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inspiring documentaries from impassioned filmmakers. i am the voice we are the watch. on al-jazeera. i don't to testify is that a lack of oxygen not trucks killed george saw it as he was pinned to the ground by police. and given al this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. the recent attacks in the town of hama recently demonstrated the magnitude of the problem at i want authors with thousands fleeing violence in northeastern mozambique regional leaders
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tackle the problem of a rise in brutal attacks by i saw. and it's just past midnight in argentina's capital region where 3 weeks curfew has just begun to stop growing of our subjects and from going up even further. and efforts to create the 1st union there's an amazon warehouse in the west looks to have failed i'll speak to a worker who wants to unionize. a doctor has emphatically rejected claims that george floyd's drug use and underlying health problems caused his death long in critical care specialist dr martin toben testified that floyd died from a lack of oxygen while being pinned to the pavement with a knee on his neck the trial of former police officer derrick shells and was shown animations of him and 2 other officers holding floyd down during the arrest elvish
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reports from minneapolis. this was a significant day in court a phase of testimony covering important medical evidence the 1st witness martin tobin. a doctor with more than 40 years experience a pulmonologist a breathing expect mr floyd died from a low level of oxygen and this caused damage to his brain that we see and it also caused. a rift that caused his heart to stop how mr floyd pinned to the ground restrained by police simply couldn't get enough breath to survive that contain forces that are going to lead to the shallow breath are going to be that he's turned prone on the street that he has the handcuffs in place combined with the street and then that he has a knee on his neck and then that he has a knee on his back and on his side dr toobin reviewed all the video and concluded
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that after he taken his last breath the police continued to pin george for it done for a further 3 minutes that's the moment the life whose body the defense argued that drugs taken by george ford was a significant factor in his death increasing his carbon dioxide level in his blood not so says the doctor what you're seeing is that the increase in his carbon dioxide that is found in the emergency room is so explained by part you expect to happen in somebody who doesn't have any ventilation given to him for 9 minutes and 50 seconds under cross-examination dr toben acknowledged he had a lot of time to analyze the events of may last year but derek chauvin was acting in reacting to events as they happened he dismissed some of the questions from the defense trying to poke holes in what was a compelling testimony throughout the jury paid close attention to the doctor many
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making notes the defense team including derek sure did the same forensic toxicologist told the court there were traces of drugs in george system but nothing that was. alarming the result to be consistent with a prescription dose of that is that right yes. would that be considered a low level of methamphetamine yes for. the final question for dr toben again concerned voice drug use he said that those who suffer different an overdose went into a coma fast george floyd never did alan fischer at the derek children murder trial in minneapolis. it's emerged that 12 people some believed to be foreign this were beheaded in a hotel in mozambique during a recent raid. we delayed as a trying to find a solution of the recent violence in mozambique they are hiding reports. the struggle was evident when islamic state fighters invaded the town of palma in march
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this hotel was raided to a police officer said he found the reception overturned and rooms littered with victims clothing so that i'm assuming that's what it is much use in which people were murdered this is a hotel that hosted many foreigners at the time of the attack many foreigners thought it was the best place to find protection so they ran here because they had security but the insurgents were stronger they broke into the hotel into 12 citizens of different nationalities were tied them up and beheaded them for. showing journalists around the hotel where he points to a patch of earth he said he buried the bodies here himself this is only the latest offensive by i saw in mozambique and what has become an especially violent month. in a coordinated attack insurgent seized pama this coastal town that lies close to a multi $1000000000.00 liquid neutral gas project it's crucial for the mozambican economy the assault claimed dozens of lives while the u.n.
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says more than 11000 were forced to flee. the northern province of kabul though god though has seen an increase in fighting since 2017 some believe eisel fighters are trying to establish a caliphate here but regional leaders say they won't let that happen the recent attacks in the town of palma have recently demonstrated the magnitude of the problem at i want all steps on thursday a delegation of 16 southern african countries met to discuss the latest violence in mozambique the southern african development community or s a d.c. is charged with finding a solution to the unrest in a tweet the president of zimbabwe said the summit agreed that the n.s.a. d.c. force should be resuscitated and capacitated immediately so that it can intervene the violent escalation of an insurgency in the north of the country has sparked fresh concerns about security in southern africa a region that has enjoyed relative stability and recent decades but with these
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recurring attacks hope is scattered hard in al-jazeera. and he says daniel tim is in pemba in the troubled delgado calls and he says he's heard harrowing accounts from traumatized children. 5 problems. already. were seeking refuge. surprising all these people and many. on the run trying to get away some. of the proof. was. already. more than 12000 people and registered waiting many more. days about half of these people are children and what is worrisome to us is. unaccompanied children i was here.
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myself to welcome some of these children that were. you when you meet these fights and it's. just. completely different how traumatized many of them don't speak. quite. changed and i have to be treated in hospital and we've seen the boy. they were i think. situation is quite. already 6. hours. here from this conflict. another day another. 4249.
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the highest yes the 2nd day this week the fatalities have exceeded and there were another 86000 infections. and another round up. virus restrictions has come into effect in argentina's capital region as it struggles to contain a record number of new infections deciders and its surrounding suburbs recorded more than 14000 cases on thursday new measures include a nighttime curfew from midnight to 6 am and the closure of bars and restaurants from 11 pm restrictions will be in place until the end of april venezuela has extended its lockdown measures says daily inspections reach levels not seen since its 1st wave last year the country's been struggling to secure vaccines so far it's received just $750000.00 doses from russia and china as well as government says
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u.s. sanctions are preventing it from buying more stories about reports. every day miss ailie had to face is the difficult task of filling oxygen tanks to help his father one survive covert 19. 179 years old and he's struggling with coronavirus at home your pitiful nonmember north i don't trust in the government and how it's treating people in hospitals clinics are so expensive that we can't afford it the cheapest clinic we found wanted to charge us that initial payment of $3000.00 and then $1500.00 a day and that's something we can't pay. finding oxygen is not easy he says father has been at home for more than 2 weeks and needs for oxygen tanks a day at a cost of $70.00 per tank we say it has opened an account in go fund me to get financial help. this is the 3rd day of the go fund me campaign but we can't
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withdraw the money until the 14th we've been able to get some money but there are a lot of people whose relatives die before they get the full amount. venezuela's health care system was already struggling prior to the pandemic and even though last year the infection rate was relatively low due to the widespread gasoline shortages that restricted movement infections have been going up in recent weeks. doctors across the country have been protesting for improved testing and vaccines and complaining that the official coronavirus figures provided by the government are false and. that i was there not carrying out enough testing and that's why the figures are low 3 weeks ago we carried out $120.00 tests a day and now we're not doing them any more we're seeing at least 40 people a day that we suspect are sick and we have no capacity to corroborate it. venezuela saxon nation campaign is behind most other countries in the region the government has received around 750000 vaccines from russia china precedent has been
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negotiating with the opposition to obtain vaccines via kovacs program using funds frozen in the united states but mother who has refused the. following reports of blood clotting. most of the world will continue using us as a nickel in spite of the recent problems kovacs as other vaccines but within the kovacs mechanism the way venezuela is classified we cannot treat a vaccine in order to do that venezuela will have to change its standing in kovacs but it's difficult because of its financial situation if venezuela paid $130000000.00 then it would change standing kovacs and the situation would be different. there are over 2000 go fund me campaigns to assist covert patients in venezuela as hospitals feel up citizens are resorting to desperate measures to save their loved ones while hoping help will arrive on time. as
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a cedar. australia's government is working on a new vaccination plan it abruptly changed course to join other countries and staring away from astra zeneca the government will try to get millions more doses of the follies that vaccine it's another problem for australia's vaccination efforts which are already being criticised for inefficiencies and delays. still to come on al-jazeera this is an epidemic for guns and it has to stop declaring that they've been enough prayers president joe biden unveils how he plans to get us gun violence under control plus. efforts to restore calm in northern ireland where a person's exit from the e.u. has unsettled it's a delicate spin this into balance. how
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i once again the weather still looking a little lively across much of north america we've got this swirl of cloud here just sweeping across the plains pushing up towards the midwest what an active cold front less one that's going to bring some rather a lot of these storms as we go on through the next they'll say for friday the wetter weather will ease over towards the in atlantic states and notice some heavier rain just coming in across the deep south and that rain will pep up further this because one into saturday could cause some localized flooding and don't be surprised if you see a tornado will to erupt in a monk's this rather angry looking system which runs right up the appalachians so much the weather that's here it's a central part of canada ontario quebec you'll see some clouds and some rain some snow there over towards alberta but for the western side of kind of the fall and dry the western side of the u.s. warm sunshine coming through elevated far risk once again with phoenix getting up
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into the mid thirty's the fine weather the dry weather well that comes down across much of mexico seep out across the caribbean as well as some places the plow the clouds actually stick is just around hispaniola for a time so will be some wet weather there coming into the dominican republic and also into haiti or the way of sunshine as we go on through west sas day elsewhere this blue skies and fun and sunny. welcome to down from every one of us. even those working quietly behind the scenes . so you can relax enjoy the perfect break in your journey. and when you leave with a smile we know our day's work is done qatar a welcome to our home.
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you're watching al-jazeera a reminder of our top stories this hour a critical care doctor says a lack of oxygen drugs killed told floyd when he was pinned down by police and told when testified at the trial of derrick shelve an officer accused of killing floyd last year. leaves from southern africa have promised a proportional response to armed groups in mozambique who raided an all over town killing dozens of people but meeting of the capital must put up the leaders didn't specify what support that would offer. brazil has reported its highest single day
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toast of corona virus deaths 4249 people died on thursday that's the highest yes and the 2nd day this week that they tell us he succeeded 4000 there were another $86000.00 infections. he's calling it an epidemic and an international embarrassment now president joe biden has outlined his 1st moves to reduce u.s. gun violence. he admits the measures limits his until need the support of congress to achieve more ambitious goals a white house correspondent kimberly hook at has more. in the absence of meaningful gun control laws passed by congress and in response to recent mass shootings in the states of georgia and colorado u.s. president joe biden unveiled a series of executive actions to curb gun violence growing violence in this country is an epidemic and it's an international barrier the executive actions include regulations on so-called ghost guns weapons assembled from parts that lack serial
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numbers purchasers of void background checks so when they show up at a crime scene they can't be traced also prohibited pistol stabilizing braces reportedly used by the mass shooter last month in colorado and red flag regulations allowing families to petition the course to confiscate weapons if a person is deemed dangerous i have held hands. with the hands of parents who have lost a child and control advocates see the executive actions as an important 1st step but not enough the notion that somebody can walk down a city street in my hometown richmond virginia with an assault rifle attached to their back is just you know unacceptable and unnecessary as a senator biden helped pass legislation to ban assault weapons back in 1994 but it expired 10 years later he's urging congress to act to reinstate the ban the
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1904 act had a positive effect on public safety enforcing these actions if confirmed biden's pick to head the bureau of alcohol tobacco and firearms david chipman he's a former federal agent but also a gun control advocate making his nomination controversy with firearm supporters. biden took on his conservative critics arguing his actions do not infringe on a person's 2nd amendment right to bear arms under the u.s. constitution the idea is just bizarre to suggest that some of the things you're recommending are contrary to the constitution the u.s. president is also calling on congress to pass laws ending immunity for gun manufacturers make it possible for victims of gun violence to sue gun manufacturers in court joe biden calls this one of his top priorities can really help get
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al-jazeera the white house votes are being counted in a landmark unionization push at an amazon well some the u.s. state of alabama final results may not be known until friday but so far all the numbers are showing workers have rejected forming a union amazon has often been accused of unsafe working conditions and union busting which the online giant denies it has more from washington d.c. . it's not looking good for the unions $3215.00 votes were cost and at the end of vote counting on thursday there are $463.00 yes votes and $1100.00 no votes union there's a supporter you need 1608 yes of apes and looking at these numbers it does suggest that it will probably have what we're calling a final result pretty quickly on friday once the vote counting resumes but it's not
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really going to be final because we're expecting a great deal or wrangling to happen no matter what the result is either from amazon or from the union and in addition of a vote the i would just leave the vote deadline was about 9 days ago we really got to the stage because we have a long process where i was on it seems has been objecting to hundreds of votes even being counted in the 1st place so if we got what's called what we're calling a final vote we get that on friday but if the number of ridge of votes that i was on is contested when it would affect the final result then we have to go into a long process then of arbitration of figuring out well should those votes be counted so this could go on for weeks if i guess likely to go on for weeks no matter who who wins what we're calling this final vote. ok let's bring in francis wallace she is a worker at amazon then joins us via skype from birmingham alabama thank you so much for your time so so far it looks like there's a strong lead for the no camp against unionizing what do you make of that.
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and i don't see why. the union because of the way that there are pressures from the actual company. told me through the pressure that you think you feel that amazon workers like yourself are being put on from the company. they are receiving pins that sell them to vote no the website to without dues that explains to you how to vote through amazon also pushes you to vote no they have the tools that so you know there's no chance that they actually want the union to happen and they're doing everything they can to stop them or you for voted for it ok tell me why you feel that it is so important that the amazon workers do unionize i should listen for because without a union that they can't get the proper care that they actually meet they don't have long enough for a they're being or extremely hard partner than they should be or and there's unfair
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wages or unfair timing like they just they don't give them enough incentive for the job that they're actually doing it's so taxing on the body and taxing on the mind if they don't give them what they're worth. told me through what you feel what what the working conditions are like for you you go to work i mean how long are the shifts how long are the breaks what kind of you know amazon talks a lot about all the benefits of not being unionized the benefits provided by the company but told me through an average day. an average day you get a separate church and you go through the building there are 3 fourths in the building and if you work on the 3rd or it's a 10 hour shift and you only have 15 minute breaks you don't have a time to make it down those steps and actually take a break before you have to be up there are cameras everywhere and they could clock
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where you are at any given time. and there's just they don't give you the actual time that you need to take a break or to do any of the things that you need to do yawn church you know they have unbelievable holders that you have to reach and if you don't reach those voters then it's bad for your job. why do you think that so many people have voted against this so many of your colleagues have voted against this. you know you why do you think that is are you disappointed i am disappointed i feel as though they fear recently ation so much that they don't want to fight for what they're actually. yeah do you think that the i mean obviously this could have huge ramifications couldn't it you know if by you know some numbers that you are able to unionize do you think people are aware of how important this is in terms of the
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precedent that could be set for the rest of the country i mean this is a big moment isn't it it is big is historical i don't think that they realize just how big it is we are giving amazon worker and workers in this state in other states. incentive to fight for what they deserve and so the fact that we can do that just by our vote is powerful on its own and i think we should fight as hard as we possibly can to get it even if it doesn't go right for around i think we should put more pressure on these big corporations it's . all right hey thank you so much for your time francis wallace there from amazon and from birmingham alabama. turkey has condemned comments by italian prime minister mario darkie who's likened president. to
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a dictator turkey's foreign minister has summoned to the italian ambassador to explain the remarks jocky accused of humiliating european commission president. she was left without a seat during a meeting in ankara tuesday she said further away on a sofa. as they more disorder and fighting in northern ireland police fired water cannon to disperse protesters threw stones and petrol bombs anger other post breaks at trade issues have compounded other frustrations the white house has joined the british and irish governments and calling for calm andrew symonds reports. a 6th night of violence in northern ireland this is the scene in belfast a bus set on fire the driver escaped shot but not hurt no passengers were on board at least 7 police officers were injured here and more than 50 hurt in less than a week most of the violence had been caused by pro british loyalist rioters angry
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at a number of issues there enraged by the new brics a trade barriers between northern ireland and the rest of the u.k. and say they're becoming alienated the northern ireland assembly met in emergency session calling for unity today is not the time to rehearse the arguments of the last number of weeks if say we should all know well and politics feel or are perceived to be failing in northern ireland then no she fell a vacuum of her destruction and despair as critical leaders we must stand united in appealing to all concerned to refrain from further threats or use of violence but unionist and loyalist politicians who want to remain in the u.k. and republicans who want to be out of it are deeply divided over a policing issue the unionists say the police failed to prosecute republican shin fein members attending a large funeral which apparently broke the regulations and there's
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a disturbing aspect to wednesday night because it involves loyalist and republican nationalists for the 1st time since the rioting started the flare ups were either side of the so-called peace wall that still standing despite the good friday peace deal of 998 andrew simmons. the u.k. has condemned what it calls bullying by. after the ambassador in london was locked out of the embassy on thursday people turned out in front of the embassy to show their support for. the. protesters at the miramar embassy on wednesday night ambassador choice to arm in was locked out allegedly by his deputy and the military attash say last month the ambassador a former army colonel himself had broken ranks criticizing the coup on february 1st
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and calling for the release of the country's democratic leaders in the morning he returned and spoke to reporters outside he said embassy staff were now taking orders from the military attach a formal tries a look at the military for your comments last month do you like your. searching from the capitol. or does it is this is there was a decision he said his own options did not likely include returning to his country you see you get killed if you'll be a little kid. in the water maybe one of his last journeys in an official diplomatic . means headed to a meeting of the u.k.'s foreign commonwealth and development office in a statement foreign secretary dominic robb had earlier said we condemn the bullying actions of the me and my military regime in london yesterday and i pay tribute to
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min for his courage the u.k. continues to call for an end to the coup and the appalling violence and for a swift restoration of democracy. the british government has imposed sanctions on myanmar military interests since the coup but it's not clear what more can be done now a foreign office spokesman said myanmar's military authorities had given notice that they terminated the ambassador's position and decision the government accepts what is it you'd like the british government to do is that just. open the door. george says he considers himself still to be the ambassador here in london the foreign commonwealth and development office does not this country has a long standing tradition of recognizing states not countries and so it is the military in myanmar that has authority over what happens inside this building jonah how al-jazeera london.


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