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has president joe biden kept his campaign promises we'll have special coverage and in-depth analysis of his 1st $100.00 days in the oval office april on outages iraq . that way out here taiwan's worst train disaster in decades the number of dead is rising and some people still trapped in train carriages. compelled this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. several people have died in a fire near everything a refugee camp in bangladesh. we got addicted.
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and tried really hard to. break that addiction. george floyd's girlfriend testifies about their drugs battle the trial of the former policeman accused of his murder. the u.n. says more than half of cameron's women and girls have experienced sexual violence with armed groups accused of using rape as a weapon of war. at least 48 people have now been confirmed dead in a taiwan train crash came off the tracks inside a tunnel just north of the city of while again carrying about 350 passengers china bella's has the latest. rescue a scramble to reach people trapped after this train came off the tracks on friday morning the front of the train had passed through
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a tunnel when it derailed the back carriage is still inside the tunnel with the brunt of the damage. this woman yells carriage full coverage for has everyone come out it was 350 passengers on board when it crashed and portable today you could feel the emergency brake was put on and the train just shook and then stopped it and i didn't count on it and says i'm not you don't know. we're fine but some of the passengers in our compartment were injured. rescuers struggled inside the narrow tunnel trying to reach the injured from inside the crumbled carriages the train's roof became the main access point for rescue is and for passengers to escape oh oh right. there was no other way for us to get out so we had to climb to the top of the train and then climb down i was sitting on the aisle side and i was thrown to the floor initial reports suggested the train slammed on its brakes after a truck fell from
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a cliff and landed on the tracks its taiwan's worst train disaster in over 3 decades the last major rail crash happened in 2018 when an express train derailed killing 18 people the accident came on the 1st day of the 4 day 2 sweeping festival an annual event where people travel to their hometowns to see family and worship at the graves of their ancestors shelob ellis al-jazeera and here in brown is monitoring developments and joins us now live from hong kong adrian just bring us up to speed what's the latest. well the focus of the rescue operation is that tunnel where 4 carriages are and inside those carriages are still many trapped people rescuers are having to operate in a very narrow space the carriages are leaning against the wall of the tunnel we know that some passengers actually had to smash the carriage windows in order to
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get out some were able to walk to safety to get treatment but many others as i say do remain trapped in those carriages and i think it's going to be a few more hours before they reach those who are still alive and indeed those who have perished focus now is how this accident happened will if you look closely at the images the aerial pictures you can see that just above the track is a service area that appears to be close to a construction site and one theory is that a vehicle possibly a truck somehow fell from that service road onto the track falling right to the entrance of the tunnel or though it still hasn't been confirmed but that of course happened it'll be something that investigators will of course be looking into it is the worst accident that actually we've seen in taiwan in decades the last serious one was 3 years ago and before that there was one in 1081 when 30 people died
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anders charlotte said in her report it seems that some of those people on board this train were heading home to mark one of china's most important religious festivals the ching ming 1st of all when people sweep the graves of their ancestors which of course brings an added poignancy to this particular tragedy adrian have there been any access issues for an urgency crews the pictures we're looking at in the back it's quite a remote location. that's right kim it's a very mountainous area it's an area of outstanding natural beauty actually a very scenic area popular with hikers popular with cyclists and because it's so mountainous there of course many tunnels in that area getting to the track is not difficult the problem for rescuers is getting inside that tunnel because it is just
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a single track career away in that particular place so it's very hard as i say for rescuers to move about easily inside and of course in a few hours' time it will be getting dark and they're going to need additional light to operate inside that tunnel ok thank you for that update there angry and brown monitoring developments from hong kong 3 people are confirmed to have been killed by a fire at narrowing a refugee camp in baghdad day it broke out in the early hours of the morning and has now been brought under control it happened less than 2 weeks after a huge fire now by police destroyed thousands of tents killed at least 15 people have a town 3 has the latest from the capital dhaka. well this happened somewhere our early morning local time 430 in a bazaar which is just into the. refugee camp this is about we have visited before there are a lot of local host shopkeepers as well as throwing out the shop there for dr green
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vegetables fruits and other stuff many of them actually own small shops there so so far we can come from officially at least 3 people are dead their bodies were found we don't know if there's any more dead. people that there's a big sign in there owing a refugee camp i've been talking to many of our contacts in the temple last several days there's been smaller incidents are fired some from last incident on. march 22 which was devastating tens of thousands there are 15 killed now they're saying the smaller incidents of fires were not deadly few houses rather were burned but they're concerned that this is becoming an ongoing trend it could be an arson it could be something else but there is been one growing a lady who was arrested and detained because she was caught during an arson attack so this is a major concern there's been. there's been fire in january. a
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major cause for concern and also many of their anger has been shifted. yesterday few 1000 growing as were taken there there's already 14000 they're. told floyd's girlfriend has spoken about the couple's opioid addiction courtney ross testified on the 4th day of the trial of a former police officer accused of floyd's drug use is expected to become a focus when the defense presents its case links him. and his own to reports from minneapolis and a warning some of the picture. this image of george floyd adopted by the black lives matter movement after his death is recognized all over the world as a symbol of police brutality and it is based on
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a selfie kind of business. that's according to georgia girlfriend courtney ross who was the 1st to testify on day 4 of the derek show vun murder trial. in her often emotional testimony she described how the pair met in 2017 when floyd was working as a security guard upon questioning she also described how they fell into addiction. of. mine was. it was an apparent attempt by the prosecution to get ahead of a central plank of chauvinists defense team's argument that it was the drugs that killed george floyd and not the officers more than a 9 minute choke hold in their defense attorney eric nelson questioned ross about
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a drug overdose floyd had in march as a court session was ongoing ben crump the floyd family attorney released a statement saying in part we fully expected the defense to put george's character and struggles with addiction on trial because that is the go to tactic when the facts are not on your side we are confident that the jury will see past that to arrive at the truth. the jury later heard from paramedics part of the team who arrived at the scene to treat floyd they testified when they arrived show up and still had his knee on floyd's neck and that floyd was unconscious in a living person there should be a poster i do not feel on i suspected. at the moment that you're checking for this crime and haas and the os are still listen on top of mr blair. yes
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the trial is moving into a new phase instead of heart wrenching testimony from eyewitnesses like what we've heard most of the week the trial is now shifting into fundamental questions like how george floyd died exactly when and who or what is to blame gabriel's on doe al-jazeera minneapolis. united nations report says more than hall for all women and girls in kemah hood have been victims of some form of sexual violence and violence groups warn armed groups like using rape as a weapon of war zone. jamie lee claris lives in maru in cameron's far north region where boko haram is stepping up its attacks but she says it was a neighbor who came to her home and raped her she was 12 at the time when the family found out she was pregnant the baby was taken away from her and jimmy was abandoned
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. my parents choose me out of the house i became a stain for them a source of shame and so close my eyes and hid in the forest according to the un more than half of women and girls in cameroon have suffered from emotional and sexual violence rights groups say rape is a crime that goes unpunished especially in conflict areas of the far north and the english speaking regions armed groups like booker and security forces have been accused of using rape as a weapon of war the girls themselves are treated as subjects of suspicion you know they what's called bad blood back into the community some big mountain to climb sometimes to get the girls accepted and their children to. consider does as really something to keep ostracize my room i escaped after being abducted by boko haram fighters who repeatedly raped her and then forced her into marriage where she gave birth to 3 children because of the identity of their father will not recognize them
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or register them as citizens without documentation the children cannot go to school . and i found a book was horrible life and here is not easy because of who the father is my children cannot have an education it's a constant battle for us to be accepted by society but i will fight for my children . despite the challenges in both my room and jamila have suffered they are trying to rebuild their lives in a country where rape has become not just a weapon of war but a way of robbing young girls of their childhood and their future nicholas hawke al-jazeera. still ahead on al-jazeera china intervened at the u.n. security council as international pressure builds against me and musketry come. in to expand its vaccination program as cases surge some of the poorest people on to
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being it only takes will tell you. it's time for the perfect gentleman. sponsored plan qatar airways how they would say is a big changes in the weather across europe this week we started off the week with temperatures across the northwest getting into the low to mid twenty's and we're reading the wait with temperatures struggling to get into double figures and the reason for that is this area of high pressure just to the south of boston prodrome the winds in from a northerly direction always a cold direction and those temperatures will continue to plunge as we go on through the easter weekend as a cold front further east and that's going to produce some rain sliding down across parts of ukraine easing down towards rumania some showers that into the balkan somewhat dry where we have our area of high pressure up towards the northwest but
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as you can see temperatures struggling to get to right 11 celsius in london 11 degrees the in a not too much better in paris at around 16 celsius some areas a shabby rain there into spain and portugal a tad warmer here but it will warm up further as you go i wanted to saturday fewer shallots there for spain but they are still there nevertheless madrid at 21 celsius 11 celsius there in london just 8 degrees the rash of showers some of them turning away in st by this stage as we make our way down across the czech republic into austria whether that's just around. with some showers for italy. sponsible qatar airways jump into the story there is a lot going on in this and julian and global community when i don't have all the misinformation i think we are more afraid than we are aware be part of the debate don't ever take anybody's one word because there's always a difference when no topic is off the table we have been disconnected from our land
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we have been disconnected from who we are good enough to heed the new and be part of today's discussion this streamed on out is the era. you're watching on his era her minder of our top stories this hour a train has derailed in taiwan killing at least 48 people and injuring dozens more rescue workers are trying to free transplants just taiwan's it was trade disaster in 3 decades. 3 people are confirmed to have been killed in a fire in the overhang of refugee camp in bangladesh it happened less than 2 weeks
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after a much bigger fire which killed 15 people. george floyd's girlfriend has testified about the couple's struggles with opioid addiction she spoke on the 4th day of the trial of a former police officer accused of his murder. the un security council has strongly condemned the use of violence by mean males military had against civilians but it stopped short of threatening further action at china's insistence earlier to pose civilian leader aung san suu kyi faced her most serious criminal charges scott hartnell reports. with tears of blood painted on their faces protesters in yangon mourn those killed for demonstrating against the coup this is they mark 2 months since the military power grab that plunged myanmar and the crisis and. we are very sad for our fallen heroes and protesters who are still fighting the military but we will never give up the legal team of the pows leader on song suchi
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thursday announced that she has been charged with violating the country's colonial era officials secrets act she's been detained since february 1st and has also been charged on 2 other accounts and has been accused of bribery. it's a crisis that's now spilling outside its borders for the 1st time in more than 20 years myanmar military fighter jets attacked korean ethnic army held areas near the thai border those attacks during the past few days sent thousands of civilians across the border into thailand seeking safety and medical attention it also prompted the strongest reaction yet from the thai government on the coup next door kind of this quickly troubled by the reports of more casualties among them in my people during this past week and. we were doing ok. for the exercise of utmost restraint. the escalation of situation. and to violence
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and for the release of detainees some of the ethnic army groups have denounced the coup throwing support behind the protestors and have even called for an increase in attacks on myanmar as military most have spent years fighting for greater autonomy the u.n. envoy on myanmar has warned of a civil war if the situation does not improve some feel that not only is there already a civil war in myanmar but on 2 fronts the streets and the ethnic territories what we're at now is a situation of. one which is too much so and it's what the military. started when they they staged so it's a civil war with the anti-sex and then this 2nd civil war which has been going up to 7 days which is against all of these it i say. as protesters in yangon burned copies of the 2008 constitution that gave deep powers to the military a parallel government has been set up by deposed members of parliament mostly from unsung suchi is former governing party they have called for
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a federal democracy that would include the ethnic armed groups. scott either al-jazeera. a ship carrying 1200 people have fled violence in northern mozambique has arrived at the port town of hem but family members are waiting outside the port to see if their loved ones were among them the group stormed the northern city of palma a week ago killing hundreds of people. in the trade is fighting to retake. that i don't know about my son i don't know where he is nothing i haven't been able to eat for a week. i'm so tired it was 7 days in the bush is i'm so tired we cross paths several times at the bandits the situation is really bad many are dead. the head of egypt's suez canal authority says the country expects more than $1000000000.00 in compensation after
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a cargo vessel blocks the canal for nearly a week he said the amount should cover the cost to dislodge the ship losses due to stalled traffic and lost transit fees but he didn't specify who would be paying the given is owned by a japanese firm operated by a thai women whose company vegetated part of a buildup of russian forces that ukraine's border is causing concern for kiev and its allies unverified social media video appears to show a military equipment moving toward areas bordering ukraine including in russian antics to crimea the u.s. has warned russia against intimidating its neighbor is our concern is predicated on russian escalations and aggressions in eastern ukraine of course we would be concerned by any attempt on the part of the russian federation to intimidate its neighbors and our partners of course ukraine. is among them who can and says it's
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free to move its military assets around whenever it wants and foreign minister sergei lavrov says so if tension is rising in eastern ukraine it's not russia's fault. and you just want to talk or you know the united states addresses ukraine through the lens of geopolitics ukraine close to russia makes russia great russia list without ukraine is of no global importance i'm leaving the truthfulness of these ideas on the conscious of people professing them as well as their ability to appreciate modern russia president putin said not long ago but the statement is still relevant today that those who would try to start a new war in donbass will destroy you crime as well has a short timeline of events leading up to this point in ukraine in favor 2014 the so-called my down revolution saw the russia friendly president viktor get a call of its deposed and the opposition winning par the next month russian forces an excuse me a from ukraine prompting a series of western sanctions in april of 2014 pro russian separatists seize parts
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of the eastern donbass starting the internal military conflict in ukraine in 2019 t.v. comedians' autumn is alinsky is elected ukraine's president he and russian president putin agreed to exchange prisoners and commit to a ceasefire most recently a ceasefire with donetsk separatists was agreed to in july that's close to breaking news ukraine acknowledges an escalation in fighting there peter is the mayor of is a political commentator in kiev and executive director of the eurasia democracy initiative he says the build up is partly an effort by putin to distract russians from domestic issues. this is reality distracted by the good genes then there are we saw that in 2013 and 14 and it's happening now again what i'm encouraged by despite the fact that this is a serious escalation and there's no doubt is that the russians are provoking it but both sides and i mean by both sides russia and nato have been signaling that
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they're prepared to meet each other by force nato has said that it's bolstered its presence in the black sea area and the russians have massed their troops around and made clear that these are exercises on the east of the northern border of ukraine and crimea which means that it's in their statement to do each other i hope this means that a full out rate will be prevented but once again putting a signal it is not happy if you want to change the situation in ukraine but wait he wants to get all of the present immediately mr selenski has not who has pliable as lattimer when they expected him to be an inexperienced as he was coming into politics from a completely different area and the area of interest in mr selenski has actually shown some courage and some decisive in this recently when he went after the draw
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russian media empire belonging to one of russia latin it wouldn't come in ukraine closing down 3 russian t.v. channels and severely weakening the influence of pro russian narrative you create. a new government has taken part in slovakia replacing the one brought down by a cover 19 vaccine scandal a secret deal came to light involving buying 2000000 doses of russia's sputnik v 18 barbara ports. swearing in a new government and hoping to turn the page on a terrible year for slovakia's ruling coalition president says i'm a couple to over praise the coalition for reaching an agreement in 4 weeks you know unfettered contesting the real fulfillment of the success of your agreements will
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be if these government continues to take steps to help the country and its citizens development are now chile we have learned a lot and we also have learned a lot from mistakes i believe that will be stable and trusting and i believe that they'll be cohesion and unity between us because that if occasion and renewal of slovakia continues hager was previously finance minister and deputy prime minister he swapping those roles with the man who stepped down as premier along with his cabinet on tuesday igor much of it his was the 1st european government to collapse because of how it's handled the covert 19 pandemic disputes over matter which is leadership boiled over last month the prime minister had ordered shipments of russia's sputnik the coronavirus vaccine without consulting his political partners . the move prompted 2 parties in the coalition freedom and solidarity and for people to demand that matter which resign he'd only lead the center right along no party to election victory
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a year ago with an anti corruption agenda. since covered 19 arrives of akki is how to know and then be able record with a population of 5 and a half 1000000 it's registered roughly $10000.00 covert deaths one of the highest per capita rates in the world in recent weeks it's seen infection rates fall by avoiding early elections the new government will hope it can concentrate on driving down copied cases and hospitalizations the dean barber al-jazeera. india has seen its largest rise in infections in 6 months with more than 80000 recorded in 24 hours the government is stepping up efforts to inoculate as many people as possible vaccines are now available to anyone above the age of 45 the aim is to vaccinate 300000000 people by the end of july. and i think everyone should get vaccinated it's absolutely safe as the vaccination campaign now includes everyone over 45 they should get the shots or despite the vaccination drive some of india's poorest
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people aren't being an ocular is it millions of informal workers who salvage items from landfills and are eligible for vaccines across one and elizabeth bronner reports from new delhi. from a distance these mounds in india's cities could be mistaken for small hills but they amount to ends of waste and rummaging through them with their bare hands of thousands of waste pickers they make a mega living collecting recyclable materials and selling them to scrap dealers. but while sanitation workers employed by the government or private companies are among the 1st to be eligible for co the 19 vaccines waste because aren't m.d.m. cigar. the new delhi municipal council workers are getting vaccinated police are getting vaccinated then are we not human we pick up trash from your homes if one of us fall sick then we probably will infect 10 others. have begun connex rubbish from
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$300.00 homes but can't afford the $3.00 for each dose of covert my team vaccine she lives with her family in a heart made from scrap cardboard there among around $2000000.00 informal waste workers in india is that our minds we can't earn like we used to before our incomes have been hit when we're finding it so difficult to get by each day how can we afford vaccines waterloo or a 100 of us with the help of environmental group chintan has started an online petition asking the government to vaccinate waste workers like her chinta calls of the country's silent environmentalist they are highly organized they are highly skewed big up to 70 to 80. activities of 2 can imagine that which would of born into a land for these people pick up to collect the sygate to say they recycle so this is extremely important so it was at that relate to the city. center says that each
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year people like eliminate $900000.00 tonnes of carbon dioxide by diverting waste away from landfills premise is but. i feel really sad that the government doesn't care about us. as india widens the numbers of those eligible for the 19 vaccines waste workers are asking to be among them elizabeth piron of al-jazeera new daddy. result is there and these are the top stories a train has derailed in taiwan killing at least 48 people and injuring dozens more rescue workers are trying to free dozens of trapped passengers it's taiwan's worst train disaster in 3 decades and brown is monitoring developments from hong kong the focus.


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