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u.s. politics and society that's the bottom line. police had me on file charges against aung san suu cheat and ask for her to be taken to detention for the next 2 weeks we'll have the latest from. hello of a very unforgiving this is our 0 live from doha also coming up a team of investigators from the world health organization visits a lab at the center of china's covert 19 conspiracy claims. the games have to be safe for each state called the group for each participant olympics organizers outlined a plan to ensure a safe events with less than 6 months to go now. that italy looks to the former
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head of the european central bank mario draghi to strive to solve the country's political crisis. let's begin there with me on now where police have filed charges against aung san suu kyi and ousted president when it comes 2 days after they were removed from power at a military coup police are asking for suchi to be remanded in custody for 2 weeks a party the national league for democracy says that its offices were raided and the documents were stolen during the takeover as this is happening a civil disobedience movement is growing over the removal of the democratically elected government of zeros cathy lopez hayam reports. from shock to anger. the military coup in myanmar has sparked public displays of outreach with people
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banging pots and pans overnight and its biggest city young gone 2 days after the takeover that ousted on some food she and her government calls for civil disobedience mostly online are growing. doctors and nurses and at least 30 towns have gone on strike to oppose the coup. an act of defiance with potentially dangerous consequences in a country with one of south asia's highest coronavirus death tolls but there are still reluctance to protest openly some analysts say what happens over the next we could to find the country's political future for years to come right now i go you know if. a planning something big you know i think if my guess is that we go from. either this happens in the next or 5 days are it'll just. military vehicles now lined the streets of major cities in a country still adapting after years of military rule where dissidents were silence
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and opponents arrested protests carry high risks on wednesday morning the government run newspaper published a warning urging people to not oppose the coup. at the moment people are buying the newspapers to know the latest but i don't think they'll keep buying it later on when photographs of military leaders begin to appear on the cover some say it's gusting to see. me on mars elected leader and head of the national league for democracy on science which he won a landslide victory in elections in november following a large loss of party's favor by the military they declared the election fraudulent now the head of the army is running the country. amid mounting international criticism people are now wondering whether their country's brief experience of democracy has perhaps come to an end. this is the young al-jazeera.
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early fall as one of the few foreign journalists face to me and now she joins us now live via skype from yangon so police to file charges against aung san suu kyi and the president's one of the charge them with ali. well i'm sense to cheat has been charged under the import export act for apparently being in possession of communications equipment now the in 4 x. 4 act is incredibly broadly written it's notorious under the full military regime for creating political prisoners and it was told the went on sensor cheese came into power they might revoke all. at least a full me a lot of these laws and this is definitely one of the most mundane stories on so that presumably kicking themselves that they didn't prioritize that and and there were a lot of questions about why they have had to address that because it's less than bum ripple now in this situation and they are and the president he's been charged under the. natural disasters act for breach of code rules that still to refer to
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a time during the election campaign elections campaigning was officially banned because of code restrictions and gatherings of more than 30 people. not to lie woods and. boyo of motorbikes drove past his house and he came out to greet them so he's essentially being charged for that which is. really ridiculous i mean both of the charges are ridiculous but it seems to me what it is especially in light of the last few weeks where we've seen daily protests from pro military groups gathering in dozens or hundreds in the last few days and without any kind of. any kind of. questions on them and generally the code restrictions here have been. widely disregarded and has really been no response to that so it does seem like they're picking and choosing they're looking for excuses they're using these very
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boldly written laws all laws that aren't really unfolds to try and find an excuse to keep them under. in custody long enough i think to find more against them we heard already that they've read. did the and the office is then probably going to look through that sort of information a lot of draconian laws that were on the books here that can charge people for so many different things so lightly they'll find something that also the uni see the union election commission which was widely criticised by the military full of allegations of rolled the military is making allegations for dance and they've been disbanded the military has already in the last 2 days created the u.e.c. and then now investigating fraud allegations against many n.o.c. members so it's likely will see more charges come from math as well on sensor chief remains hugely popular in the country as we heard earlier there is a campaign of civil disobedience how is the public likely to react to her continued
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detention and these charges. well it's definitely going to provoke more anger i think as the days of gone by and people have had a bit more time to digest that that initial fear and anxiety here in shock has turned to sadness and 9 to anger and and defiance really and that's what we're seeing today were in these campaigns the civil disobedience we've had already about the hospital where because who are refusing to working stuff from government hospitals what they essentially saying is we will not what comes in the military and they're trying to show the military that without the support ration the country won't function but it's a risky game and it's interesting to see how this will develop we don't know whether we'll see people coming to the streets we know from the military the military memos actions in the past what crackdowns on popular uprisings come look
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like we saw it in 2007 we saw it in 1908 they can prevent hot in violent and deadly deadly responses to popular uprising so it's possible that this is a new approach or it's possible that they're just biding their time to to wait and respond when more information about what's really going to happen don't sense if he comes out on the fall reporting live that from young on the many thanks indeed. a group of opposition parties in ethiopia's to greater region says that more than 50000 civilians have been killed in the conflict between regional separatists and the ethiopian army it's not clear where that estimate has come from but in the past his government said that federal forces haven't killed any civilians access to the region has been severely limited since fighting broke out in november but witnesses report the people that have been caught in the crossfire of that some of them starving will have davison is a senior ethiopia analyst at its national crisis group he says the aid agencies
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still don't have access to launch areas to graeme. we have a situation where there is ongoing conflict and insecurity again we can't be sure about how widespread or how intense that is the federal government of course says that the conflict is over therefore it says that there is no areas of degree really that are held by the ground forces and it says it's handling a distribution itself but this means that there is a continued lack of access to international aid agencies and we have these very alarming figures that perhaps over 2 thirds of degrees entire population may need a possibly a 3rd is displaced or these are figures coming from officials appointed by the federal government to run to great in the interim but we do not have the access to the international aid agencies they seem to be necessary to respond to a manager in crisis of this scale i think when the federal government comes out and claims that no one the conflict and the enemy has been defeated when it took hold
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of the regional government apparatus in the regional capital in the 28 november a lot of international media coverage does drop at that point but there is still some form of ongoing conflict large areas of the gray still seem to be inaccessible and because of that ongoing conflict in addition to the atrocities that are being reported we also have this very critical humanitarian situation so it really is important that maximum attention is given to this issue and then everyone does whatever they can to alleviate the suffering of the people and the great. inspectors from the world health organization have visited of iran a g institute of the chinese city of han that's where the corona virus was 1st identified the team is investigating the origins of covert time team 6 arriving last month they've concluded interviews with people from research institute hospitals at the seafood market linked to the initial out break out
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a series katrina you reports. beijing has confirmed that it's contributing 10000000 doses to quarterbacks and alliance which will ensure developing countries have equal access to the core of a 1000 vaccine and the w.h.o. is currently reviewing chinese vaccines for emergency use now the w.h.o. has also currently sent a team of experts to han to study the origin of the pandemic now beijing's foreign ministry in a press conference on wednesday said it was providing that team with all the transparency and information that it needs of course this is a part of a wide effort by china to improve its international image which is taken quite a beating since the beginning of the outbreak at that time when one say made a very important visit to the would institute of the logy which is where the trump administration alleged that carbon $912.00 and there's no evidence are far of this but we do know that dangerous pathogens including the corona virus were being studied there now after spending about 3 hours that the w. hater team members said that they had frank and open discussions with the
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scientists who worked at that lab but it's unclear whether they're going to have further access the problem with this entire mission is that it's been highly staged managed and many of these locations have been very tightly controlled and the team itself is under strict health monitoring so that able to freely move around in the public now china has rejected any criticism that it's blocking this team or not providing them with quality access and the team itself says that they're happy with the progress that they have made but it has attracted a lot of criticism from other international players who are quite skeptical about the quality of information and beijing are providing to the international community organizers of the delayed tokyo olympics of laid out their plan to ensure that the games should have to start in july are safe it's national olympic and paralympic committees and japanese hosts have been developing coronavirus countermeasures choose to japan's prime minister extended a state of emergency for 10 regions in order to stop the spread of covert time team
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. this parliament colleagues at the i.p.c. on tokyo to its 20 in consultation with tax experts have been working night and day 247 to develop a robust plan until kit aims to protect every game stakeholder and importantly the japanese people over the last 12 months every single aspect of the games has been meticulously evaluated in terms of covert 19 consequently we believe we can stage the games safely and give the world something to look forward to this summer so here's a look at some of the safety measures the limping organizers have laid out in this so-called playbook singing and chanting won't be allowed in order to protect athletes but topping is permitted participants must submit their itinerary to japanese authorities present a negative code 19 test and download the government's tracing app athletes also won't be able to use public transport without permission and repeated failure to
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comply with the playbook rules they see athletes expelled from the games for the summer is live for us in tokyo what more do we know about this is playbook sammy. you know we're live 1st of all i have to mention that this people in is directed at that they call those. international federations and you'll see delegates. press and court costs those will have their own play book which is going to be published during the next few days and organizers during that a purpose conference so they were very keen. to link found informing us not that this neighborhood is actually version one meaning that it is a guideline and they're very open to the feedback and the inputs from all the other they willing parties to just it's
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a good nations what's interesting about this is not so much of what it includes is rather what the didn't mention for example in the talks about social distancing where the mosques and all the other rules not now everyone knows and does to prevent 1000 from spreading but then to this thinking in this baby book is that they say that the nation is not an obligation to but it's based in the games and makes a nation has been the title of the message that has been his government has been bitterly telling the people that it is given its people that vaccination will help them to hold know the mix in a healthy and safe way so we don't box a nation how they're going to ensure that also it lacked many of the details about being to japan now the low as you know there is emergency state of emergency and none of the any national any foot in
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a convent or japan now so after lifting the state of emergency it would be there at 14 days gotten seen from the playbook it seems that they were to quit sending parties on the. other i.o.c. delegate somebody if members they would be able to enter. and without the currents in and that would require a special low so we expect that this is only a guideline as i mentioned the general got it got light on bit waiting for more and more details concerning not only is there not only those members of the national games but also that let's say within the coming days funny i'm told i called you something else a few moments ago a sincere apology is funny salami reporting there from chiba in tokyo. cd a moment you know the feeling still to come here on our sara amazon's founder jeff bezos is stepping down as c.e.o. as its latest quarterly profits hit $7000000000.00.
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for a successful test launch the rocket space x. hopes to one day at a mosque explodes on landing again. it's time for the perfect jenny. sponsored plan qatar airways hello once again welcome to another look at the international forecast movie cold air spilling out of northeastern china eastern parts of iraq and that will feed some more snow yet more snow coming into northern parts of japan than this we go through the next 24 hours or so as the western parts of honshu in particular seeing some very heavy snow fall chance to some snow to into hock but it's clear crisp weather does touch back in behind so at around one degree celsius on thursday come
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friday warms up to around 7 celsius right through the wintry flavia's fiona and further between just notice some western weather just coming out to central parts of china at this day so pretty wet day in shanghai on friday south of that a ship they generate dry and it's looking generate dry across a good parts of south asia at present a chance of one or 2 showers just creep in the way into sri lanka as we go on through thursday southeastern parts of the country could see some rather wet weather and notice a westerly disturbance just mixing things up across northern parts of india have got warnings in force here for some very heavy rain and some snow just around the foothills of the himalayas clear skies further south as i said a little bit of cloud into central parts of india but you push down to the south it's warming up nicely chennai with a high of 32. qatar airways ok calm and make sure you're not hyping the situation be part of the debate my main characters are women when no topic is off the table there was in the last allow
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child marriage to happen legally these are basically archaic walls dads off in the jet mines and legalized pedophile on arrow online jumping to the comments section and meeting to be part of the discussion this stream on out is there a. again this is al jazeera let's remind you of the main news this hour police and a file charges against the ousted leader aung san suu kyi seeking to detain her for 2 weeks the preaching of import export the army took power in
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a military coup on monday. inspectors from the world health organization a visited of the royal jihads tatoos of the chinese city of han where the corona virus was 1st identified the team has spent the last month investigating the origins of at 19 but organizers of the delayed tokyo olympics have laid out their plan to ensure that the games should you'll start in july are safe the measures include banning chanting and singing and making athletes use japan's covert 19 tracing. the former head of the european central bank is meeting with the italian presidents in a bid to solve the country's political crisis mario draghi arrived at the presidential palace this hour president but all up early announced that he's putting together a new high profile government it's really it's been struggling to form a government after prime minister is up to contest resigned last week his coalition broke up because it couldn't agree on coronavirus spending let's go live to rome
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al-jazeera stephanie decker is there so staff it's elise political uncertainty continues is that going to be resolved in the coming hours. and i think that's you know for sure not in the short term but what we expect today are meeting now in the presidential palace we expect the president to task. with taking on the post of prime minister and forming a government that can take 2 forms either a technical got government made up of technocrats or a government that includes some of the politicians and political parties and of course i think 1st of 4. we need to question whether mario draghi except but certainly there have been media reports quoting those close to him saying that there is perhaps a reluctance but at the same time at a time when this country is facing such hardships when it comes to the consequences of the pandemic and of course the dire economic situation that it's in that perhaps would be very difficult to say no there are of course also still political
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challenges when it comes to his appointment in the sense that some parties don't like technocrats others want to go to elections with as president but that i'd made very clear in his speech last night now is not a time during what is still an active pandemic to go to elections and also to go back to the european union in a couple of months with a plan of how it intends to spend over $200000000000.00 of rescue fund money so i think it's still difficult times here certainly if mario draghi does accept this offer it will be difficult for him to going forward but as many italians will tell you now is not the time to play politics is really what's happened you say you know the government fell because of one man already but they wouldn't be pulling out his small party from the coalition and wanting to vie for see so many people saying that this wasn't the time and that as soon as possible a government needs to be formed that can be there that can deal with the real challenges that this country still faces al-jazeera stephanie decker live in rome seth many thanks indeed the u.s.
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says that it's far too early to accept a call from turkey iran to revive the nuclear deal that's all to iran's foreign minister proposed a single tell us return to the agreement by both sides president hasn't rouhani says that washington should stop dragging its feet. americans must return to the resolution to international law and a resolution that was passed unanimously by the u.n. security council if we see good will gesture we will show it to you if we see action will show it as well if we see commitment our response will be full commitment more now from our correspondent i said baker is currently here in doha. this is about who acts 1st and how each party returned to that deal now iran is still part of the joint comprehensive plan of action also known as the 2015 nuclear deal but have been reducing their commitments to that deal after former president donald trump pulled the u.s. out of that deal and imposed sanctions iran was unhappy with the european countries because they couldn't find
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a way around it so iran is still part of that deal but as it stands iran has a largest stockpile of enriched uranium from this supposed to according to that deal they're enriching to a higher degree up to 20 percent than in in breach of that 2 $1015.00 nuclear deal the enriching in nuclear plants that they're not supposed to also they've installed more centrifuges then they're supposed to as well as more advanced centrifuges which means that they can enrich faster and to a higher degree that iran has said all these steps are reversible all that it takes is for the u.s. to rejoin that deal and lift those sanctions now the foreign minister divides raef has suggested that the e.u. could pay a mediating role in terms of synchronizing steps of both parties come back to that negotiating table to rejoin that deal it seems that the u.s. or the u.s. has rejected this it would have meant that both sides save face not only at home but at a broad joe biden have will be scrutinized by the republicans and president hasn't
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rouhani and his reformists will face criticism and scrutiny from a conservative that parliament a parliament that has been passing legislation calling on iran to take tough tough a stance against the united states so as it stands we're still in the same place u.s. president joe biden assigned a series of executive orders aimed at reversing donald trump's hardline immigration policies they include the creation of a task force to reunite hundreds of children separated from their families on the trumps 0 tolerance policy that will also be a review of the asylum process of the border with mexico. 12 police officers a bit arrested in mexico in connection with the deaths of 19 people near the u.s. border the officers face charges of homicide abuse of authority and making false statements the charred bodies were found at the back of 2 burned out trucks in the state of tamaulipas last week at least 2 of them were guatemalan migrants trying to
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reach the u.s. the others have yet to be identified across latin america leaders continue to struggle to control a surgeon coronavirus cases which continue to overwhelm medical services in mexico ambulances and being forced to wait for hours to find open beds if one can be found a tool at oxygen supplies a limited the russian sputnik vaccine has been approved for use. it's a similar story in peru where people are sleeping outside medical facilities to ensure that they can get access to oxygen that iran has put many families in debt with some forced to spend board 2 years salary in order to help their loved ones. amazon boss jeff bezos says that he's stepping down as c.e.o. later this year he'll stay on at the company that he founded in 1995 as executive chairman and says that he plans to focus on new projects of his era send us ravi
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reports many people might not remember but when it was founded in 1905 amazon dot com was originally an online bookstore. in a quarter of a century founder jeff bezos made it the world's biggest retailer putting countless high street brick and mortar stores out of business amazon made shopping faster cheaper and easier the company's success made basis the richest man in the world and the 1st person in history to accrue a net worth of $200000000000.00 in any environment there is always an opportunity to you know me and to disrupt and to you know reshape the way the industry works i mean certainly amazon is not the 1st nor is it the last innovator who will disrupt the market but you know what's significant about what just based on this has done is the magnitude of that disruption you know there are very few markets. are left untouched in some way as
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a result of what amazon has become basler stepped down as amazon is posting record profits thanks to a rise in online purchases drink over $1000.00 lockdowns around the world amazon quarterly sales have reached more than $100000000000.00 for the 1st time. but just weeks earlier he lost the title of world's richest person to another tech entrepreneur ilan musk founder of automaker tesla and space flight company space x. . in 2002 years earlier than space x. bezos founded his own aerospace company blue origin and just like amazon the company aims to make spaceflight cheaper easier and more accessible what he said in a letter to amazon employees that he's going to stay with the company as executive chairman but he wants to pursue other things including helping amazon launch new products so being a bit of a visionary starting up new projects also the washington post which he owns he also
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owns a company that getting competing in the space race privatization of space though he has a lot of interests and i think he wants to be free depor see the interests while at the same time keeping its hand in amazon for whatever is next for base else one thing is certain he is more than likely to keep making staggering sums of money estimated earnings from amazon have him on track to become the world's 1st trillionaire by 2026 the same bus robbie old is here. a town in france is flooded for the 4th time since december homes and cars have been submerged in tonga with water levels in the nearby river expected to rise further large parts of france including the capital remain on flood alert. the u.s. company space x. has carried out a 2nd test flight of its prototype rockets being developed take humans to moscow things were going well until it tried to land the company says the test was an
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overall success because of the data that it was able to collect starship is designed to transport people deeper into space than ever before and possibly take 100 people at a time to miles. it is good to have you with us hello adrian figure here in doha the headlines on al-jazeera police and filed charges against the ousted leader aung san suu cheap seeking to detain house for 2 weeks for breaching an import export law according to police documents the army took.


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