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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  February 2, 2021 4:00pm-5:01pm +03

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makers the moon class journalists bring programs to improve and inspire you each and every one of us it's got a responsibility to change 1st place for the good are now just 0. 0. hello i'm sam is a than this is the news out live from coming up in the next 60 minutes the u.s. threatens sanctions against me as the whereabouts of aung san suu kyi remain unknown after a military coup. russian opposition leader peers in a moscow cold while his supporters outside a rounded up by police japan's
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a little pigs chief says the tokyo games will go ahead as planned regardless of what happens with the pandemic calls to ban tourists from a visiting a famous amsterdam experience why some residents aren't happy with the idea. how much would you support as the coronavirus empath scoreboards daniel a transfer window financial uncertainty leaves europe's top need spending some of the know if the amounts are new in years. we begin in may and flights have been grounded and dozens of politicians remain in custody a day after a military coup the ousted party the national league of democracy says the tame leader aung san suu kyi is in good health but continues to be held at an undisclosed location some politicians have been allowed to return home and the
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international airport in yangon is reportedly shot until may power is now in the hands of general minong lien who's appointed his own cabinet. the u.n. security council is due to meet in about 2 hours from now to discuss the situation the u.s. has threatened sanctions the military says its takeover is only temporary it's promising free and fair elections in the year many in me and my are anxious to see what the military is next move will be for some that uncertainty is frustrating but you look at i want to say when people are frustrated with the coup and worried for their future they want to know how they are going to move ahead and how they will be protected by the new government whoever governs the country all the people desire is that their lives are saved they want to live peacefully and have a better income is where did it. whoever governs the country weaver citizens are at the bottom the most important thing for us is to be ok in our daily business for
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living in food as you see there is no one here to buy everything is silent in the middle of yangon where normally it is busy i do not like the situation i'd be grateful if we can get back to the old situation. joins us now live from yangon's we understand some of the m.p.'s have been released right allie any word on what's happened to and son sochi. we have had someone i don't know. how long is at least one of the n l d spokespersons gto gto he's posted on his facebook. he posted a facebook post saying that she was in good health he didn't mention where she is that she's that she isn't being moved he did say that she's not being moved from where she is and it is thought that she's being kept at her compound although that's yet to be confirmed kept within her own home so yes an update on the fact that her health is is apparently adequate and so presumably that means there is
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some sort of line of communication open between her people and herself which is obviously reasonably positive development and of course yes we are hearing lots of people have sudden being released today this morning we heard that quite a few regional ministers were released so the the heads of states and regions were among those arrested and they want rounded up in a door but they were mostly taken in the areas that they base and we've seen quite a lot of releases of those people today some photos coming up on social media showing them back at their homes some of them. imminently needing to leave their homes because they're in government appointed housing and then there's the m.p.'s many nearly appointed m.p.'s in a futile. we have heard that they have originally they were surrounded by security
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forces security personnel and we have heard that that security presence has eased and they technically would be free to go but at the moment we're not completely sure whether they have left they may be waiting to hear from the l.d. it's a little bit. broken up information coming like in dribs and drabs so so we're hearing positive things but just little by little one of the things we are hearing as well is that flights of been grounded what does that tell us about the phase the country is now entering. yes there's been some reports in local media that they've seen a notice that was sent to. 2 lines or 2 pilots that said that all missions full flights landing or taking off in yangon have been revoked so that means that pretty much any airplane means not just relief flights but there were
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there are very few flights here at the moment anyway but it implies that it would also cover cargo and. certainly we've been told that transport vehicles transport lines as well have been stopped and and helicopters as well so. that's incredibly boring they've had to they've put a date on that they said that those permissions have been revoked until the 3rd at the end of may 31st of may at 11 59 pm so that implies that. everything that set up at the moment will sort of scheduled a regular flight or will have to find a new way of doing things whether that means there will be no flights between now and then is yet to be seen it seems unlikely that they would be able to all willing to cancel flights that they just want them all to be on their terms they want to be make make sure that they're overseeing everything coming in and out everything
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moving around. so it could be a control thing rather than a rather than just a blanket ban and but of course think the military and the tourist lee and isolated isolationist they they were extremely isolated under the previous military regime and perhaps that's also what we're moving back towards all right thanks so much. russian police have detained more than 350 supporters of kremlin critic and opposition leader alexina valmy security forces were sent in ahead of his court appearance to prevent mass demonstrations of on the was arrested on his return from germany in january he's accused of violating parole while he was recovering from poisoning alexander golts is in moscow for us so alexander that start with what's happening in court you know they've had a lunch break they're back in now where is the session heading.
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yes indeed after a 2 hour lunch break the court is preceded with a day here in what is now to happen is both the prosecutor side and the defense sides on the rallies 2 lawyers will have presented their case and himself will speak up for himself after that the judge with rolls for deliberation and then comes back with the verdict but in these 2 hours when the lunch break was wrong we had a reaction from the ministry of foreign affairs of russia actually the spokeswoman of the ministry wrote on her facebook page that it's not the presence of the foreign diplomats in the courtroom and there is 14 of them amounts to a political action and kremlin said that they're not going to be lectured to by the west in the case of nonviolently so the power of the authorities in russia maintain that if this is the mastic of fear that it is about the laws of russia and sat
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there while snow by then his supporters are saying that this has nothing to do with the law or him breaking any law but it is a way to shut him up to prevent him. in a political process meanwhile on the stand we last spoke there's been no letup in the tensions of protesters riot. yes indeed i mean the police has done their utmost to prevent protests forming by detaining basically people when they were coming out of the metro stations or in the street outside of the perimeter that they are securing you can probably see behind my back a lot of police and this is how it looks all around the courtroom so does the pensions are a quiet detention discreetly pensions and people are just if they look suspicious in some sense suspicious in a sense that they might be protesting and then they're taken away to petty events.
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the amount of people so far arrested since. you came back to russia is really record highs so much so that the tension centers are full and also say that his closest allies including his brother is detained and they are soon to be charged for violating the health control disease control of rules because they called for the message bradley's all right thanks so much charms on the godfather. still ahead on the news hour including zimbabwe's medical system crumbling for years now over 19 is making it even more difficult for people to get help. israel's coronavirus vaccine program has been so successful it's slowing down that leaves palestinians. with concerns the israeli and cricket team postpones its fall to south africa because of an acceptable health risks.
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japan's prime minister has extended a state of emergency in tokyo and 9 other regions for a month to curb coronavirus infections the rate of new cases has slowed slightly since a surge led to restrictions being tight in january for the government is trying to restore domestic and international confidence with less than 6 months before the tokyo olympics ahead of the event says the games will happen regardless of the pandemic william passing is an independent journalist and commentator he says he doubts the olympics will happen. they one of the biggest questions of course is whether or not it's safe to bring about a 1000000 spectators as japan expects to be one of the most densely populated cities in the world during
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a pandemic and i think what you and needs to do is think about you know 20 years from now how will history remember this moment will we look back at tokyo 2021 and say boy that was a big mistake that was a super spreader event and so i think in many ways you have this staring contest where japan would rather have switzerland canceled the olympics which would mean drought would rather have choked you know do it and in the interim you have a lot of athletes around the world wondering what gives but i do think there is there is a matter of liability i mean certainly you have a lot of companies that have put up in some cases tens of millions of dollars of corporate sponsorship are they going to be happy to walk away and take the loss but i think you know there's a there's also this question of the japanese economy japan has a lot riding on the olympics coming off and so there might be a push by the government to say look maybe we can do some kind of spectator free event something much so far scaled down from what we're planning at the moment but they've been very very slow to accept that situation if you will so i think in many
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ways of japan 6 months ago had set up a kind of plan b. or a plan c. and said why don't we do a spectator free games quarantine the athletes and no spectators whatsoever they could have pulled off the games would not have been the sort of you know the extravaganza that choke you know i had wanted but here we are. now the world health organization is rejecting criticism of its covert 19 investigation in one china on monday u.s. secretary of state antony blinken said china was falling short in providing adequate access to scientists on the ground katrina you has this report from beijing. on the trail of a detective story that's how the world health organization has described its mission to uncover the origins of the pandemic. and touring an animal health care facility these scientists were up late about their work. they visited hospitals and
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the stupid market but the 1st car had 19 cases were detected one year since the beginning of the outbreak the u.n. agency says seeing the sights firsthand is important but they are having very productive discussions with chinese counterparts visiting different hospitals around groupon they've had a very good visit to the market seeing firsthand the stalls and walking through and we had some good feedback from them most of the importance of being able to physically walk through but the mission is politically sensitive on monday u.s. secretary of state anthony blinken raised questions of a beijing's willingness to provide with adequate access and accurate information the mission has included visits to an exhibition depicting medical workers as heroes and to a cold change storage facility state media here have suggested the virus was imported to china through furs and food beijing has rejected criticism saying that should conduct a similar investigation in the u.s. . the u.s.
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sundered for disease control coronavirus and the bodies were there in december 29th. hope like china the u.s. will also take a positive cooperative in pursuing the origin of the virus and the. expertise to america. says hypotheses are on the table but the trip has been tightly controlled the team of members with expertise in food safety and veterinary science to speak some of the 1st quarter of virus patients and visit institute. that's where dangerous pathogens including coronaviruses studied. took months of negotiation to agree with the chinese government team members who have spoken to say there. fieldwork could also talk months even years they've asked the international community to be patient and to avoid any cynicism about their
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political. victory new al-jazeera into. iran's foreign ministry says it will allow the release of a south korean tanker it had seized earlier this month for iran accuse the ship of violating environmental laws seizure came during tensions between iran and south korea over frozen funds $7000000000.00 worth of iran's oil export revenue has been held in south korean banks because of u.s. sanctions a court in pakistan has ordered the man who's been on death row for 18 years to be moved to a safe house he was recently acquitted of the 2002 murder of u.s. journalist daniel pearl. had received the death penalty for involvement in the beheading he's always denied it despite his previous conviction pearl's family and the white house of expressed outrage cannot hide those following the story for us from islamabad. the court had ordered for the removal of omar shaykh
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immediately from the dead to a more comfortable and weimann perhaps and a barrack and then within 2 days could be moved into our safe house where he will be allowed to meet his family he is not yet free completely because the terms of fake. release will be known after a written order is issued by the court however right now the court is hearing the appeal filed by the government. against the equator of omar shake it should also be remembered that one of the key leaders of al qaida the number 3 college hammad had confessed to taking part in that beheading directly that day it was not able to prove its case the court order started by with the proof that was given to the court and therefore had now decided to all go listen to the review predation
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decide that he should be released but under strict security he will not be a free man it is a step in that direction but did not completely free yet israel's current virus thanks a nation dr appears to be slowing as many people have received jabs more than 3000000 people have had their 1st dose found in palestine this concern about its low vaccination right a lack of supply and the potential spread of a new strain we have teams covering the situation across israel and palestine all here from the day brought him in the ramallah in a moment but 1st his hairy forces in west jerusalem there are. communities within israeli society particularly palestinian israeli and ultra-orthodox communities where there is less trust in this vaccine which has been harder to get people to come in to the vaccination senses and indeed there are many people under 35 are complaining that well the vaccination centers on really is busy and we can't
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yet get our vaccine and so it's been reported at least that in one clinic over the last few days some 1000 doses of had to be thrown out and at a time when there's been a big fuss about israel finally 100 over some 2000 doses to the palestinian authority that seems like a lot and when you also consider the fact that these 2 populations very well interconnected with both populations mixing in occupied east jerusalem day workers coming in from the west bank still into israel so there are concerns in a practical point of view as well as from an international law point of view. often in the yet so have been there for. these 2000 jobs that about arrived from israel to the palestinian authority are part of 5000 vaccines that israel is giving the palestinians for emergency use but even though they don't cover
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a fraction of what palestinians need a valid opinion health minister says that the frontline workers who are dealing with the coveted patients and i think you and live with are more than 12000 palestinians and we are talking about 5000000 palestinians living in the occupied west bank and in the gaza strip and they have got nothing to date the palestinian prime minister is sad that the new kid nation will start from. february and they are waiting for. this from threads running as well as the russian vaccine in addition to that they are waiting on an important that is coming from the world health organization through their kovacs program. zimbabwe has seen a surge in cope with 19 cases more than half of the injection infections rather and over 2 thirds of deaths have been recorded last month the health system has been
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crumbling for years and is struggling to cope with the rise in cases has more from harare. every day when he gets home salsa in hell steam with some eucalyptus oil added to it he says his health reduced the mucus in his lungs. and he believes coughing gets rid of germs that could make him sick. with no word from the government on when vaccines against kovan 1000 when they arrive the businessman hopes alternative therapies will protect him. zimbabwe is battling a 2nd wave of coronavirus infections and the already struggling healthcare sector
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is overwhelmed some of those buried recently include 2 cabinet ministers a retired general and other high profile zimbabweans. the country of about 50000000 people has 84 working ventilators in public hospitals and just over 1000 beds for covered 9000 patients in private and public institutions that's according to the health ministry public health care workers often go on strike protesting against poor salaries and the lack of personal protective equipment and drugs sometimes you find patients dying in front of you when you don't know what we're supposed to do but we didn't even the choice. our resources nor this patient needs. rather than often as do they really know this patients needs drugs. to try and bring down the infection rate the government has extended a lockdown by 2 more weeks this includes a dusk to dawn curfew and shutting land borders nonessential businesses will remain
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closed until mid february that includes clothes stores and mobile phone repair shops only 10 percent of government workers are allowed to work from the offices the rest are home health officials are investigating with a more infectious south african variant of the virus is circulating in zimbabwe fearing it may have entered when thousands of citizens living in south africa returned home for the december holiday the world health organization says the south african variant has so far been reported in 5 other african countries but swine or zambia malawi the gambia and kenya and according to w.h.o. new and more contagious variant of cova 19 are spreading across africa causing an increase in infections and deaths so also tested positive for covert last year. he says he survived despite getting little help from hospitals since then he's been using herbal home remedies to try and boost his anine system doing everything he
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can not to get sick again. al-jazeera. the mayor of amsterdam wants to ban foreigners from visiting the city's famous coffee shops to buy cannabis the move could have a big impact on tourism and some residents say that's not a bad thing steverson reports from amsterdam. amsterdam's most famous product carefully weighed and packaged the city's $166.00 coffee shops selling cannabis are worldwide attraction research has shown that 60 percent of tourists come specifically to fitted one of them and that includes international artists and celebrities mike tyson long time ago and even dennis hopper back in the day and got stoned here they all got stoned in the greenhouse and. they had a really good time in amsterdam but they're not allowed to come in the future anymore no so that's going to be very difficult if. snow dog richard branson are
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coming here and you have to refuse them entry to limit illegal trade in drugs the netherlands opened its 1st coffee shop in the early 1970 s. where a small amount of cannabis could be bought and consumed this unique service quickly attracted customers very proud of the system that we've had for 40 years and the whole system basically is based on the fact that everybody is welcome and everybody can come to the coffee shop and buy their kind of base in a safe way the old city center of amsterdam is usually packed with thousands of tourists and the smell of cannabis is never far away since the lockdown this is how did the capital looks like local residents say they can finally sleep this shows that tourism was out of control all of us left in the old city center for 40 years together with other residents he started a campaign to make the city less noisy and more livable it's kind of a silly idea that people who smoke pot don't do any harm or so of course if you're
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5 young people from france or belgium or wherever you come from in a car and you're excited to go to amsterdam you buy your fault you buy your 6 pack of beer in the supermarkets and you go hang around or whatever whatever you like coffee shop owners and customers blame alcohol consumption rather than cannabis for the nuisance cost and they believe the mayor's move to ban foreigners will lead to more illegal street trait. they are there ways of getting it and i feel like that's what people can and we're going to try to do right because as i said i'm saddam it's more than just just smoking it is it is part of it definitely important important part is all yeah absolutely if i can say that. the mayor says this does not mean she wants to change the image of amsterdam as a city known for its freedom farha moustache years we don't want to be that city where masses of young irish in london used to come to get drunk and stoned during
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their holiday that is not the kind of freedom we want international fame full again we want to be famous for our freedom of conscience the mayor hopes that by imposing more restrictions they'll be less coffee shops so it will be easier to legalize them because while it's legal to buy cannabis here there are no regulations in the madeline's for those who supply it that fasten al-jazeera amsterdam. it's time for the weather has rob now i'm sure you're aware of the big winter storm is one where through the the east coast of the states this is what happened during daylight hours on tuesday central park a lot of snow the wind did pick up i think temperate we could call it there's a conditions time square you may be used to that picture but not necessarily with the snow there weren't that many people out and about traffic wise and the most the snow is going to spend most of the night and then wednesday up in canada but there is a backwash cold wind and that's going to feel pretty roll on the other side of the u.s. i mean western canada you still got that big storm coming of the pacific bringing
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snow to the mountains very easily and rain sea level but in new york it's going to be a raw day on wednesday significant wind chill temperatures a 2 but it's quite a strong when the wind dies out on thursday they get a southerly so it slowly warms up with a bit of cold rain to come with it this is wednesday's picture then and it's the snow really this focus in the west running through the cascades more especially in the rockies new eventually come to the plains and you're developing a winter storm here which makes itself pretty well shown during says take significant snow for the midwest again rain a bit further south of the junction not too stormy the new yorks in the sun. well still ahead on al-jazeera another trial underway in russia of an american businessman though accused of embezzling moment india turns to physical and virtual measures to try and contain protests over agriculture. and we'll hear from
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one of those football stars as his local team gets ready for their 1st fifa club world cup appearance on home soil. it's 10 years since revolutions across the arab world challenge the power. but how did these leaders rise to their positions the principle of the dictator before his dictator is to be patient they play their game very carefully and how did they stay in control of a common thing amongst the arab dictators is incredible will to survive the arab awakening absolute power. on a jersey you know. it's america's worst kept secret cracked open the time of a pandemic exposed in the time of trump through the turmoil of 2020 the big picture traces a century of racial injustice to reveal how philanthropy politics and economics
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preserve structural inequality keeping white a supreme and black in its place the race for america part one on and just. back you're watching al-jazeera time to recap the headlines now the party of men miles detained leader aung san suu kyi has called on the military to release and recognize its election victory senior general lena's appointed his own cabinet a day after leading a coup police in russia detained more supporters of kremlin critic and opposition
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leader. gathering to protest as he appears in court on the he was arrested on his return from germany in january japan has now extended a state of emergency in tokyo and other regions to curb the spread of coronavirus is trying to restore confidence before the start of the tokyo olympic games ahead of the event says it will go ahead this by the pandemic john good body is a journalist who's covered the last 13 summer olympics he joins us from london good to have you with us so i guess the basic question here is from a medical perspective can you hold an event a limb pick a vent in the midst of a pandemic. well hopefully it won't be in the midst it will be towards the end of the pandemic because mature king about to lawyer made to morrow the international olympic committee here are going to lay out the what they call the playbook of how
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they are planning to stage the olympics in the sense of how people are going to arrive there how they're going to be a media need vaccinations beforehand and whether that is going to be the type of social distancing marriage going to do and whether in fact at this stage whether they foresee that there are going to be any spectators because 'd well you know a lot of sports events around the world at the moment we've got very limited spectators and whether the japanese are going to allow that home spectators let alone for the spectators to attend is another matter is there's something to be learned from other events like the astray and open for example that went ahead it did have spectators live spectators and they weren't even wearing masks for the most part. yes of course there are the australian open
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to start with australia hasn't had the sort verity of coronavirus that. match the pros think secondly of course the australian open is outdoors entirely outdoors a lot of the olympics is outdoors but quite a lot of jean door so that's that's one of the problem and it's going to be a question of whether there are going to allow. as i said foreign spectators to attend my guess is not but my guess always age that these games have to go ahead and the reason they have to go ahead is because of money because for the international federations and for the international olympic committee itself particularly given the question marks over beijing in 2022 where the already situations that country should and for political or moral 'd reasons
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be all these organizations desperately need the money that they earn from your limp tapes from television and from smoltz. i spoke to some analysts and experts who are convinced this event is not going ahead that both the authorities in japan. and the olympic authorities are just staring each other waiting for who will be the one to make the 1st move and call it off if that is true if this event does get cancelled or that mean for other large events not only sporting events but other major events. it will mean it will be a coup should want to of course the olympics are john a completely different plane from or all of the sports events because it's both
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sixes and such a variety of sports both indoors and now it should be out for one that you point it absolutely different from. the australian open which is taking place all football matches all over all over the world which are taking place at the moment all right so good to get your thoughts on that thanks so much john good body back to our top story now the military coup in me and now all over the past decade the country's opened itself up to foreign investment as it underwent political reform its economy has become one of the fastest growing in the world this concern the return to military rule could derail that most direct foreign investment in myanmar comes from asia singapore and hong kong are the largest investors direct investments jumped 33 percent last year to 5 point $5000000000.00 its major exports
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include timber jade and or oil or some western countries like the us and australia have made significant investments in energy in recent years and direct foreign investment stark's have grown an average of 12 percent annually since political transformation began in 2011 deborah elms is the executive director of the asian trade center she explained the potential impact of re imposing sanctions. i think the direct impact of u.s. anxious is going to be fairly limited because although as you noted u.s. investment has been rising it's often very low number and it hasn't risen as much or as quickly as many other investments from other foreign partners have done so i think the u.s. can impose even if it 'd wanted to very strange strange and sanctions and the net effect on inbound investment would be relatively modest but what it does do is it may trigger other countries to also sanction me and mar in one way or another the
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challenge or maybe the opportunity it's hard to say depends on your perspective but for me and mar is that not all of the countries that are heavily invested in the in mar will necessarily respond with sanctions so some will continue to invest well maintain their existing commitments and others will begin to pull out war money elsewhere and so forth and so i think it's going to be a mixed bag but certainly rockier for the economy in myanmar than we have experienced in the last few years of frankly explosive growth this is an interesting challenge not just for the west but also for a country like china which may not necessarily be fussed one way or the another about a coup in myanmar but they are concerned about their image on the global stage they are trying to ex expand their soft power capabilities and if china were to become very cozy to this particular regime that may run counter to their efforts to become
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much more favorably a to much have a much more favorable view by the broader community of nations. now a video posted online is gone viral fire exactly capturing the moment a military coup was unfolding in myanmar a woman was filming her regular aerobics class in the open without realizing a line of armored vehicles was forming behind her and she says she was unaware of the events taking place at the time there was heavy presence throughout major cities and me and now as armed forces seize control of the country. earlier we reported on the case of a russian opposition leader likes in the valley and another trial we're following is that of the american businessman michael calvery well it started in moscow calvary was detained in 2019 following accusations of embezzle meant the united states and some russian investors have denounced his detention saying law enforcement is being used to resolve a business dispute president vladimir putin has publicly supported the plaintive
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russian businessman out of term over to c.n.n. . now a group of republican senators in the u.s. say they're hopeful of bipartisan a bipartisan coronavirus relief package being passed after meeting with the president. they're proposing a plan costing about a 3rd of the $1.00 trillion dollars that joe biden is aiming for i think ohio reports motions in d.c. . even before the meeting got started the press for a lot and for a quick look thank you both the white house signaled they were open to hearing from republicans but not necessarily reducing the amount president biden wants to spend it's important to him that he hears this group out on their concerns and their ideas he's always open to making this package stronger and the democrats in the house and senate didn't wait for the oval office sit down to move forward with their $1.00 trillion dollars bill put it in motion the process to try and pass it
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without any support from the opposition party republican senators are hoping to spend just 600000000000 dollars the 2 are meeting didn't appear to produce any breakthroughs i wouldn't say we came together on a package tonight no one expected that in a 2 hour meeting but what we did agree to do is to follow up and further the republican plan would spend money on fighting kovan give some financial support to the lowest earning americans and the unemployed and some money for schools to reopen but it left out a key democratic demand billions for states and cities who are facing budget shortfalls and may have to fire employees like teachers firefighters garbage collectors it also didn't include raising the federal minimum wage to $15.00 an hour over 5 years president biden said the need is urgent and he promised voters that help would quickly be on the way but he also pledged to find compromise in
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congress now as they continue to negotiate the question is how long is he willing to wait to see if he can fulfill both big promises pedicle hain al-jazeera washington. now the united nations says as many as 20000 refugees are missing after 2 camps in ethiopia's 2 grey region were destroyed most of them were from eritrea the u.n. high commissioner for refugees says the government must do more to protect people trying to escape fighting for the program they says civilians told them they're all deal continues even after they reach what they had hoped would be safety abra and go for ports. here people arriving at my only refugee camp say they trekked for a day to reach here with only leaves to eat but things got worse at the camp this man didn't want to be identified there isn't any here how can i feel safe here there is no safety here because they are also here there are many militias around
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the camp all around the camp if someone leaves the camp they are there and they kill them they kill us. the un refugee agency chief visited the camp recently people told him who they blame for the attacks they also spoke of infiltration of armed actors in the camps of killings abductions and also some forced return to eritrea. at the hands of eritrean forces present in the areas. it's been widely reported that soldiers from neighboring eritrea have been cooperating with the ethiopian military to pursue fugitive leaders of the tea gray forces but ethiopia's government didn't nice the presence of foreign fighters even after declaring victory against a great forces in november after a month long offensive people caught up in the violence say locals living around the camp
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a punishing them for the war. there are ladies who are raped by the local people due to this war because they believe that our soldiers killed their brothers they believe that so they are raping our sisters mothers and they are killing our brothers. u.n.h.c.r. says up to 20000 people are trying to escape revenge attacks the refugee agency wants the ethiopian government to give them access to the areas where they're hiding so they can be helped. al-jazeera the popular allies ation forces in iraq says 5 of its members have been killed in an attack by eyesore fighters the militia says it happened during a security mission in the other province east of baghdad comes less than 2 weeks after 11 members were killed in another isolette attack east of to create. in the philippines the supreme court is hearing arguments against a controversial antiterrorism law the measure was signed by president of the riego
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deter thing in july and since become the most contested law of his presidency the government says it will increase security across the country but opponents fear it's designed to silence dissidents and limit freedom of speech correspondent john allen dogon has more from the supreme court i'm in the law. you've seen supporters of the philippine military lobbyist those who have continuously appealed to the public actually understand. this law and on the other side despite restrictions on the ground of you know public gatherings we've seen members of different human rights organizations actually protesting outside the supreme court calling this our law as just calling in and they see that this will further diminish you know this every ever narrowing space of human rights here in the country and what we saw today comes as no surprise because you know this oral argument is unprecedented not only also not only because oral arguments by the supreme court as it's rare at this
4:45 pm
point because of the sheer docket of pending cases in court but also because of the number of british and others who submitted their petitions asking the supreme court to junk this since last year now this $37.00 petitioners were represented by 13 lawyers today and in the coming weeks they're expected to be interpreted by court magistrates together with the government solicitor general police in india have set up concrete barriers and laid razor wire to stop protesting farmers from entering new delhi tens of thousands of farmers have demonstrated for months demanding the government withdraw new agricultural laws elizabeth random has more. where the guard people approach her side where for the 1st time in the more than 2 months of covering the promise protest police won't let us go through the. and they also want to tell us how we can access the protest site now the police and security presence
4:46 pm
here. and other sites has greatly increased since the violent clashes between police and protesters on. $26.00 security forces have wrecked many more layers of barricades at all 3 sides here at cindy and at to creek there are more concrete walls there are still barricades there there's much more. still on boulders thousands of iron nails on the roads that is going to make it is making it much more difficult for people to join the protests internet services will also cut off at 3 protest sides on saturday now from union leaders and protests to say the government is trying to cut them off physically. and cut off communications but it's not just protesters who are affected it's the local residents pleading with police to let them through giving up now despite the fact
4:47 pm
down on the protests the police action that's been taken against foreign union leaders even against journalists there are far more there is a rally planned in central new delhi on wednesday and from union leaders of people around the country to block roads and protest on saturday they insist they will continue with their protests until the government repealed its agricultural. concerns about online privacy and social media companies sharing personal data have been raised by governments around the world now one of the leaders of the tech world is taking action explains. it's the battle of the internet giants with apple calling out facebook over consumer privacy without mentioning facebook by name apple c.e.o. tim cook threw down the gauntlet at a data privacy conference last month. knology does not need to ask for as
4:48 pm
a result they. were just but that's exactly how facebook does succeed by scooping up vast amounts of data about its 2800000000 active users in order to allow other companies to bombard them with advertisements supposedly tailored to their specific interests facebook gets almost all of its revenue through ads if you're like me and just about everybody else you probably haven't printed out facebook's terms of service and studied them but experts say what you might find in these pages could surprise you facebook is probably keeping track of what you're doing when you're not on facebook and when you're not even one into facebook facebook is able to get data on what you're up to when you're using all kinds of apps and when you're browsing on websites that have no official connection to face i think that would surprise
4:49 pm
a lot of people apple plans a major privacy change in the coming months we are already. are yes you. were out the house. 'd instead of poking around in your phone settings to opt out of data sharing apple will now require apps to give users a plain choice when they open an app is forced to prompt them to say hey do you want to let us track you or not and that's expected to make a big difference because most people don't actually want their behavior to be tracked and shared between various apps and websites facebook c.e.o. mark zuckerberg says apple doesn't really care about privacy it cares about profits apple has every incentive to use their dominant platform position to interfere with how our apps and other apps work zuckerberg told investors in january. apple may
4:50 pm
say they're doing this to help people but the moves clearly tracked their competitive interests he said the app stores new opt in feature could cut into facebook's revenue by 10 percent experts say that revenue was nearly 86000000000 dollars last year robert oulds al jazeera los angeles. now and. find out this augment between. bron james and the female fat.
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all comebacks time to catch up with all the schools news here thank you very much assam you are as you heard earlier the pandemic continues to threaten the tokyo games which they are due to start in july restrictions that have been extended for another month in the japanese capital and other regions. committee will release what they are calling their playbook later this week to keep the 15000 athletes safe as well as the 10s of thousands of coaches judges media and v.i.p.'s who will be attending. the. athletes are under mentally challenging conditions asking themselves if it's ok to join the olympics the government needs to address such concerns from the athletes australia has postponed its upcoming a cricket tour to south africa because of what it calls an unacceptable health risk it is the 2nd tour to south africa to be called off in recent months over concerns
4:53 pm
about the more contagious mutant variant of covert 19 cricket australia. chief executive said while it was a difficult and disappointing decision to make there was a huge of care to the players and support staff that can't be compromised. european football clubs continue to feel the strain of the coronavirus pandemic with january transfer spending down considerably well english premier league clubs to spend around $115000000.00 on new players that's 64 percent less than this time last year and the least that has been spent since 2012 owners and the other main european leagues looked for younger talent rather than risking huge transfer fees as teams struggle financially when to spending in italy it was down 63 percent while the check books remained firmly closed in germany france and
4:54 pm
spain. we were off the 1st president has insisted that health workers and people at high risk of contracting covert 19 should be getting vaccines and not football as john infant you know says corona virus will be defeated before the start of next year's will well cup but in qatar we will have full stadiums we must have this. prove it will be defeated by then and or we will have to live. with it but if in 2 years from now we are not there yet then i think we will have a bigger problem than the world cup. stadiums that will be at 30 percent capacity when the fee for club world cup kicks off on thursday in qatar $4.00 of the world's continental champions are in the mix and so are carter's domestic champions as
4:55 pm
a team both several of the country's top players including. the striker who scored a record 9 goals as qatar became asian champions in 2019 while caught up with him earlier. how in a party i wouldn't put it out i'm going to and this is going to be a great experience for us it's like a mini world cup and i hope that i can help my team as much as possible. eilean his international team mates have a busy year ahead qatar have been invited to play ask guests in south america's top tournament the corporate america and the european walkup qualifies as well as they look to sharpen their skills ahead of the biggest event of all the 2022 world cup on home soil. and i was in london a lot. we have a lot of competitions and it's a lot of pressure but all the tournament that we play and give us great experience will be playing against big teams that usually qualify for world cups like portugal
4:56 pm
it's a great challenge for us which we need in order to develop 4 of cutters woke up stadiums are already fully operational with more set to open later this year and the country's also preparing to host the 1st ever fifa arab cup in the van and december with 22 nations taken part. got it had the picket appear at the cats are was challenging the world with its amazing football facilities if you take a look at the stadium for example with its unique architecture it's something that makes us really proud as it represents us who we are our culture and traditions we're not only representing cats but we're representing all arab countries and in 2022 we want them to participate in this once in a lifetime opportunity for the middle east. to hail are up against africa's continental champions and actually on thursday and egyptian team who are
4:57 pm
themselves well supported in qatar that will go through to face european giants by munich in the semifinals. the n.b.a. game between the detroit pistons and the denver nuggets was postponed after the pistons didn't have enough players that to field a team because of covert 19 contact tracing elsewhere the l.a. lakers beat the atlanta hawks 11799 the game was overshadowed by an incident 2 or lakers star le bron james was involved in a heated exchange with an atlanta fan because you know a back and forth between 2 grown men. you know we said ok serious peace i said not this and then we're sort of jumped into. this. but i don't think they were. kicked out but they might have the truth maybe in the. game in about a game or so it really would do and that's
4:58 pm
a sport for me back to sammy. that said for this news hour but i'm back in a couple of minutes with another full bulletin so stay with us. ok calm and may show you're not hyping the situation be part of the debate my main characters are women and when no topic is off the table there was in the last allow child marriage to happen legally these are basically archaic walls that often legitimize them legalized pedophile on air online jumped into the conversation and meeting to be part of the discussion this stream on out is there on. the philippine this botching to restore faith in doc saying. i got the glory can you deny any wrongdoing. why when a student to guides on al-jazeera. radicalism is on the rise
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across the globe. we're told it's everywhere we're told were supposed to be highly suspicious of everybody and everything but our government policies aimed at tackling radicalization in fact pushing youngsters to the fringes of society impacted you don't belong and there's only so much they can take before you say ok that's me rethinking radicalization part of the radicalized youth series on al-jazeera. the health of humanity is at stake a global pandemic requires a global response. w.h.o. is the guardian of global health delivering lifesaving tools supplies and training to help the world's most vulnerable people uniting across borders to speed up the development of test treatments and of that seed keeping you up to date with what's
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happening on the ground in the ward and in the lab now more than ever the world needs w.-h. on making healthy a world for you. for everyone. the tree that's now in control of man paul today releases some politicians detained in monday's coup. sami's a dand this is our life coming out russian opposition leader their peers in a moscow court while the supporters are rounded up by police outside. japan's lympics chief says.


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