vice president barack obama became the 1st sitting u.s. president to visit me in mar he praised the steps toward democratic and economic
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reform strict u.s. sanctions against the country were lifted when me in march transition to civilian rule but u.s. support for me and maurice government began to sour because of its discrimination against muslims that included a denial of citizenship there were further concerns when civilian leader aung san suu kyi defended the military as hundreds of thousands fled as refugees. the foreign policy crisis comes as the biden administration is struggling to deal with domestic issues like a depressed economy and unemployment due to the global covert 19 pandemic that's cost roughly 450000 americans their lives is still trying to get sea legs and trying to figure out what its foreign policies will be and most importantly it's very preoccupied with domestic crises biden mr asian really wants to focus on the pandemic economic crisis at home and on racial tensions and it really doesn't i
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think it's not ready to confront a crisis like this the biden administration faces a dilemma tough u.s. measures could push me in mars military rulers closer to china a u.s. adversary something the new president wants to avoid can't really help at al-jazeera washington. police in russia have detained more supporters of the kremlin critic and opposition leader alexina around the governing to protest as he appears in court of all he was arrested on his return from germany in january he's accused of violating parole while he was recovering after being poisoned let's go live to moscow alexander god is that what's happening where you are now on example . adrian i am in front of an entrance of a metro this is the closest metal station to the court hearing process and what is happening it's fairly quiet here in a sense that quietly detaining anyone that they find to be suspicious coming out of
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the public transport or just walking down the street so thus far his supporters didn't manage to gather in any amount. that they're being detained and then take away. where they're going to exactly put them is unclear at this point because in the 2 days over 5500 people have been detained and across russia and in moscow apparently there is no more space or where to put people what do we know of what's happening in course nearby. in a court nearby the hearing on the new violating his suspended sentence is in session and so far the court decided to put in evidence what his defense oscar and that is. very important to pieces of evidence one is
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a verdict on the european court of human rights which decided that the original trial in 2014 was arbitrary and unfounded and to reach the russian state pays enough compensation the 2nd is a medical document from study at the hospital which states in what condition he was in and how long he wasn't supposed to recover on the other hand the prosecution is saying that he violated the terms of his probation numerous times and i have to the mind of the inspiration period actually expired with the end of 2020 so there are asking for his suspended sentence to be turned into a real time prison and this is also what many people expect to be the outcome of these hearings not our need saying it is all for political reason it has nothing to do with a law that is about to shut him up to prevent him for participating in political
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life especially taken into account that this year there is permanent very unlike sions in russia the authority is the kremlin are saying this is about him violating the law and also kremlin clearly stated that they're not going to listen to numerous of fields from abroad from the united states and under opium countries to meet calling that interfering in. russian affairs on xander gold for reporting live from moscow underground for many thanks dude. japan is expected to extend a state of emergency in tokyo and other regions in order to cope corona virus infections the rate of new cases a slowed slightly census in january led to restrictions being tightened but the government is trying to restore domestic and international confidence with less than 6 months before the start of the tokyo olympic games let's go live that achieve up near tokyo 40 salami is is there for us the head of the tokyo olympics at 40 says that the games are going to go ahead however coronavirus evolves.
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when this is a very bold comment from them so you shouldn't worry it was the head of the shots in the committee but it's no surprise he has had several comments. affirming his government's intent to hold the olympics then in july just last month he said that to be entertaining to delaying the olympics is an impossible bland so but putting this this comment it shows like. how important holding the olympics is is for the japanese government as. it is facing he was decreasing his popularity among the japanese public after the. wave of spending that infection started since last seen in the end of last year
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so they're trying their best to try to hold on in the mix too so it could be. the collation as they put it off with a victory over humanity or abandon it but. implementing and doing this face is not something. i'm against is the numbers which are which have decreased actually from the peak for example in tokyo from the leak of 2400 or so infections until today we had the latest news of today's infections i've played $153.00 infections so that's almost. 5th of the initial number but still. it has to be closed because experts are warning that knew about a variance on infection of the virus have been discovered in different parts of the country and. holding the olympics would would be and you should challenge to the
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japanese authorities with just 5 months away from having a big sound many procedures have to be implemented. 30 many thanks indeed for the salami reporting live there from chiba tokyo who got a weather update next here on al-jazeera then zimbabwe's medical system has been crumbling thing is now covered by a team is making it even more difficult for people to get help. but a powerful winter storm hits the northeastern united states causing widespread disruption. we're back to forecasting pretty big showers i think again for borneo and a few in central or southern philippines i mean the breeze at the surface is still the northeasterly of course and the orange top showers suggest the bigger thunderstorms there certainly affect
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a good part of born here then the winds come together and where they come together we generate a line of significant showers through java eastwards towards new guinea but the real heavy stuff is just south of the equation you see the hint at it here it's affecting australia its effect in the southwest pacific gods as well we have the remains of anna and then lucas look this is the one to watch in the next 24 hours or so as it heads down towards new caledonia on the other side of australia this thing will probably be named as a cyclist start and develop is mostly over land but it certainly feeding itself so there's flood and gale warnings in this part of western australia but this is more like to be damaging lucas isn't particularly huge the winds have been scaled down a bit in the forecast from yesterday but the waves are quite high and it will spend all of wednesday and thursday going through new caledonia back in australia i think useful rain will for new western australia down through the wheat belt in particular but the rains of this way back in to adelaide then meldon.
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to. make a change. change your life for the path of a country challenge the accepted truth if you want to create something you 1st break you continue to remold up turn the status quo and fight injustice found out all month it in death and the found god is our. witness personal documentaries not photo deception on al-jazeera.
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well again this is al jazeera the headlines this hour the party of be on mars to take leader aung san suu kyi has called on the military to release and recognize its election victory cd a general online at this point it is only counted as a day out on forces seized. russian police have detained more supporters of the kremlin critic an opposition leader alexei the valley there gathering to protest as he appears in the course of ali was arrested on his return from germany in january . and chicago is expected to extend a state of emergency in tokyo and other regions of the us to cover the spread of coronavirus infections it's trying to restore confidence but less than 6 months before the start of the tokyo live big games the head of the events says that they will have. a course in pakistan has ordered a man who's been on death row for 18 years to be moved to a safe house he was recently acquitted of murdering the us journalist daniel pearl
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on that omar saeed shaikh as received the had received the death penalty for beheading poll but a supreme court ruling has exonerated him well's family of the white house have expressed outrage at the decision at least 2 people have been killed by bombs in kabul a series of explosions were set off by so-called sticky bombs at attached to cause police say that 2 of the beast 5 people wounded were military personnel no one has claimed responsibility. the united nations says that as many as 20000 refugees are missing after 2 camps in ethiopia's to grey region were destroyed most of them were from eritrea the u.n. high commissioner for refugees says that the government must do war to protect people who are trying to escape the fighting filippo grandi says that civilians told him the ordeal had continues after they'd reached what they'd hoped would be safety barbara go per reports that. people arriving at my irony refugee camp
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say they trekked for a day to reach here with only leaves to eat but things got worse at the camp this man didn't want to be identified there isn't any here how cannot your safe here there's no safety here because they are also here there are many militias around the camp all around the camp if someone leaves the camp they're there and they kill them they kill us. the un refugee agency chief visited the camp recently people told him who they blame for the attacks they also spoke of the infiltration of armed actors in the camps of killings abductions and also some forced return to eritrea. at the hands of eritrean forces present in the areas. it's been widely reported that soldiers from neighboring eritrea have been cooperating with the ethiopian military to pursue fugitive
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leaders of the tea gray forces but ethiopia's government did nice the presence of foreign fighters even after declaring victory against a great forces in november after a month long offensive people caught up in the violence say locals living around the camp a punishing them for the war. they're ladies who are raped by the local people due to this war because they believe that our soldiers killed their brothers they believe that so they are raping our sisters mothers and they are killing our brothers. u.n.h.c.r. says up to 20000 people are trying to escape revenge attacks the refugee agency wants an ethiopian government to give them access to the areas where they're hiding so they can be helped barbara and al-jazeera. police in india have set up concrete barriers raise awhile that an effort to stop protesting fall by entering new delhi
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tens of thousands of demonstrated for months demanding that the government withdraw new agricultural laws that he broke through barriers last week and stormed a historic size the government has also taken action in having twitter temporarily suspend the collins for threatening public order to serious elizabeth reports. where the ghazi poor approached her side with for the 1st time in the more than 2 months of covering the farmers' protests police won't let us go through the barricades and they also won't tell us how we can access the protest site now the police and security presence here at the pool and the other 2 sites has greatly increased since the violent clashes between police and protesters on the air you were 26 security forces have also effected many more layers of barricades at all 3 sides here at singing and at to crete there are more concrete walls there are steel
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barricades there is much more still in boulders thousands of iron nails on the roads that is going to make it is making it much more difficult for people to join the protest internet services will also cut off at 3 protest sides on saturday now from union leaders and protesters say the government is trying to cut them off physically by building the barriers and cut off communications but it's not just protesters who are affected it's the local residents pleading with police to let them through the fold giving up now despite the fact down on the protest the police action that's been taken against foreign union leaders even against journalists they're holding for more there is a rally planned in central new delhi on wednesday and from union leaders of the people around the. country to block roy then protest on saturday they insist they'll continue to protest until the government repealed of agricultural.
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zimbabwe has seen a surge in covert 900 cases mobile home office infections and over 2 thirds of deaths have been recorded in the last month the health system has been crumbling for years and is struggling to cope with the rise in cases of. reports from harare . every day when he gets home salsa inhale steam with some eucalyptus oil added to it he says this health reduced the mucus in his lungs. and he believes coughing gets rid of germs that could make him sick. with no word from the government on when vaccines against kovan 1000 when they arrive the businessman hopes alternative therapies will protect him
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ready ready. zimbabwe is battling a 2nd wave of coronavirus infections and the already struggling healthcare sector is overwhelmed some of those buried recently include 2 cabinet ministers a retired general and other high profile zimbabweans the country of about 15000000 people has 84 working ventilators in public hospitals and just over 1000 beds for covered 9000 patients in private and public institutions that's according to the health ministry public health care workers often go on strike protesting against poor salaries and the lack of personal protective equipment and drugs sometimes you find patients dying in front of you when you don't know what we're supposed to do but we didn't have any choice but i snore. the resources.
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of the north. do they really know this patients need drugs but. to try and bring down the infection rate the government has extended a lockdown by 2 more weeks this includes a dusk to dawn curfew and shutting land borders nonessential businesses will remain closed until mid february that includes clothes stores and mobile phone repair shops only 10 percent of government workers are allowed to work from day offices the rest are home health officials are investigating with a more infectious south african variant of the virus is circulating in zimbabwe fearing it may have entered when thousands of citizens living in south africa returned home for the december holiday the world health organization says the south african variant has so far been reported in 5 other african countries but swine or zambia malawi the gambia and tenure and according to w.h.o. new and more contagious variant of cloven $1000.00 are spreading across africa
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causing an increase in infections and deaths so also tested positive for covert last year. he says he survived despite getting little help from hospitals since then he's been using herbal home remedies to try and boost his anine system doing everything he can not to get sick again. al-jazeera. in guatemala a number of families are urging mexico to solve the killing of 19 people who they believe are missing relatives they think will bear among the charred corpses riddled with bullets found in a truck near the u.s. border last week the bodies of not been identified the foreign ministry is collecting d.n.a. samples from those who say they think their relatives are among the dead. concerns about online privacy and social media companies sharing possible data of been raised by governments around the world now one of the leaders of the tech quota is taking action as well brunell's yes it's the battle of the internet giants with
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apple calling out facebook over consumer privacy without mentioning facebook by name apple c.e.o. tim cook threw down the gauntlet at a data privacy conference last month knology does not need to ask for as a result. we're just seeing but that's exactly how facebook does succeed by scooping up vast amounts of data about its 2800000000 active users in order to allow other companies to bombard them with advertisements supposedly tailored to their specific interests facebook gets almost all of its revenue through ads if you're like me and just about everybody else you probably haven't printed out facebook's terms of service and studied them. but experts say what you might find in these pages could surprise you facebook is probably keeping track of what you're doing when you're not on facebook and when
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you're not even one into facebook facebook is able to get data on what you're up to when you're using all kinds of apps when you're browsing on websites that have no official connection to face i think that would surprise a lot of people apple plans a major privacy change in the coming months we are. artists yes you. are about the house. instead of poking around in your phone settings to opt out of data sharing apple will now require apps to give users a plain choice when they open an app is forced to prompt them to say hey do you want to let us track you or not and that's expected to make a big difference because most people don't actually want their behavior to be tracked and shared between various apps and websites facebook c.e.o. mark zuckerberg says apple doesn't really care about privacy it cares about profits
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apple has every incentive to use their dominant platform position to interfere with how our apps and other apps work zuckerberg told investors in january apple may say they're doing this to help people but the moves clearly tracked their competitive interests he said the app stores new opt in feature could cut into facebook's revenue by 10 percent experts say that revenue was nearly 86000000000 dollars last year robert oulds 0 los angeles. google has agreed to pay nearly $4000000.00 to settle allegations of pay disparities for the hiring bias against women and asians the u.s. department of labor says the money will go to $5500.00 people who've applied for jobs or worked at google's california and washington offices the tech giant is accused of underpaying thousands of female software engineers out of discriminating
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against both women and asians kugel says that it will also review its practices at least 30 homes have been destroyed by a wildfire in western australia it's burning out of control near the city of perth with strong winds hampering efforts to contain it residents in one area near the national park but been told that it's too late for them to leave but others have been told to evacuate. a powerful winter storm struck the northeastern united states causing widespread disruption in new york and other majors been sentenced the bearer of new york city new jersey governor of both declared states of a city kristen salumi reports now from new york. only the bold brave the cold and took to new york city's streets monday with snow falling at a rate of $5.00 to $10.00 centimeters an hour snow plows and shovellers could barely keep up the city declared a state of emergency and all but essential workers were asked to stay home still
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some couldn't resist i'm from california so this is just not happen over there which to me is something really cool that it gets to experience it so yeah i kind of like it cold it had already reduced traffic and tourists here even in the city's most iconic neighborhoods like times square they've been very manly a lot of times where the people was here we became running around during the old was people are enjoying things kate zernike the thing i've been there done poppy and we're making the best of it but the storm stopped vaccination efforts throughout the northeast in their tracks vaccinations are canceled today they're also going to be canceled tomorrow based on what we are seeing right now we believe that tomorrow again around the city will be difficult be icy it will be treacherous we do not want seniors especially out in those conditions this storm is yet another blow for new york city restaurants are suffering tremendously amidst the pro
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dividers pandemic only outdoor dining is allowed for another 2 weeks and needless to say not a lot of people will be dining out today the storm is making its way up the coast with high winds threatening power outages from virginia through philadelphia and into new england states but there was still fun to be had from skiing in central park the planet is ski until i get too tired have to go home to watching pandas go for a slide in washington d.c. as smithsonian national zoo proving even a major storm isn't all bad kristen salumi al-jazeera. it's good to have you with us hello adrian finnegan here in doha the headlines on al-jazeera the party of me on last attained leader aung san suu kyi has called on the military to release and recognize it.


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