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long journey to success. championship dreams part of the viewfinder asia series. on al-jazeera. has democrats unveiled never before seen video from the capitol hill riot training opening arguments of donald trump's impeachment trial. right now there are. 7 already at work that i've heard you know there was a police radio dispatch is used as evidence to show just how overwhelmed they were .
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hello again i'm come all santamaria here in doha with the world news from al-jazeera there is still no sign of a back down in me and that goes for both sides the 6th consecutive day of protests against the military takeover. i'm elizabeth bryan i'm in the indian himalayas with a rescue operation to find 35 men trapped in a tunnel since sunday's flight's has expanded. and pressure grows on the head of the tokyo olympics to stand down over his sexist comments. troubling distressing emotional those are some of the words used by u.s. politicians to describe a new video shown on day 2 of donald trump's impeachment trial this was presented by house impeachment managers it shows how close the riders got to say mike pence is just heading down the stairs now. chuck schumer as well here running through the
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capitol this is as the rioters stormed the building on january 6th the senate also heard house speaker nancy pelosi was evacuated from the complex immediately before the writers got to her office impeachment manager stacy plaskett argued if they'd found her quote they would have killed her trump is charged with inciting that attack on capitol hill there is one more day of evidence against him to be heard today thursday before his legal team presents its defense let's start with this report from alan fischer on capitol hill the day was punctuated by video much of it which had never been seen before much of it security footage from actually inside the capitol building itself senators could only watch on in horror as they saw or hope police officers were overwhelmed cody sent frantic radio messages arguing for help how the student gains the violent tide that swept towards them threatening to challenge the results of the presidential election at the very heart of american
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democracy. the evidence will show that he clearly incited the generous 6 insurrection. if you will show that donald trump surrendered his role as commander in chief and became the insider in chief that mob was summoned assembled and incited by the former president of the united states donald trump and he did that. because he wanted to stop the transfer of power so that he could retain power the the this was never about pursuing legitimate claims he was saying anything he could to trigger and anger his base so that they would fight like hell to overturn a legitimate election just the. do this
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violent attack was not planned in secret the insurgents believed that they were doing the duty of their president the. the democrat impeachment managers also highlighted donald trump's criticism of vice president mike pence how he didn't have the courage to do is job and then they showed the video of how close the crowd came to the vice president and the awful consequences that mia followed this next security video shows that evacuation you can see vice president pence and his family quickly moved down the stairs the vice president turns around as the riders reached the top of the stairs they were within 100 feet of where the vice president was sheltering with his family and they were just a feet away from one of the doors to this chamber where many of you remained at
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that time. vice president pant was threatened with death by the president's supporters because he rejected president trump's demand that he overturn the election the 1st critical hour and a half of this bloody attack donald trump tweeted his rally speech and did nothing else. was. senators. you've seen all the evidence so far and this is clear on january 6th president trump left everyone in this capitol for dead the democrats may have moved some republican senators with the audio and the video that they played today but it's still unlikely they'll get enough votes to convict donald trump but what they have done is lay the narrative of donald trump's final
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days in office on the assault on the capital on january the 6th 2021. let's have a look at some of the video and more detail other previously unseen footage of those frantic scenes inside the capitol as security tried to hurry people to safety 1st one you've got a police officer good many see him running into shot now he runs toward senator mitt romney and then he grabs him in a school on the way as the mob approaches goodman was already being hailed a hero for steering rioters away from the senate chambers. and this is senate majority leader chuck schumer being led away by his security detail but about face they come running back just a few seconds later to avoid encountering the protesters and impeachment manager erik's well you saw him earlier he says this video shows senators running to escape as the mob approaches this was the point where he says they were just 58 steps away from the rises moving on to other news meanwhile where people have been protesting
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for a 6th consecutive day as the army detained another key aide to civilian leader aung sang suu kyi protesters are demanding the release of their elected leaders and for the general to step down following this month's military coup earlier the united states announced it would be imposing sanctions on those responsible president biden says the 1st round of targets will be announced shortly let's check in with what's happening though in me in mascot hi this is reporting from thailand this day more arrests than scott take us through what you're hearing. yeah georgette way was a top official with song suchi and had been with her and the end of their party for quite some time he was taken overnight from his house as were other 4 members connected to the government is the way it's being described by and of the official we also know that some people who are working for the electoral commission were also taken and not just in the capital neighbored or yangon on the largest city but
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further afield within myanmar so it's a bit concerning now they're going after election officials the military government said that that was their main reason for staging this overthrown february 1st as they saw that there was a lection fraud in the november polling that saw a landslide victory for the end of the so they used that as their body of evidence to take over the democratically elected government so they're continuing to to widen their nets in getting people they think were involved in this in this fraud as they see it the military government. how the communications going scott i asked you this yesterday again but i do think it's so quite interesting given the limitations on information coming out and the issues to do with internet and communications how's it going. you know that we had today is about the same as yesterday come all the you know we've been communicating data messaging
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services messaging platforms to our people on the ground and that seems to be going about as well as it was yesterday as today again one thing we need to recognize these last few days have been pretty peaceful a lot of people going out but it's been pretty peaceful no confrontations like we saw on tuesday that's when the communication was a little bit more sporadic if you will but that could very well change there is word that there is a cyber bill being floated right now in the capital that would greatly reduce and put heavy restrictions on what people can view what people can be held accountable for so it seems as though the government the who is trying to change the way those things have been working over the last almost 10 days now so right now it's a k. but. it's very concerning of what might happen in the next couple of days when it comes to freedom of speech in the freedom of their access to people inside myanmar
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access to information outside the country so that's going to be coming over the next couple days but right now communication is still find at least the capabilities for us to talk to our people there and for people to transmit what's going on in myanmar to the outside world still really interesting to get that perspective and how the information is coming out scott hired as i say monitoring from bangkok. we mentioned the sanctions the ones being imposed by the united states roslyn jordan's got more on that with this report from washington. the u.s. wasted no time calling the overthrow of me and mars democratically elected government on february 1st a coup on wednesday president joe biden said it was time for the military home to pay the price to begin imposing consequences on the leaders of the coup the us government is taking steps to prevent the generals from improperly having access to the $1000000000.00 in burma's government funds held in none of the states and today have approved
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a new executive order. a new executive order neighborly most immediately sanction the military leaders who directed the coup their business interest as well as close family members by also called for the immediate release of state councilor on song suchi and president when met. and praised the thousands of bernie's citizens demonstrating for an end to the clue violence against those asserting their democratic rights is unacceptable and we're going to keep calling it out the people of burma are making their voices heard and the world is watching will be ready to impose additional measures at the state department a recognition of just how much diplomacy it will take to end the crisis i think what we are most concerned with is the restoration of civilian leadership and putting an end to these anti-democratic actions this coup the new me and more sanctions and biden's announcement that the pentagon will review how it engages
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with china all part of the day designed to focus on the president's role as commander in chief by and vice president kamel harris whit to the pentagon to meet with defense secretary lloyd austin and to boost morale as we face global threats to our climate and to our health to our physical security and cyber security. your work is of profound importance and consequence and that's why the president are here today to tell you that we stand with you and we stand for you biden told a reporter he wanted to know all the facts about how china handled the start of the covert 19 pandemic a diplomatic answer as the u.s. takes the measure of a rival pacific power rosalyn jordan al-jazeera washington. the families of
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35 workmen thought to be trapped in a tunnel and the indeed started losing hope the tunnel and much of the surrounding valley was flooded when part of a glass collapsed into a river on sunday rescuers have searched through the ninety's but there's no sign of survivors also food parcels are being sent to remote villages cut off by the floods at this stage at least 35 people have died but around 200 still missing is elizabeth around and outside that tunnel with the latest on the rescue efforts. the search in fact had expanded with members from the state from power company the national thermal power corporation of n.t.p. c starting to look in a part of the tunnel that they had and for the possible days in the middle of the night they started drilling into a silt filtration tunnel that's about 30 metres below the entrance where we are but we've just heard from police and they say that after drilling about halfway through they're not able to go any further because their machine broke down meanwhile all of the agencies involved in the rescue efforts that is the police the army navy
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disaster response the endo tibetan border police personnel they're continuing with their operation that they have for the past 4 days and they're just removing sludge from the tunnel to reach an area that's 180 meters from this entrance where they believe there are pockets of air and the men the trapped men could be but i spoke to a senior army officer and he said that that's proving to be an extremely tedious process because the. amount of sludge inside meanwhile the family members a still here waiting for news of their loved ones police have asked them to wait in an area that's especially for family members there is some good news though away from here a group of 6 men who were installing cell phone towers when the flood hit on sunday and we thought to be missing have been found they were taking shelter on a hell of a pad and it took them 3 days to walk to the nearest village because bridges were washed away and which is why there are engineers including where we are installing zip lines to put cable cars on those supply lines to give access to villages who
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have been cut off after many bridges were washed away in the flood. another note from the region india and china are agreeing to pull back troops from a disputed area in the western himalayas the standoff began last april when india said chinese troops crossed to its side of the border china denied the claims and accused indian border guards of provocative actions at least 20 indian soldiers were killed when the 2 sides forts in the golan valley in june. in the news ahead refusing to give up relatives of those who've gone missing in syria demand by the answers and justice and a lifeline to the outside world for people in gaza as a border crossing stays open for the 1st time in 2 years.
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how do we got more intense downpours across a good part of southeast asia big dumpings of rain coming in across the northern parts of borneo malaysia indonesia seeing the heaviest of the rainfall in many areas seeing around 100 millimeters of rain over the next 24 hours or so that wessel weather will slip a little further south which as we go on through friday more very heavy showers coming into indonesia and a repeat performance for staff a lot further north korea sunshine but the usual heat of the day showers there coming into a good part of the philippines meanwhile is fine and dry across much of in the china of course a fire to try to cross australia things looking rather disturbed here fair bit of rainfall even into the interior some heavier downpours and notice the tightening i suppose down towards the south of australia little area of low pressure making its way through with those types of rice about increased winds and increasing the fire risk across parts of south australia and victoria as we go on through friday the
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rain will make its way over towards new south wales eastern parts of it toria still seeing some clouds and rain should be largely funded dry in melbourne by this stage 24 celsius on friday little cooler but staying dry for saturday. as information on governments responses to covert 19 across the world emerges so too has a deeply disturbing question. people in power investigates allegations of systemic discrimination against the pandemics disabled victims and asks has there been a shameful failure to protect some of the world's most vulnerable citizens. coverage disabled victims part 2 on a just 0. 000
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. 00000. this is al-jazeera these are the top stories never before seen security camera footage has been shown on day 2 of don't trump 2nd 2nd of each trial shows how close the russians got to top politicians like mike pence and chuck schumer as they stormed the capitol building. people in myanmar been protesting for a 6th consecutive day as the army detained another t.h.o.t. civilian leader unsung suchi they are demanding the release of their elected leaders and rescuers continue to search for 35 workmen thought to be trapped in a tunnel in the indian state of a can't. rescue work has continued through the night but no sign of surveillance. u.s.
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president joe biden said his 1st conversation with chinese leader xi jinping 1st and since taking office biden raised concerns about the white house well what the white house called china's unfair economic practices the u.s. president also spoke about the pandemic situation in hong kong and allegations about rights abuses in china's region president she stressed the need for the 2 nations to avoid any confrontation here's sarah clarke in hong kong with more on what the leaders spoke about. a release from the white house has details some of the content of that conversation from joe biden side biden shared his greetings as well as his well wishers on the eve of china's biggest holiday celebration that starts tomorrow that's the lunar new year he also affirmed the u.s. as priorities to protect the american people sovereignty and prosperity and preserve a free indo-pacific region he did however raise concerns about in particular hong kong and taiwan he noted concerns about the crackdown on hong kong this of course is the arrest and the time it of
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a number of pro-democracy activists and legislators are politicians of the last 18 months or so since the national security law was introduced on july 1st last year as for taiwan he wants his not at all mention china's increasingly assertive actions in the region another point raised was the concerned about beijing's coercive and unfair economic practices china's state media have detailed some of the content certainly from china's side and she didn't ping she has told the united states that confrontation between the 2 countries is a disastrous situation for both economies she told biden he hopes that the u.s. cautiously handles matters related to taiwan and hong kong but he did note that he wants to reestablish dialogue and to better understand each other's political intentions and avoid misunderstandings and the misjudgments of the past so the overall message from shooting pain is the 2 countries should respect each other but as i said beijing has repeatedly called for these 2 world leaders in these 2
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countries to mend relations and analysts are hoping this will be the 1st step in that process. president biden also spoke about saudi arabia's decision to release a women's activists from prison calling it the right thing to do but jane a hospital was freed on wednesday after 3 years behind bars a family thanked biden but urged him to do more understood pell reports. it was a road trip that put. in jail in 2014 she attempted to cross from the united arab emirates to saudi arabia where women were not allowed to drive after 73 days in jail she'd become the face of a movement losing was later pardoned by king solomon and told to keep quiet. she focused her energies on ending the male guardianship system in the kingdom 2015 women were allowed to vote and stand in elections she ran but her name was kept off the ballot. it wasn't long before public pressure appear to show results in 2017
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saudi arabia announced women would be allowed to drive under reforms made by crown prince mohammed bin. but just weeks before the ban was lifted in 2018 luzhin was stopped while driving in the u.a.e. flown to riyadh and later detained with around a dozen other women's rights activists nearly 3 years have passed her family has accused saudi authorities of torturing and holding her in solitary confinement for months at a time. saudi officials denied the allegations in december 2020 louis jane was convicted at riyadh specialized criminal court on terror charges and of seeking to change the saudi political system and harm national security her release is widely seen as a gesture towards the biden ministration she was a powerful advocate for women's rights and really sure was the right thing to do washington also says it no longer shares intelligence with the saudi led coalition in yemen and has committed to declassifying an intelligence report on the murder of washington post columnist jamal khashoggi well that's likely to implicate the saudi
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crown prince amnesty international and human rights watch say long overdue reforms are a. or sweet victory when the women who champion them remain in prison or facing unfair trials in the latest reforms announced by the crown prince mohammed bin psalm on acknowledged that the judicial system had created pains for many women he didn't mention lose jane or other specifically she may be out of prison but according to her sister she isn't yet free shall remain on probation and isn't allowed to leave the kingdom and al jazeera families of missing syrians so they want the international community to address what rights groups are calling a crime against humanity 130000 people have disappeared or are still in detention centers and so family members of teamed up with former detainees trying to get justice for their relatives as are told when. when my and when you they
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ask where are our brothers and are not giving up on demanding answers about their loved ones. and survivors of syrian government detention facilities and families of those missing want justice. we only a number of organizations have now put together a truth and justice charter it maps a way forward to achieving what they call real and sustainable peace. just. right. you just described. by stopping the. actually. she. just comes right. after. but there has been no accountability photos smuggled out of syria lend credence to stories of the torture starvation and mass executions of detainees at the hands of
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government forces many of them taken by security forces during peaceful protests that began in 2011 since then human rights groups have documented the disappearance and detention of at least 130000 syrians. now. and know what. a un led process to bring about political transition has focused on drafting a new constitution to include the holding a free and fair elections they have made no progress. as shade 2.
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cases of arbitrary arrests continue to be documented in president bashar assad syria and evidence that the tension is still being used as a weapon of war that it could there be a vote. by japanese media is reporting that tokyo's olympic games chief is all set to step down and shoot him or he's been facing growing calls to resign for making sexist remarks about women the former japanese prime minister sparked outrage after saying women board members talked too much pride as the story from tokyo. you're sure i'm ari has apologized for these comments but the controversy shows no signs of going away if anything pressure for him to quit has been mounting with more lawmakers and even some of the commercial sponsors of the games now joining those calls in addition there has been a groundswell of public opinion against him with more than 140000 people now signing an online petition for the tokyo limpid committee to take action and to
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punish him in addition there have been reports that hundreds of volunteers who are needed to stage the games have quit have said that they will no longer take part because of his comments this is just the latest headache for these ill fated games which we have been postponed since last summer they are due to start in july of this year but of course with the uptick in coded 19 cases it is just as hard to get into japan at the moment as it is ever been with no sign of an actual vaccination campaign starting before next week at the earliest despite all this the japanese government is still insisting these games will go ahead but this latest controversy just adds to their unpopularity in japan with opinion polls showing that if they do not go ahead that if they are actually scrapped many people in japan would not be that bothered at all. voters in palestine are getting ready for the 1st general
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elections in 15 years rival factions in cairo to strengthen their commitment to the voters and abraham reports from ramallah in the occupied west bank. this could be the 1st benefit for palestinians following talks between fatah had harassing cairo egypt indefinitely opening its border crossing with the gaza strip the crossing is the only passage to the outside world for gaza that is not controlled by israel the egyptian authorities closed it in 2014 citing security concerns and up sometimes opened it mainly for humanitarian reasons. despite the decision palestinians say it's not easy to make the crossing. and that i should but i haven't seen my family or my 2 daughters in 2 years i thought this could lead to an opportunity to visit them but we haven't seen relaxed measures the number of people allowed in is very
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low hundreds of palestinians crossed into egypt on wednesday and thousands more are waiting for their turn while many feel relieved they're still worried a journey that usually takes several hours has been taking days because of egyptian checkpoints the palestinian factions meeting in cairo say their daughter conciliation has been made shorter masse won the 2006 parliamentary elections and formed a national unity government with fatah but they clashed over power in 2007 creating the deepest palestinian division this time they've agreed to hold elections as a step towards ending their divisions of the future split isabella promised is going to continue in control of gaza for the is in control of the west bank and there's a poor sharing barak having this is a this is the skill set is the 1st step of
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a future. several unity agreements have been signed in the past decade but ended a 14 year division many palestinians are skeptical. many people fear the scenarios previous elections will be repeated they fear the results will be respected and power won't be shared people we spoke to here fear that the elections that they've been waiting so long for will only keep the same people in power and that by avoiding resolving their main differences there keeping them alive. the occupied west bank. is the headlines at half past the hour never before seen security camera footage has been shown on the 2nd day of former president trumps and pitch.


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