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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  February 11, 2021 1:00pm-2:01pm +03

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and. this is al jazeera. hello and welcome i'm peter w. watching the news live from coming up in the next 60 minutes. never before seen footage from former president trump's impeachment trial tense video showing just how close protesters came to taking over the seeds of america's democracy. a 6th straight day of anti coup protests across me and more now the
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u.s. announces sanctions against the military leadership. i'm elizabeth cohen and the indian himalayas with a rescue operation to find 35 men missing in a tunnel since sunday's floods is becoming more difficult. to better than the one the c.d.c. releases new data on how to double masking and offer greater protection against the corona virus. and i'm so excited to the latest sports including reports in japan that i had to take pictures here and mario will be resigning a sexist comment. troubling distressing and emotional that's how u.s. politicians have described new video shown on the 2nd day of former president donald trump's impeachment trial the footage shows just how close rioters got to top politicians such as mike pence the vice president as they stormed the capitol
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building on january the 6th. the senate heard that house speaker nancy pelosi was rescued before the rioters broke into her office impeachment manager stacey plaskett argued if they'd found her quotes they would have killed her other previously unseen video show capitol hill police officer eugene goodman running toward senator mitt romney he has scored similar way as the mob approaches here you can see senate majority leader chuck schumer being led away by his security detail but then moments later they turned back and run to avoid encountering the protesters mr trump is charged with inciting the attack on capitol hill one more day of evidence against him will be heard on thursday before his legal team presents its defense
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alan fischer reports now from capitol hill the day was punctuated by video much of it which had never been seen before much of it security footage from actually inside the capitol building itself senators could only want to join in horror as they saw or hope police officers were overwhelmed podi sent frantic radio messages arguing for help how the student against the violent tide that swept towards them threatening to challenge the result of the presidential election at the very heart of american democracy. the evidence will show that he clearly incited the generous 6 insurrection. if you will show that donald trump surrendered his role as commander in chief and became the insider in chief that mob was summoned assembled and incited by the former president of the
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united states donald trump and he did that. because he wanted to stop the transfer of power so that he could retain power the the this was never about pursuing legitimate claims he was saying anything he could to trigger and anger his base so that they would fight like hell to overturn a legitimate election just the. do this violent attack was not planned in secret the insurgents believed that they were doing the duty of their president. the democrat impeachment managers also highlighted donald trump's criticism of vice president mike pence how he didn't have the courage to do is job and then they showed the video of how close the crowd came to the vice president and the awful
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consequences that mia followed this next security video shows that evacuation you can see vice president pence and his family quickly moved down the stairs the vice president turns around as the riders reached the top of the stairs they were within 100 feet of where the vice president was sheltering with his family and they were just a feet away from one of the doors to this chamber where many of you remained at that time. vice president pant was threatened with death by the president's supporters because he rejected president trump's demand that he overturn the election the 1st critical hour and a half of this bloody attack donald trump tweeted his rally speech and did nothing else. was. senators.
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you've seen all the evidence so far and this is clear on january 6th president trump left everyone in this capitol for dead the democrats may have moved some republican senators with the audio and the video that they played today but it's still unlikely they'll get enough votes to convict donald trump but what they have done is lay the narrative of donald trump's final days in office on the assault on the capital on january the 6th 2021. where tens of thousands of people are protesting for a 6th consecutive day against the military coup there demanding the release of their elected leaders and the jointer to step down but the army is not backing away backing down and has the same another close aide of the deposed civilian leader aung san suu kyi under house arrest earlier the united states announced is imposing
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new sanctions on those behind the military takeover president joe biden the state says the 1st round of targets will be announced shortly scott hyla joins us live from bangkok scott so we've got these reports that more allies and associates of sun suit she have been arrested what else do we know. yes peter and it's you know i guess the best way to put it is that they're casting a wider net the security forces and the police in myanmar there was one top official top aide of aung sun suu kyi taken in the middle of the night from his home and then also 4 others directly connected to her government the democratically elected government they were taken also which is a bit concerning there are it's all very concerning but even a bit more because they're going even further afield and that is a lection commission workers. officials were also taken not just in yangon or the capital april but further afield we know that at least
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a handful of them were also taken in and detained overnight the who has said that that was their kind of stepping stone for launching this coup on february 1st was they said that the november election and of the one by a landslide was fraudulent so that's maybe why they're going after some of these election commercial people but again you have a wider net you know we know at least 140 people are still in detention right now that all started with in the early morning hours when that coup was staged in february 1st and now we know the u.s. saying it will be imposing sanctions on the military coup leaders your sources on the ground in the country scott how do you think that news will go down with them. well it's it was interesting when you know that news came out kind of overnight regional time and in the morning there was a social media reaction straight away obviously a lot of people were happy because that is international recognition of their
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plight that is the world's largest economy tightening the screws on them the military leaders and their business connections so that was good news but there's also some concern because in the past there have been sanctions as well when there was a military dictatorship and it really didn't do that much they're hopeful that this might expand this being the international sanctions different countries stepping up doing similar things to the united states so what's interesting because of that today's protests have been focused on embassies of large nations large economies japan china they've been out front protesting today so again they're hoping that the will raise the international awareness and also that will be followed up by action peter scott many things called her live there reporting live from bangkok on the ongoing situation in the meanwhile. well from all the u.s. action against the jump from washington. the u.s. wasted no time calling the overthrow of me and mars democratically elected
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government on february 1st a coup on wednesday president joe biden said it was time for the military home to pay the price to begin imposing consequences on the leaders of the coup the us government is taking steps to prevent the generals from improperly having access to the $1000000000.00 in burma's government funds held in none of the states and today have approved a new executive order. a new executive order namely most immediately sanction the military leaders who directed the coup their business interest as well as close family members by also called for the immediate release of state councilor on song suchi and president when met. and praised the thousands of bernie's citizens demonstrating for an end to the clue violence against those asserting their democratic rights is unacceptable and we're going to keep calling it out the
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people of burma are making their voices heard and the world is watching will be ready to impose additional measures at the state department a recognition of just how much diplomacy it will take to end the crisis i think what we are most concerned with is the restoration of civilian leadership and putting into these anti-democratic actions this coup the new me and more sanctions and biden's announcement that the pentagon will review how it engages with china all part of the day designed to focus on the president's role as commander in chief by and vice president kamel harris whit to the pentagon to meet with defense secretary lloyd austin and to boost morale as we face global threats to our climate and to our health to our physical security and cyber security. your work is of profound importance and consequence and that's why the president are here today to
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tell you that we stand with you and we stand for you biden told a reporter he wanted to know all the facts about how china handled the start of the covert $1000.00 pandemic a diplomatic answer as the u.s. takes the measure of a rival pacific power rosalyn jordan al-jazeera washington well anger is also growing against the regional superpower china which has so far refused to condemn the military coup hundreds of protesters gathered outside the chinese embassy in yangon they're calling on beijing to end its support of the military john to despite chinese denials china has been refusing to recognize the military takeover as a coup but has called for the release of aung sun suu chain. the families of 35 work one thought to be trapped inside a tunnel in the indian state of what's a calm say they are losing hope the tunnel and much of the surrounding valley was flooded when part of the glazier collapsed into
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a river on sunday rescuers have searched through the night but there's no sign of any survivors food parcels are being sent to remote villages cut off by the flooding at least 35 people have died around 200 are still missing al-jazeera is elizabeth piron and joins us live here on the news from top where the search is still underway liz what's the latest with regards to this rescue operation. hello peter well the rescue operation has actually temporarily been forced and that's because there was a rise in the water level of the the she gon the and the dolly ganga rivers were on the dolly got in the river we did see an excavator go in backed out of the tunnel just a little while ago though and rescue teams have said that it is just a temporary halt but this operation really is facing just one challenge after another earlier today a drilling operation into a new part of the tunnel that only began in the middle of wednesday night that had
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to be stopped what rescue teams were trying to do was take about 30 meters into a silt filtration tunnel 30 meters below the entrance where we are but they said they were only able to get about halfway when they hit unstable rocks and they said that the excavator would have formed and apart from that all of the rescue teams involved in the effort that's the navy the police the army disaster response they are continuing to with a bullet rather with the operation we start to remove the large amounts of sludge that's inside the tunnel since it flooded and they are still hoping to get to that 180 meters inside the tunnel where they believe there are pockets of air that's a possibility of where the missing men could be meanwhile the family members the family members of the men have been coming here every day they are understandably upset but today we saw them at salute really break down and say that they're losing all hope list there does seem to be some confusion here as to what actually caused this what's the latest conversation coming to you about that. you know.
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one of the reasons why there was confusion is because this is just an incredibly remote region and there are different theories about whether an avalanche caused to a lake to burst whether an avalanche landslides lead to that devastation in florida where the blocks of ice fell off of the scientists did fly over the number they the mountain and they took photos they looked at satellite images they surveyed the devastation along the flood path and they say that it looks like a hanging ice sheet did fall off the mountain and take very large amounts of land mass with it what scientists and vironment to say is already clear though is that the himalayas places are melting a 3rd a predicted to melt by the end of the century and that this is needed 1500 places in the state of condit self and that's why they say that these dams and hydroelectric power plants should not be built in such and such an ecologically
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sensitive region liz thank you very much elizabeth joining us live from top. still ongoing story. well india and china have agreed to pull back troops from a disputed area in the western him a layers the standoff began last april when india said chinese troops have crossed to its side of the border china denied those claims and accused indian border guards of provocative actions quotes at least 20 indian soldiers were killed when the 2 sides fought in the one valley in june. 20 more still to come for you here in the news including concerns in the philippines about the growing black market for covert 19 vaccines. colombia's reckoning with its uncomfortable past as a commander of a former rebel group faces investigators. on the defending women's champion is knocked out of the australian open the best of the action coming up with sorrow in sport in about 30 with this.
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research is in the u.k. see the coronavirus mutation 1st found in the county of kent could become the world's dominant strain the kent variant is already in more than 50 countries it was 1st detected last september in the southeast of england since then it spread at an alarming rate across the u.k. forcing the government to introduce new lockdown measures last month our correspondent rory chalons joins us live from london so roy the comments about this new bear in the kent variant of come from one of the u.k.'s leading genetic scientists what long term impact might the strain have. yes sharon peacock should know what she's talking about she is the head of the u.k.'s genetic surveillance program she's also the head of a consortium of health bodies and labs around the country that is currently analyzing the 1000 plus positive tests a day looking at the genetic make up of the virus is their findings and what she
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has said is that the strain of 19 that was 1st detected in the south of the u.k. the south of england back in september she says has swept the country and is likely to sweep the world as well and that's because this strain called the can strike is particularly transmissible that it passes from one person to the next more effectively than the earlier strains a coded $91.00 of the warring things that she's been saying is that it's the work of analyzing 19 strains is probably going to carry on for another 10 years plus now that might sound more worrying that it actually is because she said that that doesn't mean that this is going to be an acute public health crisis for that long because different strains of the corona virus have different.
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impacts basically nor all of them make them more deadly and once you get on top of the virus then they will recede as a public health crisis be you need to stay on top of the new variants as they occur so that the vaccines that you're using can continue to be as effective as possible and that's a long term project. i'm sure it is very many things were a challenge there were 14 live from london. many of us wearing a mask to protect ourselves and others from covert 19 has become commonplace it is of course a common practice but it turns out we could do even more to stop the spread of the virus the us c.d.c. the centers for disease control has conducted experiments on the effectiveness of wearing masks chloral and is now recommending double layers it says combining a cloth mask over a surgical mask blocks more than 95 percent of cough particles the c.d.c. also says a tight fit is essential to stop any air escaping from around the edges of the mask
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let's talk now to deal fisher dale is a professor of infectious diseases at the national university of singapore and an infection control expert he is also the chair of the world health organization is global outbreak alert and response network he joins us from singapore dale good to talk to get so basically this is like double glazing for all those soft mucus membranes that i might breathe out across or breathe in across. yeah i'm. sorry your questions are stump me a little bit but no the research has shown largely what we know and that is that a single layer is not a is not as effective as multiple layers it's getting translater the little bit. we're into masks or even 3 and i think that's really not the point it's about wearing masks that have those different layers and this is vain really common
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knowledge but for some time the standard surgical mask has the 3 layers that we talk about w o w h r was released guidelines on how to make cloth masks with those 3 layers. you need anonymous organ inside. straight absorbent inside layer not absorb an outside layer and then a filtration wraps in the middle which is typically polypropylene and this is how you can make your own cloth mask that describes how to wash of animals this sort of thing so so i don't think i'd be pushing too masks but i'll be pushing good masks ok is it a simple though if people have got any issues or worries about just using one mask see you know the cheap as chips surgical masks that we've all got access to no is it just a simple as wearing 2 of those and make sure that they're on your face properly so you've got the nose guard slightly bent if you wear it with glasses to hold it in
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place that's better and also if you do that figure 8 thing around your ears where it pulls it in a little bit more snugly than you might wear it ordinarily that's also a good idea. so painter i think this is where we need to be very careful. if you're a proponent. of aerosol transmission being a major form. which which most people don't believe him then you might hit that way but but really the most common by far means of transmission is is droplet and surgical masks work with droplets they have the 3 layers and the droplets freds by trajectory it doesn't float and go around corners and things like that so i think it's so much more important to send a message to wear a mask rather than to complicate it by saying we're 6 tire the elastic together.
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or all this type of thing which which i think could deter people. a surgical mask has has served us very well on this side of the of the world for the pandemic still briefly you've totally confused me you flummoxed me now which i apologize i thought aerosol transmission was transmission you're saying there's something else going on here which is droplet transmission but surely droplets of something coughs and my face today when i'm walking towards the car in the car park that's aerosol transmission surely. night of the difference is that if it's very small fine particles which can. stay afloat and transmit for some distance we see this in conditions like measles chicken pox and the are not valued for those diseases is is around 16 now we know that even when when
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code was was at its worst the our north was like 3 or 4. this is because it's essentially on larger droplets which travel a metre or 2 of the most and then fall to the ground they don't stay suspended so so i think this mask. understanding relates directly to the transmission and most of us don't believe that that when we believe there are cells happen but it's very specific situations and it's not the whole mark you want to stop the pandemic focusing on aerosols you'll stop and demi focusing on on on on drop of transmission which which is mass wearing in distancing this isn't saying won't work with you there are cells understood thanks for that clarity the bill good to talk to dale fisher there in singapore thanks peter. drug company astra zeneca has annual profits of surged to $3200000000.00 the news comes as the
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world health organization backed the use of the company's covert $1000.00 vaccine despite questions about its efficacy among older people and against the new variants that we've been discussing experts say while the trap may offer less protection against mild cases caused by mutated strains they are confident it guards against severe disease south africa suspended use of the astra zeneca vaccine this week. i would recommend for the back to be used in people 18 years without an upper age limit. 65 years of age should be vaccination we have made the recommendation that even. in the possibility of this vaccine having an impact in its protection capacity especially against. there is no reason not to recommend. even in countries that have the circulation of
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the variants well the philippines government says it will receive the 1st doses of vaccines from a global vaccine alliance known as kovacs next month it's also secured at least 50000 doses from china but critics say that is not enough and there are growing concerns over illegal vaccine distribution coming from the black market struggling dogan reports now from manila. this blog entry in a popular chinese social media site talks about purchase of illegal covert 1000 vaccines in one discussion thread a social media user questions why he has not developed antibodies after buying one of them illegally raising doubts among others that some of the vaccines being sold are fake the website targets chinese nationals and authorities say it is proof that vaccines claiming to protect against school big 19 are being sold on the black
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market in manila the vaccines are hard to acquire here in the price steep investigators say each toes can cost as much as $200.00 china must explain i mean how in the world these illegal vaccines get into the philippines with the strength of their security and surveillance system it's impossible for them not to know or do find out exactly how this happened. the chinese embassy in manila has warned its citizens about the risks of fake vaccines and recommends only those authorized by the philippine government but the store to say this comes as no surprise at least 6 illegal clinics like this one have been weighted over the past year investigators found illegal shipments of medicines for respiratory illnesses allegedly used as treatment for corona virus and that these reported vaccinations may be happening to
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areas exclusively catering to chinese patients it's thought to many have tried to import vaccines amid growing anger at the government's slow response and outrage grew further when reports came out that president through the go to churches presidential guards were inoculated with smuggled chinese school with $1000.00 vaccines last year critics say the soldiers' actions have set a bad example and undermine the very purpose of the food and drug administration the terror to defended his security personnel it's actions to me jamaat their own research to be sure and i would like to call on congress what the. general. do not force my soldier to best of by against. the reed compared to other asian nations the philippines has been slow to roll out its vaccination program and critics say that's led to a black market with many here giving up on the government to get them
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a job and soon. doug and al jazeera mandela. 20 milligram still to come for you here on the news including cooperation not confrontation leaders of the 2 rival superpowers joe biden and cheating ping speak for the 1st time. unrest in haiti as anger grows against president juvenile mornings. in the sport with sorry build up to the finals of the club world cup between via munich. this. is still no end in sight to the basically cold air across the good parts of northern europe we have got high pressure very much in charge here that's blocking off these weather systems trying to push moderate in from the west at the moment
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still a cold blast coming down across much of the region then further south is where we also got some moderate or in place southerly winds just for that eastern side of the med it's right in with these 2 areas of low pressure but of course an impact on the weather as we go through the next couple of days to some of the temperatures 1st of all mid to high teens there into that southeastern corner of europe 16 celsius in belgrade 16 cells just for bucharest and quite a change as we head towards the weekend minus 3 degrees the top temperature in belgrade and struck does get anywhere near freezing a book friday that see some the potential for record breaking snow pushing into western russia see some very heavy snowfall coming through at this stage a lot of wet weather too just making its way into the western side of the mediterranean snow over the alps as we go on through our friday on into saturday at least seeing a lot of cold and when she by the grassy pushing across into grace where it will again cool off lossie settle across central parts and then went to the west.
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jump into the stream there is a lot going on in this and julian and global community when i talk about the misinformation i think we are more afraid than we are aware be part of the debate don't ever take anybody's one word because there's always a difference when no topic is off the table we have been disconnected from our land we have been disconnected from who we are who would love to hear the new in the to be part of today's discussion this dream on out is there. as a weapon of war leaves the very deepest scars. scars so wrong that the victims men and women can barely talk about it. they are the only witnesses who can help bring about justice al-jazeera follows human rights campaigners in libya
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investigating right since the 2011 revolution. libya unspeakable crime on al-jazeera. the. welcome back welcome of just joining us you're watching news our live from our headquarters here in doha are your top stories never before seen security camera footage has been shown on the 2nd day of donald trump's impeachment trial and shows how close rioters got to top politicians such as mike pence and chuck schumer as they stormed the capitol building people in myanmar have been protesting for a 6th consecutive day as the army detained a low key aide to the civilian leader aung sun suu kyi they are demanding the
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release of the elected leaders. rescuers are continuing to search for 35 working for to be trapped ton of the indian states were to come rescue workers continue through the mines but there's been no sign of any survivors. gathered for the funeral of a prominent lebanese activists who was shot in his car lot quinn sleen was an outspoken critic of hezbollah his murder last week provoked a public outcry across lebanon correspondents in a holder joins us live here on the news from the southern suburbs of beirut what's the latest on the investigation into the killing. well you mentioned he was shot at close range multiple times a week ago the authorities have promised the swift investigation but as of yet there has been no development and if you ask people who are here including his family there tell us that they're not expecting any results anytime soon because
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there is little faith in the judiciary there is little faith in the security agencies in this country the judiciary has been repeatedly been accused of being politicized in fact the prosecutor general in charge of this file was appointed by one of the 2 main shop parties in southern lebanon and the issue of a transparent investigation. the german ambassador as well as the american ambassador they were here and the swiss ambassador and they threw their support they threw their weight behind the family saying that we're not allowed we're not going to allow this crime to go unpunished we're going to keep pushing for an investigation we want to know the truth but in this country it has there's been a history of really or a culture of impunity so people here will tell you that they're not expecting to know the identities of the perpetrators or hold anybody accountable really for that crime there have been there are some accusations of responsibility zina the
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people making those accusations on what do they base their claims. well yes the family they have all but named the group many here will tell you that they believe hezbollah are. the iranian backed armed group which is also a political party which holds political power in this country was behind the killing of look monthly and they believe that the motives are clear let me just show you what is going on here they believe that the motives he was an outspoken critic he was a thorn in their side and they wanted to give a message they wanted to give a message to others in the community because look months liam hailed from from the shiite community not to raise their voices now if you ask them you're making political accusations how could you be making these accusations on what do you base these claims they say we're basing it on facts look man certainly was killed in hezbollah's heartland in an area where they control security influence and the man
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has been repeatedly intimidated and harassed by supporters of the group and they believe that this is the hezbollah had the most to gain the hezbollah has denied any any role in the killing and they believe that these accusations are being used for political reasons this shows you the deep divide in this country but the message you're getting from the people here they're holding up posters saying 0 fear is that we will not be silenced lebanon is in the midst of a deep political crisis a deep political divide and you know and now there's really fears that the security situation could deteriorate further that we must leave it there many things in a hold reporting live from the suburbs of beirut. back to the states u.s. president joe biden has had his 1st conversation with the chinese premier shooting pains since he took office in january mr biden raised concerns about what the white house called beijing's unfair economic practices the u.s. president also spoke to she about the pandemic the ongoing situation on kong and
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allegations about rights abuses engine jiang region president she stressed the need for the 2 nations to avoid confrontation and to have mutual respect sarah clocks in hong kong for us to bring us up to date with what the 2 men spoke about. a release from the white house has details some of the content of that conversation from joe biden side biden shared his greetings as well as his well wishers on the eve of china's biggest holiday celebration that starts tomorrow that's the lunar new year he also affirmed the u.s. as priorities to protect the american people sovereignty and prosperity and preserve a free indo-pacific region he did however raise concerns about in particular hong kong and taiwan he noted concerns about the crackdown on hong kong this of course is the arrest and the time and of a number of pro-democracy activists and legislators are politicians of the last 18 months or so since the national security law was introduced on july 1st last year
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as for taiwan he wants his not at all mention china's increasingly assertive actions in the region another point raised was the concerned about beijing's coercive and unfair economic practices china's state media have detailed some of the content certainly from china's side and she didn't ping she has told the united states that confrontation between the 2 countries is a disastrous situation for both economies she told me he hopes that the u.s. cautiously handles matters related to taiwan and hong kong but he did note that he wants to reestablish dialogue and to better understand each other's political intentions and avoid misunderstandings and the misjudgments of the past so the overall message from shooting pain is the 2 countries should respect each other but as i said beijing has repeatedly called for these 2 world leaders in these 2 countries to mend relations and analysts are hoping this will be the 1st step in that process. u.s. president. has decision to release
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a woman's activist from prison is the right thing to do. was freed on weapons day after 3 years behind bars her family thanked mr biden but urged him to do more. it was a road trip that put. in jail in 2014 she attempted to cross from the united arab emirates to saudi arabia where women were not allowed to drive after 73 days in jail she'd become the face of a movement luzhin was later pardoned by king solomon and told to keep quiet. she focused her energies on ending the male guardianship system in the kingdom 2015 women were allowed to vote and stand in elections she ran but her name was kept off the ballot. it wasn't long before public pressure appear to show results in 2017 saudi arabia announced women would be allowed to drive under reforms made by crown prince mohammed bin. but just weeks before the ban was lifted in 2018 luzhin was
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stopped while driving in the u.a.e. flown to riyadh and later detained with around a dozen other women's rights activists nearly 3 years had passed her family has accused saudi authorities of torturing and holding her in solitary confinement for months at a time. saudi officials denied the allegations in december 2020 louis jane was convicted at riyadh specialized criminal court on terror charges and of seeking to change the saudi political system and harm national security her release is widely seen as a gesture towards the biden ministration she was a powerful advocate for women's rights and really sure was the right thing to do washington also says it no longer shares intelligence with the saudi led coalition in yemen and has committed to declassifying an intelligence report on the murder of washington post columnist jamal khashoggi well that's likely to implicate the saudi crown prince amnesty international and human rights watch say long overdue reforms are a bittersweet victory when the women who champion them remain in prison or facing
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unfair trials in the latest reforms announced by the crown prince mohammed bin solomon acknowledged that the judicial system had created pains for many women he didn't mention lose jane or other specifically she may be out of prison but according to her sister she isn't yet free show remain on probation and isn't allowed to leave the kingdom and schapelle al-jazeera. one of libya's national carriers has resumed flights between the east and the west is hailed as another big step in the ongoing peace process a libya airlines flight with just a crew on board flew from tripoli to benghazi on wednesday commercial flights between the 2 cities will resume next week a conflict between rival governments in the east in the west has disrupted travel between the regions for many years now earlier this month the rival sides did agree to a new unity government the red cross says nearly 4000000 people in ethiopia's 2 grey region are in need of urgent aid the aid group has warned that tens of thousands of
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people there could die of starvation at least 80 percent of the region is still inaccessible to humanitarian workers the government's been criticized for preventing outside access to tikrit months into the conflict the region was struggling with food insecurity from drought and crop damage before fighting in november of last year francesco rocca is president of the international federation of red cross and red crescent societies he explained earlier the challenges in getting aid into t. gray. one of the most difficult they have us you know it we did people there is missing in most everything and only for us because we're working. in the region not and. even these 4 out of 48 lucky everything that magazines drive today can not. be the. golden days surgeries because they are missing a or diminishing not needed for
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a nice food. security plus the violence. plus of course hundreds of thousands of like. 250000 soaked and that are already in this you and i may have been i'm not glad i met some of them might be said to all speak outside the state where boats all speak out empty because they were made since and rocks so in a situation is very very difficult if you can would cross it was present before out walking got but we got a lot of difficulties out there who may know them not remaining unaccessible and the 80 percent of the people of the right is eating it we're out in that our yes but gas to fight really ends europe and this is why we are asking god to do obote back to walk with people by the side or to grant access to that you might be an actor if you. protest as in haiti are again on the streets demanding president in
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illinois resignation on monday the police arrested more than 20 people accused of trying to kill him and overthrow his government opposition leaders say the arrests are politically motivated and that money is time as president has expired they want a supreme court judge to be declared interim president morsi says he still has one more year left in office. the former commander of columbia's former rebel group far has been questioned by a tribunal over the killing of a presidential candidate during the country's decades long conflict the peace tribunals have been criticized because of a lack of action but recent charges brought against former rebels are forcing people to change their opinions. reports now from. this is a. better known as. the one who feared commander of the fired gravels being grilled about an unsolved murder on wednesday by investigators of colombia special jurisdiction for peace or. a unique tribunal created to
1:45 pm
investigate in judge the worst crimes committed during the country's decades long civil conflict. but critics of colombia's peace deal signed in 2016 have long complained that the created a tribunal is too lenient on the former good to be years. bless the president his mentor former president have been leading the charge insisting that the tribunals is going after government soldiers while offering impunity for the far. these sanctions need to be proportional in effect and not to revoke demise those who were victimized because those who committed these crimes have not been punished not. yet the head is proving critics wrong in its 1st ruling adding dieted 8 fark leaders for work crimes and crimes against humanity for the role in the
1:46 pm
kidnapping of more than 20000 people to finance their war against the state from 1909 to 2016 it is. the tribunals 1st decisions show that the special jurisdiction for peace is operating in a zealous open and deliberate manner to prevent any hint of impunity. the ruling is devastating for the fight now a political party 2 of the 6 leaders are currently in congress they now have less than a month to decide if they accept or deny the charges if they accept that the tribunal restrict their freedoms and sentence them to alternative punishments like the land in war torn territories if they deny the charges they could face up to 20 years in prison. many victims of the fark saving documents are a positive step forward but. sister of politician who died in captivity says the accused should at the very least resign their seats in congress they say they are
1:47 pm
talking and they are committed to the truth will be expect them to be faster more efficient and we need to know what happened to those who disappeared. many in the country believe the polarization surrounding the help will only worsen in the coming months when indictments affecting the military and political elites will be announced uncovering uncomfortable truth was never going to be easy but the tribunals early rulings show the system created. is rising to the challenge. and just. you sealings parliament has dropped ties from its dress code after mary politician complained it was a colonial noose maori party co-leader co-leader rather royal we are you t.t. was ejected from parliament on tuesday for refusing to wear a necktie replacing it with a traditional green stone pendant he complained ties were breached to indigenous rights his protest was successful and he was allowed back in minus a tie on weapons day this government and this parliament of the stalin name
1:48 pm
but it has been established because my ancestors. to this nation org. and so this is. the only thing not a whole or the problem lies. we give enough for 20 to saumur the leaders of the of them all the way from new zealand the. still to come here on the news hour count some banks holds up parts worth half a $1000000.00 that's coming up in the sport with sarah on the other side of the break.
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we're going to.
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tell if your small. thanks very much faith of all that thought with tennis and defending women's champions kennon has been knocked out of the australian open in the 2nd round the 22 year old american was beaten in straight sets by sonia's kaia kanepi holding back tears as she admits that the pressure of defending the trophy was just too much and that she'd been struggling with nerves having just finished 14 days of quarantine before the tournament. i'm not there 100 percent physically mentally my game everything just feels like really our pharmacy it's not good but i mean i just you know i couldn't really i guess handle the pressure. the women's number one ashley barty is into round 2 but had to work hard for it she was up against fellow australians are you governed over just by winning the 1st set 61 she
1:51 pm
had to save 2 set points before taking the set on the tie break and looking at the men's draw stephanus did so both had a really tough match against australia benefited from that the greek eventually coming through in 5 steps to reach the 3rd round in a match lasted 4 hours and 32 minutes. now i'm you know who'll be without one of their top defenders germy what's hang for the fun of the club world cup rather later on thursday night he's pulled out the match against aggress following the death of his former girlfriend. i'm told this is stunned us jerome came to my room and asked me if he was allowed to return home both the club and i agreed your flight back and not be available until further notice. by and i mean for 6 trophy in 12 months was standing in the way all central american champions to aggress no mexican card has ever reached the club world cup
1:52 pm
final and if they do pull off an upset they will become the 1st non european team to win the trophy since brazil's court in fear and in 2012 games will make you program of the sort of the other team used to victories like us but that doesn't mean they aren't principles they lose like us they will like we win we have to play at our best and i think we are up to the challenge. amanda city of set a new winning record in english football they beat swanzy 31 to reach the quarter finals of the f.a. cup that is their 15th successive victory in all competitions which break through record set by preston way back in the 189192 season and also in the late 1980 s. . everton also one of thrilling game against tottenham it was $44.00 after 90 minutes so it went to extra time and was in his substitute bernard got the winning goal to send everton through to the last 8. now moving on to
1:53 pm
reports in japan that the head of the tokyo lympics euro mori will resign over a sexist comment that he made last week they 2 year old 83 rather former japanese prime minister has said women talk too much he says apologize and retract it is comments bartz had said he wouldn't resign over this now it seems though there's been a huge turn because he's expected to officially step down on friday regret has more from. you're sure i'm ari has apologized for these comments but the controversy shows no signs of going away if anything pressure for him to quit has been mounting with more lawmakers and even some of the commercial sponsors of the games now joining those calls in addition there has been a groundswell of public opinion against him with more than 140000 people now signing an online petition for the tokyo limpid committee to take action and to punish him in addition there have been reports that hundreds of volunteers who are
1:54 pm
needed to stage the games have quit have said that they will no longer take part because of his comments this is just the latest headache for these ill fated games which we have been postponed since last summer they are due to start in july of this year but of course with the uptick in coded 19 cases it is just as hard to get into japan at the moment as it is ever been with no sign of an actual vaccination campaign starting before next week at the earliest despite all this the japanese government is still insisting these games will go ahead but this latest controversy just adds to their unpopularity in japan with opinion polls showing that if they do not go ahead that if they are actually scrapped many people in japan would not be that bothered at all. the bron james and the l.a. lakers have won again in the n.b.a.
1:55 pm
the browns school $25.00 points against him the city thunder including a game tying 3 pointer to force the game into overtime the lakers went to win by a thing called point which makes it 6 in a row for the defending n.b.a. champions. and let's finish with a golf shot worth half a $1000000.00 this is actor alfonso ribeiro known as colton banks from the french prince of bel-air holding holding rather the winning parts in a charity game of beach in california and as you can see he celebrated with his iconic dance from the fresh prince. of sport for now right see peter so thanks very much. the army in senegal they've captured 3 rebel bases in the southern cross some moms reach and they're trying to take back all of its 1st referred to a senate girls' bread basket that was harcourt from dhaka. in hiding deep inside the southern most jungle are rebels fighting senegal for independence after launching mortar and artillery attacks soldiers go from village to village in
1:56 pm
search of the rebels discover a rebel base complete with ammunition and an underground hideout of fighters had vanished leaving behind landmines you see. there was a little resistance from the armed individuals they were overpowered and fled we were able to recover weapons footprint and also medicines it seems that this was also serving as a health facility for these rebels in a statement rebel fighters from the movement of democratic forces of casm all say the military operation ordered by president mikey is a declaration of war we're now there's a ceasefire it was agreed by rebel factions the government and mediated by organizations close to the vatican but one of. the rebels are splintered and so to government is unable to negotiate with all the various factions which explains this operations over the years thousands of people have fled the conflict seeking refuge in neighboring gambia and in guinea bissau these populations know when to return
1:57 pm
home rebels have the support of previous leaders in neighboring gambia in guinea but newly elected presidents to stop funding the rebels preferring to build stronger ties with senegal's president mikey sol for senegal is a strategic importance. the fruits vegetables even the rice that you find in markets in the capital come from casm moss the region receives here around rain falls whereas the rest of the country suffers from droughts making it the nation's breadbasket and so for president monkey sell ending this rebellion is not just about national sovereignty it's about guaranteeing food security for millions of senegalese. with this latest offensive senegal forces are winning by. fertile farmland the rebels were using to harvest drugs the hope is to bring to an end a 40 year old conflict so that the villagers can finally returned home and form
1:58 pm
this precious land because hawke al-jazeera the car. what should americans be thinking and doing right now it should be about ideas they don't care about their work is all they care about is making money china is not going to be left out of the calling for the devoted defense budget to be trying to force on law and on us politics and policies and their effect on the world. they were sent to afghanistan to help but now
1:59 pm
a strategy of soldiers facing allegations of war crimes including the. vesta gets on al-jazeera. for 4 weeks america engulfed in protest every day all over the u.s. even as the country faces the continued threat of a deadly pandemic. and it morphed into a movement calling for police reforms sometimes it was violent. but mostly it was peaceful we asked people to describe what america is now feeling i think people want change. and i think people are willing to do whatever it takes to get there on friday billions of people in america are expected to celebrate what's called june 13th an unofficial hold. commemorating the end of slavery in the united states this year in the wake of the nationwide protests there is a growing number of calls to make it an official federal holiday. people see it as
2:00 pm
a great opportunity to take to the streets to continue to let their message be heard. never before seen footage from former president trump's impeachment trial the tense video showing just how close protesters came to taking over the seat of democracy. i'm going all santa maria here in doha this is the world news from al-jazeera a 6th straight to day event he could protests across me and mahler and now the u.s. announced and so.


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