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tv   The Bottom Line  Al Jazeera  February 11, 2021 3:30am-4:01am +03

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i'm seeing footage of the attack on the kept on the last few hours with. the impeachment managers walking us through the attack on the capitol pretty much minute by minute using previously unreleased would hear from police radios as well as video from capitol security cameras recounting the violence that unfolded and also showing how close the rajah's actually came to reaching members of the congress in the last hour or so we heard from castro and david cicilline both impeachment managers focusing more on what trump was doing in the hours off to the riots had got on the way. and basically. making the point that trump did nothing to stop the protesters despite seeing what was happening on t.v. despite pleas for him within the senate from senators
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asking him to do something to stop what was happening let's turn to our correspondent alan fischer. mr president actually let's return back to the senate. here clearly what the ruling of the chair was so if you would repeat that choice to. preserve the senate resolution $47.00 section 4 the parties presentations are not. pursued resolution 47 section 4 primaries preconditions are not rooted to the market provided for section one of that resolution this is from senator from utah. yes i have. and there were. these
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a. sufficient and what is the question is it shelled the ruling of the chair be sustained is that the question yes. or. no no no no no privy to it what may i ask is the whirling of the chair my point was not about whether it's appropriate for them to make your research and my point was to strike them because they were false. it's there that senate resolution already said applies to securely to. the question is one of their root 47 section 4. is correct the parties presentations are not limited to the record provided for in section one of that grows solution mr president that is not my motion you're ruled on a motion you've ruled on something that was not what i moved what i asked was statements
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were attributed attributed to me repeatedly as to which i have personal knowledge because i have the source they are not true i never made those statements i asked that they be struck it says nothing to do with whether or not they're based on depositions which they're not it's simply based on the fact that i'm the witness and the only witness those statements are not true when i ask that you strike the. president. and the rule. mr president. who's talking citizen joe. what is the draft for our peal could. mr president. all of them into care is. is
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right in the right place. with mike i'm sorry. the asian is renee. let's go to alan fischer hair is at capitol hill washington d.c. in washington d.c. allan maybe you could tell us a little more about what is happening right now i believe one of the republicans mike lee is trying to get something stricken from the record some of the evidence that he's not quite happy with that's been presented. there was evidence presented during the last couple of hours about a phone call that was made by rudy giuliani to the senate floor no. he was trying to call tommy tolerable who is a newly elected senator from alabama but instead he got through to senator mike lee instead and mike lee 100 the phone over what mike lee is saying is that he is being courted in a context that is not true he is the source and he has asked for those comments
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that part of the evidence that has been entered into the congressional record to be stricken and that is what the vote is a vote at the moment. it's going to be a very close vote but you can see that mike lee is very unhappy about it mike lee is a constitutional lawyer he's a constitutional expert in the views of some he is also a big supporter of donald trump so it will be interesting to see how this actually pliant pans out it's interesting that this is become a point of contention on the senate floor during the trial rather than some of the evidence we heard in the last couple of hours which of course we've heard from the prosecutors who said talking about what happened at the white house during the assault here and the fact that for more than than 2 hours there was no attempt to call up the national guard even though several people called donald trump and said you've got to help us out here you've got to speak you've got to do something to call off the more that's very interesting because of course the argument that the
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lawyers for donald. we're going to put forward when they get their turn is that the more back to do on their own donald trump had no control over them yet here we have republicans including the leader of the republicans in the house calling donald trump at the white house to see you need to do something about it the more that is attacking the capitol other members of the senate and of the congress called 'd a vanka trump to speak to her father called gerry cousteau to speak to his father in law all of them making an effort to say to the president you have to call this crowed what is interesting as well is that the national guard were not called up for more than 2 hours a point made by what he cussed or saying there was a difficulty on capitol hill that the as we saw in the videos and hair did in those anguished radio messages the police service here on capitol hill the capitol hill
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police were being overrun they were being outflanked they were being a number and they needed reinforcements they wanted help from the national guard but for more than 2 hours there was no call moved donald trump didn't activate the national guard even though he was watching on t.v. the scenes but the democrats are claiming the reason he didn't want to stop this was because he was quite happy for the insurrection to go ahead because in his view it increased the possibility of the election result being overturned so that quorum call is a vote at the moment it is ongoing and we should get the result shortly but it's been quite a dramatic day here on capitol hill with video and audio being played that we've never seen before video from some of the security cameras showing just how close the more keen to some senators in fact there is a senior were mitt romney who was walking towards the crowd but eugene goodman a capitol hill police officer directed him in the other direction it was such
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a close call that. romney's son has tweeted out in the last couple of hours his thanks to eugene goodman suddenly realizing that he actually probably saved his father's life we also saw how close chuck schumer the leader of the democrats in the senate came to the crowed that he was heading away from what they thought was the riot but in the end they were actually moving towards it and suddenly with the security detail they had to a boat face and head somewhere else as the police closed the doors behind them to try and keep the morgue away hope the crowds were walking through capitol hill saying they were going to hand mike pence the democrats allege that they had been inspired by the tweets of donald trump who said that might parents was not courageous enough to do his duty several times over the last couple of hours of there are several hours in fact we've heard the democrats refer to mike pence someone that they wouldn't share many political views with as a patriot for standing up and doing his job here on capitol hill on january the 6th
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the spite the pressure from donald trump i think this is also a good point to make the point to apologize to viewers actually some of the footage that we've been showing some of the explicit language that we've been playing many of this much of this footage is is new it's unseen footage and al and i i do wonder how much. of what we've been seeing presented by impeachment managers would have been known or unknown by senators present today and how how how how how much that's going to play into their decisions when they vote. for some of the footage that has been in the public domain for more than a month but the security $52.00 is certainly new but from what i'm told from inside the chamber itself some of the senators were looking. quite shocked they had.
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clearly never seen it you can talk about the republican bubble how the only watch t.v. stations like fox news or one american news or news max and so they haven't shown a lot of this and so for them it was probably brand new and might change a few votes but when they get to 67 it seems unlikely let's go back to the senate floor jamie raskin who's the lead impeachment manager for the democrats is speaking once more you can text and so we're happy to withdraw it. on the grounds that it is on the grounds that it is not true and we're going to repeat that to ok we're going to withdraw it this evening and without any prejudice to the ability to resubmit it if possible then we can debate it if we need it but it's not it's and this is much ado about nothing because it's not critical in any way to our case your nothing could be examined as a witness or. which with so the
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manager's issue stands mr lee has withdrawn his request and we may relate a gated tomorrow if we have to i now ask unanimous consent the trial adjourned until 12 noon tomorrow thursday february 11th and this constitute the adjournment of the senate you know you're actually armed actually started. as a juror. let's return to our correspondent allen. has been watching proceedings in washington d.c. so. that concludes the 1st day of the evidence the 2nd day. of the house and picture house impeachment managers presenting their case against former president donald trump. this is the 1st day that we've had evidence
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so you're right in that regard yes that he was talking about the constitutionality of come back to that in a 2nd but what we've had is just under 8 hours of evidence we started at 12 o'clock there's been a couple of breaks and then the longer break for dinner what happened there was we were talking about mike lee objecting saying that he is the source for one of the points that they were making and therefore he said it wasn't true and it should be withdrawn at the house and peter managers of said look it's not a big part of our case they're happy to withdraw it but they may revisit it at some point on thursday the me rate me real litigator and bring it in to the senate hearing there's all sorts of rules about what evidence can be presented i think at the end of the day this is been a traumatic day for senators for many of them they had to relive the events of the 6th of january here and many were seeing it through the eyes of others for the 1st time including the police officers who form the front line who were outflanked and number 2 were frantically calling on messages over the radio for for extra help for
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backup you heard them talk about how they were officers in distress you saw some of the injuries that were inflicted on police officers you also saw how the police officers were to a large degree here as here as they directed as some of the protesters away from the house and from the senate to give senators. and members of congress the chance to find places of safety there was the incredibly dramatic footage from security cameras of how nancy pelosi as staffers went into a conference room there were 2 doors one in the corridor one inside and you saw them rushing into that room they close the door and then on the inner door they barricaded with furniture and we had testimony from the impeachment managers and we saw the video of how people battered on the door and they were very worried about the could possibly break through that there was clearly chaos for several hours the point that the democrats were making towards the end of the day having shown this
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video is that 1st of all donald trump inspired the crowd to move towards capitol hill and i think one of the key pieces of evidence that may get lost in all the video that we've seen today one of the key pieces of evidence was that there was no permission given by the authorities here in washington d.c. for a march from the ellipse where the speech was taking place to capitol hill until the trump white house got involved there was no permission or toll but donald trump and his team pushed the authorities to give permission for that march could well become very key and then we had the evidence from what he and david celine who is saying essentially donald trump did nothing and when he tweeted out. a video message to get people to go peacefully he said thank you you know we love you is that how could you possibly love people who were doing what they were doing here on capitol
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hill. we were talking about whether or not the democrats might be able to convince 17 republican senators to vote with them there may be. possibly 10 that are in the process of considering their thought a couple of them are retiring the likes of rob portman in ohio who's retiring he may well vote with the democrats this time round. but they probably don't have enough to get to 67 however what they are doing is laying down the legacy that donald trump has left this is the final days of donald trump in office they are laying down this is what he did and how he did it they are laying down in the history of the assault on capitol hill which will be studied for years to come and we have the likes of lisa murkowski who's a senator from alaska a republican not a huge chunk fine but she is saying having listened to the evidence over the last 8
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hours how could you possibly consider donald trump for office again and that may well be what the best that the democrats can hope for here that while they don't get a conviction for donald trump in the senate what they do is damage him so politically that he can never run for office again what is also clear from watching a lot of the video over the last 7 or 8 hours there is going to be more court cases from this the f.b.i. already confirmed that $217.00 people have been charged those people stretch over 43 states but there are going to be more charges and no they are dealing with individuals but what the f.b.i. will move on to very soon almost certainly and certainly something i've been told recently is they will look at groups of people and whether or not there was a conspiracy and who directed that conspiracy who was behind the organizing of the march and the riot all of that has still to come out at the moment the senators are just considering donald trump's rule and how from
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a july last year he was saying that the election would be stolen and how people would have to fight to save the country and fight to see him here save him as president a fight that he lost at the ballot box in the courts and with public opinion. and fresh air and washed many thanks. looking at the numbers in the u.s. senate we can see why donald trump's conviction is highly unlikely there are in all 100 senators 2 from each state the chambers evenly split 50 republicans 48 are democrats the other 2 are independents who vote with the democrats who now really control the chamber with the deciding vote a vice president come a harris but a 2 thirds majority is needed to convict trump which means 17 republicans would need to vote with the democrats against donald trump. let's speak to
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brenda one apple who is the author of the impeach is the trial of andrew johnson and the dream of a just nation she joins me now by skype from new york many thanks for staying with us brenda so how likely is it that he will be convicted. of this. it's not very likely at all but you in your correspondent wrist knowing it is likely some votes that we wouldn't expect will decide to convict donald trump but it's still a very steep even if you had to say shit 10 and 12 which you have 15 you still don't have 17 so it's going to be very difficult in the recent to accept just book for the day and age where referees when senator mean you were the subset
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because he thought he had been point maybe he was misquoted and you could hear republican senators cheering him on. that was not welcome just stop or you know for those who are hoping to day changed his mind what do you think of the evidence presented and how it's been presented do you think it's damning enough to make sure that the former president president trump will no longer be able to stand for office again. well i'm not so sure about whether he would stand for office nor be voted into office again and that that's a that's a real question and if he were to run for president in the united states that would be worth more in your son could have never supported hearings excuse me but in terms of the evidence that has been mounted today brick by brick well you know
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jerry very methodically i think what impeachment managers that upset you it was shish and we were just. with deep promotion and getting this name time with the ability to crew after motions and we don't think we need to you know we're asking just when there was discussion about tenet objection in the chill go was that they seem to have had was the responsibility torrence night meant that donald trump who are you know and so what exactly he's. you know it was taking that right were and i think that that was very interesting because they were actually talking especially since dinnertime what the problems were and the goal was to stop the certification and that's why giuliani is not stunningly you know making
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phone calls that far to one of the senators to slow down a scoop it's absurd really in that context also one of the bits at the grange and i don't know myself was that during reconstruction. trump actually tweeted now sections of the rally that we've heard play older and over again so he was clearly proud of that and that's the way of the crowd on. and i want to really get to get your thoughts on her 50 m.p.h. as the trial of andrew johnson and the dream of a just nation speaking to us there from new york via skype. coverage of the trial and pitchman trial continues later if and now a look at some of the album well nice united states is imposing new sanctions on
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those responsible for the militia in myanmar u.s. president joe biden said washington would identify the 1st round of targets this week and stands ready to impose further punishments the military must relinquish power seized and demonstrate respect for the world the people of burma as expressed in the november 8th election so the day i'm announcing the series of a series of actions that are were taking to begin imposing consequences on the leaders of the coup the us government is taking steps to prevent the generals from improperly having access to the $1000000000.00 in burma's government funds held in none of the states kemi help at has more from the white house. almost immediately following the military takeover in ian marr the united states labeled it a coup prompting the immediate review of assistance to me and market now president
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joe biden has gone one step further announcing with an executive order that military officials and their families connected with that takeover now subject to saying in addition there will be a freezing of assets for the government here in the united states and there will be strong export controls put in place now there is also a once again a calling by the united states for the release of those detained civilian leaders as well as activists including on song suchi the hope is that this will in the words of the national security advisor jake sullivan just days ago he hopes that this will sharpen the choice for military leaders in myanmar and if it doesn't the united states says it is prepared to take additional measures yemen's he say rebels have fired 2 drones packed with explosives into saudi arabia the kingdom says one of them targeted the area of comus snare its southern border with yemen riyadh says
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that the attack was thwarted it came hours after the heat these attacked on an airport in the saudi city of. no injuries were reported an aircraft was damaged the united nations nuclear watchdog says iran has started producing uranium metal which is another violation of the 2015 nuclear deal the international atomic energy agency says it's identified the material a facility in the city office for han iran has previously said it needs iranian mess hall for research but the material can also be used in a nuclear bomb. joe biden says the release of a saudi woman's activist from prison is a right thing today a.j. now how flew was freed on wednesday after 3 years behind bars her family thanked biden him to do more to ship our reports. it was
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a road trip that put. in jail in 2014 she attempted to cross from the united arab emirates to saudi arabia where women were not allowed to drive after 73 days in jail she'd become the face of a movement luzhin was later pardoned by king solomon and told to keep quiet. she focused her energies on ending the male guardianship system in the kingdom 2015 women were allowed to vote and stand in elections she ran but her name was kept off the ballot. it wasn't long before public pressure appear to show results in 2017 saudi arabia announced women would be allowed to drive under reforms made by crown prince mohammed bin. but just weeks before the ban was lifted in 2018 luzhin was stopped while driving in the u.a.e. flown to riyadh and later detained with around a dozen other women's rights activists nearly 3 years had passed her family has accused saudi authorities of torturing and holding her in solitary confinement for
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months at a time. saudi officials denied the allegations in december 2020 louis jane was convicted at riyadh specialized criminal court on terror charges and of seeking to change the saudi political system and harm national security her release is widely seen as a gesture towards the biden ministration she was a powerful advocate for women's rights and releasing her is the right thing to do washington also says it no longer shares intelligence with the saudi led coalition in yemen and has committed to declassifying an intelligence report on the murder of washington post columnist jamal khashoggi well that's likely to implicate the saudi crown prince amnesty international and human rights watch say long overdue reforms are a bittersweet. victory when the women who championed them remain in prison or facing unfair trials in the latest reforms announced by the crown prince mohammed bin solomon acknowledged that the judicial system had created pains for many women he didn't mention lose jane or other specifically she may be out of prison but
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according to her sister she isn't yet free shall remain on probation and isn't allowed to leave the kingdom and al-jazeera the world health organization has backed the use of astra zeneca has covered 19 vaccine up to questions about its effectiveness amongst older people and against new variance experts say while the job may often less protection against mild cases caused by mutated strains that confident against severe disease south africa suspended use of the astra zeneca vaccine just this week would recommend for the vaccine to be used in people 18 years and without an arbor age limit that means people are always 55 years of age should be given the vaccination we have made the recommendation that even if there is a reduction in the possibility of the vaccine having a phone in back in this protection capacity especially against the there
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is no reason not to recommend the humans even in countries that have the circulation of the variant. all coverage of the impeachment trial just coming up ahead here on out to us. it's one of the most recognized sites around the world famed for its support from far and wide. it's more than just a football club and you want to. politics and. the passion and the politics of liverpool f.c. the defined joint. part of the fans who make football series on al-jazeera. there's a wave of sentiment around the world people actually want accountability from the
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people who are running their countries and i think often people's voices are not heard because they're just not part of the mainstream news narrative. obviously we cover big stories and we report on the big events that are going on but we also tell the stories of people who don't have a voice i mean one of the child might that's never be afraid to put your hand up not a question and i think that's what our syria really does we ask the questions to people who should be accountable and we get people to give their view of what's going on. as a weapon of war leaves the very deepest scars. scars so raw that the victims men and women can barely talk about it. they are the only witnesses who can help bring about justice al-jazeera fall as human rights campaigners in libya investigating right since the 2011 revolution. unspeakable crime on al-jazeera examining the impact of today's headlines it didn't matter you're
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rich or poor what your religion is you are battling this and you're staring at it in the face and you're dealing with it setting the agenda for tomorrow's discussions that are unfolding on capitol hill international filmmakers and world class journalists bring programs to inform and inspire you each one of us in the responsibility to change 1st place for the better than al-jazeera. for the 1st time in more than 200 years the seat of our government was ransacked. democrats lay out their case against a former u.s. president at his 2nd and pietschmann trial saying he planted the seeds of the capitol hill attack well before january 6th. to us it may have felt like chaos and
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madness there was nothing in the madness to. play our money inside with continuing coverage of the impeachment trial.


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