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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  April 8, 2021 12:00am-1:01am +03

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media men wait about looking for images that that lead to today let it get to these guys and just how did he create a new system makes it hard for people to know what's real and what's not step outside the mainstream shift the focus covering the way the news discovered the listening post on a. al-jazeera . this is the out there news hour live from london coming up. the u.k. advises against the use of the astra zeneca vaccine for under thirty's but british and european regulators agree the benefits of the short outweigh the risks. in sight for investigators in the trial of former police officer derek show even forensic specialists describe the search of george floyd's car. restoring aid to
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the palestinian people the u.s. president pledges millions in assistance in another reversal of trump policy. signed sealed delivered. drivers send a message to their bosses a demand for better working conditions. and our german ashur with the support of the cause of tiger woods's car crash in february has been revealed police in los angeles say he was driving almost twice at the speed limit when his vehicle came off the road and hit a tree. european and u.k. medicines regulators have concluded as a plausible link between the office with astra zeneca coated 19 vaccine and potentially fatal but extremely rare blood clots that link remains unconfirmed but the regulators insist the risk of the corona virus is far greater than the risk of
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death from clotting as of the 31st of march 20000000 astra zeneca doses had been administered in the u.k. and 19 people have died from the rare clotting condition there's been no recommendation to stop using the astra zeneca vaccine but in the u.k. a more cautious approach is being taken people aged under 30 will be offered an alternative vaccine the medina medications the european medicines agency says the cutting is not on. specked it is such a large scale vaccine rollout and continues to urge people to get vaccinated to know how reports from london. the oxford astra zeneca vaccine and i'm comfortable scrutiny medicines regulators in the u.k. and the e.u. have judged that its benefits outweigh any possible risks but they haven't ruled out a causal link between the vaccine and rare blood clot conditions in a tiny number of recipients based on the current evidence the benefits of the covert 900 facts in astra zeneca against covert 90 and its associated risks
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hospitalization and death continues to outweigh the risks for the vast majority of people. our review has reinforced that the risk of this fred suspected side effect remains extremely small in arms today the european medicines agency said there was insufficient data to isolate risk factors like age and gender and that blood clotting should be listed as a possible side effect of the jab this case also shows us that our pharmacovigilance system is working these very rare and unusual events have been picked up identified analyzed and loudest to come to science based recommendations to allow the safe and effective use of this vaccine investigations into the astra zeneca vaccine were triggered after a rare cases of blood clotting in the u.k. and europe out of 20000000 doses of the vaccine given in britain 79 cases of
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clotting were reported with 19 deaths resulting in a minute percentage chance of complications affecting 4 in every 1000000 people vaccinated the u.k. regulator went a step further than its european counterpart announcing that adults under 30 could be offered an alternative vaccine if one is available at the time and if they're currently healthy and not at higher risk from covert 19 in reaching their conclusions the regulators have had to weigh up the risks for older people and those at greater danger from covert 19 well the minute risk attached the vaccine is one worth taking but for fit healthy younger people less vulnerable to the virus those odds are more finely balanced so in these age groups the u.k. regulator is proceeding with more caution. it's not a clean slate for the oxford astra zeneca vaccine already blighted by political
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disputes and manufacturing delays question marks over possible side effects could further dent its credibility even if the regulators verdict is that it's broadly safe jona whole al-jazeera london. chooses not spent of across a blink to clotting came to a time of already low public confidence in the astra zeneca vaccine italy has responded by recommending its use only for people aged over 60 and her affairs the news will further complicate the vaccine rollout on the continent and partner has more from paris it's an enormous problem so much damage has been done by the negative publicity or the conflicting information about the astra zeneca vaccine over the past few weeks and months last year we saw last month i should say we saw several european union countries including france germany amongst them suspending their use of the astra zeneca vaccine whilst the european medical agency looked into it further at that time again also giving it
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a green light saying look these by products are extremely rare but the damage really has been done because we see the public opinion opinion poll suggesting that many people across the european union are worried about the astra zeneca vaccine here in france about 60 percent opinion polls suggest of people don't want it in fact even as recently as just a few days ago the weekend several vaccine centers in the north of france had to close for a few days because they had doses of astra zeneca and nobody wanted to take them and that really is the problem and that's going to be the real battle for governments and that is how to try and convince the public that this vaccine is safe that is those those benefits do outweigh the risks it's a huge challenge. jeff hazaras is a research at the boston institute for global health fund is the head of its health systems research group is also a former senior technical officer for communicable diseases in europe for the world
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health organization he joins us from boston and thanks very much indeed for being with us on the program just to go back to the decision in the u.k. to offer a different vaccine for under thirty's and at the same time saying that it's literally they think that the risks the benefits outweigh the risks what do you think of that policy decision and and what the effect of that will be. i think that this is can be very confusing for the population i also understand it each country needs to determine its own benefit risk ratio and we've seen that those under 30 are very likely to die from coverage 19 or even be hospitalized so therefore the. benefit is less with astra zeneca and luckily the u.k. can choose which vaccines it wants to use since it has availability of medina and pfizer that won't be the case in all other countries what do you make of the fact that there's been no. sort of overall policy dictated by the european union on this
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we've now got different european countries setting the bar for when they use yesterday and it as you say is what we can quite confusing not in countries have got different age settings would you think that. unfortunately that will continue to confuse the population but that's how the european union functions with health being under the domain or the control of its 27 member states of the european medicines agency has concluded that the blood very rare side effects they scrutinize the situation and reported twice with the same findings but then it's up to the individual member states to decide how to use it we've already seen many differences between the countries are sticking it to various age groups 1st it was a younger age group now it might be an older age group some even spain is talking about restricting it just to a small group of maybe 60 to 64 year olds so it's sending conflicting and confusing signals to the population but the main message which the main made clear today is
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that the vaccine is safe and the side effects are extremely rare but what about the use well why do you think this will affect that i'm not so sure it will have a negative effect in many countries don't have access to any vaccines at all and so i think they would welcome access to yesterday's anika vaccine particularly when they've heard that the european medicines agency has said it's safe so i think some countries are shaking their heads and saying well if the europeans won't use it send it to us because sooner you know at some point they're going to need to vaccines anyway so why don't we get it to them if countries decide that they're not going to use it the important thing is to make sure that they're not sitting on the vaccines that they get them to countries where they will be administered remind us of the scale of this and that in terms of the risk how would you describe it. the risk of side effects. i mean there's been around 200 reported cases of blood clots in around 34000000 people so that's that's an extremely
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rare occurrence and as mentioned earlier in the program it means that pharmacovigilance in the surveillance in europe and in the u.k. in the european union is working well so there detecting when there are side effects in there and they're investigating them but it's extremely extremely rare to get a blood clot on the astra zeneca vaccine and do we have any idea whether the people who got blood clots had any other preexisting conditions or whether they were any other medication has that been revealed yet it's being investigated and it's thought that there were underlying risk factors and that the vaccine triggered an immune response that led to to the blood clotting so there the problem is detecting who will have those underlying risk factors is is the challenge but that's that's the prevailing thought right now is that there are underlying risk factors in these very very rare cases for such a preposterous thank you very much indeed for talking to us thank you thank you.
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india has again reported a record number of new covered 19 cases 115000 were reported on wednesday a 13 fold increase in daily infections in just over 2 months it also recorded 630 new deaths the highest since november. is raising pressure on the government to expand its vaccination campaign with 86000000 doses i mean you missed it so far but some states are complaining a scarcity of doses with centers have to turn people away. brazil has confirmed its 1st case of the highly contagious south african coronavirus variant as it faces its worst daily death toll and scrambles to make space for burials forty's in sao paolo the country's biggest city have said they'll begin opening some $600.00 new graves per day up from $426.00 just over a week ago is also preparing plans for a vertical cemetery with thousands of drawer like graves on tuesday the health ministry reported 4195 deaths related to code 19 and another 3800 on wednesday.
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despite the worsening crisis brazil's president continues to reject a nationwide lockdown. no vocals we are not going to accept diplomacy of staying at home close everything down the virus will not leave this virus like all those here to stay and will remain for a lifetime evolving just practically impossible to get it and until then what are we going to do. when it can't have joins us live from rio de janeiro known occurred to us more about the discovery of the south african variant there. it's. well doctors here and scientists have been warning that the new variants were boring to show up in brazil because not much has been done to control this outbreak that the spread of infections you have mayors and governors of some cities and
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states imposing restrictive measures to keep people at home you have the president saying that they should not stay home and so there isn't an organized effort to control the outbreak and with this the virus is spreading rapidly and mutating very rapidly and what doctors here have told us is that they're afraid that by the time brazilians are all vaccinated those vaccines might not be enough to control the new variants of food still don't know in which will show up eventful . and the prison meanwhile has been touring the south of the country on wednesday and he said that the virus is impossible to eradicate. yes that's something he has been saying all along he says it's like a part of life it's something that you just have to deal with and that what he says
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is he's been visiting the slums and poor neighborhoods and saying that people are more afraid of going hungry there are 10000000 brazilians that are are going hungry and that they need to work and that is worse than the virus so he just basically thinks that life should go on as normal but that is something that scientists and doctors have been very much against just because the hospitals are overwhelmed people are dying in the line waiting for a bed in an i.c.u. so that isn't an option just to go you know just to have leave life as as as if nothing were going on they resumed an emergency aid which had been stopped in january it's not enough to feed everybody but it is it will be so it would alleviate a little bit of the situation so basically this has been a non go in political infight about this whether there should be
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a lockdown whether there should and meanwhile just the situation is is the scaping out of control kind of want to communicate thank you very much indeed. coming up on the news hour from london being miles crew plays out on london streets ambassador to the u.k. finds himself knocked out of his building. just growing tension in the south china sea the philippines increasingly concerned by chinese vessels in the disputed waterway. imus board one of my just a city's most entrenched players signed a new deal. the trial of derek shaven a former police. officer accused of killing george floyd is continuing in the us city of minneapolis forensic scientist mackenzie anderson of the minnesota bureau of criminal investigation has been testifying she's described her search of the car
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floyd was in before being arrested as well as the police car the officers tried to put floyd in into before he died. when only the court heard testimony from a use of force expert regarding their decision to kneel on george floyd's neck during his arrest. sir you have an opinion to a degree reasonable professional certainty how much force was reasonable for the defendant to use on mr floyd after mr floyd was handcuffed placed in the prone position and not resisting. yes. my opinion was that no force should have been used once he was in that position. 100 ms live in minneapolis and john not to most of the highlights from what you see today. will day 8 in the murder trial of jerry chauvinism much like day 7 has been it's a day of expert testimony so
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a lot of detail going methodically through the investigation and what we saw what we've been seeing right now with brianna giles as a forensic scientist going through some of the evidence before her as you mentioned mckenzie anders and was from another forensic scientist in the laboratory for the minnesota bureau of criminal apprehension and she found among other things to pills in the car in which george floyd was sitting in the driver's seat it's a mercedes s.u.v. . we're still waiting to hear more evidence on what exactly that was but drugs of course have been a big part of the defense case they're trying to argue that george floyd presented a threat to the officers because he was on drugs and of course the medical examiner found that methamphetamine and fentanyl in his system but what you heard at the beginning there that was really the most exciting testimony of the day and that was jodi steiger of the los angeles police department sergeant who said he felt that
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force was completely unjustified and he went on to point out as they showed a freeze frame of derrick chauvin holding the hand of george floyd and the officer said yeah that appears to be up. pain technique where in addition to kneeling on floyd's neck chauvin was also holding the hand of floyd and the officer said that was intended to create pain which he would relieve when the subject stopped resisting and he was asked what happens if the subject is not resisting and he said then it's just pain so after that the we heard from some of the forensic people we are still hearing from them bottom line we expect that the prosecution is coming close to wrapping up its case if the process if the judge keeps to his schedule that means the prosecution has 2 weeks and then next week we would likely
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hear from the defense the judge has already asked one witness who is going to be called by the defense to come back on tuesday so that's what we expect to happen in the short term thank you very much indeed john hendren reporting. kind of williams is a professor of law at south texas college of law houston he joins us by skype thank you for being with us john hendren saying they were coming to the end of the of the the prosecution witnesses how did the prosecution has done so far i think they've presented a pretty compelling case that the amount of course that mr sherwin used to success they've had witness after witness testified that force that was used it was totally unnecessary including the chief of the minneapolis up least part so i think that was pretty devastating for mr shogun what about the testimony on police training how important is that to that case. i think it's very important because what they're trying to prosecution's trying to establish is that mr show up and went
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beyond the police when he was trying to do and that he actually knew better they were experts he testified that they actually trained with you know and he was in response before trying to other police officers so he certainly knew that the amount of force that he was using was excessive and yet he get it which has to show his likability for the crime so it's very important because experts and what about the defense had they had any success is so far and what will they be focusing on when they start to coleraine witnesses i think about the successful thing they've brought out so far is that mr floyd was had drugs in his system that he was using drugs and he was using drugs you know the time of the incident and i think that's still going to be a big part of the defense upcoming and this still is a big matter for the prosecution to address and that is a cause of death typically that is offered at the beginning of the press q so case in most cases here they're waiting until the end probably because they recognize
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it's probably as problematic of their evidence and the presentation baff their make and problematic in what way. well there is a issue regarding the cause of death the defense is claiming that mr sherman did not cause the death of mr of floyd that misapplies death was actually caused by the a combination of his prior health conditions and large carbon some other health conditions and an additional bag that there were some drugs in his system no and methamphetamine and it a combination actually killed him not mr r. shogun so that's the heart of the defense which the defense hasn't really been able to explore yet but i would imagine coming that's going to be a major issue that's going to be discussed at the trial and a lot clearly rests on the outcome of this case how difficult is it to proceed when the when it's such
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a highly charged situation well it's difficult because it's never brought is ever it's only everybody's mind it's the topic of minnesota and the country in the world basically so everybody knows that all eyes are on their proceedings and there were raises the stakes press ahead of where he was thank you very much indeed for talking to us on out of here. that. now the palace crisis in jordan is over king and going to the 2nd is addressed an unusually public family feud to tend to particular crisis and a statement read on state television came donna says sedition has been nipped in the bud and the government accused the king's brother hamza the former crown prince of involvement in a plot to destabilize the kingdom security official name has more from the jordanian capital. well i think it's worth mentioning that despite the unprecedented events of the last few days it was largely expected that king
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abdullah would opt not to make a televised speech before the nation he released a very lengthy statement which was clearly designed to reassure or unify and relate to the jordanians injected some of his personal feelings about what's transpired over the last several days he let jordanians know that he is well aware of the economic hardship they're experiencing which has been exacerbated by qubit 19 but above all else he wanted to reassure jordanians that he is prioritizing their interests he is quote the guardian of this country past was already in it and he took measures as we to do exactly that as i said this was also an attempt to you know fight the country he says i'm talking to as you are the family and the clan these are occurring to the tribal nature of jordanian society he went on to say that he makes no distinction when he talks about his responsibilities from the
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small of the emirate reproach of the royal family and the large family referring to the jordanian populace and as i said it was there was a bit of emotion in the statement he said that quote nothing king close to the shock anger and pain as a brother and leader of the people that he felt as things unfolded this week he said that this was not the most dangerous or challenging or sorry difficult challenge that the country has faced but that for him it was the most painful because he said quote just working from within and outside the family and he made it clear ringback that this royal rift which began with his brother prince and ended with king abdullah was resolved as a result of the royal family taking care of it within the family imagine that it's a little what's called in. mediate the only imagine made up its half brother prince hamza was at the end of this statement he says that prince has that is with his
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family in his palace and quote under my roof here. the u.s. government plans to restore foreign aid to the palestinian people in a package announced by the secretary of state antony blinken the us will provide $150000000.00 in humanitarian assistance for the un relief and works agency that would also include $75000000.00 in economic and development assistance in the occupied west bank and gaza and they'll be $10000000.00 for peace building programs through the u.s. agency for international development our white house correspondent can be helped it has more. the feeling of the biden and ministration is that the policies toward the palestinians under donald trump essentially were one sided that they favored israel and alienated the palestinians so this is an effort to rectify the relationship to repair the damage they believe has been done so in addition to these tens of millions of dollars that are being pledged for palestinians systems which we know
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will go to not only economic support but also dealing with some of the medical issues as well that are unique to cope with 19 including making sure the people have access to the hospital in east jerusalem the united states believes that there is a u.s. national security interest in all of this as well and so that's another motivation but at the same time not everyone is in support of turning this back on in fact there are some conservatives on capitol hill that supported donald trump having this funding in the 1st place arguing that in many cases it was wrought with fraud waste and abuse so what we know is that on capitol hill there will be some demands for accountability the white house in the secretary of state already saying that those measures will be put in place and that all of this money that is being provided will be done in accordance with u.s. law. the u.n. is warning palestinian refugees living in camps in lebanon are in desperate need of
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help and have an economy has collapsed and they coronavirus pandemic has made the situation even worse even before the crisis the palestinian community was vulnerable and marginalized as i know how to reports from beirut. life inside a palestinian refugee camp in lebanon misery is everywhere there's little infrastructure or services that would allow for a decent living for many of the 200000 refugees are poor making survival even more difficult and that was before the country's economy began to collapse more than a year ago. the local currency lost its value one kilo of meat he's $34.00 a carton of eggs he's $20.00 meat palestinians live in overcrowded built up areas that decades ago were temp camps marginalised and vulnerable the community has been hit hard by lebanon's financial meltdown particularly the sharp devaluation of the
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local currency. one of the countries in a miserable state but is suffering in the camps as well because we are perceived. lebanon doesn't make life easy for palestinians authorities argue that is the way to discourage them from staying the restrictions in place deny refugees some of their basic rights and that includes working in jobs they are qualified to do. where my studies photography but they haven't been able to find a job no matter how hard you try it's difficult living on aid agencies say they can no longer cope as more people rely on donations but lebanon's lady ministry obliges them to obtain a visa or a work permit then came the current virus pandemic and then the day valuation of the currency the un relief and works agency under water provides health education and social services it also provides cash assistance to the nearly 30000
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palestinians who fled war in neighboring syria but they transfer says it doesn't have enough funds to cover the needs of those 11 are only 61000 refugees receive cash handouts the amount is $130.00 a year or $12.00 a month and the payment is made and lebanese currency. this affects purchasing power in a country which imports almost everything. and. we can't afford to buy many things now i have no one. it's been crisis after crisis for a people who struggle is not a new set of. beirut. and how much more still to come this hour coronavirus in bulgaria where hospitals are falling rapidly and there's no time to hold the hands of those who are dying. the shifting political landscape in greenland where a mining project is dividing opinions about the environment and independence. and
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in sports news of yet another setback the organizers of this summer's olympics. europe's return to winter was swift and obvious the cloud is still coming down from the north the frontal systems reach the night in brussels unusual april snowfall the same was true in england the same was true in the netherlands it was blizzard conditions in croatia as you can see here that is easing in fact the whole system has more or less lost its impetus still looks pretty would treat to be honest those lines go right up to the arctic so it's just a subtle change in temperature and they cut off which will happen on thursday which makes things do different the culture still there edgy eastwood's with outbreaks of
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light if snow in slovakia and poland for example the songs come out over the balkans and over the bulk of central europe the temperatures actually are on the rise for paris i think we'll see 18 degrees by friday for it starts to tail off this is not a persistent warm spell is going to get cold again i have to say but in the immediate future that's or looks like unless you're in scotland or norway possibly sweden and denmark is still going to feel like an improvement not true of ticky tack he's got 2 fronts contend with most activities in coming that northerly breeze insist on bulls and 8 they'll be snow on the high ground and anchor of course feels that the drop in temperature here to. in the yugoslav wars of the ninety's war crimes were committed by a bull's eyes. out as their world meets me a coke out adds a creation sob who went to jail for crimes he says he didn't commit. was he
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a god in a concentration camp or was he simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. coke out ads trial and error on al-jazeera. most people will never know what's beyond this still. deafening silence $100.00 informs how it feels to touch danger free day. most people will never know what it's like to work with every breath expression. with. it's not an option. but we're not most people.
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amount of top stories here on ars 0 european and u.k. medicines regulators have concluded there is a plausible link between the oxford astra zeneca coated 19 vaccine and rare blood clots they insist the risks of a grown a virus are far greater than the risk of death from clotting. coronavirus cases continue to surge to record highs in india 115000 were reported on wednesday a 13 fold increase in just over 2 months they also reported 638 new deaths. expert witnesses in the derek show been murder trial have been testifying on the use of excessive force in the arrest of george floyd earlier police trainer jody steiger told the court show evidence restraining of floyd for 9 minutes constituted deadly force. to the u.k.
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says he's been locked out of the embassy it's reported his deputy has shot him out of a london building and taken charge on behalf of the military ambassador cars or minimal recently broke ranks with the jointer calling for the release of detained civilian leader unsung suchi the military seized power in myanmar in a coup in february and a crackdown on pro-democracy protesters diplomatic sources have told the news agency reuters that means deputy has officially taken over. well reports from myanmar security forces again using least lethal force against protesters troops raided a protest camp in the northwest town of cali at least 8 people are believed to have been killed. woman 2 months protesters have been demanding a return to democracy with 580 people been killed since then and she took control. near total internet shutdown is making it tougher to verify those reports of civilian casualties and scott had reports from bangkok in neighboring thailand
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because of this bloody crackdown that we've seen right across myanmar over the last several weeks against these protest gatherings as well as the civil disobedience movement that is because they've been starting very earlier the protesters and obviously the security forces are responding to that to those early morning even predawn sometimes marches so that's probably what we're seeing why the military and the security forces went out so very early and stage this raid in cali now this is an area right along the western border close to the western border with india kind of the northwestern section of myanmar yes we're hearing that several have been killed these are from local media as well as posts on social media that's pretty much the only way you can really get information out of myanmar right now one thing that's even more disturbing about this is that there are there is evidence at least again on social media and local media reporting that there is evidence from some of the wounds by some of those protesters that r.p.g.
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that's rocket propelled grenades now these are this shows a uptick in the weaponry used by these security forces so that's very concerning that's you have yet to be confirmed but some local media saying that there are wounds consistent with the shrapnel that these r.p.g. s. are spread out once they're detonated. egypt's president is warning of potential conflict with ethiopia over its building of a giant dam on the blue nile after sisi fears the dam will put egypt's water supply at risk a concern that's also being voiced by sudan both nations say all options remain open to deal with this and as of a has strong hopes the grand ethiopian renaissance dam or provide the country with a much needed power source and economic development talks between the 3 governments this week have failed yet again to bridge the differences there's a president says eisel that fighters have been forced out of power after a deadly raid on the town that started 2 weeks ago could have been you see also
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said his government has requested help from the international community to deal with rebel groups in the capital gotto province that didn't give details the government says dozens died in the assault and aid groups believe tens of thousands were displaced are my is close to a multi $1000000.00 gas project on thursday leaders from south africa zimbabwe and botswana are due to meet in the capital maputo to discuss the unrest. the u.s. and iraq have begun a 3rd round of negotiations which include discussions about security economic political and cultural relations they include the future presence of foreign forces in iraq the us has to know how 1000 troops in the country and is the largest contributor to the 3 and a half 1000 strong coalition to fight i saw him in a 14 has more from back at. major bilateral exchange between the united states and iraq since president joe biden came into office and the outcome of this 3rd
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round of the strategic dialogue may signal any difference in biden's approach towards iraq compared to president trump his policy was very much driven by the goal to exert maximum pressure on iraq's neighbor iran pressuring bugout to take a harsher stance towards the hand to reduce its political military and economic influence in the country that's expected to soften but it's still unclear what exactly biden's iraq policy will be and especially whether he will continue in the steps of his predecessor to reduce u.s. troop levels here in the country citing gains in the fight against eisel on tuesday i spoke to major general kevin copsey the deputy commander of the u.s. that correlation here in the country who said that the u.s. led coalition is still needed and we're now at a point now where the conventional forces are able to broadly get after oysters
12:39 am
we've now bred a very experienced and proficient counterterrorist service that gets after the more hoya and direct sort of the die and the finance network so on and so forth. but where they still need help is developing their own intelligence and then to develop their strike capability so at the moment there are some operations that require because of the terrain power from the coalition many leaders in iraq's security forces 2nd that opinion saying that they do still need the support of the u.s. led coalition but on the other hand there are political and armed groups that oppose the presence of foreign forces and they're pressuring iraq's prime minister most other me to set a timetable to implement a 2020 parliament decision to oust foreign troops these groups which are backed by iran which call themselves the islam. resistance have been carrying out regular attacks on u.s. interests here in the country and they released a statement on wednesday saying that there will be further military escalation if
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their demands are not met the prime minister with the fall of the me is really walking a tightrope here trying to placate the opposing political forces but at the same time he must save guard iraq's economic interest to try to attract more foreign investment especially from the united states but also from the west to diversify iraq's oil dependent economy and to reintegrate the country into global markets. the president of philippines is under increasing pressure to respond to chinese vessels in its waters chinese ships are anchored at the whitson reef beijing claims as its own to read out into ground reports from manila. it's more than 2 weeks since the 1st 2 reports of around $200.00 chinese vessels anchored at wits and reef in the south china sea many are still there china says they are fishing boats sheltering from stormy seas the philippine government believes they are manned by
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a chinese militia and it wants them to leave saying the area is within the philippines economic zone defense secretary those in laurens on the believes china is attempting to occupy more of the disputed waterway a charge beijing denies. the philippines said should beauty's issue objectively and correctly you need at least up on the warrant that hype and the negative impact on bilateral relations and the peace and stability of the south china sea beijing continues to assert it owns most of the south china sea the spite that claimed being with checked it by an international tribunal at the hague in 2016 in manila there is growing anger against the chinese embassy after it issued a statement criticizing the philippines defense secretary's comments as unprofessional and perplexing there have been calls for the chinese ambassador to be expelled with embassy officials warned they were in the country as guests of the
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philippine government the philippine foreign affairs office said it will launch diplomatic protests about the whitson raef occupation of president so why why the gol against a member of our governor who is simply defending national. studying upward at the border in the. recently. across asia other countries are also protesting china's military expansions china held the view jill's involving an aircraft carrier battle group leader taiwan while japan criticized what it called chinese coastguards aggressive behavior around the scent caco islands meanwhile the u.s. navy carrier theodore roosevelt and its strike group we enter the south china sea over the weekend its 2nd appearance this year china says this is a highly provocative but the u.s.
12:43 am
navy says it has a right to operate in the south china sea underlining the importance of freedom of navigation in international waters in the full of ways though much of the blame is still there rect said towards the government people here say that territories under the control of the philippines in the south china sea have never been more threatened and that the president of the good that there does so-called pivot to china in 26 team is thoroughly out to be a cup it's elation. dog and. mandela greenland's main opposition party has won the most seats in a snap parliamentary election a victory that could have major consequences for international mining in the arctic a left wing innuit attack or to gate party 137 percent of the vote it has a strong stance on the environment including opposing a rare earth mining project it will now seek to form a government green and has one of the world's largest deposits of rare earth metals which are crucial for electric vehicles wind turbines and aircraft the issue has
12:44 am
divided the island of $56000.00 people some green undersea mining a supporting the economy and a path to independence marc jacobs says specializes in arctic politics at cambridge university he says greenland as a caught between economic and environmental concerns. too many really learned queenslanders it's a big dilemma because. the greenlandic national identity. has to to the basic elements of the one is that it's very close relationship to nature where hunting and go out in nature and recharge is very. part of greenland it nationally on the other hand many queenslanders strive for all sorts nation and ultimately independence from ben much and our country struggling with a surge of kevin 1000 cases is belgariad it has the lowest vaccine take up in
12:45 am
europe with only one in 10 people saying they trust the shots and more than half the population saying they'll refuse to get them but a smith is in the capital sofia and as he reports intensive care units are overwhelmed and medical staff exhausted. the art of the myriad grandmother got it all the more the crying over the over there let me fix your mask dr gag of even over tells a patient that crying over there you'll be fine she tells her. but it's touch and go for everyone on this intensive care ward interferes alexandra hospital about 30 percent of the patients survive covert. i'm very tired of watching people going you know watching people going well war. can not help them and trying my best and doing my best and after all they they're going. worse and for some course i discovered these are very much a 3rd wave of covert as pit bull gary of those tested for the virus here almost 20
12:46 am
percent are positive in england by comparison that figure is now below 2 percent when we talk with. most of them said here hold my hand for a while i'm alone and so will all i can seem like a not so with them but i have not. caught his hands. because i have to watch other patients and that is very very very hard to leave for patients now younger than last year in the forty's and fifty's that conditions can deteriorate very quickly if they have the british variant of the virus there is just warm i.c.u. bed in this hospital are it will be occupied before the end of the day i'm told this covert 19 crisis has got bulgaria's health system operating at its very limits . the hardest thing for the medical staff there along with the team is coping when patients don't sometimes i think did i did everything for my fish and that's what i
12:47 am
think for all things i did for my 1st shows us that ok i did everything just this is the business and the business is this is a very very severe just over 7 percent of bulgarians have been vaccinated so far the lowest rate in the european union makes it more difficult to see any like to be end of the tunnel bernard smith al-jazeera sophia. still ahead this news hour the cause of tiger woods can crash in february has been revealed we'll have all the details in sport.
12:48 am
12:49 am
some delivery riders in the u.k. have gone on strike as the take out that every company's shares are being traded by the public for the 1st time she has dropped around 30 percent when 1st floated to institutional investors last week several had expressed concerns over working conditions at the company brennan reports. as demand for takeaway meal sold during europe's kovi 1000 lockdowns delivery riders with branded backpacks have become a common sight in towns and cities since launching in london in 2013 delivery room now operates in 54 cities across 13 different countries but deliver whose stock flotation has given some investors in the gesture an infield many of these rides as with indignation often i'll grind peak times then on friday night and i might be waiting 40 minutes for a job when a job comes through it not be 3 pounds 50 something i'm not and i might not get
12:50 am
another bike for another hour you know 6 i was back up at 3 pounds 50 or 70 pounds in what should be take time so it's not sustainable. these striking riders a just a few 100 among the 50000 riders that work for delivery in the u.k. becoming just a few weeks after the u.k. supreme court ordered the right heading apple to treat its drivers as well because the message about rights and conditions in the so-called big economy is having an impact at a corporate level. this conversation by the liberal lot is islam more than just a symbolic gesture of the foyle seat of a shared place among retail investors will share it with institutional investors many of whom are still concerned about the mobile moment to get the economy in the straight face right as it's a diet that demands i bet to rise and safety unite they've what for out a pandemic that could literally put their lives on the line well it's a neck company. business boon yet they've seen peg conditions get was some was for
12:51 am
the pandemic after planning to launch it $460.00 pence per share the liver who floated last week at $390.00 pence and immediately dropped even further to $280.00 pence that's still a valuation of more than $6000000000.00 several big name institutional investors have decided to steer clear investors out among a higher sounded full full whack is taking the end. economy style. practice is really in terms of the exact extent of what he's going to mean for companies is not really how it's hard to predict the indications are the deliveries so called retail investors have chosen to hang on to the stock instead of dumping it in the share price rose by a modest 2 percent in early trading on button's day delivery who hasn't yet published financial results for 2020 and the apparent boom in the delivery business during the pandemic year could well bounce the share price back up but the workers
12:52 am
who made that possible demanding their share of the success paul brennan al-jazeera shortage he's london. time for sport now his gemma thank you lauren because of tiger woods his car crash 2 months ago has been revealed with police saying the gulf of his driving almost twice the speed limit at the time of the accident in los angeles was it was traveling at speeds of up to 140 kilometers per hour which was too fast to handle that because of the road and also many calls his cot to hit a tree and best believe that the 15 time major champion may have accidentally hit the accelerator instead of the brake when he realized he was losing control of the vehicle but police didn't check his mobile phone to see if he is on a cool texting at the time of the crash they had a county sheriff also said there was no evidence he was under the influence of drugs or alcohol i know there's a. lot of experts who claim there are drug recognition and people said oh they
12:53 am
should have done drawn blood or done this or done that and without the signs of impairment we don't get to the point where we can actually author a search warrant and develop the probable cause to get that next acute that search warrant so that did not happen and there's not preferential treatment that would occur in any collision of this type based on these circumstances. would suffered serious leg injuries in the accident and his missing the mostest as he continues his recovery the tournament stops at all cost the national in less than 24 hours and the club's chairman has responded to the calls it to boycott the event in protest to georgia's new voting bill federally said he was not in favor of such action as he thinks it could end up hurting the state's most fun rable citizens critics say the voting legislation is aimed at making it harder for minorities to vote and it prompted major league baseball to strip atlanta of this year's all-star game if any anything that disadvantages anyone to vote is wrong
12:54 am
it should be addressed so i think there's a resolution and i think the resolution is going to be based on people working on the other and talking and having constructive dialogue because just the way our democratic society works i know you would like to for us to make a proclamation on this i just all things are going to be helpful to ultimately we. reach a resolution as a bomb in equiv basin in the champions league for the 1st time in more than 2 years is losing $32.00 against paris in the 1st leg of the quarterfinal killin em back they started p.s.g. scoring twice and what was a rematch of last season's final he got the i phone as the french side went up within 30 minutes by and did manage to pull the score back to 2 will but i'm back got the wenna to ensure they go into the 2nd leg with 3 precious away goals chelsea also won and they beat porto to nil in the quarterfinals like. intimate closing in on their 1st attalia league title for 11 years after a 21 win. into
12:55 am
a top scorer romelu cocky put them on the up with his 27th goal of the season no competitions what a great run of form he's in the belgian and then turn provider to set up allows her martinez for the 2nd sus where they did get one back with 5 minutes to go but instead how dominic to extend their lead at the top of the table to 11 points with 9 games to go. manchester city midfielder kevin debris now has signed a new contract which will keep him at the club until 2025 the bouchon international scored city's opening goal in their champions league win over bristol dormant on choose day despite his season being interrupted by injuries to pour into has scored 8 goals and provided 16 assists in 33 appearances he's all say won 7 major trophies since joining city from moves back in 2050. to get the extension though a mired feels also like a very problem because obviously him is there trust me on so i get really old in
12:56 am
football terms so. feel really happy my family is also really proud so that's really really nice. dublin and bilbao as plans to host your e 2020 games look in doubt after the football associations of arland and spain were unable to provide assurances on minimum spectator numbers due to the cave in $1000.00 pound demick european football's governing body u.a.e. for had given the 12 host cities until wednesday to submit plans for fan attendance right sadam a big caressed and glasgow have all confirmed that spectators will be allowed to attend the games that they're hosting london will stage the most fixtures that 7 that were taking place at wembley including the semifinals and final and authorities hope the $90000.00 capacity stadium might even be full by the end of the tournament there's been yet another setback for olympic organizers the torch relay has been pulled off the streets of osaka and will now be held in a park without spectators it comes off to record corona virus infections prompted
12:57 am
the government to declare a medical emergency there the may a prefecture leg of the torch relay began on wednesday early this week the governor of a saga has called for the relay to take place that mid april to be cancelled house authorities fear the new variant will spot a 4th wave of infections with just 107 days to go before the games begin. pakistans of cricketers have beaten south africa in that one day series for the man and captain the bar exam a starter for the visitors scoring 101 and 94 respectively their efforts helped the post 320 as they went on to win by 28 runs isn't sure it and take the series 21 that lauren is useful for mr musharraf. and you can catch up any time on our website or just about his al-jazeera dot com you can watch a spot ticking on the orange line by con. and that's it made our entire defense news out on the back in
12:58 am
a moment with another full roundup thanks very much for watching but for now. a passion for supporting local communities. and pioneering inoperative african science and technology projects his child a beautiful. doris all of us on this planet not just africa al-jazeera front as a leading by a chemist determined to use his scientific knowledge to say africa women make
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science from the lab to the field on al-jazeera from the al-jazeera london for all cars to people in thoughtful conversation people use the lowest get agreement they describe the outside with no host and no limitation to the difference between a migrant and refugee is purely a choice when you are refugee you are forced to think of as maicon and has sat back at what has happened a lot in the west is that culture and for the separated studio to be unscripted and out is there. the rhythm in flows through the coldest region of kyrgyzstan temperatures here could drop to 20 degrees below 0 this time of year with the driving snow and bitter winter conditions on tuneup to keep these men from working on the ice and in the freezing water because the river nari contains gold thread from villages along the river would be panning for gold in this area for centuries
1:00 am
the best time of year to do it is the winter because the river is lower than your in the summer months these tiny little yellow flanks you can see look much worse around $50.00 a gram. the u.k. advises against the use of the astra zeneca vaccine for under thirty's but british and european regulators agree the benefits of the short outweigh the risks. are in tennis al-jazeera live from london also coming up insight from investigators in the trial of former police officer derek shogun forensic specialists describe the search of tool drawers car.


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