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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  February 2, 2021 1:00pm-2:01pm +03

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it's to be patient they play the game very carefully and they stay in control the common thing amongst the arab dictators is incredible will to survive the arab awakening absolute power. this is al-jazeera. hello i'm sam is a than this is the news hour live from coming up in the next 60 minutes the u.s. threatens sanctions against me and as the whereabouts of aung san suu kyi remain unknown. russian opposition leader. is in a moscow court while his supporters outside around it are by police. the scenes outside the courthouse where security forces are keeping
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a close watch. lympics chief says the tokyo games will go ahead as planned regardless of what happens with a pandemic and a major snowstorm blankets parts of the northeastern u.s. causing major disruption. and i'm sad how most of the deal sports as the corner virus empacher football's january transfer window financial uncertainty leaves europe's top leagues spending some of the lowest amounts on you in the u.s. . we begin where dozens of politicians are in custody a day after the military seize complete control of power the ousted party the national league of democracy is calling for the release of government officials including aung san suu kyi her whereabouts are unknown. well a party won
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a landslide victory in an election in november it's calling for those results to be recognized instead $400.00 would be members of parliament are still being held in a heavily guarded compound or power is now in the hands of general miller who is appointed his own cabinet the u.n. security council is meeting later on tuesday to discuss the situation the u.s. has threatened to resume sanctions that were lifted in 2016 the military says its takeover is only temporary and is promising free and fair elections in the year. many a man maher anxious to see what the military's next move will be for some that uncertainty is frustrating i have to but you look at all i want to say was our people are frustrated with the coup and worried for their future they want to know how they are going to move ahead and how they will be protected by the new government whoever governs a country with all the people desires at their lives are safe they want to live
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peacefully and have a better income is worded because a lot of whoever governs the country we've the citizens are at the bottom the most important thing for us is to be ok in our daily business for living and food as you see there is no one here to buy everything a silent in the middle of young gone where normally it is busy i do not like the situation i'd be grateful if we can get back to the old situation. joins us now live from yangon so ali are we getting any public reaction so far to these events how the streets look. the streets look relatively normal but we are starting to hear a little bit more than we were earlier about how you really feeling about this we spoke earlier to a few people just around the streets and there was a lot of emotion a lot of sadness people who really felt they. you know felt heartbroken by this because they've been you know so happy with the transition and and on some suchi in
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the end of the remaining credibly popular here and so they really feel upset they feel like something they've chosen has been taken away from them and we also heard stories of people who a lot of the trice will drive as the cycle rickshaws around here and they tend to be quite famously the supporters and often they have and the flags or hats with dental the logos on them and we spoke to a trifle driver who said that and he just yesterday when the security was present and somebody took off all of those flags from his right. sure and he felt really upset by that because you know even if there is a coup doesn't mean that the party itself can't base a poll to the end of the party so there is a lot of emotion we've also seen news of disobedient people calling for disobedience campaign and civil disobedience and both in hospitals and also a prominent news group is holding to that was saying it on social media i spoke
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earlier to a u.s. activist who was telling me a little bit of detail about that and i've also seen a lot of information about this hospital campaign. so yes something we're starting to see the dissatisfaction and how disgruntled people are. any indication of what the military plans to do with. those members of parliament since around us in kind of house arrest. you know we're still not really getting much information about the plan the only. clue i suppose is that i've tried of maybe go where most of the detainees are being held and we did we did hear about arrests of this the regional ministers the state's religion ministers and we have heard this morning that some of them have been released and there's been news that the chief minister of so guyon which is near mandalay the 2nd city of myanmar just north north. of mandalay the chief minister there has been released from his arrest he
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was he was actually taken away from his home and taken not detained inside his home as a lot of people maybe don't have and he's not been released back in december but been given 3 days to vacate the home so that's what we're hearing from local media reports because of course a lot of these ministers they live in government the homes that they live in homes that have been assigned to them as part of that position so if they lose that position they lose their homes so that's giving us an indication of the fact that he's obviously not going to be thrown in prison but he's definitely no longer allowed to keep this position so it seems like a full takeover but at the moment the army is trying to sort of more of a softly softly approach than we've seen from the men in coups and military takeovers in the past where there would be a lot more violence a lot more in prison. thanks so much. the coup in
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minnaar is a major test of international policy for the new by the ministration the us president has called on the military to relinquish power immediately white house correspondent kimberly reports. culling the military seizure of power a direct assault on me and maurice transition to democracy u.s. president joe biden issued a stern warning to the country's military leaders were reversed course or face economic sanctions we removed sanctions the united states i should say remove sanctions on burma over the past decade based on progress toward democracy the reversal of that progress will necessitate an immediate review of our sanctions laws and authorities followed by appropriate action poem the white house is calling on the international community to pressure me and mars military to immediately release detained officials and relinquish the powers it seized the developments are a test for the fledgling biden administration and the new secretary of state antony
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blanket who was sworn in last week the top republican in the senate mitch mcconnell released this statement pressuring the biden administration to take a strong stand and urging u.s. partners and all democracies around the world to follow suit in condemning this is a thorough terry an assault on democracy. when biden was vice president barack obama became the 1st sitting u.s. president to visit me in mar he praised steps toward democratic and economic reform strict u.s. sanctions against the country were lifted on me in march transition to civilian rule but u.s. support for me and maurice government began to sour because of its discrimination against muslims that included a denial of citizenship there were further concerns when civilian leader aung san suu kyi defended the military as hundreds of thousands fled as referee. geez now
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the foreign policy crisis comes as the biden administration is struggling to deal with domestic issues like a depressed economy and unemployment due to the global covert 19 pandemic that's cost roughly 450000 americans their lives is still trying to get some trying to figure out what its foreign policy is will be and most importantly it's very preoccupied with domestic crises biden ministration really wants to focus on the pandemic economic crisis at home and racial tensions and it really doesn't i think it's not ready to confront a crisis like this the biden administration faces a dilemma tough u.s. measures could push me in mars military rulers closer to china a u.s. adversary something the new president wants to avoid can't really help at al-jazeera washington russian police have detained more supporters of kremlin critic and opposition leader in the valley gathering to protest as he appears in
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court of on the was arrested on his return from germany in january he's accused of violating parole while he was recovering from poisoning. xander gold is live for us in moscow so 1st of all it start with what's happening in court today. well indeed and now the hearings on violation of parole are in progress. and that was granted to as evidence includes 2 important documents one is the verdict of the open court of human rights which deemed the original trial in 2014 as unfounded and arbitrary and russian state actually paid compensation to the other document the medical document from their hospital on the progress of how he was recovering from being poisoned with the nerve agent now of
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the prison authorities which are seeking. a suspended sentence to be turned into a real time in prison are saying that nonviolent he did not mend his ways that he had to violated the conditions of the suspended. sentence by not reporting. and that he should be now put in a breeze in the wind he had a chance to speak to them directly to the prosecution where he pointed out that the president of the country. put in said that he had let him have a treatment in germany and that they knew all the time where he was while they're saying that they he should have. the documents about his whereabouts and exact address and report when they are asked to. let's talk a little bit about the streets we can see this plenty of security looks like behind you what impact is that having on the protests.
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well today we can see people gathering to protest and that is because the moment they stepped through bed to door and couple of other doors in the vicinity of the metro they are attractive they look suspicious you do look like someone that might be joining a protest or protesting for a foreigner via need so that they get detained to so he's quiet and they're being quietly detained and so far there is more than 100 people that ended up in bad events where they are going to be taken from there it's quite not clear because since sunday all the detention centers are full in moscow and the people that i'm called detained on sunday are still not processed from all this atmosphere surrounding me and he's hearing again the moment he came back here what we hear from our bob so from the kremlin official kremlin spokesperson is that the police is actually acting within the law and in the constantly this is all about russian
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laws and that russia is not going to be lectured by e.u. or by united states refers to of course numerous calls from united states and some e.u. countries to release another i need. my thanks so much alexander godfather. plenty more on the news hour including another major trial underway in russia that of an american businessman accused of embezzling and we'll have more for you on. israel's covert 90 vaccination program has been so successful it's slowing down the pace but where does that leave palestinians. find out what sparked this argument between the star le bron james and the plan.
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is expected to extend the state of emergency in tokyo and other regions to curb corona virus infections the rate of new cases is slowed slightly since a surge in january led to restrictions being tightened but the government is trying to restore domestic and international confidence with less than 6 months before the start of the tokyo olympic games the head of the event says the games will happen however coronavirus evolves. is live for us near tokyo so it sounds like authorities are extremely confident they can control the coronavirus situation how . well this is the big question sammi how are they going to hold. them fictionists still spreading not only in tokyo but in many areas around tokyo on japan around the same time there
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are reports showing that the new body unsolved. coronavirus is also spread it 64 people up to now i've been infected with a variance that have been discovered in england in south. africa and in brazil so this is a really big question but maybe we can put mr yoshiro mori who is the head of any sort of big committee in its prospects maybe he was mentioning that they were going to hold the olympics but regardless of the scale the scale of the olympics because he has been all been a key to the idea of holding some of the games without spectator spectators and at the same time the committee has settled in several times and locations in the bust few months mentioned that they had also been to done the scaling the size of the games but within 30 minutes we're going to hear from. him is that press conference about the extension of the state of emergency in tokyo
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under that 9 perfect shows and. actually highlights how difficult the squid in this situation eats and how the government is going to face the ban dimmick the chad with the mic this is all to be seen in doing is press conference tomorrow to q. and a because we're going to be going to make committee they're going to hold a press conference and they're going to announce that late book the so-called about seizures that they're going to implemented during the olympics too but of in the spirit of the virus and for sure many people are waiting for this nice to see how they're going to be limited and what is the size and not sort of questions should be asked and answered to more of our i guess we'll have to wait and see thanks so much fatty salaam of that. delaying the 2020 summer olympics has already been incredibly expensive according to the tokyo organizing committee last year's for spam and it will cost around $2800000000.00 the summer games are already going to
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be the most expensive on record the university of oxford estimates given the delays so far and the total cost tokyo's looking at $15400000000.00 of an event broadcasters also stand to lose large amounts of revenue for the government decides to cancel the american company n.b.c. paid a reported $7750000000.00 to secure exclusive t.v. rights to cover the olympics until 2032 william passage is an independent journalist and commentator he joins us by skype from tokyo good to have you with us so let's start with the 1st obvious question do you think the olympics are really going to go ahead this coming summer my gut feeling is no but i would love to be wrong on that i think one of the biggest questions of course is whether or not it's safe to bring about a 1000000 spectators as japan expects to to one of the most densely populated
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cities in the world during a pandemic and i think what you need to do is think about you know 20 years from now how will history remember this moment will we look back at tokyo 2021 and say boy that was a big mistake that was out a super spreader event and so i think there are many questions that are facing the government as we speak this week but if i had to bet i would say probably not but we'll see counselor if i can jump in there i mean the doesn't sound like tokyo authorities are having any 2nd doubts at all. now it's very true i mean they're pushing ahead however i think that there is this kind of steering match between tokyo officials and the olympic committee and to israel and nobody wants to take responsibility for basically for canceling the games there's a question of liability you know will corporate sponsors began lining up with lawsuits and so i think in many ways you have this staring contest where japan would rather have switzerland canceled the olympics which would mean drought would
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rather have choked you do it and in the interim you have a lot of that leads around the world wondering what gives hope going to end up paying for any consolation well i imagine we are here we japanese taxpayers for the most part but i do think there is there is a matter of liability i mean that certainly you have a lot of companies that have put up there in some cases tens of millions of dollars of corporate sponsorship are they going to be happy to walk away and take the loss but i think you know there's a there's also the question of the japanese economy japan is a lot riding on the olympics coming off and so there might be a push by the government to say look maybe we can do some kind of spectator free event something much so far scaled down from what we're planning at the moment but they've been very very slow to accept that situation if you will so i think in many ways of japan 6 months ago had set up a kind of plan b. or a plan c. and said why don't we do a spectator free games quarantine the athletes i know spectators whatsoever they
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could have pulled off the games would not have been that sort of you know the extravaganza that show people had wanted but here we are what about i mean i'm glad you mentioned the japanese economy i mean how much of the japanese economic revival is riding on this olympics event. well quite a bit now prime minister of a former prime minister when he was planning the this olympics traffic and so much of that his reform process was time to around 2020 japan also in 2020 was hoping to welcome about 4000000 spectators to around the world visitors from around the world that would have pumped a lot of money and today economy you've seen this entire kind of explosion of hotels being built up around the country not only in tokyo that's kind of a wash at this point so from an economic standpoint it's a problem and i think in many ways japan was looking forward to this moment in the spotlight china in recent years has taken up so much of the oxygen so much of the
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attention this was japan's opportunity to kind of remind the world you know we're here where say prevent wonderful food great place to visit come see us and so i think for japan in that sense it's a bit of a soft power loss as well. all right thanks so much for that let's just bring you up to speed on this issue has been an announcement of extending the state of emergency in tokyo and i think it's 9 other prefectures that's been announced and it's an extension of the state of emergency to bring you more details on that. court in pakistan has ordered a man who's been on death row for 18 years to be moved to a safe house news recently acquitted of murdering us journalist daniel pearl ahmed ahmed to say had received the death penalty for beheading pearl polls family and the white house have expressed outrage at least 2 people have been killed in bomb
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attacks in kabul a series of explosions was set off by so-called sticky bombs attached to cars police say 2 of at least 5 people wounded were military personnel no one has claimed responsibility. israel's krone virus vaccination drive appears to be slowing because so many people have added jabs more than $3000000.00 people have received their 1st dose but in palestine there's ongoing concern about the low vaccination rate a lack of supply and the potential spread of the new strain we'll hear from the day brahim who's in ramallah in the occupied west bank shortly but 1st let's go over to west jerusalem harry forsett so the vaccination campaign harry slowing down is that because they vaccinated everyone or because those who are left are hesitant. and there certainly have been backs needed everyone but it is still going relatively quickly i mean certainly the comparisons the rest of the world but as you say it is
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slowing a bit it's 117000 was the figure yesterday of those vaccinated at one stage just a week or so ago they were doing 180000 a day the figures at the moment of that's 3200000 people have been vaccinated in this country with 1.8 of those 3200000 already having had their 2nd dose so 34 percent of the population has already had at least one dose and anyone over 35 is under the current restrictions register able to register to get the vaccine however there are. communities within israeli society particularly palestinian israeli and ultra-orthodox communities where there is less trust in this vaccine where it's been harder to get people to come in to the vaccination centers and indeed there are many people under 35 are complaining that well that the
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vaccination centers aren't nearly as busy and we can't yet get our vaccine and so it's been reported at least that in one clinic over the last few days some 1000 doses have had to be thrown out and at a time when there's been a big fuss about israel finally handing over some 2000 doses to the palestinian authority that seems like a lot and when you also consider the fact that these 2 populations are very well interconnected with both populations mixing in occupied east jerusalem and day workers coming in from the west bank still into israel itself there are concerns and rip practical point of view as well as from an international law point of view as to israel's duty and indeed self interest in changing its policy on giving back seems to the palestinians. khoury now it's. been a very different situation in the west bank and gaza run.
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off than in the viet so have their 1st vaccines these 2000 jobs that are arrived from israel to the palestinian authority are part of 5000 vaccines that israel is giving the palestinians for emergency use but even those they don't cover a fraction of what palestinians need yvel is to me and health minister says that the frontline workers who are dealing with the coveted patients in i.c.u. and in laos are more than 12000 palestinians and we are talking about 5000000 palestinians living in the occupied west bank and in the gaza strip and they have got nothing to date if else indian prime minister is sad that a new kid nation would start from mid february and they are waiting for. this from ask for exotica as well as the russian vaccine in addition to that they are waiting on an important dosage that is coming from the world health
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organization through their kovacs program and what still we are talking about palestinians that do not have the vaccine do not have access to as and that has led the palestinian authority to extend its closures after 7 pm and also in the weekend and there are concerns that since there are dozens of new virus that appeared from the new strain there are concerned there are concerns that the situation could be risky now that palestinian health ministry is saying that there is a low number no or number of infections in palestine but is but that's only because less palestinians are getting tested. thanks so much you've brought him from ramallah. and still ahead i'll just arab world take you live to the supreme court in the philippines as it weighs up a controversial terror lol call sabbaton tourists from visiting i am
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a samson bam experience why some residents aren't happy with the idea and we'll hear from one of the others football stars as his local team gets ready for their 1st fee for club world cup appearance on home soil. but. the cold air is still pretty stubborn stuck up in the northeast of of europe particularly scandinavia but against it is this relentless atlantic push the is getting milder and mild windy and wet is fairly typical weather i have to say for this part of winter that's the case for some parts of france and germany low countries in fact as in flood warnings out for france for a couple days in germany at the moment but this all comes up against a cold easterly breeze this line here through northern germany through cold back to
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scotland is going to be a role one feel pretty horrible in complete contrast to what's happening down in italy for example a good part of the southeast of europe and even spain and portugal where temperatures are actually rising so here's a contrast hamburg's hanging around about 0 plus one with either a cold breeze or no breeze and snow and overcast conditions pretty much all the time for the next 3 days now as you can see there's a line of this there was buckles up through the north sea give some for denmark and still keep throwing snow into well poland and the baltics and then it goes eastwards as you see not far from kiev but look at rome and here's the forecast for rome for thursday and friday and saturday might be a big cloud around even a murky morning but it's warm the average is 30 new got 19 or 20. at 16 cush who is living her dream of being
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a journalist but her father has his own dream for her to follow tradition and the narrative as her investigations bring her face to face with the ill fate of some of india's young women her father's search for suitable husband continues can both their dreams come true almost one overcome the other. deadline part of the viewfinder asia series on al-jazeera. the philippines this biting to restore faith in ducks ain't. like the big war equally deny any wrong in a. while when a student asked to guides on al-jazeera. be the hero world needs right.
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you're watching are just a reminder now of our top stories the party of men mars detained leader aung sang suu kyi is called of the military to release and recognize its election victory senior general only on green has appointed his own cabinet a day after leading a coup russian police have detained more supporters of kremlin critic an opposition leader alex in a valley gathering to protest as he appears in court in a bound he was arrested on his return from germany in january. japan has now extended a state of emergency in tokyo and other regions to curb the spread of corona virus infections is trying to restore confidence with less than 6 months before the start
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of the. games. back to our top story now the military coup in may and mark over the past decade the country's opened itself up to foreign investment as it underwent political reform its economy has become one of the fastest growing in the world but there's concern the return to military rule could derail that most direct foreign investment in the in markham's from asia singapore and hong kong are the largest investors direct investments jumped 33 percent last year to $5500000000.00 its major exports include timber jade and oil some western countries like the u.s. and the strait have made significant investments in energy in recent years too and direct foreign investment stocks of grown on average of 12 percent annually since political transformation began in 2011 there is the executive director of the
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asian trade center she joins us from singapore good to have you with us how much impact would any increase in u.s. sanctions have on me and mark. well i think the direct impact of us anxious is going to be fairly limited because although as you noted u.s. investment has been rising it's often very low number and it hasn't risen as much or as quickly as many other investments from other foreign partners have done so i think the u.s. can impose even if it wanted 'd to bury strange strange and sanctions and the net effect on inbound investment would be relatively modest but what it does do is it may trigger other countries to also sanction me and mar in one way or another and those sanctioning actions or just the chill in investment opportunities could have significant implications for me and mark and this is what i was going to do what's the likelihood that others will join like the e.u. for example i have of the u.n.
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security council is meeting later on tuesday yeah i think the european union is highly likely to do something it's a little unclear how far they will go i think everyone is watching and waiting to see how this will evolve but then the naming of a new cabinet reinforces the sense that this is at least a year of this coup being in place and potentially longer and so what do you do when confronted with that i think the europeans will act the challenge or maybe the opportunity it's hard to say it depends on your perspective but for me in mar is that not all of the countries that are heavily invested in the in mar will necessarily respond with sanctions so some will continue to invest will maintain their existing commitments and others will begin to pull out or will that money elsewhere and so forth and so i think it's going to be a mixed bag but certainly rockier for the economy in may and mar and then we have experienced in the last few years of frankly explosive growth.
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when joe biden served in the obama administration we had the arab spring in this part of the world in the us administration wasn't taking a very clear line in the coups against some of the struggling democratic experiments which were emerging here. years ago do you see a new biden administration stance on standing up for you know struggling democracies so i think it's there's 2 reasons why i would expect me in march to be slightly different so the 1st is the general narrative around supporting democracy is an important element for 'd the democratic party and certainly for the progressive wing of the democratic party in the us so there's reasons to support democracies but the 2nd reason why i think the coup would be in mar is a particular challenge to many western countries is the nature of the military regime that has just taken over and in particular well documented human rights
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violations that have taken place under this exact same regime and so once you put them in full power it's difficult to ignore our past evidence of behavior in relatively recent time. to what extent can me and my count on all of us particularly in asia to sort of counterbalance any pressure from the west thickly whether it comes to political support from countries like china always talking about the economic void being filled by hong kong and singapore. well i think this is an interesting challenge not just for the west but also for a country like china which may not necessarily be fussed one way or the another about a coup in myanmar but they are concerned about their image on the global stage they are trying to ex expand their soft power capabilities and if china were to become very cozy to this particular regime that may run counter to their efforts to become
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much more favorably a to much have a much more favorable view by the broader community of nations which is something that china seems to have in part on its radar its ability to do that sometimes it's mixed as with many frankly with many governments who have different objectives but i think that's that it presents a challenge for china and it certainly presents a challenge for him the rest of us. who had a statement good to came out today but it was was quite thin it was only 4 sentences in length and so what is the on going to do when one of its members has a coup and then what are other investors like japan likely to do in response to this new situation and rapidly unfolding situation that me and mark all right thanks so much for your thoughts on that. in the philippines the supreme court is hearing arguments against a controversial antiterrorism law the measure was signed by president of the ego to
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tear thing in july and since become the most contested law of his presidency the government says it will increase security across the country but opponents fear is designed to silence dissidents and limit freedom of speech there live to german dog and outside the supreme court in manila so jemma what's happened today it's been more the oral arguments that we've been presented with today what's the reaction being. what we saw to day sami was a representation of those who are strongly opposing this anti terror law and those who supported on the other side you've seen supporters of the philippine military lobbyist those who have continuously appealed to the public really understand that this law and on the other side despite restrictions on the ground of you know public gatherings we've seen members of different human rights organisations actually protesting outside the supreme court calling this out law i was just
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calling and and they say that this will further diminish you know this every every narrowing space of human rights here in the country and what we saw today comes as no surprise because you know this oral argument is unprecedented not only also not only because oral arguments by the supreme courts as it's rare at this point because of the sheer docket of pending cases in court but also because of the number of british and others who submitted their petitions asking the supreme court to junk this since last year now this 37 petitioners were represented by 13 lawyers today and in the coming weeks they're expected to be interpreted by court magistrates together with the government solicitor general all right we'll leave it there thanks so much to my man and over. earlier we reported on the case of russian opposition leader alex in the valley the trial of the american businessman michael calvary is another one worth following that one
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has begun in moscow cowardly was detained in 2019 following embezzlement accusations the united states and of number of russian investors have denounced his detention saying law enforcement is being used to resolve a business dispute president vladimir putin has publicly supported the plaintive russian businessmen are term about vests again when michael calvin is one of the most successful private foreign investors in russia his activity firm bearing a vast stock has brought almost $4000000000.00 of capital into the country the dispute that led to calvary's arrest began when he accused businessmen are term of stripping assets from a bank that russia the russian own prior to a merger with another bank controlled by calvin prosecutors in turn accuse the american and 6 service employees of embezzling millions of dollars from the bank
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business leaders in russia were shocked by calvary's arrest they said it threatened foreign investment there nikolai petrovitch is a senior research fellow for the russia and eurasia program at chatham house he joins us now from london good to have you with us sir 1st of all is this a straightforward matter of law or do you see no amount of politicize ation. i would say they are in general it's typical for business disputes among russian business what is unique it's their flag that it was american businessman thinks that i'm on to it they are and they did show how the business climate looks like in russia and what has been called this violent and throw printer ship when law enforcement plays a very active role in sikhs in business disputes. and what do we
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know about him about the ceann. we don't know about him they aren't far he is relatively young and very well jim they have to banker who did start here is business career hard line they go around who used to be more or less successful but they seemed the most important thing is they're his very welcome the active he is supposedly air france off some of the secretary of russian security console nikolai partnership and he is very well connected to the service deputy prime minister day billows. do you think the biden administration will get more involved than the position that the trumpet ministration took on this trial i think. we can hold that to day it will be decided to liberate
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michael call that but as a matter of fact he did aldridge here pay $32000000.00 so that they at the games here used to be successful and if not to think about 2 years of his life he did speak on founder all these accusations including certain time the name pretty isn't it and it's a creature suit. is difficult to think of many other. western particular american businessmen to do business so that you know degree after all the western sanctions why is michael county stayed in the game in russia. i would see that we could think about william browder who used to be very successful in that they are still. working in russia and well the
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position of the kremlin is pretty easy you can get huge benefits from working in russia you should not be too. specific requirements. business climate in russia is different that's why you're getting side show high benefits on and we'll leave it there thanks so much for analysis. the un's high commissioner for refugees is called on the theo paean government to do more to protect civilians trying to escape fighting in the region fever ground says civilians driven from their homes told him they're all deal continued in camps where they sought safety almost 100000 people have been displaced and to get away at least 30 homes have been destroyed by a wildfire in western australia it's burning out of control near the city of perth with strong winds hampering efforts to contain it residents in one area near one
1:44 pm
a young girl a national park have been told it's too late for them to leave others been told to evacuate. a powerful winter storm struck the northeastern united states cause and widespread destruction in new york and other major urban centers the mayor of new york city and the new jersey governor both declared states of emergency christensen reports from new york. only the boards braved the cold and took to new york city's streets monday with snow falling at a rate of $5.00 to $10.00 centimeters an hour snow plows and shovellers could barely keep up the city declared a state of emergency and all but essential workers were asked to stay home still some couldn't resist i'm from california so this is just not happening over there which to me is something really cool that i get to experience it so yeah i kind of like code it had already reduced traffic and tourists here even in the city's most
1:45 pm
iconic neighborhoods like times square there's very limited times where the kid was here we became running around during know people are enjoying a great series of the. property and we're making the best of it but the storm stopped vaccination efforts throughout the northeast in their tracks vaccinations are canceled today they're also going to be canceled tomorrow based on what we are seeing right now we believe that tomorrow again around the city will be difficult be icy it will be treacherous we do not want seniors especially out in those conditions this storm is yet another blow for new york city restaurants are suffering tremendously and that's the program by responding only outdoor dining is allowed for another 2 weeks and needless to say not a lot of people will be dining out today this storm is making its way up the coast with high winds threatening power outages from virginia through philadelphia and
1:46 pm
into new england states but there was still fun to be had from skiing in central park the planet is ski until i get too tired have to go home to watching pandas go for a slide in washington d.c. smithsonian national zoo proving even a major storm isn't all bad christian salumi al-jazeera the mayor of amsterdam wants to ban foreigners from visiting the city's famous coffee shops to buy cannabis the move could have a big impact on tourism but some residents say that's not a bad thing some reports from amsterdam. amsterdam's most famous product carefully weighed and packaged the city's $166.00 coffee shops selling cannabis are all worldwide attraction research has shown that 60 percent of tourists come specifically to fit one of them and that includes international artists and celebrities mike tyson long time ago and even dennis hopper back in the day and
1:47 pm
got stoned here they all got stoned in the greenhouse and. they had a really good time in amsterdam but they're not allowed to come in the future anymore no so that's going to be very difficult of. snow dog richard branson are coming here and you have to refuse them entry to limit illegal trade in drugs the netherlands opened its 1st coffee shop in the early 1970 s. where a small amount of cannabis could be bought and consumed this unique service quickly attracted customers very proud of the system that we've had for 40 years and the whole system basically is based on the fact that everyone is welcome and everybody can come to the coffee shop and buy their kind of base in a safe way the old city center of amsterdam is usually packed with thousands of tourists and the smell of cannabis is never far away since the lockdown this is how did the capital looks like local residents say they can finally sleep this shows
1:48 pm
that tourism was out of control all of us left in the old city center for 40 years together with other residents he started a campaign to make the city less noisy and more livable it's kind of a silly idea that people who smoke pot don't do any harm or so of course if you're 5 young people from france or belgium or wherever you come from in a car and you're excited to go to amsterdam you buy your fault you buy your 6 pack of beer in the supermarkets and you go hang around or whatever whatever you like coffee shop owners and customers blame alcohol consumption rather than cannabis for the nuisance cost and they believe the mayor's move to ban foreigners will lead to more illegal street trait. they are there ways of getting it and i feel like that's what people are going to try to do right because as i said i'm sorry i missed more than just smoking it is just part of it definitely important part important part is all yeah absolutely if i can say that. the mayor says this does not mean she wants
1:49 pm
to change the image of amsterdam as a city known for its freedom barca must last years we don't want to be that city where masses of young irish and london youth come to get drunk and stoned during their holiday that is not the kind of freedom we want international fame for we want to be famous for our freedom of conscience the mayor hopes that by imposing more restrictions they'll be less coffee shops so it will be easier to legalize them because while it's legal to buy cannabis here there are no regulations in the natl and for those who supply it step fast and al-jazeera amsterdam. still ahead on al-jazeera in sport and f.l. star tom brady opens up about what sticks with him most from his previous super bowl appearances.
1:50 pm
1:51 pm
welcome back it's time to catch up with all the sports has some out thank you very much a sammy law as you heard earlier the pandemic continues to threaten the tokyo olympic games which i just saw in july strictures that have been extended for another month in the japanese capital and other regions but the tokyo 2020 president yoshiro mori insisted event will continue as planned regardless of what is happening with coronavirus. committee will release what they are calling their playbook later this week to keep the 15000 athletes safe as well as the 10s of thousands of coaches judges media and v.i.p.'s who will be attending. european
1:52 pm
football clubs continue to feel the strain of the coronavirus pandemic with january transfer spending down considerably english premier league clubs spent around $115000000.00 on new players that's 64 percent less than this time last year and the least that has spent since 2012 owners and the other main european leagues looked for younger talent to a rather than risking huge transfer fees as teams struggle financially when to spending in italy was down 63 percent while the checkbooks remained firmly closed in germany france and spain. you are fee for as the president has assisted the health workers and people are high risk of contracting covert $19.00 should be getting a vaccines and not football as jennifer says coronavirus will be defeated before
1:53 pm
the start of next year's world cup in qatar we will have full stadiums we must have this. probably will be defeated by then and or we will have to live. with it but if in 2 years from now we are not there yet then i think we will have a bigger problem than the world cup the stadiums will be at 30 percent capacity when the fifa club world cup kicks off on thursday in qatar 4 of the world's continental champions are in the mix and so are cutters domestic champions and the high all to hell of both several of the country's top players including a wise ali striker who scored a rec hold 9 goals to ask qatar became asian champions in 2019 while i caught up with him and started by asking about the side making the 1st appearance in such
1:54 pm
a high profile term it. a hole in a part of the hole in a side put it out again and this is going to be a great experience for us it's like a mini world cup and i hope that i can help my team as much as possible. eilean his international team mates have a busy year ahead qatar have been invited to play ask guests in south america's top tournament the corporate america and the european world cup qualifies as well as they look to sharpen their skills ahead of the biggest event of all the 2022 world cup on home soil. and then. we have a lot of competitions and it's a lot of pressure but all the tournament's that we play and give us great experience will be playing against big teams that usually qualify for world cups like portugal it's a great challenge for us which we need in order to develop 4 of cutters woke up stadiums are already fully operational with more set to open later this year and
1:55 pm
the country's also preparing to host the 1st ever fifa arab cup in the van and december with 22 nations taken part. got it had the picket be able to catch our was challenging the world with its amazing football facilities if you take a look at the stadium for example with its unique architecture it's something that makes us really proud as it represents us who we are our culture and traditions we're not only representing cats are but we're representing all arab countries and in 2022 we want them to participate in this once in a lifetime opportunity for the middle east. to hail are up against africa's continental champions and actually on thursday and egyptian team who are themselves well supported in qatar that will go through to face european giants by munich in the semifinals. while the n.b.a. game between the detroit pistons and the denver nuggets was despondent after the
1:56 pm
pistons didn't have enough players to field a team because of the covert 19 contact tracing as the 23rd game to be perspire and this season elsewhere the l.a. lakers be the atlanta hawks $107.00 to $99.00 but the game was overshadowed by an incident where lakers star le bron james involved to end a heated exchange with an atlanta fan who pulled down her mask to confront the player the referee's hole to d.x. and the woman was ejected from the arena you know back and forth between 2 grown men. you know we said ok she said this piece i said my piece and there was someone else jumped into. this. but i don't think they were. kicked out but they might have drinks maybe and it could. have been about a game or so if the referees give. and if
1:57 pm
a star tom brady is paying for his 10th super bowl this sunday it with his team taking on the kansas city chiefs the 43 year old to has won 6 titles but he says the losses are what stick with him last it's a great game to play in because everyone's watching and. it's a real it's a tough game to lose let me say that i've had some really tough losses in this game will stick with you bro a long time it's me credible wins and. i'd much rather be in the game or not be in the game that's for sure because the only way to win it is the end but it's a pretty tough if you lose it. because david the has been voted as the greatest athlete to ever appear at the wool games the 8th time will champ a tug of war champion and ukrainian politics and the online vote 12 games are held every 4 years and includes sports that aren't in the olympic program. and that's it for me thank you so much for that sit for me for this news out adrian's back
1:58 pm
in a couple of minutes with another full show so stay with us. february on al-jazeera on more strict accents to iran's nuclear program is about to end will u.s. president joe biden overturn trump sanctions and help rebuild relations al-jazeera said so to the journey to the heart of what it means to be a true supporter of the political game the u.s. has the highest to prove it 19 counts in the won't the new administration has
1:59 pm
promised a time out around we'll have extensive coverage the big picture reveals how the perfect storm of events in 2020 exposed the truth about wakes up the hawk to the united states and as president joe biden embarks on his 1st month in the white house to bring you the latest developments escape attempts to repair global relationships february on al-jazeera frank assessments you go colleagues on the ground in the canaries what is the situation there is only one doctor and one nurse for $2200.00 people and in-depth analysis of the dates global headlines. inside story on al-jazeera. oman has a rich history but also plays an important diplomatic role in the gulf region today al-jazeera will discover as its empire stretched from the arabian peninsula to east africa built on great sea power. the problem existed was piracy. tribes and warlords rebellion empire and colonize ation.
2:00 pm
oman history power and influence on al-jazeera really understand the differences in the similarities of cultures across the world so no matter what you see the news in colorado for that matter. the u.s. threatened sanctions against myanmar as the whereabouts of aung san suu kyi remain unknown. a very unforgiving this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up russian opposition leader election about only appears at a moscow course while his supporters outside are rounded up by police. the reality of a crippled health care system in zimbabwe where coated in fact.


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